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How to choose men's jeans: in length and size?

There is a generally accepted designation of signs by which sizes of clothing, including jeans, are distinguished. It can be alphanumeric. For example: S, M, L, XL or 46, 48, 52. Different manufacturers use their own version. How to choose men's jeans? There are also tables thanks to which you can determine your size. But, correctly, this is only theoretically. Of great importance is the material of manufacture, this model, as well as the fit. The stretch fabric has the ability to stretch, so you can buy jeans in size smaller.

As for the length, many manufacturers try to sew jeans as standard (height 34). These are general rules that apply to mass production. This happens to minimize costs, so as not to perform the simulation of special patterns on the computer and patterns. Some sew on different heights, but for such products the price is much higher. How to choose men's jeans so that they are suitable both in size and in other parameters?

Criteria for choosing the right men's jeans

Almost every day, more and more new models of men's jeans are created, which complicates the process of following fashion, and the choice of products can become a torment. What is important in the selection is the emphasis on the positive sides of the figure. There are several rules by which you can choose a product so that you look great.

Model selection

If we divide men's jeans into main categories, then we can note some of them:

  1. Classichaving even edges to the bottom slightly narrowed. Not necessarily the length should be such as to cover the shoes, it is enough that the trouser leg reached the start of the sneakers.
  2. With the presence of codpiece - These are extravagant products, not everyone dares to put them on. In some cases, the codpiece drops low enough (almost to the knees).
  3. There are several types of skinny ones: tight, loose or ultra narrow. In this case, each muscle of the leg stands out. They are sewn with a shortened version or so that it is possible to bend the edges.
  4. Baggy do not have the boundaries of models, many feel comfortable in them. Diverse styles such as men's pipes, baggy jeans are also presented.
  5. With the presence of a lowered waist. Worn by those who have the desire to show their cubes on the torso or underwear, if it is branded.

Color scheme

The most common and often used are two classic colors - it is black and blue. But, the fashion does not stand still and you can notice the variety of shades that appear every year. For example, gray, white and light blue were popular this season. Well-known brands represent jeans in green, burgundy, beige colors. For those who like to attract attention, products decorated with prints are used.

Dark shades go well with coats, warm jackets and fall shoes. The blue color is perfect for sports jackets and knit sweaters. In the spring, light colors with narrower legs will be more suitable. White is extremely smart, they are out of competition on a hot summer day

Depending on the season

Classic jeans are always a fashion item. They will suit any clothes. The season of 2017 - 2018 is pants with a wide silhouette, hiding the flaws of the figure. They are very comfortable to wear, give a masculine look, which is always in trend. Manufacturers only eliminated the negligence of large parts that are used for decoration.

Flared jeans are also in fashion, but expansion is only done from the knee. They differ in laconicism of tailoring, since just such a cut does not require the use of additional elements.

Scuffed jeans have become relevant again. Products for men with worn areas and frayed threads are prepared for stylish men.

In the style of "grunge" - these models are most often chosen by brutal men who are constantly striving for new adventures and sensations. They express a rebellious spirit.

This year, the lapel jeans will be decorated, which was the peak of fashion last year, but this model did not lose ground. Skinny jeans with a lapel make the wearer modern.

On jeans, the presence of stripes, inscriptions, drawings, especially in the Japanese style, is the peak of popularity.


From a position of wearing comfort and comfort, American branded things are second to none. For this reason, they are loved by almost all modern men, regardless of age. The main thing is not to buy a fake, which is difficult to distinguish visually from the original. Therefore, it is important to know the main features of such jeans and adhere to these recommendations.

  1. Low price - This is a sign of fake. An original from America cannot be cheap. Do not be tempted by the affordable cost, because after the first wash you can be very disappointed.
  2. View label information. Cotton denim will speak of high strength. The wrong side of the fabric should be light, because otherwise the jeans will fade.
  3. Smooth texture - This is also not the original, natural fabric is rough. The weight of these branded items is at least 1 kg.
  4. When folding the jeans at the seams, the original and the fake will react differently. The branded product will not warp, and frown, it will lie flat.
  5. Quality jeans have a perfectly flat stitch. She also has a certain color, thickness and width. In the presence of protruding threads, skipped and crooked stitches, the product will be unoriginal. Brand clothes have yellow threads, they are present on both sides.
  6. The brand logo will be on the zipperall buttons as well as rivets. All delivered stamps should be clearly distinguishable.

Body Type Selection

It is very important to choose jeans according to the figure. If there is a desire to hide flaws, experts advise choosing dark colors. Pockets located on the back to reduce the hips are not far from each other. Tight men are better off avoiding cropped and skinny models and high-waisted jeans. Hold the shape of denim, especially dark in color, well. They should not have many accessories.

If the body has the shape of a “rectangular”, then suitable jeans are both flared and tight. Waist pockets can be reduced by slanting pockets, a wide belt, the color of which will be darker than the product itself. Too tight and too dark are not suitable.

With the “inverted triangle” body shape, products that are free in the hips, flare from the knee, and flute pipes will be practical. Tight jeans will be suitable for those whose legs are not too thin.

Hourglass men can wear high-waisted jeans. Both flared and narrow products with a low waist are also suitable, and if they are straight, then a small flare should go from the knee.

How to choose the right size jeans man?

To make the thing look beautiful and emphasize all the advantages of the figure. It is necessary to choose jeans by size. For this, it is important to pay attention to the length, waist circumference. The style of the product depends on the fit and cut. How should jeans sit on a man? It is necessary to fasten them without effort, but so that they do not hang on the buds.

How to choose the size of jeans so that there are no problems and difficulties? It is important to understand that a fit is the interval from the groin to the waist. Most figures are suitable mid-rise. The correct length is when a slight accordion forms near the shoe. All of these values ​​must be observed.

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