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Male infertility: treatment with folk remedies

When a couple cannot conceive a child for a long time, then both partners need to be examined. Very often, the culprits of the problem are men. But, as practice shows, few of them decide on medical treatment for infertility. For a certain category of patients, treatment according to prescriptions of traditional medicine is more acceptable. They span centuries of successful use. In addition, more accessible and safe. We learn about them in detail.

The basis for the treatment of male infertility

Folk remedies are often based on the principles of general strengthening of men's health, normalization and coherence of processes occurring in the body.

It is worth noting that all the recommendations of traditional medicine will be unsuccessful if the man during the treatment period does not quit smoking, abuse alcohol. After all, it is these factors in most cases that are the basis for the deterioration of reproductive function. Bad habits make sperm become lethargic and inactive, they are not able to fertilize eggs.

Recipes of traditional medicine from male infertility are designed to normalize reproductive function, which is impossible without following a healthy way of life, normalizing nutrition, and observing the regimen of work and rest.

It is very important that a man’s menu contains a lot of protein during the treatment period. This is lean meat, fish, seafood. They have a beneficial effect on male strength, sperm motility. It is also recommended to introduce such a useful beekeeping product as honey on the menu. It’s better to replace sugar with it. Honey acts on a man’s body as an immunostimulant. Also, the menu should have a lot of greenery. It contains vitamins, minerals that help strengthen men's health.

Be sure to eat foods that contain vitamin E. It is in the liver, eggs, green onions and peas, sea buckthorn, sunflower, corn. It is advisable to enrich the menu and seaweed as a source of iodine and iron. As a dessert, walnuts with honey will be very useful for men.

Causes of infertility in men

A complete list of causes, manifestations of infertility in men is not installed. They can be:

  • Congenital pathologies of internal organs.
  • Acquired due to chronic health problems and surgical interventions, pathology.
  • Severe course of viral and bacterial diseases.
  • Hormonal disruptions.
  • Violations of internal processes in the body.
  • Inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.
  • Severe stress, mental illness and frustration. Frequent physical activity in large quantities.
  • Varicose veins of the spermatic cord.
  • Genetic heredity.
  • Violations of physiological processes of a sexual nature. This implies impotence, a complete or insufficient erection.
  • Unidentified factors. This includes many potential factors that affect the reproductive function of men. However, scientists failed to establish the authenticity of whether they caused infertility or not.

In 80% of cases when men turn to medical institutions, it is not possible to establish what was the impetus for provoking this complex problem. Treatment is prescribed based on the types identified:

  • Primary infertility. When a man has no children of his own.
  • Secondary infertility This type includes those who already have children. This refers to the lack of ability to conceive a baby at a particular moment when a person turned to doctors.

Male Infertility Prevention

This disease is subject to the generally accepted rule that it is easier to prevent the onset of an ailment than to deal with the consequences later. Such a thesis may be surprising, however, and there are preventative measures in the fight against infertility. These include:

  1. Timely visits to medical specialists when there is the slightest discomfort in the genitourinary organs, during sex and urination.
  2. Regular tests to detect viruses and bacteria that are sexually transmitted. This is especially true of chlamydia prevalent today. And accordingly, a visit to a venereologist at least 1 time in 3 months.
  3. Avoiding frequent stressful situations. If this is not possible, take sedatives.
  4. Mandatory alternation of work and rest. Sleep at least 6 hours a day.
  5. Timely and systematic treatment of inflammatory and chronic diseases.

Infertility Treatment Methods

Modern medicine identifies several methods of treating infertility in men. The choice of one is determined by whether the causes of the disease are established, if so what, the results of tests and all appropriate examinations including a visual examination of the doctor and ultrasound. The most frequent patients are:

  • Medication. It prescribes prescription of tablets with chemical and plant components.
  • Therapy. Divided into: VLOK and ozone therapy. Each of them has its own focus. VLOK affects sperm production, their motility, and lipid oxidation. Thus, this method has a positive effect on the prevention of the appearance of tumors in the genitourinary system. Ozone therapy is prescribed to get rid of lesions of the male reproductive system by viruses.
  • Surgical intervention. It is allowed in cases where the problem is in the spermatic cord, blockage of the vas deferens and hernias.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out independently treatment of infertility in men at home. Not only will there be no sense in this, but also the consequences can be very terrible for life and health. Although doctors do not deny the positive effects of alternative recipes. But only when they enter the therapeutic complex, established and agreed with the attending physician. Special merits for getting rid of infertility went to several of the most effective recipes.

Mummy with male infertility

The use of mummies as a drug gives a positive result in the treatment of infertility only if the causes that cause it are physiological in nature. In the presence of genetic or anatomical pathologies, it will not help. Given the high concentration of antiseptic elements in it, it easily copes with inflammations, viruses and bacteria, which caused the inability to conceive a child.

Plantain broth as an effective remedy for infertility

This plant is different in that it is used for medicinal purposes completely: root, branches, leaves, seeds. It is rich in protein compounds, enzymes, resins, oils, polysaccharides. It is the last element that has a beneficial effect on the treatment of infertility. And the phytosterol in its composition affects the hormonal background.

Plantain seeds have a good effect on increasing sperm motility, and they are used to make a decoction.

Sage for male infertility

Treatment of male infertility with herbs is due to their high effectiveness. Sage in folk medicine is used to treat various diseases. This is an excellent remedy for inflammation and bacterial infections. This herb also helps with male infertility, but only in those cases if the cause of its occurrence lies in inflammatory processes or infections, both viral and bacterial.

Sage is best harvested on its own. Herbalists advise doing this from July to August in clean places located far from highways and busy settlements. But you can buy dry sage in a pharmacy.

Alcohol tincture of hawthorn for the treatment of male infertility

It is possible to get rid of male infertility with the help of an alcohol tincture of hawthorn only if serious stress or life shocks, as well as microbial infections or inflammatory diseases occurring against them, became the cause of it. With congenital pathologies or viral diseases, this remedy will not bring the expected effect.

Take tincture of hawthorn three times a day. It is recommended to do this half an hour before a meal. The recommended single dose is one teaspoon. An unpleasant taste infusion can be added to sweetened water. The course of treatment for hawthorn should be at least a month. After this, you should take a ten-day break, and then, if necessary, repeat the reception of the infusion.

Basil for the treatment of male infertility

Basil is a well-known spice that is used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, salads and side dishes. It is also considered an excellent tool for male potency. From infertility, basil can help if the sperm are inactive or the erectile function is impaired. But do not think that it will be enough just to eat basil in food as a seasoning and everything will normalize. Of course, this option is also possible, but it may not be enough to solve the problem.

Honey and larval milk for male infertility

Everyone is familiar with such a useful and tasty ingredient as honey. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is taken from various diseases, not only internally, but also externally. Another no less, and even more likely more useful beekeeping product is larva milk. You can buy it at pharmacies or apiaries. It has all the same functions as honey, and also helps the body to tone. That is why larval milk is considered an excellent remedy for weak erections and sedentary sperm.

Onions for male infertility

It would seem that such a simple remedy as onions is used only in food. In fact, it is often used to treat various diseases. The fact is that onions are rich in minerals and trace elements. So, for example, it contains more vitamin C than lemon. Onions are useful to eat raw or to prepare infusions from it. With male infertility, this remedy helps only if it manifests itself in the form of inflammatory processes and various infections.

The use of herbs and other folk remedies will be a good complement to the comprehensive treatment of such a complex disease as infertility. However, before you start taking them, you should definitely consult with your doctor about their compatibility with the medicines that he prescribed.

Tips before starting treatment

Before treating infertility with folk remedies, you need to find out a reason that does not allow a woman to become pregnant or to impregnate a partner with a man.

The main causes of infertility in male patients:

  • The absence or small number of sperm that can reproduce healthy offspring,
  • Tubing impairment,
  • Infections
  • Bad potency.

Prerequisites by which a woman cannot become pregnant:

  • Pelvic infections
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes,
  • Pathology of the uterus,
  • Endometriosis

First of all, the patient, together with the doctors, must check the functionality of her reproductive system: whether the egg matures, ovulation occurs, if there are any abnormalities, and only after that infertility treatment in women with folk remedies is carried out. First, it is important to know the diagnosis, and only then to treat infertility in women.

A man must pass a spermogram. This is a traditional way to identify male reproductive system problems. It allows you to figure out how to treat male infertility. She will reveal his ability to fertilize a woman.

Causes of Infertility in Men

Male infertility is the inability of a gynecologically healthy woman to become pregnant from a partner during the year and more regular sexually active communication without protection. The symptom of male infertility is one: a woman cannot become pregnant. Infertility in men, causes and treatment of the disease, the topic of our conversation today.

The main causes of male infertility include:

  1. The pathological condition of sperm: a small volume of ejaculate with an insufficient number of sperm, a short period of their viability and inactivity, inability to penetrate the egg.
  2. Anatomical abnormalities that interfere with normal ejaculation (ejaculation), such as adhesions after surgery on the pelvic organs or prostate gland, blockage of the vas deferens (consequences of inflammatory diseases, especially gonorrhea).
  3. Problems in the immune system. Some men develop antibodies that perceive their own sperm as a foreign substance. Especially often (in every second case) this is observed after a vasectomy (surgical sterilization of a man with preservation of sexual function). Even if an operation is performed, the reverse vasectomy, it does not always restore the ability to bear children, and one of the reasons is the failure of the immune system.

Benefits of Traditional Medicine

In the middle of the 20th century, pharmacology stepped forward, which affected the decrease in the use of prescriptions with herbal ingredients. But synthesized medicines have a lot of side effects and contraindications, for example, after a course of antibiotics, dysbiosis begins.

If interest in folk recipes fell in the 50-60s, then in the 90s of the 20th century people began to use non-native medicine again, as a remedy for many diseases, and the growth in the use of synthetic medicines decreased.

Folk remedies for infertility created from natural components are multifunctional, have a mild effect on the body, remain effective for a long time, and are not addictive. Folk recipes are used as the main, auxiliary, restorative therapy. Therefore, male infertility can be treated with folk remedies.

Asymptomatic disease

The symptom of male infertility is one: a woman cannot become pregnant.

Infertility is not an independent disease, but one of the manifestations of any ailment:

  • brain pathology (tumors, injuries, inflammatory processes),
  • mental illness (neurosis, depression),
  • diseases of the endocrine system (thyroid gland, pancreas),
  • inflammatory diseases of the testicles and appendages, trauma to the penis,
  • liver, kidney disease,
  • infections (mumps, gonorrhea, syphilis),
  • heart and vascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis),
  • drug use, alcoholism, nicotine addiction,
  • the use of certain drugs
  • exposure to toxic substances (poor ecology, harmful production),
  • consequences after operations of the pelvic organs (rectum, testicles, prostate gland),
  • physical condition (overwork, stress, lack of sleep).

In almost all cases, after eliminating the underlying ailment, male fertility is gradually restored.

Male Infertility Treatment Methods

The most promising is a comprehensive recovery. Initially, you need to streamline your lifestyle:

  • have a good rest
  • do sport,
  • eat ecologically healthy food with regular inclusion in the menu of products containing unsaturated fatty acids (fatty fish),
  • in a man’s diet, what vitamins help a woman get pregnant quickly? First of all, vitamins A, E, B 12, C, as well as trace elements zinc and selenium, which will improve sperm cells, increase their number,
  • quit smoking, alcohol abuse, especially beer (this drink contains a huge amount of female phytohormones that can be compared with a male contraceptive)
  • You can not expose the body to regular psychological and physical stresses (adrenaline rush, hypothermia or hot bath).

Depending on the cause of the reproductive dysfunction, treatment is selected. The most common medical events:

  • therapy (hormonal, antibacterial) with the simultaneous intake of a complex of vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements,
  • homeopathy (taking homeopathic medicines that stimulate the function of the gonads, activity of the nervous system, increase efficiency),
  • adaptogenic herbal medicine: pantocrine, tinctures of eleutherococcus, lemongrass, zamaniha root, ginseng root, aralia, dosage and duration of treatment are prescribed by a doctor. You should be aware that adaptogens are used until 7 pm, since they lead to impaired falling asleep and insomnia,
  • physiotherapy (sessions in a pressure chamber, acupuncture, laser and magnetic physiotherapy, EHF give a good result),
  • therapeutic fasting (recommended for neurotic patients, obese, with hypertension or chronic prostatitis) only under the supervision of a doctor,
  • hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) - only a doctor prescribes and conducts sessions.

Surgical intervention is not excluded (with pathology and injuries of the penis, with varicocele disease). Medication or surgery is prescribed only by a doctor.

Treatment of infertility in men with folk remedies and medicines: recipes

In case of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child, the couple should be examined. If no problems were found on the part of the female body, then the cause of infertility lies in the man. To identify the causes, you must pass a spermogram. For a successful conception of a baby, it is important that there is a sufficient number of motile, active sperm of the correct form in the seminal fluid.

Sometimes, if there is a sufficient number of healthy sperm in the sperm, their gluing is observed, which prevents conception. Infertility treatment in men is carried out after determining the causes of the pathology. There is no doubt whether male infertility is treated, in most cases it is possible to cope with the problem.

We will talk about folk and drug methods of treatment of this pathology.

Forms of Male Infertility

Before you talk about the treatment of infertility with folk remedies and medicines, it is worth understanding the forms of the disease. In medicine, there are many causes of deterioration in the quality of seminal fluid: unsuccessful operations, spinal injuries, stress, diabetes, etc. When diagnosing this pathology, it is important to identify the root cause of the disease. Only after this can male fertility be successfully treated.

Whether infertility is treated in men depends a lot on the form of the disease. The following types of it exist:

  1. Secretory infertility. This form develops in violation of the testes. As a result, sperm can be underdeveloped or inactive.
  2. Relative. This includes all cases for no apparent reason. Most often, for therapeutic purposes, psychotherapy is indicated.
  3. Obstructive. With this form, there is a deterioration in the movement of sperm along the seminiferous tubules. If this is observed only on one side, then the number of germ cells in the ejaculate is reduced. With bilateral obstruction in the sperm there are no germ cells.
  4. Infertility provoked by immunological problems. Pathology appears when sperm come into contact with blood (which should not be normal). Because of this, the immune system regards them as foreign elements, and produces antibodies against them. Immune cells bind to antigens on the surface of sperm and cause them to stick together.

Infertility Treatments

  • Steam compress. It is superimposed on the lower abdomen daily. For cooking, take barley, cook for half-ready, transfer to a thin cloth bag. Barley should be hot, but not burn. We keep this compress for 25–35 minutes. After removing the compress, a turundochka the size of a nut is inserted into the vagina. A tampon is made in this way: soak fresh parsley in unrefined sunflower oil, wrap with gauze, wrap it with a dense thread of wool.
  • From time immemorial, wormwood has been considered a universal and effective means in Russia. Cooking infusion from it. To do this, pour 2 teaspoons of raw materials into a container. Pour three hundred grams of water, insist, closing the lid, about 4 hours. Then the infusion boils and cools. A decoction of wormwood is filtered, we drink it cold at 100 grams 2 times a day.
  • A recipe based on three herbs (winterhawk, pear and pear uterus) is quite effective in both female and male infertility. Three courses of treatment are enough to establish the work of the genitourinary system. We take 1,500 grams of vodka and a mixture of herbs (each 50 grams each), mix, close the lid and let it brew for 14 days. We drink such an infusion in half a tablespoon three times a day. And also a decoction of the uterine womb will save from the threat of miscarriage.
  • Plantain seeds treat inflammation in the fallopian tubes, because of which a woman cannot become pregnant. Two teaspoons of dry raw materials are poured with 250 grams of boiling water, boiled for five minutes and kept under cover for the same amount of time. Leave to cool and insist, drink 2 teaspoons three times a day. Course: fourteen days. The finished medicine is stored for no more than 72 hours. This is an effective tool for male patients.
  • Sundew. To prepare the medicinal infusion, take 2 teaspoons of dry grass, pour 200 g. boiling water and infuse for 60 minutes. We drink broth for 4 tsp. three times a day.
  • Broth and salty juice of the sage herb. Please note: do not increase the dosage indicated in the recipe. For cooking, take 2 teaspoons of dry raw materials, pour boiling water (0, 2 liters). Divide into three parts. We drink 1 part at a time 3 times a day 30 minutes before eating. To make juice, we need fresh sage. Grind the grass in a blender to a pulp state, squeeze the juice. We drink the resulting juice in half a tablespoon 2 times a day. We start this treatment after menstruation, continue for 14 days.
  • A decoction based on knotweed. A handful of dry grass is steamed in 500 grams of boiling water and insisted warm for 2-3 hours. We drink decoction from knotweed at 0, 1 liter 4 times a day.
  • A mixture of honey (500 gr.), Anise (50 gr.), Celery (50 gr.) And dill seeds (100 gr.) Is prepared in this way: grind vegetable raw materials, mix with juice. We eat 6 teaspoons 3 times a day.
  • We take a pinch of calendula, plantain, bearberry, motherwort, St. John's wort, buckthorn bark, horsetail and immortelle. Grind, mix. Pour 500 grams of boiling water, infuse and filter. We drink 100 grams 3 times a day for a month.
  • Grains of young wheat are squeezed. The resulting juice from infertility can be drunk 2 times a day in 100 ml.
  • Leek creeping. We take 2 tablespoons of vegetable raw materials and steam in 400 gr. boiling water. We insist and drink 100 grams 4 times a day.
  • Infusion of rose hips. Four teaspoons of fruit are brewed in boiling water (0.2 liters). Dosage: a tablespoon of broth 2 times a day.
  • Decoction of grass of sundew. We take a tablespoon of a dry plant and pour in 0, 2 liters of boiling water. We insist and drink 2 tablespoons three times a day.
  • Royal clove on vodka. We take 0, 5 vodka and a tablespoon of plant material, we insist 14 days in a dark place. Then we filter the alcohol tincture. Pour again for 14 days. We mix the first and second "spin". We drink the medicine 3 times a day on an empty stomach in a tablespoon of tincture. The course of treatment: 3 times.

Bees will help

Apitherapy and reception of beekeeping products contribute to the replacement of the lack of male sex hormones in the body and the improvement of the quantity and quality of sperm:

  • use of bee venom - a course of treatment is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor and with the help of an experienced beekeeper,
  • 4% royal jelly daily in the morning on an empty stomach to keep in the mouth 5-8 drops of the substance until it is completely absorbed, the course is 2 months, take a break of 10 days and repeat the treatment,
  • dissolve three times a day on an empty stomach flower pollen or bee bread (better absorbed) for 1-2 teaspoons, the treatment period is the same as with royal jelly,
  • wax moth extract increases sperm motility,
  • propolis - chew daily 1-3 g of the substance, swallowing the saliva secreted.

Preparations with bee venom for injection, uterine milk in tablets can be bought at pharmacies, phyto pharmacies offer wax moths.

Drug treatment

How to treat male infertility, say the andrologist or urologist. Depending on the causes of infertility, a man will be recommended to be treated with some of the following drugs:

  • with inactivity and poor sperm morphology, vitamin E is prescribed,
  • to improve the quality of ejaculate, vitamin D supplementation is recommended,
  • complex multivitamin preparations will strengthen the body of a man,
  • if infertility is provoked by hormonal disruptions, prescribe hormonal drugs,
  • antibiotics are indicated in the presence of inflammatory processes and to kill a pathogenic infection,
  • with the immunological nature of the pathology, medications are prescribed to suppress the activity of the immune system, which destroys sperm.

In order to cure infertility caused by injuries, varicocele, obstruction of the seminiferous tubules, surgical treatment is indicated. Also, the operation is carried out in the presence of such diseases:

  • inguinal scrotal hernia,
  • cryptorchidism
  • urinary tract pathology,
  • obstructive azoospermia,
  • phimosis.

Folk remedies for male infertility

In order to cure infertility, a man is recommended to use a number of the following recipes:

  • A decoction of hawthorn. To cook according to this recipe, you need to take a tablespoon of hawthorn fruit, pour 0.5 boiling water and leave for 60 minutes. We drink half a glass three times a day.
  • Elderberry tea. In drugstores you can buy special tea in filter bags. Such tea is brewed in a glass of hot water and infused for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pomegranate juice. Naturally prepared pomegranate juice is drunk 250 grams per day 3 times a day. You should not buy ready-made juice, it has been processed many times and contains a lot of sugar. If you can’t do the juice yourself, you need to eat one pomegranate a day.
  • We take white mulberry foliage, walnut foliage, pine tops, Irish moss in equal proportions, chop and mix. Pour 4 tsp. mix, pour boiling water, add half a tablespoon of flaxseed. Boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Let the broth cool, filter it. Add honey and lemon to the drink and drink 3 times a day.
  • It is useful to enrich salads, smoothies, dairy products with flax seeds.
  • You can stimulate spermatogenesis using vitamin E. To do this, take bright red roses, pluck their buds, prepare syrup based on the petals and drink 1-2 teaspoons per day. Syrup is rich in vitamin E.
  • They treat hormonal disruptions and disorders with the help of a medicine from chrysanthemum. It is beneficial for men to inhale the aroma of these flowers, and to enhance the effect, the petals are added to the prepared dishes and eat.
  • To improve sperm quality, it is recommended to use the mummy inside. And mountain resin has a great effect on potency.
  • And also if the cause of infertility is a decrease in sexual function, then the patient is recommended the juice of carrots, blueberries, sea buckthorn with the addition of mummies. Such juice is drunk before meals in the morning and evening. Treated for at least one month. Proportions for cooking, mummy -1 part (no more than 1 gr.), Vegetable juice - 20 parts.
  • Quince juice. Do it yourself, drink 2 teaspoons. Beginning of the course on the young growing moon, the end when the moon grows by two-thirds.
  • Hypericum fumigation of an apartment and men's clothing.
  • Infusion of adonis. We take 2 teaspoons of adonis, pour 500 grams of boiling water and insist, broth for 60 minutes. Wrap the container in a warm thing. We drink three times a day.
  • With the problem of male infertility, an infusion of Adam's root helps. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of the root, pour boiling water, let it brew for 2-3 hours, sit and drink 2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day.
  • Infusion based on ramischia one-sided. We take 6 teaspoons of plant material, pour 500 grams of boiling water, insist for 10 hours. We drink 3 times a day for half a glass. Remember: a decoction should be consumed only after a meal.
  • We make onion gruel. To do this, three onions on a fine grater. Pour boiling water (250 gr.). Bring to a boil in a water bath and continue to boil for 15 minutes. We drink 3 times a day for 150 gr. before eating food.
  • Pour dry basil with boiling water. We take 2 teaspoons of basil, and boiling water - 250 grams. Basil infusion is infused for 30 minutes, we drink 60 grams before eating.
  • A mixture based on grape wine and honey. Squeeze the juice of three lemons, take three chicken yolks, a glass of wine and the same amount of honey. Mix all the ingredients together. The resulting mixture should be taken twice a day before eating 2 teaspoons each.

Special nutrition

It is worth noting that it is important to treat male infertility with folk remedies, eating correctly, using products recommended for men's health.

  • For men, it is recommended to increase the intake of fructose in the diet for sperm maturation. It is found in oranges, yellow apples with a sweet taste, grapefruit. It is also good to eat lemons and chocolate.
  • Sperm activity increases with the use of seafood - crab meat, shrimp and squid. These foods are rich in zinc.
  • To improve sperm quality, it is recommended to eat wild berries. This strawberry, forest strawberry, raspberry, lingonberry, blueberry, etc. Legumes, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds have the same effect.
  • To remove the inflammatory processes should eat more tomatoes. Oddly enough, coffee has a positive effect on improving men's health.
  • How to cure the inability to conceive? It is important not only to be treated with traditional medicine, but also to eat the right products. Women need phosphorus, which will improve the process of egg maturation. This is a fish of fatty varieties. And cabbage will improve the functioning of the uterus and restore cycle disorders. And you should also eat foods containing magnesium and vitamin B. It is found in oatmeal, brown rice, oranges and lemons.
  • It is equally beneficial for men and women to eat more dairy products and enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables. Refuse mayonnaise, flavored salads with linseed and pumpkin oil.
  • It is useful to eat dried fruits, add spices and a lot of greens to the menu.

Causes of Male Infertility

  1. Sexually transmitted infections, especially chlamydia. It can also arise from non-observance of personal hygiene, namely, if you wipe it with a wet towel of another person (even the closest or family member), live bacteria are mixed, because in a humid environment they develop and multiply well and you can get this kind of trouble.
  2. Too low testosterone (the main male hormone) in the body, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, any malfunctioning hormones, and subsequently this overweight, obesity.
    It is sad, but more than 20% of men in our country alone are overweight, thinking that a beer belly cannot affect its male power, and how many such representatives around the world are scary to think.
  3. There is a disease such as varicocele, often it manifests itself in early childhood or during puberty and is an enlarged vein in the spermatic cord around the testicle itself.Varicocele is not dangerous, but can be the reason for the absence of children. In the presence of such a disease, a man has blueness in the left side of the scrotum, insufficient elasticity, volume and tenderness in the testicle.
  4. Any inflammation in the urine - reproductive system (urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis ...).
  5. Immune disorders. With a decrease in immunity, the body secretes specific antibodies that affect the quality and speed of sperm.
  6. Weak or absent erection, premature ejaculation - can befall men of completely different age lines, from 25-50 years old. In this case, the most important thing is to come to a specialist with a problem on time.
  7. Pathologies, defects, injuries in the structure and location of the testicles or the penis itself. They can be, both congenital, genetic, and acquired, due to life circumstances.
  8. Diseases transferred in childhood: rubella, mumps, and measles.
  9. A sitting position of the body for more than 4 hours a day, can pinch the spermatic cord and pull a number of male problems, as well as wearing too tight underwear and tight, tight trousers and jeans.

It also affects our health, including the intimate aspect - ecology, lifestyle, the presence of bad habits, poor nutrition, psycho-emotional state, neglect of hygiene rules, long-term use of hormones, steroids, protein in large quantities.


The most common form in which the normal functioning of the testicles is impaired, sperm motility, their quantity and quality deteriorate, the appearance of an inguinal hernia after operations in the groin and bladder may also be the cause of this type. It is not excluded that secretory infertility can be from birth, transmitted by genetics.

The chances of curing this type are quite high with a competent, high-quality approach.


A more complex view than the previous one, since the process of sperm movement and movement along the canals on one or both sides is disturbed here. In the first case, sperm simply decrease significantly in number, in the second they are completely absent. Various formations in the form of a tumor, cyst, scar after undergoing any operation on the vas deferens canal, as well as if there were serious operations with complications in the organs of the small pelvis, can also prevent sperm exit.

In approximately 5% of cases worldwide, syphilis and genital tuberculosis are also the cause of this type of infertility.

Immunological or autoimmune

This is the case when a man can conceive a child, but carried a specific woman, that is, a kind of incompatibility, moreover, individually, both partners can successfully have children.
Antisperm antibodies are secreted, which create a membrane around the sperm themselves, thereby slowing their movement and connection with the egg of a woman.
This type occurs quite often, one pair out of 100 is incompatible with each other and no prayers, methods of treatment are not subject to such laws of nature.

Causes of Infertility

One of the main causes of male infertility is testosterone deficiency. In men with testosterone deficiency, as a rule, there is an excess of adipose tissue in the abdomen. They can also be depressed, feel constant fatigue, decreased libido. Low testosterone can lead to osteoporosis, a deficiency of male sex hormone increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. First of all, to increase the level of the hormone, you need to reduce excess body weight. The correct weight loss program should include moderate regular physical activity and a healthy balanced diet.

The second common cause of infertility is obstruction of the vas deferens. In this case, the formed male germ cells (sperm) do not exit. Violations of the anatomical paths to eliminate the man alone is not capable. Only a doctor can get rid of obstruction of the vas deferens.

And the third, but no less significant cause of infertility is the low activity of male gametes. If a man cannot fertilize a woman, then this may be due to the non-viability of the sperm or in the case of insufficient production of these germ cells. The norm is when 20 ml of sperm are present in 1 ml of sperm, at least half of which must be active. But even if a man’s gametes are practically immobilized in a guy, with the right approach, it is possible to fertilize an egg with low activity sperm.

Infertility treatment folk remedies

Before treating infertility in a man with folk remedies, you need to find the root of the problem. To do this, the patient must have a spermogram and a blood test to determine the level of testosterone. Only two procedures can cover the three main factors in the development of infertility. Thanks to the spermogram, the doctor will determine the volume of the ejaculant, its viscosity, the number and mobility of sperm, the method of their movement, the shape of the head and tail of the gametes.

Now, after determining the cause of infertility, you can think about treatment with folk remedies. They are selected according to the problem. There are folk remedies for infertility in men that increase the activity of male germ cells and those that increase testosterone levels. Typically, traditional medicine recipes are based on the correct selection and use of medicinal herbs.

Garden herbal medicine

  1. Healers are advised to consume persimmons, prunes, and walnuts in high volumes. It is recommended to add to the diet (in salads, as a seasoning for meat dishes) roots and greens of celery, parsley.
  2. Parsnip is useful - a root crop in dry form as a seasoning for meat, and an infusion of seeds.
  3. With a healthy liver and kidneys, be sure to eat onions and garlic daily.
  4. Before going to bed, drink a carrot and milk shake: 1 tbsp. l freshly grated vegetable is poured with 150 ml of boiled milk. Infuse the drink for 40 minutes. Treatment for 2 weeks with the same period of a break between courses.
  5. Gruel from turnips. Rinse a vegetable weighing 100 g (the size of a small apple), thoroughly boil it in milk, skip it in a meat grinder. Mix with honey and carrot juice (both of 50 g each). Divide the gruel into 3 daily meals before meals.

Folk methods

Also, a man can use folk remedies for infertility:

  1. A good remedy for male infertility is freshly squeezed quince juice. Treatment begins on a young growing moon. Every evening, take 100 ml of healing juice.
  2. With slow-moving sperm, baths with infusion of plantain grass are shown. Take the leaves and rhizomes of the plant (50 g), brew in boiling water (one liter) and incubate for 40 minutes. The product is filtered and added to the bath. It is important to take at least 15 baths during one season. In the summer, it is better to refuse the procedure.
  3. Tea with pink and white rose petals is rich in vitamin E. It is necessary to improve the reproductive system. Oil, healing syrup and water are also prepared from the petals.
  4. Another way to treat infertility is to take the infusion of knotweed. 45 g of dry raw material is poured with boiling water (0.5 l). The medicine is kept in a thermos for 4 hours. Take 100 ml four times before meals.
  5. It is useful to drink a decoction of knotweed. In this recipe, 0.25 ml of warm water is taken per 20 g of raw material. The mixture is kept in a water bath for 1/3 hours. Then wrap the container and let it brew for ¾ hour. The broth is taken in 30 ml four times.
  6. With poor-quality spermogram, it is useful to drink a mummy. 0.3 g of the product is dissolved in a glass of carrot juice. You can also take blueberry or sea buckthorn juice. Duration of admission is 28 days. The medicine is drunk on an empty stomach in the morning and before bedtime. To enhance the effect, along with the juice, drink the yolk of a chicken egg.
  7. Tea based on bird mountaineer will help with infertility. For its preparation, 100 g of raw materials are brewed in a liter of boiling water.
  8. Instead of regular tea and coffee, it is useful to drink the infusion of adonis. 15 g of grass are placed in a thermos and 0.25 l of boiling water is poured. Stand for 2 hours.
  9. Regular intake of ramshia one-sided is indicated for male infertility. To prepare the medicine, 45 g of grass is placed in a thermos and filled with water (half a liter of boiling water). The product is kept in a thermos throughout the night, they drink 0.15 liters four times 1 hour before meals.

Natural cure for colza

It helps with infertility in men folk remedy for colza. It is suitable for the treatment of prostatitis, helps in case of problems with spermatogenesis, promotes the conception of a child by a man who has infertility of unknown origin.

It is best for infertility to use a folk remedy from the seeds of colza, coriander, carrots, plantain, onions and parsley. The components are mixed in equal proportions and pushed into a mortar. Two tablespoons of healing powder are poured with 500 ml of boiling water, and then infused in a thermos for two hours.

Drink the prepared product four times a day 20 minutes before eating. The full course of treatment is three months.

Attention: you can prepare a decoction only from colza. This plant alone can increase sexual activity and sperm production, as well as increase sperm motility.

Pine uterus for guys

To get rid of the inflammatory processes that cause infertility, a man should drink an infusion of the pine uterus. It is very easy to cook. It is enough to pour 10 g of the plant with a glass of boiling water. After that, the container is covered with a lid and placed for 20 minutes in a dark, warm and dry place. Do not rush to drink the infusion immediately - the healing fluid needs to be filtered.

Take a decoction three times a day for a tablespoon an hour before a meal. Treatment with this folk remedy should be carried out for a month.

In addition to a decoction of male infertility, a tincture from the pine uterus is also prepared. For her, in addition to 50 g of grass, you need 500 ml of vodka. The combined ingredients should be infused in the bottle for two weeks. Store tincture in a dark and warm place. Every day it must be shaken. After filtering, the tincture should also stand where the sun does not fall.

They drink tincture from infertility for three weeks. They do not use it in its pure form. For one dose, you need only 30 drops of tincture diluted in 100 ml of water. The procedure is repeated three times a day an hour before the meal.

Clove for sperm motility

For those guys who have low germ-cell activity, clove tincture will help. For her you need: 30 g of field cloves and 500 ml of vodka. Such a tool is infused for 14 days in a dark place.

Use tincture of field cloves on the dining bed three times a day. Take it a quarter of an hour before meals.

Attention: ask field cloves from herbalists.

Persimmon to increase testosterone

Sometimes, in order to get rid of infertility, it is enough for a man to increase the level of sex hormone. Persimmon will help him in this. From it you need to cook pulp, chopping the fruit in a blender. 200 ml of cream, a tablespoon of chopped dry Icelandic moss and a third of a teaspoon of cinnamon are added to one medium persimmon. After mixing the product, it is put in the refrigerator overnight. Eat healthy gruel in the morning for breakfast.

General recommendations for increasing testosterone

If a blood test showed that you have low testosterone, then you can solve the problem by increasing the level of male hormone at home and without the help of herbs. This is not fiction. Having listened to ten recommendations, any man can easily get rid of infertility that arose due to lack of testosterone.

  1. Include zinc in your diet. Eat more seafood, poultry, eggs, liver, nuts, milk, and seeds. It is zinc that is the main component in the composition of testosterone. It converts female sex hormones into male and does not allow their reverse transformation.
  2. Drink vitamins. Vitamins A, B, E play a role in the production of testosterone. If a man’s body lacks these vitamins, it reduces the production of testosterone. Equally important is vitamin C, which prevents testosterone from turning into estrogen. It also reduces cortisol, which negatively affects the production of male sex hormones.
  3. Eat healthy fats necessary for the normal production of sex hormones. You will find them in fatty fish, seeds, nuts, avocados, peanut and olive oils.
  4. Get rid of excess weight. After all, aromatase, which is contained in overgrown adipose tissue, can turn testosterone into estrogen. If you want to lose weight, do not try to starve, otherwise the body can completely stop the production of testosterone.
  5. Go in for sports, but in moderation. Excessive exercise provokes an increase in cortisol and a decrease in testosterone.

Every man must understand that it is difficult to cure infertility with herbs and other natural products. Before trying on yourself recipes of traditional medicine, be sure to consult your doctor about the advisability of using grandmother's remedy in your case. And remember that alternative therapy usually gives a good result if it is combined with medical and / or surgical treatment.

Herbal infusions

Equal parts of dry raw materials: rose hips, oat straw, thyme herbs, knotweed herbs, chicory herbs and roots. Grind and mix the components. From the collection taken for treatment 1 tbsp. l mixes for a day. Pour the powder into a thermos, pour 2 cups of water there. Insist 4 hours, filter. Drink fluid in the mornings and evenings.

Medicinal Lungwort. Dried grass 2 tbsp. l poured with boiling water 0.5, the infusion stews for 15 minutes in a water bath, insist for 40 minutes under the lid, strain. Treatment 1 month: half a cup of broth half an hour before meals three times a day.

Dried raw materials are required: 6 parts of 3-colored violet and 6 parts of burdock roots, 4 parts of rhizomes of creeping wheatgrass and Veronica (grass). To grind. In a bowl with 4 cups boiling water, pour a mixture of 3 tbsp. l., a quarter of an hour boil. Strain after 3 hours of infusion. Daily dosage: 5 times 0.5 cup.

Rosehip broth is very useful for men with infertility problems as the main drink for the whole day. Linden tea, an infusion of rose petals of dark red or burgundy color helps.

Healing seed

Plantain helps with low sperm motility: seeds of 1 tbsp. l pour a glass of boiling water, kept for 5 minutes, the drug in a water bath, filtered. Drink 4 times a day for 2 tbsp. l., slightly warming up. The course of treatment is 90 days.

Coriander seeds . Extends the viability of sperm infusion of coriander seed: 3 tbsp. l brew seeds with boiling water 1 l, insist 10 minutes, strain. Divide the liquid equally in 2 days. Drink 2 sips during the day.

Sage: 1 teaspoon is needed per glass of boiling water seed, leave to cool, strain. Drink a course of 3 months in the morning on an empty stomach and at night for 1 dess. l

Black cumin seed oil (buy a pharmacy drug). Take 1 tsp oil, washed down with herbal tea from chamomile and thyme, sweetened with honey. Tea drinking course - 3 months. After a 60 day break, repeat the treatment that improves sperm count and motility.

Who to contact?

If a problem with fertility is identified, a man needs to be registered with a doctor. Andrologist treats male infertility - it is this specialist who prescribes the necessary types of examinations and analyzes, studies the overall picture of the results and determines the course of treatment.

Therapy is complex, therefore, other narrow specialists are also involved:

  • urologists
  • genetics
  • infectious disease specialists
  • venereologists and others

The panel of doctors selects an individual method of treatment, relying mainly on the cause of male infertility.

How is the therapy

Analysis for male infertility and other types of examinations is the first stage in the treatment of infertility.The andrologist first conducts a conversation about the patient's lifestyle, past infectious diseases. Then he examines the external genitalia for injuries and other external changes.

After that, the patient is sent to collect tests and other examinations necessary for the attending physician to establish the exact cause of infertility, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Possible tests and examinations:

  • hormone profile test,
  • blood test for sexually transmitted and infectious diseases,
  • Pelvic ultrasound,
  • MAR test
  • spermogram
  • Shuvarsky test
  • sowing sperm,
  • testicular biopsy
  • tumor markers, etc.

Varicocele and its treatment

Varicocele and infertility in men are closely related. This pathology refers to secretory disorders and is associated with circulatory disorders, scrotal veins. With testicular varicose veins, blood stasis occurs, which subsequently leads to problems of sexual arousal or ejaculation.

This disease can be cured using traditional therapy, and in a severe case of the disease, surgery is needed.

Treatment for male infertility with varicocele is to interrupt retrograde blood flow through the testicular vein. This eliminates hemodynamic disturbances in the testicle.

Mumps and infertility

Infertility in men after mumps is possible due to improper or untimely treatment of infection. Mumps (better known as mumps) affects not only the salivary glands, but also the sex glands in boys and men.

Infertility after mumps is almost impossible to diagnose before puberty. The consequences of the transferred infectious disease do not affect sexual life, there are no symptoms. As a rule, patients seek diagnosis after long attempts to conceive a child.

Diagnosis includes spermogram and ultrasound of the scrotum. The first analysis shows whether there are healthy, active sperm, and ultrasound - atrophied areas of the testicles.

Treatment of male infertility caused by the consequences of mumps occurs with the use of hormonal, immune therapy, and in severe cases, testicular surgery.

Traditional treatment includes the appointment of:

  • hormonal medications
  • immunostimulants:
  • radio pink,
  • ginseng
  • drugs that improve blood circulation in the vessels of the testicles (pentoxifylline),
  • vitamins (A, B, E, C).

You can avoid the disease by vaccination. Immunity after the vaccine lasts for 12 years. If a boy or a man is already sick, you need to carefully monitor your body temperature. Since with its increase there is a risk of inflammation of the scrotum. To cure the pathology without complications, you need to take antiviral drugs, a full course, according to the scheme proposed by the doctor.


If the lack of fertility is a consequence of an infectious disease, antibiotic therapy is prescribed. The etiological solution to the problem is based on the results of bacterial seeding of seminal fluid.

Complex phased therapy can be based on such drugs as:

  • Acyclovir
  • Nystatin
  • Metronidazole (antiprotozoal).

In case of problems with hormones, respectively, hormonal preparations are used, for:

  • eliminate endogenous deficiency,
  • blocking the synthesis of endocrine system hormones that can affect spermatogenesis,
  • improve metabolic processes in the body.

Also, with the help of drugs, infertility caused by:

  • the initial stage of varicocele,
  • tuberculosis and syphilis,
  • stress
  • vitamin deficiency
  • sexually transmitted and endocrine diseases,
  • impaired spermatogenesis,
  • problems with erection and ejaculation.

During treatment, the following drugs are used:

  • androgens
  • gonadotropins (menotropin),
  • bromocriptine
  • immunostimulants
  • biogenic preparations.

New method

Not so long ago, a new method of therapy for infertility in men was patented. Drug therapy that uses a combination of Riboxin and Lipoic acid is indicated in cases of a small number of sperm in the ejaculate or their inactivity.

The dosage is selected by the doctor, individually in each case, the duration of the course is from one week to a month. Sperm quality is improved due to their properties.


  • improved microcirculation,
  • stimulation of protein synthesis and intracellular metabolism.

Lipoic acid:

  • inactivation of toxic substances,
  • improved metabolism.


If drug therapy is not effective, then surgical interventions are prescribed, for example, with:

  • neglected form of varicocele,
  • inguinal hernia
  • dropsy of the testicle,
  • cryptorchidism.

In addition, obstructive infertility, i.e. obstruction of the canals is treated only by surgical intervention.

Often, doctors prescribe artificial insemination (the introduction of sperm mechanically into the vagina), with:

  • premature ejaculation
  • sperm motility,
  • problems with the exit of seminal fluid from the channel (trauma, consequences of surgical interventions).

Autoimmune infertility in men is an incurable form of reproductive system dysfunction. It is characterized by an immune response to its own sperm, due to the formation of antibodies in the blood.

  • scrotal injury
  • surgical interventions
  • inflammation.

Antibodies attach to the wall of the sperm, reducing its motility. Such a sperm is not able to fertilize an egg.


Treatment of male infertility with folk remedies can only be an addition to the general therapy prescribed by the attending physician (you must definitely inform the doctor about the use of folk remedies).

Patients leave positive feedback on the following recipes:

  • Infusion of grass highlander bird (knotweed). A tablespoon of raw materials should be filled with 200 ml of boiling water, held for 20 minutes in a water bath, and then insisted for an hour. Ready infusion should be drunk during the day.
  • A mixture of mummies and carrot juice increases the activity of sperm. It is necessary to add 0.5 grams of mummy to 250 ml of carrot juice. It is better to drink no more than once a day.
  • Basil is also used to treat reproductive dysfunction in men. Perhaps a simple meal with meat and fish dishes. You can also make an infusion of 20 grams of basil per 200 ml of boiling water. You need to consume 50 ml before meals.
  • Another recipe. The raw materials are crushed and mixed, all ingredients are taken in equal amounts. Two teaspoons of the collection are mixed with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed, pour a glass of water and set to simmer on fire for ten minutes. Then the broth is filtered and consumed instead of tea. Herb collection contains:
    • Icelandic moss
    • white mulberry berries,
    • walnut leaf
    • the tops of the pine.
  • Caucasian collection 72, consisting of 15 plant components improves potency, relieves inflammation of the seminal canals and prostate gland. The collection of 72 in male infertility normalizes spermatogenic function. It must be used according to the instructions. With caution to persons prone to allergic reactions.
  • Effectively daily use of royal jelly. It must be stored in candied honey to preserve properties. For 120 grams of honey - 20 grams of royal jelly. It is taken every day after eating one teaspoon.

What folk remedies are treated for infertility in men?

What folk remedies are treated for infertility in men?

Until recently, the main reason for the absence of a baby in the family was called exclusively female infertility. It was believed that a man's sexual intercourse was directly equivalent to fertilization.

However, thorough research and analysis showed that couples remain childless due to a woman's inability in only 50 cases out of 100. In approximately 40% of cases, a man is infertile.

In some particularly difficult cases, two suffer from infertility.

Male infertility can be associated not only with a violation of the endocrine system, chronic genital disease, complex intoxication, but also with psycho-neurological disorders of the system, or any general illness of the body. Immuno-chromosomal factors also play a role.

Infertility is in no way an independent disease. It is a complex of various diseases. If such a difficult problem has touched your family, time passes and passes, and pregnancy does not come, you can try to take advantage of the experience of our ancestors and cure man’s infertility in folk home-made ways.

Folk remedies for male infertility

Consider some of the most effective and time-tested recipes for male infertility.

Fresh onion treatment. A popular method among ancestors was the treatment of impotence and infertility with fresh onions (gruel). Peel and grind one onion, pour 200 ml of boiling water and hold in a water bath for about 15 minutes, cool. Consume 3 times a day, 100 ml, before meals.

1 cup of any red wine mix with the same amount of honey. Add three egg yolks and the juice of three lemons. The mixture is stored in a cool, dark place. Take one spoonful before meals, 2-3 p. for a day.

It will also be effective daily intake of tea or infusion from the fruits and inflorescences of black elderberry and the use of fresh pomegranate juice (one glass 3 r. per day)

6 whole eggs (together with shell) pour juice of lemons (about 12-15 pieces) Put in the refrigerator for 15 days.

During this time, the shell will completely dissolve, and the proteins and yolks will remain in place covered with a thin film. The protein is carefully removed. Add a tablespoon of brandy and any bee honey to the mixture.

Take 1 spoon, before eating, before mixing the sediment at the bottom.

In most cases, a man is difficult to psychologically endure his misfortune, he really needs support and understanding. Therefore, wives need patience and strength for the period of treatment, and it usually lasts a long time. The result will be visible, but not immediately.

Male infertility, treatment with folk remedies

Male infertility

Treatment with folk remedies

Hello dear readers of the traditional medicine recipes blog! Today I prepared an article for men, it will be about male infertility, which is often the main reason for the breakup of the family.

It turns out that infertility is not only female, but also male. There is also relative male infertility, in which there is an incompatibility of the egg and protein components of the sperm, and this can happen in completely healthy people.

This incompatibility is associated with sensitization of a woman's body to the sperm of the sexual partner.

Male infertility - the mechanism and causes of the development of the disease

● Aspermatism sometimes occurs with a constant urethra, when at the time of ejaculation (ejaculation) there is no contraction of the internal sphincter, which leads to the ingress of seed into the bladder.

Among men of childbearing age, the cause of male infertility is a pathological change in the composition of the seed, which is directly related to a violation of the spermatogenic function of the testicles or obstruction of the vas deferens.

● The potential for fertilization decreases with a decrease in the number of spermatozoa in the seed (ejaculate) - less than 1,000,000 per 1 ml. In a seed where there are no children for many years, as a rule, a woman is blamed for all sins.

Whereas men can play an important fatal role. Therefore, in such dysfunctional families, both spouses should be checked in detail.

Male infertility can be caused by abuse of alcohol, drugs, inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs, general weakness due to chronic diseases, smoking, depletion of sexual activity due to prolonged masturbation, sexual perversions and excesses, etc.

● The attending physician can best determine the diagnosis of male infertility by examining seminal fluid. Only after the examination, complex treatment begins.

Traditional medicine recommends, depending on the causes of the disease, the general nature of the treatment, supplementing the main therapy.

● Male infertility can be assumed if the spouse has not become pregnant during the last twelve months of marriage. The patient should be given sperm for analysis; in the laboratory, specialists will calculate the total number of live sperm in the sperm and determine their viability.

Before submitting material for analysis for two days, it is advisable to refrain from sexual intercourse, so that the number of sperm in the semen is maximum.

● In a healthy man, on average, up to 100 million motile sperm cells are detected in 1 cubic cm of sperm - this is quite enough for a successful conception.

Conception is less likely to occur with a decrease in the number of male germ cells in seminal fluid.

Infertility in men - alternative treatment-Herbal treatment, recipes of alternative medicine

Treatment of male diseases with folk remedies

Infertility in men is a folk treatment. Infertility is the inability of a mature organism to produce offspring. Infertility is diagnosed if pregnancy does not occur within the first two years of normal sexual life without the use of preservatives or if pregnancies have repeatedly ended in miscarriages. Infertile marriage is observed in approximately 10-20% of cases.

Experts believe that women have three main causes of infertility: problems with ovulation, changes in the fallopian tubes (obstruction) and endometriosis, a disease in which pieces of the endometrium lining the uterus separate and grow in the lower abdomen.

Male infertility caused mainly by changes in sperm, its insufficient quantity, low sperm activity. Both men and women can have hereditary causes leading to infertility.

In some cases (from 10 to 30 percent), the causes of infertility remain undetermined.

Most couples who want to cure infertility are treated with traditional methods, conservative and surgical, ranging from rhythmological and biorhythmic studies, the results of which help spouses to choose the best time for conception, to surgical correction of deficiencies, elimination of infertility can eliminate tube obstruction, removal of fibroids, treatment endometriosis. If problems are associated with ovulation, medications that stimulate ovulation can be prescribed, and biological rhythms are recommended.

Male Infertility - Causes

Infertility it can be caused by a whole bunch of congenital disorders, but they are not so widespread and are almost always accompanied by chronic diseases (cystic fibrosis, anemia with sickle-shaped red blood cells) or genital maldevelopment, chromosomal abnormalities, as well as hormonal deficiency.

A man with good health, typically male in appearance, having reached a relatively normal maturity in time, most likely lost the ability to fertilize at some stage of his adult life. The exception is men with a congenital absence of the vas deferens. Undescended testicles in 1% of newborns are another congenital cause of infertility.

Sperm cells are not able to survive at body temperature. Moreover, such testicles do not function well. Surgical correction made in early childhood improves spermatogenesis to a certain extent, but after puberty it is usually lower than normal. This tendency manifests itself in both testicles, even if only one of them is not omitted.

Hormonal disorders make up a significant share among the causes of infertility - from 5 to 10% of cases. They are often associated with diseases of the pituitary gland (tumors, cysts, infections, congenital hormonal redundancy or, vice versa, insufficiency).

Symptoms of hormonal disorders are usually very serious, at best, men who become ill after adulthood notice a decrease in libido (sexual desire).

Others are more likely signs of infertility - testicular atrophy, headaches, or swelling of the mammary glands. In childhood, violations in the production of sex hormones lead either to premature ripening, or to its complete absence.

The ability to conceive is also reduced by drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, increased smoking and alcohol consumption, mostly as a result of their general deterioration in health. Among the drugs prescribed by doctors, the greatest (and irreversible) infertility is caused by chemotherapeutic agents used for cancer.

Few other drugs can also cause a temporary deterioration that occurs after you stop taking them.

Anabolic steroids are likely to do the most harm - athletes and bodybuilders almost all secretly take them, trying to hide this fact even when infertility leads them to the doctor.

Moreover, since it is natural to assume that additionally taken male hormones should increase the ability to fertilize, men are always surprised to learn that in practice everything is the other way around. Sperm production is stimulated by the pituitary hormones, not testosterone at all.

As the main gland, the pituitary gland also regulates testosterone production by the testes. And if a man additionally takes male hormones, the pituitary gland immediately determines their excess and compensates for it, suppressing the activity of the testicles.

As a result, the testes lose their activity and eventually atrophy.

Any serious illness, infection, or even a severe cold sometimes suppresses sperm production, but after 3 months its amount is usually restored (remember that it takes 72 days to produce sperm).

Irreversible sterility as a consequence of the disease occurs much less frequently than men usually think. Gonorrhea and chlamydia, leave behind a healed and blocked vas deferens duct.

Diagnostics for male infertility

Inspection During examination, special attention is paid to the proportions of the body, the location of the hair (to prove hormonal deficiency or chromosomal abnormalities), as well as genitals. If the length of the arms extended by 5 cm or more exceeds the height, the man is of the eunuchoid type: he did not go through puberty. The size of the testicles along the long axis should be more than 3.5 cm.

After two to three days of abstinence from sexual activity, a man masturbates in sterile laboratory glassware heated to body temperature. The contents are examined within two hours after receiving sperm, and preferably no later than an hour later. The ejaculate should be opaque, with a pearl shimmer similar to egg white. Normal sperm thickens quickly and liquefies in half an hour. When this happens, she will drip heavy drops. Slow liquefaction or its absence does not provide conditions for the rapid movement of sperm. The most important indicator of sperm quality - sperm motility - can compensate for their low number.

Folk remedies for infertility

In the decision infertility problems an important role belongs to a healthy lifestyle. Since in fact the cause of infertility is most often not local gross organic disorders in the pelvis, but a complex of non-coarse hormonal and metabolic disorders, then in many cases a healthy lifestyle is enough.

Unfortunately, most people do not think about their health until disaster strikes. But one of the best “medicines” that removes all gross disorders in the body is gymnastics, fresh air, healthy nutrition, positive emotions, adequate sleep.

To this, you can also add healing self-massage, various home water treatments, healing phyto-teas.

  • Ancient medicine men left the recipe for infertility treatment with fresh quince juice, but such treatment requires a “pure” heart and selflessness. Drink juice - from a young month to two-thirds of it, one tablespoon each night.
  • For the millennium, St. John's wort has been used as an incense (they set fire to a room and clothes with smoke) from damage and sterility.
  • It is especially useful to drink a decoction of plantain seeds for the treatment of menopause in men and women. Also, a decoction is useful in female infertility, if it is caused by an inflammatory process in the tubes. To do this, a tablespoon of seeds in a glass of water should be boiled over low heat for no more than 5 minutes. Let it brew. Strain. Drink 2 tablespoons 4 times a day. You can store the broth for two to three days in the refrigerator. You need to drink the broth either warm or at room temperature. Chinese traditional medicine recommends a decoction of seeds equally for men. Traditional healers believe, and Tibetan medicine advises men with complete immobility of spermatozoa to be treated during the period from autumn to spring with a decoction of seeds to become a happy father. During treatment, it is useful to take therapeutic baths: 50 grams of the roots and leaves of plantain, insist 40 minutes in a liter of boiling water. Strain, pour into a bath, the water in which is 36-37C. You can take a bath at any time of the day, for 15 days every season - in autumn, winter, spring.
  • White and pink roses with a delicate aroma are the richest source of vitamin E, and this is a vitamin of youth, high sexual ability and ability, an excellent stimulant for ovarian function and improvement of spermatogenesis in men. It is necessary to collect the petals of a white and pink rose and prepare water, oil, syrup from them. Syrup from a white and pink rose facilitates conception, if the “culprit” of infertility is a woman, if a man, then you need to take a dark pink or red rose.
  • People like knotweed for the fact that he is good treats infertility, promotes conception and has a therapeutic effect on the work of the ovaries, uterus. The desire to have a son is sometimes so strong that it forces a woman to give birth several times ... again a girl! Both husband and wife are experiencing this situation hard. Here, knotweed can come to the rescue - it is not for nothing that young women, whose predominance was dominated by women, drank knotweed infusion before conception in order to present their first-born son. In any case, there will be no harm from the grass-ant, and it will bring benefits. Infusion: 3-4 tablespoons of dry or fresh herbs pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. It is better to insist in a thermos, at least 4 hours. Drink half a cup 4 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • With infertility in men and women, decreased sexual function, hypoleperemia (poor-quality seeds in men). Ingestion of 0.2-0.3 gr. the mummy together with carrot juice, or sea buckthorn juice, or with blueberry juice 1-2 times a day on an empty stomach in the morning and evening before bedtime (in accordance with 1:20). The course of treatment is 25-28 days. The desired results are sometimes achieved by mixing the mummy with the yolks of the eggs, and with the juices of some medicinal plants. Strengthening sexual function is noticeably felt already at 6-7 days.
  • In infertility, bird mountain is used: drink tea infusion of herbs 1 glass of herbs in 1 liter of boiling water.
  • Pour 20 grams of knotweed grass with a glass of water, heat for 15-20 minutes in a bath. Insist 45 minutes. Wring out. Drink 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day before meals.
  • Mummy mixed with carrot juice (calculated at 0.5 g mummy per 250 ml of juice) enhances the sexual potency of men and contributes to the fertilization of infertile women.
  • Drinking tea is a decoction of adonis grass. Brew 1 cup boiling water 1 tbsp. l herbs, insist, wrapped, 2 hours and strain. Drink 3 times a day.
  • Drink a decoction of the grass of Adam’s root. Brew 1 cup boiling water for 2 tsp. herbs, insist, wrapped, 2 hours and strain. Drink with infertility 1 tbsp. l 3-4 times a day.
  • Brew 0.5 liters of boiling water 3 tbsp. l Ramishia herbs are one-sided and insist in a thermos night. Drink 150 ml 3-4 times a day 1 hour after a meal. This plant helps with infertility and many female diseases.
  • With infertility mix 50 g of leaves of coltsfoot, clover grass, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers and centaury grass. Brew 0.5 liters of boiling water 2 tbsp. l mix and insist 2 hours. Take 1/3 cup 6 times a day before meals and between meals for 1-2 months (with complete abstinence from sexual activity during treatment).

Use folk remedies and be healthy!

With faith in the power of aloe

For 500 g of a sheet of crushed 3-year-old aloe vera, you need to prepare 0.5 l wine (dry red), a glass of honey. Mix the ingredients and put the jar on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 5 days. The first week of a month's treatment: 1 hour before a meal - 1 tsp. three times a day. From the 2nd week to the end of the course, a dosage of 1 tbsp. l After a week, you can repeat the treatment.

Prepare: aloe vera 100 g and 200 g each of the following ingredients: honey, raisins, dried apricots, figs, pitted dates, walnut kernel, 3 lemons. Skip the ingredients in a meat grinder, mix, store in a cold glass dish for storage in the cold. Reception: a day before meals four times a teaspoon.

Other methods for quickly becoming pregnant with folk remedies for male infertility include acupressure, aromatherapy, yoga and mudra, clay treatment.

As you can see, male infertility has various causes, and treatment with folk remedies can help solve this delicate problem.

Watch the video: Natural Remedies : What Herbs Help Increase Male Fertility? (February 2020).

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