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How to wear a shirt with a t-shirt?

A shirt over a t-shirt is a very popular casual option, equally suitable for men of any age. Fashion for this combination was introduced by fans of the boho style. Aesthetics of this style has developed on borrowings from the culture of gypsies and hippies. One of the key features of the boho style in clothes is multi-layered: things are worn one on top of the other not for the purpose of warming up, but for the sake of achieving the effect of ease, chance, eccentric eclecticism. A shirt with a T-shirt is one of the simplest and “harmless” examples of layering. This combination has migrated to such styles as casual and urban.

Layering has its advantages. Firstly, this way of dressing makes you feel comfortable with the weather. A man dressed in a T-shirt with a flannel shirt will not freeze on a cool summer day. And if the sun comes out and gets hot - the shirt can be removed. Or just unfasten by rolling up your sleeves.

Secondly, layering allows you to look spectacular and bright, which is achieved by combining clothes of different colors and styles.

Shirt with T-shirt: basic rules for combining layers

1. From thin to thick. By the thickness of the material, each new layer must either coincide with the previous one or increase. This means: the thicker the shirt - the denser the shirt. And vice versa: if the shirt is light, then the T-shirt should be as thin as possible. 2. From lesser to greater. The bottom thing should not be more spacious than the top, otherwise the view will be too sloppy and even untidy. If the shirt is spacious, the shirt may be loose. A fitted or semi-fitted T-shirt is suitable for a fitted shirt, selected strictly to fit. 3. Each layer is self-sufficient. Always be prepared for the top layer to be removed. The bottom item must be in good condition and harmoniously combined with the rest of the clothes. To avoid embarrassing situations, do not wear a washed, torn, wrinkled T-shirt under a half-open shirt.

What shirt to wear with a t-shirt?

Classic costume shirts are not suitable for this. Something informal is needed, in casual style. It is customary to include denim, flannel, cotton checkered shirts or with a bright print. This also includes shirts made from coarse fabric and safari-style shirts (for example, with shoulder straps, with flaps on pockets or with a special clasp for rolling up sleeves). An informal shirt can be fastened not with buttons, but with buttons. The cuffs, collar and pocket of a casual shirt are contrasting. Models decorated with inscriptions, logos, etc., are also “casual”.

What t-shirt to wear with a shirt?

Of course, without a collar. The neckline can be different - both round and V-shaped. In cool weather, you can wear long sleeve t-shirts under your shirt (long-sleeved T-shirts).

Printing on a T-shirt is not forbidden, especially if the shirt is quite restrained.

Shirt with a T-shirt - a stylish casual option

For every day you can wear a plain white t-shirt and a plaid shirt. Denim shirts also look good. For each day, not very bright combinations are chosen, but more universal colors. A casual T-shirt for a man’s shirt should have a collar, pockets and cuffs.

Which t-shirt is suitable?

When choosing a T-shirt, you should buy models without a collar. It does not matter what the neckline will be, the main thing is that the neck is open. However, very deep cuts here will be superfluous. If it’s cool outside, then you can wear long-sleeved T-shirts. A t-shirt does not have to be monophonic, it can have a drawing or an inscription on it, the main thing is that it be considered a shirt.

Such clothes in frequent cases should be of a classic cut. The fabric also plays a special role. You only need to buy cotton options. It’s rare when you can choose the right knitwear, as it should be without elastic and even.

How to choose a suitable shirt?

When choosing a shirt for a T-shirt, the main thing to remember is one rule, classic clothing does not fit this style. Casual style is what you need. For this style, you can choose these shirts:

You can choose clothes that have buttons or rivets. If it has logos or inscriptions this is only welcome. Be sure the shirt should be denser than a T-shirt.

The shirt can be worn in different ways, someone completely unfastens it, and someone fastens only a few buttons. Sleeves are better to roll up. You can still unevenly tuck the hem of the shirt, this will further improve the sloppy look. In summer, a shirt is worn with either jeans or shorts.

Combination rules

All clothing should not only sit well on the man, a combination of T-shirts with a shirt plays a huge role. The most popular combination of these clothes, a dark T-shirt and a light shirt, or vice versa. Contrast is very attractive, so you need to choose it correctly.

If you don’t know how to choose colors, then buy a white T-shirt, it will fit any shirt. You can also buy a gray t-shirt, it is also universal. When the shirt has a pattern from a combination of several colors, then it is better to wear a plain t-shirt of the same color from the shirt.

These two clothes of the same color look good. A very original option, when one element of clothing is neutral, for example black, white, gray or beige, and the other is bright.

It is important not to forget about the rules of combination, there are at least three of them.

  1. Always a T-shirt should be more fitted than a shirt. If both clothes sit freely on the guy, it will look careless. Of course, if the shirt is very loose, then you can buy a not very tight-fitting T-shirt, but it should not be very loose.
  2. When choosing these two clothes, it is always important to remember that you may need to take off one of them. Therefore, they should separately be well combined with other clothes and be neat. This is especially true for a T-shirt; it should not be torn, dirty or washed.
  3. The thinness of the material with each layer of clothing should increase, not decrease. So, for example, a T-shirt should be thin, and a shirt may be thick. This rule must not be violated, as the T-shirt should not stand out through the shirt.

As you can see, it is necessary not only to be able to combine colors, but also to select the correct thickness of the fabric. A strong sex should take into account the profuse sweating, because if he sweats heavily, it is better for him to choose such colors where it will be imperceptible.

Combination of patterns

It is very difficult to combine patterned shirts and t-shirts. It is important here not only to choose the right colors, but also to take into account the pattern itself. To understand how to correctly combine patterns, see photos of finished models on the Internet. It is important to always remember the basic rules for the selection of this clothing, otherwise a man will look funny and sloppy.

Formal shirt

A strict business shirt is the type to refuel which will be the only right decision. The official dress code is needed to cut off all experiments with clothes that are inappropriate in a business environment. For this kind of occasion, choose a long shirt that will not straighten up every time you decide to sit down.

Casual shirt

A casual shirt is allowed to be worn or not. It depends on what you want to wear it with. If your image already has jeans with a T-shirt over which you decide to put on a shirt, then the answer is obvious - do not refuel.

If you have light casual trousers and shoes on your feet, it is better to wear a tucked shirt in this way.

With sneakers or sneakers - on release.

The more elements of the classical style in your image, the more appropriate a refilled shirt will look like, and vice versa.

What to wear a shirt with a t-shirt?

The combination of clothes is, above all, a matter of style. You can wear a shirt on a T-shirt creating an image in several stylistic directions:

In any of them, a combination of these things would be appropriate. You just need to follow some rules.

Depending on the chosen style, you can wear down:

From shoes choose sneakers, sneakers, loafers, monks, sleepers, moccasins, boat shoes, slip-ons, espadrilles or boots. A shirt with a t-shirt implies a free style, so shoes, even with a hint of classics, will look strange.

What style is such an ensemble suitable for?

T-shirt is an absolutely everyday thing. The only exception is the white model, which, in connection with a certain relaxation in fashion circles, has become an acceptable basis for a working bow. It is the base, but not an independent item of clothing. In other words, going to the office, you must always put on a jacket over a snow-white T-shirt. Due to this, the degree of “informality” will slightly decrease.

Important! Any rule has exceptions. Among IT specialists, journalists and representatives of creative professions, especially successful representatives, the classic dress code is not in demand. That’s why they even come in jeans and T-shirts to speak to thousands of people and sign large contracts.

Since a T-shirt is definitely an everyday outfit, then any image with her will gravitate to everyday style. Within the context of it, it can change to others. For example, sports. If the shirt interferes with the matter, then there is a chance that the result will be grunge. Its other name is marginal chic.

Important! If you are wearing a flannel shirt (as an option, in a cage), baggy, ripped or artificially aged jeans and a wide T-shirt, then with a high probability you dressed up in grunge style.

The indicated direction is not limited to. Hipsters also actively resort to the specified ensemble.. If jeans don't exist anymore or come with upside-downs (instead of them, a girl can have short jeans or leather shorts), a t-shirt has an intricate print or a pretentious logo (an uneven edge is also from this category), sneakers or rough shoes are on the legs, and checkered or denim shirt, now you dressed up as a hipster.

In addition to the options listed, others are possible. Boho, smart casual, ol-out-casual - each of this direction in one form or another allows the wearing of a set of t-shirts and shirts. If you can’t understand how such an ensemble can get along in a smart casual, remember the most restrained office pencil skirt, worn with a snow-white T-shirt, over which a shirt is thrown in a white and black check. The bottom thing in such an ensemble only peeks a little through the top gate.

About the right t-shirt and shirt

A T-shirt, worn under a shirt, can become a fine line, which determines the presence of taste in the holder of such a duet. And therefore it is important to know which of these elements of clothing should be included in your upper wardrobe.

T-shirts. Choosing it for a duet, you should pay attention to classic cuts with a shallow cape-shaped or round neckline. In this case, stylists impose an unambiguous taboo on polo or deep necks. Strict rules apply to fabrics. It is preferable for men to wear cotton models, a small addition of artificial threads is permissible. But the knitwear options should be treated carefully - only dense knitwear and exceptionally smooth texture, without fine elastic. The color palette can be any - without a picture or with bright prints and inscriptions.

And now about the shirts. Begin with cut. Judging by the photos of fashionable images, preferred are direct and slightly fitted options that are characteristic of informal wearing. Oversize or semi-free models are allowed. As for fabrics, dense cotton, denim, linen, wool, flannel or bike are allowed to men. The color palette is equally diverse - monophonic, including white, or with a print: a classic cell, a vertical strip, “driven” patterns.

Selection errors and their correction

A shirt, worn on top of a T-shirt, is perceived by some as a bad man, and there are reasons for this, the correction of which can change the perception of such a set.

Wrong sizes. For the duo in question, you should choose semi-tight models of t-shirts, while the shirt should be either loose, or slightly wider in volume of the t-shirt. Otherwise, a vertical “accordion” effect will be created, cutting off the silhouette, especially when a short-sleeved shirt is selected.

Incorrectly selected textures. The shirt always in the male version of the duo should be denser than a T-shirt. For example, a denim shirt with a dense cotton T-shirt will visually stretch the silhouette, harmonizing the proportions of the body. While loose knitwear used for sewing some T-shirts, on the contrary, will give an extra volume to the body.

Incorrectly selected color palette. When choosing duo shades, stylists recommend choosing the upper part with a color accent, for example, a bright checkered shirt with a neutral gray or blue t-shirt. But there are exceptions to this rule. The first one says that the emphasis in the form of a shirt can be softened by a black-and-white pattern or a content-causing inscription (although the latter version causes some controversy among fashion observers). The second exception concerns a change in color accent: a shirt with a bright pattern and a neutral shade shirt.

Wrong sleeve. In the case of the chosen duet, the rule that is usual for many does not apply, according to which a long-sleeved shirt is worn exclusively in the off-season and in winter, and with a short one in summer. Much depends on the style in which the image is combined. So, for Casual, the indicated rule basically applies, except that in the summer look you can put on a model of thin flannel and pick up the sleeves to the elbow. And in the sports direction it is permissible to combine a short sleeve shirt and a long T-shirt (longsliva).

Visual images

So, the question is how to wear a T-shirt and shirt to look stylish. In many respects it depends on the season, but layering is the basis of all the images.

What summer combinations for men are considered successful? Chinos shorts look the most appropriate with this duo. The shirt, in which there is a short sleeve, and a T-shirt, are tucked into the belt with a light overlap. Loafers, tennis shoes or slippers, as well as summer hats, are added to the image. If necessary, you can throw a summer blazer on your shoulders.

However, shorts can be replaced with the same cut pants or jeans. With this combination, an unbuttoned shirt, worn on a T-shirt as a kind of outerwear, will be appropriate. But the most striking look are the demi-season images. It is most appropriate for a man to wear a shirt with a t-shirt in this case in the framework of two areas - Casual and Street Style.

The easiest picking option is a combination with jeans and comfortable nubuck or suede derby. Add an eight-blade or “hooligan,” as well as a postman bag, and your look is ready. But such a combination for mods seems rather boring, and therefore they resort to layering.

Leaving all the same jeans or replacing them with thick fabric trousers, stylists recommend wearing a denim jacket and overcoat shortened to the waist, a military-style jacket or a parka.In a more informal style, with a transition to some sportiness, instead of a denim jacket, add hoodies with zippers or hoodies with a deep neckline of a collar that closes with buttons.

To create a cozy weekend image, the duo shirts are complemented by t-shirts with a cardigan of large knitting, straight trousers made of dense velvet. Shoes in this case can be almost anything: derby, top siders, deserts or loafers - the main thing is to emphasize the comfort of the image with a soft, rough surface, choosing suede or nubuck. In order to transform the image, it will be sufficient to replace the cardigan with a blazer or a thin knit sweater with a deep neck, and the indicated shoe models with leather counterparts. And add a trench coat or cashmere coat with a length down to the knee line.

However, for those who like to experiment, stylists suggest wearing a duo of shirts and T-shirts with a classic woolen single-breasted suit. To do this, the costume itself is chosen in a neutral, preferably gray, and a T-shirt to match it. As for the shirt, its color should be bright, and it should be worn out of style. Black leather gloves, shoes or boots, and a matching hat are added to the kit. It remains only to throw a coat.

In conclusion, it can be noted that almost any man can stylishly wear a T-shirt under his shirt if he follows the recommendations described above.

What shirt to wear with a t-shirt?

There are three win-win options:

  • jeans shirt
  • plaid shirt
  • bright print shirt

The shirt should be straight. The fitted models do not fit. If it is elongated, then the edge should be semicircular. A straight edge is appropriate if the shirt has slits on the sides. Models of shirts that have a shorter front than a back will look interesting.

The fabric of the shirt should be denser than the shirt so that the sleeve of the shirt does not stand out under the sleeve of the shirt.

The best colors for plain t-shirts that you can safely wear under your shirt: white, black, gray.

If the shirt is printed, then the t-shirt should be monochrome. Maximum, you can select options with inscriptions.

Accordingly, a t-shirt with a picture is better to wear under a plain shirt.

Do you want the print to be on a T-shirt and shirt, but do not want to make a mistake in choosing? Then pick a drawing close in style.

You can not fasten the shirt, fasten it on the bottom or only on the top buttons. There are no rules, only your desire.

The shirt may be shorter, longer, or the same length as the shirt. Focus on the option that is best suited to your physique.

These are all rules that are based on visual perception. It is not necessary to follow them. If you have already succeeded in finding your own style, then you can experiment with combinations. If you doubt the right choice, then start with the standard options that I talked about today. All of them are win-win. At the end of the review, I present a few more images that will help you find the right ideas.

If you still have questions, then ask them in the comments.

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How to refuel a shirt?

To look beautiful in a tucked / unfilled shirt, there are a few rules to remember:

  • If the shirt has a strict collar, then you should wear it only in a tucked-in form.
  • A cropped shirt should only be worn for graduation.
  • If the shirt has additional buttons on the fastening line below, then it is not worth wearing it empty.
  • Do not try to wear a shirt half-tucked. You run the risk of getting a slut. In life, it is extremely rare for anyone to do it stylishly and neatly.
  • Always wear a belt when refueling your shirt.
  • If your shirt is a little wide, there is a great way to tuck it into your pants. Use the following scheme:

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How to wear a shirt with a t-shirt?

You can leave your shirt completely unbuttoned or buttoned up for several buttons. At the same time, it can be filled up or left out of service. Sleeves are usually rolled up.

To enhance the effect of "casual accident" - tuck the hem of the shirt unevenly.

A shirt over a T-shirt is usually worn with jeans. In summer - with shorts.

How to choose colors?

A classic combination of layers: from light to dark. That is, the bottom layer should be lighter than the top. This is a win-win scheme.

The lightest color is white. A white T-shirt is suitable for any shirt. Light gray - almost any.

If there are several colors in a shirt - a T-shirt can be matched to one of them.

You can combine a t-shirt and a shirt of the same color. It looks good. Spectacular pair: one object is neutral (white, gray, black, beige), the other is bright.

Fashion look: shirt and t-shirt

Layering is a fashion trend that is easily achieved with everyday items from your wardrobe. Get all the t-shirts and shirts from the closet, choose those that match in color and texture - start experimenting. When trying to create a fashionable ensemble, remember a few simple rules, compliance with which will allow you to always be elegant and stylish.

  • If a shirt is worn over a T-shirt, it should not be visible.
  • The top thing should be a size larger than the bottom.
  • Putting on a T-shirt with an inscription under the shirt, check your reflection in the mirror - fragments of words can be read absurdly, funny, and in some cases vulgarly.
  • Classic shirts are a taboo for street style, leave them for the office and parade / weekend ensembles.

The T-shirt has long ceased to be underwear, but has not lost its protective functions. In cool weather, it will provide additional comfort and at the same time add zest to the stylish look. A vibrant print will refresh the ensemble in dark colors, and calm shades will soften the contrasts. How to wear a T-shirt with a shirt depends on their models, the texture of the fabric, the pattern and the result that you want to achieve.

Fashionable ensembles: stylish looks and color combinations

With the help of everyday things, it is easy to create a Fashion look in almost any style. In this form, it’s unlikely that you will go to an opera or a social gathering, but relaxing in a club, going to an office, to a student audience, for a walk or a picnic is quite acceptable. The combination of T-shirts and shirts is ideal for ensembles in the style of Streetwear, City Casual, and if you try, you can create an effective look Glamor Style.

Denim: stylish classic

Wearing a T-shirt under a denim shirt is easiest. Thick denim will successfully replace a blazer or cardigan. Any prints are suitable for it: it can be an image of a favorite group, an emblem of a sports club or a motivating inscription. An alternative to jeans is velvet or khaki, and for the party you can choose a noble velvet. Such shirts are worn open for release, if a T-shirt with long sleeves, then in outerwear they can be tucked.

Checkered Fleece: Cozy Grunge

Warm fleece in a cage can also be considered a classic, but more "home". This pattern is suitable for everyday grunge ensembles. The combination of the cage with the prints of rock bands returns to Nirvana concerts in the 90s, and there are other retro options for girls. A woman is suitable for a shirt tied in a knot at the waist, while the figure is fully open for viewing. Choose the top and bottom of the same contrast, so that one thing does not drown out the other.

Cotton shirts: summer freshness

In summer, clothes made from natural cotton will help to cope with the scorching sunlight and at the same time look stylish. If you want to wear a light shirt over a T-shirt, make sure that it does not shine through. Choose a loose fit, the sleeves should also be voluminous, so that if necessary they can be rolled up.
Girls can replace a dress with a shirt. To do this, use your boyfriend’s favorite clothes. Wear a long shirt over the fitted T-shirt with a pattern, fastened from the bottom, and emphasize the waist with a belt. Know how to handle a sewing machine - cut the sleeve to? and draw a drawstring with a drawstring.

Fashionable and stylish color combinations: shirts and t-shirts

Which T-shirt to wear a shirt with depends not only on its texture, but also on the color.

  • When choosing a checkered fleece, pay attention to the colors of the print and the cells repeating each other. Such an approach will allow avoiding excessive variegation, will give integrity to the ensemble.
  • Avoid the upper and lower clothing of the same color, choose different tones or play in contrast.
  • With dark shirts it is better to wear light or bright T-shirts to avoid gloom and dullness. As a last resort, stop at a colorful large drawing that will not allow the elements of the ensemble to merge.

Do not be afraid to experiment - creating a stylish image is easy if you approach this process creatively.

The principles of combination in a multilayer image

Key rules and recommendations:

  1. A thing closer to the body should be the thinnest. The exception is a kit in which a T-shirt and shirt are the same thickness.
  2. The bottom thing should be shorter than the one that is thrown on top. The rule is not so relevant with a t-shirt tucked in.
  3. Each layer is self-sufficient. The image should not break if you fasten the shirt on all the buttons and thereby hide the t-shirt or even remove the upper thing.
  4. A turn-down collar can only be on the top thing. A polo shirt for a set with a shirt will not work.
  5. The t-shirt should be visible from above, but not from below. Either unfasten a few buttons, or wear a shirt open. Either fill up a too long T-shirt, or wear something shorter.

There are separate rules for drawing up the color scheme. Selection methods:

  1. Light bottom, top of absolutely any shade. White is a universal solution. Such a T-shirt looks good with a shirt of a faded, delicate, bright, dark tone. It doesn’t matter if the item is printed or solid, the snow-white base will decorate any option. A slightly less “friendly” gray model. It fits almost everything, but occasionally there are exceptions to this rule.
  2. Neutral bottom (beige, black), a shirt of any shade or print is thrown on top. The method is not considered ideal; its refutations are too common. But you still need to try to make such a kit. Especially if the shirt comes with a bright complex print, because of which it is completely not clear what to wear.
  3. The wardrobe item, which is closer to the body, repeats the color used in the pattern of the shirt. For example, take the classic plaid. A red t-shirt is definitely suitable for her.
  4. Bottom a few tones lighter than a shirt. In the reverse order, this rule does not work. There is always a risk that darker clothing will begin to “go outside” under certain lighting conditions.

Important! If you have a rich pink complexion, then do not “zoom in” perfectly white things.

What shirt can I wear?

A win-win option: a product made of coarse or dense fabric. Models of wool, denim, jacquard, flannel are what you need. Perhaps the ensemble with a leather, cotton and linen shirt will be successful. A fine cambric and translucent synthetics are definitely not suitable.

Also in advance check crush resistance of matter. This is important in cases where the sleeves, at least theoretically, can be turned up and then straightened. Usually, the problem is characteristic of two opposites: cheap synthetic and almost 100% natural materials (cotton, flax).

Important! Expensive artificial materials usually do not crease, and in this regard they are much more convenient than their "natural" counterparts.

Another noteworthy moment is style direction. Lamberjack, casual is what you need. Classics and conservatism are available only to women. Only they can wear a men's office shirt with a T-shirt and still not break the image.

Important! Literally, lamberjack is a lumberjack style. Flannel plaid shirts are borrowed from this direction.

The length is also very significant.. First of all, a thing should fall lower than a longsleeve or t-shirt. Secondly, men’s voluminous and long shirts are not refueled. Ignoring this rule, you get an overhanging mountain of folds or a huge bubble above the belt. Thirdly, an almost completely buttoned-up shirt cannot be long, but slightly narrow in the chest.

Some men actively use the technique when the shirt is very slightly, but presses in the upper part of the torso. Due to this, the volume of the pectoral muscles is emphasized, the dignity becomes more obvious. However for such purposes you need to use fitted short shirts, and they should be worn tucked. A long model, slightly narrow in the chest, looks like a man suddenly puffed up or recovered, but forgot to change his wardrobe.

How to combine?

A t-shirt can fit the body tightly, but only if it is not intended to completely unfasten the shirt. With an open shirt, an oversize base and a semi-adjacent type are used.

It is also useful to distinguish between combination tips for men and women. For example, the second is to build kits with T-shirts with a round neck more often, and the first, on the contrary, with a V-shaped. Cause: V-neck short sleeve t-shirt visually widens shoulders. This property is unlikely to be useful to a girl, but it definitely will not hurt a guy.

Important! If you are a man and opted for a T-shirt or long sleeve shirt with a V-neck, then make sure that no hair is visible through it.

Woman in order to avoid visual expansion of the shoulder area, it is worth wearing a t-shirt with a pointed neckline with a shirt with long and rolled sleeves. If the problem remains relevant, then a skirt with a lush hem will allow you to get out of the situation. In this case, the top kit must be refilled.

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