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Men's Joggers

The masculine style today is so rich in diversity that every man can express himself and stand out from the crowd in his own individual way. Designers offer dozens of trousers alone: ​​slacks, chinos, cargo, and others. A bright and dynamic image can be obtained by trying on men's pants, joggers, harmoniously supplementing them with other stylish things.

This season, stylists, fashion houses and designers advise men to plunge into all the charms and subtleties of a brutal and courageous sports style. Jogger pants belong to this style, most often they are worn by young guys and men with an active lifestyle. Separately, joggers are also issued for the female half of society, since sports style is in demand everywhere.

What are joggers?

The first associations that arise when looking at joggers are pants, gaiters, tights. In fact, joggers are sweatpants for men and women, which today are at the peak of popularity in many countries. This style was originally used only for sports and training, and today it is widely used in the daily lives of millions of men.

The following parameters can be considered features of joggers:

  • The silhouette of trousers repeats the natural outlines and curves of the body. The maximum width of the pants is provided in the hips, then to the very ankles the trousers gradually narrow.
  • The trousers have an understated stride line, as well as a spacious volume in the groin area.
  • Joggers provide a low landing.
  • Wide elastic cuffs are formed on the waist of the pants and ankles.
  • Joggers are made primarily from soft and light fabrics.

Stylists consider this style of trousers to be the most practical, comfortable to wear and versatile. Many modern models can hardly be called sweatpants, as they are advanced and look a little like their "grandparents."

Who should use such a model?

Today, designers offer not only classic models of sports joggers, but also stylish models with bright colors, jeans joggers, shorts joggers and breeches of this style. They can be of all kinds of colors, prints, made of different fabrics (denim, linen, cotton, leather, suede, silk, velor and velveteen, wool and velvet). Stylists are primarily advised to try on such an image to tall and slender men.

Depending on the type of figure and appearance, stylists advise wearing joggers as follows:

  • men of type "apple" need to choose pants with a low rise,
  • "Classic" is the classic jogger model,
  • short guys should try on dense pants made of cotton fabric, but only with a vertical pattern or plain color,
  • tall men fit joggers with a low rise, in bright colors, for example, camouflage or khaki, with ethical designs and prints,
  • men with narrow hips should choose joggers that are similar in style to the cargo model, that is, with side pockets,
  • shortened joggers visually make the wearer higher.

What are joggers?

Joggers (jogging - running) - these are pants whose style varies between sports and casual. Stylists call such pants a modern interpretation of the classic element of the men's wardrobe of the past - underpants. However, the current joggers are semi-free straight-cut trousers, whose trousers end with an elastic band. The waistline of these trousers is standardly made high. As for the location of the stepping seam, then options are possible: from standard to understated (not lower than the middle of the thigh).

Separately, it is worth noting the elastic band at the bottom of the trousers, because it is a characteristic element of joggers. Designers perform it in different ways:

  • the classic version is a thin strip located under the fabric of the legs,
  • wide knitted or elastic tape,
  • drapery of a wide strip of gum fabric.

It is this element that decides how much joggers are acceptable in casual or sport chic.

Material and color palette of trousers

Modern joggers are usually cut out of thick cotton, which makes models easy to fit into a casual wardrobe. Also come across trousers sewn from knitwear, linen, flannelette fabric and denim. The latter is ideal for those who fear becoming a "man in sports." Denim models are far removed from sports style, so denim joggers can be a good compromise.

For those who are not afraid of fashion experiments, designers sew leather joggers.

A distinctive feature of joggers is the color palette. Most often, it is plain: there are black, gray, beige, blue, chocolate or red trousers. Sometimes, for emphasis, designers use contrast patch pockets or stripes. Unusual prints are used to give trousers a stylistic orientation: “stars” in sport chic, military hacks, floral ornaments and paisley in ethnic style.

What to wear joggers with?

Having bought joggers, you get at your disposal not only ease of movement, but also the ability to combine them with other elements of the wardrobe. Due to the variety of textures, shapes and colors, a successful introduction to the image of joggers is not difficult. When putting them on, forget the phrase “you can’t combine it like that” or “don’t wear it like that”. For those who are afraid of the bold combinations of joggers with a classic shirt, cardigans, sweatshirts or hoodies are provided. In this case, you get a wonderful look in style active casual. If you prefer smart casual, choose cotton or denim with barely marked elastic at the bottom. Complement your trousers with a vest, shirt tucked in your belt and jacket. A testament is a thin tie and a laptop bag.

Most often, joggers are worn with sneakers or bright sneakers, but stricter shoe options are acceptable. Playing on the contrast “sport + classic” will help create a special look. Loafers, moccasins or even derby, monks to help you.

In the cold season, with joggers you can put on a coat, tie a scarf and shoe sneakers of a neutral color. A winter knit sweater, pea jacket and rough lace-up boots in combination with joggers will add originality to the winter look.

The secrets to choosing the right joggers

A peculiar cut of trousers determines some rules for their choice:

  • joggers in all cases are suitable for tall and slender guys - for them there are no restrictions on the fit line of the step seam, colors or fabric design,
  • short men with a perfect figure can choose classic plain models from dense fabric (a vertical pattern is also acceptable),
  • long-legged guys with a shortened torso should take a closer look at bright trousers with a low waist of a step seam,
  • too narrow hips will help to hide joggers with patch pockets,
  • the owners of the full figure should carefully choose the appropriate models or completely refuse to buy joggers - the only acceptable option: tight pants with a slight narrowing at the bottom and a barely noticeable elastic band.

Try to dilute your wardrobe with comfortable but stylish joggers. And very soon you will appreciate their comfort and unpretentiousness.

About sports stuff in everyday reading

What are joggers? Fashion observers call them the modern version of the classic element of the lower men's wardrobe - underpants. A certain amount of truth in this statement exists. However, joggers are now pants of direct cut and half-free fit, the legs of which end with an elastic band. In men's models, such trousers are always sewn with a standard height of the waistline, which cannot be said about the location of the step seam. It can vary from standard to underestimated, but no more than to the middle of the thigh.

Special mention deserves the elastic at the bottom of the trousers. For joggers, it is a characteristic element. But her performance may be different. The classic option is a thin strip of it, located under the fabric of the trousers. But, looking at the photos of the lookbooks, one can notice that the designers use different methods for decorating the bottom: a wide knitted, elastic ribbon or drapery with a fabric, again, a wide strip of elastic. It is this element that indicates how much joggers can be attributed to casual or sport chic.

As for the fabric performance, then modern men's jogger pants are in most cases cut from thick cotton. Such models fit perfectly into everyday wardrobe. But at the same time, you can often find options sewn from linen, knitwear, flannelette fabric and even denim. And for fans of experimenting, even leather models are offered.

A distinctive feature of this style is its color palette. As a rule, it is monophonic: you can find gray, beige, black, blue, chocolate, dark green or red joggers. To emphasize a particular area, designers use stripes and patch pockets contrasting with the main color, and to give a certain stylistic focus, prints, for example, hacks in military, “stars” in sport chic and paisley and floral ornaments in ethnic.

Right choice

The peculiar cut of the joggers, the description of which was presented above, determines a number of rules for their choice.

The first thing to learn is that such trousers in all their variants will suit extremely tall and slender men. For them, there are no restrictions either on the fit line of the stepping seam, nor on the color scheme, nor on the fabric design.

Owners of other types of silhouettes can only take a closer look at certain models. So, low men, but with an ideal figure, you should choose classic models of dense fabric and preferably monophonic colors or with a vertically located pattern. Those who have long legs, but a shortened torso show options with an understated line of the step seam and color shades or a bright pattern, for example, khaki. Those who can boast of too narrow hips are advised to take a closer look at a certain duet of joggers and cargo - models with patch pockets, such as Gifted.

Carefully choose models for men who are full or have a textured, inflated figure. If their hips are too full, it is better to completely abandon the joggers. In this case, the problem of a three-dimensional figure will help to solve options sewn from dense fabric, with a slight narrowing to the bottom and an almost imperceptible elastic on the edge of the leg.

Combination conditions

Combining joggers is not so difficult. And what to wear them with depends on what case the kit is made for.

To begin with, joggers will ideally fit into sports chic, street style, Casual and even Smart-Casual, which is a kind of compromise between everyday and business areas.

From the latter, it’s worth starting. As part of Smart-Casual, you should choose models sewn from denim or cotton, in which the elastic at the bottom of the trousers is barely marked. They are supplemented with a shirt tucked in a belt, a vest, a sweater or a cardigan and always a jacket in a casual style. Shoes should be chosen as close as possible to the official look, for example, monk. A thin tie and a bag for a laptop or postman will help to complete the image.

As part of the usual Casual, it will be enough to supplement the joggers with a classic casual shirt and slightly rolled up sleeves. However, if the weather allows, then the shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt or T-shirt. T-shirts will help soften the image that gives out a sports fleur. For autumn, stylists recommend creating sets in which such a style of trousers is complemented by a shirt peeking out from under the sweater and a straight-cut coat. A university-style plaque will add horn-rimmed glasses, a knitted or knitted hat and high-top sneakers.

In the direction of sport chic, you can supplement the joggers with a T-shirt and hoodies or hoodies worn over it. An even greater touch of sportiness will give a stylized bag for sports. However, a sweatshirt and hoodie can be replaced with a plaid shirt both worn wide open on the shoulders and tied around the hips. And instead of a bag, throw a backpack on your shoulder. Another option for picking is the connection with the joggers of a thin knitted longsleeve, a bomber padded with faux fur and a baseball cap. And in this case, bright sneakers are simply needed with a single neutral gamut of the rest of the image.

As for the street style, it is in it that you can most effectively combine joggers. For example, choose a leather model and complement it with a knitted cashmere sweater a tone or two lighter than trousers, a scarf combining both colors and a derby with a raised boot. In the colder season, you can put on a shirt, coat, tie a neckerchief and complement the look with sneakers in a neutral shade. However, the image that is so beloved by Hemingway is also suitable: with a large knit sweater, pea coat and rough boots with high lacing.

Concluding the review of possible combinations, it is necessary to understand with what shoes to wear such a style of trousers in order to move away from their usual sports direction? The representative of the strong half will not be mistaken if he chooses sneakers or sneakers for walking. But the image looks more interesting, in which a man will give preference to moccasins, slates, slippers, chelsea, military-style boots with high lacing, derby or loafers - in fact, everything that is worn with business suits is considered bad manners. And the choice depends on the man.

What are joggers and how do they look

How to wear joggers, how to use them to create casual Street Style ensembles, glamorous images for parties and even elegant Smart Casual suits? Before asking such questions, it is worthwhile to understand: what are joggers, what types of joggers are there, who they are suitable for. The name is of English origin, initially the model had an exclusively sporting purpose and was not popular in urban fashion. Pants were intended for jogging (jogging), from here some features of the design decision of trousers originate. Now the joggers have occupied a niche in the everyday ensembles of any style decisions, while retaining some of the characteristic features.

Joggers: Design Features

How to wear women's or men's joggers is a secondary question, first you need to understand what is their peculiarity. Often you can hear from fashion observers a comparison of this model with underpants - a classic element of men's underwear. There is definitely something in common between them, but there are even more differences, not to mention the large range of modern joggers.

  • cut: straight or tapering to the bottom,
  • free hips
  • soft belt (elastic band) with additional reinforcement with a fixing cord,
  • elastic at the bottom of trousers or a stitched cuff from knitted knitwear, can be of any width and various degrees of fit,
  • trouser height: a standard fit at the waist is often used, but there may be an understated line, but no more, by 10 cm,
  • spline: a step seam can be understated from 5 to 15 cm,
  • Clasp: not excluded, but rarely used,
  • pockets were initially absent, but now there are no clear rules on this subject, it all depends on the designer’s flight of fancy and the personal preferences of the buyer of fashion pants.

From the foregoing, the conclusion suggests itself: the only prerequisite is the presence of an elastic band at the bottom, which sets the general style of casual or sports trousers.

Why choose joggers: model benefits

If you decide to change your style or replenish your wardrobe with a novelty - pay attention to q, in which they are now not only running around in the park. Young people who prefer Streetwear, roller-skating and skateboarding, dancing hip-hop, have long appreciated the virtues of joggers, try to try them on you too. If you lead a dynamic life - this model is very convenient and practical:

  • elastic at the bottom of the legs will provide comfort to those who are used to moving on bicycles,
  • free cut in the hips - the need to crouch or bend will not cause incidents in the form of open seams,
  • regularly experiment with diets - in this model you can safely lose kilograms, and if they return - the joggers will not sit on you worse from this.

Types of Joggers: Fabric and Style

The classic fabric for this model is knitwear of different density and composition. The best solution is a cotton footer, and it can be of different thicknesses: you can choose pants for any season, even for snowy winters. With what to wear sports joggers, it’s clear from their definition. If you prefer blouses, shirts, long-sleeves, turtlenecks to t-shirts and T-shirts - for you a wide selection of fashionable joggers in different style decisions.

First of all, the general style is determined by the fabric from which the clothes are made. Everyday models sew from plastic, soft, well draped materials:

  • light denim
  • cotton and linen
  • natural silk
  • thin leather and suede,
  • velveteen (any one suits: from “hem” to “cord”),
  • velor and velvet
  • fine wool.

From the choice of material depends on what you can wear joggers. The main condition is that the fabrics of the shoulder and waist clothing must comply, according to the traditional rules for creating ensembles. The same factor influences with what shoes to wear joggers. The coarser the fabric, the more massive the sole and heels should be.

Most often, these trousers are monochromatic, but in sports ensembles there are “stars” and “zigzags”, in boho-chic - ethnic ornaments and floral motifs. You can often find contrasting decorative elements in design collections or prints and embroidery of logos and emblems.

Choosing Joggers: Tips from Stylists

The only drawback of fashionable comfortable trousers - they do not fit any type of figure, although there is practically no 100% ban - you can always try to experiment with length, volume, fabric, pattern and stylish combinations.

Who can not worry about choosing a style - tall slender guys and girls, women and older men who have retained a good figure. There are no restrictions on the landing, nor on the location of the stepping seam, nor in length.

Low sturdy men from this model should be abandoned - they will seem even lower and more overweight in it. The rest you can try to find your own style:

  • Trousers with a lowered waistline may fit the “apple”, while the “pear” is worth stopping at the classic,
  • low guys and girls with an excellent physique fit classic models of dense cotton fabric of monochromatic color or a vertical pattern,
  • long-legged is better to choose an understated waist line, a bright color scheme, looks good "khaki", camouflage pattern, floral and ethnic prints,
  • for owners of very narrow hips, a model resembling cargo, with patchwork volume pockets, is suitable
  • Thumbelina can experiment with length - cropped trousers can add a few centimeters of growth,
  • you should be careful when choosing trousers for people with a loose or embossed figure, the expressed muscles in the hips and calves can ruin the general appearance: if you still don’t want to give up your dream, buy trousers made of dense fabric, slightly tapering to the bottom and with a thin elastic band.

After you are convinced that the fashionable trousers suit you, it remains to be decided: what to wear joggers for?

What to wear with joggers: stylish bows

They made a successful shopping and joggers appeared in the wardrobe - we are looking for solutions with what to wear them. How to combine them in ensembles with other things depends on the styles, season and tasks. We will offer you some relevant bows, then you can fantasize yourself and decide what to wear with the joggers for a man and a woman, what images are suitable for girls and guys.

Joggers pants for women: what to wear

The fairer sex can create versatile ensembles with comfortable trousers. Here it is important to know not only which shoulder clothes to wear, but also what shoes to wear with joggers.

  • A plain model made of light wool or thick knitwear with a blouse intercepted by a wide belt or with a long sleeve t-shirt, turtleneck and blazer - elegant Smart Casual. Shoes: shoes with stable heels, platform ankle boots or comfortable boats.
  • Khaki trousers made of thick cotton, a T-shirt and shirt with patch pockets, boat shoes or slip-on pants are the actual trend of Street Casual.
  • A practical footer and a T-shirt made of a cooler and bomber jacket, sneakers sneakers - Sport Casual.
  • Silk trousers, an open top, stiletto sandals and a silver clutch bag - Glamor Style.

How to wear women's jeans joggers depends on the image you want to create. Everyday urban style - sweatshirts, openwork sweaters and comfortable loafers, a cozy cape with ethnic ornaments and Cossack boots - boho-chic.

Men's joggers trousers: what to wear

How to wear men's joggers:

  • with T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts with drawings, emblems plus sneakers - Sport Casual,
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt, sneakers and a knitted hat pulled over the eyes - Streetwear.

If there are jeans-joggers in the wardrobe and wondered what to wear with them - City Casual men's ensembles can turn out to be very expressive. Wear them with a tight-fitting T-shirt and a loose tweed jacket or plaid blazer - it will be elegant and modern. Men's joggers combine well with a shirt tucked into trousers and a loose vest. Shoes - boat shoes, moccasins, broggs - if you want to add a touch of officiality to the ensemble.

With what you can wear men's joggers, the choice is great, the only limitation is classic shirts and jackets, not the most successful combination is genuine leather and suede jackets. When choosing shoes that you will wear with joggers, avoid frank classics of glossy and patent leather.

Classic joggers

Classic sports jogger pants have a number of features, expressed in a peculiar cut:

  • semi-loose fit
  • high waist (low landing is acceptable, but a maximum of 10 centimeters),
  • volume in the hips
  • narrowing to the ankles,
  • lack of a fastener.

Step seam varies from standard to low (not lower than the middle of the thigh). “Right” joggers sit perfectly on the hips and provide complete freedom of movement.

With pockets

Initially, training joggers did not imply the presence of patch pockets, but in modern models, depending on design ideas, they can become a feature of the model.

Who suits joggers

Joggers have a lot of undeniable advantages, but they have a significant drawback - they are not for all men. But even in this regard, there is no unequivocal ban on any type of figure. You can choose the right model, starting from the color scheme, fabric, length and more.

Slender fit men of athletic physique should not be worried. They can choose joggers without restrictions, with any fit and length.

Holders of long legs are perfect models with a low waist. Pants of bright colors, printed products with ethnic, camouflage and even floral ornaments are not contraindicated to them.

Representatives of the stronger sex with narrow hips should focus on joggers that visually resemble cargo. The presence of numerous large pockets will add volume to the hips, and harmony to the silhouette as a whole.

If your shoulders are too wide, fit pants. Pants with a low rise will sit well on a man with an implicit waist.

Who else suits joggers? It is better for well-built short-haired men to dwell on classic or slightly cropped trousers, sewn from a single color fabric or with a print in the form of a vertical strip.

With caution, you need to consider joggers to complete short men, as well as pumped up young people. In the first case, the pants will add weight to an already full figure, in the second - expressive muscles will be emphasized, which will look unaesthetic. But here you can experiment.

Try dense fabric joggers in which the transition from the top to the bottom is as smooth as possible, and the elastic at the ankles is not wide, but narrow.

Distinctive features

Men's pants joggers - popular style, characterized by a comfortable fit, loose fit, cuffs. These trousers are called jogger thanks to the English jog (push). Jogging is called jogging, and pants of this cut were originally intended for sports training. Pants of this type:

  • sitting low on hips
  • freely tailored in the inguinal zone
  • have an understated step line,
  • fit the body, repeating its bends,
  • widened at the waist, narrowed at the ankles,
  • have elastic cuffs
  • made from stretchable, soft materials

Joggers are similar to many other styles of trousers. The presence of elastic makes them similar to pants in the spirit of military and cargo. A loose fit resembles a classic gymnastic leotard or exotic harem pants. Especially often, comparisons are made between jogger and cargo pants.

Joggers differ from cargo in execution, but they have common features. For example, the presence of cuffs that each of these types of trousers have. Only with joggers they have the appearance of a wide elastic band, while in cargo this element is presented in the form of a wide drawstring for pulling together matter. In addition, the cargo style provides for a free cut of pants, with the obligatory presence of pockets: 2 mortise pockets at the waist, 2 rear and side bills, voluminous and capacious. The fabric for cargo is dense, holds its shape well, often waterproof - for joggers all these options are superfluous.

Used invoices

By tradition, most of the jogger models are made of knitwear of various densities and compositions. Also, trousers are sewn from cotton, linen, light denim, bikes, silk.

Outerwear is selected based on the texture used for sewing trousers. According to the stylistic rule, the top should be made of similar materials. The same rule applies to shoes: the denser the fabric of the trousers, the more solid the heels and the sole should be.

Style Overview

All men's joggers can be divided into categories according to the features of their cut. Consider the most popular options.

  • Classical or semi-formal. Pants with elastic at the bottom and a traditional button belt. They are sewn from linen or dense fabrics, quite harmoniously combined with business style, casual clothes. You can find the option with arrows, which looks quite formal for the office.

  • With lapels. The introduction of diversity in the fit of the joggers touched not only the belt, but also the cuffs. Increasingly, the traditional wide elastic is being replaced here with an alternative option in the form of lapels, relevant for the summer.

  • With pockets on the sides. Traditionally, the cut of the joggers does not provide for the presence of such elements of the cut. The maximum that can be found is welt pockets at the waist. The use of patch elements makes the pants look like cargo, but in a more fashionable narrow design.

  • Camouflage. In terms of texture and material, such trousers do not differ from ordinary joggers, but have a military-style coloring. Most commonly used regular camouflage in beige and green tones. But the military includes sandy shades, as well as plain hacks.

  • Sports. Traditional jogging pants with stripes and elastic bands on the belt and cuffs. They are made of soft, well-stretched knitwear, comfortable for the body.

  • Shortened. Joggers bridges are relevant in the summer season, otherwise they have the same signs as their classic options. Short models go well with street style elements.

  • Insulated. Winter version of joggers with a bike or fleece inner layer. Such a two-layer model is well suited for outdoor activities and sports.

  • Denim They are made mainly in light colors characteristic of aged, bleached denim. Denim joggers are more dense than usual, they are comfortable to wear, go well with casual style clothes.

  • Skinny. Fashionable joggers for slim men. They are made from fairly dense matter. Narrow, tight-fitting trousers keep volume on the hips and free step, which makes them look like a breeches.

  • Wide, with lowered stepping seam. Loose trousers that provide maximum comfort are popular with representatives of youth subcultures, dancers.

All these options of joggers can be found on the shelves of modern stores, in the collections of fashion brands. But it is not enough to choose the right fit, you still need to decide on the material, texture, colors of fashionable trousers.


Fashionable joggers can be worn not only in the spring-summer seasons, but also in the cold season. For this, manufacturers offer stylish winter models from velveteen (narrow hem, cord), wool, velor, cotton footer.


The manufacture of joggers originally involved the use of elastic knitted fabric. It interweaves natural cotton fibers and elastic, well-stretched artificial threads. Warm trousers for winter are sewn from velveteen with a pattern in a narrow hem or cord. No less popular are seasonal models made of cotton footer, natural wool or its mixture with acrylic, velor.

Linen joggers are used in a business style. Lightweight summer pants in a shortened version, wide trousers for relaxing at sea are also sewn from linen. The luxurious texture of natural fabric in combination with its environmental friendliness, hygroscopicity completely compensates for the lack of elasticity.

Cotton footer is not only used for tailoring winter joggers. Summer models are no less popular. The thickness of the material varies depending on the seasonal purpose. Cotton is hygroscopic, easy to care for, allows you to use many options for colors, shades. In this design, pants with an elastic band on the belt and cuffs will be an excellent solution for everyday wear.

Thin and light denim with a significant proportion of elastane is well suited for sewing different models of joggers. Such a fabric is well ventilated, stretches, holds its shape. Casual options in casual style can be narrowed or well draped, with pleats and tucks. Men's silk pajama style joggers can be used as home wear. No less interesting is the slimmed-down version of trousers of such a cut performed in suede, thin, well-crafted leather.

Whatever materials are used - cotton, linen, knitted, joggers will be a good addition to the wardrobe of a modern man.

It is only important to observe the combination rule: shoulder and waist clothing should have the same texture. When choosing shoes, they are guided by the same rules: the coarser the fabric of the joggers, the more massive the sole should be.

Actual shades and prints

The color scheme of trousers with cuffs and an elasticated belt is quite diverse. The most obvious options are plain joggers in the following colors:

Among the fashionable colors, one can distinguish both classic and unusual, colorful options. Burgundy and wine red colors - the so-called Marsala - can try on the stronger sex over the age of 30 years.

They look more solid, they look good both in the free version of the cut and in the body tight-fitting.

The colors of youth joggers are much brighter. Here you can highlight juicy yellow tones - from banana and egg yolk to lemon. It looks interesting olive green gamma, suitable for the wardrobe in any style. Light blues and blues are characteristic of denim clothing. Bright red joggers are clearly visible on a run - this color is actively used by fashion brands.

When choosing prints, you can also be individual.

The notorious mods will like joggers in a cage or a vertical strip, visually changing the proportions of the figure.

It is only important that the chosen ornament is not too wide or accent. Among the popular prints for sports pants of this type, one can distinguish stars, broken lines, web images. Boho-inspired joggers will have ethnic motifs and ornaments.

Military-style trousers traditionally have one of the actual camouflage prints. The colorful combination of green, brown and beige tones is harmoniously shaded by a cut with volume on the hips, side pockets in the spirit of cargo. If you want originality, you should pay attention to the abstract "boiled" ornaments.


Youth joggers always look interesting and fashionable through the use of interesting cut details or decorative solutions. It is customary to attribute a number of options to the most spectacular decoration elements.

  • Torn sections. Artistic scuffs, elements of aging are still in fashion. Now they are increasingly used as a decoration for sportswear, especially if it is made of denim. Such joggers are usually created for slender men in the warm season.

  • Acid stains. The "boiled" effect is now used on different fabrics, most effectively it looks in gray, blue or blue and white.

  • Carabiner with a chain. This detail gives originality, is attached to the side of the trousers. Most often, chains are used in combination with shortened 3/4 or 7/8 joggers. The most relevant decor is on 2 sides, but a one-sided option is also allowed.

  • With a strip. It is located on the side of the pants in the manner of stripes, has a contrasting color. Metallic inserts look interesting: gold or silver. Often used black stripes on a light background or white - on black.

  • With lap inserts. These parts are made of artificial or genuine leather, satin, velvet. Such elements can be equipped with zippers, metal rivets, buttons. Rubberized inserts are used in sports pants.

How to choose

When choosing joggers, the first thing to consider is the type of figure. Important recommendations include:

  • narrower or widest models are suitable for teens,
  • when type "apple" joggers should have a low landing,
  • men with wide hips should choose the classic cut options, large sizes,
  • young men of short stature need to choose shortened joggers, breeches,
  • tall guys can try on almost any model, try bright prints,
  • narrow hips will help to adjust cargo pants.

It is definitely not recommended to use joggers in the wardrobe of stocky men of massive physique.

If you really want to wear such pants, you should pay attention to the wide models that allow you to balance the proportions of the figure. Slender young people can wear mid-rise joggers made of light, thin knitwear. Conservative fashionistas can try on such trousers in a classic format, with arrows, from flax. Active hipsters will appreciate fashionable denim joggers of various lengths, widths, densities.

Long-legged young people should pay attention to models with a low rise and medium fit. You should not choose only monophonic options. Camouflage, floral, ethnic prints will help to give the pants originality, diversify their use in the wardrobe. With a pronounced waist, broad shoulders, you should choose high-set joggers in black, dark gray and blue.


Black joggers deserve special attention, since most men prefer them. The advantage is practicality, versatility, good color combination. They fit perfectly into both sports and casual styles and are combined with many wardrobe items.

Printed trousers are also noteworthy, which look unusually original and stylish. The most fashionable ornaments are stars, zigzags, ethnic, floral design.


The fashion trend of the military style also touched the sport chic style, including the joggers. Among the trending models are camouflage pants, which today occupy a leading position.

Stylish bows

Men's joggers managed to become a real hit of modern fashion. They are chosen by bold, confident young people who are ready for experiments. Examples of fashionable bows convincingly prove this and allow you to better understand the features of using such trousers.

  • Summer cotton joggers made of dense, light fabric are suitable for both heat and not very clear day. In the heat they are combined with light T-shirts of bright colors, in cool weather - with longslivy.

With a shirt

However, there are nuances that you should be aware of. So, the main condition for creating a fashionable bow with joggers is a taboo on combining them with classic clothes. These pants are closed the way to the office, so wearing them with classic shirts (as well as with a suit jacket) with a long sleeve is impossible! But with an ordinary loose shirt it is very possible. Choose checkered, denim, polo shirts.

The shirt does not tuck into pants, as the joggers do not use a belt!

Informal images

Due to the enormous popularity of joggers, who have taken a strong place in men's fashion, no one will be surprised by the fact that they significantly replaced the usual jeans. In the hot season, they are worn with T-shirts, alcoholic T-shirts. In cool weather, you can throw a cardigan, a sports jacket, a sweater on top. All things in a fashionable way can be made in contrast or a single color scheme.

Do not forget about accessories - sunglasses, beanie hats, baseball caps. These elements fit perfectly into the casual style, giving the image a light youthful shade.

Images for work

In principle, joggers are not designed for the office, as they do not fit into the business style.

However, many young people wear these pants to work, of course, if their organization does not have a strict dress code.

Remember! Even the absence of strict rules regarding clothing does not mean that you can allow yourself any kind of liberty.

Pants should be restrained in shades, the top is as light as possible, plain, with a long sleeve. In cool weather, a sporty jacket or cardigan is appropriate.

Tweed jackets look good with joggers, but wearing leather, suede, and velveteen jackets with them is considered to be bad manners.

As accessories, you can use a unisex watch with a large dial, bright neckerchiefs, messenger bags, etc.


As for the choice of shoes for joggers, any one is suitable - broggs, loafers, loafers, sneakers, low-top sneakers, flip flops, espadrilles. You should not wear classic shoes from patent and glossy leather, monka, as well as oxfords with these trousers.

The benefits of joggers

Why are joggers so much in demand today? The secret of popularity, first of all, lies in a peculiar and most comfortable cut, thanks to which pants are now worn not only by athletes, but also representatives of street cultures, young people dancing hip-hop. Yes, and men of more than mature age liked the stylish novelty, which allows them to comfortably spend their free time, walk, do morning jogs.

Pros of Jogger Trousersin:

  • A free cut in the hips allows you to move, squat and bend without fear that the back seam will open.
  • Elastic at the ankles provides maximum comfort when playing sports - running, cycling and other types of loads. This part reliably fixes trousers, so they do not bulge up.
  • Even if you lose weight, pants will still fit well on you.

Thus, we can safely say that joggers are trousers that definitely deserve attention. If you lead a dynamic lifestyle - be sure to try them on!

What to wear?

Most often, mods wear joggers with bright sneakers or white brand sneakers. Stricter types of shoes are also allowed, the main thing is that colors match. In cold weather, this sporty-casual style can be complemented with a scarf or a large knit sweater, put on a coat and dark gray or beige sneakers.

In this form, your husband on youth slang will get an excellent “look” (bow).

Color palette

Since joggers are more likely a youth style of pants, stylists and designers do not put forward any framework and requirements regarding the color scheme. The main thing is that prints and colors harmoniously combine with other items of clothing, and the trousers themselves are soft and comfortable to wear.

Modern joggers are rather a cross between a sporty style and an urban casual style. Pants can be of any texture and color, from camouflage and khaki to classic black, white and gray shades. The main difference is not so much in the colors as in the materials of production and models.

What to combine with?

If a man became the proud owner of joggers, you need to decide what to wear such pants with. In the best case, you can wear such pants with the following items of clothing:

  • Sport casual style - with T-shirts, T-shirts and light sweaters with drawings and prints, complementing the image of sneakers,
  • Streetwear - they put on a shirt and a sweatshirt to their pants, complementing the image with a thin knitted hat and sneakers,
  • City casual - Joggers combine jeans with a tight-fitting T-shirt, a spacious tweed jacket, a check blazer, complemented by boat shoes, broggs or moccasins.

If a man puts on a shirt under such trousers, she must be tucked in and put on a vest from above. The result is an original youth bow. In fact, joggers trousers accept any items of clothing in the ensemble with them, except for classic jackets, shirts, suede jackets and genuine leather. As for shoes, men should avoid varnished and glossy shoes.

Selection tips

Stylists advise young guys to look after sports styles of joggers from light knitwear and with a medium landing, which can be supplemented with a T-shirt and sneakers. Joggers jeans will suit men with conservative views on fashion and trends in order to gradually adapt to such stylish and creative pants. You can complement these joggers with a sweatshirt, sweater or sweatshirt.

Camouflage joggers are suitable for men who have a courageous appearance and love the style of military clothing. These pants are worn with a leather jacket, brutal berets, you can issue a more practical image paired with a T-shirt and sweatshirt. Semi-formal joggers made of thick fabric are suitable for strict business men, and you can put on a set with them a shirt and a jacket, which are close to the classics.


Joggers are fashionable creative trousers for men that allow you to enjoy their practicality, comfort, as well as the original style and colors. For teenagers, designers even developed club models of joggers, decorated with decorative lines, scuffs, extra pockets and torn sections. All varieties and styles require the right combination to look fashionable and modern.

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