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Editor'S Choice - 2020

On the spot: the sexiest men's fragrances that will turn the head of both of you

Not only women, but also men like to use perfume or eau de toilette daily. The main thing is to determine your favorite smell. Naturally, there are unisex flavors that look great on both man and woman, but today we pay attention to men's perfumes in an orange bottle.

Guys are divided into two types. Those who prefer tart, harsh aromas usually have a strong character and not a simple disposition. Those who prefer fresh citrus chords are usually active individuals who love sports and extreme sports. Today we’ll talk more about the men's perfumes that are hidden in orange bottles.

What flavor and brand does the orange bottle hide?

In such bright bottles, natural, fresh citrus smells are hidden. In them you can feel the bright dominant notes of orange, mandarin, wild berries, tropical fruits and bergamot. This is the perfect solution for summer or as a daytime choice.

Men's eau de toilette in an orange bottle can belong to the classic or aromatic family. In the first case, the emphasis is on a citrus accord like in Eau Sauvage from Dior, Dior Homme Sport from Dior. And in the second case, the train of perfumes is supplemented by notes of aromatic herbs (sage, thyme, tarragon). Perfumes CK One from Calvin Klein, Guerlain Homme from Guerlain just have these characteristics.


Many may doubt that a hot plume of a green apple, mandarin or peach is suitable for a sultry macho macho seducer of female hearts. And in vain! Orange men's perfumes suggest a mixture of citrus plume with the aroma of black pepper, lavender or bergamot, which distinguishes them from women with masculinity, while leaving a slight aftertaste.


Perfumes for happy men. Fresh initial notes of mandarin and lime gradually turn into a floral bouquet. The aroma is based on a woody plume based on musk, cedar and cypress. These tart notes give the perfume a complete shape.

Faberlic DonnaFelice

This orange bottle reveals citrus woody odors. The top notes resemble a light breeze on the Sicilian coast. Sweet, lemon, mandarin, bergamot and melon make the aroma fresh with a dominant citrus chord. Further, freshness turns into courageous notes of orange tree, lavender and violet. The composition ends with a tart aftertaste of patchouli, oak moss and powder.

Mandarina duck man

An ideal choice for a modern active man who loves classics, but strives to keep up to date. The heart of these male spirits is woody notes.

They are diluted with spicy and fruity accords that add depth and elegance. And the sensual notes of musk and nutmeg complete the sound of the fragrance. They set off a light train, making it more expressive. You can not underestimate this pleasant, moderately light, moderately sweet smell.

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet

The creator of this oriental fragrance Alberto Morillas was inspired by the exotic beauty of India. This orange toilet water is characterized by a light train of moderate saturation. The whole bouquet of the composition is saturated with citrus chords, which are complemented by fruity, floral and sweet shades.

Absolute Man Bruno Banani

At the heart of this toilet water are tart notes of grapefruit and sweet mandarin. The citrus extravaganza is complemented by a spicy chord of black pepper.

The expression of aroma is softened by a slight smell of violet and the freshness of lily of the valley. The final note is characterized by an expensive persistent solution of ambergris, vanilla and cedar. This bright aroma is able to increase self-confidence and add charisma.

Solo Loewe | LOEWE


This noble aroma is persistent. Its top notes open slowly, and in the first minutes it seems very modest. The magical smells of mandarin, lemon, bergamot and lavender slowly transform into a refreshing mint cycle with a tart note of nutmeg and pink pepper. At the end, you can clearly hear the persistent smell of musk and ambergris, which blend perfectly with the astringency of vanilla and oak moss.


It is very important for a man to choose a suitable aroma that will complement his image, merging with it into a single whole. To achieve this result, you will have to try hard. It has been scientifically proven that citrus notes act tonic, but at the same time, light toilet waters and colognes of this family are quite fleeting and do not wear until the evening.

Choosing a citrus plume will be a good solution for daytime use, often the pungent smell of heavy perfumes annoys others. Fresh citrus notes are well suited for active young guys who like outdoor activities with friends and sports.

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, Givenchy

Givenchy has released the casual version of the acclaimed Gentlemen Only - Casual Chic, which conquered not only men but also women: why not be really thrilled when a real gentleman is nearby. A fresh woody spicy composition with notes of cardamom, ginger and juniper combines energy and strong character.

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The price is about 5500 rubles.

Terre d’Hermes, Hermes

Does your man have a bright personality? Then give him the unusual and memorable fragrance Terre d’Hermes, which is based on the harmony of notes of air and earth, traveling through different elements. The combination of citruses, wood and musk will impress neither you nor him. And the deep philosophy of this woody perfume will add mystery to your relationship.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

Allure Homme Sport, Chanel

Agree, in some men there is some inexplicable charm that makes them insanely attractive. It’s not easy to please such a man, so we recommend putting on a proven classic for years, such as Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport. The perfume is revealed in four faces: fresh (citrus notes), sensual (tonka bean, white musk, ambergris), wood (cedar, vetiver) and spicy (black pepper).

The price is about 4,500 rubles.

Nature Guaiac Wood and Juniper, Yves Rocher

Perfumer Sonia Constant was looking for the perfect balance of ingredients, which she embodied in the new fragrance from Yves Rocher. The secret of balance in the combination of smoky-woody essence of guaiac wood with fresh and piquant juniper berries - one sets off the other. The result was a persistent and courageous aroma that fans of the classics would definitely like.

The price is about 2200 rubles.

Amen Kryptomint, Mugler

MUGLER’s new limited edition Amen Kryptomint fragrance unfolds in three facets: icy, vibrating and woody. The freshness of mint is combined with woody notes and the aroma of geranium. A luxurious plume of aroma with notes of vanilla, patchouli and cedar will not only conquer you, but also give confidence to your man.

The price is about 6400 rubles.

Champs de Provence, Eight & Bob

Perfumers have a special gift - they can capture unique places not only in memory, but also perpetuate them in aromas. Eight & Bob brand founder Albert Fouquet often visited his friends' villa in Provence. This region of France is famous for its aromas, because 1600 species of herbs and flowers bloom here every year! The memories of this place inspired Albert, and he transferred the freshness of the abundantly flowering herbs of Provence to the perfumery composition. This fragrance is designed for both men and women: notes of jasmine, orange blossom, rose, bergamot, orange and musk will send you on a bright trip to one of the most beautiful regions of France!

The price is about 10,000 rubles.

Lui, Guerlain

Meet the September novelty: Guerlain's exclusive Lui fragrance. This is another perfume that is suitable not only for him, but also for you! The concept of the fragrance is inspired by the blurring of the boundaries between femininity and masculinity, the desire for complete freedom. The versatility of the aroma is demonstrated by benzoin - this resin has both a floral, spicy and woody smell. The composition is made up of pear, cloves, vanilla and musk, which in their own way will be revealed on each person.

The price is about 11,000 rubles.

L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Representatives of the Yves Saint Laurent brand are sure that the modern man has evolved: his charisma has remained the same, but has acquired a certain mystery, his dual nature combines freedom and self-control, he is a born leader and a source of inspiration. L’Homme Ultime is the perfect perfume for such a man. Cheeky and free, it combines attractive woody notes and grapefruit, and in the heart of the fragrance is a courageous rose. Want to emphasize the authority of your loved one? Give him L’Homme Ultime!

The price is about 6500 rubles.

Sauvage Very Cool Spray, Dior

After the tremendous success of the fragrance, Sauvage Dior introduces a new product - Sauvage Very Cool Spray. The composition carries freshness, carelessness and a spirit of freedom. Does your man travel frequently and constantly move? Then this expressive aroma with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender is perfect for him. An unbreakable bottle allows you to carry the fragrance with you and apply it at any time of the day under any circumstances.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

L’Homme Cologne Cedrat, L’OCCITANE

A fresh and invigorating aroma that combines peel of peppermint, peppermint leaves, ginger, exotic spices, cedar and marine shades. All together it forms a mature and courageous chord, which is fraught with a certain secret. Present this perfume to a man who is drawn to the unknown - he will definitely want to solve the mystery of Aquatic Zedrat.

The price is about 4400 rubles.

Obsessed, Calvin Klein

Remember the cult fragrance CK - Obsession? The perfume advertising company was attended by Kate Moss and photographer Mario Sorrenti, who were a couple at the time of shooting, and their love was reflected in the pictures. It was these photos that inspired the brand to create the new Obsessed composition, which reinterprets the classics. At the heart of the concept is the idea of ​​the smell of another person on the skin, which evokes memories of past love. In Obsessed for Men, a note of black vanilla is woven into a note of a dark wood, emphasizing the opposition of tenderness and strength. I want to listen to this fragrance just in order to feel this story, agree?

The price is about 5200 rubles.

Prepared by Ales Yatskevich

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