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14 best electric shavers

Fashion for a beard swept almost the whole world, or rather, his strong half of society. Today, many men prefer to wear a long and thick beard of a certain shape and density. Specialists only note that in this way it is important not to overload the face with vegetation, so the shape of the beard should be regularly trimmed and cut off the extra length.

A high-quality electric shaver with adjustable bristle length will allow you to quickly and easily trim your beard to the desired length, without cutting off the excess. For this, experts have created trimmers and machines with different nozzles, thanks to which the hairs are cut to a certain level. Using the machine, you can get a three-day stubble or even a trimmed beard of medium and maximum length.

Advantages of a razor with adjustable bristle length

Initially, electrical appliances were intended for those men who cannot stand contact with sharp blades of machine tools and razors, suffering from severe irritation, inflammation and even contact dermatitis. After some time, the developers created other options for electric shavers already with nozzles, so that the device can both cut the hairs to zero and leave a certain length of bristles.

The razor with adjustable bristle length has the following advantages:

  • easily cuts hairs even of increased density and stiffness,
  • the device has nozzles of different lengths for a wide selection of men,
  • during cutting with the appliance it is possible to perfectly trim the overgrown bristles,
  • can be used for modeling, cutting, trimming and shaving a beard,
  • is a compact and multi-functional electrical appliance for men,
  • does not require the use of cosmetics and preparatory procedures,
  • do not leave irritation, dry skin, does not injure it,
  • even coping with hard-to-reach places
  • ergonomic and outwardly aesthetic device.

An electric shaver can be used by a man both periodically and permanently. Most often, such razors suggest several nozzles at once in the kit for different results, including the complete shaving of hairs to zero.

Mode of application

To use such a device for cutting a beard and mustache to the desired level is necessary according to the same principle as a trimmer or clipper. Namely:

  • according to the instructions on the device, you need to install the necessary nozzle,
  • Before cutting, the beard and mustache should be washed with soap, so that the hairs become harder and easier to shave,
  • hair must be allowed to dry naturally
  • to start, a beard and a mustache are combed with a comb,
  • then with the help of an electric shaver they begin to cut off the extra hairs from the temples to the cheeks,
  • then go to the chin area,
  • now cut the hair on the neck
  • at the end, you need to cut the hair on a mustache, moving the device from the center of the mustache in different directions.

After completing the action, the beard needs to be combed with a comb and with the help of scissors cut off the protruding hairs. The device is cleaned of hairs, as required by this model and manufacturer. In addition, modern models are created with an automatic self-cleaning function.

Browse Popular Models

Today, manufacturers of shaving instruments and tools have increasingly begun to produce upgraded and improved versions. If we consider only those electric shavers that allow you to adjust the length of the bristles, worthy representatives of such devices are the following brands:

  1. Braun CruZer6 Face Is a well-known brand of mesh razor that can be washed under running water thanks to its waterproof housing. You can use the razor for dry and wet haircuts, and the device works both from the mains and from the battery. Nozzles are supposed to be of different lengths, namely 1.2, 2.8, 4.4, 6 mm.
  2. Philips S5110 - This razor can also be considered as a device with adjustable bristle length, since the trimmer with nozzles in the form of a separate cutting, removable head is included in the kit. The device can process a large area immediately, getting the effect of a small bristle. Moreover, with a trimmer you can handle not only a beard, but also tanks and a mustache.
  3. Valera x - Master 652.02 / 652.03 - a professional machine for cutting bristles, in which sharp blades of Japanese carbon steel and five ridges with a width of 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 mm will allow you to adjust the length of the hairs after cutting. The device works from a network and independently due to the battery.

Of course, this is not the whole list of models and firms of electric shavers that allow a man not only to shave his beard off, but also leave a stubble of different lengths. This is just a list of the best-selling models, according to a rating from experts.


A high-quality electric shaver with adjustable bristle length is a compact, mobile and ergonomic device with a list of functions for cutting, shaving, trimming and modeling mustaches, beards and temples. Absolutely any man can use such an item at home, without special skills and practice. Shavers mean wet and dry, can work on battery or mains. Prices for such devices are high, but the characteristics and multifunctionality of electric razors justifies their cost.

What electric shaver to buy

By the action of the knife mechanism, all electric shavers are divided into rotary and mesh. There are also other technologies, but they are not massively used, so we will not consider them.

  • In the rotary mechanism, a crown with cutting edges moves in a circle, forming a flat shaving disk (there can be several of them - from 1 to 3).
  • In a mesh razor, a knife shop moves back and forth along a half-cylinder mesh. The area of ​​shaving increases, however, the design itself does not provide a uniform clip to the facial contours of a person.

By type of power - shavers can be network (connect directly to the outlet), battery or hybrid. Of course, the autonomous option is more convenient, especially when traveling. However, these razors are more expensive.

Electric shavers can be used both for dry shaving and for wet. The second option involves the use of gels, foams and other moisturizers. In this case, the quality of shaving improves and the risk of skin irritation is reduced.

It's great if the razor of your choice has additional features. The same trimmer (ideally with a length adjuster). Such a nozzle helps to tidy up the beard, trim the temples and eyebrows, make a border and even straighten the hair. In female models, other functions may be provided that allow you to take care of the body.

What is a razor for bristles for?

An electric shaver with adjustable bristle length is a device designed to trim or trim the hair on the face, as well as other parts of the body. Using the device, you can leave exactly the hair length that is required - this is the main difference from the standard razor. Thus, a two- or three-day bristle remains on the face, the hairs of which have the same length.

Using an electric shaver with adjustable bristle length allows you to look neat

The device is especially popular among men who do not like a perfectly shaven face, but prefer some unshaven, for example, because of the sensitivity of the skin or for aesthetic reasons. In addition, with the help of a trimmer, you can create a certain form of unshaven by removing unnecessary hairs where they should not be.

Using a trimmer creates the exact shape of the bristles

Features and description of the razor with adjustable bristle length

In a razor with adjustable bristle length, unlike conventional electric shavers, two knives with teeth are used as a working tool, one of which is always stationary, and the other, on the contrary, is constantly in motion. Knives are located nearby each other. First, the hair falls between the teeth of a fixed knife, and then is cut off with a second knife, movable. There are a lot of teeth on the knives, therefore, the haircut is fast.

Razor blades with adjustable bristle length

Like other devices designed for cutting and shaving hair, trimmers have their own characteristics. The main ones include the method of recharging and power and the quality of the blades. In addition, there must be a special adjustment to control the length of the cut hair.

Most modern devices for this purpose are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. But some models can only work on mains or standard batteries. The latter option, although it seems less convenient, but under certain conditions is extremely necessary. Especially such a trimmer is useful for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts: even when fishing or hunting, where there is no electricity, thanks to the battery trimmer, you can take care of the bristles. In urban conditions, devices that operate on a mains or battery are more convenient and economical. In the latter case, it should be noted that the trimmer model, which runs on battery power, may not turn on when the batteries are discharged until they are fully charged. This must be taken into account and always keep a fully charged device on hand.

Battery operated trimmer

Battery life on average is 40 minutes. Inexpensive models allow you to shave no more than half an hour, in more modern trimmers this value is increased to 75 minutes. In the latter case, charging the battery with confidence is enough for a few haircuts. The greater the battery capacity of the trimmer, the longer the device charges. Those who don’t like to wait should prefer models with a quick charge function, which will greatly speed up the process. The presence of an indicator on the case is also very convenient, as it allows you to evaluate how many haircuts have enough charge.

The charge indicator helps to monitor the readiness of the device for work

Blades are a very important element of any device for shaving and cutting, including razors for creating bristles. The higher the quality of the material from which they are made, the longer they can be used without the need for replacement. Now almost all models of such electric razors are equipped with stainless steel blades, and this is quite enough. In professional devices, ceramic blades are found. Sharpening the trimmer blades yourself, alas, is impossible. Replacing them with new ones will often cost almost the same as a new device. However, models with self-sharpening blades are also on the market. Such blades do not lose their sharpness, which means that the quality of their work does not decrease.

Professional trimmers use ceramic blades

Another important feature that any razor for hard bristles has is the ability to adjust the length of the hair. In this case, two options are possible: removable nozzles or setting the blades. The first option is not very convenient, since it implies a constant change of nozzles to select the optimal length. Adjusting the length of hair cutting with the help of blades is more convenient. In most cases, this function allows you to select a length from 0.5 to ten millimeters, in some models the minimum value is 0.2 millimeters. It is extremely difficult to mix up the set parameter, since its value is displayed on the case.

Hair length adjustment

Additional functions, but at the same time greatly simplifying the use of the device, include:

  • a vacuum system that provides the collection of trimmed hair in a special container,
  • wet cleaning, in which the blades can be washed with a stream of water, rather than picking hairs with a brush,
  • the presence of laser pointers that allow you to achieve perfectly straight lines when forming a mustache and beard, having a complex shape,

The Braun product line has a multi-function grinder that can be used not only to trim the bristles, but also for regular shaving. Outwardly, it resembles a regular razor mesh look. To trim the bristles, a special nozzle is included in the kit of the grinder, which is worn on the shaving head and allows you to adjust the length of the hair left on the face. This is a convenient and practical device, as it can be used both for shaving and for trimming bristles. In addition, the possibility of dry and wet shaving in this device can significantly reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Braun MG5090 - multifunctional groomer for men

The main advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of a razor with adjustable bristle length include:

  • the possibility of using to trim the beard, mustache, as well as sideburns. In addition, the trimmer can be used to give beautiful shape to the eyebrows,
  • lack of irritation on the skin: the trimmer does not shave, but only cuts the hair without touching the skin, so there is no irritation from the device.

The disadvantages of these devices include:

  • the inability, if necessary, to achieve absolutely smooth skin. In this case, you will have to use a grid or rotary electric razor,
  • more noisy work in comparison with other devices for shaving and haircuts.

Types of Electric Shavers

Shavers are divided into two main classes: rotary and mesh. For each subtype, you can create your own top 10 in terms of popularity and capabilities. It is simply impossible to say exactly which model will be better, since there are specific features of use. For instance:

  • the rotary razor shaves with the same cleanliness no matter how evenly bristles are rubbed,
  • the mesh model will be more attractive for owners of extremely sensitive skin,
  • the rotary razor is often larger, more massive, but at the same time it provides more power on knives and works for a very long time,
  • the mesh system is small, comfortable, charges faster,
  • a rotary razor does not form porridge from foam and dust from pieces of bristle, but in the model range the wet shaving functionality is served as a luxury option,
  • the mesh system can damage the skin, capturing small particles in areas with complex terrain,
  • rotary mechanics - the answer to the question of which electric razor is better for stiff bristles, while nets can make thick and stubborn hair grind for a long time.

You can compare 2019 shavers for a long time. In terms of price categories, design complexity, purpose, the presence of additional functionality - you can make special ratings. But it’s much easier to see what consumers pay attention to when evaluating which model is the best electric shaver in terms of reviews and sales.

Philips S1310

The rating of rotary electric shavers will be headed by a model from Philips, which is considered the record holder for the proposed indicators of price and quality. According to dry estimates, the company often uses somewhat outdated engineering solutions, but in terms of household appliances this indicates reliability and durability.

Philips S1310 - an inexpensive but good electric shaver. It offers the most balanced range of possibilities.

  1. Thanks to the three cutting blocks on the head, the razor shaves very high quality. Mobile stators perfectly follow the face configuration. Frankly, their design is simple - one cutting zone, but the same factor indicates the ease of cleaning and the overall reliability of the design.
  2. The technology of self-sharpening knives is applied. The operating time before changing the cutting head is very long, depending on the stiffness and thickness of the bristles. During operation, the blades “lose weight”, but at the same time the shaving unit maintains the sharpness of the cutting edge and the gap between the stator and the rotor.
  3. The razor is equipped with a very capacious battery, a lithium-ion battery makes the device somewhat heavier, but the test showed that the razor works confidently for 35 minutes after charging, which lasts a standard 8 hours.
  4. Caring for a razor is very simple - just rinse the cutting unit thoroughly under running water.

The Philips S1310 has everything to please a huge number of men. The razor lies comfortably in the hand, the cutting head is equipped with three movable stator-rotor blocks with a simple design, guaranteeing quick destruction of hair and reducing irritation.

The main advantage of the model is the ratio of cost and quality, the price tag is very affordable. However, it is worth noting the disadvantages. Despite the fact that the razor is rotary, there is no trimmer, nozzles for removing hair in the nose. There is also no quick charge functionality, 8 hours is a somewhat outdated indicator. But all this does not prevent the razor from being popular and in demand. For opponents of battery models, there is a modification that works on a 220V network.

Panasonic ES-6003

A review of electric shavers would not be complete without a description of the closest competitor to the said leader of the rotor systems sector. Panasonic ES-6003 is a mesh razor, in cost and basic characteristics it is very close to Philips.

A simple design head and one cutting unit are used here. Separately, it is worth noting the waterproof case and the functionality of wet shaving, which is very attractive for those who buy a product for perfectly clean shaving in conditions of high sensitivity of the skin.

The model has a fairly stable piezoelectric grid mover system, so the bristles are cut with uniform force, which positively affects the life of the shaving nozzle. The head, according to the manufacturer, will have to be changed no more than once every couple or three years. However, this same feature (high stability of the movement of the grids) works as a drawback. The speed with which the device destroys the bristles, as well as the number of passes necessary for a good result, greatly depends on the stiffness and thickness of the hair.

Another advantage of the ES-6003 is the relatively small width of the cutting unit. With the help of the device it is possible to get to hard-to-reach places, therefore, in some way this device falls into the segment “the best men's electric shavers of universal use”. This also contributes to the trimmer. This functionality is somewhat atypical for mesh models, you have to adapt to the work, but the convenience is obvious.

The general characteristic of the model is as follows:

  • good value for money, the price tag is very attractive,
  • you can remove hair in hard to reach places
  • there is a trimmer with several controversial advantages and disadvantages,
  • cuts bristles qualitatively.

However, the model has several disadvantages. The drive of the cutting unit is not balanced, most likely this is done to reduce the total weight. But the result is that the razor vibrates violently in the hand. The second inconvenient feature relates to charging. It is made after connecting an external power supply. However, it will not be possible to charge the razor and remove the bristles at the same time - the lock is activated. Also, there is no functionality for quick, partial recharging.

Berdsk 3114

The product of Russian production fell into the category of the best. Berdsk 3114 has features familiar to domestic products, for which it is highly appreciated by consumers. Also, this rotary electric shaver meets the best world-class standards.

The device is very compact and neat. The angular case in the handle area belongs to the main stylistic, domestic line. There are no blurry, blurred contours; rather, everything is done in the standard “quadratic, practical, gut”. At the same time, clear razor lines play a positive role, allowing you to conveniently hold the device both laterally and with a grip in length when the position of the cutting unit is controlled by the index fingers. Other advantages of the model include:

  • high engine power
  • good balancing of moving parts of mechanics, vibration during operation is insignificant,
  • the noise level is low, it is very comfortable to shave,
  • the cutting head is three moving blocks of the stator-rotor, repeating the contours of the face, so it is convenient to remove vegetation, you do not have to make many passes.

The razor is somewhat old-fashioned, it looks simple, so it will be a great gift or purchase for people of mature age. The model works from a 220 volt network, at its very attractive price it offers impressive functionality. There is a trimmer that will be convenient for trimming the beard, the design is reliable, the cleaning is simple, but the lack of wet shaving slightly reduces the consumer quality of the product.

Separately, it is worth noting the modern technology used in the manufacture of cutting parts. Knives are self-sharpening, from the so-called wear-resistant high-speed alloy. The shaver is also equipped with an indicator that shows when to replace the cutting head of the device. If a direct comparison is made, then in terms of price and functionality Berdsk 3114 has no equal as the first electric shaver for beginners, providing quick and comfortable removal of bristles without excessive irritation of the face skin.

Philips S5110

The Philips S5110, a razor that is best suited for those who prefer a dry bristle destruction process, belongs to the category of mid-range devices. Here there is both the main functional, considered mandatory for the product of such a price tag, as well as some very convenient additional features.

Shaving nozzle - these are three moving cutting blocks that perfectly follow the contours of the face. The stator-rotor system also belongs to the middle class. Two zones of hair cutting will ensure quick destruction of the bristles with a small number of passes. Also, such an engineering solution ensures that the razor can easily cope with any length of the bristles. The remaining characteristics of this attractive model look like this:

  • due to the complex design of the rotor-stator, hairs of different thickness and length are confidently raised, cutting is done at the root itself,
  • cutting units move in 5 directions
  • the razor is equipped with indicators that show the remaining charge, the activation of the locking system when placing the device on the dock for charging, as well as the need to clean and replace the head (when the blades are dull).

Additional pleasant features include:

  • partial charge function. In order to shave, just put the device for 5 minutes in the dock,
  • Supported fast charging, enough hours to provide 40 minutes of battery life.

Philips S5110 can be considered as an electric shaver with adjustable bristle length. The kit includes a trimmer, which is made in the form of a removable, separate cutting head. Therefore, it is convenient to process large areas of the face and get, for example, the effect of a two-day unshaven. The trimmer will also help if you need to care for your mustache, beard, or trim your hair at the temples.

To clean the cutting head, it is enough to rinse it with water, without even removing it from the razor body. The model is very attractive in its segment, as it offers a very good functional set for a relatively reasonable price. With a single charge, the device works for a long time, and partial and quick recharging will help the owner out more than once when he suddenly encounters a lack of time or zero battery charge.

Braun 760cc Series 7

The leader among convenient and affordable razors in the segment of expensive devices is the Braun 760cc Series 7 mesh system. Although the working technology, let's say, is not entirely designed for stiff bristles and rather serves as a means for shaving sensitive skin, the 760cc is able to cope with any task. The model will appeal to fans of technological bells and whistles, which are almost a maximum here.

  • the model’s docking station is not just a charging cradle, but also a self-cleaning system with a separate glass where a special liquid is poured,
  • the list of available adjustments includes the cleaning speed, there is also a quick charge and partial restoration of the battery capacity,
  • the docking station is very thought out, the razor body immerses into it almost completely, the switching of modes is performed by a circular selector.

The razor is very popular, despite the fact that its price is high. The reason is simple. When deciding which electric shaver is better, it’s worth considering that the 760cc uses accessories that are used in the whole range of Brown devices, so any damage can be neutralized very quickly and for a reasonable price. The main functional features include:

  • very gentle removal of bristles, which is positively evaluated by people with sensitive skin,
  • the cutting head consists of two blocks of nets that can be rotated, so there is no problem with a clean shave of a complex relief in the area of ​​the chin,
  • users respond positively to the shaving unit, stating that the characteristics of the nets allow you to remove hair in sensitive and inaccessible places without pinching the skin and other problems,
  • the battery capacity provides a very long work,
  • the self-cleaning system uses a special fluid, so all care for the electric shaver can be reduced to a simple addition of the consumable to the docking station.

Like any complex device, the 760cc requires attention and respect. Precision grids react extremely negatively to impacts. The slightest bend or dent can lead to failure of the cutting head. The manufacturer also recommends that you do not ignore the indicators, timely replace the shaving nozzle, charge the device and clean it.

The cleaning fluid has a high cost. However, the manufacturer admits the possibility of thoroughly washing the cutting nets under running water, honestly noting that such maintenance will adversely affect the life of the shaving unit. The owner will have to choose between constant purchases of cleaning fluid or a more frequent change of a very expensive nozzle with high-tech nets.


There are many more convenient devices on the market, for example, in the marching segment, the small and durable Braun MobilShave M-60 looks very profitable, which has protection for shaving nets, an excellent battery life and the characteristics of a clean and gentle shave. However, as mentioned above, the electric shaver segment can be considered almost endlessly.

Each man chooses a device in accordance with his skin sensitivity, habits of using care products, stiffness of the bristles, as well as preferred additional features. The presented rating describes razors that have gained very high popularity with an extensive audience, because they offer good functionality and perform their mission in a high-quality manner.

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