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Perfectly groomed hair: Babyliss beard trimmer

E880E i-Stubble by BaByliss for men

Patented Electric Beard Trimmer Floating Head BaByliss for men, which has no analogues, fits snugly to the skin and precisely follows the bends of the face, due to which a perfectly shaved surface or a neat beard shape is achieved. If earlier floating head could change direction under 25°Now any bend will be accurately repeated thanks 33°.

Built-in trimmer LCD display, showing the charge level and your preferred settings, among which were initially proposed 24 different length levels. Also, the trimmer has incredible accuracy for the most demanding - this is a step in 0.2 mm!

Stainless steel beard trimmer with blades Wtech technology(thanks to the innovative geometry of the W-shaped blades).

Will be very pleased quick charge, especially in those moments when in the early morning you forgot to charge it: lithium ion battery allows for 5 minutes charge receive 3 minutes of use (90 minutes of charging - 60 minutes of use).

In addition, BaByliss for men E880E beard trimmer moisture resistantso you can use it in the shower and then put it back on the convenient stand that comes with the kit.

This is the perfect premium quality gift for any occasion.

Briefly about the manufacturer

The French company Babyliss was founded in 1961, with headquarters in Paris. Brand Creed - give lovers the opportunity to feel like real professionals hairdresser's art.

Among the founders of the company is the popular Parisian stylist Lelyever, who knows everything about the subtleties and nuances of salon work. The idea to offer consumers products for professionals that was clear and easy to use was truly innovative and met with strong support in the market.

In a short time, products became popular in France, and then went global. The company began to open branded stores in other countries a few years after the Paris triumph, the development of new markets continues today.

Observe your master, and at home repeat his movements, armed with a hairdryer, curling iron or trimmer from Babyliss. The result will impress you, because it will be almost indistinguishable from the work of a stylist. Learn more about shaving your beard with a trimmer here.

The range of the brand is designed to cover all areas of hairdressing. The catalog contains:

  • hair dryers,
  • curling irons,
  • straighteners,
  • hair, beard and mustache trimmers,
  • hair clippers,
  • photoepilators,
  • curlers.

The assortment is complemented by company trifles: magnifying and ordinary mirrors, foot baths and other necessary accessories.

The company focuses on ordinary amateur users, but professional hairdressers often purchase its products. The main highlight of all the presented devices is the abundance of functions.

Hair dryers and trimmers have many nozzles and a wide range of modesallowing to carry out the most daring experiments with styling and haircuts.

Another significant plus is the use of quality materials and the active introduction of innovations.

The thought-over arrangement of nozzles and blades simplifies work and allows to achieve an ideal result. Consumers can choose simpler options or devices with an expanded range of functions.

Babyliss e826e beard clipper

Brand Babyliss gained worldwide fame thanks to its multifunctional curling iron. However, other devices, for example, trimmers, also fall into the number of popular brand products.

The collection contains several options suitable for trimming hair on the head, sideburns, mustache and beard.

One of the popular options is Babyliss e826e, which is rightfully considered one of the brand's old products.

The trimmer has an attractive modern design, lightness and miniature size. The device fits comfortably in your hand, smooth plastic does not slip out of your palms, allowing you to freely process hairs in any direction.

Possible to work with wet or dry hair. The appliance is easy to clean and dries quickly, special care products are not needed. The kit includes a convenient brush that allows you to quickly remove stuck hairs from the nozzle.


  • Type of appliance: mustache and beard trimmer.
  • Number of installations: 12.
  • Nozzles included: 1.
  • Device weight: 130 gr.
  • Minimum haircut length: 0.5 mm.
  • Maximum haircut length: 15 mm.
  • Work mode: from network / standalone.
  • Operating time without recharging: 40 minutes.
  • Charging time: 8 hours.
  • Charging indicator: yes.
  • Mode switch: manual.
  • Equipment: Charger, cleaning brush, manual, cardboard box.

The main advantage of the model is an extended mode of operation. Using a trimmer, you can quickly and accurately trim your beard, mustache, sideburns, achieving the effect of curly haircuts or deliberately careless bristles.

For ease of adjustment, there is a wheel that allows you to adjust the desired length directly in the process of cutting. The blades work very gently without irritating the skin or pulling out the hairs.

The device does not need special maintenance. Self-sharpening blades made of stainless steel, they do not rust or dull. Patented blade positioning technology allows them to grab hairs from any angle, expanding the possibilities of a home stylist.

The babyliss beard trimmer copes with curly, too stiff or naughty hairs without problems, taming even the most obstinate beards. The manufacturer guarantees a three-year uptime in any tension mode.

The official online store also works.

Prices for the device in a complete set:

  • Moscow and Moscow region - 3 489 rubles,
  • St. Petersburg - 3 490 rubles,
  • Novosibirsk - 3 450 rubles,
  • Ekaterinburg - 3,500 rubles.

When buying during the sales period, discounts up to 40% apply.

BaByliss E707CE

This model is used not only for cutting hair, but also for beard and mustache. It has 40 mm wide stainless steel blades.

By changing 11 nozzles and 28 length positions, you can get hair from 3 to 25 mm. It works offline on the battery for 30 minutes. Has a charge indicator.

It is completed with scissors and a case facilitating storage and transportation. Price: 2 490 rubles.

  • comfortable
  • quality made
  • many nozzles
  • sharp blades
  • shears evenly and neatly,
  • holds a charge for a long time,
  • adequate price.

  • only 30 minutes of work,
  • According to reviews, it takes a long time to charge,
  • does not work from the network.

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BaBylissPRO FX660E

This appliance contains adjustable blades (0.8, 1.4, 2.0, 2.6 and 3.2 mm). Has 3 nozzles. It provides for the adjustment of shearing: 0.8-15.2 mm (20 modes in total). It works from the mains and battery, the charge level of which is indicated by the indicator. Productivity 7000 rpm. It is completed with a brush, oil and a cover. Price: 3,270 rubles.

  • comfortable
  • powerful
  • practically does not get warm,
  • without a nozzle can be used as a trimmer,
  • workmanship.

  • the specified length on the nozzles is not true,
  • The charge indicator lights up continuously, even when fully charged.

What is a trimmer?

The BaByliss trimmer is a compact unit with a nice design. Creates your individual image. Cuts the haircut, the shape of the beard and the fringing of the hair in the neck, removes even the minimum length of unwanted hairs on the body.

A trimmer should be distinguished from a hair clipper. The second you choose, if necessary, cut the hair on the head. Trimmers are used for beard, mustache and body. They are endowed with sharp knives for fine profile work.

Miniature trimmers - easy to carry. They have a battery, which allows an hour to work offline. In the presented models, the minimum step for cutting is 0.5-0.7 mm. Designed for cutting not only on the headbut on the face and body or in particularly sensitive areas.

The BaByliss trimmer is a stylish, professional machine. Shears, cuts and gives the hair the desired shape in 5 minutes. It is equipped with a removable knife block, stainless blades and additional nozzles that regulate the length of the haircut. The package includes brushes for cleaning, a cover and oil for lubricating parts.

Babyliss company - 50 years of activity in the global market

BaByliss's professional background dates back to 1961. 56 years of development of professionalism and creative potential of innovations and precision technologies - this is the time during which BaByliss has established its position in the market and launched admirable new brands into the world. Hairdressers from all over the world are pleased to use high-quality and reliable tools presented by BaByliss PRO.

Two professionals: Mr. Lelievre - a popular stylist working in the street of Emil Zola, the inventor of the curling iron and Mr. Fleblama - a friend whose idea was born to sell a new invention through a network of professional retail stores.

The origin formed the basis for the popularization of the brand and the creation of a successful reputation. Thousands of stylists in salons use the creation every day.And consumers without professional training can copy the gestures of famous hairdressers exactly repeating the result at home.

BaBylissPRO FX672E Power Definer

The machine is equipped with a knife 40 mm wide, adjustable in length in the range of 1.3-2.8 mm. It has 8 nozzles allowing you to leave 1.3-25 mm of hair (10 length modes).

It can work from a power outlet (3 m cord) and from a battery that has a charge level indicator lamp. It works independently for 45 minutes. Productivity 7000 rpm.

The kit includes a brush for cleaning, oil and a base for charging. Weight 230g. Price: 3,590 rubles.

  • comfortable form for the hand,
  • powerful
  • works autonomously and from an outlet,
  • enough nozzles
  • normal equipment.

  • combs made of brittle material,
  • weak nest for ridges.

We determine the quality

Trimmers made of stainless steel, which allows him to serve a long term without worrying about replacement. Innovations in the geometry of the W-shaped blades complement the beard trimmers with Wtech blades. Instantly remove facial hair with a light touch of the device.

Electric trimmers “BaByliss For Man” have a floating head, as close as possible to the skin. Allows you to accurately follow the shape of the face, reaching a maximum of a clean and shaved surface. BaByliss has improved its floating head by increasing its grip radius by 33 degrees.

LCD display shows battery level. To customize your personal preferences, the display offers 24 levels of cut length.

Installation type is long - telescopic nozzles and comb nozzles 0.4-5 mm long. The trimmer has a cut accuracy of 0.2 mm per step - this is the solution to any requests of men. Experiment and enjoy the result.

Going to work in the morning in a hurry forgot to charge? It doesn’t matter - the trimmer has a quick charge function. The lithium-ion battery charges in 5 minutes. Charge for 90 minutes - get 60 minutes of battery life. Fast and convenient even when traveling.

Another plus is moisture protection. New models are moisture resistant. Feel free to use the trimmer in the shower, after placing it on a stand. A practical storage stand comes with the machine.

BaByliss E962E

This model has blades with a width of 45 mm stainless steel with an adjustment of 0.5-3 mm. Has 8 nozzles for hair lengths from 0.50 to 25 mm. It works from 220 V (cord length 1.8 m) and autonomously for 40 minutes. The light bulb informs about the charge level. Charging time 16 hours. There is a cleaning brush, oil, as well as a cover. Weight 240 g. Price: 5,150 rubles.

  • great design
  • strong body
  • powerful
  • ergonomic (fits well in the hand)
  • maneuverable
  • sharp blades
  • many nozzles
  • high-quality haircut.

BaByliss E824E

The review includes two universal sets. This model with a 30 mm knife has 8 nozzles: for removing hair in the nose and ears, for shaving, 4 combs for haircuts and 2 trimmers 30 and 40 mm.

It has 9 length settings: from 3 to 15 mm. It connects to the network, and also works independently on the battery for 30 minutes. The charge indicates the amount of charge.

The kit includes a charger, comb, brush for cleaning, oil. Price: 2 990 rubles.

  • reliable assembly
  • universal machine
  • Ease of use,
  • a significant number of nozzles,
  • sharp knives
  • keeps charging for a long time,
  • inexpensive.

  • few beard positions
  • there is a vibration
  • motor is weak.

BaByliss E837E

Razor with a knife 32 mm. Has 7 nozzles: trimmers (for removal in the nose and ears, narrow), 2 combs and a razor tip. Allows you to get a haircut of 0.5-15 mm. It works on a charge of 40 minutes and from the outlet. Charging time 16 hours. Has a battery indicator. In stock brush for cleaning. Provides wet cleansing. Price: 4 490 rubles.

  • has all the popular nozzles (for all occasions),
  • works both from the socket and independently,
  • quiet work
  • can be washed under water,
  • quality shears and shaves.

  • long charge
  • too small beard attachment
  • there are no replaceable blades on sale (when dull, you need to change the device),
  • no oil to lubricate
  • some users indicate that the hair pulls, sometimes leaves.

BaByliss E650E

This trimmer should be selected for cutting in the nose and ears. It has only one nozzle. It works autonomously. It is powered by AA battery. Price: 1 030 rubles.

  • compact,
  • comfortable,
  • quiet and efficient
  • independent of the outlet,
  • cuts hair well
  • inexpensive.

  • does not report the end of the charge level,
  • lack of additional features.

BaByliss E846E

The rating includes three more models for cutting a beard and mustache. This device with stainless steel blades has 30 length setting levels, which are achieved using the regulator: 0.5-15 mm. It works from 220 V and autonomously up to 40 minutes. Has an indication of the size of the charge. It can be cleaned in a wet way. Price: 2 683 rubles.

  • good design
  • ergonomic for the hand
  • sharp blades
  • convenient mechanical length adjustment wheel,
  • It works for a long time without recharging,
  • simple cleansing, can be washed under water,
  • perfectly cuts
  • justifies its value.

  • takes a long time to charge
  • brittle teeth of a ridge, break quickly,
  • Too soft adjustment wheel.

BaByliss E781E

This beard and mustache care device is equipped with 40 mm wide titanium blades. It has 2 nozzles, allowing you to get a cutting height of 0.5-36 mm (32 length settings). Battery life is 45 minutes. There is a charge indicator. It is completed with a brush for clarification. Price: 3 399 rubles.

  • design,
  • comfortable for the hand
  • there is a shaving nozzle,
  • good knives
  • shears for sure
  • multifunctional device.

  • does not work from the outlet,
  • no container with oil.

BaByliss E886E

Beard and mustache trimmer with 34 mm stainless steel blades. It has one nozzle, but allows you to adjust the clipping through 48 modes: 0.4-10 mm. Thanks to the memory function, it is possible to save the last setting.

It is powered by a battery; the work process lasts up to 60 minutes. Fast charge in 5 minutes. The degree of its power is reflected in the indicator. There is a cleaning brush, lubricating oil and a charger. Designed, including, for wet cleansing.

Price: 7 996 rubles.

  • design,
  • digital luminous indicator
  • huge charging resource
  • good scale for adjusting the height of the haircut,
  • memory function
  • great functionality
  • ease of care, the ability to rinse.

  • the instructions are not too clear
  • high price.

Strengths of the manufacturer

Antoine de Saint-Exupery noted that perfection comes at a time when there is nothing to remove, not to add. All the details of BaByliss tools serve a specific purpose - they make practical and comfortable their use to create a unique image. Imagine the shape that you want to give your hair, take a trimmer, a few sweeps of your hand - you're done.

BaByliss is based on three key concepts:

  • We use advanced technology.
  • We control the entire process from production to sale.
  • We are improving every day for you.

The company has become a leading manufacturer of electrical tools for barbershopers and hairdressers: a variety of hair dryers, hair curlers, trimmers - make the process of creating hairstyles enjoyable.

BaByliss is part of an international corporation that conducts technological research of innovations, improves the models already on the market and supplement the assortment with new inventions.

The best trimmers of 2019

To date, many sales consultants cannot distinguish between a hair clipper and a trimmer. In the second case, the device is also designed to remove hair: in the ears, in the nose, and others. At the same time, there are universal models - for cutting and destroying hairs in hard-to-reach places and highly specialized, that is, for performing specific tasks. For example, there is a groomer - a type of machine that is designed specifically for eyebrows. We suggest considering the rating of the best hair trimmers in 2019, taking into account the price / quality ratio, customer reviews.

The list contains budget, universal models, as well as the best gadgets in their segments. In particular, to remove hair in the nose, ears and for the beard, mustache.

This section contains universal budget trimmers for haircuts, having fairly sharp blades and a high-quality design. At the same time, they do not have an abundance of functions, but are quite suitable for caring for a beard.

The top 10 trimmers for men opens the budget model Braun BT 3020, designed to care for the appearance of any male, regardless of skin type and bristles. To operate the device, a minimum of skills is required. Thanks to 20 settings of hair length in the range from 1 to 10 millimeters, you can experiment on a haircut.

Another plus, despite the low cost, is the long battery life. Enough for about 40 minutes of haircut without recharging. For ease of use, there is a charging indicator, as well as a function designed for voltage regulation.

Among the advantages should also include the durability of the blades, which, judging by the reviews, do not become dull over time.

  • sharp blades
  • indication,
  • ergonomic design
  • battery life
  • low price.

We are talking about a budget trimmer, the effectiveness of which is enough to remove even a three-day stubble. The model works on the basis of titanium blades, the length of which can be adjusted precisely in increments of 0.5 millimeters. There is enough time for 90 minutes of operation, and charging takes only an hour.

Thanks to the rounded edges, the model easily glides on the skin. In this case, the blades do not lose their sharpness. Judging by m, the device even copes with the processing of hard-to-reach areas. For ease of cleaning, there is a removable head.

The kit includes a case with which you can take the device with you on the go.

  • knife width
  • blade life
  • good brand
  • low cost,
  • battery life.
  • There is no charge status indicator.

The best low-cost trimmer of 2019 for a haircut is the Panasonic ER-GB40-A520, which is suitable for both dry and wet shaving. The durable device is equipped with an adjustable nozzle for working in 19 positions. You can cut a beard with a size of 1 to 10 millimeters with an adjustable pitch of 0.5 millimeters.

For ease of setup, there is a dial switch as well as a digital length designation. In addition, the developers took care of the presence of a charging indicator. The problem is that it takes about 15 hours to charge. But the battery life is 50 minutes. At the same time, the model shaves quickly even a long, thick beard.

At the end of work, it is enough to rinse the device under running water.

  • battery life
  • battery indicator
  • instrument life
  • wet shaving support.

This category contains trimmers that are suitable for cutting ears and nose. When choosing models, we focused on customer reviews and consider the price.

In the ranking of trimmers in 2019 for the nose and ears, the Panasonic ER-GN30 model, which copes with hair removal, despite the affordable cost, was not without. Thanks to the light and compact body, this model is simple and easy to use.

The case does not look cheap, perfectly complemented by elastomer inserts. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the device lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip on the palm of the hand. The blades are sharpened on both sides, so they cut off the hairs quickly. Judging by the reviews, pain is absent.

The device is suitable for different users, and excellently removes hair even in hard to reach places.

  • compact model
  • strong case
  • good blades
  • reliable brand.
  • not easy to find spare knives.

If you are looking for a good nose and ear trimmer, we advise you to pay attention to the Remington NE387 model. This device effectively copes with hair removal, and does not cause pain. Thanks to the correct arrangement of the blades, the risk of cuts is reduced to zero.

At the same time, a two-sided vertical model allows you to specify the contour of the beard, eyebrows and mustache. The blades are made of durable steel, additionally coated with an antibacterial coating. It does not allow the existence and multiplication of various microorganisms. Accordingly, after using the device, you don’t have to worry about eliminating irritation.

In addition, the ergonomic handle, adjustable nozzle and price deserve attention.

  • value for money,
  • antibacterial coating
  • steel blades
  • ergonomic handle.
  • good brand.

The best nose trimmer for 2019 is the BaByliss PRO FX7020E, which has two rotating blades. With their help, an effective haircut is achieved without cuts and discomfort. To clean the device, just remove the head, rinse it in water and dry it. The advantages of the gadget include a reliable motor, ease of operation, and a high level of security.

This achieves a minimum of vibration, as well as noise. In addition, the device has an ergonomic design, a removable head, simple wet cleaning. Another obvious advantage relative to most analogues is two reliable blades, a circular cutting system. The device operates on the basis of a single AA-LR6 battery. Included is another spare.

Judging by m, no flaws were identified.

  • ergonomic design
  • reliable motor
  • good blades
  • famous brand,
  • ease of use.

Here are the most powerful and functional models for beards and mustaches. They are distinguished by a long service life, sharp blades and several good nozzles.

Speaking about budget trimmers for beard and mustache, it should be noted Philips BT5200 Series 5000, because this device has a high level of security, low price and high efficiency. In addition, the step of setting the hair length is only 0.2 millimeters. Suitable for working with a beard from 0.4 millimeters to 1 centimeter.

Longer hair can be difficult. It operates from the network, as well as using the battery. The charge is enough for sixty minutes of battery life. The advantages of the machine include a good cutting unit with sharp blades that are made of stainless steel. For obvious reasons, the device is suitable for both soft and hard hairs.

The case is waterproof - can be cleaned under tap water.

  • loyal price
  • cutting block
  • manufacturer,
  • easy to find blades for sale,
  • robust construction.

The 2019 beard trimmer rating is replenished with the Andis D-8 model, implemented in a stylish design. With the help of this device, it is easy enough to make a neat haircut for every man without the presence of special skills and work experience.

The modern 4 interchangeable nozzles will help to achieve the desired effect, providing for the selection of the optimal length in the range from one and a half millimeters to one centimeter. The device copes with the creation of the nape of the neck, trimming the border of the temples.

The blades are made of carbon steel, which has a long service life and does not lose sharpness over time. In this case, the blades do not need additional care - just clean with a brush.

If necessary, you can lubricate. Battery life is 150 minutes.

  • battery life
  • durable blades
  • stylish design,
  • Ergonomic body
  • four nozzles.

The top of the trimmer for cutting a mustache and beard could not do without Philips QS6141 StyleShaver with a battery life of up to 75 minutes. The only drawback is that it charges up to 4 hours. The model is equipped with a double mesh, and provides for the installation of 12 length options for cutting.

Judging by the statement of the developers, this model copes with the implementation of the tasks 20 percent faster than its counterparts. The device is suitable not only for dry but also for wet shaving. There is a folding stand for easy storage of the device. Sharp blades are excellent at removing hairs of different stiffness.

Precise alignment is achieved through an additional comb.

  • trimmer comb
  • quick shave
  • good developer
  • battery life
  • build quality.

The best beard trimmer of 2019 is the BaByliss E886E, with which the most demanding users can satisfy their needs. The device has the correct shape, electromechanical 3D-sharpening and provides extremely simple care for bristles of various sizes.

The premium model is equipped with W-shaped steel blades that capture hairs of different stiffness at different angles without any problems. The features of the device include the memorization of length for 48 modes. The kit includes several high-quality adjustable nozzles.

Support for wet cleaning is provided, there is a good LED-screen, fast charging (5 minutes). The device runs on battery power for about 1 hour. Can connect to the network.

  • the most advanced model
  • there is a display
  • high-quality cutting unit,
  • brand
  • good equipment.

Experienced users are guided by 5 parameters. If you do not know how to choose a hair trimmer, we recommend that you pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Blades - it is necessary to focus on models with a small distance between the teeth,
  2. Design - it is important that not only ergonomics are thought out, but also protection against fast clogging,
  3. Nozzles - the more options for the location of the height, the more convenient it will be to align the mustache and beard,
  4. Battery life - currently the minimum is 45-60 minutes of work,
  5. Push-button fasteners - it is desirable that the nozzles are well fixed.

As for the additional options, they should include protection against moisture, the ability to work from the network.

As you already understood, there are many types of hair clippers and hair removal machines. If you don’t know which trimmer to buy, we recommend summing up with us:

  1. Best budget trimmer - Panasonic ER-GB40,
  2. For beard and mustache - BaByliss E886E,
  3. For nose and ears - BaByliss PRO FX7020E.

Finally, we recommend that you pay attention to the reviews regarding the top models. You can watch reviews, share impressions and ask other users about the quality of the devices if they have already managed to test the effectiveness of a particular model.

Techno Rating »Household Appliances» Best Trimmers of 2019

Disadvantages of Babiliss

Among the shortcomings - old models are still on store shelves. The company is developing every day, but it is impossible to foresee everything in advance. Although the manufacturer’s warranty is a year from the date of purchase, there are unreliable and cheap models that break prematurely. For example, a knife mount may break - two thin wires at the edges. Carefully inspect the product before purchase.

1% of the goods sold breaks down - the company provides product service, both warranty and non-warranty.

Perfectly groomed hair: Babyliss beard trimmer

The beard trimmer is able to give the facial hair a neat appearance, and the abundance of tips and modes makes the process truly creative.

The market offers many options in different price categories. Among interesting offers - trimmers from the French brand Babyliss.


The E 846 trimmer is an excellent gift to your man. The device has additional nozzles for complex face and body care. This functional model is easy to control, both in the cabin in the hands of a professional and at home.

  1. It has innovative geometric blades.
  2. It works both from the network and offline 45 minutes.
  3. 30 length modes - from 0.5 to 15 mm.
  4. Stainless steel blades can be easily cleaned under running water.
  5. Self-lubricating blade function.
  6. Electrochemical 3D sharpening of the blade.
  7. W-tech technology. Captures hair at difficult angles.
  8. Price - 3 489 rub.

It combines work efficiency and practicality of use. Comes with a charger and a brush for cleaning.

E 824

The device is used to simulate the shape of facial hair. The wide cutting part cuts a large amount of hair at a time.

There are various nozzles to achieve maximum comfort during the procedure. To model the neat shape of the eyebrows allows a special narrow nozzle.

  • It has 8 length adjustment nozzles: minimum 3 mm, maximum 40 mm.
  • There is a built-in battery, 30 minutes of battery life. The ideal companion on trips and business trips.
  • The indicator locks when the device is fully charged to save power.
  • The kit comes with a comb, a special gift for quickly creating the necessary shape. Accessory stand accommodates nozzles, brushes and other parts of trimmer E 824.
  • Price - 4 699 p.

The E826 model pleases with its multifunctionality. With it, you can easily straighten your hair or create a new haircut style, and you can also monitor the vegetation throughout the body.

  1. The machine has 10 nozzles for working with various parts of the body.
  2. The blades are made of titanium combined with steel - withstands the test of time, easily copes with stiff bristles. Keeps original qualities throughout all service life.
  3. Has thin nozzles for nose and ears.
  4. A stable stand is available for storing the trimmer and charging.
  5. Has 7 hair length settings from 3 mm to 15 mm.
  6. The package includes: 3 removable and 1 adjustable nozzle, ear and nose trimmer, razor nozzle (28 mm), beard trimmer (30 mm), body trimmer (40 mm), scissors, brush, oil for lubrication.
  7. Price - 2294.72 r.

Why BaByliss? BaByliss PRO hair care products are market leaders for barbershop in 60 countries. The company is changing traditions in the beauty industry due to its professionalism in the development of hairdressing tools.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to users, The main advantages of the Babyliss 826e trimmer include:

  • excellent ergonomicsthoughtful design
  • the device is light and miniature, fits comfortably in the hand, does not slip,
  • the ability to work both from the mains and from the battery,
  • reasonable price,
  • the trimmer is convenient to take on business trips and other trips,
  • multifunctional nozzle,
  • no unpleasant noise and vibration during operation,
  • device durability
  • neat trimming of even very capricious hair,
  • no skin irritation.

Despite the obvious advantages, buyers do not hide the fact that the babybeard beard trimmer there are also disadvantages. These include:

  • tooth fragility on the nozzle
  • only 1 nozzle is included, which limits the possibilities of cutting,
  • long recharge,
  • not all hairs can be trimmed the first time, you have to go through one area of ​​the skin twice,
  • there are difficulties with the replacement of spare parts, service centers are not available in all cities.

The Babyliss e846e trimmer is an excellent option for those who want to purchase a professional-level device at a very affordable price. The reputation of the brand, as well as the reviews of users who have operated the trimmer for a long time, speaks in his favor. For comparison, you can familiarize yourself with trimmers from other world manufacturers: remington mb4030, panasonic er gb40 s520, philips qt4015 15, moser 1040, braun bt 5010.

BaByliss trimmer: a review of models of the brand Babilis, reviews

HomeTechnics for beauty and health

Trimmer - a device for removing and cutting hair. Used for trimming mustaches and beards, whiskers, relieve vegetation in the ears and nose.

There are also models that can be used to cut eyebrows and remove hair in intimate areas. Representatives of such products are BaByliss trimmers.

What are the distinctive features and types of devices of this manufacturer.

Types of trimmers BaByliss: characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

BaByliss is a French manufacturer of professional equipment for hairdressing salons. Distinctive features of trimmers of this brand:

  • work both from a network, and from the battery without recharging from 30 to 180 minutes depending on the model,
  • the presence of double blades made of stainless steel ensures good performance,
  • there are multifunctional models with a large number of additional nozzles providing care for different hairy parts of the body,
  • the ability to adjust the length of the cut hair from 0.5 to 18 mm,
  • optimal combination of price and quality according to user reviews.

The main disadvantages are: the lack of a wet cleaning system and a portable cover.

The variety of BaByliss trimmers can be grouped: by type of food, by purpose and by the presence of additional nozzles (multifunctional models).

By type of food

In this category there are:

  • network devices - operate from the electric network, are characterized by long continuous operation. The main disadvantage is the need for a network power supply, it will not work,
  • rechargeable - work autonomously after charging the battery from the mains, convenient on trips. The minus is the charging time (from 10 hours and above), for some models the charge for continuous operation lasts no more than 30 minutes (model E835E, E828PE),
  • AA or AAA batteries - the main difference from rechargeable batteries is the need to replace batteries (E650E, FX757E, Forfex FX44E),
  • combined - combine the ability to work both from the network and autonomously, the most optimal option, since it is possible to continue using it with a power source in case of battery discharge. The price of such devices is correspondingly higher than the rest (for example, X-10 E837E, E835E).

By appointment

  • men's - BaByliss for men can be either special for different areas of the body, or combining several functions at once:
    • for beard and mustache,
    • for cutting hair in the nose and ears,
    • multifunctional - equipped with several nozzles that allow you to get rid of hair, including on the back, shoulders, chest, in the inguinal zone. One of the requirements for male models of trimmers is not just a quality haircut, but the ability to shape, thin out and create the effect of a three-day bristle.
  • women’s - a delicate device, since the skin is more sensitive. The manufacturer has few such models.

    Most often, women use a trimmer to correct eyebrows and remove hair in the armpit or bikini area. For the first option, men's products are quite suitable - for eyebrows, nose and ears. The main requirement is the absence of cuts and irritation after application.Babyliss G220E Women's Trimmer - Ideal for arms, legs, armpits or bikini line

  • professional - used in hairdressing salons, as a rule, have multifunctional properties,
  • household - budget options suitable for daily use.

Additional nozzles and functions

When choosing a trimmer, you need to understand for what needs to use it. If there is a need for frequent hair cutting on different parts of the face and body, then it is better to choose models with additional nozzles that allow you to perform several functions.

The nozzles included with the device can be removable or extendable. However, the first option is more convenient when cleaning the product, while the second is more compact. There are separate ones for trimming and cutting hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow, removing vegetation from the nose and ears.

Nozzles - additional features in one device

Some trimmers have additional functions: turbo mode, moisture resistant housing, device charge indicator, thinning, backlighting and more.

When purchasing, you must pay attention to the availability of such options. On the one hand, they make the use of the device more convenient, on the other hand, the cost of the trimmer increases in direct proportion to the number of additional characteristics and capabilities.

Instructions for use, included with each device, will help to understand its settings, operating modes and methods of use.

Photo Gallery: Popular BaByliss Trimmers

Babyliss X-10 E837E - multifunctional, but not cheap BaByliss E650E - a good combination of price and quality BaByliss FX757E - compact and efficient Babyliss E828PE - there are additional nozzles, but short battery life and a long charge

Service and spare parts for BaByliss trimmers

If you need service, you can contact the service center in your area during the warranty period indicated on the package. There should be a purchase receipt and a manufacturer's warranty card, which comes with each product.

In case of failure of spare parts or nozzles, some of them can be replaced. To date, accessories are available for the most popular models, the range of which is constantly updated. Original spare parts are only available at service centers.


Manufacturer BaBylis offers a range of trimmers for every taste and for any purpose. When choosing a device, you need to familiarize yourself with its functions and take into account why you need it. Trimmers with a large number of options and accessories are characterized by a higher price. If there is no need for them, then you should not overpay, but choose a narrowly targeted device.

Quality beard trimmer Babyliss: ranking the best models, advantages and disadvantages

Having grown a beard - learn to give it a good shape. Men, guys who decided to make a fashionable haircut on their heads, wear a beard with a mustache, or create the appearance of a three-day stubble every day need to create the desired shape, their correction, trim, change the length of the hair.

100 years ago, such a specific care was offered right on the streets for a modest fee. She was cut and trimmed with scissors and a comb.

Now there are beard trimmers - allow you to give your hair and beard the desired shape in minutes.

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