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Haircut "Mallet": which of the stars loves this retro image, to whom it suits

Mallet is one of those rare haircuts that have a long historical and cultural train. It stretches from Ancient Egypt (just look at the sculpture of the Great Sphinx) and medieval Scandinavia, where the Vikings lived. This hairstyle, the main feature of which is short at the temples and crown and long hair at the back, was preferred at different times by such different social groups as English anglers, Canadian hockey stars and glam rock fans. What is her secret? Let's try to figure it out.

Haircut popularity story

Despite the ancient origin of the haircut, its name "mallet" - mullet - came from the English language, where this word is the name of mullet - commercial sea fish. Similar hairstyles were worn by American fishermen in the 19th century. Around this time, the word began to come into use. So, the expression mullet-headed is found in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

An interesting form of haircut gave rise to many metaphorical names in the English language such as “squirrel skin”, “Kentucky Falls”, “beaver tail”, etc.

A new surge in the popularity of mallet occurred in the 1970s. This is evidenced, for example, by the Beatles, David Bowie and many other celebrities of those years.

In the 1980s, the hairstyle of mallet was widespread in various sectors of society - from office workers and politicians to musicians and actors. At the same time, the haircut acquired a characteristic splendor, began to be combined with highlighting and moved to the unisex category, and women began to wear it.

Mallet mastered and Canadian hockey players, who, apparently, were attracted by the opportunity to show the audience part of their hairstyle, despite the protective helmet. Gradually, this haircut became professional, in English there are such names as “Canadian passport”, “hockey hairstyle”.

It is worth noting that the mallet is often confused with the "rat tail" hairstyle, in which only a long strand of hair remains behind. There is also such a variety of mallet as a scallet (from the English. Skull - "skull"). It looks like a shaved skull, framed behind and on the sides by long hair. People with such a hairstyle can often be found in America. For the most part, these are quite mature men who like to shock others.

In the USSR, the haircut of mallet was one of the first signs of a protest against the Puritan attitude to the appearance of the Soviet man. It was worn by Viktor Tsoi, Konstantin Kinchev and many other famous musicians. During the years of perestroika, the popularity of mallet became overwhelming: it could be seen on everyone - men, women, adolescents. To some extent, this haircut turned out to be the litmus test of the processes taking place in society at that time.

Now mallet is going through hard times (at least in the Russian hairdressing fashion). To most, this haircut seems to be a tasteless anachronism. However, in America, it maintains its position in separate circles (as well as in the hockey environment), which means that there are chances for its next revival.

General description

“Mallet” is a haircut form representing a cascade with a sharp transition of length. The result is often compared to the famous Gavrosh. At the top, the hair is cut short. The parietal, vertex, temporal regions often have a torn structure. The strands of the nape descend on the shoulders, sometimes reaching the shoulder blades.

Men and women wear a haircut. In the stronger sex, the option is more popular. The shape is characterized by the presence of hair of different lengths. Short strands from above turn into medium or long ones from below.

The hairstyle is made of hair of an even structure. Tight curls exclude the correct perception of the form. A haircut is done with a bang, which is part of the shortened upper tier of the hairstyle.

Haircut Features

The male haircut of the mallet looks like this, in the occipital area the hair is long, and on the crown and temples are short. Sometimes some make parting, but most often they do their hair without it.

The haircut acquired its popularity back in the 80s. In the Soviet Union, it was worn by celebrities like Viktor Tsoi and Konstantin Kinchev. Decorated hair with a razor and scissors. The crown was very magnificent, but short, and the rest of the hair reached the shoulder.

Over time, this haircut is a thing of the past, but now it has been revived. Stylists slightly changed her appearance, although the execution technology remained the same.

The main advantages of this haircut are as follows:

  • A haircut looks perfect on straight and thin hair. Usually for such a head of hair it is very difficult to choose a beautiful haircut.
  • Hairstyle helps to stand out from the crowd and follow the innovations of fashion.
  • Mallet does not need to be laid for a long time, just dry your head and straighten your hair.
  • If you get tired of your look, you can change your style without waiting for your hair to grow back.

Outdated mallet has acquired a new look in retro style. Those who want to radically change their appearance and add a little originality can boldly choose this haircut.

Execution technology

Features of the mallet are the dual nature of this haircut: it combines business (short part) and creative (long part) images. Make mallet as follows.

  1. Wet hair is combed with a rare tooth and divided into five parts: two temporal, two occipital, separated by a vertical parting, and one parietal.
  2. Haircut mallet, like many others, start from the back of the head, using the method "lock on lock" and forming a straight contour.
  3. After processing, the nape goes to the temples. Using a side part starting from the temporal tubercle and ending near the ear, a thin strand is separated. She is being treated with a razor. Two more strands do the same. After that they are engaged in edging the temple. The ear should not be covered with hair.
  4. The remainder of the temporal zone is treated using the “lock on lock” technique, pulling hair at an acute angle to the face.
  5. After that proceed to the parietal zone. The hair is cut along the length of the first control strand with extension towards the crown.
  6. The strands of the occipital zone are isolated using horizontal parting and sheared, pulling upward to the parietal.
  7. Finishing the haircut is a thinning of the hair of the parietal and temporal areas.

Despite the fact that the male haircut mallet today can not be called fashionable, do not categorically refuse it. You can make such changes to any hairstyle that it will look fresh and original (see video below).

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my channel))

My name is Natalya, I am a hairdresser.

Today I want to discuss the haircut "Mallet" or something like our Gavrosh.

It is characterized by shortened temporal and frontal zones, as well as in the crown area.

The length of the hair on the back of the head remains elongated and can vary as desired.

Recently, it has been increasingly ordered by clients and is gaining momentum.

The prototype of the model of this haircut comes from ancient times.

How is the hairstyle Mallet done

So how to make a haircut Mallet? In fact, everything is very simple. To begin with, combing slightly wet hair should be done. Next, the hair is divided into zones. A parting is made from one ear, passing through the crown to the second ear, this is what allows for the separation of the occipital and frontal areas of the hair. In this case, the frontal zone should be divided into three or two temporal temples, and one parietal. But the zone of the occipital nature is divided strictly equally into two equivalent halves. The execution technology and the haircut scheme is similar to the haircut hairstyle.

It is better to start from the back of the head, here you should use horizontal parting to move from the border where the hair growth begins, evenly comb the hair strands, pulling them at a right angle. Further, by applying one strand to another, the strands of hair are cut in straight lines. Thus, it turns out that you indicate the line of haircuts of the occipital region.
Then you should begin the process of editing the temporal zones. With the help of a parting, starting from the temporal protrusion and up to the ear, a very thin strand of hair should be separated and processed using an ordinary razor. Two more strands are also made, and then the process of fringing the temple should be done, while opening the ear itself.
It is necessary to continue the design of the temporal lateral zone, with the help of oblique partings make small locks, by pulling them to the face and by applying them one on top of the other. As a result, it turns out that the contour line of the temple will stretch from the middle of the eye to the ear itself, the same actions are performed on the other side.
Then it will be necessary to outline a line of control character of hair in the parietal zone, by pulling a lock of hair on the top of the head, extending at a right angle.
Separately, the right and left parts of the little head should be trimmed, also by pulling the hair strand to the control line using parallel parting.
It is better to start the occipital region from the right region, with the help of horizontal parting in parallel, the strands are separated, while the hair is slightly pulled to the hair on the crown, which was cut a little earlier, and the left zone on the back of the head is also made.
It is necessary to return to the frontoparietal zones, here it is necessary to separate the hair on the head up, using the method of filtering to filter them. At the very end of the design of this hairstyle, you should comb out the hair on the temporoparietal region a bit forward and filter them again using the go-ahead method.

Hairstyle story

Haircut "Mallet" is known for a long time. Historians claim that the Egyptians, Gauls, and Scandinavians wore a similar form. The name was received in the XIX century hairstyle. Similarly, fishermen cut their hair. The uniform facilitated the hair, did not interfere with work, covered the back of the neck from strong winds. The variant was called mullet (mullet).

By the middle of the 20th century, many representatives of working professions took over the hairstyle of fishermen. The option was more common among poor, uneducated people from rural areas. Urban residents associated haircuts with declassified populations.

In the 70–80s with the advent of rock, “Mallet” became fashionable. Informal musicians appreciated the option, giving the haircut a rebellious spirit. Most famous athletes, actors, musicians of that time managed to try a non-standard form.

By the mid-90s, “Mallet” managed to lose its initial popularity. Oblivion did not last long. The option was remembered by the middle of the first decade of the new century. The demand for haircuts has decreased significantly, but the hairstyle continues to be done. You can read about hairstyle fashion in the 90s on our website.

Who is it for?

It cannot be said unequivocally that mallet is a men's haircut; girls also cut it. You can wear this haircut for absolutely any man, regardless of his face shape. The final result will depend on the skill of the specialist. His task is to hide the shortcomings of the client and focus on his charms.

The length of the hair here does not matter, since the mallet has different options. Of course, on long hair, a haircut is more noticeable and more pronounced than on short. The appearance of a man with this hairstyle largely depends on her styling.

This image is ideal for creative people. Firstly, it doesn’t take much time to style it than to other hairstyles. Secondly, it looks non-standard, and it suits such people.

Ask your specialist how to do this haircut so that it suits you, hide your imperfections and make you a stylish man.

Pros and cons

Since the haircut “Mallet” is a way to practically manage your hair, you can safely refer it to the category of comfortable hairstyles. There are at least four aspects that make you think about making a haircut.

  1. It is best to beat straight and thin hair with the “Mallet” haircut, because it visually makes them thicker.
  2. This hairstyle practically does not need styling.
  3. “Mallet” is easy to turn into another haircut.
  4. Since such a hairstyle is done quite rarely, with its help you can easily stand out from the crowd and make yourself known.

However, the "Mallet" haircut has a rather significant drawback - now it is suitable only for brave people who are not afraid to look unusual.

Women haircut Mallet - photo

The female version of the Mallet hairstyle is practically no different from the male version. Mallet’s female haircuts are characterized by the fact that a woman with such a hairstyle looks much more militant, becomes tougher, her femininity is somewhat lost.

Today, there are several variations of the haircut Mallet in women, but they are all based on the same execution scheme. This haircut is ideal for long hair, in addition, such a hairstyle for medium hair is well obtained.

But it should be noted that in women such a haircut is done on short hair.

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle can be noted that it is suitable for any type and shape of the face of women, although it should be noted that for many men such female haircuts are not quite to their liking. Although they allow you to do a very quick styling process.

There are options for a female haircut like Mallet with straight bangs, elongated bangs. The short female fringe on Mallet’s haircut also looks very creative.

This haircut resembles Gavrosh hairstyle and is suitable for those women who intend to go on vacation, but do not want to devote a lot of free time to their hair.

Who will suit the haircut "Mallet"

Although it is believed that “Mallet” is a men's haircut, women also often do it for themselves. There are no exact defining principles indicating what parameters a person must have in order for the Mallet haircut to suit him. In this case, it all depends solely on the skill of the hairdresser. It is he who must determine the variation of the haircut "Mallet", which will be able to hide all the shortcomings without hitting the merits.

The longer the hair, the more bright the hairstyle looks. At least, this applies exactly to men, as they prefer long styles not so often. If this is a female haircut "Mallet", made for short hair, then the opposite factor works. After all, femininity is often associated with length, so such a hairstyle can destroy the usual stereotypes.

If to summarize all of the above, then “Mallet” is the optimal haircut for bright, creative people.

This haircut was also worn by men.

For example: Victor Tsoi.

The modern female haircut "Mallet" has acquired a more sophisticated and feminine style.

The length of graded strands in the temporal and parietal zones can vary from ultra short to medium strands, allowing you to keep a naughty volume.

More creative and bold, they can try the assymeric style in this haircut.

The length of the temples can also be different, but not lower than the chin.

Men's haircut in the style of Mallet

A feature of the male version of Mallet’s hairstyle is the fact that with such a haircut, a man becomes much more courageous, much more brutal. Hairstyle Mallet is suitable for a variety of men, both in character and in the shape of the head.

Women are simply delighted with men with a Mallet haircut, because they look much more natural, the attractiveness of this hairstyle takes its roots from the ancient world when men were stronger, and women subconsciously feel this even today if a man has Mallet hairstyles.

It is worth noting the fact that this hairstyle was popular not only in Western countries, but also in our country.

Many of our musicians in the seventies and eighties gave their preference to the haircut Mallet, although some of them still come out with such a hairstyle.

Do it yourself and in the cabin

To make "Mallet" on your own is quite possible. Unprofessional haircut looks more daring. The handicraft version was often found in the era of rockers.

To work, you will need:

  • scissors or a sharp razor,
  • comb,
  • clamps.

In the hairdresser's services, the masters will cost 300–1000 rubles. It is recommended that you turn to a professional for those who want to get an elegant hairstyle. The master will always tell you how best to cut “Mallet”.

Styling options

Male hairstyle mallet can look different, thanks to different styling options. You can do this procedure in different ways.

  1. Straighten hair. A straight hairstyle looks neat and stylish. This image is ideal for everyday life.
  2. Round off the edges. This can be done thanks to a curling iron or a special comb. Inside, the rounded ends look beautiful with a round face, this can lengthen it. Having an oval shape, it is better to put the hair in the opposite direction.
  3. If you are in a hurry and you have straight hair, then you can quickly dry your head without settling your hair, a little chaos will not spoil your image. However, this is not suitable for those who have curly hair.

As you can see, it is important to consider the shape of the face and hair structure. Also try to make the volume at the crown, as this part of the hairstyle makes the image special.

In order for the styling to last a long time, you need to fix it. There are several ways to do this:

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Do not forget that the mousse creates an image of a wet effect, so do not overdo it. For prevention, sometimes let the hair dry naturally, so as not to overdry it.

Any girl, woman can choose the options for this haircut for herself.

It can be brought to any face shape, as well as perfectly correct flaws and highlight graceful contours and a beautiful profile.

Ideal for those who have the shape of the crown and the back of the head “flat”, “flattened”, because it is in this area that a volume is needed that makes our profile graceful and adds posture to static, levels stoop, if any.

Perfect for thin and sparse hair, as it holds volume perfectly and requires a minimum of styling time, but the cut line on the face should be tight.

For thin and really rare hair, in any haircut, when styling, you can not do without styling tools.

Modern “Mallet” looks stylish if it is laid diagonally from the top of the head onto the face, lifting it from the roots.

Men's hairstyle mallet: photos

In the photo you can understand the obvious differences between mallet in the 80 years and now. When you see different images, you might want to create such an image for yourself. Pay attention to the length of the hair. For each client, the specialist selects a different technique for cutting haircuts, taking into account all the features of his appearance.

New styling options

Not so long ago on the catwalk of Saint Laurent - a Parisian haute couture house, several models came out, presenting a new vision of two haircuts “Mallet” and “Bob”. At the same time, the latter almost did not surprise anyone, but the first created a real sensation. Many reputable publications have called this style the best way to express themselves. How did this new Mallet haircut show differ from what was popular in the 1970s? - It's all about styling.

Here are some interesting options.

  1. Daily. The lower length is simply dried down, leaving it lying flat. The crown is laid back, fixing everything with varnish and light hair. They do it with a bang - they either dry it in a classic way or put it back.
  2. Model. The same styling that was shown by the Saint Laurent fashion house - all the hair was combed down with wax or gel. A special decoration was an even parting. In some cases, it is better to do it not in the center of the head.
  3. Hairstyle. Carefully wound elongated strands are fixed on the back of the head with hairpins, creating the perfect look for a holiday or a date on a date.

For men, regardless of the Mallet technique used, only the first two methods are suitable. Those who do not like to use styling products, such as foams, varnishes and gels, can buy an iron that also copes with pulling hair and removes unwanted fluff. By the way, some men with his help twist the tips in the direction from the face and neck. It turns out interesting.

Haircut "Mallet", performed on long hair, is more demanding in care than its own variation with a short nape. However, even in this case it comes down to a few simple rules.

  1. You need to wash your hair only with that shampoo that suits the type of hair.
  2. Use masks no more than once a week.
  3. Do not abuse the hair dryer or curling iron.

To summarize. Haircut "Mallet" is a modern hairstyle that came to us from the recent past. Some argue that this style has long gone out of fashion. Others believe that it will become a new trend in the near future. But how a haircut “Mallet” will look on a person, first of all, depends on the zeal and skills of the master who made it.

Popular variations

Among women is more popular elongated "Mallet." It is not necessary to leave the length on the temples and crown. Often there are contrasting variations with a “hedgehog” on top, occipital strands to the shoulder blades. The image of such a lady becomes bold, warlike. Often, appearance loses femininity.

Is equally popular with both sexes. Mallet with shaved temples. The hair in this zone is completely shaved off, shortened as much as possible in contrast to the length of the crown, or styled with shaved patterns.

Popular among men shortened Mallet. The difference in length between the crown and the back of the head is small. Strands often barely reach the shoulders. This variation is preferred by gentlemen of courageous professions. If appearance (close to ideal), lifestyle (free, creative) allows, it is recommended to try a variation with more vivid length contrasts.

Haircut care

This haircut does not need special care, it is important to ensure that the head is clean and the hair is beautifully cut. The hairstyle needs regular styling, otherwise it will lose its appearance.

Since many people blow dry hair, nourish your hair with oils and masks so that they do not dry out and are healthy. Use good detergents and clips for cutting, the appearance of the hair will depend on this.

Execution technique

The process of creating a haircut "mallet" is simple, so even a novice master can cope with it. Since it consists of two parts - short and long, it is important to correctly divide the hair into zones and correctly observe the pruning technique, which is performed as follows.

  • First you need to carefully comb the strandsby pre-moistening them with water. After that, the hair is divided into separate sections and parted from one ear to the other through the crown area. Due to this, the curls are divided into the frontal and occipital zones. Additionally, the frontal region is divided into two or three temporal sections and one parietal region. As for the nape, it is simply divided into two halves.
  • Then proceed to a direct haircut, the scheme and technique of which is similar to the haircut haircut. It should be cut from the back of the head, previously creating horizontal partings from the borders where hair growth begins. You need to do this at a right angle, slightly pulling and combing the strands. After that, using the technique of applying one strand to another, the remaining strands of hair are cut, strictly observing a straight line. As a result, the nape area is clearly marked.

  • The next step is temple adjustment. First of all, they draw a side part, which begins from the temporal protrusion and continues to the ear. Then a thin strand is separated and it is processed with a razor. After that, two more strands are separated and the edging of the temple is made, opening the ear.

The design of the temporal lateral area must be continued using oblique partings - they are formed from small parts of the hair by pulling the locks to the face and laying them on top of each other. The result is a clear line of the contour of the temple, stretching from the middle of the eyes to the ear, which similarly needs to be framed on the other hand.

  • The next step is to complete control of hair in the crown of the headby plotting a straight line. For this, strands of hair should be pulled off at the crown, making a slight extension at a right angle. Separately, the left and right parts of the crown are trimmed by pulling the hair and observing the parallelism of the devices.
  • Next proceed to the occipital regionstarting on the right side. First of all, they create horizontal partings, dividing the hair into several strands. Curls should be slightly drawn to the hair on the little head that was previously trimmed. After the right side go to the left haircut.
  • Haircut ends return to the frontoparietal sites. The hair is separated on the head up and using the method of "pointing" carry out their thinning. At the very end of the procedure, the curls placed in the temporoparietal region are pulled forward and re-filing.
  • After that, it remains only to perform good styling.

Styling methods

To date, there are several options for styling haircuts "mallet". At the same time, it is worth noting that in many cases, girls get by only drying with a hairdryer, which allows their hair to look spectacular. If a hairstyle without a bang, then it can be laid in the following way:

  • first, the hair is washed and dried with a hairdryer to give additional volume (during drying, it is necessary to tilt your head down),
  • then a strong fixative is taken in the form of a gel or mousse, which is applied to the ends of the hair, and the strands are slightly ruffled,
  • at the end of the creation of hairstyles, it is fixed with varnish.

In that case, if a bang is provided with a haircut, it is laid additionally. A straight, elongated or asymmetrical bang is best suited for such a hairstyle. Unusual also looks and short bangs - it is recommended to colorize or highlight, highlighting individual strands. In haircuts with bangs, the back of the hair can be collected in the tail, if there is no way to bother with styling. It takes a minimum of effort and time.

In this case, you only have to wash and dry your hair well, and with regard to the bangs, combing will help to add volume to it.

Star examples

"Mallet" wore most of the stars in the field of music. Among the older generation: Victor Tsoi, Alexey Glyzin, Konstantin Kinchev, David Bowie, Paul McCartney. Celebrities of the younger generation also do not ignore the option. Worn hairstyle: Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev. Among actors Mel Gibson, Kristen Stewart also seen with such a haircut.

Victor Tsoi and Alexey Glyzin

Dima Bilan and Kristen Srewart

“Mallet” is a non-standard form of hairstyle for those who are looking for themselves. The haircut is convenient, simple, and easily maintains a businesslike and frivolous mood. The option is ideal for creative natures with a free disposition, thinking without stereotypes.

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