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Medication and pills for varicocele: Does Detralex, Varius and other venotonics help?

With a complicated course, varicocele contributes to the development of infertility. The disease consists in varicose veins of the inguinal region. For the treatment of the first and second stages of the disease, venotonics are prescribed, which have a strengthening effect on the vascular system. Detralex with varicocele is prescribed quite often. Its use helps prevent the development of complications and relieve pain in the scrotum. The distinctive features of the drug include the content of components of natural origin.

In the article we will tell:

What is Detralex?

The active ingredients of the drug are hesperidin and diosmin

Detralex is a tablet medicine. The tablets are oval and light pink in color. Release is carried out in packs of 30 and 60 tablets. The concentration of active components is 500 mg. The active ingredients of the drug are hesperidin and diosmin. The medicine is prescribed for acute venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, as well as for varicose veins of the lower extremities and genitals. The main properties of Detralex include:

  • capillary permeability reduction,
  • elimination of venous stasis,
  • vascular strengthening
  • reduction of extensibility of veins.

The cost of a small package of a drug is 600-670 rubles. A pack of 60 tablets costs around 1300 rubles. Compared to peers, Detralex is considered an expensive drug.

How does the medicine work?

Detralex with varicocele is used to create favorable conditions that prevent venous congestion in the pelvis. The principle of the drug is based on reducing the load on the arteries. The diameter and structure of the vascular cavity does not change. The drug reduces the interaction between leukocytes and endothelium and reduces the adhesion of leukocytes. This helps to neutralize the negative effects of inflammatory mediators on the vascular walls and venous valves.

As a result of taking Detralex, pain and severity in the plexiform plexus are eliminated. There is no direct effect on the disease. Symptomatic treatment is performed. Therefore, at the third and fourth stages of varicocele, the drug is not relevant.

Who is indicated for treatment with Detralex

Detralex is used to treat varicose veins

Detralex is taken after consultation with your doctor. It is prescribed in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • trophic changes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue,
  • cramps in the lower extremities and scrotum,
  • pain caused by varicose veins,
  • acute and chronic forms of hemorrhoids,
  • swelling of the lower extremities,
  • varicocele testis.

Detralex is used for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins. To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is allowed to be taken as part of complex therapy. In some cases, the drug is prescribed after varicocelectomy to prevent relapse.

When is medication used?

Drug treatment of varicocele is not a complete substitute for surgical methods, but is used to supplement them, as well as in cases where the operation is temporarily impossible due to certain circumstances.

If you take pills from varicocele as the only therapy, this does not eliminate varicose veins..

However, this can reduce the severity of its manifestations, relieve negative symptoms, help prevent complications and improve the patient's quality of life.

Also, taking medications allows you to prepare the patient for surgery and to facilitate the recovery period after it, to reduce the likelihood of a relapse of the disease.

The most effective conservative treatment of varicocele is in the first and second stages. At stages 3 and 4, it is used only to prepare for surgery and to recover from it.

Varicocele tablets

For the treatment of testicular varicose veins, both external agents and internal preparations are used.

External funds are represented by ointments, which are divided into such categories:

  1. Phlebotonics that improve the tone of the walls of the veins.
  2. Blood-thinning ointments that prevent blood clots.
  3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (analgesics).
  4. Corticosteroids.

Below is a list of popular drugs for varicocele.

Outdoor facilities

  1. Lyoton 1000. Sodium heparin ointment. It improves metabolism in tissues, helps to reduce the size of blood clots.

Heparin, getting into the blood, does not allow it to thicken actively, it is precisely in its antithrombotic effect. Also, the drug has moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Ointment with varicocele is applied in circular motions to the affected areas from 1 to 3 times a day. The course of treatment lasts 2-6 months, depending on the severity of the disease.

The use of Lyoton along with other external anti-inflammatory drugs is undesirable. The drug is contraindicated in thrombocytopenia and with hypersensitivity to heparin. Troxevasin. Troxerutin based venotonic cream.

This substance strengthens capillaries, reduces their fragility, and prevents platelet adhesion to the surface of blood vessels. The cream is applied to the affected area 2 times a day for 1-3 months.

Longer courses of treatment are possible, but in such cases you need to take breaks. The visible effect of the use of Troxevasin occurs within two weeks. The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance. Fastum gel. This well-known tool can be used as part of complex therapy for the treatment of varicose veins.

The main active ingredient is ketoprofen, which acts as an analgesic.

The gel is applied in small portions to the inflamed testicle once a day for 1-2 weeks. Varius gel. The manufacturer positions Varius as a remedy for varicocele that can cure without surgery. But this is not at all true.

It contains natural components (bee venom, ginkgo biloba extract), which have only a short-term hemodynamic effect, but do not eliminate the symptoms of varicocele in the long term.

In this case, the drug has a large number of contraindications, which is associated with a high probability of developing allergic reactions to natural components, especially bee venom. The optimal frequency of application of the gel is 1-2 times a day. Venolife. Combined ointment based on troxerutin, heparin and dexpanthenol.

The tool has an analgesic and tonic effect on blood vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots.

The drug is relatively safe and contraindicated only with intolerance and the presence of ulcerative formations.

The ointment is rubbed into the skin of the testicles 3 times a day for 1-3 months. Trombless. Heparin ointment.

The method of application, the course of treatment and contraindications are similar to other drugs based on sodium heparin.

The drug is well suited for use during the recovery period after surgery.

Drugs for internal use

You can often hear from men: “Detralex helped with varicocele.” What is the secret of this and similar drugs?

And what kind of pills for treatment with varicocele medicines exist? Are there effective venotonics among them?

    Phlebodia. Diosmin-based tablets.

Diosmin is a substance from the group of angioprotectors that strengthen blood vessels and protect them from damage.

Phlebodia fights in venous congestion, prevents the formation of blood clots.

The effect of the drug manifests itself already 6 hours after application.

Tablets are taken 1 time per day for two months. The only significant drawback of the drug is the impossibility of its use for the treatment of teenage varicocele, since it is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age. Detralex. Tablets containing a complex of flavonoids (including diosmin).

Detralex with varicocele eliminates edematous processes in the testicles and the accompanying pressing and bursting pain.

It is used in the amount of two tablets per day, the course of treatment can last several months (up to 1 year). Aescusan. Available in the form of drops and tablets. It contains thiamine (vitamin B1) and horse chestnut extract.

Natural and vitamin ingredients make the drug relatively safe to use, but its effectiveness is not so high.

Aescusan is well suited for use in the first stage of varicocele as part of complex therapy. The course of treatment is 1-3 tablets per day for 1-2 months. The drug is contraindicated in case of allergies to its constituent components. Trental. A drug that improves blood circulation, reduces its viscosity and improves platelet elasticity.

The main active ingredient is pentoxifylline. Trental is available both in the form of conventional tablets, and in the form of tablets of prolonged action.

The drug is taken 1-2 times a day for several weeks. The drug is contraindicated for use in children and with a predisposition to stroke. Anavenol. The composition of the tablets includes esculin and rutoside. Anavenol tones veins and reduces the permeability of their walls.

In the first weeks of therapy, two tablets are used 3 times a day, after a few weeks the dosage is reduced to 1 tablet three times a day.

The drug is contraindicated in children under 15 years of age. Venus. It contains diosmin and hesperidin.

Increases the tone of the walls of the veins, slows down the further development of varicocele, normalizes the processes of outflow of lymph. It is used one tablet once a day.

The course of treatment should not exceed three months. Venarus is contraindicated in case of intolerance to the components.

Although medical treatment of varicocele in men does not have absolute effectiveness, regular and proper use of drugs can significantly improve the effect of other methods of therapy and avoid the development of complications and relapses.

Varicocele: the essence of the problem

Varicocele is a varicose vein, a pathological expansion of the veins with the formation of nodes, only manifested not on the legs, but in the rod-like formation around the testicle. This is a lesion of the testicle veins, which can manifest itself due to the presence of a genetic predisposition in a man, pathologies of the anatomical structure of the genital organs, increased sports and physical exertion, overweight, frequent masturbation or irregular sex life.

Varicocele is one of the reasons leading to male infertility, and in addition, its progression is accompanied by pain with potential complications in the form of inflammation of the genitourinary system, as well as oncological neoplasms. At the first stages, the expansion of the veins develops almost without symptoms, however, as the course continues for a long time, the pain becomes constant, regardless of the man’s body position in space or whether he was engaged in physical activity or rested all day. Treatment of varicocele in the early stages can be carried out with conservative therapy drugs (tablets, ointment, venoprotector gel), while advanced venous disease can only be cured surgically.

As the course of the disease continues, the pain becomes constant, independent of the position of the man’s body

Various medicines for varicocele can be taken not only to treat this condition in the early stages, but also during preparation for surgery, as well as for preventive therapy and prevention of relapse. In addition to medicines, doctors usually prescribe certain homeopathic medicines to patients (mainly performing the function of fighting stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis) and special physical exercises.

The main categories of drugs

Doctors distinguish three main varieties of medications that help alleviate the state of health of the veins with varicocele. The list includes:

  • preparations with the functions of anticoagulants and antioxidants to prevent oxygen starvation of the tissues of the pelvic organs (complexes of vitamins of varieties A, E and C, Antiox tablets, Vitamax, Triovit),
  • funds for the restoration of normal blood microcirculation processes (Venarus, Orbiflex, Trental),
  • venoprotective drugs (Varius, Troxevasin, Detralex tablets).

The listed products - tablets, gels and ointments - should be taken exclusively as directed by the attending physician and under his supervision. If the course is prescribed before preparing for surgical manipulation, then immediately before the operation on the veins it is used for two weeks, after it for three months. The doctor will monitor the patient’s condition with ultrasound and spermograms (seminal fluid analysis) all the time when taking medicines.

Venarus - a means to restore normal blood microcirculation

What you can buy in a pharmacy

Obviously, the treatment of any disease should be prescribed by a doctor, however, there are separate drugs - gels and ointments that can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription and used as needed. In particular, venotonics in case of varicocele include substances that can help suppress the formation of venous nodes and restore the tone of the walls of blood vessels.

Among these funds, which are both prescribed by doctors and used by men without a prescription, are Venarus tablets. These tablets are able to exert a tonic effect on the veins, reduce the extensibility of their walls, due to which the tone of these blood vessels increases, and blood stasis decreases. The tool helps to improve blood microcirculation and lymph outflow, including strengthening capillaries, reducing their permeability. The principle of the drug - microcirculation corrector, angioprotector, venotonic. Additionally, it is able to influence gas exchange in tissues, improving it, as well as restoring normal metabolic processes. To enhance the effect of the use of tablets with varicocele, patients are advised to wear special compression dressings that do not allow the scrotum to sag, and also combine these measures with diet and light physical exertion. Exclude while taking the drug should be long walking, gaining excess weight and staying the affected parts of the body in direct sunlight.

Detralex is an imported analogue of Venarus

Detralex is an imported analogue of Venarus, tablets also with good angioprotective and venotonic properties. Due to the action of the components, the tone of the walls and veins is effectively maintained, they do not stretch and do not thin out, as a result of which the surrounding tissues are not filled with plasma and proteins from the bloodstream. These pills help strengthen the smallest blood vessels - the capillaries, and thereby reduce stagnation.To enhance the effect with varicocele, the drug should be used simultaneously, observing the norms of a healthy and moderately active lifestyle, with a balanced diet. The main difference between Detralex and Varicocele from Venarus is its price - in the first tablets it is higher, since the drug is produced in France, and not in Russia, as the second drug. Otherwise, the drugs are similar, have the same composition (flavonoid substances diosmin and hesperidin), produce a similar effect. Both products are released not only in the form of tablets, but also as a gel for lubricating damaged areas of the body.

With varicocele, special attention is given to such drugs as venoprotectors, the most popular of which is Varius gel. This tool is able to produce a variety of effects on varicose veins of the testis and spermatic cord. Among them:

  • removal of edema, relief of sensations of pain and itching in the groin,
  • elimination of the overall discomfort in the scrotum,
  • increased tone of the veins with an improvement in their elasticity,
  • restoration of the normal state of almost all blood vessels, from inflows of veins to the network of small capillaries,
  • help in normalizing the process of spermatogenesis,
  • elimination of the likelihood of complications and relapses of the disease.

Gel Varius with varicocele works effectively due to its unique composition

The Varius gel with varicocele works effectively due to the fact that its innovative composition contains only useful and natural ingredients, including an extract of the Gingko biloba plant, healing bee venom and a unique antler concentrate (extract from young deer antlers). This combination of components allows the drug to penetrate the structure of tissues, improve their elasticity and provide a number of effects:

  • restore healthy blood flow through the veins from the testicles,
  • relieve discomfort and pain in the scrotum,
  • relieve swelling, cramps and cramps,
  • fight blood clots and congestion,
  • make the walls of blood vessels more elastic and strengthened.

In the early stages of the fight against the disease, this medicine can be considered an excellent solution, without contraindications and side effects. Natural, certainly effective components in the composition make Varius with varicocele one of the best drugs with anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, venoprotective and tonic effect.

Troxevasin ointment is effective as a venoprotector, helping with a complex of blood vessel lesions that arise due to congenital or acquired insufficiency of the valve mechanism. This condition is usually called chronic venous insufficiency and is characterized by conditions of edema, pain, or congestion. Troxevasin provides a wide range of therapeutic effects, inter alia, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, preventing the fragility of capillaries. It consists of substances from the group of flavonoids, which have a beneficial effect on tissues, angioprotective and venotonic effects, and also contribute to improved microcirculation and increased tone of the walls of the veins, which is extremely important for varicocele.

Troxevasin provides a wide range of therapeutic effects, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, preventing capillary fragility

Whatever means - tablets, gel or other form of drug were chosen as a medicine for acting on varicocele, their use must be approved and monitored by the attending physician. Although topical medications are potentially less dangerous in terms of complications and side effects, they still deserve careful attention because they have the ability to affect the most vulnerable parts of the male body.

What do the reviews say

It is possible to treat varicocele by any means - tablets, ointments or gels only in the early stages of the development of this disease - the further the problem goes, the more likely the patient will need surgical intervention. Many doctors and even men themselves, who have evaluated a particular drug, are inclined to be skeptical of manufacturers' assurances about the miracles of the proposed drugs. Here's what the reviews say about this:

Dmitry, Moscow: “After 40 years, for some reason, the testicles began to hurt. I turned to a urologist, went through all the examinations, got a diagnosis on my hands - varicocele, differences in the state of the venous systems of the right and left testicles. The situation was already running, so I began to prepare for the operation, and before it, on the recommendation of a doctor, I tried Varius. It so happened that in two weeks, while smearing with this gel, the symptoms disappeared, I refused the operation. And a month later, everything returned with renewed vigor. My conclusion: if the doctor said to cut, then you need to cut. Do not think that one ointment can get rid of the disease. The maximum in which such a remedy will help, this will relieve pain and reduce swelling. "

Alexander, Sergiev Posad: “I took Detralex tablets after they found varicocele on my left testicle. They found it early, during a scheduled examination with a urologist, so the attending physician said that everything can be fixed. I prescribed a course of these pills, I drank it (and to achieve the effect it took at least 2 months), but there were no significant improvements. Then, on the advice of a friend, I decided to get third-party consultation, and another phlebologist said that until I lose weight and get rid of problems with constipation, no drugs and funds will help me. I listened to the recommendations, and the result was excellent. "

Vladimir, Tver: “And I wanted to try Troxevasin when problems with the veins of the testicles began, that is, varicocele, one doctor knew that he gave good reviews, said that this was a wonderful remedy. But as, in my opinion, it has one main advantage - the absence of contraindications, in addition to the fact that it cannot be applied to damaged skin and mucous membranes, this ends with significant positive points. As for the strong effect of the remedy, it turned out that my wife uses this cream to relieve swelling on her legs after a long working day. Will it be effective in my more serious illness, I did not wait to find out. Consulted with a doctor, drank a course of pills. It seems to me that all these gels and creams only at the very very first stage help, and then they can be smeared only to relieve pain. "

Only tablets and other drugs prescribed by doctors, as well as the implementation of recommendations that are issued to each individual patient by the attending physician, will help get rid of varicocele or prepare for its surgical treatment as much as possible. Self-medication not only does not bring benefits - it can disappoint those who use medicines ineptly and not as prescribed by the doctor, even if these funds are actually really effective.


Before using the drug, it is important to familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications. These include individual intolerance to composite components. In this case, when taking Detralex, an allergic reaction occurs, which manifests itself in skin itching, rashes and swelling of the mucous surfaces. The use of the drug in this case should be discontinued. Side effects should be reported to your doctor. No cases of toxic effects are known. But this does not exclude the possibility of negative reactions from the body.

Instructions for use of the drug with varicocele

The duration of treatment therapy is determined by the doctor

With varicocele, it is prescribed to take 2 tablets twice a day.Reception is carried out with meals. After a week of treatment, the dosage is reduced to 2 tablets per day. With positive dynamics, it is reduced again. The duration of treatment therapy is determined by the doctor individually.

From the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system, side effects can be observed. These include nausea, impaired stool, stomach pain, dizziness and migraine. In some cases, a skin rash appears, accompanied by itching.

After the course of treatment, the patient should undergo regular preventive examinations to monitor the condition of the veins. It must be remembered that Detralex does not completely eliminate the disease. It only temporarily stops the process of expansion of the veins and stops the symptoms of the disease. After a while, you will need to take the medication again or perform a surgical operation.

Analogues of the drug

It is necessary to take the drug in accordance with the scheme selected by the doctor

If Detralex is not suitable for the patient, it is replaced with a similar action. The full-fledged structural analogues include: Phlebaven, Venarus and Venozol. The list of alternative drugs, partially similar to Detralex in composition, includes: Phlebodia and Vazoket. Medicines similar to Detralex in pharmacological properties include: Antistax, Venorutin, and Troxevasin.

When used at the initial stage of varicocele, Detralex helps to avoid undesirable complications. It is important to take the drug in accordance with the scheme selected by the doctor individually. When negative reactions of the body appear, a more suitable analogue should be selected.

What medications will help get rid of testicular varicocele and what threatens self-medication?

Progression of varicose veins of the spermatic cord in men can lead to infertility. Accordingly, if you notice the symptoms of the disorder in time and begin treatment, you can significantly reduce the risk of complications. To weaken the manifestations of pathology, the urologist prescribes pills for varicocele and funds for external use. It is extremely dangerous to use any drugs without medical knowledge.

In the article we will tell:

In what cases should you resort to medical treatment?

Fully cope with the disease is possible only thanks to surgical intervention. Medication is an effective complement to the upcoming surgery. In addition, the use of drugs is resorted to when the surgical method of eliminating the disease is unavailable due to any contraindications.

It is important to identify the pathology in time to begin treatment.

The use of drugs for varicocele is provided if:

  1. There is no urgent need for surgical treatment. This is possible in the initial stages of the disease in adolescence or old age.
  2. The patient needs to be operated on. Medicines are prescribed to prepare the patient for upcoming surgical procedures.
  3. An operation was performed. Taking tablets means it helps to speed up recovery or remove unwanted effects, such as varicocelectomy.

It is necessary to treat the disease correctly, therefore, drug therapy should not be considered as the only possible option to eliminate the violation. Preparations for the treatment of varicocele in men only reduce the severity of manifestations, thereby facilitating the well-being of the patient.

Drugs and tablets for therapy

In addition to ointments, an improvement in the condition of testicular varicocele is promoted by means for internal use, produced by different manufacturers.

Of the whole variety of drugs, doctors usually prescribe a reception:

  1. Detralex. Due to the presence of flavonoids, the drug has an angioprotective and venotonic effect.Detralex protects the vascular walls from thinning and stretching, removes the swelling of the scrotum and pain. 2 tablets should be drunk per day. The duration of treatment is determined individually.
  2. Phlebodia. The diosmin contained in the preparation has a positive effect on blood vessels, strengthening them and preventing unwanted damage. Phlebodia does not form blood clots. In order for the medicine to work, it is taken on a tablet per day for 60 days. It is recommended to use from 18 years.
  3. Trental. The main substance is pentoxifylline, which is able to reduce blood viscosity, preventing the appearance of blood clots. Trental is used twice a day. The drug is forbidden to give to children and patients with a high risk of stroke.
  4. Aescusan. It is considered a safe medicine for the body because it contains natural components (thiamine and horse chestnut extract). However, judging by the reviews, the drug is not highly effective. Aescusan is appropriate to take at the initial stage of the pathology - 2-3 tablets per day for 2 months.
  5. Anavenola The composition is represented by two substances - rutoside and esculin. Anavenol increases the tone of the veins and reduces their permeability. The first 2-3 weeks you will need to take 2 tablets three times a day. Later, the dosage is halved.
  6. Venarus. Its popularity is due to the presence of diosmin and hesperidin. The result of the action of the components is an increase in the elasticity of the walls of the vessels, a decrease in their permeability, the elimination of congestion, and the improvement of blood circulation and lymph outflow. It is enough to take 1 tablet per day. Therapy in duration takes no more than 3 months.

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of medicines, their intake should be combined with diet, exercise and wearing compression hosiery.

If you are prescribed to drink the drug in one tablet or capsule, do not change the dosage of the medicine at your own discretion. Using varicocele tablets according to the prescribed prescription, the patient will be able to avoid undesirable consequences.

The danger of self-medication

For various reasons, many patients are in no hurry to consult a doctor, especially when the symptoms are not pronounced enough. Hoping that the disease will disappear on its own, patients often ignore the occurring disorders in the functioning of the genitals, contributing to their progression. And the doctor is only if the disease causes serious discomfort.

The longer the person postpones the examination, the higher the risk of development:

The man who decides to cope with pathological manifestations on his own is also at great risk.

People's remedies and preparations for varicose veins are used. If the patient drank pills from varicocele, while he did not agree with the doctor what medicines should be drunk and in what quantity, then usually such actions lead to a serious deterioration in well-being.

The most dangerous consequence of self-medication is the loss of the ability to reproduce offspring. In addition, uncontrolled medication can accelerate the course of the disease, causing unpleasant side effects.

The main complication after varicocele is problems in the sexual life.

Attempts to eliminate the symptoms of the disease on your own are a waste of valuable time and a huge risk of harming yourself even more. After all, a urologist selects medications taking into account the analysis data and possible contraindications.

Doctors say with confidence that varicocele takes a leading position in the list of causes leading to infertility. Therefore, men should be especially attentive to their own health and, in particular, to the condition of the genitals.

Varicose veins are an irreversible process.And if in the initial stages the pathology can still be slowed down with the help of tablets, then subsequently the only right decision will be surgical intervention.

Medication and pills for varicocele: Does Detralex, Varius and other venotonics help?

Medication with varicocele is not as effective as surgery.

This is due to the fact that the expansion of the veins is a serious vascular defect that can be reliably eliminated only with the help of invasive methods.

But under certain conditions, drug treatment of varicocele may be appropriate.

Treatment of varicocele in men without surgery: drugs used, regimens and other methods

Varicocele is a complex disease that affects men under certain factors. The veins in the spermatic cords expand, there are pains of a constant aching nature, which intensify as the disease develops.

In the later stages, it is impossible to cure varicocele without surgery, both with medicines and alternative methods of treatment. But if the disease has not yet reached a critical form, you can completely do without surgical intervention.

The basics of non-surgical therapy

When choosing a treatment regimen for varicocele in men without surgery, many factors are taken into account, among which the causes of the onset of the disease and the severity of symptoms occupy the most important place. If the patient does not experience pain, it will be enough for medical treatment and wearing a special dressing with a supportive effect.

If the symptoms are severe, the patient complains of constant pain, other therapeutic methods are added to the drugs: therapeutic exercises, massage, aromatherapy, taking vitamin complexes, as well as compliance with certain preventive measures that impede the progression of varicocele. In parallel, it is allowed to use folk remedies.

Medication for the expansion of veins

Medications for treating varicocele will ineffective if the disease is in 3 or 4 stages of development. In these cases, only surgery can help. But taking medications can increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

In the early stages, the following drugs are usually prescribed:

Venotonics and venoprotectors: ointments Phlebodia, Venoton, Troxevasin, as well as Ginkor Forte or Detralex tablets. They improve capillary blood flow, strengthen the walls of venous vessels, relieve swelling and eliminate blood stasis.

Ointments are applied twice a day to the affected testicle and inguinal region. Apply the ointment by rubbing it for about 2-3 minutes. Perform these procedures for 1.5-2 months. If this period was not enough, the treatment is repeated.

Tablets should be taken 2 times a day, during the meal. After a week, the dosage is reduced. The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

Antioxidants: Triovit, Antiox, vitamins C, E, A, grape berry extract. These drugs increase the oxygen saturation of the tissues of the testes, improving the general condition of the venous vessels.

The doctor determines the antioxidant regimen, but usually they are taken one tablet twice a day with meals, washed down with clean water.

Blood circulation improving drugs: Trental, Agapurin, Pentoxifylline, Arbiflex. These funds contribute to increased blood microcirculation, increase vascular tone, and reduce blood viscosity.

These drugs are prescribed in courses of several weeks. Take them 1-2 tablets three times a day, for several weeks, depending on the course of the disease.

Some medications help normalize sperm production., which is especially important with a disease such as varicocele, which often leads to male infertility.


Performing special exercises with varicocele can have a positive effect for stopping the development of the disease. The following exercises are recommended:

  • Stand on your toes, hold out in this state for 20 seconds, then sharply lower the heels to the floor. You need to perform 30 times, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat again. This exercise must be performed 5-10 times a day.
  • Stand straight, put your legs together. Then you have to slowly bend until your hands reach the floor. After that, you just need to slowly return to the upright position, take a deep breath, stand on your heels and exhale. Repeat three times a day.

These exercises are positive affect the tone of the venous vessels, especially in the groin area. Gymnastics will help improve blood circulation, give the vessels elasticity, and eliminate stagnant processes.

Testicular massage and aromatherapy

Pretty an effective way to improve the condition with varicocele is testicular massage. It is used at stage 2 or 3 of the disease. It is carried out as follows: you need to lie on a hard surface and raise the pelvic area. This posture will improve the outflow of blood from the venous veins that come from the testes.

After adopting this position, it is necessary to gently massage the affected testicle and the inguinal zone around it. It is not necessary to press hard, but too light massage will not bring any effect.

Aromatherapy in some cases can alleviate the condition with varicocele, improve venous tone, have a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system. It is recommended to use aromatic oils from plants such as cypress, lemon, tea tree, lime, juniper, sandalwood, lemon balm. Oils are added to aroma lamps or bathtubs.

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Folk remedies at home

Many folk remedies are able to improve the state of venous vessels, make them more elastic, thereby preventing the development of varicocele. The most effective folk recipes:

  • Strawberry and birch leaves, dandelion roots, oat straw and clover grass mixed in equal proportions, then a tablespoon of this mixture is poured with three glasses of boiling water. Wait half an hour, strain. Take a quarter cup shortly before meals for a month.
  • A teaspoon horse chestnut peel juice diluted in a tablespoon of water and taken twice a day. You can also purchase a ready-made tincture of horse chestnut at the pharmacy and take it according to the instructions.
  • Tablespoon finely chopped hazel leaves pour boiling water into a glass and let stand for 15 minutes, then drink. This tea is recommended to drink four times a day.
  • Wring out juice from fresh hypericum herb, then mix 50 ml of juice with a glass of boiled milk (it should not be hot). Drink this mixture in the morning before eating for 2 months.
  • White Acacia Flowers crushed to a mushy state, then salt is added, which should be 10 times less in weight than flowers. The ingredients are stirred and left for half an hour. After this, you need to take gauze, put the mixture there and attach it to the diseased testicle. This procedure should be performed once a day for a week, after half a month repeat the course.

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Preventative measures

In order not to think about how to treat varicocele without surgery, to stop the development of the disease and improve the condition, it is recommended to observe the following measures:

    More movements. In some cases, varicocele occurs with a sedentary lifestyle. Daily physical activity will help reduce the risk of complicating the disease.

  • Proper clothes. When varicocele is strictly contraindicated wearing swimming trunks and other underwear, which has a compressive effect on the testicles.
  • Regular sex. They improve blood circulation in the genitals, contribute to the outflow of blood and normalize the state of venous vessels. With varicocele, it is extremely dangerous to practice interrupted sexual acts and other methods of delaying ejaculation.
  • Compliance with these preventive measures, a balanced diet, as well as smoking cessation and other bad habits will strengthen the body, reduce the pathological processes in the testicles and accelerate recovery.

    Varicocele: how to treat without surgery

    Despite the fact that in most cases, doctors advise surgical treatment, there are options when this is not required. This is relevant when varicocele can be detected even before it has moved to the second stage. The first symptoms rarely appear in this condition, so that the detection of the disease can only pass through a preventive examination. It’s too early to do the operation here and it’s not entirely advisable. In this case, specialists use methods to treat varicocele without surgery. These include:

    • Medicines This is one of the main methods that differ from the rest with a stronger effect. Here venotonics and other drugs are used that help make the vessels stronger and bring them into tone. Thanks to the course of treatment, the state of the circulatory system can be brought back to normal. This is a fairly safe and effective method that can not give a 100% guarantee of cure and protection against relapse, but it can also help in the treatment.
    • Gymnastics. This is an additional treatment procedure, which is also aimed at strengthening the veins, but already through natural training. Here you need to find the middle between strong loads and the intensity that would give a good result. Systematic exercise for a long time gives a really good result.
    • Massage. If the patient is interested in the treatment of varicocele for free, then a massage technique that can be performed independently can be suitable here. It is done in a supine position with a raised pelvis, so that there is no blood flow to the problem area. This is the only preparation procedure, after which you need to start massaging the site of varicocele formation. To do this, you will have to make efforts, so the procedure is not the most pleasant. A well-massaged area gets rid of blood stasis and other negative phenomena, which helps to return everything to normal.
    • Supporting bandage bandage. Another remedy for varicocele for the treatment of the early stages. The function of the bandage is more to remove possible painful sensations and prevent the disease from developing further. Thus, as an additional technique in the overall complex, the supporting dressing is effective. If everything is considered as an independent method of treatment, then great success with this method cannot be achieved.

    How is varicocele treated with surgery

    Surgery is considered the most effective method for curing varicocele. There are several different surgical techniques that are used in modern medicine. These include:

    • Operation according to Ivanissevich. Still used method, but quite outdated, which may soon give way to more modern. It has a high risk of a return of the disease and the occurrence of complications.
    • Endoscopy The use of a laparoscope during surgery significantly simplifies its implementation and makes it safer for patients. Here the percentage of complications and the return of the disease is much lower. This is a safer, but still not the most modern way to solve problems with varicocele.
    • Laser operation.Modern methods of treating varicocele sometimes do not use incisions, as is the case in this case. It is enough to apply a puncture to enter the instrument into a vein. Due to the high precision of the equipment, the vein doctor gets to the right place and injects the substance into the varicose vessel, which is then activated by the laser, which also does not require incisions.
    • Marmar surgery. Refers to microsurgical procedures that are easily tolerated by the patient. Minimal cuts are made here. Complications occur only in 5% of cases, which makes this technique one of the most suitable. The cost of carrying it out is higher than for those that are not related to microsurgery.
    • Palomo surgery. This technique is based on the operation according to Ivanissevich, only slightly different cuts are used here, which makes the procedure safer and more efficient.

    How to cure varicocele at home

    Many people who have found this disease and who do not want to have surgery are asking this question. Any specialist in urology and andrology will be able to say that it is impossible to cure this disease at home. Despite the abundance of folk methods, a variety of drugs and other methods, all of them will not help stop the varicocele if it has already reached the second stage. This is a disease that progresses over time and it itself will not go away, as well as with the help of ineffective home methods. Only at the first stage there is a chance to get rid of the expansion with the help of medicines, but in this case, you can’t do everything yourself, because you need the doctor’s advice on which medicine to use.

    Varicocele: conservative treatment

    Not all doctors see conservative treatment for varicocele as an effective solution to the problem, so in most cases they prescribe surgery. But in the early stages of the disease, it can really help. A technique of this nature gives a chance that in the future you will not have to undergo surgery and the disease will recede forever. For this you will have to apply a comprehensive solution, but it is still possible. For varicocele, conservative treatment is rarely used for the reason that the disease is not always able to be detected at the stage when it will be effective.

    How does conservative treatment of varicocele occur?

    The first stage is a kind of protective regime during which everything that can lead to an aggravation of the disease should be avoided. A certain number of restrictions is very important, since it helps to relieve the load from the affected veins, which is very necessary in the treatment. These precautions include:

    • Lack of heavy physical exertion, especially that affect the pelvic area. Do not engage in sports such as cycling, horseback riding, lifting weights and so on. This leads to the fact that the pressure rises in the spermatic cord and stagnation is more pronounced in the venous blood.
    • Wearing a suspension. Doctors recommend wearing a special dressing that will help relieve tension from the scrotum. If she is in a slightly elevated mood, this will help reduce blood flow in the veins.
    • Limit foods that may lead to constipation or diarrhea. If these disorders occur chronically, then constant stress also provokes the development of varicocele.

    Conservative treatment of varicocele: second stage

    The second stage, which runs parallel to the first, but has a limited duration of use, is the use of drugs. For the patient, such drugs are selected that help improve blood microcirculation in the problem area. They should also increase the tone of the veins. All this relieves congestion in the circulatory system, which become the cause of varicose veins.With varicocele, conservative treatment helps to achieve the effect after a month or even after a few months. Sometimes, if the course of treatment does not help the first time, then the patient adheres to the first stage and after a certain period of time repeats the second.

    Preparations for varicocele on the testicle

    The use of medicines, as the main method of treating varicocele, is quite rare, since it is very difficult to wait for the effectiveness of getting rid of an ailment at a high stage of its development. The reason lies in the fact that ointment from varicocele and tablets do not change the mechanism itself, which leads to the development of the disease. Sometimes it is necessary to postpone the operation for some time, or pathology is detected at the very initial stage, which for the patient creates an already more relevant reason to use medicines.

    Medicated varicocele: antioxidant tablets

    Antioxidant preparations are used to improve the condition of the veins, which will be gradually improved with the use and the circulatory system will be more stable, which will help get rid of stagnation. They supply internal organs with a large amount of oxygen and nutrients, which leads to an improvement in their performance. Such preparations, as a rule, include vitamins A, E and C. Preparations for varicocele on the testicle from this group are as follows:

    • Antiox and Antiox +. Apply twice a day with meals, one capsule.
    • Vitamax plus C. It is used 1 capsule per day or every two days.
    • Trivi +. Apply before meals, one tablet per day.
    • Triovit. Apply 1-2 capsules per day. The course of treatment is two days.

    The cure for varicocele: venotonic

    Almost all those that help improve venous tone are referred to venotonics. They significantly reduce the elasticity and strength of blood vessels. Thanks to this, it is much easier for them to cope with the stresses that lead to a systematic worsening of the condition and progression of the disease. Such drugs are relevant to use both with conservative treatment, and during the recovery period. These include:

    • Agapurin. The average dose of the drug is 200 mg per day, and it is desirable to divide it twice, in the morning and in the evening.
    • Arbiflex. The application parameters are the same as in the previous case.
    • Trental. Used 100 mg twice daily before meals.

    Varicocele treatment: venoprotective tablets

    Venoprotectants provide additional protection for the veins and serve to strengthen them. This is true in cases where some of them are already weakened by varicose veins. They give a stabilizing effect that helps protect against the further development of the disease. The plexiform plexus retains its size as medications are taken and does not expand further. Such drugs include:

    • Ginkor Forte. The composition of this drug contains troxerutin heptaminol hydrochloride and ginkgo extract,
    • Detralex The course of treatment is 1 month. The drug is used twice a day, one tablet.
    • Aescusan. It is produced in the form of drops that you need to drink three times a day, 15 drops each.

    In addition to all this, combined drugs are used for treatment, which will also provide good help in overcoming the symptoms and supporting the body. These include: Tocopherol, Pentoxifylline and Ascorutin.

    Varius gel from varicocele

    To combat varicocele, as well as support the body during treatment, various medications are used, each of which has its own sphere of influence. A gel from varicocele called Varius is a fairly effective way to strengthen blood vessels and get rid of many symptoms of the disease. The gel uses components that positively affect the state of the veins. A carefully selected dosage increases the effectiveness of the drug.

    Varius from Varicocele: what effect does

    This tool is often prescribed by specialists, since it has all the necessary types of exposure. These include:

    • Relieving pain, as well as discomfort that sometimes occurs after physical exertion, a change of position, walking, and other factors,
    • Provides a natural return of the blood flow that comes from the veins of the testicles,
    • The gel creates the correct inhibition of the convulsive state,
    • Venous walls are less stretchable and their strength increases,
    • Stagnant blood phenomena are removed, which often lead to exacerbations of the disease, and can also cause various complications.

    This set of effects helps to eliminate the symptoms and causes of the disease at the first stage almost after the first course of administration. If the desired effect could not be achieved, then it is recommended to repeat the course or carry out the operation.

    Varius gel from varicocele: composition

    The composition contains natural remedies that create a venotonic effect and relieve swelling. The main components include:

    • Ginkgo biloba. Means for giving veins a good healthy tone and eliminating blood stasis. This is an exotic plant that is actively used in medicine and has found application in this gel.
    • Bee venom. In this dense substance there is a huge range of nutrients with a high degree of biological activity. It relieves swelling and makes the tissues of blood vessels more elastic.
    • Antlers (concentrate). A unique therapeutic product that is extracted from the antlers of deer living in Altai. It contributes to a faster recovery and tones the veins.

    Varicocele cream: how to apply

    This tool can be used both for treatment and for the prevention of the disease. It is enough to grease varius once a day on a problem site. It is advisable to do this in the evening before going to bed so that it does not get smeared from walking and other movements. It can be used both separately and in combination with other drugs. At a more serious stage of the disease, the gel is recommended to be applied twice a day.

    Varius: reviews, varicocele

    From patients who used this drug for the treatment and prevention of varicocele, various comments can be found. Most write that the medicine really helps, especially in the early stages. Some patients still have to undergo surgery, which helps with greater efficiency.

    Video: Varicocele treatment

    Medication with varicocele is not as effective as surgery.

    This is due to the fact that the expansion of the veins is a serious vascular defect that can be reliably eliminated only with the help of invasive methods.

    But under certain conditions, drug treatment of varicocele may be appropriate.

    Features of different dosage forms

    Preparations that are available in the form of ointments and creams are made using a hydrophobic base, it follows that the ointment used from varicocele includes vegetable, mineral and animal fats. These include: lanolin, naphthalan, petroleum jelly and vegetable oils. And products in the form of a cream, when applied, will be soft and greasy, since these are solutions that contain particles of active ingredients that could not completely dissolve in the fat base.

    The disadvantages of these forms include the following:

    1. The ointment in its structure is very dense and viscous, and also has a greasy base, so if it gets on clothing, it leaves a greasy stain, which is difficult to get rid of.
    2. It has a limited shelf life, with constant opening of the tube and contact with air - it has the property of rancidity.
    3. The creamy form is easy to apply, but for skin prone to dryness and peeling, it is better to use an ointment, since it has a moisturizing effect.

    For the manufacture of a gel-like form of preparations from varicocele, a hydrophilic base is used, or in other words, aqueous. The active ingredient of the drug is evenly and fully dissolved in the base.

    The main features of the gels include:

    1. It has two effects on the skin. It is able to slightly dry the dermis, as well as deliver moisture together with the active component to the deeper layers of the skin.
    2. By their structure, the gels are very light and pleasant to apply, are absorbed and distributed almost simultaneously at the epidermis. When it comes to wardrobe items it does not leave greasy stains, and almost instantly it can be washed off with a small amount of water.
    3. Unlike creams and ointments, it has a pH similar to human skin, which makes it more physiological.

    What is dangerous and what are the causes of varicocele? When do dilated veins deprive a man of fertility? All about this clinical and pathological condition in the article: "Varicocele".

    Heparin ointment

    Heparin ointment is the most popular treatment for varicocele. This medicine is present in all pharmacies, and is reasonably affordable.

    Heparin ointment has gained such crazy popularity due to the fact that the active component of the medication fights not only with the symptoms of pathology, but also with its causes.

    Namely, with the problems that led to poor blood supply to the body - an active inflammatory process and the formation of blood clots.

    In addition to heparin, the composition includes a local anesthetic benzocaine, which has a moderate analgesic effect, and benzonicotinic acid promotes a deeper penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.

    The use of the ointment is justified only at the initial stages of the disease, namely at the first sensations of discomfort, and the appearance of the vascular network and varicose protruding veins. The doctor prescribes the course of treatment, but most often it is applied three times a day to the affected area of ​​the skin for 7 days.

    There are a number of contraindications to the use of the drug, namely:

    • individual intolerance to the components of the drug,
    • predisposition to the development of bleeding, as well as thrombocytopenia,
    • damaged skin, ulcers, fissures and tissue necrosis.

    Gel Troxevasin

    Troxevasin has two effects at once: anti-inflammatory and vitamin. In addition, Troxevasin eliminates swelling of tissues at the site of application, prevents the formation of blood clots and exhibits antioxidant activity.

    If you apply the product twice a day daily, then you can reduce the fragility of the capillaries and make their walls more dense, reduce the risk of blood clot formation.

    To achieve maximum effect, you should use the gel regularly and for a sufficiently long period. For a faster onset of treatment results, topical application must be combined with the internal use of troxevasin capsules. It can be applied as a compress.

    Most men have seen in their own experience the effectiveness of Troxevasin. Due to the light gel-like structure, the active ingredients of the drug are instantly absorbed into the surface layers of the skin, and after 30 minutes into the deeper ones. In a few hours, Troxevasin will already be in fatty tissue.

    Cream Varicobuster

    Most specialists in the field of andrology recommend using Varikobuster cream in complex treatment, because of the extensive composition of active ingredients: honey, caffeine, horse chestnut extract and extracts from other medicinal plants, and troxerutin.

    This cream belongs to the category of drugs, without which the treatment of varicocele becomes practically ineffective.The natural multi-component composition of the cream allows you to strengthen the capillary wall, exhibits a tonic effect, restores blood circulation, eliminates swelling and pain. The tool can be used by all categories of men, since it has no contraindications.

    Which ointment is best for varicocele?

    Varicocele is a varicose vein of the male genital organs. It occurs usually at a young age, approximately 20 percent of the stronger sex suffer from this disease. It is usually accompanied by severe pain. If untreated in the later stages, infertility occurs. As a rule, there is only one way out - operation. But in the early stages, conservative means can be dispensed with. Many are interested in which ointment from varicocele is most effective.

    In the article we will tell:

    How to use ointment with varicocele?

    In the initial stages of varicocele, especially if pain is absent, the use of special drugs is recommended. Some are taken internally, while others are used externally. Among them are various ointments, gels, creams and balms.

    It is very important to consider contraindications and side effects of these drugs. It is also necessary to know that these ointments are not able to completely get rid of varicocele, but only relieve some symptoms. In addition, you should not hope that the cream will save you from varicocelectomy.

    The most common external remedies for varicocele:

    • Heparin,
    • Troxevasin (Troxerutin),
    • Varius
    • Lyoton
    • Varicobuster,
    • Normaven
    • Venocorset and others.

    They contain vegetable, animal or mineral fats. These funds vary in their name and basis. Gels can easily be distinguished from ointments and creams by their properties.

    The advantages of gel products over ointments:

    1. Gels have a uniform and lighter texture, are easier to apply and absorb.
    2. Do not leave greasy stains on clothing and body.
    3. Gels are easily washed off with water.
    4. They have a pH similar to human skin.

    Negative properties of ointments:

    • more greasy in composition, leave marks on clothing and body,
    • have a more limited duration,
    • with frequent opening, the lids become rancid.

    But with dry skin, creams and ointments are more suitable.

    It is worth considering some common ointments and gels to find out the features of their action.

    Lyoton gel

    Lyoton is available in the form of a gel, and according to the classification, it belongs to the group of drugs that inhibit blood coagulation, since it includes heparin. With the systematic use of a gel containing heparin, blood coagulability decreases, the severity of the inflammatory process and swelling of the affected areas of the skin decrease, fewer blood clots form.

    With varicocele, Lyoton is recommended to be applied up to three times a day, with light massaging movements. The duration of use of this drug will depend on the stage of the disease and is determined solely by the doctor. In especially severe cases, an increase in the daily dose is possible.

    The tool almost instantly eliminates the symptoms associated with varicose veins.

    Compared with ointments containing heparin, the gel does not leave greasy marks, has a uniform structure, is easier to apply to the skin and is much faster absorbed.

    Despite a number of visible advantages, Lyoton also has disadvantages, namely: a specific aroma and high price, in comparison with similar medicines.

    Treatment of varicocele with ointments, gels, or creams always requires the inclusion of forms for internal use in the treatment regimen to achieve a quick result. All appointments are made only by the attending physician, do not self-medicate, as this can lead to irreversible consequences.

    Are you suffering from varicocele? Learn about two methods of treating pathology without surgery from our article: “Treatment of varicocele”.

    Medication for varicocele

    Varicocele is a varicose vein that occurs in the male sex glands and spermatic cord, often left-sided. Medicines, including Detralex for varicocele, are applicable only on the recommendation of the attending physician. Today, this pathology is widespread, diagnosed in almost 10% of the stronger sex of different ages. Every year, the number of patients increases, because among the causes of the disease: congenital abnormalities, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, psychological problems and inattentive attitude to one’s own health.

    The main symptoms of varicose veins in the testicle include pulling pains that occur during physical exertion, erection and defecation, uncomfortable sensations, and a decrease in the size of the affected testicle. Often, patients seek medical attention too late, ignoring alarming symptoms. Medicines with varicocele will not be able to cure pathology. They can only improve the patient's condition.

    Preparations and tablets for varicocele

    Many men do not know which venotonics with varicocele really bring improvement. It is not worth it yourself to understand this problem. Best of all, the task of choosing the right drug will be handled by a qualified specialist who has studied the features of the development of pathology. Modern pharmacies offer a huge number of pills for varicocele.

    The drug contains a whole complex of flavonoids, therefore, has high venotonic and angioprotective properties. Detralex with varicocele tones the walls of blood vessels and veins, preventing them from thinning and stretching. The tool relieves swelling and pulling pains in the scrotum.

    The optimal dosage of Detralex for varicocele is 2 tablets per day. The treatment course is compiled on the basis of the individual characteristics of each patient, and lasts from several months to a year.

    Patient reviews of Detralex with varicocele confirm its effectiveness if treatment is combined with a healthy lifestyle and moderate physical activity.

    The tool is made on the basis of diosmin - a substance that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents them from damage. Phlebodia with varicocele eliminates stagnant processes, prevents the formation of blood clots. Manufacturers claim that a positive effect is observed after 6 hours after taking the medicine.

    Tablets are taken 1 time per day for 2 months. The main disadvantage of the drug is the impossibility of its use for the treatment of varicose veins in children and adolescents. Phlebodia is recommended only for persons over 18 years of age.

    Pentoxifylline with varicocele, which is part of these tablets, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and a decrease in viscosity. The tool is sold in the form of conventional tablets and drugs of prolonged action.

    Trental with varicocele should be taken 1-2 times a day for several weeks. It is not recommended to drink tablets in childhood, as well as if there are predispositions to stroke.

    The active ingredients are rutoside and esculin. Tablets increase venous tone, reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels.

    In the first weeks of therapy, patients are prescribed 2 tablets three times a day. After a few weeks, the dosage is reduced to 1 tablet three times a day. The drug should not be taken for children under 15 years of age.

    The active components of the drug are horse chestnut extract and thiamine. The natural composition makes taking these tablets with varicocele relatively safe, but their effectiveness cannot be called high.

    Treatment of varicocele with tablets is possible only at the first stage of the development of the disease, and only as part of a well-thought-out therapeutic course. It lasts up to 2 months.Take 1-3 tablets per day. The drug is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to the composition.

    Active ingredients - hesperidin and diosmin. They increase the elasticity of the vascular walls, lower their permeability. When varicocele, venus tones veins well, eliminates stagnant processes, normalizes blood flow and lymph outflow.

    How to take Venarus with varicocele? It is enough to drink one tablet a day. The treatment course lasts no more than 3 months. To obtain an effective result, experts recommend combining the intake of tablets with wearing compression underwear, dieting, and performing a suitable set of exercises.

    Preparations for the treatment of varicocele are quite widespread. Although drug therapy is not able to completely relieve a man of varicose veins, the observance of the correct dosage and regular intake increase the effectiveness of other methods of therapy, prevents the occurrence of complications and relapses.

    Reviews of men

    • Nikolay

    I encountered testicular varicose at the age of 21. Of course, I wanted to get rid of the pulling pains and discomfort as soon as possible, so I promptly consulted a doctor. I was prescribed Troxevasin for varicocele. In parallel, he performed special exercises to improve blood circulation. The treatment has been ongoing for 2 months, I notice positive changes.

    Not so long ago, I began to feel pulling pains in the scrotum. After contacting a urologist, I learned that I have a varicocele. I started the disease, so preparations for the operation began. A doctor advised me to take Troxevasin with varicocele, and the reviews about this drug are mostly positive.

    After the course of taking unpleasant symptoms have passed. But do not think that the cream will cure the disease. If the doctor has prescribed an operation, then this is a mandatory procedure.

    Varicocele of the 1st stage was discovered by a urologist at a routine examination. After this, I took Detralex tablets for 2 months, but did not achieve noticeable improvements. A friend advised to visit a consultation of an experienced phlebologist. A specialist examined me and said that my problem arose due to overweight and constipation. Until I get rid of them, no medications for varicocele will help me. Over the course of the year, I have been following the doctor’s instructions; health is gradually being restored.

    Non-surgical treatment of varicocele: how things really are

    The goal of treatment without surgery is to normalize the functional state of the veins. Varicocele treatment at any stage of development should be carried out with the mandatory intervention of qualified medical personnel. If varicocele is diagnosed, treatment without surgery is only possible at certain stages of the development of the disease.

    Often patients turn to doctors with a question: how to get rid of varicocele using phyto therapy or alternative methods of treatment, as well as medicines. Any type of therapy should be prescribed only after a full-time examination and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

    Drug therapy

    Treatment without surgery can be carried out using the following groups of drugs:

    1. Venoprotectors. Detralex often becomes the drug of choice, which should be taken for 1 month with the subsequent transition to the use of Aescusan drops.
    2. Taking medications that include ginkgo biloba extract.
    3. Treatment of varicocele without surgery with the help of medicines is necessarily supplemented by the use of drugs from the group of antioxidants.

    All drugs are taken in courses over a long period of time.

    You should not expect to receive a definite answer to the question: how to get rid of varicocele with the help of drugs on your own.

    The treatment regimen, dosage of drugs and duration of treatment are determined by the doctor individually.Self-medication can be unsafe and only exacerbate the course of the disease.

    With the rapid progression of varicocele, treatment without surgery may not provide the desired therapeutic result.

    It is necessary to take into account exactly how drug treatment should be carried out. Throughout the entire period of therapy, analysis of indicators of such studies as spermogram and pulsed Dopplerometry is required.

    What is the effect of alternative therapy methods?

    • At an early stage of the disease, treatment without surgery involves an internal intake of apple infusion. To make a drink, several large apples are placed in a pan and poured with hot water. The resulting drink should be insisted for 5-6 hours and then take half a glass several times a day.
    • It is recommended to take a tincture based on horse chestnut 20-30 ml twice a day for 1 month.
    • The use of phyto infusion based on chamomile flowers, chestnut fruits, medicinal verbena and immortelle flowers will help to avoid surgery. All components should be mixed in equal parts, brewed and infused for 12 hours. Take 40 mg three times a day after meals.
    • For external treatment, compresses from cabbage leaves are used, which must be applied to the affected area and fixed with a bandage or gauze.
    • A compress made from the leaves and flowers of wormwood in combination with serum or kefir has a good therapeutic effect. Leaves and flowers should be finely chopped and mixed with a fermented milk product. The resulting mixture is applied to a sterile bandage and applied to the affected vein for several hours.

    Patients are also recommended to take baths based on decoctions of oak leaves, wormwood and marigold flowers, medicinal chamomile, immortelle. Water temperature should be comfortable, not too hot.

    Home Therapy

    Compliance with motor activity also plays an important role in the treatment of pathology. Performing simple exercises allows you to disperse the blood and stops the progression of the disease. To perform the exercise, the patient stands on his toes, raises his heels from the floor a few centimeters and sharply lowers them down. You can perform from 40 to 50 such exercises per day.

    Therapy without surgery should be carried out under the constant supervision of a physician. If the prescribed therapy does not contribute to the proper effect, then it should be reviewed and adjusted. Urologists andrologists determine the causal relationship between varicocele and infertility. For this reason, treatment of varicocele without surgery should begin as soon as possible after the detection of the disease.

    Involving minimally invasive treatments

    Patients are interested in: how is the procedure carried out using these methods and will such therapy be effective without surgery?

    Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive method that allows treatment without surgery.

    In order to get rid of varicocele with the help of this method, the patient will be injected with a sclerosing drug in the area of ​​the affected vessel.

    This is able to stop the pathological reverse flow of blood to the affected ovary and prevent further progression of the disease.

    In order to get rid of varicocele using the embolization procedure, a thin catheter and a special embolization coil are inserted into the testicular vein. Such manipulations help to block the flow of blood.

    Many modern clinics offer varicocele treatment without surgery using minimally invasive methods. Before starting treatment, the patient undergoes a full-time examination by a doctor and a number of other necessary studies.


    Patients should also remember that treatment of varicocele without surgery in the second and third stages of the development of the disease is not possible. Such patients should be necessarily referred to surgical treatment.


    To venotonic drugs that improve the structure of the vascular wall include the following:

    • Detralex It is considered one of the most effective venotonic agents. The components of the drug strengthen even the smallest blood vessels, which prevents the formation of stagnation in the zone of vascular lesions of varicose veins. The cost of the drug is slightly higher than Russian counterparts, since Detralex is produced in France. Patients should know that Detaralex is produced not only in the form of tablets, but also in the form of a gel for external use. The course of treatment with Detralex should be at least 30 days at 2 tablets per day (morning / evening).
    • Venus. Russian analogue of Detralex. Tablets strengthen the vascular walls and significantly reduce the percentage of extensibility of the veins. As a result, it is possible to prevent stagnation in the affected vessels and significantly accelerate blood flow in the scrotum. In addition, thanks to Venarus tablets, the outflow of lymph improves in the patient, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the patient's vascular system.
    • Aescusan. Droplet medication for oral use. The main active ingredients of the drug are horse chestnut extract and vitamin B1 (thiamine). Both components have a venotonic, vasoconstrictive and capillary protective effect on the patient's body. In addition, Aescusan relieves puffiness, protects the body from free radicals. It is shown to take 10-15 drops of the drug three times during the day.

    Drugs that improve blood microcirculation

    Such drugs significantly dilute the blood and prevent blood clots in the vessels. This category of medication includes the following:

    • Agapurin. Due to the active substance pentoxifylline in the blood in the walls of blood vessels, the concentration of calcium ions is significantly reduced. Due to this, the aggregation of red blood cells and platelets is also reduced. The result - blood viscosity decreases, and its current accelerates. It is indicated to take the drug 100 mg twice a day.

    Important: the dose is adjusted by the doctor depending on the patient's blood pressure and age.

    • Arbiflex. In addition to the fact that the drug improves blood flow and reduces its viscosity, the product also expands the coronary arteries that feed the heart. Due to this, the patient's heart receives more oxygen. As a result, the patient has an antianginal effect. The volume of blood passing through the vessels also increases significantly.
    • Trental. This drug actively increases blood fluidity, thinning it. The drug is especially active in increasing blood microcirculation in areas of vascular damage to varicose veins.

    Antioxidants and Vitamins

    This group of drugs allows you to protect the patient's body inhibited by varicose veins from the effects of free radicals. In particular, drugs are prescribed with the inclusion of vitamins A, E, C and PP in them. Medications with grape seed extract may also be prescribed. In most cases, these drugs are prescribed:

    • Antiox and Antiox Plus. The tool saturates the patient's body with vitamins and significantly accelerates the metabolic processes in it. In addition, the drug normalizes the processes of fat, protein and carbohydrate dinner. As a result, the patient's working capacity increases, immunity works more actively. In addition, the tool also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Vitamax plus C. Due to the ginseng included in the preparation, all the regeneration processes in the patient's body are significantly accelerated. In addition, due to lipids, amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates, the metabolic processes in the body are accelerated.And this has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels as well.
    • Triovit. A complex of vitamins and minerals that work for the benefit of the body, providing an antioxidant effect on it. The main components of the drug are selenium and vitamins A, C, E. Vitamin preparation significantly slows down the aging process in the body and neutralizes any inflammatory processes.
    • Three-plus plus. This drug is especially indicated for patients living or working in an unfavorable ecological zone (including increased radiation background). The drug increases the body's resistance to frequent colds, stress, cardiovascular pathologies.

    It is important to understand that any venotonics with varicocele, as well as other drugs, should be prescribed to a man only by an attending angiohirug or andrologist. Self-diagnosis and, moreover, self-medication can significantly distort the picture of pathology and lead to undesirable consequences. Remember, careful attention to your body is the key to the good work of all organs and systems.

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    Treatment methods for varicocele in men without surgery - will it help?

    Varicocele is a complex disease that affects men under certain factors. The veins in the spermatic cords expand, there are pains of a constant aching nature, which intensify as the disease develops.

    In the later stages, it is impossible to cure varicocele without surgery, both with medicines and alternative methods of treatment. But if the disease has not yet reached a critical form, you can completely do without surgical intervention.

    The cure for varicose veins

    The vast majority of people, choosing between surgical treatment of a disease (in our case with varicose veins) and possible non-invasive treatment, whether capsules, tablets for varicose veins, gels, ointments, herbs and infusions, will choose the latter, especially if from all screens will be broadcast to them about their effectiveness and the uselessness of any operations. The amount of information for stupefying patients can be judged by the amount of advertising for pills and creams for varicose veins on all federal channels where happy girls easily run after lubricating healthy legs with miracle cream or taking miracle pills.

    Are the representatives of pharmaceutical companies and various traditional healers so honest, and what is the effectiveness of all these miracle drugs?

    The goal of drug therapy for venous pathology is to reduce symptoms and prevent complications, but achieving these goals is not easy.

    Today, the abundance of funds that can be applied has given rise to another problem: which one to choose? However, almost any remedy for varicose veins, even with a high rating, does not have a sufficiently high efficiency, despite the theoretically substantiated expediency of use.

    This is due to many reasons, the main of which is the low absorption of the therapeutic substances of these drugs by the body.

    Ideal preparations for varicose veins should affect all pathogenetic links of chronic venous insufficiency, as well as have minimal side effects and high digestibility by the body.

    In the modern pharmaceutical market, a fairly large number of phlebotropic drugs are represented. However, the therapeutic substances and the active substance are similar (plant flavonoids - diosmin) and therefore the effectiveness of this or that depends only on the concentration and digestibility of the active principle. The most popular are tablets for varicose veins and capsules: detralex, phlebodia, antistax, venoruton, gels such as troxevasin and escusan solutions.

    As practice shows, if you drink these pills from varicose veins, neither varicose veins, nor trophic ulcers, nor vascular asterisks will go away, all the more you should not expect the varicose nodes themselves to disappear from these phlebotonics, however, lightness in the legs, reduction of edema and the disappearance of night cramps can to be.

    List of popular drugs for the treatment of varicose veins with low efficiency:

    • Detralex
    • Phlebodia
    • Antistax
    • Venoruton
    • Troxevasin
    • Aescusan

    If gels, decoctions, tablets and ointments helped with varicose veins, would phlebologists offering surgical treatments be popular?

    It is much simpler and cheaper to drink a pill, take infusions or smear inflamed veins, however, such effective miracle cures have not yet been invented, and long-term results testify against this, but self-hypnosis can also work a miracle. Whether to throw money away is up to you. The sale of medicine for leg varicose veins has become a profitable business for pharmaceutical companies, as vein expansion is a very common disease.

    Remedies for varicose veins are always of interest to suggested patients, and since veins in the initial period of the disease are not disturbing, patients are afraid of any surgical help.

    Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amounts of money to convince the public, and even doctors, that without their pills they are the best for varicose veins.

    Servier’s company, which organizes conferences and “research”, buys well-known phlebologists in order to gain their authority to increase sales of its tablets, was especially successful.

    There are also alternative drugs for the "disposal" of varicose veins:

    Soda, mummy, iodine, peroxide, soap, clay, onions, cabbage, propolis and other remedies for varicose veins can most miraculously get rid of varicose nodes, nets, as well as kidney stones and gall bladder, tumors and gangrene. Ordinary people believe in this nonsense, not understanding either the causes or consequences of the disease. Thousands of Internet posts about magic pills and remedies for varicose veins in the legs make a mess in the heads of patients.

    So what to do and take with varicose veins?

    Modern laser treatment technology allows you to permanently get rid of varicose veins without incisions, pain and hospitalization. This intervention is carried out within 30-60 minutes and allows you to forget about varicose veins, but before you can offer you to contact our center as a standard, we will tell you about really effective methods that can easily alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

    In this section, we propose to forget about the terribly effective pills that “help” with varicose veins and recall traditional and proven methods.

    Massage and bath for varicose veins

    Massage, unlike many cheap phlebotonics from advertising, is a method of actively treating varicose veins, helping to prevent edema, relieve swelling, lower limb fatigue and reduce overall body fatigue.

    In the Innovative Vascular Center, all types of modern massage are used, especially in the pathology of the lymphatic and venous systems. Of the exclusive methods - the technology of lymphatic drainage massage with bandaging, which very effectively relieves chronic venous insufficiency.

    In chronic venous insufficiency, massage is used to eliminate venous hypertension in cases of varicose veins and post-thrombotic syndrome. The combination of this technology with banding allows you to effectively eliminate all the clinical manifestations of the disease.

    Massage therapy is a very effective symptomatic treatment for varicose veins in the legs, but it provides only temporary relief. We use manual lymphatic drainage in patients with severe edema in patients with lymphovenous insufficiency. There is no need to be afraid of “separation of blood clots” with such treatment, but with exacerbation it should not be used.

    But the bath is a completely different matter: with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities or post-thrombotic disease, it is very dangerous.

    Any thermal stress can provoke the formation of blood clots in deep veins that are carried with the blood stream, with all the ensuing consequences. Dehydration in the bath leads to "thickening" of the blood.

    Do not expose yourself to undue risk. Varicose veins from the bath will not disappear, and thrombophlebitis may well occur.

    Creams and gels for varicose veins

    Despite the high efficiency advocated by sellers and manufacturers, creams and gels do not bring relief for varicose veins and the dilated veins do not disappear from them.

    At the initial stage of venous insufficiency, the prescribing doctors do not strongly object to the use of these supposedly “phlebotropic” drugs, since rubbing them acts as a light massage and promotes venous outflow, and has a calming effect on the skin and blood vessels.

    With advanced forms of venous insufficiency, these creams and ointments can cause dermatitis and allergies, therefore they are very harmful. Gel "Lyoton" and other heparin agents are used in the development of acute thrombophlebitis and contributes to the subsidence of the inflammatory process, but varicose veins do not disappear from them.

    Shamanistic products like “Sophia with leeches” have gained great popularity due to proper advertising with beautiful female legs, but they have no relation to medicines, women, and leeches, and there’s no reason to expect them.

    And also, regardless of the price, rating or well-known name, no drops will bring results, even if absolutely all the reviews will talk about drops, as the best in the world and inexpensive medicines, phlebotonics, from which 100% of patients are cured. The best solution is to consult a good doctor who will prescribe a comprehensive minimally invasive or drug treatment and will correct your lifestyle.

    Effective drugs for the prevention of thrombosis with varicose veins

    A common complication of varicose veins of the lower extremities is thrombophlebitis, especially during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

    A proven drug for the prevention of blood clots is low molecular weight heparin (fraksiparin, clexane).

    For the prevention of thrombophlebitis after treatment of varicose veins, xarelto or prodax tablets are used in our clinic. The course of treatment with tablets is 7 days after laser or radio frequency intervention.

    This article is written more like a warning for people who are tired of reading custom reviews: “I recently bought inexpensive pills with a name like Actovegin and Trental, I’ve been treated for two days with 1 tablet a day, and every day it only gets better - the little stars on my legs are gone, like my fatigue also noted anti-inflammatory effects and capillary growth. I recommend it to all women, remember the name - Actovegin and Trental - for such a price it is better not to find pills in Moscow ”or to waste your energy, time and money using publicly accepted lists of drugs with low or unproven effectiveness. The list of tablets for varicose veins on the legs increases every year, however, their active substances remain the same. These are diosmin, rutin, heparin and some others. Only names change to increase sales. Read carefully the composition of these medicines.

    It is better to consult a phlebologist, and then he, as a specialist with a higher medical education, will conduct a comprehensive examination and prescribe adequate treatment, including drug therapy (the best pills for annoying varicose veins), but laser coagulation will be the most effective cure for varicose veins.

    Remember the best remedy for any disease and even varicose veins is an active and healthy lifestyle. Therapeutic exercises, walks in the fresh air better strengthen the venous wall than any pills.

    The correct mode of work and rest, the use of an elevated position to relieve stress on the legs, swimming in the sea and in the pool - these measures are the best preventive and therapeutic agents.

    It is not necessary to consider that if on the package of antistax tablets it is written “made from grape leaves”, then they ceased to be chemical preparations. Why poison yourself with ineffective drugs, if it is impossible to remove varicose veins with their help.

    The list and cost of services, rating list of doctors you can always find on this site.

    How to take Detralex with varicocele

    Doctors distinguish three main varieties of medications that help alleviate the state of health of the veins with varicocele. The list includes:

    • preparations with the functions of anticoagulants and antioxidants to prevent oxygen starvation of the tissues of the pelvic organs (complexes of vitamins of varieties A, E and C, Antiox tablets, Vitamax, Triovit),
    • funds for the restoration of normal blood microcirculation processes (Venarus, Orbiflex, Trental),
    • venoprotective drugs (Varius, Troxevasin, Detralex tablets).

    The listed products - tablets, gels and ointments - should be taken exclusively as directed by the attending physician and under his supervision.

    If the course is prescribed before preparing for surgical manipulation, then immediately before the operation on the veins it is used for two weeks, after it for three months.

    The doctor will monitor the patient’s condition with ultrasound and spermograms (seminal fluid analysis) all the time when taking medicines.

    • Venarus - a means to restore normal blood microcirculation
    • Venotonic are such drugs whose mechanism of action is to normalize smooth muscles in the walls of blood vessels, as well as improve their elasticity and increase resistance to blood flow.

    The word "tonus" in translation means "stress." Our vessels are normally always in a certain static stress. This function is closely related to the physical phenomena of blood flow.

    If our vessels were relaxed, then they could not withstand the blood pressure. Weak and sluggish veins are prone to pathological expansion and trauma.

    A weak venous wall with the slightest inflammatory process can become a hotbed of thrombus or even necrosis.

    Drugs called venotonics help strengthen the venous wall and restore its tone. Preparations of a general venotonic effect are taken orally.

    These include tablets, syrups, plant extracts and homeopathic granules. Preparations of local venotonic action are released in the form of gels and ointments.

    They can also include compresses based on decoctions of plant herbs.

    The use of venotonics for varicose veins of the legs gives a good positive effect if used in parallel with physiotherapy and massage.

    Now there are many drugs for internal use that have a common venotonic effect. Among them, venotonics Phlebodia and Doppelherz have proven themselves very well. These drugs give a lasting result, and also fight with an increased level of blood coagulability.

    Phlebodia perfectly relieves swelling and fatigue of the legs, normalizes blood circulation and lymph circulation, increases venous tone. Phlebodia also prevents thrombosis, that is, it prevents varicose veins in the legs from developing into thrombophlebitis.

    Doppelherz improves the work of the heart, removes excess load from it. This drug has a general tonic effect, it increases the activity of the whole organism and, of course, the tone of the veins.

    Troxevasin has proven itself as a topical application. This is a special gel with a light structure that is quickly absorbed. The gel is applied to both limbs in the morning and evening with light massage movements. Troxevasin has a local venotonic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also normalizes blood and lymph circulation.

    Watch the video: Daflon dosage varicose veins tablet uses reviews in hindi (February 2020).

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