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Modern fashion haircuts for teenage boys: description and photo

Teenage fashion echoes the fashion trends of adult male haircuts. Fashionable haircuts help guys to join the team, make a lasting impression on the opposite sex. And most importantly for young people, the practicality of hairstyles that do not require complex styling.

The main fashion trends in haircuts guys include:

  • Short or sporty models. Hairstyles are made both for a machine with a uniform length, and with a gradual transition from short to elongated length. Such models include boxing, semi-boxing, beaver, hedgehog. These hairstyles are unpretentious in leaving. Very suitable for athletic and active young people.
  • Classic. Universal haircuts for medium hair. Mostly this style involves the presence of parting or hair combed back. The most trendy representative of the classics is Canada. It is universal and can be either elongated or short.
  • Long models. Suitable for courageous extraordinary guys. Haircuts with graduation, torn strands, asymmetry.
  • With patterns. It involves shaving on the back of the head, temples of various patterns or figures.

Why is youth hairstyle important?

Attitude to one’s own appearance and neatness are laid in childhood. But at a young age, the boy had a convenient haircut chosen by the parent. And in adolescence, an individual style begins to take shape, an acute thirst for experimentation arises. Independent choice of hairstyles is an easy way to direct this desire into a peaceful direction.

At this point, it is important to support the child, even if his choice seems strange, funny, frightening or inappropriate. Hair, even colored green, will grow back. But stuffed tattoo will be more difficult to reduce. To simplify the choice, for its part, you can offer options, but, in no case, do not impose them. Here are some popular models that will help your teenager look stylish.

Below is a description and photos of youth, stylish, model and modern teenage hairstyles for boys 12-14 and 15-16 years old, who are fashionable in 2019.

Stylish teens for 12-14 years old

A haircut for a teenager boy should not only be spectacular. It is important that it is comfortable. Hair should not interfere with school activities. Even if the slanting bangs coming down to the eyes look very fashionable, but the child does not see the board because of it, it is better to refuse this option.

The functionality of the hairstyle is especially important if the boy is engaged in sports sections: swimming, martial arts, football, etc. There may be special appearance requirements that are worth considering. But for creative directions (music, tetra, vocals, dancing), an unusual hairstyle can become a “highlight of the stage image”.


One of the most popular hairstyles for this age. Looks good on any type of hair. And on thick and curly hair she is just perfect. Suitable for almost any type of face. Only guys with a round shape should add asymmetry in the line.

The “commodity” appearance does not lose shape even on the most active and restless boys. And the main advantage is that it does not require laying, for which there is always no time. Simply comb your hair.

Gavrosh gives hair volume thanks to the contrast. The hair on the back of the head is cut short, and long strands are left at the top of the head.

Why is haircut so important

Adolescence is a period of active formation of personality. And any external factor can, if not cause moral trauma, then at least deliver a ton of unpleasant emotions. This is completely true for the choice of haircuts. Bad choices or inept craftsmen can cause ridicule of peers and the development of complexes - in general, until the hair grows back, the young man will worry. But a correctly selected and completed haircut can do a lot:

  • add confidence
  • help treat yourself like an adult,
  • to attract the positive attention of friends and classmates.

In the list of “adult” cases, boys distinguish a haircut as one of the most important

But, most importantly, a fashionable haircut, which is to face, will make the teenager look at himself from a different angle. And in the conditions of age complexes - this is a big step towards self-acceptance.

Half box

Ideal for boys who play sports, go camping and lead a courageous lifestyle. Functional, does not interfere with men's affairs. And the correct clipping of the temple adds to the image of audacity and independence. But in combination with a strict suit will look no worse. So it is suitable for educational and sports life.

Also involves elongated and shortened strands, but without such a sharp contrast, as in the previous version. Looks spectacular on thick hair. It goes well with a square or round head shape.

A popular hairstyle in primary school does not lose its relevance in adolescence. And all thanks to its simplicity (elongated strands on the crown can be trimmed at home independently) and versatility. The hairstyle is quite short, and the hair dries easily without a hair dryer.

If you have a small rebel, just add a little styling gel and the strands will stand upright, like a little mohawk. For formal occasions they are easy to comb in front, back or sideways, giving a neat shape. Especially popular among athletes.

Rules for choosing a fashionable haircut for a teenage boy

To decide on a hairstyle suitable for a child, you need to consider not only the advice of stylists: the boy’s temperament is important. Soft lines and calm waves are unlikely to suit fidgets, but an active haircut that allows you to try different types of styling is what you need, as it will combine with self-perception. In addition, you need to pay attention to other features:

  • the length and density of the hair (for example, “Cascade” will not work on short hair, and “Canada” on rare hair will look ridiculous),
  • face shape (asymmetrical haircuts with bangs are suitable for a round face, square - hairstyles with a voluminous crown and bangs, narrow - “Extra Long Bean”, triangular - it is better to choose “Extra Long”),
  • the boy’s age (for example, at 14–15 years old, “Iroquois” looks more harmonious than at 9–10),
  • the complexity of styling (if the boy cannot independently put his hair in order every day, then you do not need to choose such models).

Fashion and relevance of a haircut is not the most important thing. First of all, it should suit its owner in character and temperament

If we talk directly about the intricacies of performing a haircut, then in this regard it is important to pay attention to some points.

  • The line of shading.
    This is a smooth transition from short to long strands. The softer this transition, the more accurate the haircut looks. However, a lot depends on her model. Some modern hairstyles, on the contrary, need a sharp transition (for example, "Hitler Agent").
  • Bang.
    If the guy has a high forehead, then the falling strands will look beautiful on him. But owners of a low forehead should better abandon the idea of ​​cutting off their bangs.
  • Whiskey.
    The shape of the temporal part depends on the silhouette of the cheekbones. If the boy is childishly cheeky, then do not shave too much whiskey, as in this case the hairstyle will not be in harmony with the face. The reverse is also true: if the face is elongated, long hair on the temples will make the boy look like an old man.

Trends in youth haircuts

Despite a number of individual factors when choosing a haircut, there are recognized trends.

  • The haircut should be multilevel, that is, combine short and long strands (even the "Hedgehog" in the modern interpretation is performed by a machine with several nozzles).
  • In a fashion haircut, asymmetry is most often present. Edges can be torn, and elongated strands with sharp transitions, for example, short whiskey and a longer crown.
  • Every self-respecting mod should have a bang. The exception is only those guys who have a low forehead - the strands falling to them and covering half the face are contraindicated.
  • A modern haircut, if it requires styling, is often simple, you can limit yourself to a hairdryer.


Emperor hairstyles match perfectly straight lines. Therefore, on straight hair, she will look especially advantageous. It is best combined with an oval face shape, but for a round it fits poorly. The bangs and fringing of the hairstyle have even, clear boundaries, but with the length there are options. It can gradually decrease due to smooth transitions or to maintain a uniform length.

He doesn’t need styling, but he will have to look into the hairdresser often to adjust the length and border.

Fashionable for 15-16 years old

At this age should reflect the inner world of the child. This is a form of self-realization. And it’s good if she echoes his hobbies and emotional priorities. If the teenager’s views change, choosing a new, up-to-date hairstyle will not be difficult.

At this age, the level of responsibility and independence of the adolescent is higher. So you can choose more complex hairstyles that require regular styling.


Bright hairstyle that is hard not to notice. The hair on the crown remains of medium length, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved as short as possible. It is very important that the transition between different lengths is smooth..

The bulk of the hair in the bangs and crown is laid up. The structure is fixed with gel or varnish. As a result, you should get an even rectangular contour on the top.

This haircut gives the image seriousness, rigor and conciseness. She is often chosen by purposeful excellent students, participants in scientific competitions and olympiads.

"Under the pot"

Such a haircut will look good on thick and voluminous hair of medium length. It was then that the long upper and shortened lower strands will fall beautifully. But caring for a hairstyle will be quite troublesome: frequent washing and obligatory styling with a hairdryer.

Haircut "Under the pot" is suitable for owners of straight hair only


Popular retro model. At first glance, it can be confused with Undercut. Here, too, the whiskey and the back of the head are cut very short, and the bangs and crown are left elongated. They are laid back, sideways, distributed in a chaotic manner or with a neat parting.

Hairstyle leaves room for experimentation. As a result, it looks original, it fits easily into almost any image (educational, sports, creative). Advantageously emphasizes the dignity of boys with a rectangular, oval or round face shape. Preferably, the hair is thick and supple.


Athletic and active guys will like the “Site” haircut: this is a bright and memorable model for young “dandies”.

For the "Site" is characterized by a flat horizontal cut of the hair of the parietal region of the head

The advantage of the "Site" is that it does not matter what kind of hair the child has (curly or straight, thick or sparse). The only negative - if there is a genetic predisposition to bald patches, they will be very noticeable.

For the “Site” the whiskey and the back of the head shave almost to zero

Low and tight

Ideal for lovers of military style. The hairstyle came from the American Marine Corps. The most convenient for field conditions. Well suited for owners of a perfect head shape.

There are also “soft” options where there is more hair. Shades soft features well. Recommended for holders of a diamond-shaped or rectangular face.


The image of a real macho is created not only by behavior, but also by a hairstyle. There is no equal to the Undercut haircut. This model involves shaved nape and whiskey, but elongated crown and fringe. Moreover, the length transition is not too sharp.

A distinctive feature of the undercut haircut is the presence of a bang, which can be combed back

For teenagers, this option is very convenient. First of all, the fact that the hair does not interfere, but at the same time look stylish. In addition, this hairstyle goes to almost everyone. Only owners of a triangular face need to be careful with this model - it can even more emphasize the angularity of features. True, the "undercut" must be carefully laid: with foam or wax to give the strands the desired direction.

Anderkat is one of those haircuts that emphasize a sharp transition in length.

Hair tattoo

For those who want to stand out, informal and creative personalities. The drawing on the head is hard not to notice. If it is performed professionally, it will help in creating a vivid and memorable image. The crown area can be short or elongated - at the option of the client.

Real experts can embody the image of a superhero or a favorite character on their hair. And especially enterprising people even place ads on their temples for decent money.

Adds romantic notes to the image without loss of masculinity. Popular among creative people. This hairstyle is a kind of square. The smallest version of it. Hair is cut in a multilevel way. At the same time, the crown and the nape provide volume.

The bangs and the front strands are usually trimmed asymmetrically. In addition, the haircut has several popular options: short, careless, straight, symmetrical. But any of them requires constant installation and this must be considered when choosing.

Dima Bilan

The haircut model, bearing the name of a popular Russian singer, became famous 10 years ago. But today she does not lose her position. Hair from the parietal zone is combed onto the forehead and aligned to the outline of the oval of the face, but elongated strands remain on the back of the head. The biggest disadvantage of this haircut is that the hair should look perfect, that is, you will have to wash and style your hair every day. Therefore, it is more often chosen if the child is still small and can be limited to washing 2-3 times a week.

A distinctive feature of the haircut "Dima Bilan" - elongated strands on the back of the head. The parietal and frontal zones can be combed forward or laid in a "creative mess"

On short hair

Short hair in a boy is a classic option. It brings the least trouble to mom and child, requires minimal care. No styling, just wash your hair on time. Especially popular with children involved in sports, orienteering or just very active. Popular hairstyles.


“Canada” is considered a universal haircut in terms of age: both a three-year-old baby and a 15-year-old teenager will look stylish. The hairstyle involves short temporal and occipital parts and an elongated fringe. It can be combed to the side, up or in the form of a mohawk, using a gel or hair wax.

Haircut "Canada" allows you to style elongated strands in different ways: to the side, back or up

Such a haircut is the best solution for wavy hair, especially if the face is round or square.

In the “Canada” haircut, the edging along the lower border of the neck should not be more than 1 mm

Fashionable haircut "Canada" in 2017 celebrated its ... 45th anniversary! In 1972, Canadian hockey players who played in the legendary match with the USSR national team were cut this way. But the hairstyle gained popularity among modern youth after the release of the film “Legend No. 17” about Valeria Kharlamov.


The hairstyle appeared thanks to an Indian tribe. With shaved temples and the back of the head, the bulk of the hair remains at the crown. This volume is combed with a triangle up.If necessary, fixed with gel or hair spray. It looks bright, impressive.

Many teens want to try something similar. Better to do an experiment on vacation, since at school teachers can negatively evaluate the new image.

Very similar to a half box. Only the strands remaining on the crown, in this case, are much shorter. They are processed strand by strand. To smooth the transitions, thinning is used. Convenient and undemanding haircut. It is comfortable with her in hot summers and cold winters. Suitable for school and sports.

Hitler Youth

Such an extravagant name is given to the variation of "Canada". In this model, the nape and whiskey are shaved off almost completely. Recommendations for hair type and face shape, respectively, are the same. True, especially practical young men say that the Hitler Youth is more convenient, since you can get a haircut once every 1-1.5 months.

Hitlejugend, like Canada, requires perfect skin - shaved whiskey and the absence of bangs completely open the face

In the Hitler Youth haircut, the hair in the parietal part is almost the same length, while in the Anderkat the gradual lengthening from the nape to the forehead remains

The previously popular Boxing haircut is back. All hair is cut under the clipper, while the parietal region remains slightly longer than the occipital and temporal. All transitions are performed with thinning scissors and look pretty neat.

Boxing is the most comfortable haircut for the summer. All hair is cut short, allowing the head to breathe

Boxing has no “contraindications”: it goes to literally everyone. In addition, a haircut does not require frequent washing of the head.

Boxing haircut is considered the most unpretentious in styling and care

For medium

This includes hair, the average length of which is 10-15 cm. Many haircuts will organically look at such a length. But they all require care and styling. You should not choose them if the child does not have enough strength and time for careful care.

  1. Bean.
  2. Caesar.
  3. Graduated styling. It looks especially interesting on light, ashen or highlighted hair. It is enough to thoroughly wash and comb the hair before styling. Then comb the bangs sideways, and the bulk of the hair on the face. You can wait for natural drying or blow dry. This styling looks easy, combines accuracy and light negligence. Suitable for educational institutions.

Bob haircut photo:

Photo haircut "Caesar":

The photo shows "Graduated styling":

Modern trends of men's fashion

A growing child tends to look stylish and original, so he pays more attention to choosing a hairstyle. Children's options are gone, and teenagers want to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their rebellious nature.

If you want to know the names of men's hairstyles, then you need to read the article: “Men's haircuts with the names of 2019-2020 174 photonews“

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Knowing the features of age, fashionable hairdressers have developed many interesting and custom haircuts.

Salted cosmas have gone into oblivion and accuracy has been declared the main trend of the 2019-2020 season. To look stylish and fashionable, you must always monitor the cleanliness of the hair and regularly adjust the hairstyle. Even the most successful onions can easily be ruined by an untidy mane.

Teenage images are an exact copy of adult options. Boys strive for independence, so they often use other people's ideas to emphasize their own freedom. It is important to find a way to tell which hairstyle is on, and which is better to refuse. Remember that the child becomes very vulnerable during this period, so you need to choose the right words and expressions.

Does a teenager have large ears or an inexpressive chin? We recommend that you pay attention to the asymmetric details of the haircut, which skillfully decorate the imperfections of appearance. Remember that you should not get carried away with an abundance of elements, so as not to turn a successful bow into an awkward cluster of techniques.

Creating a hairstyle, stylists are always repelled by the condition and density of hair. What suits kinky teens would be silly to look on even hair. Active boys should choose short options that do not require long styling.

Optometrists do not advise giving preference to haircuts with long bangs falling to the eyes. Such components only look good in photographs in magazines, but in fact they impair vision and are simply uncomfortable. Constant jerking of the forelock with your hands quickly stains curls, which will negatively affect the appearance.

Stylists recommend combing your bangs to one side or lifting them in the form of a bold mohawk. When choosing a hairstyle, check with the hairdresser for styling. You will save time and nerves.


Especially good for thick or curly hair. Leaves creative freedom to the hairdresser and teenager. In the process of cutting, strands of different lengths and thinning of various depths are formed. This helps to emphasize the virtues of hair. Haircuts require constant styling.

For those who want to stand out from the gray mass. It looks elongated caret effectively, both on straight and on wavy hair. Often it is chosen by guys with a creative or romantic character. Only need to be prepared for daily care and styling.

Classic haircuts

No matter what they say, but traditional looks always look elegant and stylish. Any teenager who is attentive to their own appearance will surely find their hairstyle among the good old classics. So that the haircut is not "pulled by mothballs", in the season 2019-2020 they added a lot of interesting modern details.

Traditional options always imply smooth, clearly marked lines. Most often, the length of the hair does not exceed five centimeters and preference is given to smooth styling. Hair is combed back or parted in the center. Short curls in the neck and neck area gradually increase at the top of the head and temples.

Classic haircuts do not require long styling and special daily care routines. Based on the density and structure of the hair, the stylist will choose one or another option. Hairstyle cap retains an attractive appearance on any type of hair and does not lose its shape for a long time. To get a stylish look, just comb your curls back.

Do not like excessive severity? Then pay attention to the male bean. A characteristic feature are lush, thick curls on the top and back of the head. The slanting fringe chaotically falls on the face, and light locks create a romantic image of the rebel. The haircut does not have fixed patterns, so it is tailored to the individual requirements of the teenager. In one bow asymmetry, an angular forelock and thinning harmoniously harmonize.

The princeton youth haircut implies a smooth transition from an elongated crown to short curls in the temporo-occipital region. The average length of the hair allows you to comb them back, opening the forehead. The neat and aristocratic version has a touch of rebellion. For even strands, a side parting is suitable, and to curly-haired boys we can advise tousled curls.

Hedgehog is the most popular haircut for both children and adults. Teenagers are asked to adjust the length of the bangs and curls on the crown, and shave the whiskey. A comfortable hairstyle does not require long manipulations with a comb and gel, while creating a restrained, courageous image.

A classic haircut pad will be ideal for stiff hair. Curls on the crown are cut out in an even strip with a gradual transition to a shortened nape. By the way, the demarcation line can be made less smooth and decorate the lower part with actual drawings.

Long bangs

A vivid detail of the image, a rebellion against everything boring and ordinary. Causes delight in children and oblique views of teachers. In a straightened form, the locks fall on the face below the eyebrows. Often, closing the eye partially or completely. When choosing this option, make sure that it will not obscure the child’s view. If desired locks can be removed up or to the side with the help of fixing means.

Adolescence is the time of experiments. Whether it's a weird hair color, a mohawk, or a hairstyle. It is important to support the child, give an opportunity to try, suggest successful options. With proper patience on the part of the parents, this will help develop a good taste, neatness and adequate self-esteem in the boy.

Boxing and semi-boxing

Short haircuts have always been the standard of masculinity, so teens often copy the most interesting images. Hairstyles do not require much time for styling, and to maintain cleanliness it is enough to simply wash the hair.

Boxing is a short haircut, the length of the curls of which does not exceed four centimeters. Desperate mods can afford a minimal hedgehog (from 1 cm). A stylish and concise bow reveals the boy’s face, giving it an almost adult masculinity. Neat curls form a regular ball above the head. Hairstyle is contraindicated in the presence of scars on the skin of the skull. It will be difficult for curly young men to pacify naughty hair.

The half box is a softer version of the laconic box. The temporal-occipital region is cut off under the clipper (from 1 to 3 cm), and long strands (from 6 cm) are left on the crown. The hairstyle is easy to care for and styling, and it endows its owner with courageous brutality and aristocracy.

By the way, the half-box was a favorite haircut of the American military. Laconic and strict, she quickly moved to the athletes, and only then became a favorite among young people. Depending on the styling method, you can create both an elegant style and a vivid image of a rebellious handsome man.

The half-box suits boys with round and square faces, but does not look at all on elongated, thin muzzles. A special shearing technique creates the visual effect of stretching and leveling the oval.

What men's haircuts are in fashion?

The latest fashion trends for haircuts for boys indicate that the younger generation is trying in every possible way to imitate adults. If you consider the varieties of the most popular haircuts, you can see this again. Most often, haircuts for adolescent boys show some rebellion, burrows in character and a desire for freedom. Also, young men at this age are prone to different currents and subcultures, which also affects the hairstyle.


Many people think that there is no place for experimenting with short hair, but there are haircuts that perfectly fit the physical characteristics of a person. Sports hairstyle quickly went beyond its environment and instantly gained popularity among young people.

A characteristic feature of tennis is the maximally cut hair on the temporo-occipital part and the average length at the crown. The wizard begins to work from the sides and gradually moves to the lower area. The hair on the crown is pulled on the fingers, leaving no more than five centimeters.

Universal haircut adapts to the characteristics of the teenager. The hairdresser pays attention to the shape of the skull and the structure of the hair. A variation of the Canadian with longer curls in the forehead will help to hide the irregularities of the head. Fans of the shortest possible hairstyles will like Caesar's modification.

Tennis is perfect for tight, straight hair. The hair instantly takes on a conceived shape and does not stick out in different directions. A professional stylist will be able to modify the haircut even for curly youths.

A simple technique of execution will allow you to get a modern look in a matter of minutes. Universal hairstyle looks harmonious with ripped jeans and sneakers, as well as with a strict suit. It practically does not require styling: a couple of strokes of the comb and a drop of gel will quickly place the curls in the right direction.

Stylish and trendy short hairstyles for teenage boys

Teenage boys want to look especially special at a very young age. All hairstyles now, to one degree or another, depend on fashion trends. The most popular baby haircuts are smaller copies of adult men's hairstyles. And you can often see that the names of men's hairstyles coincide with the names of children’s.

In the photo - fashionable hairstyles for boys:

Now one of the most popular hairstyles is a graduated haircut. This hairstyle implies medium-length hair that falls on the neck. The strands cascade and are characterized by an uneven structure. These haircuts are ashy and golden. Dark hair can also be subjected to such a haircut, but the strands should have different levels. This view requires separate care.

What do you need to do?

  1. Washed hair needs to be combed well. This procedure is the key to success. Once the strands have dried, they will take the direction in which they were combed. The bangs are usually combed on one side, and the rest back. Moreover, combing can be done both with a comb and with your fingers. You can diversify your hairstyle by making a straight part.
  2. If there is no time to wait, then the hair can be dried with a hairdryer. But you must not forget to keep the direction of the hair.
  3. With the spray you can finish the styling. The strands falling down give a special chic to the hairstyle.

On the video - hairstyles for teenage boys:

Haircut “boxing” or “half boxing” - This is also a fashionable direction. This haircut is suitable for any type. The haircut is quite comfortable and stylish. The uneven texture on the front of the hair and bangs shows that the haircut meets new trends in the world of beauty.

The convenience of a haircut is that it is easy to style, and it keeps its shape for a long time. The haircut is stacked as follows: in the direction from the face, the hair is slightly smoothed with a comb, the bangs need to be combed back.

"Canadian" - Perhaps one of the original ideas for creating a haircut. This is a short haircut that combines an elongated version of the bangs, strands are shortened on the back of the head and temples. Short strands at the back are created using a typewriter. The bangs are able to correct the oval of the face, while its length can be very different. It all depends on how the master sees your image.

  1. The bangs can be laid in a variety of ways: from it you can make a mohawk, it can be combed on its side or back.
  2. A face in the form of a square or oval can be well adjusted using such a hairstyle.
  3. The best for creating hairstyles are wavy or even curly.

Tails and bunches for the most fashionable teens

Long curls have long been considered a sign of informal movements. But loose curls do not always agree with accuracy and style, so it is better to collect hair in trendy tails or bunches. Teenagers copy bold images and often you can see interesting decisions on growing up children.

Heavy curls are combed at the crown and fixed with an elastic band in double girth. Wind and heat will no longer ruin your hair. A curly-haired guy will fit the curly guys. Low landing creates volume above the head, while the strands freely frame the face.

Haircuts with long hair on the crown can also be fixed in a tight bun. The smooth, glossy surface looks chic and does not interfere with movement at all.

You can learn about the most fashionable hairstyles for boys from this article.

Learn how to make your hairstyle even more attractive using long bangs.

Often such hairstyles are preferred by musical celebrities.

Many people think that hair does not require care and regular correction by a hairdresser. The visited tips will spoil even the most stylish look, so we recommend visiting a specialist every couple of months.

An elongated underker with a shaved nape just looks perfect with a high beam. Hairstyles below the chin are good to collect in tails. Such options look very fresh and add a touch of masculinity to the children's face.

Fashion haircuts forteenage boys 2019-2020 help you find the best option for your child. Our recommendations will be able to choose the perfect look for any style.

Teenage for medium hair

A hair length of 15 cm is the average hair length for teenage boys. Usually guys do not grow hair, so this length is average. For such a length, you can find a lot of other hairstyles. Usually with such hair is always more trouble: they need to be washed often and sometimes use styling products. What haircuts for medium length hair do most often?

Kare - This version of haircuts is most often found in boys 11 years old. Best hair style looks on thick hair. Moreover, they can be straight and curly. It will turn out quite original if the master makes it for the boy. You can trim your hair directly, but now this option is used less often than others. Usually, hair is cut in a cascade fashion. In care, this haircut is quite simple. Then they are thoroughly washed and dried with a hairdryer.

Bob haircut or "extended bean." This haircut can be done for both teenage boys and girls. Therefore, it is considered unisex. For teens, a haircut option is created where the hair is shortened. At the crown they are always longer than at the temples or at the back of the head. In the female version of the hairstyle, the crown is quite magnificent.

In the male version, it should be smoothed. There are 2 options for styling your hair - this is styling your hair straight or creating a tousled look. The focus is on the bangs, which can reach the level of eyebrows. Usually hairdressers put their bangs on one side, but it can also be straight.

Funny popular haircuts for guys

Now a huge variety of haircuts allows you to choose the one that will appeal to the teenager. But there are some guys who love creative and fun haircut options. Therefore, it is worth considering which options are now acceptable.

Soccer player haircut - every teenager dreams of such a thing. This choice is usually made by boys who like a fairly active lifestyle. How to describe this hairstyle? Usually, everything is simple: whiskey is shaved, while on the back of the head, strands remain elongated. Moreover, the remaining strands can form a small tail.

In the photo - a cool hairstyle for a teenager boy:

Especially popular and not quite standard is a hairstyle with shaved temples. Typically, the pattern is shaved either on the back of the head or on the temples. Now such drawings are considered especially popular. Almost every boy can be met with a similar haircut. Everyone wants to prove themselves successful and independent. So it is this haircut that helps many teens express themselves.

Hedgehog Hairstyle can rightfully be called cool. Moreover, for a rather long time she has not left the first positions of the rating. This option is very simple to execute. Hair should be cut short enough.

The approximate length is about 1 cm. Then they are simply lifted up, the hairstyle is ready. The most important thing here is to keep track of how quickly they grow. Also, the shape of the skull should be suitable for this kind of hairstyles.

On video hairstyles for medium hair for teenage boys:

Age recommendations

For each age, you need to choose the right hairstyle. A boy at 12 years old has slightly different views than a boy at 16 years old. Moreover, each of the guys belongs to the category of teenage boys. Therefore, it is worth considering some recommendations that experts give.

Professionals and craftsmen are constantly introducing new trends into classic haircut options. That is why teens can choose something individual for themselves.

Which tennis haircut for boys is the most popular, indicated in the article.

But what a tennis hairstyle looks like for a boy and how complicated it is in its performance is described in detail in this article.

What haircut for a boy with elongated bangs is the most popular among teenagers and how difficult it is to perform, is described in detail here: https://opricheske.com/strizhki/na-srednie-volosy/s-udlinennoj-chelkoj.html

Which children's hairstyles for boys’s school are the most popular, you can see the photos in this article.

12 years

Adolescents aged 12-13 are able to choose the right option. But the masters of the matter say that it is not necessary to highlight lines and contours too clearly. Template haircuts are also not suitable. Perhaps the most popular haircuts are various styling, in which there is a short bang. One of these haircuts is called Sport Style.

The difference in the haircut is that the curls throughout the head have the same length. The exception is the crown zone. There you can make hair of different lengths. This haircut is simple and convenient for boys of 12 years of age. If you know some tricks, then you can make such a styling that will be perfect for a particular occasion. What hairstyles for school for teenage boys are the most popular among teenagers, described in detail in the contents of this article.

Clutter on the head is also one of the styling methods. To do this, you need a comb and styling gel, you can use mousse. They are washed very well first, and then comb the bangs. The styling agent is applied to damp hair and is well tousled in different directions with your hands. The boy is able to do such a hairstyle on his own. This kind is acceptable both at school and at a disco. The styling becomes special if the strands are highlighted or some strands are painted. It is clear that not every guy wants to radically change his appearance and dye his hair, but still such bold experiments are appreciated.

14-16 years old

What recommendations should be followed if a teenager is from 14 to 16 years old?

Usually this is the age at which boys really want to play sports and make every effort to do so. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hairstyle "hedgehog", which is very convenient. They should be trimmed evenly over the entire length of the hair; the length of the hair should not exceed 10 mm. This option is very simple, but it can be supplemented with shaved temples. You can also make a pattern at the temples, and leave a small tail at the back of the head. The result is a rather original hairstyle. But still, you need to evaluate the shape of the skull so that the hairstyle does not highlight the flaws. But what the most beautiful hairstyle in the world for boys exists, will help to understand the information from this article.

Another popular haircut at this age was a haircut called "hat". In the crown zone, the hair should be about 5 cm long. The whiskey and the back of the head should be cut much shorter. This hairstyle has remained popular for a long time. The interface may be different. It can be sharp enough so that you can see the clear border of the “cap”. The transition can be smooth, in this case, you can highlight the bangs. There is an option to comb it to the top.

What fashionable teenage haircuts for boys are the most popular and how difficult they are to perform, the information in the article will help.

But what fashionable teenage hairstyles for boys are the most beautiful and popular, information from the article will help to understand.

But how a hairstyle for a boy in the style of a duvet looks in the photo will help to understand the information from the article.

Whatever hairstyle the expert advises, one must take into account all the preferences of the mod. A shortened hairstyle in the crown area is able to emphasize all the guy’s arrogance, and the oval of the face will become more open.

Cascade Rack - This haircut option is suitable for all types of hair. Parting can be done oblique or straight, and the bangs can have a different structure. Due to the layering of the hairstyle, the hairstyle becomes complete.

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Taking into account age

Many men's haircuts are relevant, regardless of age. Classic and sports hairstyles are suitable for both young boys and very adult men. In childhood, parents choose haircuts. The main condition for choosing they call practicality and ease of execution. These include short haircuts.

Growing up, already in adolescence, young people want to look especially, to be different from others. It is necessary to take into account their desires and support in choosing a hairstyle. And then haircuts more daring, daring come to their aid.

Hair can be grown to medium length and various shapes of hairstyles can be formed from them. And you can shave whiskey and make a mohawk. Shaved drawings on the back of the head and temples are relevant. Daredevil guys can grow long hair and make tails.

Adolescence is the best time for experimentation and fantasy. We must not miss this moment. An adult man will no longer be able to afford those hairstyles that were appropriate in 13-14 years.

Face shape

When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider the type of face. This will help you choose exactly what will decorate the guy, and not emphasize his shortcomings.

Face typeType FeaturesHaircut options
OvalAn elongated, elongated type is considered ideal for all haircutsAll hairstyles are suitable from classic to creative: boxing, semi-boxing, British, Canadian, square, underker.
RoundFull cheeks, wide cheekbones, low foreheadThe hairstyle should visually stretch the face due to the upper volume: Canadian, Quiff, asymmetry.
SquareWide lower jaw, heavy chinThe purpose of the hairstyle is to soften rough facial features: tennis, Canadian, hedgehog. A bang in a haircut would be appropriate.
TriangularProtruding cheekbones, a wide forehead and a sharp chinA haircut should help to remove the angularity and soften the face: underker, canadian, quiff.

By style

At age 14, adolescents spend most of the year in an educational institution. Hairstyles should not interfere with study and match the dress code set at school. In the summer, you can add variety to your image by making a more daring and defiant haircut.

There are several styles of teenage haircuts:

  • school. Models allowed to be worn at school. Mostly these are short haircuts and haircuts for medium length hair. School haircuts include semi-boxing, boxing, Caesar, Canadian, British,
  • sports. Hairstyles that migrated from the world of sports, popular with fans. Sports haircuts are easy to care for. They suggest the absence of a bang, the volume at the crown and a short nape,
  • romantic. This style is preferred by romantic young people, dreamers. Haircuts for hair reaching to the shoulders. Very suitable for owners of curls. Hairstyles can be complemented by oblique bangs,

  • creative. Avant-garde hairstyles with torn milled curls that cause bangs, with temples shaved to zero.

Side part

Hairstyles for boys 13-14 years old in the English classic style are characterized by the presence of a side parting, short-cut temples and a voluminous crown. Straight thick hair is suitable for this model. Also, curly curls will be good for volume.

Thanks to the oblique parting, a haircut is able to correct any face and helps to create the look of a serious and diligent schoolboy.


Hairstyle involves shaving the temporal part and the back of the head. The existing bangs pass through the entire top of the head. Haircut is designed for medium length hair and for any shape of the face.

Anderkat can be performed in several variations. By cutting the sides and back of the head to zero, a military style is created. If the sides are shaved shortly, but not baldly, and long hair from the top of the head is combed back, it turns out pompadour. In addition, an undercut can be done with a side parting. The most aggressive kind of underker is Iroquois.

When styling hairstyles, styling is required.

Elongated bob

Hairstyles for boys who are not afraid of changes are performed on medium hair, which is relevant in 13-14 years. Volume is made on the back of the head, and randomness is given to the rest of the hair. Bangs with this haircut can be oblique and straight.

The hairstyle succinctly looks on any type of face, but is best suited for an oval and round face. Haircuts require styling, especially when the hair length is longer than average.


This hairstyle requires a hair length of 5-10 cm. All strands are combed forward and made the same length. A haircut looks best on straight hair, but even in this case it requires styling using styling products. By the way, thanks to the flowing locks covering the face, “Grunge” was especially fond of guys with problem skin.

A distinctive feature of the haircut "Grunge" - a long bang


Insolence, negligence and lightness are the main characteristics of this haircut. The pronounced thinning on the hair of different lengths allows you to adjust any shape of the face.

It is performed on straight and curly hair. A haircut can be called universal and unpretentious in care.

“Elongated square”

With age, children often begin to prefer the elongated caret model. This haircut involves a direct parting, and also requires daily washing and styling. If a young man is not ready for such “feats”, it is better to choose something more practical.

"Elongated Caret" is very suitable for guys with thin features

Low ground

In the presence of hard straight hair, a haircut is recommended. When creating this hairstyle, the hair from the forehead to the crown should form an even horizontal surface, and the temples and the back of the head are selected.

Haircut involves raising the hair up, which visually helps to stretch the face. Accordingly, the hairstyle is suitable for guys with a round face. Haircuts require frequent correction and styling.

Stylish haircuts for boys 10-14 years old

Any teenage haircuts for boys that will appeal to the boy, parents should take criticism and misunderstanding without a storm. Psychologists consider this age to be the most “fragile”, so the boy can constantly change preferences, as he seeks himself. Stylists and leading hairdressers advise choosing fashionable haircuts for teenage boys according to fashion trends this season.

A la Dima Bilan

Young people, for whom the singer Dima Bilan is an idol, try to imitate him in everything. And first of all, this applies to his hairstyles. Bilan is constantly changing his looks and haircuts, but one of the hairstyles has long remained at the peak of popularity among young people. This is a haircut that combines business and creative looks.

The hairstyle is based on different lengths of strands: In the upper part of the head, the strands are short, and behind the hair can reach the shoulders. This graduated haircut suits guys with thin hair, allowing you to create volume. In addition, the existing bangs also allow you to diversify the styling and the image as a whole. It can be fixed with wax in the right direction.

Sports beaver

This hairstyle has something in common with the haircut "site". It involves shaving at zero temples and the nape, and the formation of a horizontal surface in the parietal region. A versatile sports haircut that fits curly and straight hair. The hairstyle looks good on any type of face, changing the length of the pad, you can lengthen the round face and round the elongated.


A sought after youth haircut that fits most guys. The hairstyle is characterized by long hair at the top of the head and short at the back of the head. The transition from long to short hair can be smooth or sharp and more distinct. Haircuts can be done on any hair. For each hair structure, a different hairstyle is chosen.

Shaved whiskey

For individuality, most young people prefer to shave whiskey. Any classic haircuts are taken as a basis.

To give extremeness, make various shaved patterns on the temples, as well as on the back of the head.

Fashionable hairstyles for teens 15-18 years old

Age of 15 years and older for boys is the most interesting time, since you can already safely embody various preferences in choosing haircuts and hairstyles, expressing your opinion. Parents must come to terms with the natural process of growing up a child and give him freedom of choice. And stylists and hairdressers took into account all age-related features and fashion trends, offering a list of trending haircuts for ages 15-18 years.


Most boys and boys love football and its main character, Cristiano Ronaldo. They want to be like him not only as a football player, but also as a stylish man. The basis of his haircut is a half box. In it, whiskey and nape are cut short and elongated locks and bangs remain.

It is the elongated hair that allows you to style them in a variety of ways, lifting the bangs up or combing it in any direction. The highlight of the haircut under Ronaldo is the brand name of the football player in the form of a drawing on the temple.

Modern hairstyle with parting

Hairstyles with parting are popular among modern youth. Mostly, these are hairstyles with side parting. Classical haircuts with side parting include tennis, Canadian, British, semi-boxing. The parting is combed hair on either side, which makes the hairstyle asymmetrical. Especially fashionable are haircuts with one side shaved to the parting.

There may be variations on shaved parting and temples. Parting is mainly done on medium length haircuts. These models are not suitable only for thin guys. And for other types of face hairstyles with side parting can be recommended.

In addition to the side parting, there may be a direct parting. He divides the hairstyle into two halves, and suits guys with long or medium hair. Only, such a parting is not popular among young people.

The age of 13-14 years allows you to be bold and creative. Any hairstyles for this age should be different in style, be fashionable and practical.

A haircut should not require additional time from the boys for styling, reflect the inner rebellious world.

Photo of modern haircuts for teenage boys


If you look at the photo of modern haircuts for young people aged 10-18 years, it becomes clear how diverse and multifaceted fashion. Hairdressers advise choosing haircuts according to the structure of the hair, their shade, as well as the shape of the child’s face. And stylists pay attention to the fact that a haircut should be in harmony with the character, interests and style of the boy’s clothes. The listed stylish haircuts will allow you to find absolutely all boys a suitable hairstyle option for themselves.

How to choose a haircut for a teenage boy

It is very important for teenagers to look fashionable, so they follow trends not only when choosing clothes, but also in terms of hairstyles. A correctly selected haircut can add self-confidence and attract the attention of peers. Do not blindly follow the advice of stylists. The main thing is that the haircut suits the child himself.

Haircuts for teenage boys of 14 years old, photos of which can be seen in men's hairdressers, you need to choose carefully.

To choose the right hairstyle, you need to consider such factors:

  • The opinion of the child. In adolescence, the boy himself can already make decisions about his appearance.
  • Face shape. For each form, a specific haircut is suitable.
    • With a round face, asymmetric haircuts with bangs look good.
    • For a square face shape, voluminous hairstyles with bangs and a classic haircut are suitable.
    • For a triangular shape, it is better to choose a hairstyle with a volume at the crown and short temples.
    • Short haircuts will fit the oval face.
  • Child age plays an important role.
  • Thickness and length of hair.

Some haircuts require frequent styling, and adolescents do not always have time and desire to do this.

High and tight

The High and tight haircut is a variation of the military style. Hairstyle is a completely shaved nape and whiskey. This hairstyle is applicable for people with an even head shape. This haircut provides an option with a bang, which gives charm.

  1. Using the machine, completely cut off the hair from the back of the head and temples.
  2. The transition between the borders can be left abrupt.
  3. If you need to make a smooth transition, with different nozzles and a comb, the hair is equalized.
  4. The length of the hair on the crown is made any from 2 to 8 mm, depending on preference.

Haircuts for teens on long hair

Haircuts for teenage boys of 14 years old, photos of which show hairstyles for different lengths, are very diverse. Hairstyle for long hair helps to express your personality and stand out in the crowd.

  • To add volume to thin straight hair, you can thin or bang.
  • If the hair is thick, you can make a long bang to dilute the image.
  • On curly hair, asymmetry and a graduated haircut look great.
  • Long hair requires more care. They need to be washed and combed more often.
  • Holders of long hair most often wear their hair loose, sometimes bundled.
  • This hairstyle can afford men who have good well-groomed hair.
  • Long strands will help hide imperfections in appearance.
  • When changing parting, the appearance of the hairstyle changes. It becomes fresher and more interesting.

For long hair, you can do any haircuts, up to shortening the hair. With this length, you can always experiment.

But the most presentable will look:

  • bean,
  • cascade,
  • elongated caret,
  • asymmetrical hairstyles,
  • grunge
  • pompadour
  • undercut.

On medium length hair

Boys at the age of 14 choose teenage haircuts, focusing on a photo on the Internet or a magazine. Medium length haircuts are suitable for any type.

  • For holders of thin hair, haircuts that add volume are perfect.
  • On thick hair of medium length, all haircuts look great. But they must be milled to thin out the hair a little.
  • Owners of curly hair need to do such a haircut so that the strands are of different lengths.
  • To add a twist to the hairstyle for medium length, you can experiment with bangs.
  • Medium length hair also requires care and the use of various styling products.
Haircuts for teenage boys are the best way to emphasize individuality and stand out from the crowd

For medium-length hair, relevant hairstyles are:

  • gavrosh
  • cascade,
  • square,
  • under the pot
  • asymmetric haircut,
  • graduated and double caret,
  • Canadian.

Extravagant model "Half"

The period of teenage is a time of revolt and struggle against generally accepted norms and rules. And appearance is a great opportunity to show your uniqueness. In this case, an extravagant hairstyle is indispensable. Such haircuts are not selected according to the type of appearance simply because their goal is completely different: not to emphasize the natural beauty, but to express the inner world - rich and contradictory.

If a teenager is not sorry to part with long strands for the sake of a bright image, then a short “hedgehog” and a shaved pattern on one side and long strands with bangs (or without) on the other are exactly what you need for the original image.

Haircut "Half" does not always require a long bang, but a sharp transition in length should be required

An interesting way to style your hair - Hair Tatoo. Shaved patterns on the back of the head or temples will not leave anyone indifferent. However, it should be noted that this method of self-expression is most likely not suitable for blondes: patterns on very fair hair will not be noticeable.

Patterns on the hair are especially popular among football fans.

Video: how to make patterns on the hair

Choosing a hairstyle for a teenager is akin to a feat: on the one hand, the haircut should be pleasant to its owner (which is an absolutely necessary condition), and on the other hand, it should be practical and comfortable, not distract or interfere with the child's usual lifestyle. The second aspect, as a rule, concerns parents more. But modern models can satisfy both requirements, transforming yesterday's child into a beautiful and stylish young man.

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