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Sizes of men's tracksuits

In the new season, designers pleased men with stylish and original tracksuits. But before looking for your option in terms of style, a representative of a strong hearth needs to accurately determine your size. For this purpose, there is a table of sizes of men's tracksuits, which is definitely worth using.

Only after determining his size, the guy will be able to buy a tracksuit that will ideally sit on it. Having picked up everything correctly, a man can become simply irresistible in the eyes of others.

Does style and lining affect size?

Tracksuits do not sew according to one standard, there are several styles of such things. Some styles are lined. Given these factors, representatives of the stronger sex are interested in whether the presence or absence of a lining and style of the suit on the size.

This question should be answered in the affirmative, because if there is a lining, you will have to take the option one size larger than usual, and styles of different cuts require additional measurement to determine if you need a suit one size smaller or bigger than usual.


In order to choose the size of a trowel jacket or sweatshirt, they are guided by the main indicators:

  • chest circumference: from 88 (cm) to 124 (cm),
  • sleeve length: from 74.5 (cm) to 84.5 (cm).

The measure of the chest is removed with a centimeter tape, which is conducted along the most protruding points of the chest and shoulder blades. The sleeve is measured by a slightly bent arm from the shoulder to the wrist.

The control parameter for the selection of sweatpants is the length along the inner seam from 80.5 (cm) to 90 (cm). It is measured on the inside of the leg from the crotch to the bottom.

For instance: with a girth of 96 (cm), a sleeve length of 76.5 (cm) and an inner seam length of 83 (cm), 46 (S) is a suitable track suit.

Some nuances:

The upper part of the tracksuit should fit exactly in shape, not be too loose or narrow.

So that the belt of sports pants does not squeeze the stomach, it is recommended to purchase models with ties.

The optimal length of the sleeves of the sweater is considered to be the length to the wrist, trouser legs - not lower than the heels.

Size chart

If the necessary measurements are made, you need to get acquainted with such a concept as the dimensional grid of men's sports suits. You can determine exactly your size using the following table:

Chest circumference, cmEuropean sizeInternationalRussian

Using this table, taking the necessary measurements, you can easily determine the size of the tracksuit.


It turns out that determining the size of sportswear is not so difficult. You just need to take the necessary measurements and see the size chart. Having determined your size, you can proceed to the choice of style and style.

Tracksuits have now become so fashionable and practical that they can be worn every day. That is why it is faster to determine its size and faster to go to the store for a new thing, in order to please yourself and others in a stylish way.

Tips for sizing and choosing clothes

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of clothing of the right size, you must consider the following simple recommendations:

  • Measurements are taken in a standing position with a straight posture with the help of a tailoring tape located horizontally on the floor. It is advisable that they are removed on top of underwear or any thin clothing that does not distort the result. For greater accuracy, it is better to ask someone from close relatives to help.
  • The centimeter tape should not be tightly stretched or loose loose during fitting. This may result in incorrect data.
  • In the event that you buy loose-fitting clothing, you can buy models with a small margin of one size. Another thing, when a thing should be tight, it is important that its size exactly matches the parameters of the figure.
  • If the costume has a lining, then it will undoubtedly affect the choice of size. If available, you should pay attention to models with a large size.
  • Clothing sizes and labeling depend on the country of manufacture. Therefore, it is advisable to verify your domestic size according to international compliance tables.
  • Some manufacturers in their dimensional tables indicate which indicators, in addition to the main ones, need to be additionally measured. In this case, measurements should be made clearly and, according to the information received, verified with the table, clothes should be selected.
  • Each company uses tailoring with individual patterns. Therefore, when buying, you should not focus solely on the size of things from other manufacturers. Be sure to verify your parameters against the original size chart of the manufacturer.

How to choose a tracksuit for a woman

Before buying women's sportswear, you need to determine its functionality. The fact is that women prefer to wear a tracksuit not only for sports, but also for hiking or trips to the summer cottage. Not only the style and color palette, but also the size of the costume will depend on the purpose of the clothes. So, for intense physical exertion in the gym, it is better to purchase tight-fitting clothing, and for everyday walks - loose clothing, while it is desirable for convenience one size larger.

Sizes of women's sports sweatshirts and hoodies

RUHeight (cm)Chest (cm)Sleeve (cm)

Also, representatives of the fair sex often have a disproportionate form. For example, their hips and legs may be fuller than their upper body. Therefore, the world's leading brands recommend selecting separate models, i.e., buying the top separately from the bottom.

Depending on which part of the costume is required, the following measurements must be taken:

  • For sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, the main parameter is chest circumference. In dimensional grids, this indicator is in the range from 85 to 115 cm.
  • For leggings, leggings, pants - height (165-205 cm), waist (68-100 cm), hips (98-121 cm) and leg length along the inner seam (76-90 cm).
Women's Sweatpants Size Chart
RUWaist (cm)Hips (cm)Seam (cm)

Measurements are made as follows:

  1. Chest circumference. Tailoring tape is applied to the widest place of the chest and is carried out in a circle, starting from the shoulder blades on the back through the axillary hollows to the nipples.
  2. Waist circumference. The measure is taken along a natural line just above the navel.
  3. Hip girth. Measurements are made on the prominent buttock points in the place where the hips are widest.
  4. Inseam Length. Measured from the inguinal zone to the heel on the inside of the leg.

Additionally, the length of the sleeve may be required, as the thing will sit on the figure. Measurement is made from the shoulder to the wrist, while the arm should be slightly bent at the elbow.

Important! If a tracksuit is bought exclusively for gym classes, it is advisable to add a 2-3 cm margin to all indicators to ensure a normal fit.

How to determine the size of a men's tracksuit

The domestic sizes of sports suits for men range from 42 to 60. The international sizes, which are indicated in Latin letters, start from XXS and end with XXL.

Size Chart for Men's Sports Sweatshirts and Hoodies

RUHeight (cm)Chest (cm)Sleeve (cm)

To determine his size, a man needs to take the following measurements, by which it is easy to determine the size of the tracksuit by the size grid:

  • Height. The measure is removed in a standing position with a flat back from the crown to the toes. In the dimensional tables, its range is 165-195 cm.
  • Chest circumferenceand. Measured by the nipples at the widest point of the chest. The value of the indicator varies from 88 to 124 cm.
  • The length of the sleeve. Measurements are taken from the shoulder girdle to the wrist with the arm slightly bent at the elbow. The manufacturers grid contains values ​​from 74.5 to 84.5 cm.
  • Inseam Length. Tailoring tape measures the distance from the groin to the heel from the inside of the leg. This parameter has a range from 80.9 to 92 cm.
Men's Sweatpants Size Chart
RUINTEUSeam (cm)

Important! It should be remembered that some models require the measurement of additional parameters, which should be noted in the manufacturer's table.

The nuances of choosing sportswear

When buying, you should pay attention not only to size, but also to other important factors:

Production material. This is one of the most important components of comfortable training. Previously, natural fabrics like cotton were in great demand. But recently, the trend has shifted in favor of synthetics, which dries faster. An innovative solution was a two-layer fabric with a special structure. It allows you to create a special microclimate inside the suit, bringing droplets of sweat to the surface and helping them evaporate faster.

Style. For some sports, the free cut of a tracksuit is completely unsuitable. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a thing in such a way that it fits the figure, but does not squeeze it and does not hamper the movement.

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