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Men's rings, signets and rings: how to choose and how to wear

Most of the guys do not have enough experience in the intricacies of etiquette associated with wearing rings. This is not a problem, because 5 minutes is enough to figure it out. In general, there are many traditions regarding jewelry and, in particular, rings. You can use them to make a statement without even opening your mouth.

In fact, men's rings appeared much earlier than women's rings. Even in Mesopotamia, men wore items decorated with a family coat of arms or a monogram. Therefore, before deciding on the decoration, it will not hurt to find out what the male ring is called, where it will be appropriate and what material it is made of.

Men's ring fashion

Many contemporary jewelry styles may not appeal to most men's tastes. Rings have always been male and female (and gender-neutral). Usually there are two main arguments, criticism of rings for men:

  • that it’s too feminine
  • it is very flashy.

But in fact there is only one serious objection to men's rings:

  • old-fashioned men
  • British and European aristocrats,
  • people who don’t wear jewelry at all.

A man can put his innermost meaning into wearing his favorite jewelry, or preserve beautiful memories with it. The reality is that rings send a message. For thousands of years, men have worn them to signal status and wealth.


This jewelry is considered a symbol of fidelity, love and the strength of family ties. Ideally, a wedding ring is worn on the day of the wedding and never removed again, which is why classic models of engagement rings are so common - smooth rims of gold are successfully combined with most other hand jewelry.

Men's wedding rings can be wide or thin, smooth or with a relief pattern, without decorative inserts or with precious stones - today there are virtually no restrictions on the design of wedding rings - any idea can be realized in a custom-made ring. Gold is used more often than other metals, but silver, platinum and combinations of these materials are also common.

It is accepted that the bride and groom choose wedding rings together or the groom must buy both jewelry. They don’t wear these rings before the wedding, they put on the ring finger on the ceremony day in Russia, and in the ring finger of the left hand in some Western countries.


Rings with a flat platform, on the surface of which there can be any image. Previously, initials, abbreviations, patrimonial emblems were placed on the site - thanks to the applied image, the ring could easily leave a print on a hot wax when sealing a letter. In fact, these decorations were used as personal seals - it’s very convenient, because a personal seal is always nearby and no one else can use it.


Jewelry with an insert - precious or semiprecious stone. Rings are made of noble metals, usually these are massive and noticeable products. Almost any valuable stone can be used as an insert, except for amber and pearls (it is believed that they are suitable exclusively for women's jewelry). A ring can be a personal amulet if you select a model with a stone suitable for the horoscope.

In past centuries, the rich people wore rings and know, because only wealthy people could afford such an acquisition. At that time, the rings were a symbol of wealth and power, so they were made luxurious - massive, with large stones and ornate patterns. Today, the attitude to men's rings is different - they have ceased to be a symbol of luxury, and therefore it is easy to find models with a laconic design.

Varieties of male rings

Strictly speaking, the ring is one of the varieties of the ring, and the signet, in turn, is a type of ring.

But most often men do not wear them, but ordinary rings - narrow and wide, light and massive, simple smooth or decorated with patterns and stones. Everyone chooses this jewelry to their taste and wallet.

Rings with symbolic meaning stand apart.

And first of all, of course, wedding rings should be mentioned. Spouses wear them to emphasize fidelity to each other, this is a sign of eternal love. Gold wedding rings are considered traditional. They are smooth and look very concise.

This is not surprising, because they are primarily not decoration - their symbolic meaning is much more important.

Another variety of symbol rings is “Save and save” rings.

Such an accessory is not just a way to attract attention or a successful addition to the image, it is something more. The words of prayer printed on the ring are an appeal to higher powers. For a believer, they are very important.

Symbol rings

This category includes jewelry that has a special meaning - for example, religious products with the engraving "Save and Protect", rings of participants in a certain society, amulets or rings, just like the heroes of films. Men can put special meaning into jewelry models that seem ordinary at first glance - any ring can be a ring-symbol on a man’s hand.


A ring is a massive ring made of precious metal, decorated with a precious or semiprecious stone. Represents one of the traditional typically male accessories.

Rings were worn in ancient times, in former times they emphasized the special status of their owner.

Today, these jewelry have lost a significant part of their elitism. However, a spectacular beautiful ring, decorated with a beautiful diamond, is still affordable for very few. It can be an excellent symbol of the financial viability of its owner.

There are more concise options - strict men's rings with small stones.

The ring - both massive, decorated with a large stone, and more restrained and austere - is a great accessory for a person who loves luxury and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


Modern designers delight with a variety of men's rings - rows of classic signets and rings have diluted models with an unusual design. Designers offer men's rings for every taste and mood - strict or elaborate, with a smooth or carved surface, with a variety of patterns, inserts, a combination of several materials. Popular models in the form of things or animals - belts, nuts, clockwork, lions, dolphins, snakes.


Classic signets are large, heavy rings that have a round or square pad on which the image is printed.

In the old days, they had a very specific application - the owners stamped them with wax or wax when they sealed letters.

Most often, the coat of arms depicted the coat of arms of the genus to which its owner belonged, or his initials. Moreover, the picture was the opposite, mirror: when the owner of the sign set the print, the correct “picture” remained on the wax.

Signets were widespread in antiquity, later they were used by medieval nobility. Together with practical application, they also had great symbolic significance, being a sign of the noble dignity of its owner.

In general, it is difficult to imagine a more prestigious decoration. In addition to the aristocracy, they were also worn by officials and members of secret societies.

However, today wearing a signet is no longer a sign of belonging to the nobility: many of those who are aristocrats by blood do not wear them. At the same time, anyone who has enough money can buy this accessory.

Types of metals for men's rings

  • Gold. Impeccable classics, the most sought-after metal in the jewelry world. It goes well with precious stones and therefore is most often used for making rings. It is believed that white and yellow gold are best suited for men.
  • Silver. Silver jewelry is suitable for men, regardless of the type of appearance - silver is in harmony with any color of skin and hair. Laconic silver shine never looks defiant, and therefore silver rings are ideal for a courageous image.
  • Platinum. A noble cold shade emphasizes elegance and masculinity. Platinum rings look noble and expensive, even if the design of the model can not be called restrained.
  • Titanium. Titanium jewelry is so durable that it can be worn forever - it is difficult to imagine that the titanium ring will break or lose its shape. Male models of rings made of titanium look original, products with a combination of materials, for example, titanium and gold, look especially fresh.
  • Steel. Inexpensive and outwardly attractive metal, a good option for everyday jewelry. Many stylish designer rings are made of titanium, which will help to make the image more expressive and stand out from the crowd. At first glance, steel seals can be mistaken for silver - both metals look concise and dignified.

Of course, this is not the entire list of materials that are used in the manufacture of men's rings. Masters experiment and create successful models from other materials - for example, ceramics or tungsten. But no matter how surprised the novelties of men's jewelry, gold and silver remain the undisputed leaders as the basis for men's rings.

What is the difference between a signet and a ring?

The signet is considered traditionally a men's ring. On the front of the sign there is almost always a special area with an engraving, an inscription, a coat of arms or a picture. Sometimes the initials of the owner are present on the seals.

In addition, the signet is considered an ornament emphasizing the status of the owner, his high position in society. But, oddly enough, the signet never symbolized wealth. By the way, the name "signet" itself comes from the word "seal" - this ring served as a registered seal for the owner.

And if the signet is a purely male ring, then the rings can be both male and female. Moreover, men's rings are almost always more massive than women's ones. But women's rings are more elegant.

The most The main difference between the ring and the signet lies in the presence of stone (precious or semi-precious). The ring has a stone or stones, but the signet has no stones.

How to wear a signet and ring?

There are no strict rules now. Most often, the ring or signet is worn on the left hand. Sometimes it is advised to wear on the little finger, but in France it is customary to wear signets and rings on the ring finger. True, do not forget that the ring finger of the right hand is occupied by the engagement ring.

But if you have a family signet, then the head of the family should wear it on the ring finger of the left hand, and the rest of the men in the family - on the little finger or ring finger of the right hand.

By the way, these traditions are already coming to naught. Many wear signets and rings on the middle finger.

How to choose a signet and ring?

It’s better to choose a signet or ring in a jewelry store. Take your time, look at a few options. Most importantly, try on your favorite rings.

Gold or silver? There is complete freedom of choice. Like silver - buy a silver signet. Like gold - choose gold.

There is, by the way, an unspoken (but very important) rule - a man should have no more than two rings on his hand. More - this is already considered bad form. When choosing a second ring or signet, see that they (signet and ring) are combined with each other.

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Wearing a signet ring

Typically, a signet ring is worn on the left little finger, but in France, men often wear it on their left ring finger. The classic rules for wearing in France are defined as follows: the upper part of the engraved area should be directed to the nails. If the person who wears the signet is the head of the clan (senior male), he wears the signet on the ring finger of his left hand. If a person is just a representative of the genus, you need to wear a signet on the ring finger or little finger of the right hand. source not specified 438 days

Signet ring can be worn with engraving outward or inward palm. Nowadays, people are increasingly wearing it in the latter way, but the French mostly prefer the traditional way (out). Wearing a signet inside in France means that the person is engaged. source not specified 438 days

Wearing a signet on the hand is not a sign of the nobility, just as the absence of a ring does not mean that a person is not a nobleman. Many nobles do not wear a sign either out of modesty, or preferring not to be ranked as such. source not specified 438 days

Men's rings: how to distinguish a signet from a ring and wear the selected jewelry correctly?

The catalog of the online store "585 * Gold" contains more than two hundred models of signets, rings and men's rings with precious stones. All products are made in the best traditions of restrained design, characteristic of the stronger sex.

Men's prints from 16 to 24 sizes are made of gold and silver, inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones, and also decorated with decorative elements from other precious metals.

In the discount section there is a large selection of gold seals that are sold at a discount of 10 to 70%. If a specific amount has been allocated for the purchase, go to the price section and select the category of jewelry that suits the cost.

On the pages of the site "585 * Golden" each male signet is accompanied by a detailed description, a complete list of the main parameters and characteristics, as well as several professional photographs. With their help, you will learn everything in a comfortable atmosphere, even the smallest details of the jewelry you like.

3 types of main men's jewelry

Men's ring - a product of precious metal in the form of a round rim. It is considered a symbol of engagement, marriage or serves as a decorative effect. Distinguish between smooth products, models with inscriptions, inserts of precious metals, as well as jewelry inlaid with precious stones.

Men's signet - jewelry with a massive flat platform in the upper part, on which an inscription, symbol or drawing is applied. The first seals appeared in ancient Rome and served to certify documents in parallel with the signature. In those days, it was determined from the image to which estate and genus the owner belongs. Over time, the signet has lost its informational functions and has become a universal, status jewelry.

The term “ring” means a ring decorated with a semiprecious or precious insert. Rings have always been considered a purely male accessory, therefore they differed in a more massive appearance, as well as in a simple, but at the same time rigorous and even aggressive design.

At all times, rings with large gemstones were worn by high-ranking persons who possessed great wealth and power.Over time, representatives of the creative intelligentsia were added to them: writers, poets, artists and musicians.

Some more interesting differences

Modern gold and silver prints are often worn face down. At the same time, the owner of the ring always puts on the ring so that the gem is clearly visible to others.

Recently, rings with a more sophisticated design are popular with the fair sex. While the signet was and remains an exclusively masculine decoration.

Depending on the features of the wardrobe and other accessories, the ring can be worn on any finger. Most men continue to traditionally wear a signet on the little finger of their left hands. Although fines are not provided for violation of this rule.

Popular forms

Square. A traditional option from time immemorial. It looks strictly, very masculine, elegant and stylish. It was easier to apply initials and family coats of arms on a square shape. This explains the appearance of such an original solution. This classic, versatile, goes well with clothes of any style.

Rectangle. Usually narrow, rarely a little wider. Often adorned with small diamonds, as well as black precious or semi-precious inserts. Due to the strict design, rectangular prints are well suited to the modern business style that many men prefer.

Figures of animals and magical creatures. Spectacular patterns with the head of a dragon, lion, wolf or tiger. The choice in modern stores is simply huge. But to wear such jewelry should be very careful. It is believed that they are more suitable for young people or men with specific hobbies: bikers, rockers and representatives of creative professions.

Better less, but better.

Do not try to show the whole world how much gold and stones go crazy on your fingers. Even if you have a lot of jewelry, wear them in turn. One, maximum two rings will help make the image more elegant and sophisticated. An exception to the rule: biker rallies, rock concerts and themed corporate parties in the style of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The most beautiful - on the left hand

You do not have to follow this rule everywhere and always, but it is worth listening to it. Firstly, many accessories do not look good on one hand paired with a wedding ring. Secondly, with a firm handshake, both you and the other person are more comfortable if you have a minimum of jewelry on your right hand. Thirdly, if for objective reasons you decide to check the strength of your blow, you can easily break or dislocate a finger on which a massive ring flaunts. Therefore, if you are right-handed, it is better to prudently put on all the spectacular accessories on your left hand.

A few words about the fingers

Do not bother with the choice only to owners of average fingers and hands. So lucky are any men's rings. Holders of thin fingers are allowed to wear narrow and wide models, but too massive and textured products should be avoided. For men with thick and short fingers, as well as with large hands, the largest models with a rude design and conspicuous decorative elements are suitable.

What about the clothes?

Restrained options in the form of rectangular prints and other models with a modest design will suit a business suit or daily office style. All other experiments are best left for cases where ripped jeans and a t-shirt with a creative inscription will be considered a normal dress code.

Men are much more likely than women to have difficulty choosing jewelry for themselves. To make the purchase as successful as possible and suit you, we recommend talking to a specialist in men's jewelry on this phone: +7 (800) 555-55-85

Fancy Signets

Original natures like it when an accessory is endowed with symbolism. Jewelers create jewelry with animalistic motifs, national or religious symbols.

Exclusive prints are loved by spiritually rich people who invest in everything they do. Often such an ornament becomes a talisman. For example, a signet with a cross is an alternative to the traditional cross on the neck.

A gold signet with a coat of arms is an adornment that demonstrates the patriotic position of a man and is able to protect him from negativity. The Golden Age jewelry factory creates men's signets with the emblem in different designs: with ceramic inserts or all of gold.

Among unusual men's jewelry, a special attention is given to the scorpion ring. This creature is a symbol of nobility. According to legend, once in a hopeless situation, the scorpion stings itself, avoiding a painful death.

Gold Signs for Men

There is something eternal in this world - and this is a fashion for men's yellow gold prints. They are popular, like many centuries ago, when this metal was available only to the nobility. Today there is no such shortage of gold, but, as before, the men's gold ring symbolizes wealth and luxury.

No less in demand are men's white gold prints. Possessing brilliance, this color of the precious metal has won the commitment of men. In addition, this metal color is versatile and combines with both classic and casual clothing.

Red gold prints are also common accessories. This kind of precious metal has a rich color, suits a restrained business style in clothes.

How to wear a ring and signet

To seal the letter or to put an imprint on the documents, the nobles removed the sign from the little finger of the left hand. This is the best place for an accessory - this is believed today. Firstly, religious traditions are not associated with this finger in any of the cultures, and secondly, massive jewelry here looks harmonious.

Exceptions relate to generic signets: the head puts the jewelry on the ring finger of the left hand, while the rest of the family - on the ring finger or little finger of the right hand.

The ring can often be seen on the index finger. The same arrangement of the accessory in historical portraits. But there are no clear instructions on where to wear the jewelry.

Where to buy a ring or signet?

The assortment of the Golden Age online store always has a wide selection of signets and rings that will not only become a beautiful accessory, but also emphasize the status of its owner. And for those who don’t find jewelry to their taste, the Golden Age jewelry factory will manufacture the product on an individual order.

Material of modern rings

Gold is one of the most common and desirable metals used in rings of all grades. The most common are 10 kt, 14 kt and 18 kt. The more carats, the higher the percentage of pure gold and the more expensive the item will cost. Gold rings have a number of gold shades:

  • yellow is the most popular and typical
  • white is also popular, but somewhat more expensive. White gold rings are often coated with radium to improve their color and protect the gold from wear,
  • pink is also known as red. Such gold is often used to make up for the more traditional yellow and white. What are the names of men's rings with gold accents in stores - two-tone rings.

Platinum is white metal and the most expensive and prestigious option for the ring. It does not need additional radium coverage. Platinum is also used in rings with almost 100% purity. This is a dense metal, so the platinum ring will be heavier on the arm than other options. Due to its higher cost, platinum is most often used in men's and women's wedding and engagement rings, and less commonly in trendy or cocktail rings.

Silver is a softer metal, which makes it susceptible to scratches and other damage. It also tends to oxidize more than other metals, with the result that the silver in the rings sometimes turns black.

However, for this reason, silver is best suited for male and female fashion rings, which will be worn sometimes rather than daily. Its affordability and brilliance still make it an attractive option for cocktail rings.

Tungsten Carbide - is a tungsten and carbon compound that is heavy and durable. Such a decoration will withstand any wear and tear, and remain similar to a new one. One of the main advantages of a tungsten carbide ring is that it is more scratch resistant than other metals and is also able to always maintain its radiance and luster. It does not need to be polished or carried out additional maintenance. The disadvantage is that because of its strength, it is impossible to cut and resize it. Therefore, when choosing such a decoration, you should carefully measure the size of the finger.

Titanium is another reliable option for the ring. It is the strongest natural mineral on earth, and this strength makes it the most popular option for the male ring. Despite its strength, titanium is very light, and also 100% hypoallergenic. Its strength makes it resistant to deformation. This mineral has a wide variety of colors, unlike other metals.

Palladium is one of the most luxurious ring options. It is, naturally, white, strong, easy and decolorizing material. As a member of the platinum metal group, palladium is one of the rarest types of precious metals, making it one of the most respected. And since it does not require alloys and coatings, it usually has a purity of 95%. Palladium is more often used in men's and women's wedding rings, rather than decorative jewelry, due to its high price and durability.

Steel - This metal is good for people on a small budget. Stainless steel is relatively strong, making it ideal for engagement rings or fashionable jewelry. It is also hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.


For a lay person, men's rings may appear simply as halos of an assortment of shapes and materials, but there is a story behind each design and a reason to wear every gem and every metal. And custom-made rings are a hallmark of prestige, an expression of individuality that far exceeds that of many mass-produced jewelry.

The size

It is very important that the ring fits perfectly on your finger. In this case, it will be beneficial to emphasize the line of the hands.

But an ornament that squeezes a finger or, conversely, dangles on it, cannot look really good. It will catch your eye and rather ruin your entire image, and not complement it.

When buying a ring in a jewelry store, problems with size, as a rule, do not arise. A competent consultant will solve this issue very quickly.

If you don’t have the opportunity to try on a ring before buying, you need to measure the diameter and circumference of the finger and choose a size by comparing it with the numbers obtained.

Diamond and Fionite

Perhaps the most versatile of all these options is the diamond. This transparent and colorless gem looks very concise and at the same time - incredibly impressive.

Products with diamonds are the pinnacle of jewelry. Most likely, such a ring will suit much better than rings decorated with colored stones like ruby ​​and emerald.

Also pay attention to the rings with cubic zirconia. This artificial mineral is an analogue of natural gemstones. Colorless fionite can be a good substitute for a diamond.


Onyx is another great option for men. Due to the black color of this stone, the ring looks strictly, restrained, discreet, but it is very impressive.

Onyx is also a hard mineral that is difficult to scratch. You will not have to worry about his safety, no matter what trials he had to endure.

When choosing, pay attention to the rings with any other colorless and black stones. Any of them can be a great decoration for a man, while not destroying the style, unlike rings with bright minerals, for example, with sapphire.


And, of course, the ring should harmoniously fit into the image. In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you need to understand what decoration will best combine with the usual wardrobe. Choosing from a variety of options is not always easy.

If you buy your first piece of jewelry, then you should stop at something simple and discreet.

Rings of strict geometric shape without stones go well with both business-style clothing and a less formal outfit. Another plus is to take care of such jewelry is easy.

If you want something really interesting, and you are confident in your abilities, you can buy a ring with a large and bright stone - for example, with a ruby ​​or emerald. But in this case, the whole appearance should correspond to this spectacular decoration - luxurious men's rings with stones do not look good on everyone.

How to wear a ring

In former times, the rules for wearing rings among representatives of the noble families were strictly defined. After all, each of the jewelry had either practical application or symbolic meaning, and its place on the hand emphasized this fact.

For example, in France, the classic rules for wearing a signet ring were defined as follows:

  • head of clan wore a signet on the ring finger of his left hand, while the image was directed with the upper part towards the nails,
  • other members of the genus they put the ring on the ring finger or on the little finger of the left hand.

Now such a strict etiquette of wearing rings has almost disappeared, and everyone chooses on which finger he wants to wear the jewelry.

Wedding ring

The wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger. This is perhaps the only of the strict rules that are relevant today.

In some countries, such as Britain and France, it is customary to wear it on the left hand.

An interesting explanation of this tradition, which already existed in antiquity, is given by the ancient Greek writer Plutarch. According to the legend, which he talks about in one of his works, even the ancient Egyptians, when opening their bodies, discovered that from this finger the thinnest nerve goes straight to the heart.

Signet ring can be worn with the image inside the palm of the hand or out. The first method is traditional, but today the second is becoming more widespread.

And remember: in the case of jewelry, the main thing for a man is not to overdo it. Even if you like rings, you should not put on hands a few pieces. One will be enough.

The most universal are laconic discreet options - it is better to give preference to strict lines and ease of execution.

If it is a ring, let the stone be colorless or black. Such a ring will perfectly complement the image and will not look out of place on your hand.

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