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How to choose an electric shaver for men: a razor for sensitive skin, rating, reviews

Well-groomed appearance for a man means quite a lot. The first thing that sets the general positive picture about the male is either a beautifully designed and laid beard, or a smoothly shaven face. Each of these options requires its own set of tools and tools.

Shavers have become very popular for a long time. In recent years, manufacturers have only improved them so that every man can choose the perfect one for himself. The variety of razors is very impressive, but what kind of razor does a man with stiff bristles need? Which razors are the best?

How to choose an electric shaver for hard bristles?

Men who have to shave their stubble every day, while still hard, use a regular razor is not very convenient. This type of shaving often causes skin irritation, which will not have a positive effect on the face. Shavers in this regard are much more convenient and practical.

How to choose an electric shaver? What should I look for before purchasing?

  1. Shaving system. There are two types: mesh and rotary. The mesh system is suitable for stiff bristles and sensitive skin. The rotor system can easily cope with uneven bristles,
  2. Shaving heads. Their quantity and mobility directly affect the quality of shaving. The number of heads can be from 1 to 3, the speed of movement of the blades for each manufacturer is different. For the best shave you need to choose a razor with three heads and maximum speed.
  3. Wet shave option. There are models that are suitable for both dry shaving and shaving using specially designed products. Not everyone needs the function, but if it is required, you need to remember that not all electric shavers have it,
  4. Trimmer. Also an addition to the razor for individual needs. The trimmer is built into the razor and is designed to adjust the beard and mustache,
  5. Source of energy. Shavers can work from different sources: from the mains, from ordinary batteries, from a charging battery. Shavers with a battery are more popular, as not everywhere near the mirror there are sockets, and wireless razors are very convenient,
  6. Additional functions. The main indicators that are worth paying attention to are described above, the remaining points are the desire of the consumer.

When deciding to purchase an electric shaver, it is better to consider several options of manufacturers and compare functions. You need to choose taking into account not only your wishes, but also the features of specific models. What is the best razor for well-known brands will help determine the rating provided later in the article.


The clean-shaven face of the Braun electric shaver will leave only positive emotions. A model like the Braun 720s-4 Series 7 can handle hard bristles without difficulty. Its triple system with a floating head, tilting in four directions, as well as with a double shaving net.

Equipping such a razor will provide the most comfortable shave. And daily use will not leave negative consequences.


Philips S1310 is ready to fight with male bristles for a very affordable price. Three movable heads provide a clean shave, even coarse bristles are subject to this electric shaver.

There is no trimmer, but because this function is not necessary for every man, which means it is not considered a big minus. But the real drawback is that consumers note the duty of charging the battery.


This famous company offers a razor model such as the Panasonic ES-6003. The mesh electric razor has good knife resistance. But the main advantage is the possibility of wet shaving, for many males - this is important. The presence of a trimmer can also please users who have a beard or mustache.

Cons of this model are not particularly pleasant:

  • Strong vibration during use causes discomfort, some users note that the hand gets tired of this mode,
  • An ill-conceived charging system. The indicator does not allow to determine how soon the device will be discharged, and when recharging from the network, the razor does not work, so there is a risk of remaining with an unshaven part of the face.


The Russian manufacturer also did not bypass this rating. For many years now, the Berdsk electric shavers have been manufactured in the Novosibirsk Region, which do not take their design or special functions, they are simply very good in their purpose.

Model 3114 has been on the market for a long time, it easily copes with shaving in hard-to-reach places, and for rough bristles it is just a godsend.

The disadvantage is the heating of the case during long work. And you should take into account the moment that the razor works only on the network.

It's nice when a good electric shaver is made by a domestic manufacturer.


Not a very well-known company in the market, but nonetheless not inferior in the production of electric shavers. By releasing the Remington XR1390, this company has found its fans. This razor has a number of advantages:

  • The presence of a clipper,
  • Wet shave
  • Two rows of blades
  • Long battery life and quick charge,
  • Strong case.

Advice! Do not overpay for the built-in hair clipper if it is not particularly needed.

There are still many advantages, for each consumer there is exactly that plus that will impress him. The razor is especially good for men with stiff bristles, the quality of shaving will be excellent.


Completes the rating Supra RS-213 - one of those electric shavers that are in the middle price category, but have advantages over some of these products. Rotary model, three movable heads, double blade will allow you to have a perfectly shaved face.

The negative point is the poor battery and the lack of a compartment for collecting hair. But, if you adapt, then shaving will be quite comfortable.


The article discusses the most popular and often bought razors, but what if they are not available and the order takes a long time to wait? Go to the store. Shavers have a wide selection. In any store, a knowledgeable consultant will tell you which razor to turn your attention to.

The main advantages of an electric shaver

The main advantages that distinguish an electric shaver from a traditional razor are:

  • isolation of heads
    In the process of shaving, the blades do not even touch the skin of a person. This guarantees not only complete safety against cuts, but also the absence of an irritation effect after the procedure.
  • water resistant
    This feature of modern razor devices makes it possible to produce both dry and wet shaving, as well as to use a razor in the shower, completely without fear of electric discharge.
  • automatic cleaning
    The system for cleaning modern razors is fully automated. Often auto cleaning is located in the stands for the device, which is also very convenient.
  • battery charges
    Using chargers is very convenient on the road or camping. A man can always have a neat look.
  • rotary and mesh options.
    The advantages of certain options should be considered in direct relation to the type of sensitivity of the skin of a man.

Features of male perception of the razor process

The criteria for choosing a shaving tool largely depend on the man’s attitude to this simple hygiene procedure.
It is a well-known fact that men of different ages and types of temperament perceive the shaving process in different ways.

Tedious process

For some, daily shaving is annoying and they want to quickly complete this unpleasant procedure. In this case, you can advise buying a razor with a rotary system that does its job pretty quickly and efficiently.

Hygiene procedure

Sometimes for men, this daily “ritual" is simply a necessary hygienic procedure, such as brushing your teeth. For such people, shaving quality is important. For them, expensive high-quality rotary models are an acceptable option.

New image

There are men who try to change their appearance with an unusual form of beard or mustache, giving it new accents. For them, you need to choose models with the presence of all kinds of nozzles and trimmers, making it possible to create exclusive options.

Indescribable relaxation

And there is such a category of the male half of the population that literally adores the shaving process and gets indescribable pleasure from it. For these men, it is best to purchase waterproof mesh options with the option of wet shaving or adding helium compounds.

The question arises: “How to choose an electric shaver for a man, given his tastes and preferences?”

Instructions for choosing an electric shaver

In order to correctly choose and buy a high-quality electric razor, you must first take several steps:

  • read user reviews about devices released in 2016-2017,
  • pay attention to the appearance of the device,
  • compare prices for this type of product in various stores,
  • view additional features of the electric shaver,
  • Learn more about the variety of device features,
  • analyze the technical characteristics of the device,
  • determine the type of power for the electric shaver: with charging or
    only through the current.

Having carried out all the necessary steps to obtain the most diverse information about shaving devices, you need to consider when buying some more nuances of personal selection of electric shavers for each individual person.

Choosing an electric shaver by skin type

Modern models of razors are designed for both dry and wet shaving. They are completely tight, do not pass moisture and do not shock. The device must be selected according to the type of sensitivity of male skin and stiffness of the bristles.

  • For men with sensitive skin
  • For people with sensitive skin type, it will be correct to buy models with a mesh system and a retractable trimmer, since the trimmer is able to remove even long bristles well and gently, independently adjusting the desired inclination of the blades.

Also, sensitive skin may be irritated by heating the head of the device. Therefore, a good choice for this type of skin is electric shavers with cooling devices that can prevent the heating of surfaces.

  1. Tip
  2. Men with stiff bristles

This type of people is best to choose rotary types of electric shavers.
Traditional rotary options today have undergone significant changes in the direction of improving functionality and adaptation to the bends of the body.

Spinning rotary heads shave almost perfectly. There are options with the supply of a helium moisturizer, which makes the shaving process for men as comfortable and just enjoyable.

Also, do not forget that shaving gel interferes with the process of skin irritation, softening the skin.


Choosing the type of electric shaver for stiff bristles is best
acquire a modern rotary type model with a variety of functions.

Top 3 Popular Electric Shavers

A review of the most popular razor accessory companies on the market reflects our rating below.


Electric shavers from this manufacturer have a high rating among consumers. They are distinguished by high technical characteristics and European level of quality.

Technical features of the models of this company:

  • self-sharpening blade system
  • shaving surfaces in 4 directions
  • high power battery, operating time for 30 minutes after charging,
  • there are models with a fixed network connection,
  • low cost
  • high quality enamel housing.


It produces fairly inexpensive options for shaving accessories. The most practical models of this company for wet shaving, as they have a waterproof body.
The devices are of good quality, but with little functionality and strong vibration.

  • produce quality work,
  • well pick up inaccessible places
  • there is a trimmer
  • the possibility of continuous operation after recharging,
  • differ in low cost.
  • Braun Company
  • It produces inexpensive and compact shaving device options.
  • The main characteristics are:
  • high quality daily shave,
  • water resistant
  • cooling function
  • automatic adaptation to bristle density,
  • compact device
  • affordability.

Among the shortcomings can be called a strong effect on the skin, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Therefore, when using devices of this company, creams or lotions should be used to soften the skin after shaving.

A characteristic feature of a modern man is a well-groomed and tidy appearance. Even if the style of clothing implies some negligence, under it necessarily lies a thoughtful and thorough care for their appearance.

Thanks to a high-quality and good electric shaver, a person can independently tidy his appearance: to model a beard, trim his mustache and give an ideal shape to the eyebrows. Model shaving of the head is quite relevant today, which is also performed using a modern model of electric razor, which has wide functionality and guarantees a neat appearance.

Rotary razors

The principle of operation of rotary razors is rotation. Three rotating heads are equipped with a flat disc with a cutting edge and are driven by an electric motor. A convenient shave with such a device is made by several points. Firstly, this is a wet shaving system and independently moving heads from each other, thoroughly repeating the contours of the face. In addition, a modern rotary machine is almost always equipped with a trimmer, which greatly expands its capabilities, for example, makes it possible to shape a beard and mustache. The serious disadvantages of this type of razor include the high cost of interchangeable blades, which can cost up to 80% of the cost of the machine itself.

Mesh razors

The mesh razor is a worthy competitor to rotary aggregates. It is arranged somewhat differently: instead of round rotating nozzles, the shaving process is carried out using steel grids (sometimes their number reaches 4) under which the blade moves reciprocally. Like a rotary razor, the mesh razor can be equipped with a battery (such devices are preferable), as well as a docking station that not only recharges the device, but also disinfects it, which is especially important when it comes to wet shaving, which bacteria love so much.

As for durability, then mesh rotary razors are not competitors. The mesh is easy to wrinkle - therefore, it is not worthwhile to put strong pressure on the skin when shaving. If the grid is damaged, the knife block can be safely changed, there is nothing to do. And spare parts for such razors, although cheaper than for rotary ones, but not by much.

However, in recent years, manufacturers have learned to equip such machines with recessed grids, which, firstly, protects the device from breakdowns, and secondly, makes shaving more comfortable.

Electric shavers for men: rating and reviews

So, if an electric shaver has to deal with coarse and thick bristles, the choice is obvious: this is a rotary razor that shaves cleaner than a net razor, but due to the greater contact of the knives with the skin, it often causes irritation.If a man has sparse, soft bristles and sensitive skin, you should purchase a mesh machine, as it shaves even more slowly, but more delicately, and almost does not irritate.

However, in order to simplify the choice as much as possible and make it the most enjoyable, we decided that such an assembly as the “electric men's razor” deserves a separate rating of 2019 with an emphasis on the price / quality ratio.

How to choose an electric shaver for men: a razor for sensitive skin, rating, reviews

The variety of men's razors allows you to choose the tool that is perfect for you. But despite all the abundance, it should be noted that not every machine, and even less an electric shaver, will turn out to be of high quality and will meet your needs. Before buying an electric razor, it is important to find out what characteristics it should match.

Photo Gallery: TOP 5 Men's Electric Shavers

Braun 3 3040s ProSkin - the ultimate electric shaver for beginners Braun 9 9290cc is considered a premium electric shaver Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 is an inexpensive but high-quality model Philips Norelco S9311 / 87 has a smart cleaning system Braun 7 Series 790CC is able to work up to 45 minutes without recharging

Sensitive Shaver

There are some aspects to consider when choosing an electric razor if your skin is prone to irritation, cuts, or ingrown hair. The most important features of an electric shaver suitable for sensitive skin:

  • Sharp blades. High-quality sharp blades are one of the key elements of a razor suitable for sensitive skin. Dull blades can cause the razor to pull hair, not cutting it, but breaking it. This will ultimately lead to irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Fast engine. A razor equipped with a more powerful engine will shave faster, smoother and with fewer passes. This contributes to a comfortable shave.
  • A shaving head that does not heat up during operation. This is another important and often forgotten aspect. If the shaving head becomes very hot due to friction, then this will cause great discomfort.
  • Wet and dry operation. Wet shaving can be extremely important for men with sensitive skin. Despite the fact that it takes more time and requires more preparatory work, as a result, the skin is less prone to irritation. Therefore, choose an electric shaver that is suitable for both dry and wet shaving.

Usage Tips

Using an electric razor is not difficult, but you need to take into account some nuances in order to get a high-quality result. The following tips will help you to properly shave your electric shaver if you don’t have enough experience:

  • When using an electric shaver, walk around the face in a circular motion (both clockwise and counterclockwise). So you remove more hair with less impact on the skin.
  • During the shaving process, pull the skin a little with your free hand (this will damage the epidermis less).
  • Although circular movements will make up the bulk of your shaving, you can also drive your razor up and down to get rid of hair growing in different directions.
  • Do not push the razor during the process. This will not improve the result, the hair will not cut off faster, but the skin can seriously suffer. When pressure is applied to the instrument, there is a high risk of cuts, irritations on the skin. This is especially true for men who have sensitive skin.
  • If you are using shaving cream, be sure to rinse your shaver regularly. Excessive foam and hair residues clog the razor and adversely affect the quality of shaving.

Stretch your skin slightly while shaving

How to choose an electric shaver for men: reviews

Having become acquainted with different types of electric shavers and their characteristics, we can conclude that the purchase of such a tool is a crucial step, which should be given enough time. An electric razor costs a lot, so carefully study all its qualities and capabilities, and only then decide on the acquisition.

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The 20 Best Electric Shavers - 2019 Ranking (Top 20)

2019 ranking: hard review of popular razors for men

In recent years, choosing a really good razor has become quite a challenge. Every year, more and more new models are thrown onto the market. It is important to learn to distinguish serious innovations from purely “marketing” ones.

Our review will try to help you with a choice. The ranking includes both inexpensive razors and premium electric shavers.

There are razors for experienced men with hard bristles, as well as models that can be presented to a teenager as the first razor.

Rating of the best electric shavers in 2019

We made a review of razors, the prices of some of which are ten times higher than others. From experience, we can say: an expensive unit is always excellent, but not necessarily the best.

What determines such a serious price range? Not only from the prestige of the manufacturer, but also from the number of additional accessories: cleaning brushes, mesh models, stands for stationary fixing of the razor.

There are more serious criteria that we advise you to pay attention to: battery life (up to one hour) and recharging (from one to eight hours), the ability to switch from 220 to 127 V.

There are purely cosmetic features: shaving the smallest hairs, repeating the contour of the face, dry / wet shaving. Aesthetic criteria are also taken into account: the ability to choose the color of the razor, the type of case, the design of the device (the convenience of the handle, compactness, etc.).

The warranty period from the company can vary from 1 year to 5 years. And inexpensive razors can be convenient, serve for many years, despite the low rating.

Have a good shopping!

Choosing an electric shaver for sensitive skin - high-quality and functional

Men's skin differs significantly from women's skin in a denser structure and better resistance to aggressive factors. However, a procedure such as shaving is stressful for her.

Dermatologists claim that its regular manipulation reduces the barrier function of the skin, which is the reason for the appearance of high sensitivity.

In addition, some tools that are designed to facilitate the shaving process - these are gels, foams, lotions have a negative effect on the pH level, which leads to severe inflammatory processes, the appearance of redness, dryness.

Sensitive skin: how to make shaving easier?

The cornerstone of men's morning hygiene is shaving. On the one hand, this procedure is necessary, and on the other, it brings a lot of unpleasant moments, especially to people with sensitive skin. What to do: endure constant irritation or refuse to shave? There is a solution thanks to modern manufacturers - an electric razor that is specially designed for sensitive skin!

the pros and cons of a compact road electric shaver.

There are many razor models on the market today, but not all of them are suitable for sensitive skin. Conventionally, all these devices can be divided into two types:

  1. Rotary - appeared a very long time ago. Hair removal is carried out by rotating heads in which vibrating knives are located. Such models are suitable for any slightly long bristles. However, they cause irritation, as they act very aggressively: they can cling to hairs, pull them out. Also, when you remove the bristles, you have to make some efforts.
  2. Mesh - remove the bristles with blades that are under a special mesh. When applying such a razor to the face, hairs enter the mesh, which are then cut off. The peculiarity of the mesh electric shaver is that there is no direct contact of the skin and blades during shaving.

Now you can buy an electric razor for both dry and wet shaving. The first is a quick way to remove stubble. The second - allows you to use during shaving aids. It is worth noting that some manufacturers even foresaw this moment and equipped their models with special dispensers. They are easy to maintain, you can use two modes of operation.

Also, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the mobility and number of blades. Mesh devices have 1 to 3 heads. The quality and safety of shaving is achieved thanks to the "swimming" of the shaving heads. In addition, such models may have several additional nozzles or a retractable trimmer.

It is perfect for those who prefer to care for a mustache or beard.

Do not forget to read about the different configurations of razors with beard nozzles.

Mesh razors are devices in which sharp knives are placed under a special metal mesh with holes of different diameters. During shaving, there is no direct contact of the knives with the skin, due to which the delicacy of removing bristles is achieved. Such devices are most suitable for sensitive skin.

May be interesting: varieties of men's razors for the head.

Budget models

Our list opens with the German brand Braun with its 3020s. This is one of the most popular and relatively inexpensive models. The electric razor easily copes even with a three-day stubble. Achieve such results allow the system:

  1. MicroComb technology - an independent cutting system with a specially developed mesh, is now equipped with a micro comb. During shaving, the microcrest directs hairs of different lengths exactly to the cutting elements. Thanks to this, less effort is required for a good shave.
  2. During shaving, several systems that interact with each other are activated at once - a double SensoFoil mesh and a movable independent trimmer.
  3. There is an independent trimmer.
  4. The waterproof case makes it possible to use a razor in the shower.
  5. The capacious battery provides a long battery life.
  6. You can use the usual foam or shaving gels.

This model is available for only 5,000 rubles. But it is not without drawbacks - quite a lot of noise is created during operation.

We also recommend reading: rotary electric shaver - properties and features.


The cheapest of all five razors tested - MIKMA 307 - will cost about 1,500 rubles. Don’t be fooled by such a device brand familiar from Soviet times. The brand, of course, comes from the USSR, but the entire assembly of the model is made in China. Import substitution is not very successful.
In general, this is a mesh model, with two movable shaving nets and a movable blade for lifting and cutting hairs close to the skin. As with the Braun razor, the shaving unit itself does not move here. There is a built-in folding trimmer. On the front side of the case is a power button and a light indicator of the degree of charge. This is the only razor of the five, powered by mains and battery, and the only one designed only for dry shaving.

Watch the video: Best Electric Shavers in 2019 - Which Is The Best For Shaving? (February 2020).

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