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Beard Oils

Spiky bristles, sharp “wedges” or dense, thick, overgrown shoots covering almost half of the face. Today, a beard has firmly entered into fashion. In some men, she is a subject of particular pride. Like a hairstyle, a beard requires regular haircuts and grooming. Hair is neatly trimmed, cutting the ends, stacked so that the beard holds its shape. It is also treated with special formulations based on natural oils that strengthen and nourish hair, as well as stimulate beard growth.

The effect of oils on the beard

Experts are sure that a good beard oil will not hurt anyone. Even to people who by nature have good external data and thick, strong hair.

Natural oils have a complex effect on the beard. It:

  • Reliable protection against premature hair loss.
  • Strengthening along the entire length.
  • Stimulation of natural growth (thanks to oil recharge).
  • Density increase (due to the awakening of hair follicles in a "sleeping" state).
  • Face skin care (supply of essential nutrients to cells).
  • Protection from adverse external factors.

The oils are actively absorbed into the beard and give the hairs a light pleasant aroma that lasts a long time.

Effective Beard Oils

All types of oils used to care for a beard are divided into two categories:

  1. Basic can be used every day, prepare masks and nutrient mixtures based on them.
  2. Essential - are used in dosage, in order to prevent and treat hair.

Please note that the so-called cosmetic oils, sold in finished form, are basic. They are only suitable for normal care, but not for treatment.

Types of oils:

It is difficult to unequivocally name the best of base oils. Each of them deserves special attention. Here are brief descriptions of the most popular varieties.

Burdock has an affordable cost. It is high in fat. Accelerates hair growth, makes them thick and obedient. It is applied cold or warm over the entire length of the hair, after 40-60 minutes it is easily washed off with soap or shampoo. It is an ideal basis for the preparation of various masks. It is enough to add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a portion of burdock oil.

Castor positively affects hair growth. It contains valuable vitamins and minerals necessary for the restoration and renewal of the skin. It is considered hypoallergenic, suitable for everyone without exception. Also it:

  • It has antibacterial and stimulating properties.
  • Softens hard hair, facilitates styling.

Argan - powerful moisturizer. Prevents aging of facial skin, fights against sagging. Effectively nourishes hair, makes them obedient. It supplies a lot of useful substances necessary for the functioning of hair follicles.

Almond oil is recommended for owners of sensitive, irritated skin. Prevents unwanted hair ingrowth, and at the same time fights inflammation. Positive effect on the density of the beard.

Jojoba - It has a surprisingly soft texture and fast absorbency. Contains rare amino acids needed to normalize blood circulation. Improves oxygen delivery to cells. Softens hard hair. It gives the beard a pleasant shine and delicate aroma.

Olive - can be found not only in specialized stores, but also on supermarket shelves. Cold pressed oil is considered the best: it actively stimulates hair growth and moisturizes them. If you need to quickly grow a beard, this is the best tool at an affordable price. This oil also:

  • Promotes skin regeneration.
  • Heals microcracks, wounds and cuts.
  • Eliminates irritation.

Perfect as a base for compresses and masks.

Flaxseed - It attracts with its rich composition, which includes linoleic acid and valuable minerals. Improves blood circulation of the skin, accelerates the growth of hairs. It gives the beard a pleasant density, makes the hair heavy and obedient.

Essential oils

The esters, which are concentrated extracts, are used only in combination with base oils, and are strictly dosed. The most popular essential oils used for beard growth are:

  • Citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, lemon) - flavorings, accelerators of blood circulation.
  • Tea tree (stimulant, antiseptic, antioxidant).
  • Cinnamon (flavoring, reducing agent).
  • Rosemary (antibacterial agent, growth accelerator).

How to use oils

The practical application of oils for beard growth is simple:

  1. First comes the wash: warm water, soap, a light gel or hair shampoo.
  2. Do not wipe off any remaining moisture, but gently pat it dry with a paper or terry towel.
  3. Put the selected oil (or oil mixture) on both palms and rub it gently (to warm the preparation).
  4. Then slowly distribute it with light movements over the beard and face skin. If you grow whiskers, process them too.
  5. After half an hour or an hour, rinse off the residue with warm water and soap.

Apply oil regularly and you will be pleasantly amazed at the results.

Where to get?

Today, you can buy oils for beard growth in specialized cosmetics stores, as well as in the nearest pharmacy, or order it online. Of course, in addition to using special cosmetics or oils, the beard needs to be cut. This can be done in one of the hundreds of barbershops of Ukraine, which are presented in our catalog.

Watch the video: My TOP 10 FAVORITE Beard Oils (February 2020).

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