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Men's haircuts for baldness and bald patches - a selection

Hairstyles and haircuts with bald patches. Are you starting to notice thinning of hair in different places as you get older? Then this means that you are wondering what hairstyle or haircut is suitable for men with bald patches. Many people experience baldness, and yes, this is a common condition for men along with sparse hair.

However, there will always be a solution to this problem, and one of them is choosing the right hairstyle. Of course, we see many different types of male pattern baldness, which can be a major factor in choosing the right haircut after all.

In case you are experiencing hair loss problems, there are many options for creating a hairstyle.

And another option is a “zero” haircut, which will give you a masculine and attractive look. If you choose this style, then do not forget to update your look every 2-3 weeks.

For best results, print a photo and take it with you when you go to the hairdresser, who will help create a similar style that suits your hair type and face shape.

We present another small selection of photos of hairstyles for men with bald patches or thinning hair.

1. The half box

This is the most common "classic", and at the same time a universal haircut with bald patches. Here, changes in the main direction of the hair, as well as their length, are possible. Special styling or processing is not required, the whiskey is very short, with a smooth transition to the crown, where they leave a few centimeters, so "filling" the bald spot.

2. "Hedgehog" in a shortened version

It suggests a slight “residue” on the “head of hair”, including in the front of it, well suited for ages 50+. The hair is cut very short all over the head, it is important to observe the length, that is, a regular visit to the hairdresser. In the longest section - in the frontal part, it does not exceed 3 cm.

How to hide bald patches

Baldness is the scourge of modern society, which causes a lot of inconvenience and complexes to many men. Therefore, haircuts and hairstyles for baldness, which can hide hair problems from the environment, are in special demand. Stylists say that hiding bald patches and bald spots with a haircut is a condition of psychological comfort for men, especially when it comes to young age.

Modern hairdressing has improved so much that with the help of a properly selected haircut, you can change your appearance beyond recognition. In addition, the high-quality work of the master will help to correct minor imperfections in appearance, visually reduce the visibility of frontal bald patches, and cover small foci of alopecia on the crown of the head and neck.

Rules for choosing a haircut

Haircuts for balding men can be varied, today there are more than a dozen. The most common options are a hairstyle with bald patches “under zero”, tennis, a hedgehog, a beaver, etc. But it was Caesar’s haircut that was recognized as a special hairstyle for balding men. The fact is that it was for the first time that the commander Gaius Julius Caesar himself began to wear it, who also suffered from early baldness and was very shy about it.

Stylists advise to choose short models of haircuts that mask the rarity of hair, give the man's appearance neatness and harmony. If the hair is thick by nature, you can hide areas with their absence by haircuts in the grunge style, that is, different haircuts of short or medium length, but with a chaotic and messy styling.

Types of haircuts for men with bald patches

It is not always advisable to decide independently how to cut a man’s haircut in visible areas with hair loss. Only an experienced qualified master will tell you which haircut model will hide any imperfections in appearance. The selection of haircuts focuses not only on the problem of baldness, but also on the shape of the face, appearance, skin condition and color, the condition of the hair follicles and their concentration on different parts of the head.

3. Crew cut style

Good for men with bald patches on forehead or crown, since there is no "emphasis" on the hairline: the illusion of a uniform extension of the "hair" is reproduced through combing on the side, but without excessive smoothing.


A popular haircut among men and hairdressers, the characteristic features of which are short-cut hair at the nape of the head and sides, as well as slightly elongated locks on the crown and near the forehead. At the same time, the region of the temples is maximally shortened, which hides the problem of bald patches on the temporal part of the head. The same haircut hides the initial stages of the appearance of gray hair.


Caesar's haircut was originally intended to hide the falling hair of the commander. Today, masters advise its owners of soft and rare hair. In front, the hair is cut short, framing with a high shortened bangs the forehead and temples. At the crown, hair is left 3-5 cm long, whiskey and the back of the head are shaved briefly with a machine. The main difference between haircuts and other models is combing hair forward to the forehead.

For owners of hard hair, a hedgehog haircut model is ideal. The length of the hair is regulated by the master, taking into account the shape of the face and features of the hair, the main condition is the thinning of the strands and chaotic styling with protruding strands in all directions. Visually, the hairstyle should resemble the needles of a hedgehog, thanks to such styling, zones with bald patches are hidden.

Under zero

There is nothing easier than hiding bald patches and bald spots by shaving the hair on the head under zero. Bright representatives of this style were actors Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Dmitry Nagiyev, Fedor Bondarchuk and many others. The advantages of such a haircut are a minimum of care, a maximum of brutality and masculinity, as well as inconspicuous baldness.

5. Pompadour

For thinning vegetation of the head or baldness on the top of the head, suitable varieties "Pompadour."In this case, the sides are cut short and the fringe is raised, the bald spot is intentionally emphasized and the main emphasis is on the contrast between the short-cropped sides and the raised bangs.

6. Hipster UnderCut

Interesting name, right? 🙂 There is an emphasis on bangs from the front to the top, whiskey and the back of the head are shaved. A good example is underker (name of hairstyle): here a long fringe with a white span passes through a half-head from the front to the top, diverting attention from the bald head, for which you should choose the options for the blonde, with no shades of yellow. Whiskey and a nape “on smoothly” are shaved.

7. Iroquois + half box

The half-box is complemented by a stylish mohawk. The model is suitable for respectable men, but, moreover, is quite youthful, often in demand among professional athletes. Reasons: the model is stylish and practical, which is achieved by the “openness” of the sides, preventing sweating of the head in hot weather.

8. Beckham

A popular footballer created his own style, when handled, the hair rises at its base and is combed back using easy fixation means, such as foam or mousse. It goes well with bristles (2-4 days).

9. Cone cutting - a good option for men aged

Most of the vegetation is concentrated on the top, with a gradual decrease in the concentration in the back of the head and sides, which gives the owner a neat appearance. In some cases, the hairstyle is supplemented by combing on one side and a short beard. The approach is especially good with lots of gray hair.

What if there are large bald patches on the forehead or on the sides? Advice

In addition, in non-standard cases, for example, if there are large bald patches or weak areas are inconvenient, additional methods can be applied. For instance:

  • If baldness began at the same time as gray hair, vesicles can be cut as short as possible, while whiskers naturally turn into a beard. Well suited for dealing with clear bald patches on the sides of men of any age.
  • Is important proper installation, because this is how you can mask problem areas: one of the tricks is to shift up and to the side, with the temples removed, of the long front part.
  • Sometimes, bald patches can be emphasized intentionally, which is especially true for men with a high forehead line and a luxurious beard, clearly separated from the temples.
  • Fear back, by cutting hair in layers, laying them on top of each other: this creates the appearance of density. In this case, the reception will well hide the lack of vegetation on the top of the head.
  • Dyeing. A simple way for older men, for example, aged 50-60 years, will be coloring the hair in natural light shades. Thus, both gray hair and thinning areas of vegetation are hidden, and when combined with combing back, a volume is created in the selected model.
  • For wavy hair can be used laying in layers, from bangs to the back of the head, with a gradual shortening, thus highlighting the "curly" structure.
  • In some cases, they simply add height, which is achieved by increasing the volume at the crown by applying gel fixation.

Video on YouTube about masking rare hair:

When choosing the right hairstyle for young people or men of order 40 - 45 years oldIt’s worth a little deviation from the usual standards. The following techniques can be cited:

  1. Firstly, it is actually the age and style of a person.
  2. The long bangs are combed to the side or up, in this the main "chip", whiskey and the back of the head completely shave off, creating so the main emphasis, hiding the early receding hairline.
  3. Youth model with a mohawk. For rare and thin hair with bald patches: hair combed in the direction from the forehead to the crown is not fixed with gel, but with foam or mousse, in order to create the necessary volume without weighing down the base. Also, varnish is quite suitable, you can use the "dry" aerosol version. You can choose in the case of rare, thin vegetation.

Conclusions and Disclaimer

When comparing men's haircuts adjusted for early baldness, first of all, pay attention to:

  • The degree of neglect of the problem.
  • The main areas of hair loss.
  • Individual features, preferred style.

The main solutions are presented that are suitable for “masking” the shortcomings associated with baldness of certain areas, in addition, haircuts of this type are divided into “classic” and more “advanced” options:

The first group includes: a half-box / half-box with a mohawk, a shortened hedgehog, crew cut style, retro version, Caesar or a taper haircut - perfect for men of age, they will be just a universal solution for any occasion.

On the other hand, you can always try more creative, bold solutions, such as: Beckham, Pompadour or Hipster Steel,.

Friends, keep in mind that this is a version post MenHairCuts.ru and perhaps the rating does not coincide with your opinion. If you notice any flaw, have a suggestion or just want to express your opinion - please leave a comment below. It's simple - just log in through one of the popular social networks. networks.

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# 2: Naughty Whirlwind

If the hair in the parietal zone is of sufficient length, apply a little gel and make a mess - put a little hair gel on your hands, rub it between your palms and comb the hair with your fingers towards the face.

For this haircut, you need to grow hair also on the back of the head to give a little volume and comb it up. This option allows you to hide bald patches almost completely.

# 4: Old School Style

If you do not want to grow a long hair, but at the same time you like to wear a beard - this option is for you. A long and well-groomed beard distracts attention from the top, while a short bang is combed on its side. The temporal lobe can be shaved or cut short, with a smooth transition to the parietal and occipital zones. If your hair is naughty and does not want to lie on its side, for daily styling you can use special products - gels and mousses. Apply a little on the palms, rub lightly and give the hair the right direction.

# 5: Angular Underkat (Undercut)

If you are a rocker in your soul, open your nature to the world - we imitate the spikes on the head with a gel and comb it all in advance. Whiskey should be shaved almost completely, and bald patches are almost invisible due to fleece towards the frontal lobe. Stylish, sharp and attractive!

# 6: Shave our sides on the bald spot!

If you do not want to bother with daily care, just shave your temporal and occipital lobes! Stylish mohawk can be combed with your fingers up or on your side. If inspiration does come, use a little gel to keep your look all day. The Iroquois always makes the image brutal, but at the same time light and youthful.

# 8: We raise everything up

Due to bald patches, men often feel less confident. A haircut with hair raised up in the parietal zone will make you raise your head higher and become more confident. The frontal-parietal parting is cut short, with a smooth transition, and the face can be either smoothly shaved or with a slight unshaven or even short beard.

# 9: Pompadour style

Haircuts with bald patches should not be boring or old-fashioned. The pompadour style gives volume and is more similar to the classic hairstyle of men from high society - long hair of the parietal zone is combed back, while the temporal and occipital zone remain quite long. If you are lucky to have thick hair - these options are especially for you, regardless of the image and social status.

# 10: Elegant hipster

The best option for a fashionable guy with bald patches is a simple, but at the same time stylish image. Almost shaved temporal lobes and focus on the forehead line. The main part of the hair seems to slide back, and the volume in the frontal lobe removes attention from the bald spot.

# 11: Volume in the middle

In men, as a rule, hair begins to fall out on the sides, creating an “v” shape along the hairline. One way to balance is to compensate for the volume with the area where there is enough hair. Create a length in the middle, comb back loosely, and fix the shape with a fixing hair spray.

# 12: one way slip

A cone-shaped A-shaped haircut is one of the most convenient options for men with bald patches. Due to the asymmetry and shortly trimmed temporal lobes, this type of haircut allows you to completely modify the hairline, smoothing all angles and creating a really cool image. If you have not worn a parting before, ask the master to determine the natural parting - this will help to direct the hair so that the hairstyle keeps its shape constantly. If the hair is directed in the right direction, a haircut will only emphasize your facial features and help to remove the accent from the bald spots.

# 13: Minimalistic Fade

Fade is a haircut made with a perfect transition in the area of ​​the anterior-parietal parting. And it is not necessary that the hair is long. For lovers of haircuts, boxing and semi-boxing we offer a short fade - a smooth transition from the practically shaved lower part of the temporal and occipital lobes to a short length in the parietal region. This is also ideal for those who have very thin hair and for those who do not want to bother with daily styling.

Ideally in this version - evenly cut hairline, which with its almost straight lines smoothes previously seen bald patches.

# 14: Angular Pompadour

The traditional style of Pompadour came into fashion in the late 50s - early 60s of the twentieth century. Since then, he has not lost popularity, and the basic technique has become the basis for many trendy men's haircuts today.

This option is ideal for owners of curly hair - a wavy texture and pointed strands, with an emphasis to the face. Stylish, youthful and daring image.

# 15: Classical haircut with a smooth comb back

If you have a little patience and can grow longer hair in the parietal zone, this is the ideal option for you. A classic Pompadour combed back, with extra short side zones, will give your look a sexy and chic look. Didn't you often see such a haircut at the sexiest stars? Yes, David Beckham, Ricky Martin, Gordon Ramsay and many other public figures have bald patches, but at the same time remain sex symbols thanks to a correctly created image.

# 17: Pompadour for curly hair with side parting

Is it possible to make the classic Pompadour haircut more brutal? Yes! Side parting (it is desirable to determine the natural parting and direction of hair growth), curls, a little gel for the effect of wet hair and voila - sexy, stylish, modern. And no one will notice any bald spots 😊

Causes of baldness

Experts believe that each case of baldness should be considered separately. This means that you should not run to the pharmacy for the advice of a pharmacist and drink or apply the preparations recommended by him on your head - it is better to contact a trichologist.

There are common reasons why a man may not have enough hair on his head. This may include:

  • genetic predisposition
  • prolonged exposure to stress
  • hormonal disorders,
  • age-related changes.

The key role in the appearance of bald patches on the forehead is played by the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a form of testosterone known to all. Its increased content in the blood causes a weakening of the hair follicles, and consequently, thinning and hair loss.

Most often, this problem is faced by men after 40 years. Perhaps only one fact can calm a person who is alarmed by the appearance of bald patches on his forehead: according to medical research, only 20% of the lucky ones who avoid this fate.

Suitable hairstyles

Men with bald patches should especially carefully choose a haircut and hairstyle. Stylists are advised to stick to the following options.

    • Texture hairstyle
      Different hair lengths - a distinctive feature of any texture haircut - allows you to well mask various defects, including bald patches. The advantage of this men's hairstyle is that it does not require long styling: it is enough to put styling agent on your fingers and beat the hair.
    • British
      The receding hairline makes the forehead larger, and not all men have this change in appearance. For such cases, the British man’s haircut is relevant: it exposes the whiskey, leaving a sufficient length of hair at the crown, and balances the entire hairstyle.
    • Sagittarius
      Sagittarius haircut allows you to hide bald patches on the temples due to thick and long hair on the top and back of the head. Of course, if you started balding from the top of your head, such as Jason State (see photo below), this men's hairstyle is not for you.
  • Caesar
    Another hairstyle with the same difference in hair length as the two previous ones. However, Caesar is characterized by a smoother transition for male haircuts, and the fringing on the forehead and temples is even enough to hide the imbalance of hair created by the bald patches.
  • Zero haircut
    The first thing that comes to the head of a man who noticed a receding hairline in himself is to make a haircut bald. However, this option is not suitable for everyone. So, if you have an uneven skull, it is better not to expose it. However, many men who cut their hair to zero point out that their face has become more expressive and brutal, which, of course, ensures success with the opposite sex. The only drawback of this traditional men's hairstyle is the need to update it often. However, for this it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser - you can master the haircut skills of the machine at home.

Remember that bald patches on your forehead will make you funny only in one case - if you give them too much attention. Just choose the right hairstyle and forget about this small defect - the male charm lies far from only in appearance.

Hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead for men: best ideas and recommendations

Baldness is a common male problem. Most of the stronger sex by the age of 30 is faced with thinning hair. If you scroll through any directory, then hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead for men occupy a prominent place there.

What hairstyles to choose with bald patches

If you carefully approach the choice of haircuts, the disadvantage will be practically invisible. Most popular hairstyles:

  • haircut with texture. If the hair has different lengths, they easily mask the bald patches on the forehead. No styling needed, however, foam or gel is still necessary,
  • British haircut. Like so many others hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead for men, photo which are here, they hide baldness. Short hair at the temples combined with a voluminous crown. This allows you to visually hide too high a forehead. If the hair is thinning on the crown too, you’ll have to refuse a British haircut,
  • a haircut "under zero". The first impulse of most men with the news of hair loss is to cut their hair radically. This can be either a great solution or a bad one. If you have an even skull shape, a haircut will suit you. Of course, you can find out about this only after a haircut. Therefore, it is better not to do it before important events.

Short haircut with bald patches

A short haircut is a good way out for balding men. It makes the face more expressive, and hair care is very simple. Moreover, for many women it is the “zero” haircut that seems especially brutal and courageous.

She is very simple in leaving. even you can update it not in the cabin, but at home. If you buy a machine with nozzles of different lengths, then the haircut will look professional. Stacking is not required, which can also be a plus.

Therefore, do not treat hair loss as a disaster. After small experiments, you can find a good image. It is possible that it will suit you even more than the usual haircut.

The best options for short and not very haircuts for owners of rare hair on the top and forehead

Every man, regardless of age, wants to look elegant and attractive. Therefore, representatives of the stronger sex pay special attention to haircuts. But due to genetic characteristics, the influence of adverse factors, representatives of the stronger sex begin baldness. Consider how profitable to beat this drawback with a properly selected hairstyle.

Main mistakes

Many men, in an attempt to hide the beginning of baldness, make mistakes that further emphasize this shortcoming. These include:

  • growing near hair growing with bald patches, combing them onto a bald spot,
  • growing too long hair - a longer length focuses even more on bald spots,
  • masking bald areas with a staining spray,
  • trauma to hair by combing with hard brushes, frequent use of a hair dryer.

It's important to know! Male pattern baldness is irreversible, so you should not attend expensive procedures and buy hair restoration medications. This is a waste of money and time.

Roger Sterling Style

For men of advanced age who adhere to a strict classical style, a hairstyle in the style of Roger Sterling is ideal. The hair on the crown grows to medium length, and the temples and the back of the head are shortened. Then they carefully comb their hair on their sides, due to which problem areas are easily covered.

Ivy League Style

This hairstyle is suitable for balding men with thin, sparse hair. The Ivy League style is minimal and rigorous. To perform such a hairstyle, you should cut the hair with the machine evenly, around the entire circumference of the head. Then comb the hair from above to one side, emphasizing the classic image.

Retro style

A feature of retro-style hairstyles is volumetric hair styling at the crown. At the same time, the nape and whiskey are shortened. You can optionally create smooth or sharp transitions from the long crown to short temples and the back of the head. Retro style suits men with thick hair.. If the hair is rare and thin, then it is unlikely to achieve a volumetric effect. Such men can try to part in the side.

Transfiguration with bald patches on the top of the head

In case of baldness on the top there are 2 options to transform:

  • Focus on the beard. In this situation, a “zero” haircut is provided, but to complete the image, it is necessary to grow a beard, having beautifully designed it. A beard in a tandem with a bare head will look more than impressive.
  • Mighty donut. This haircut has such a name because only confident men decide to wear it. To do this, just let the hair grow as they please, cutting it under the machine once every 2-3 months. A striking representative of such a hairstyle is Sean Connery.

Rules for masking bald spots

There are several secrets that will help to mask the bald patches well:

  1. Very small bald spots can be hidden with a camouflage spray. But you should pay attention that this method is only suitable for men with dark hair.
  2. Make chaotic haircuts. This option is also suitable only for those men whose problem is not pronounced.
  3. Give volume. Raising your hair a little bit on a short or medium length haircut, you can hide the side bald patches. The main thing is to use strong fixation products for styling your hairstyle.
  4. Completely shave my head. This option is suitable for men whose degree of baldness is more than 50%. A bald head will give the impression that this is part of the image, and not a forced measure of masking bald spots.
  5. Wear a hat. A cap or a stylish hat will help to hide the baldness that has begun from others. But it must be borne in mind that, according to the rules of etiquette, in the room you need to remove a hat.

If you decide to add a fresh note to the image, trying to hide the receding hairline, it is better to contact a professional stylist. He will be able to choose the most profitable version of the hairstyle, taking into account the shape of the face, head, hair features.

The stronger sex, which does not spoil thinning hair

Here you can see photos of handsomely balding men.

Male pattern baldness is an irreversible physiological process. But do not panic ahead of time. If complexes appear about this, then today there are many ways to mask problem areas on the head. The main thing is that everything looks stylish and harmonious, then self-confidence and good mood will return.

Men's haircuts for baldness and bald patches - a selection

This review presents the main types of popular haircuts for balding men (with photos, for clarity) of different ages, taking into account the "features" of each species.

We really hope that our article will help to hide the consequences of age-related changes: for example, there are options for hairstyles for disguises bald patches on the forehead or from the sides, taking into account the physiological characteristics associated with early baldness in each individual case.

And so, for convenience, we have prepared small table of contents:

Hairstyles for balding men - photo and description of options

For some men, finding the first signs of baldness becomes a real blow. Many lose confidence and become depressed. There are several causes of alopecia, and not all of them are treatable. What to do if you are balding? There is only one way out - to choose the right hairstyle. It will not only hide your flaw, but also help create a new stylish image. Ideas ideas hairstyles for balding men - photo, you will find in this article.


The easiest way to hide your bald head and look brutal. This hairstyle is easy to care for, combined with any style of clothing. Another clear plus is the significant savings on shampoos and styling products. Haircuts will not work for people:

  • irregularly shaped skull
  • with diseases of the skin of the head.

You can shave your hair even on your own. You will need a mirror, a clipper and a razor. If the hair is long, first cut it with a machine. Lead it should be smooth, against hair growth. Then complete the process with a conventional shaving machine. To avoid cuts, first steam the scalp. Take a hot shower or wrap it in a hot towel. The most famous bald patches: Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis.

If you shave bald - for you too categorically, pay attention to cutting a hedgehog. It is especially suitable for men who have hair loss along the growth line. Lightly bristling hair will give you a confident and dashing look. The hairstyle is perfect for young guys. Jason State is a prime example.

Under Caesar

The famous emperor’s hairstyle is good when hair falls out along the growth line. The hair remains not too long, the hair from the crown is combed forward. The contour of the haircut implies a clear graphic. The model is suitable for owners of an elongated face shape. Celebrities with such a haircut: Timati, Russell Crowe.


A very popular option today. A long bang is combed back, hiding a bald spot. Whiskey and nape shave off briefly. The disadvantage of a hairstyle is that you will have to carefully look after it. Take care of your arsenal of styling products and keep your hair clean.

A few more tips to help you stay stylish. Try to grow lush hair on your face, distracting attention from your bald head. What to choose - a mustache, beard, or all together, you decide. In no case do not grow long hair to comb it on a bald spot. It looks horrible and only highlights the flaw. Choose an option hairstyles for balding men, photo which are presented on the site.

26 hairstyles and haircuts for balding and or bald men of different ages.

There is one good way to hide a receding hairline! On the video - Keramin styling for rare hair Kmax (a simple and reliable cosmetic solution) or 26 hairstyles and haircuts for men with bald patches ...

Photos and materials from the site: slodive.com

It is no secret that many men experience some discomfort due to thinning hair and the formation of bald patches. Take a look at these stunning photos that show bald hair or low-density hair as an element of a conceptual style. It is possible that among them there is a clue on how to act!

In the event that the hairline has receded, as here, the ideal option is a short “hedgehog” along with a French beard and a neat mustache. It looks fantastic!

Young guys with early bald patches can improvise with a short haircut! That's just super!

Signs of baldness can be offset by a well-groomed beard and mustache. Why not. Looks great!

And this is a cool option for business men with an early hint of baldness! A parting and short cropped hair with a trimmer will give the head freshness and attractiveness!

If the hair on the frontal zone and on the crown is completely gone, then the best option is a short “hedgehog” around. Neat and quite stylish!

Another option for combining a high bald spot with a French beard and mustache. Different options are possible depending on the face shape and complexion (figure) of a man, but in any case it is stylish and organic!

A parting and a neat edging is what you need in cases where there is little hair, but the bald head does not manifest itself.

And how do you like this option? Just for those cases when there seems to be a lot of hair, and with their density everything is in order, but bald patches already indicate themselves ...

But with such a hairstyle one can emphasize the rich life experience and wisdom of a man of respectable age!

The simplest hairstyle for a bald man that you can imagine looks like this! The main thing is that the edging should be short and neat, then it will look cool!

When the frontal hairline receded so deep as if in an arc, the best haircut looks something like this ...

Well, here the presence of hair in general, as they say, will be superfluous, because The main focus of attractiveness is focused on the body! Such a short haircut is virtually maintenance free and very practical!

Slightly long hair in the back can make up for a complete lack of hair in the front. And it will look very good!

Want to look mature and smart? With such a hairstyle, it's easy!

"Hacked Hedgehog" - this option is also acceptable and looks great!

Easy and simple, no frills, bells and whistles. Practical, convenient and stylish, especially if you are young!

If a bald head has identified itself only on the top, then a neat haircut around is best. By the way, in this case, the receding hairline can be easily hidden with keratin camouflage for hair!

A short haircut is perhaps the best option for most balding men of any age! And it's hard to argue with that!

And a haircut on this head with a very low hair density once again confirms the previous statement! A short haircut is the best haircut for baldness.

Trending option for young guys. By the way, it is short haircuts that will look better if there are visible tattoos in the neck, face, head. So baldness can not only be slightly hidden with a short haircut, but also shift the emphasis on the conceptuality of the personality!

But a great summer option for thinning and slightly curly hair!

You can look attractive and with a very, very short haircut! Army romance ...

You can compensate for baldness with a longer beard ...

And here is a great haircut for men with a rounded face! So, in a businesslike way!

If we take a generalized approach to the analysis of possible options for male haircuts and hairstyles with bald patches, then a number of the following observations suggest itself:

1. Yes, if there is hair, but with signs of baldness (identified as bald patches), a short haircut is presented as the best option.

2. In other cases, when the bald spot is already clearly defined and this is a fact - the best thing to do is to gently cut the hair that is available.

3. In some cases, the lack of hair can be compensated for by different versions of the beard and mustache. Those. you can simply shift the focus from the bald head, to the mustache, to the beard, and in other cases to the tattoo, muscles, some stylish accessories (for example, glasses).

3. In the same cases when there are bald patches, and there is hair, but there is not enough density and density, you can use cosmetic camouflage cosmetics for the hair, for example, such. Much has been written about them in this journal.

Haircuts and hairstyles for men with bald patches. A photo

Many men have such a problem as receding hairline. How to turn an apparent flaw into a virtue? That's right, choose the right haircut or hairstyle for men with bald patches.

It is important to remember one thing - today even young men have bald patches on the top of their heads, temples, on the forehead. And a correctly selected hairstyle guarantees a fashionable image, success in women and confidence in its beauty.


A military style haircut (H & T) is usually carried out as follows: no more than 6 ml of hair is left at the top, and shaved at the back of the head and temples. In real life, the difference in the length of the hairs on different parts of the head may be insignificant. This hairstyle is great for tall men with the right shape of the skull. She makes low men squat.


Haircuts with a pattern are another fashionable trend that can hide the fact of the presence of bald patches.

Photo: hairstyles for men with bald patches

Men's hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead - photos and recommendations

Men are much more likely than women to have hair thinning. That is why any stylist will immediately call you men's hairstyles to help hide the bald patches on the forehead (or at least distract attention from them).

Comb back

If a short haircut does not allow you to hide the bald spot on the top and back of the head, the masters advise to grow medium-length hair, combing it back. Thanks to the elongated strands and the fixation of hair from the forehead to the back of the head, you can simply cover the problem areas. The disadvantage of such a haircut is the need for permanent styling with fixing means.

Short mohawk

Using a mohawk haircut, you can correctly translate accents from flaws to a special hair styling. If a man has bald patches on his forehead or temples, the master will cut the hair all over his head as short as possible, leaving only locks longer in the center of the head from the forehead to the back of the head. Then, with the help of cosmetics, the hair is laid in strands on top, creating a protruding crest.

# 18: Very short fade + boxing

If you decide to wear the shortest haircut, but don’t shave your hair, we suggest combining classic boxing and a modern fade. It is due to the fact that the transition from the temples to the forehead almost comes to naught, the bald patches become almost invisible. Many celebrities have long chosen this option for themselves - impudent, a little brutal and very modern thanks to the fade transition.

# 19: Shave Fade + Classic Pompadour

The combination of modern and classic in hairdressing is always a winning option. Almost completely shaved whiskey and the nape in combination with a volumetric frontotoparietal lobe create a super stylish look and make bald patches absolutely invisible.

Men's haircuts with bald patches on the forehead

You may be surprised, but for short hair with bald patches There are a large number of attractive offers. In most cases, the master will suggest correcting the position of the hairdo under zero, a hedgehog, tennis or beaver. it short options and are suitable for owners of a rare hairline. Such a model will allow you to create visual neatness and will harmoniously look with a business or sports lifestyle.

If the head contains density and medium strands, then grunge will help create patterns, hiding bald patches. This is due to visual clutter and randomness. That is, the hair seems tousled. Most problematic spots are noticeable in brunettes, so you should turn to the milling technique.

Which could be men's haircut with large and high bald patches? The most common request concerns the British. In this case, the curls on the crown are brought to a minimum length, and on the forehead they are left longer. The presence of a smooth transition allows you to visually reduce the front of the head, which is necessary for high foreheadas well as align facial proportions. It goes well with carriers of medium curls and high growth. You immediately seem more romantic and aristocratic.

Popularity was attached to the hair of the Sagittarius. But she can not do without a sufficient length and density of hair. The highlight is created due to the high side parting, descending to the level of the bangs. Thus, the style distracts attention from problem areas. If you are able to boast of the correct facial features, then feel free to agree to Caesar. This is a straight line of bangs, focusing on the center of the forehead and visually expanding the face. However, the last criterion does not allow full people to use it.

Do not forget to mention the style of zero. You have seen her more than once video with Vin Diesel. Choose if you have an even skull. Get ready that this model will make the appearance more brutal and bold. Of course, not the best way out if dermatological problems are present. So consult not only with the hairdresser, but also do not forget to visit a doctor in advance.

# 20: Perfect Half Circle

Hairstyles and haircuts with a clear geometry remain at the peak of popularity for many years. Today, to smooth the appearance of bald patches, you can use the geometry technique - to make a semicircular hairline near the ears and from the middle of the brow to the cheekbones. Such a haircut will not only make bald patches a part of the overall picture, but also emphasize courageous cheekbones. A neat fade transition also gives the haircut a modern touch. Volume in the parietal lobe can be done at will, but always with an emphasis in the direction of the face.

# 21: Texture mohawk

This hairstyle is not suitable for everyone thanks to the character that it bears - a bold, rocker image will suit creative and courageous personalities. If you have chosen a mohawk for yourself, use a little styling product to add spice and volume.

# 22: Fade and Razor Skill

Fade can be included in the haircut for a man of any age. A fade can look especially impressive with a design pattern in the back of the head or temple. Unusual, a little cheeky and very stylish. Believe me, with such a hairstyle no one will notice bald patches! One drawback is that every month the master will need to update the drawing. But at the same time, this drawback is a virtue - you can get rid of the drawing or change it on the next visit to your hairdresser.

# 23: Fade Iroquois

Thinning hair is not a reason to shave your head. Select a high fade turning into a mohawk to draw attention to the parietal zone. An additional shaved contour will give more volume, and such an unusual solution as colored hair ends is suitable only for the most daring and modern men.

# 26. Strands laid back

If your curls are stiff and moderate in density, you can try combing them back. In this case, the presence of minorreceding hairline in the temple area will give an image of additional masculinity and charisma. In addition, this type of styling is able to hide thinned areas in the parietal region. To perform such a hairstyle, it is necessary to grow a significant length of hair located in the front part or use fixative products, for example, wax or gel. It must be borne in mind that combing the hair to the side can emphasize the disadvantages.

With a little pronounced baldness, experts recommend not taking particularly radical measures to change the image. Often, it will be enough to keep the usual hairstyle, adding to it more elongated strandslocated in the front so that they freely lie on the bald patches. In this case, the average length of the hair is maintained in the temporal and posterior parts of the head. If phenomena such as excessive thinning of hair are observed, you can try graduated multi-layer haircuts.

# 27. Hairstyles for long hair

Men having enough thick hair and bald patches in the field of temples, they often prefer haircuts with the preservation of length. A fringe or professionally performed filing can hide exciting areas and give the image of mischief. When choosing such a hairstyle, it is important to carry out hygiene procedures in a timely manner and keep the hair in perfect cleanliness.

# 28. Textured haircut for medium length

This option assumes the presence of several levels of strands of different lengths, which as a result makes it possible give hair extra volume and hide bald patches.


# 29. Haircut made by typewriter or army option

Simple hair cutting under one nozzle is an excellent solution for thinning hairline. This hairstyle is suitable for almost any style of clothing, it is easy to care for, does not require absolutely any additional care products, except for properly selected shampoo, which will help to avoid dandruff, which is unacceptable at such a minimum length.

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