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Hitler Youth: a haircut from German officers, how to explain to a hairdresser

One of the popular hairstyles among guys is the Hitler Youth. The history of haircuts dates back to the military 30-40s. From the archive of old, German photographs, you can learn that the Hitler Youth was popular among youth and men in army dressing. Classics always makes a turn on the timeline and once again occupies a leading position in hairdressing trends of the current year. So it happened this time.

Little is known about the name of the hairstyle and the guys are often limited to a brief description of “Make a man’s haircut short on the sides, and long on the top!” The master has to sweat to understand the client by hearing “cut under the fritz” and smile at everything, so it’s better to arm yourself with a photo of the desired image, rather than experiencing the imagination of a professional. A search for inspirational images monhair.ru will help you. So, the feature of the hairstyle is a short-cropped crown and whiskey, in some cases shaved, and a rather long crown. As a rule, this haircut does not include overhanging bangs. Classically, the hair is laid back, opening the forehead, this is one of the varieties of haircuts andrekant. The only difference is that Undercut is more prone to sharp transitions, longer hair at the crown, three-layer, volume. On the contrary, the Hitler Youth haircut is performed with smooth transitions, without the volume of the crown, the bangs are naturally laid back.

Modern trends bring a little newness to the hairstyle, adding patterns on the temples and stylish designs. Following the fashion, young guys play with shades of hair, using the current ashen color, this season.

As a rule, the Hitler Youth haircut looks great on men with an oval face shape, but can be found on a full face, this is a universal haircut that does not require careful styling.

Characteristics of the male haircut Hitler Youth

Finding such a haircut is easy. Its distinctive features: short or even shaved hair on the sides and relatively long strands on the top and front. The "classic" Hitler Youth can also boast a smooth transition between different lengths, so this option is suitable even for a business style.

If the difference in lengths immediately catches your eye, perhaps we are talking about another Undercut men's haircut. In addition to a clear separation line, its feature is also considered an easy technique. In model variants, even the highlighting of this transition by different colors is found. Of course, this option is suitable for daily wear, so various tinted tonics and a palette of temporary colors will come to the rescue.

Laying is available in several variations:

  • "Classic" straight parting.
  • Asymmetric separation on the side.
  • Option when the bangs are combed a little ahead.
  • With the help of a styling tool, the bangs are settled back.
  • The bulk of the hair needs to be slightly raised and fixed.

Many owners of this image use additional color decoration. This can be achieved by highlighting or two-color staining. The most popular option is to emphasize the dyne differences with a lighter shade.

On the video Hitler Youth men's haircut:

Model creative haircuts can also show various geometric patterns and ornaments shaved on the sides. At the same time, correctly selected styling will diversify even the everyday look.

Which men's haircuts for liquid hair are the most beautiful, is described in detail in this article.

Look at the photo of men's boxing and semi-boxing hairstyles, as well as how good they look. can be seen here in this article.

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How does a man's hairstyle look on its side with shaved temples and how good it looks, you can see the photos and videos in this article.

Features of the implementation of women's hairstyles in the style of Hitler Youth

The versatility of the Hitler Youth also found its reflection among women's hairstyles. This style is closer to the so-called unisex, so you should think carefully before making a decision.

Features of the "female" haircut option will be:

  • Easy styling, which is especially important for naughty hair.
  • A great opportunity to beat the level differences using colors,
  • Simple laying and unpretentiousness in leaving.
  • Many variations on the theme of evening and everyday styling.

This is not to say that it was among women that the Hitler Youth gained greater popularity than among men. However, a haircut can often be seen with modern stars and celebrities.

If you are afraid of the need for painstaking styling every day, you can use the advice of a stylist. The main points of quick installation are not difficult, so in the future they will not cause serious difficulties. A good field for experimentation will be the use of various styling tools, so you should practice a little in front of the mirror.

The main advantage of such a haircut will be absolute versatility. The Hitler Youth looks great both for business style and for creating a shocking image.

Hitler Youth - a haircut like Hitler?

Not certainly in that way. The historical roots of the origin of the Hitler Youth hairstyle begin in the 1930s. The first formation occurred during the period of the national socialist rule of Adolf Hitler. In this manner, young men from the Hitler Youth military detachment, which operated in Nazi Germany from 1926-1945, began to cut their hair. Carefully styled hair emphasized severity, restraint and was a vivid manifestation of the Führer discipline cult. Later, all the soldiers and officers began to adorn their heads in the same manner.

The second peak of hairstyle fashion happened in the 80s of the last century. The stylists tried to modify the image of the Hitler Youth and move away from the provocative name. Now the haircut was associated with rich people whose image radiated well-groomed and successful in society. A neat parting with hair combed back became the hallmark of that era.

The image and style of the Hitler Youth

A new modern round of popularity began in 2013. Stylists began to actively use trends, which were the hallmark of soldiers and officers. Now in the salons everyone often likes to use a simple slang name - “under the fritz”.

Hitlerjugend hairstyle complements the masculine look and blends in with any style. She will look equally fashionable with a tie suit or with a leather biker jacket. This style is suitable for both business and respectable men, and youthful creative guys with tattoos.

An unusual effect is achieved due to the texture of shaved temples and a long top, neatly ironed back. An excellent addition is a neat parting on the side, which emphasizes the graceful transition and contrasts between the hair.

The effect of the hairstyle guarantees the creation of a strictly image with an open face, where there is a modification due to the absence of thick strands. Very often, a haircut is complemented by a smooth styling with the effect of "wet" hair. Everything is neat, strict and restrained. And that is all beauty.

Technique - how to cut Hitler Junger

Of course, a qualified master can make such a haircut for any type of hair. Of course, it is better to consult in advance, because not always the result of visiting the salon can cause only positive emotions. In order to better understand the technique of performing the Hitler Youth, it is necessary to study the main points of its creation.

How to cut Hitler Youth:

  1. Whiskey and the back of the head are cut with a machine using a nozzle of the minimum length.
  2. The longest strands on the crown are left, it is from this size that bangs will form.
  3. In front, the hair should be slightly shorter than on the top of the head.
  4. The transition between the shaved part and the left strands is adjusted. This is the most difficult moment in execution, because the transition should not be abrupt.

Hitler Youth will look different on different hairs. Here, even the color of the strands plays a role, but these properties are applicable to any haircut and styling.

Who does the Hitler Youth hairstyle go to?

The versatility of the haircut is that it looks very stylish and bright on any man. Regardless of clothing and image, a neat hairstyle with shaved temples and hair parted visually lengthens the face.

The effect of the haircut is lost, only in case of too round and pronounced cheeks. She does not fit those who have long curly hair. This contradicts the image of harsh austerity with shaved temples and licked hair. Every day after a haircut, the effect will be noticeably lost.

Men and boys with thin faces and pronounced cheekbones look best in this style. The Hitler Youth fully emphasizes the beauty that was in the understanding of Europe in the 30s.

How to explain to the hairdresser

This is where the scrupulous moment begins. "Hitler Youth" is a very provocative name, which on a subconscious level causes irritation and a lot of criticism. In 2014 in Moscow there was a scandal over this. Customers, having seen such a name in the catalog, considered it unacceptable and raised a large wave of controversy in the media. Opinions were divided, but no significant changes occurred. The hairstyle only attracted more attention and acquired alternative names that made communication between the master and the visitor more accessible. But how should one properly explain one's desires?

  • The hairdresser can say the original name. If he is a professional and follows modern trends, he will understand the customer's requirement.
  • The name “haircut under the fritz” was well established among the people. Many stylists perform such a hairstyle in accordance with all the rules and established trends. Agree, a fairly simple and understandable association?
  • As an alternative version, you can use the name "Preppy". It appeared in America in the 1980s and fully reflects the Hitler Youth standards. The renaming was done only with the aim of disowning German troops.
  • Among professional stylists, the name Undercut Prof. is rooted. The two haircuts Undercut and Hitlerjugend are similar to each other, but the latter requires more skill and time from the hairdresser.

What are the differences between Hitler Youth and Underker?

These two haircuts are easy to confuse, but with all the similarities, they have a number of key differences. If you look at the photo of Hitler Youth and compare with the underker, you can notice the characteristic features:

  • On the border of short and long hair there is a smooth transition "peak"
  • When the machine shaves the temples and the back of the head there is no sharp difference between the long. Hair grows smoothly from the neck to the crown.
  • Hair cutting requires constant styling using wax, gel or varnish.

If Undercut welcomes experiments with shapes, parting and styling, the hairstyles of the Third Reich require complete accuracy and rigor. Only asymmetric parting and hair styling on the side or back is allowed.

How to make a Hitler Youth hairstyle? Video with the work of a professional stylist

The modern technology of the hairdresser-stylist will be in 4 main stages. On each of them, the length of the hair is adjusted and an integral image is created. It is important to achieve a smooth combination of top length and smooth hair texture.

  • Stage 1. Almost the entire length of the hair in the temporal zone is removed under the machine. During operation, a nozzle with a height of not more than 1-2 mm is used. After that, the occipital region is processed using the same technology. Moreover, a characteristic feature is that when removed, the transition from the temple to the back of the head should be smooth. The texture is preserved throughout the area, emphasizing the accuracy of the image. To achieve this effect, masters use a regular comb and cut off excess hair.
  • Stage 2. The hair of the comb from the crown stands out forward. A boundary is drawn along the eyebrow line and a triangular bang is formed with scissors. At the same time, it should be shorter in length than the hair on the crown. This is done so that the locks do not fall into the eyes.
  • Stage 3. The hair on top is cut to the same length. Ideally, they should be more than 10 mm. In the right hitlerugend there should be a clear contrast between short and long hair. After that, the hairdresser puts long strands together with a bang in a neat parting or completely combes it back. There are no clear rules on which side hair should be laid. Everyone interprets to their taste and style. The most important thing is to achieve smoothness and naturalness of the hair on top. The tips should not be glued, but rather, emphasize the entire texture and smoothly move to short temples.
  • Stage 4. At the end of the haircut, mandatory styling is done. For fixation, gel or wax is used. They add a harmonious effect of "wet" hair and make a very natural and well-groomed image. Hitler's fashionable short haircut does not welcome disheveledness. Each hair should be strictly in place.

Hitler Youth Haircut - German Officer

Hitler Youth hairstyle appeared in the 30s and at first it was practiced only by young men. You can already guess that it goes back to the time of Hitler and the fashion of the time. But the name itself came from the famous detachment of children, which was called the SS. The detachment consisted of minor boys and girls who wanted to defend their country - Germany. As they grew older, these teenagers wore hairstyles with a neatly combed top, other hair was shortened.

Currently, stylists have given this hairstyle a new name, “preppy”. And this meaning of the haircut is intended to remind not of the historical past of the country, but of the appearance of children from wealthy US families. They dressed smartly, had a very well-groomed appearance, wore parting or hair combed back.

Today, the male haircut in the Hitler Youth style is also called the "German officer" or the "Fritz" haircut. In part, it is similar to the Undercut haircut.

Hitler Youth style haircut: features and opinion of stylists

In connection with the name of this haircut, there have always been misunderstandings. But she quickly gained popularity and is now enjoying success. Experts believe that this is due to the versatility of this hairstyle. After all, it can be worn by both men and even young girls.

  • It attracts with its originality - this is a combination of an elongated top and smooth hair.
  • Plus parting, and in some cases the effect of wet hair.
  • When creating a haircut, the Hitler Youth must be monitored so that the tips do not stick together, and artificiality is not obvious.
  • This hairstyle should be smooth and natural.

Hitler Hairstyle Hairstyle

What tools are best used for styling?

  1. Wax and gel provide a moist texture.
  2. But in order for the hairstyle to have a finished look, you need to apply a varnish of any fixation, but not weak.
  3. It is best to spread the hair with your fingers, but not with a comb. Then the haircut will look natural, it will not become shaggy - as if you just woke up and just smoothed your hands over your head.

An already made haircut is stacked with mousse or gel. Hair should be dried with a hairdryer and so that the most elongated strand covers part of the face and head. Which side the strand fits on is already a matter of choice, each individually.

When laying this new Hitler Youth haircut, it is still worth remembering that it is best to use styling products of exceptionally high quality. The reason is that they will have a significant effect on the durability of the strength of the hairstyle. If the funds are of poor quality, then the hairstyle will not last long.

Hitler Youth Haircut

As a result of such a haircut, the effect of a genuine German officer is created. That is, a person who is distinguished by punctuality, accuracy, seriousness. If you are more impressed by the preppy type option, then you are guaranteed to become a diligent student. A student who is moving towards success takes steps to a career. This makes it possible to have an impeccable look at various celebrations, as well as in everyday life.

Women's haircut Hitler Youth

And we must remember that not only men can successfully wear a Hitler Youth haircut. For young women, the “hooligan” option is relevant today - with the presence of hanging strands and short-shaven temples. This option can be done for a man - a lot depends on personal desire and circumstances.

Haircut History

In fact, the Hitler Youth is a German haircut, which was originally born in the 30s of the last century, but it was practiced only by young men. Historians claim that the history of haircuts begins with the era of Hitler, when the peak of such haircuts and hairstyles among men was just observed. The name of the haircut actually belonged to the famous detachment of children, which was called the SS.

This unit consisted of adolescents not only male but also female, who wanted to protect the territory of their native country. It was in these children that the Hitler Youth haircuts were observed with shortened temples and a nape, as well as the hair of the crown and crown smoothly combed to one side. The modern interpretation of this haircut today has a different name - “preppy”, so as not to remind once again the unpleasant past of Germany.

Thomas face and haircut

A German haircut or a Fritz, as hairdressers most often call it among themselves, manifests itself in a man a whole range of qualities and external data. So that it favorably affects the general image and appearance of a man, it is important to choose her according to the shape of her face and hair structure. Stylists recommend this haircut to punctual, responsible and pedantic personalities, which is characteristic of the German population.

As for the shape of the face, a haircut is suitable for men of different shapes of the head and skull, since the presence of different lengths, an asymmetrical parting and a long bang, which can be cut and laid in different ways, all this allows you to favorably adjust the shape of the face. A round face will lengthen the correct styling, a long one will make it close to the oval, a triangular one will expand in the chin, and a heart-shaped one will make it round.

Distinctive features of haircuts

Hitler Youth's hairstyle is always easy to distinguish. Her business card was almost completely shaved whiskey on the sides, but on the crown the length should be at least 10 cm.

It is believed that the maximum length on the sides should not exceed 5 cm, but in fact, the shorter the whiskey is shaved, the hairstyle looks more elegant.

Between long hair and minimal hair in the temples, there should be an intermediate zone that creates volume, and outwardly it strongly resembles a visor. As a result, this form creates a brutal image due to the absence of thick hair on the sides and well-groomed hair at the top, and you can complete the hairstyle with a beard or competent styling.

Often, a haircut is confused with a similar analogue called “undercut”. Distinguishing them is quite difficult, especially without having a professional look. Here are a few distinguishing features:

  • in the hairstyle of the Hitler Youth there is a specific transition from long hair to short on the sides, in a professional environment it is called a “visor”. For an undercut haircut, the transition looks completely different,
  • in the parietal zone in the haircut "under the German" the hair is almost the same length, but the analogue has a gradual increase in the length of the hair from the nape to the forehead,
  • undercut haircut - a significantly simplified version of the Hitler Youth hairstyle. It does not require special professionalism when creating, and also does not need constant styling.

A Brief History of Hairstyles

The name "Hitler Youth" literally translates as "German youth." In the 30s of the last century, all the young members of the organization, led by Adolf Hitler, cut their hair in exactly the same way. This was due to the fact that such a hairstyle looked neat and ideally fit the officer uniform.

Later, due to rather gloomy associations, Hitler's hairstyle was renamed by the Americans a "preppy" haircut, which meant "private high school student." But apart from the name, nothing has changed in its appearance and execution technique.

Who needs this hairstyle?

A big plus of the Hitler Youth haircut is its versatility. She fits under the hair of absolutely any type, with the exception of too stiff and curly curls. In this case, the hairstyle will look untidy. In addition, it is advisable to cut the hair on medium hair (from 10 cm), otherwise it will be impossible to create a contrast between the hair on the top and shaved temples. In addition, she will look good on a mature man and a young man.

As for the shape of the face, the hairstyle is equally well suited to owners of both round and elongated types.

Interestingly, it is this haircut that many celebrities and athletes prefer. For example, she can be found at Brad Pitt and Zachary Quinto. Hairstyles are also common among football players, often the Hitler Youth choose Gareth Bale and David Beckham. She can be found in famous women, so Rihanna often wears this very haircut.

Sometimes a haircut is performed in a female version. It looks especially elegant with two-color staining, with which you can creatively emphasize the transition between the temples and the crown.

The presence of facial hair always complements the Hitler Youth haircut. And it can be a rather long beard or unshaven for several days.

Methodology of execution and differences from a similar haircut underker

Against the backdrop of all the famous men's haircuts, the Hitler Youth hairstyle catches the eye with a shaved nape and temples, which in combination with long hair on the crown looks quite impressive. During the haircut, the master:

  • with the help of a machine, shaves the main part of the hair from the temples and the back of the head, leaving their minimum length,
  • from the hair left on the top, forms a bang,
  • it cuts the hair strands with scissors so that their maximum length is about 10 centimeters, otherwise the bangs will, to put it mildly, interfere and even irritate.

But how to distinguish hitlerjugend from undercut? Very simple: Hitler's hairstyle has a smoother transition from short to long hair than in anderkat haircut.

How to style a popular haircut?

The advantages of this hairstyle are a variety of types of styling. If you follow German traditions and set a goal to create a restrained serious image, then the bangs should be laid back or to one side, while creating a small amount from the roots of the hair. This can be done with a hairdryer and a special fixing gel or foam, which will ensure the safety of the appearance of the hairstyle for as long as possible.

If you need to emphasize the brutality and demonstrate the flamboyance of the image, the long part of the hair can be casually combed to one side with your hands, using the styling mousse. Changing just the location of the parting, you can completely change your appearance.

Modern interpretations

Initially, the Hitler Youth haircut was the most restrained, strict and smoothly combed in one direction. Today, stylists and hairdressers offer modern interpretations and various men's hairstyles for the Hitler Youth, complemented by other ideas. For instance:

  • Hitler youth with a curly clipped temples for brave and daring guys,
  • Hitler youth with a sharp transition between lengths and laying in the shape of a mohawk,
  • Hitler Youth with shaved parting and bangs on one side,
  • haircut with a double-shaven temple and styling in the style of haircuts pad.

Accordingly, to say unequivocally how a Fritz's hairstyle should look today is quite difficult. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the male face, the preferences and interests of the man, his general style and imagination of the hair cutting master. You can change the images if you experiment with styling the long part of the haircut, and in place of the temples and the back of the head you can make a curly haircut or shave the parting line.

Difficulty in care

The main advantage of cutting Hitler Youth is the model length of hair on the crown and parietal part of the head. Accordingly, modern men's German hairstyles can be styled in various ways. If we talk about the classic Fritz haircut, the hair is gently and smoothly combed to the side, forming a side part. And so that the hair is smooth and obedient, apply gel or wax.

Another more modern style of styling this haircut involves combing the hair back with the addition of volume to the hair. This effect can be achieved if the hair dryer is dried after washing against the line of their growth. Next, the hair comb comb back, applying a styling tool. For young and creative guys there is the possibility of creating a disheveled haircut, but in one direction, for example, back or sideways.

Frequency of visit to the master

It will be necessary to visit the master to correct the cutting of the Hitler Youth quite often, since it involves a shortened occipital and temporal region, and the hair on the crown should not be longer than the set level. It is difficult to say unequivocally how many days the ideal state of the haircut lasts, since different men have hair growing at different speeds. But on average, you need to visit the master once every 10-15 days.

Who is this hairstyle suitable for?

Many stylists claim that the Hitler Youth men's haircut suits absolutely everyone. That is, it doesn’t matter what kind of man’s face shape or style he prefers to dress - this hairstyle in all its variations will become a fashionable addition to any look.

But, despite the versatility of this type of haircuts, it may not be suitable for curly hair owners, bringing a lot of inconvenience during styling.

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Photo gallery

To understand how stylish and modern the seemingly old version of a man’s haircut looks, just look at the photos of TV stars and media persons with a Hitler Youth haircut.

Differences and similarities between Hitlerjugend and Undercut styling

This haircut is often confused with no less interesting, called Undercut. Indeed, the similarity is certain, as are the small differences in performance. Usually only professionals can notice such nuances, so it will be useful to learn about such moments.

On the video, Undercut men's haircut:

How Undercut differs from Hitlerjugend:

  1. In terms of complexity of execution, the Hitler Youth requires more skill.
  2. A smooth transition or “visor” with professional terms is more pronounced when performing Undercut.
  3. The parietal part on the Hitler Youth's haircut is almost the same length, but the Undercut is characterized by a smooth increase from the back of the head to the forehead.
  4. Styling Undercut haircuts is much easier, so many men prefer this version.

The above options exist, it can be said in conditions of constant competition, because both haircuts are quite interesting and original. Many celebrities demonstrate good taste, preferring one or another version of the stylish styling of their favorite haircut.

Haircut Hitler Junger is consistently high in popularity among men and even women. Ease of installation and trouble-free care make you feel confident in any situation. However, such a haircut is self-sufficient and original. This is a universal option for modern businessmen, as well as an excellent occasion to experiment and search for your image. There are female model hairstyles of the Hitler Youth type, as well as her close "relative" called Undercut

But how much a model men's haircut costs, as well as what is the technology of its execution, described in detail in a photo and video in this article.

To see how a man’s hairstyle looks like a short mohawk, you can understand by looking at the photos and videos of this article.

What men's haircut for rare and thin hair is best suited. can be understood by looking at the contents of this article.

You may also be interested to know about the Canadian men's hairstyle.

What a classic male model haircut looks like and what is the technology for its execution is described in detail in this article.


If a man decided to try on the image of a Fritz, do not be afraid of slanting looks and misunderstanding from the environment, as this is one of the most trending men's hairstyles today. Stylists recommend experimenting with hair length in order to choose a harmonious haircut shape for the shape of the face. You can adjust the haircut at home, if you buy a trimmer or a machine with nozzles. The hair in the crown can be combed in different directions, smooth or create a creative mess. You can complement the strict and courageous image of a haircut with a beard and mustache.

Laying the Hitler Youth at home

Many people ask the question: “How to cut the machine yourself at home?”. Is it possible to make a quality hairstyle “under the fritz” without going to the salon? The answer is yes. If at hand there is a machine with short nozzles, then shaving whiskey and the back of your head will not be difficult. The only difficulty will be to create a smooth transition to the main long hair. It is not possible to achieve such an effect itself. But at the same time, the general features and form are still preserved. Using a comb, a neat parting is done on the side and the hair is fixed with a gel.


  • Valery: “I use this haircut for almost my entire conscious life. Sometimes I change the direction of the parting, extend the length or shave the drawings, but the form itself remains the same. A universal option for any occasion, does not require special styling and is suitable for any type of face. In general, ideal for a modern man. ”
  • Anton: “Just recently I found out the real name of my haircut, before that I explained it literally “on the fingers” to each master. In my case, my hair is curly a little, so I have to tinker a bit with styling. A positive point: there is no excessive volume and increased “curliness” on the sides, which completely suits me. ”

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Which celebrity wears a Hitler Agent?

A weighty argument in favor of the recognition and popularity of such a haircut was the modern styles of Hollywood stars. The first to reveal the elegance and style of the Hitler Youth to a large audience was Brad Pete. His image as an officer in the movie "Fury" (Eng. - Fury) emphasized the beauty of the hairstyle and prompted young men and women to make bold changes in style.

Before him, the constant supporters of such a fashion were football players David Beckham and Sergio Ramos.

Another proponent is Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5. His model image and manner of dressing are created for such a haircut. And he regularly uses it.

As you can see, the stars are not embarrassed by the names, but use their full potential to emphasize the cancellation of their style.

How to cut a Hitler Youth

Performing a Hitler Youth haircut is not so difficult. You need to know just a few basic rules:

    The optimal hair length of the upper part of the haircut is 10 centimeters or slightly more (Zone 1), and its width is determined by the eyebrow line. On the temporal region, the recommended length can range from 0 to 5 cm (Zone 3). Be sure to have a clear border and a “peak” between the long and short parts (Zone 2). The length of the hair on the back of the head should be equal to the length of the hair of the “visor” (Zone 2).

To complete the Hitler Youth haircut, you need the following accessories:

    Clipper with different nozzles. Crest. Straight scissors. Shaver.

Hitler Youth Cutting Stages:

  1. Using the nozzle “under zero” on the clipper, remove all hair to the level of the temples (upper earlobe).
  2. Change the nozzle to No. 1 and rise even higher.
  3. Smooth the transition between levels by adjusting the angle of inclination of the blades.
  4. Using the nozzle of the desired length, cut the “peak” on the temples (length up to 5 centimeters).
  5. Cut the occipital region with the same nozzle.
  6. Using an electric razor to remove all the errors of haircuts "to zero" and make clear the contours on the temples.
  7. Straight scissors to cut the upper, that is, the longest part of the hair, leaving at least 10 centimeters.
  8. It is recommended to make the bangs a little shorter than the upper part, so that it does not get into the eyes.
  9. Hairstyle.

Hitler Youth haircut styling

It is recommended to style the Hitler Youth haircut daily, for which mousse or styling gel is useful.

There are several options:

  1. The hair of the upper part is combed back - you can do it in the usual way or additionally lift it at the roots, adding volume to the haircut.
  2. The long part of the hair and bangs are combed on one side.
  3. On one side there is a straight or asymmetric parting, dividing the upper part into two halves.

Hitler Junior hairstyle: styling options

The Hitler Youth haircut found its application in the female part of the world's population. Basically, these are persons impudent, bright, active and creative.

You can style the women's edition of this haircut in the same ways as the men's, plus a few more options and nuances:

    While the male "Hitler Youth" fits smoothly and is somewhat "sleek," the female version is recommended to be voluminous and magnificent. It is possible to style without cosmetics, while the washed hair is dried with a hairdryer and combed to the desired side. This method creates additional airiness on the head. Stylish and original female Hitler Youth looks in combination with a wet effect. It is customary for women to leave bangs longer than the upper part, and for men shorter. Highlighted and colored strands look very beneficial in the ladies' version of this haircut.

Differences in haircuts Hitler Youth and underker

It is not worth confusing the Anderkat and Hitler Youth haircuts, although they really have common features - a short temporal region and a long upper one. However, there are many differences. The most important thing - the “Hitler Youth” has exactly the same “visor”, which the “Anderkat” does not even have. There is also a difference in transitions (in one haircut it is smooth, in another it is sharp), in the technology of cutting the occipital region and in origin (one hairstyle came from England, and the other was born in Germany). With a detailed examination of each haircut, all these differences are immediately evident.

Hitler Youth's haircut is first of all a beautiful and stylish hairstyle, and only then a link to an event in history that, unfortunately, cannot be erased by any eraser. And therefore, do not get hung up on its name and origin, but rather pay attention to the merits.

Creation technology

Hairdressers appreciate this hairstyle not only for its stunning appearance, but also for its ease of implementation. In order to create a haircut Hitler Youth, just a typewriter and a few scissors. The technology for performing hairstyles is the same, regardless of variations.

  1. Using the smallest nozzle, the whiskey is shaved with a machine (in some cases, the nozzle is not used at all),
  2. Hair on the back of the head also needs to be shaved. It’s very important to ensure that the length is the same as on the sides,
  3. The longest hair falls on the crown. They make up the bangs,
  4. All hair is trimmed and also milled with special scissors so that the curls look well-groomed,
  5. In the end, it is very important to choose a competent styling, to determine the parting and style of combing of the bangs.
  6. In order for the haircut to always have a decent look, it is very important to maintain styling every day. This can be done with any styling - mousse, varnish or hair wax.

Interestingly, a haircut can look completely different. So, it can give brutality and masculinity to the image, and with another performance, it perfectly complements the style of the pay-boy. It was this quality of the Hitler Youth haircut that made it popular. She looks equally good both on a student and on a respectable business man.

Types of haircuts

A large variety of this hairstyle is achieved using various methods of removing long hair on the crown. Here are the main ones:

  • the bangs can be combed both forward and laid back using styling products,

  • parting is completely straight, hair in this case is best laid with gel or wax,
  • asymmetric parting is on the side,
  • a strong hairstyle effect can be achieved thanks to two-tone hair coloring.

For young gentlemen, a haircut can be varied with an additionally shaved ornament or geometric pattern on the sides.

Features styling and care

In order for a haircut to always look perfect, it is not enough to regularly visit a hairdresser. It is very important to follow the rules for care, otherwise even a hairstyle made with great professionalism will seem unkempt and untidy.

Highlighting on dark short hair: types and features of dyeing

  • in winter, it is best to leave longer hair on the top of the head and temples, but in the warm period, short-shaven whiskey and elongated bangs are the best solution,
  • Hitler Youth - moody haircut. It requires not only daily styling, but also constant trimming of the tips. To do this, you need to visit the salon about once a month to refresh the image,
  • If you are the owner of curly hair, do not despair that you will have to abandon this magnificent haircut. Experts recommend using a straightener, and then styling hair with a strong fixative,
  • the most effective hairstyle looks with a strong comb of hair on the top of the head. For this purpose, hair wax is best suited, which is extremely economical to use, and will also help keep the volume all day,
  • In order to give the hair a natural look and to avoid fluffiness, it is best to use your fingers and not a comb when styling. Especially if the curls are combed back,
  • if the hair is not prone to oiliness, then the effect of “wet hair”, which can be created using fixation products, is an excellent choice, especially for a long hairstyle.

Cutting Hitler Youth is very demanding on styling. Therefore, you should not save on fixing means. It is best to choose good quality styling depending on the type of hair and lifestyle.


The actual and modern haircut Hitler Youth is a great way to create a fresh, elegant and well-groomed image for any man. Despite the fact that the haircut is very demanding in care, it is suitable for any style and age. And, of course, a beautifully styled male hairstyle will not leave indifferent any female representative.

Watch the video: Hitler Youth (February 2020).

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