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Propolis for prostatitis

Propolis (Uza) is a sticky, resinous substance of a dark color, with which bees mummify the corpses of large insects that have fallen into the hive, close cracks, regulate the patency of the flight tray, and maintain sterility. It is a powerful natural antibiotic and immune stimulant. Propolis for prostatitis is used as an anti-inflammatory and regenerative agent, supplementing main therapy.

Composition and useful properties

The composition of propolis depends on the habitat of the bees producing it. It includes resin from tree buds (black poplar, warty birch, alder) and flower pollen processed by the enzymes of the bee salivary glands. The composition of the bond is also affected by the breed of bees, on which the activity of enzymes depends. The highest quality is considered to be propolis produced by wild bees.. They have powerful immunity, increased endurance and frost resistance.

The main components:

  • Saturated Fatty Acids (from the Bee Glands),
  • Acids (ferulic, benzoic, cinnamon and others) with antibacterial effect,
  • Flavonoids,
  • Enzymes
  • Pinocembrin and coffee ester (antifungal agents),
  • Essential amino acids for humans
  • Esters inhibiting the development of pathogenic microorganisms,
  • Vegetable resins,
  • Tannins,
  • Vitamins (dominated by A, C, E, P, H, group B),
  • An almost complete set of trace elements necessary for humans.

In total, there are more than 200 compounds in bee resin that are in absolute balance with each other.

Basic properties:

  1. Stimulation of blood flow by reducing blood clotting and relieving vascular spasms.
  2. Destruction of pathogens.
  3. Stimulation of immunity.
  4. Inhibition of tumor growth.
  5. Tissue regeneration.
  6. Lower cholesterol.
  7. Anesthesia (almost like novocaine).
  8. Regulation of hormone levels.

Propolis removes toxins, protects cells from damage and premature aging, promotes more efficient absorption of drugs.

Indications for use with prostatitis

Propolis has pronounced bactericidal (kills bacteria) and bacteriostatic (stops the growth of pathogens) properties. Funds based on it cope with 39 different types of bacteria, which include the causative agents of prostatitis: Trichomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, Proteus, and also fungi. Wherein beneficial microflora does not suffer, as when taking antibiotics.

Bee-based agents are prescribed for acute and chronic prostatitis (including congestive), as well as to restore the gland after exacerbations. In some cases, propolis helps with chronic inflammation of an indeterminate nature (abacterial prostatitis), destroying pathogens inaccessible to antibiotics (bacteria are not able to develop resistance to the knot).

Propolis is combined with antibacterial drugs prescribed for prostatitis, and even enhances their effect. These include the following:

  • Gentamicin,
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Tetracycline
  • Streptomycin.

Bee gum eliminates such negative consequences of taking antibiotics as dysbiosis and suppression of immunity, while restoring the tissues of the prostate damaged by inflammation. The bond is especially useful for men suffering from high blood pressure, prostate adenoma, impaired potency, and diabetes mellitus.

Where to buy and how to choose

You can buy a bond in pharmacies (in briquettes, balls, sticks or in the form of dry crumbs), at fairs or ordered through the sites of beekeepers. In the Russian Federation, several types of products based on it are officially registered:

  1. Tincture.
  2. Aerosol "Proposol".
  3. Ointments "Propocium" and "Propolis homeopathic."
  4. Rectal suppositories "Propolis DN" and "Prostopin."
Prostopin is a natural suppository that is used to treat diseases of the genitourinary system and rectum in men

On sale you can find propolis brown-green, brown and almost black. The hue of the resin depends on the type of plants from which it was collected, but it should be uniform - without streaks, impurities, inclusions. There may be trash from the hive in the beekeeper’s knot. Not everyone purifies it by melting. The less black veins on the surface or cut, the better. Fresh propolis of a light shade, a piece can be squeezed with your fingers. The product of yellow-green and greenish-brown color is considered to be the highest quality..

When buying, pay attention to the smell. Quality propolis smells like incense, wax. If possible, it is best to ask the seller for a small piece for tasting. When chewing, the resin should create a feeling of warmth in the mouth, stick to the teeth. After a few minutes, the tongue is slightly numb, a slight burning sensation will be felt in it and tonsils. After half an hour of chewing, propolis will break up into lumps and become bitter.

You can check the quality of the resin using a container of waterby immersing in it a small piece. If it floats on the surface, then the wax content is too high (more than half the composition). This is a building (fly) propolis used by bees to repair the hive. Quality product will sink. Pollen and wax in such a resin is not more than 25%. It is an antimicrobial propolis used to disinfect hives.

You can store a bond for no more than 5 years. If the resin has become friable and does not accept a uniform consistency even at high temperature, then it should not be used. Propolis, which is blackened or white-coated, is considered unsuitable.

There is a bee resin on the sites of beekeepers is not cheap: 100 g will cost 500 rubles.

Propolis Recipes

Propolis does not lose its properties even after an hour of boiling, so it can be easily heated. Water extracts (suitable for treating inflammation of the prostate) are more effective against microbes, alcoholic extracts are used against bacteria (the most active drugs are obtained with 70% alcohol). The latter is best used after the removal of acute inflammation or with chronic prostatitis to restore the tissues of the gland and immunity.

The easiest way to consume propolis is to chew a piece the size of a match head daily. For those who do not like the bitter taste, a mixture with honey in a proportion of 1:10 is suitable. It is better to soften the bond beforehand in a water bath, then mix with honey (honey can not be heated very much). Take 10 ml three times a day for a month.


Candles (more about candles with propolis for prostatitis) based on propolis can be bought or made independently at home. Ingredients:

  • Cocoa butter and animal fat (40 g each),
  • Propolis (80 g),
  • Royal jelly (5 g). You can buy it at the pharmacy,
  • Perga (5 g). Sold in honey shops and on sites.

Place everything in an enameled pan, heat in a water bath until a homogeneous mass is obtained, then pour it into molds previously made of foil (8 mm in diameter and 5 cm long). Put the forms in the refrigerator (not in the freezer). Enter once a day at night for a month. In total, 2-3 courses per year are needed.

Water infusion

The most effective is based on propolis and bee subpestilence. Recipe: boil 15 g of death for 40 minutes in 0.5 l of water, leave for 2 hours, add 2 tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of propolis alcohol tincture.

Take the drug on a tablespoon on an empty stomach 1-2 times a day for a month. The course can be continued depending on your well-being.

Alcohol tincture

Grind 10 g of propolis (pre-cool in the refrigerator), pour 100 ml of alcohol, insist for a week in the dark. Do not put infusion in the refrigerator. For urgent solution preparation, the ingredients are taken in a proportion of 1 part resin to 10 parts alcohol and heated in a water bath to 40 ° C. Then the mixture must be shaken for several hours. To obtain an aqueous solution, 10 ml of alcohol is diluted in 100 ml of water.

With prostatitis funds take 15 drops, diluted in half a glass of water, 2 times a day before meals for a month. You can also drink propolis with milk (warm).

Propolis with herbs

Medicinal herbs enhance and complement the action of propolis. To prepare the infusion, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Yarrow, calendula flowers (5 parts each).
  2. Field root and fennel fruits (3 parts each).
  3. Nettle and horsetail (2 parts each).

Infusion recipe: Pour two tablespoons of the mixture with two glasses of boiling water, insist in a thermos for two hours. Add a small piece of propolis to the strained infusion. Drink 3 times a day after meals.

Another version of the infusion: take 5 tablespoons of sage, chamomile and linden, pour 3 liters of boiling water, cool to 40 ° C, then dissolve a piece of propolis the size of a nail (you can preheated).


Propolis has no contraindications, except for a pronounced allergy to bee products and individual intolerance. A negative reaction occurs only in 0.3% of cases. Asthmatics and people with a tendency to dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases should be especially careful when taking drugs on propolis.

Allergies can manifest as itching, rash, burning, headache, general weakness. With such symptoms, treatment with propolis should be discontinued.


Peter, 34 years old: “Propolis suppositories helped to recover after acute prostatitis. The course of antibiotic treatment has ended, but the discomfort still remained. Then the doctor recommended to buy "Propolis DN" or "Gemo-pro." After 2 weeks, the discomfort in the perineum disappeared completely. ”

Cyril, 41: “Chewed propolis from pressure and did not expect that he would help from chronic prostatitis. Added another coursework tincture. During the year there were no exacerbations. ”


Although the beneficial properties of propolis are recognized by official medicine, it should not be used as monotherapy for prostatitis. The product may be of poor quality, or the reaction of the body will be inadequate, as a result, the inflammation will worsen or become chronic. Men with acute prostatitis are advised to consult a doctor before taking propolis.

The therapeutic effect of bee glue on the prostate

Due to the vast number of constituent components of bee production, propolis for prostatitis is used very often and successfully. It has a beneficial effect on the body, helps to improve the condition of men, as:

  • It has a powerful bactericidal effect. It destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses, microbes, including streptococci, staphylococci, often causing prostatitis.
  • The antioxidant properties of the bond make it difficult to undergo oxidative processes in intracellular fats. The risk of developing cancer is reduced. Affected cells are restored and updated much faster, their aging slows down. Blood circulation improves.
  • It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Eliminates foci of inflammation, prevents the development of inflammation. Restores the outflow of urine.
  • Strengthens the immune system. It reconstructs the genetic apparatus, enhances the protective processes in the body. The recovery phase takes place in a shorter time.
  • It is a product with a strong analgesic effect. It relieves painful spasmodic contractions in the urogenital passage, eliminates discomfort in the groin area.
  • Normalizes metabolism. Improves bowel function. Prevents stagnation in the prostate.
  • Cleanses the blood of toxic substances. It removes harmful waste from the capillaries, arteries, veins, blood vessels.
  • Treatment of prostatitis with propolis at home improves the function of the endocrine glands. This helps boost testosterone production.
  • Reduces nervous and psychological tension. It relieves neurosis, insomnia.

The phenomenal possibilities of propolis at the treatment stage have a beneficial effect both on the prostate and on the entire male body.

Information: propolis successfully cures chronic prostatitis, and is also very effective during the acute phase of the disease. Use it as an additional drug in conjunction with drug therapy, physiotherapy.

Types of propolis for therapy

In the role of a medicinal product, propolis for prostatitis is made in a variety of forms:

  • make tincture on alcohol,
  • consumed in combination with honey,
  • make butter
  • make rectal suppositories
  • used in conjunction with collections of medicinal herbs, vegetable juices,
  • add to healing baths.

There are many recipes for preparing a therapeutic product. Almost all traditional medicine recipes are effective and tested over the years.

Alcohol tincture

Treatment of prostatitis with alcohol-based propolis tincture showed excellent results in the case of a chronic form of the disease. The drug is freely available in the pharmacy, you can make it yourself.

For alcohol tinctures you will need:

  • propolis - 100 g
  • 96% medical alcohol - 200 ml.

Prepare tincture of propolis as follows:

  • the bond is placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours,
  • chop the substance on a fine grater,
  • placed in a dark glass bottle, add alcohol,
  • cleaned in a dark place for 10-14 days,
  • shake the bottle periodically
  • after a while, the resulting mixture is filtered through several layers of gauze,
    cleaned in the refrigerator.

If all the recommendations are followed, an effective tincture of propolis will turn out, with prostatitis how to take it correctly? It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of tincture with warm milk or water. Drink 1 time per day, 3 hours before going to bed. The course of treatment is six months.

Tip: to achieve the highest performance, it is advisable to use synchronously using pure propolis. 5 g of the product are chewed for a long time, then swallowed. Repeat 4 times a day.

Propolis oil

In the treatment of prostatitis, the use of propolis oil is effective. To make it, you will need:

  • 1 cup of any vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, etc.),
  • 30 g of crushed propolis.

Vegetable oil is put on fire, brought to a boil. Propolis is placed in it, the mixture is kept in a water bath until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

  • the mixture obtained is impregnated with a piece of gauze,
  • apply it to the lumbosacral spine,
  • put a cotton towel on top,
  • fasten the towel with a bandage
  • leave for 2 hours

At the same time, to enhance the therapeutic effect, the area of ​​the perineum is lubricated with oil before bedtime. Duration of treatment: 14 days of use, 1 week break, another 2 weeks of procedures. It is performed once a day, at night.

Oil microclysters

Another way to use the oil is to introduce the microclyster with propolis into the rectum of an oil-based one:

  • 100 grams of vegetable oil is brought to a boil,
  • add 15 g of grated bond
  • stir thoroughly
  • allow to cool to an acceptable temperature.

Having taken a knee-elbow position, an enema is injected once a day with 30 ml of the resulting product into the rectum for 3-4 weeks, every other day. In order for the oil to envelop the entire mucous membrane of the rectum, perform a series of exercises: lie for 5 minutes without changing their position, then turn on their stomach, putting a pillow under the pelvic region. After 5 minutes, they turn on their back.

Note: even if a man has no signs of prostatitis, prostate adenomas, the use of propolis is an excellent tool for healing the entire urogenital system.

Honey mixed with propolis

An indispensable combination of propolis and honey with prostate adenoma, a chronic form of prostatitis. Accepted honey with propolis not only relieves pain, but also normalizes the blood formation process, improves urine outflow.

  • finely chop 10 grams of bee glue,
  • melt it in a water bath,
  • add 100 grams of natural may honey
  • mix thoroughly until smooth.

The resulting product is taken 1 teaspoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before a meal. The duration of treatment is 1 month, then 10 days of rest, and another dose of the same duration.

With lanolin and cocoa butter

You can make candles from propolis for prostatitis with your own hands using these ingredients as follows: take cocoa butter in an amount of 20–25 grams, lanolin - 12 grams, propolis - 7 g. Mix everything, place in a water bath. Bring to a liquid state. Put the resulting mixture into a syringe. After cooling, you get candles from prostatitis on propolis.

On alcohol and fat

In 40 grams of propolis add 220 ml of alcohol. Let it brew for 10 days. Then the product should be boiled by evaporating alcohol. You should get a brown mass. Add 150 grams of pork or goat fat, mix well. Let the mixture cool, then form candles. With the specified number of components, you should get 10 pieces of candles.

Pumpkin candles for prostatitis with propolis

Take pumpkin oil, mix it with propolis tincture on alcohol. Put the resulting solution in a water bath. Steam until the alcohol component disappears. Supplement with any essential oil (such as tea tree). Allow to cool completely. The agent is injected with a syringe.

Important! Made candles are stored only in the refrigerator.

The intestines are pre-emptied, perform all necessary hygiene procedures. Use candles before going to bed, introducing them into the intestine for 3-4 weeks. They are interrupted for a month, then the treatment course is repeated.

Pharmacy preparations

There are pharmacy candles with propolis for prostatitis, the names of the most inexpensive and effective of them:

  • Prostopin, prescribed for diseases of the prostate gland, including prostatitis.
  • Hemo-Pro, used in the battle with pathologies of the genitourinary system of men, with cracks in the anus, hemorrhoids.
  • Propolis D, indicated for admission if there is evidence in the field of urology, proctology.
  • Propolis suppositories, effective for prostatitis, dermatological lesions, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The cost of medicines ranges from 260 to 610 rubles.

Propolis and infusions of herbs

One of the accompanying medicines for prostatitis will be the healing collection of herbs.

The broth is prepared like this:

  • take inflorescences of marigolds and yarrow, 5 servings each,
  • add 3 servings of the root of the bull’s grass, the seeds of ordinary fennel (sweet dill),
  • attach 2 servings of nettle leaves, ponytail (horsetail).

Stir the resulting mixture thoroughly, put 2 tbsp. l in a thermos, pour 0.5 l of boiling water into it, pour over 2 hours. Then filter, add a little honey. Drink three times a day for 1/3 of a glass after a meal.

Features of the use of bee products in the treatment of prostate adenoma

A wonderful tactic for protecting against prostate adenoma is the preparation of a decoction with honey, propolis and bee subpestilence. Make it like this:

  • 1 tbsp. l pour out a scum in half a liter of water,
  • put on the stove, wait for boiling,
  • cover the boiling product, cook over low heat for 2 hours,
  • cool the drink
  • strain to remove sediment,
  • add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of propolis tincture on alcohol (30%) and 2 tbsp. l honey.

It is necessary to treat prostate adenoma with propolis, honey, and morbidity once every 2 days, before taking a meal, 1 tablespoon of the drug. Scheme of procedures: 3 weeks of admission, 1 week of break, repeat admission. You need to be treated according to this schedule 3 times in a row. As a preventative measure, you can drink the drug 2 times a year, observing the above recommended scheme. This method of using propolis against prostate cancer helps a lot.

For the effectiveness of therapy, it is useful to alternate treatment with propolis with other beekeeping products: bee bread, mummy and royal jelly. And the healing properties of honey whitening with prostatitis have been known for a long time. The drink gives an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to reduce pain.

The positive qualities of propolis

The treatment of prostatitis with propolis is very widely and effectively used. This beekeeping product has the smallest group of contraindications and has a positive effect not only on the cells of the prostate gland, but also on the whole organism.

Propolis for men to improve the functioning of the prostate can be used in different forms.

Preparations based on this unique product can be purchased in the pharmacy network, and even better if you prepare them yourself.

The use of propolis in antiquity, the composition of the product

Propolis is a unique product that only bee families can create.

This substance is obtained after processing by the bees of sticky resin, which these flying insects collect from the buds of different trees and from the pollen of plants.

The addition of the secretion of the mandibular glands to this resin makes it possible to obtain propolis from the resin, which has a tart aroma and endowed with many useful properties.

A man learned to use the healing properties of propolis for his own benefit several centuries ago. Information is given that at first they began to use it in Ancient Egypt, and then in Greece and Rome.

Gradually, propolis began to be appreciated throughout the world and used it for various ailments.

Propolis bees are specially made for themselves.

In beehives it can be found in two forms, a solid product is used as a building material.

Viscous, which has the highest bactericidal properties and therefore they smear all the walls of the hive, thus providing protection against infections.

The chemical composition of propolis is represented by more than 50 chemicals, it contains a lot of vitamins, enzymes, organic acids.

The composition of the product will vary depending on the area and time of the year in which the bees produce it.

The healing properties of propolis

Prostatitis is an exclusively male disease characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland. Late patient seeking medical attention or ineffective treatment methods often lead to complications such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which was previously called prostate adenoma.

Attention! Prostate adenoma differs from cancer in that benign neoplasms in the form of nodules that do not develop into metastases are formed with BPH.

Doctors call two main factors in the spread of this disease in men:

  • Infectious: sexually transmitted diseases, penetration of pathogenic microflora into the tissues of the prostate gland (E. coli, enterococcus), chronic infectious diseases, surgical intervention, etc.,
  • Non-infectious: decreased immune defense, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, excessive sexual activity or prolonged sexual abstinence, etc.

The effectiveness of the treatment of prostatitis with propolis at home is due primarily to its unique properties. Bee glue has:

  • antibacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • immunomodulatory property.

Numerous studies have also confirmed the positive effect of propolis on the cardiovascular system, antioxidant properties of the product have been identified. This suggests that in the framework of complex therapy, propolis can be effectively used to treat prostate adenoma and prostatitis.

Attention! The use of propolis for prostatitis is advisable only as an additional tool and only with the permission of the attending physician. Alternative recipes can not be used as the main method of treatment.

Cooking recipes

There are many recipes for preparing propolis for prostatitis. However, before preparing them, it is recommended to subject the product to additional purification. To get rid of the impurities that are present in propolis, it must be crushed.

For this, the product is placed in the freezer for several hours. After freezing, the bee glue becomes brittle and it is easier to grate. Next, the grated product is placed in a deep bowl and pour cold water. All light fractions that have surfaced are removed with a slotted spoon.

For the manufacture of drugs, only the mass deposited to the bottom is used. It is carefully filtered and allowed to dry a little. Everything, purified propolis is ready for further use.

Useful properties of propolis

Propolis is an adhesive substance used by bees to cover cracks in the hive and to disinfect honeycombs. This resin is collected from trees in the spring. It looks like a thick substance from light brown to dark green in color, with a pleasant smell and a slightly bitter taste. Beekeepers collect it on special grids or scrape it off the walls of the hive. The substance is quite solid and requires melting in a water bath. At the same time, beneficial properties are not lost even during prolonged processing at high temperatures.

Propolis contains a huge amount of useful substances:

  • vitamins (A, B, C, E, H, P),
  • trace elements (magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, sodium, chromium),
  • amino acids (arginine, alanine, glycine, lysine, phenylalanine, cysteine),
  • flavonoids (apigenin, hermanin),
  • essential oils,
  • fatty acid.

To overcome pathological processes in the prostate gland, in the arsenal of healers there are many diverse recipes based on safe natural remedies.

Most elements are indispensable for the human body, especially in the fight against various diseases and disorders. Propolis is actively used to treat:

  • wounds, burns, injuries, damage to the skin,
  • inflammation of the oral cavity,
  • pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • colds
  • gynecological problems, including during pregnancy,
  • hemorrhoids
  • bacterial and fungal infections,
  • liver
  • the genitourinary system in men.

Propolis is a universal, completely natural and absolutely safe product with invaluable healing properties.

Features of treatment with prostatitis propolis

Bee glue is actively used to treat diseases of the male genital area. It is used as the main medicine at the initial stage, and as an additional tool for drug therapy.

Propolis is rich in substances necessary for the male body

Propolis from prostatitis has unique beneficial properties:

  • anti-inflammatory - destroys pathogenic microflora in the prostate gland, stopping the inflammatory process,
  • antimicrobial - prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms, prevents re-infection,
  • antioxidant - slows down the aging and mutation of cells, speeds up the restoration of the organ, does not allow the development of oncology,
  • painkiller - eliminates discomfort, burning, soreness in the groin area,
  • healing - accelerates tissue regeneration, restores the mucous membrane,
  • soothing - normalizes the emotional state, reduces psychological stress, improves performance, improves sleep and mood, protects against neurosis against the backdrop of sexual dysfunction,
  • tonic - improves the functioning of the endocrine glands, stimulates the production of the male hormone testosterone, reduces the number of relapses of the disease,
  • immunomodulatory - increases local and general immunity, the body's defenses, endurance and resistance to infections.

Propolis is rich in vitamins, without which the human urinary system cannot fully function.

With prolonged and regular use, propolis helps to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis, enhances the effect of medications, accelerates recovery, helps restore erectile function, improves well-being and quality of life.

Treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. It is important to discuss with him the feasibility of using propolis and to select an individual therapy regimen.

Propolis for prostatitis: a candle recipe

Prostatitis is amenable to conservative treatment. Along with special preparations, beekeeping products provide good help on the way to recovery. Propolis helps to cope with the inflammatory process, prevent serious complications and relapses of the disease.

In the treatment of prostatitis, rectal suppositories are often used. They act gently and gradually, penetrating deep into the tissues of the prostate gland. Candles with propolis can be purchased at the pharmacy network, but it is better to cook them at home - you will get 100% natural and useful medicine.

The process is simple and relatively fast:

  • mix in an enamel pan 40 g of animal fat and cocoa butter, 80 g of propolis, 20 g of honey, 5 g of royal jelly and perga,
  • simmer the resulting mixture in a water bath until all components are completely dissolved until a homogeneous mass is obtained (preferably not boil),
  • make small foil molds in the shape of candles, with a diameter of 8-10 mm, a length of 4-5 cm,
  • pour the mixture into molds and put in the refrigerator until thickened (do not freeze),
  • hardened propolis candles to be inserted into the anus in the morning and evening after hygiene measures, the treatment course lasts 4 weeks on average,
  • suppositories are stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

The treatment of prostatitis with propolis in both bacterial and non-infectious forms is justified and effective due to the complex effect on the man’s body

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, propolis suppositories restore erectile function and increase male sexual power.

Propolis tincture for prostatitis: how to take

Treatment with propolis for alcohol prostatitis is very popular among men. It does not require any special manipulations, and at the same time it quickly and effectively copes with painful symptoms. Such a tool is advisable to use in the chronic form of the disease, because it requires preliminary preparation.

Propolis tincture eliminates pain, pain, burning, facilitating the act of urination

Propolis tincture for prostatitis is prepared as follows:

  • 100 g of propolis are ground or grated,
  • the resulting solid mass is poured 200 g of alcohol (high-quality vodka),
  • the mixture is infused in a closed container in a dark place for 14 days,
  • the fluid shakes occasionally
  • the finished tincture is filtered,
  • 30 drops are taken per half a glass of water 15 minutes before meals, no more than 3 times a day.

You should not abuse alcohol. Large doses of alcohol can harm the body and worsen well-being.

You can enhance the effect of treatment if you additionally chew a small piece of bee gum daily. It is also recommended to prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of chopped propolis and 100 g of natural honey. It must be taken 3 times a day before meals for a month.Complex apitherapy will quickly and permanently relieve problems with the prostate gland.

Propolis candles

The effectiveness of suppositories is due primarily to the anatomical location of the prostate gland. The organ is located next to the rectum, which, when using suppositories, allows you to deliver the drug directly to the focus of the disease.

Suppositories can eliminate inflammation and effectively fight pathogenic microflora. Moreover, suppositories with propolis can contribute to the treatment of concomitant diseases such as hemorrhoids, intestinal upset, and more. For the manufacture of suppositories at home you will need:

  • 100 g - cocoa butter,
  • from 10 to 20 g of purified propolis.

Melt cocoa butter in a saucepan, add propolis, mix. Pour the mixture into a pre-prepared form, forming candles with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 5-6 cm. Instead of cocoa butter, you can use any animal fat.

Propolis oil

To prepare the oil you must:

  • 200 ml - vegetable oil: olive, sunflower, palm,
  • 30 g of purified propolis.

Pour oil into a saucepan and boil. Add the purified propolis, mix and warm over low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Propolis with honey

To increase immunity, traditional healers recommend strengthening the beneficial properties of honey by adding propolis to it. For this you need:

  • 200 g - honey
  • 10 g - bee glue.

To prepare this recipe, both fresh and candied honey are suitable. A little water is poured into the pan and propolis is added. After its dissolution, honey is added. The mixture warms up to a temperature of no higher than 50 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

Recipes of folk remedies

At home, from propolis, you can prepare a huge number of different medicines. To get rid of inflammation of the prostate gland, not all of them are suitable, therefore we will indicate only those that can be used by patients. Treatmentprostatitistincturepropolis or rectal suppositories from it - any method will help relieve inflammation, soothe tissues, reduce the risk of relapse. If the drug is taken orally, then a man can also feel an improvement in his sleep, relieving cramps, normalizing urination. Candles also have a more local effect, which is also good for prostatitis.

Tinctures and decoctions

To prepare an infusion or decoction, you must choose a quality propolis. It is best that it is from wild bees, in which case it will contain the most beneficial enzymes. The color of the substance should be uniform, without any sudden transitions, and the smell should be very strong. Also make sure that there are no impurities in the mass in the form of blades of grass, insects, crumbs. When chewing, a high-quality product will stick to the teeth, leave a feeling of warmth after itself, and after a while, the tongue should go numb.

When you have chosen a good propolis, you can begin to manufacture medicines. The substance can be stored under the right conditions for up to 10 years, so it can be immediately purchased in large quantities. Consider recipes for treatmentprostatitispropolison thealcohol and vodka that are suitable for those who are not contraindicated in alcohol:

  • Grind 100 g of propolis on a fine grater, pour 200 ml of 96% alcohol. Do this in a glass container, then leave in a dark place for 10 days. Shake the infusion 3 times a day during this time. It is taken after straining, 15 ml at bedtime (diluted in a small amount of water or milk)
  • In a ratio of 1 to 2, mix propolis and vodka, respectively, leave in a dark and cool place for 2 weeks. Shake the mixture periodically. It should be consumed in 30-40 drops, diluted in half a glass of water three times a day for 15 minutes before eating
  • Place propolis in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then grind it well (the smaller the particles, the more nutrients the product will give). Now fill it with ice water and leave it for 5 minutes, so you will get rid of various impurities. Pour the dried raw material into 500 ml of vodka, keep it at a temperature of 18 to 21 degrees for 14 days. After cooking, filter and pour into a dark glass container

The last infusion is taken after mixing with pure water or milk - only 20 drops per day. The duration of therapy is 1 month. If you can’t take alcohol, then tincturepropolisatprostate must be made on the basis of water. For example, a patient can use this recipe:

  1. Rub the “bee gum” on a grater and mix with distilled water in a ratio of 1 to 2
  2. Stir well and place in a water bath, cook for about 20 minutes
  3. Pour the resulting liquid into a bowl / other container and leave in the refrigerator for 6 hours
  4. After this, the resulting mass must be passed through filtered paper

The resulting product can be taken orally, used for inhalation or external use. A decoction that is prepared from 10 g of propolis and 50 ml of water can cope well with inflammatory phenomena. About 3 hours, the mixture is kept in a water bath, not forgetting to stir. After filtration, the liquid is poured into a bottle and taken 1 tablespoon per day.

El Macho for potency

El-Macho is a multicomplex highly effective due to its active components. His study showed the absence of side effects and a high rate of assimilation, which leads to an instant effect.

El Macho Drops contains guarana extract, L-arginine, glycine and magnesium - substances to relieve tension, improve blood circulation in the pelvis, and increase blood flow to the penis. The drug is suitable for patients of all ages.

Separately, we mention the mixture that is eaten to treat prostatitis. To prepare it, mix 10 g of propolis (in liquid form) and 90 g of honey. After thorough mixing, take 1 tsp. 3 times a day before meals. The duration of treatment is 30 days.

Rectal candles

Propolisatprostate in the form of rectal suppositories, it is more common than its ingestion. You can buy ready-made medicines at the pharmacy, but they can actually be prepared at home yourself. Here are some recipes:

  • Freeze about 7 g of propolis in the refrigerator, then chop well - until crumbs. Now melt in a water bath 100 g of goat fat, add the first component. After cooling the mass, form candles from them (up to 3 cm long)
  • Get cocoa butter and linolin from the pharmacy. Take 23 g of the first substance and 12 g of the second, mix with 7 grams of propolis. In a water bath, the ingredients are mixed, then the liquid is drawn into a syringe, which makes candles
  • Mix 40 g of bee glue with 220 ml of alcohol, leave for 10 days. After this, boil the infusion on the fire until it gets a brown tint. Add 150 g of fat to this mass and stir. When the product hardens, form candles (should be enough for 10 pcs.)

Another recipe will require many more ingredients. Take 80 g of cocoa butter or pork fat, 7.5 g of chopped propolis, 12 g of honey, 4.5 g of royal jelly and beef. As in previous cases, everything is mixed in a water bath, and after cooling, the mass is rolled out and suppositories are made. If you decide to use propolis suppositories, you must abandon the medications with it, taken orally.

Product Based Preparations

Make it a rule, every day from the morning, first thing to start.

We learned healingpropertiesandcontraindicationspropolisatprostate when using it in folk remedies, now we’ll figure out what can be expected from this substance in tablets, suppositories and other forms in pharmaceutical preparations. The most common medicines from it are:

  • Propolis Nam. It is a rectal suppository, in which there is nothing but "bee glue". They have a lot of indications for use, but there is prostatitis among them. You can use them for 1 pc. thrice a day. For preventive purposes, the treatment regimen is the same
  • Phyto-propolis. In addition to propolis, they contain black poplar buds (relieve inflammation and pain), chamomile flowers (improve tissue regeneration, relieve spasms), calendula (have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects), sage oil (has a bactericidal and wound healing effect). Used for 1-2 pcs. per day, the course can take from 1 to 3 weeks
  • HemoPro. Suppositories for rectal administration, in the composition have a therapeutic ridge and sea buckthorn oil, which provide antifungal, adaptagenic, analgesic and many other actions. Favorably affect potency, strengthen local immunity. Method of application - 1 candle per day before bedtime. The duration of treatment is determined by the severity of prostatitis.
  • Propolis tincture. It is alcohol tincture, therefore it is not suitable for those who drive a car or work with complex mechanisms. Take 1 tsp. twice daily before meals

Using these tools, you can achieve significant improvement - normalization of urination and erectile function, restoration of potency, cleansing the body of toxins. But to completely get rid of prostatitis is unlikely to succeed. To recover, a person needs to take other medications, especially if the disease is of an infectious nature. It is also important to observe preventive measures to prevent the disease from spreading to other genitals.

In addition to propolis, other beekeeping products can also help in the treatment of prostatitis - honey, bee bread, royal jelly. Of these, in the pharmacy you can also find ready-made drugs.

Propolis Reviewsatprostate can be found on any thematic site or form. Many men write that they used it as an addition to the main treatment and do not regret it. Someone still continues to conduct one course with tinctures once a year, so that he will never again suffer from this unpleasant pathology. In a chronic illness, representatives of the stronger sex also often take one or another remedy to support the period of remission.


  • Incredible ... You can increase the penis by 3-4 cm, extend the first sexual intercourse up to 30-40 minutes, give an anatomically correct shape and enhance the sensitivity of the penis at any age and forever!
  • This time.
  • Without taking pills, surgeries, injections and other surgical procedures!
  • These are two.
  • In just a month!
  • These are three.

The mechanism of action of propolis

The healing properties of propolis are due to the unique composition of this substance.

The main properties of this product are antimicrobial, this allowed the bee family not to be afraid of any infections and maintain itself as a species.

Propolis, taken by a person inside or as an external remedy, helps to achieve many positive changes and with prostatitis the following are especially appreciated:

  • Bactericidal. It is proved that propolis is able to cope with staphylococci and streptococci, these bacteria often cause prostatitis,
  • Antioxidant, that is, preventing oxidative processes and, accordingly, enhancing cell regeneration,
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • Restorative. Propolis has a positive effect on the state of all immunity, and this helps to achieve a speedy recovery with prostatitis,
  • Cleanser. Propolis promotes the removal of toxins from the body, due to this, the intestines work, the metabolic processes improve. And this item is also very important for the prevention of congestion in the tissues of the prostate gland.

Propolis is very beneficial for the whole body. Its constant course use has a positive effect on men's health, increases endurance, performance, helps clear vessels of toxins.

A unique beekeeping product is recommended to be used periodically by the course, even if there are no health problems, this will prevent the development of many unpleasant ailments.

Types of propolis used to treat prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis should not be ignored. You can use this substance in the form of tincture, from it microwaves are prepared for insertion into the rectum.

Oil is also prepared from the product, which is used as part of the microclyster.

You can buy a quality product from beekeepers or in appropriate pharmacies.

Properly propolis is stored for up to 10 years. Although of course, the fresher it is, the more it contains all the active substances.

Is treatment of prostatitis with propolis effective

The effectiveness of eliminating disorders in the functioning of the prostate using beekeeping products has been proven by the positive experience of many men.

Propolis with prostatitis helps get rid of unnecessary bacteria, relieves inflammation, eliminates congestion and improves blood circulation.

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In addition to propolis, you can also use fresh honey, bee bread, royal jelly. All these beekeeping products will never cause harm, the only contraindication is that they are discarded only in case of allergic reactions.


For oral use, alcohol tincture is usually used. So, how to take propolis tincture with prostatitis? Since the drug has a rather unpleasant taste, to improve the taste and minimize the negative impact on the digestive tract, the tincture is bred in water or milk.

The dose for an alcoholic solution is in the range of 15-30 drops of the drug per 50 ml of liquid. For a product prepared on the basis of vodka, from 30 to 60 drops. The amount depends on the patient’s body weight. Take twice daily with meals. The course of therapy is 2 weeks with the same interval.

Propolis enriched honey is also useful for enhancing immunity. For prevention, it is recommended to take 1 tsp daily. funds 1 time per day, preferably in the morning. For the same purpose, some experts recommend chewing pure propolis.


For external use, both alcoholic and oil infusions are used. Medicines must be applied with light massaging movements in the lumbar region and perineum.

In the lower part of the lower back passes a large number of nerve endings that correspond to the work of the pelvic organs. Easy warming with the help of these drugs helps to restore nerve patency and blood circulation in the lower extremities. Procedures are recommended to be carried out 2 hours before bedtime, a course of 7 days with the same interval.


Enema is made by oil or water decoction. The procedure will be useful for constipation, hemorrhoids and intestinal disorders. The temperature of the liquid used should be no more than 35 ° C.

Before the procedure, you must visit the toilet and empty the intestines. The total volume of the enema should be 200-250 ml. After setting the enema, you need to walk for 5-7 minutes and only then re-empty the intestines. Enema is applied twice a week.


Therapeutic baths can be used in various ways:

  • in the form of a local, local procedure,
  • together with the adoption of water procedures.

To prepare a local bath, you should take 3 liters of herbal propolis infusion, dilute it with water in a basin in a proportion of 1/1. The liquid should be at a temperature of 30 to 40 ° C. The procedure is carried out in a sitting position for 7-10 minutes.

To prepare an aromatic bath, add about a tablespoon of propolis to warm water. The procedure has a sedative effect and it is recommended to carry out it before bedtime.

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