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Mozer trimmers: a choice of barbers and hairdressers

Moser was founded in 1946. Its founder is Kuno Moser. Production was in Germany. Initially, the company developed hair dryers. After that, the representatives realized that the true direction of their activity is caring for the hair cover not only on the head, but also on the face.

Moser is a dynamically developing brand whose success is known not only in Russia but also in Europe.

German quality is combined with simplicity, functionality and conciseness. The company's philosophy boils down to the fact that it does not stand still, and constantly uses innovation in its developments.

Along with trimmers, Moser shavers gained wide popularity.

Shaver is a professional electric razor used by barbershop employees and hairdressers. This tool has a second, more popular name - a mesh razor.

It works on the basis of a rotary motor, which is protected by a special mesh to prevent injury to delicate skin. Shaver differs from trimmer design. The shaver has a built-in knife that allows you to cut the hair much closer to the skin.


Professional network machine that has a unique design and good performance.

For blades used high-precision technology, which is used for grinding knives made of steel.

The patented mechanism allows one click to set up to 5 options of different cut lengths. Operating time 80 minutes. It is used both for shaving the head and facial hair. The kit includes caring oil, a brush and a replaceable nozzle that allows you to use the machine as a trimmer.

Egor (ozon.ru): “A good inexpensive machine. Love the design. At first glance, it is very strong. Like a quality build, you feel the power. I am very pleased with the purchase and I advise everyone else. ”


Moser classic self-powered mustache and beard shaver.

It works on a rotary engine, which allows you to cut hairs as close to the skin as possible. Operating time - up to 80 minutes. There is a convenient charging indicator on the case, the motor speed is 6000 rpm. The trimmer is light (170 g), comfortably in the hand. One nozzle included.

Sergey (onlinetrade.ru): “The machine is very convenient, you can see right away - a good build. Shears very high quality. The trimmer cuts relatively well, leaving only the set length. However, there is one drawback. It was very inconvenient for me to clean the machine and in the process I had to help myself a bit with a screwdriver. ”


The minimum length of the haircut is 0.6 mm, the maximum is 24 mm, 6 length options. Battery life - up to 50 minutes. The case has a neat, concise charge indicator. One nozzle.

Alexander (beru.ru): “I have been using this trimmer for more than four months. Everything suits me. The kit contains care products, such as oil and a small brush. I liked that the wire is much longer than other trimmers, about one and a half meters. Cutting knives do not grind. Assembly and Hungary. I’m very pleased with the purchase. ”


A quality beard and mustache trimmer that has earned a lot of good reviews.

The minimum length of the haircut is 0.7 mm, the maximum is 24 mm, eight length settings. Battery life up to 80 minutes. The device is very light, weighs 160 g. Includes 1 nozzle, the trimmer is adjustable using the handle in height. There is a complete set for leaving.

Andrey (technopark.ru): “I got this razor on the advice of my friend. I doubted for a long time, but still bought it. Satisfied with the acquisition. Shears well and quickly. I have a complex beard pattern, so I shave it long enough. It works for an hour and does not sit. ”


The model repeats the characteristics of Braun BT3040, but at a price much cheaper.

Classic model for mustache and beard. Knives are made of stainless steel. Eight length settings. The battery lasts a record 85 minutes. Despite its compact size, the trimmer weighs more than 200 g, so many men find it hard to hold it in their hands for a long time. One nozzle, cleaning brush, case and oil included.

Alexey (eldorado.ru): “I purchased this trimmer on the advice of my hairdresser. Very tired every month to go to the barber. The haircut was far from the first time at home. But over time, got used to it. It works quietly, the blades are good. She cuts hair close to the skin, grows relatively long. I bought it with a stock, so for me the price-quality ratio is perfect. ”


According to its characteristics, this model also has similarities with the competitor from Braun BT5090, and is also cheaper.

The machine is ideal for cutting hair on the head and for the formation of a beard. The minimum cutting length is 1 mm and the maximum is 24 mm. In total there are 8 mode adjustments. Works 1 hour autonomously without recharging. It can work on batteries. Weighs 180 g. A very concise and stylish case comes to the device.

Presented in titan and lithium variants. Professionally used in many salons and barbershops.

Vladimir (ozon.ru): “This machine was recommended to me by friends. They said that many professional hairdressers use it. This model for me is the most reliable, convenient and high quality. I liked that the kit has a convenient case. I travel very often, so it was necessary for me. The machine works fine and after three months. Shears straight. This device does its job very well. The price, as it turned out later, is not high for him either. ”


Convenient, simple and high-quality model.

The minimum length of the haircut is 0.6 mm, the maximum is 24 mm. It works a little less than an hour. Convenient to use. Ideal for cutting hair on the head. One nozzle included.

Ilya (beru.ru): “I read a lot of reviews before making a choice. The machine is really very good, functional. It works without glitches, but louder than my old trimmer. But for me it is not critical. I like that the device is easy to use. Everything is clear and intuitive. Many friends, too, on my advice, took advantage of this machine. A lot of beauty workers just get these machines to work with customers. So, they are high-quality, hardy, quick and good shear. I am glad to purchase and have been using the device for 2 months already. By the way, I found a man who claims that he has been using the device for more than 5 years, and he never let him down. I want to believe that I can beat his record. "


Shaver classic model. There is a trimmer mode, but basically the device is designed to cut hair.

The minimum length is 0.2 mm, the maximum is 21 mm. The length of the haircut is adjusted using the built-in regulator. There is a rotary engine that allows you to cut hairs at a given length. Ideal for those who want to maintain a beard length of 3 mm or more. Powered by mains or offline. Operating time - 60 minutes. The package includes not only care products, but also a convenient stylish case.

Andrey (dns.ru): “I can note that the machine is excellent. Quiet, small and very light. I work as a trimmer and a hair clipper. I myself worked for a long time in the salon, and it was there that I met this machine. Later bought for home use. By the way, the salon machine worked then for five years and did not break. I advise everyone. ”


Beard and mustache clipper in white.

The minimum length is 0.4 mm, the maximum is 6 mm. The battery runs for a record 100 minutes. The device is not only very beautiful, but also convenient. Charges in 2 hours. Weighs 130 g and has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

The blades are made of stainless steel. One nozzle is included.

George (mrdom.ru): “I really liked that this device holds its charge for a very long time. The nozzle is comfortable, but I also got used to shaving without it. I bought from the positive reviews that I found on the Internet. I distributed all the other trimmers to friends as unnecessary. ”

Best Model: 1400-0087

This is a very simple, inexpensive and at the same time functional model for cutting hair and beard.

Leaves a minimum length of 0.3 mm. The maximum length of the haircut is 18 mm. Has 6 length settings. Buyers say this is the perfect ratio of quality and price. Battery life 80 minutes.

A functional unit that operates at a speed of 6000 rpm. The kit includes a brush for cleaning, oil and a loop in order to hang the device. There is an additional nozzle with trimmer function.

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