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Gillette Razors: Manufacturer Overview

A typePublic company
AbolishedOctober 1, 2005
FoundersGillette, King Camp
LocationUSA: Boston, Massachusetts
Key figuresChairman of the Board of Directors of P&G - Alan G. Lafley, General Manager of P&G (Gillette ™) Eastern Europe Matthew Price
ProductsSafety razors and accessories
  • 10 300 000 000 $ ( 2004 )
Number of employees
  • 29,000 people (2004)
Parent companyProcter & gamble
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Gillette (English Gillette) - a brand of Procter & Gamble, a manufacturer of accessories for shaving and body care. Created in 1901 by the American inventor King Camp Gillette, the company produces shaving systems, machine tools and their blades, accessories for shaving. It also produces products for women. In 2005, together with its subsidiaries (Oral-B, Duracell and Braun), P&G was acquired for $ 57 billion, where Ubs was a consultant, after which she became a P&G division.

Shaving systems

Each system has its own copyright name. The company's plants are located in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Germany, Poland and Russia. The Russian plant is located on the Pulkovo highway in St. Petersburg.

Gillette’s latest development is ProGlide Power, a 5-blade shaving system with vibro mode, and its ProGlide modification without function Power. In addition to the above, other shaving systems are also sold: Sensor Excel, Slalom Plus - 2-blade systems. For the Sensor machine series, 3-blade cassettes are currently being produced. Slalom Plus the cheapest razor system Gillette of those presented at the moment. Slalom Plus is the renamed Atra Plus system. The company produces a large number of disposable razors (for example, Permatik for the Turkish market), many of them are produced in St. Petersburg. In addition to modern razors, the company continues to produce double-sided blades that were used in the classic razor.

Machine History

After the classic machines, the first Gillette razor system was the Trac II with 2 blades. Further, the Gillette Atra system (1977) was developed, which for the first time had a floating head.

The next system of the company was the modification of Atra - Atra Plus (1985), which received a lubricating strip over a row of blades. In 1990, the Sensor model was produced, the heirs of which are still popular today. The system had an advanced steel design for that time and a 2-point floating head.

In 1995, the Gillette 5-micro-combs system, Sensor Excel, was first produced, and micro-combs were said to stretch the skin to provide a smoother shave. In 1998, the Mach3 shaving system came out with 3 blades in the cassette and 5 microcrests. In 2003, a modification of Mach3 - Mach3 Turbo was released, the novelty had 10 microcrests instead of five, as well as new Antifriction blades. The pen design has also been updated. In 2004, a modification of the Mach3 Turbo system with vibration mode, powered by a battery, called M3Power, was released.

In 2007, a system with 5 blades was released - Gillette Fusion and its modification with Fusion Power vibro mode. Fusion also first introduced a trimmer blade on the back of a shaving cartridge for complex areas of the face.

Disposable machines

After the advent of machine tools manufactured by Bic Gillette, it began to lose ground. People found themselves needing machines that can be thrown away immediately after use. In response, Gillette launches its disposable machine models.

At the moment, models of disposable machines Gillette II and Gillette Blue II, as well as Sensor 3 Sensitive are on sale. In addition, Satin Care and Gillette Blue II For Women disposable machines for women are available.

Image in art

In the story of M. Zoshchenko “Dictaphone”, along with other “great inventions” of Americans, “safe razors Gillette” are also named.

The image of the Gillette razor, as one of the researchers of O. Mandelstam’s creativity notes, is a unifying element for the poet and “Fourth Prose” of the poet.

In the story of M. A. Bulgakov, “The Missing Eye” (series “Notes of a Young Doctor”, 1925), “a safe razor Gillette” was brought by a young doctor to the Muryev Hospital. And he shaved when she was distracted by childbirth.

Watch the video: How Gillette Razor Blades are Made: How It's Made. Gillette UK (February 2020).

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