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Men's hairstyles with shaved temples - what are they called and what are

In salons, men's hairstyles with shaved temples are increasingly being ordered, as a result of which the client's appearance is unique. But in the quest for dissimilarity, it should be remembered that naked whiskey will look ridiculous if:

  • they have scars on them
  • a man has large bald patches or a very elongated face (visually it will become even longer),
  • You are not ready for daily styling.

If a young man or youth is not too tall and has a square or round face, he can choose a hairstyle according to new fashion trends.

  1. Canadian. It is performed in smooth transitions, stepwise shaving hair on the sides of the face. The bangs under the influence of wax are fixed back, the entire hair is gradually raised up in the form of a wave with the help of varnish.
  2. Grunge Hairstyle for the winners. It is chosen by people who are always in the spotlight of the public. Feature - deliberate negligence, the creation of which takes time. Any haircut adapts to this style due to the shaded strands laid in a seeming mess. As well as combed bangs or styling.
  3. Undercut. Thoroughly shaved temples and a nape are characteristic, which sharply border on a dense and long hair on the crown. Standardly, the strands are combed back. The second option: the ends of the curls are directed to the middle. Both options are used for styling hair of any texture. The third option: vertical styling, which is possible in the presence of rigid hair. In all cases, fixatives are used: mousse or varnish.
  4. Boxing. Haircuts became fashionable thanks to athletes. The hair on the back of the head and on the sides is shaved, very short ones adorn the head from above (overgrown hair gives the right to rename the hairstyle into a semi-box). With the help of cars, outlines of various figures are created, which makes each hairstyle unique. Boxing is suitable for everyone except the owners of curly and wavy hair.
  5. Voyage. It is performed on medium length hair. Features - the main volume of hair, located on the top of the head, gradually moves to the back of the head. The strands are a little shaded. An intricate pattern is applied to shaved whiskey.
  6. Military. The hair is not cut short. Despite the name, the hairstyle is suitable not only for the military. But you should not choose it if the head does not have a perfect shape. The length of the upper strands is greater than the lateral and occipital. Care is simple: similarity with dandelion is eliminated with the help of a gel that adds rigidity.
  7. Hitler Youth. It is very popular, the way of laying a short bang on one side gives the image insolence and originality. The neat look of a long hair on the crown is given by fixing gel or mousse. They create the effect of wet hair. A parting is required here, which is sometimes shaved for clarity.
  8. Top knot. Tail, turning into a bundle is a feature of this hairstyle. It is chosen by men who want to keep up with fashion, exposing whiskey and the back of the head, but not parting with long strands. The attractiveness of styling is that it does not require special fixing means, creates a creative image. The hair should be so long that the tail sticks out. Especially effective is the "French braid" created on the back of the head or on the top of the head. Top knot design options: a disheveled knot on the top, the use of not only elastic bands, but also sticks, hair tearing to create light negligence. A man in no way looks feminine, even having a sufficiently long tail. But the condition must be met: the face cannot be too round, since visually it will increase.
  9. Crop Entered into fashion recently. As in many previous versions, the temples and the back of the head are shaved, but the smooth fringe (it can be short or long) is directed forward. The transitions from short to long hair are invisible, the borders are not specially accented.
  10. Fade The principle of haircuts, which is preferred by bold and independent guys, is identical to the previous one, but the styling is different: the hair is lifted and tousled.

Updated classic

Fashion dictates its own rules. Men's haircuts become complex, they combine hair of different lengths, transitions from one to another are either sharp or smooth.

Some hairstyles (hedgehog, boxing, Canadian, British) have the rank of classic and always relevant. So that they correspond to fashionable trends, various styling is carried out on their basis, called Hawk with Spikes, Pompadour, Quiff, Artificial Hawk and many others.

To do this, use special means to fix the raised strands, bangs. And:

  • hair direction (left, right, straight, back),
  • spikes
  • wet hair effect
  • careless mess
  • art haircuts with drawing patterns.

Youth fashion

Modern ultra-popular youth hairstyles for men suggest that the hair will be short, smooth, combed back or to the side. This emphasizes oval or square features.

And many want to veil thick cheeks, an ugly chin, somehow hide wide cheekbones, and so on. That is, the image of a courageous, independent guy who adheres to fashion is desirable.

  • small bald patches will hide if you shave your whiskey at zero,
  • rare hair on the back of your head no one will notice if you choose a graded grunge. But it needs to be laid daily so as not to look like a slut,
  • a rough chin looks softer if a bare temple is combined with long strands on the crown,
  • if you need to reduce the features of a broad face, resort to an elongated fringe,
  • styling with voluminous hair goes well with rough-framed glasses,
  • a shaved temple on one side will distract attention from asymmetric facial features, especially when the hair is combed in the opposite direction.

Shaved whiskey, especially with ornamentation, is the privilege of the young. This haircut is not suitable for middle-aged people (over 35 years old). People in leadership positions also cannot wear it, as a youth hairstyle does not harmonize with business or official suits.

If an adult wants to strip whiskey, only a hairstyle with a ponytail will do. A well-groomed beard will improve the look.

Can it be combined with a beard?

Jazz musicians in the mid-twentieth century brought into fashion light shaven and a small beard. It is popular to this day, as well-designed facial hair will suit any man. Especially spectacular men's hairstyles with shaved temples in combination with a beard.

The image will be interesting and unique if the shape of the beard matches the type of person, the nature of the occupation and lifestyle:

  • a raised bang in the form of spikes and a small beard will lengthen the features of a round face, making him sexy and mysterious,
  • a wide strip of English beard is very harmonious with short hair at the temples, suitable for intellectuals and lovers of travel,
  • round-faced young people prefer goatee. Its feature is whiskey, a mustache and a lower lip connected by a strip of bristles, which visually lengthens the features,
  • Brett disguises the imperfections of the heart-like face - will cover the sharp chin and lower jaw,
  • a thin strip in the form of a belt on the chin, connecting the whiskey, a little smooth the features of a square face,
  • a skipper beard, whose dense vegetation frames the entire face and mouth, suits men with an elongated face,
  • Uniqueness of the image will be given by the same patterns on the beard, temples and the back of the head,
  • a beard in the form of a wide shovel will give the appearance an impressive appearance, and add power to tall thin guys.

The thickness and length of the bristles in the beard hairstyle depend on the color of the hair (dark-haired narrow frame fits, fair-haired vice versa) and growth. High original look with dense vegetation, low it shortens. Those with medium height should find the average option.

If the choice of the type of styling, the shape of the patterns suitable for the type of face is provided to a specialist, then the attractiveness of the image is guaranteed.

Who needs shaved whiskey, and who does not

Such hairstyles with shaved temples may not be suitable for every man, but for those to whom they go, they may consider themselves lucky.

With such haircuts, where whiskey is shaved, men with a round face or square face look impressive. This is due to the fact that men's haircuts with shaved sides, as if contribute to visually lengthen the face.

It is not recommended to wear such hairstyles for men of high stature and with rather strongly elongated faces, since with such haircuts, the general proportions of the whole appearance undergo changes.

It is better not to wear short men's hairstyles with shaved sides to people with a high status position, in adulthood, those who have scars in the areas of the head where the hair is subject to shaving.

Most similar hairstyles with shaved areas of the temples for young men, athletic and energetic teenagers and young men.

Based on several men's hairstyles with shaved temples, hairdressers apply and create new types of haircuts taking into account modern fashion trends.

Given the style, the most commonly used substances such as mousse, gel and styling wax, applied to short and long hair. With the help of these substances it is possible to create the desired volume, fix it and maintain the shape of the hairstyle.

When styling hair on one side, it is especially important to use fixing agents.

Recently, new fashion trends have been progressing in men's hairstyles through creativity - shaved sides with images of various shapes that are created using a machine or trimmer, and their shape and style are chosen by the future owner of the hairstyle, depending on his preferences.

Men's hairstyle with shaved sides and nape - types

Men's classic hairstyles for several decades have not undergone any major changes. Although these haircuts, sometimes some innovations are introduced with individual variations, but by and large their style remains almost unchanged.

The main options for men's hairstyles with shaved sides and nape, as well as their types and names, are presented for consideration.


Military hairstyle, although simple, has gained great popularity due to the fact that its construction and condition does not require a lot of time. In a Military haircut, hair is cut all over the head. Hair on the sides of the head and on the back of the head, most often cut shorter than on top, and the curls on the top and sides on the length do not differ much.

Due to the fact that the haircut is very short, it is quite easy to take care of such a hairstyle, and after the hair is washed and it is not difficult to dry it. If necessary, give hair rigidity, to exclude the appearance of a "dandelion", for this it is recommended to apply gel after washing.

Boxing is a haircut in which the hair from the back of the head and sides of the head is shaved, and the hair on the top of the head is extremely short. Haircut Boxing is easily transformed into a half-box hairstyle, if you grow a little hair.

Taking into account fashion trends, hairstyles with a shaved nape and Box type temples undergo changes and additional special curly images are introduced into them. With the help of shaving machines, stylish outlines of figures are formed, which creates an interesting image in general.


Hairstyle Anderkat (Undercut) is characterized by radically shaved temples and the occipital part of the head, having sharp transitions of hair to the upper crown zone, which has long strands.

This haircut is formed with styling the hair back, thanks to special tools and is used for men of all ages. Shaved sides with long hair look interesting and unusual. This is more a youth version of the hairstyle.

Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth men's hairstyle is very popular nowadays, due to clean-shaven sides and its neat appearance.
Short bangs are often laid on one side, emphasizing that the owner of such a haircut is distinguished by impudence, originality and creativity. Tools such as mousse or gel are used to fix elongated strands on the crown.

To give the owner of the hairstyle additional energy, special preparations are applied to long hair so that they look like wet. In this image, parting is important. Sometimes it is emphasized by shaving.

Top knot

This men's hairstyle with a tail and shaved sides and a nape is popular with those young people who do not want to part with their hair length, but want to bring something new and creative to their image. Convenience of styling and a spectacular look are the main advantages of Top Knot haircuts. If desired, the tail can be transformed into a bundle.

Crop haircut has found its adherents recently. In the hairstyle, the bangs laid forward go well with the shaved side zones of the head and the nape. In this case, when switching from short to longer hair, almost no boundaries are felt.

You can perform this haircut with shaved temples both in a short version and a longer one.


This version of the hairstyle resembles Crop - whiskey and the back of the head are also shaved, only styling is done in a slightly different way, with raising the hair and ruffling it.

Fade hairstyle created for courageous and decisive men.

See the following video for a stylish haircut with side shaving and a nape with a detailed description of the hairstyle.

The benefits of hairstyles with shaved temples

Men's haircut with shaved temples has many positive aspects:

  • corrects appearance defects, to the greatest extent can visually stretch a round or full face contour and soften a square chin,
  • the hairstyle can distract attention from small imperfections and shallow wrinkles,
  • creates a daring, vivid image, changing the way of styling a little, you can look differently,
  • proven simplicity when styling with hair fixer,
  • a large field for various experiments, you can shave a small or wide space on the temples,
  • well-groomed, neat and modern look,
  • simple care for curls,
  • a suitable bang length helps to diversify the styles, taking into account the environment (business or pleasure),
  • Refreshes the look
  • expresses the originality and identity of the person.

Drawbacks of Hairstyles with Shaved Parts

Men's haircut with shaved temples has the following disadvantages:

  • to present the hairstyle in proper form, you need to learn how to use a hairdryer and get acquainted with the gel for fixing hair
  • with an inappropriate presentation of styling in combination with business clothes, you can become famous as a frivolous person,
  • for business cases, you should carefully select a wardrobe for an extravagant haircut,
  • you need to style your hair regularly, otherwise the appearance will be untidy,
  • not compatible with some types of face,
  • for grooming periodically need to update the hairstyle.

There are a huge number of men's haircuts with shaved temples. Boring, ordinary and simple haircuts have long been a thing of the past.

Right now men's hairstyles with shaved temples are in fashion. Such haircuts have an attractively daring and extravagant appearance. And they combine everything: personality, non-standard, originality, super-fashion, but including the classics. They are versatile, extraordinary. They are used by stars of show business and cinema.They are called art hairstyles.

Face shape

This hairstyle is suitable for men with a large head of the correct configuration, small ears and a medium forehead. An ideal option would be a round or oval type of face. If the guy has a square head shape, then it is corrected with shaved sides, people with a thin and full oval face styling will not work.

For each face shape, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. Oval such haircut options as “British”, “Canadian” and “Boxing” will look great. It is necessary to focus on the fact that the hair is removed from the forehead back, so as not to round the head even more. The formation of volume and angles on the poppy head will help to slightly sharpen the oval.
  2. Forround create the appearance of angularity and height. Hair is best left short on the sides, and long on top. It is possible to form an asymmetry. It is advisable to avoid bangs and short haircuts. “Anderkat”, “Canadian” and Iroquois species are suitable.
  3. Square the form allows experiments with classic varieties and long strands. Bangs and short hair on both sides will look good. A good solution would be smoothly combed back curls, a messy and disheveled hairstyle, as well as a “Hedgehog”.
  4. Triangular the shape of the face goes well with a haircut model that has shaved whiskey and a large volume at the crown. In this case, you can opt for the "British", "Canadian" and if the bangs are combed on one or the other side.
  5. Heart-shaped the variety is similar to triangular and provides hairstyles with elongated hair. The same options are shown as in the previous paragraph.


Modern men's haircuts have some features that make them relevant and interesting. Among the most fashionable trends are the following.

  • Straight, ironed or smooth hair. Romantic curls and artistic mess are already out of fashion trends.

  • The transition from short hair on the back of the head to long on the crown of the head and forehead. This element is present in almost all popular haircuts.

  • Toning or coloring of hair ends. It looks especially impressive on short strands and medium length.

  • Hair styling on one side. A parting is shown from the screens by Hollywood stars, world sports legends, and representatives of pop culture.

  • The return of fashion on the retro. Among the haircuts that have again ascended to the hairdressing Olympus, include "mallet", "pompadour", "Hitler Youth", "Princeton".

  • Clear forms. Even disheveled haircuts and hairstyles have traceable shapes that are characteristic of them.

  • Shaved or well-defined whiskey. The emphasis on this area allows you to radically change the facial sculpture, adjusts it if necessary.

  • Haircuts under the machine. They are chosen by very young men with regular facial features, clearly defined cheekbones.

  • Brushing the bangs from the forehead. Using this styling element, volumetric “pompadours”, “mohawks” and even “underker” are created.

  • Bundles fixed below the nape of the neck or on the crown of the head. They are relevant for long hair, and for medium strands of any structure.

This is only a small part of the trends that are relevant today for men's hairstyles and haircuts. It is they who seek to embody barbers and stylists around the world.

Hair structure

Men's haircuts with shaved temples are suitable for representatives of a strong stature with naughty, tough or curly strands.

For different types of hair, the following recommendations exist:

  1. Thin. It is advisable to opt for shaved temples and a bang of medium length, which can be combed back or to the side. As an option - “Hedgehog” and “British”.
  2. Tough. They allow a bang of medium size, which requires a means for laying strong fixation, otherwise it looks groomed. Preference should be given to “boxing”, “semi-boxing” or a short “hedgehog”.
  3. Bright. The shaved side part is almost invisible, and if you shave a large piece, the face will take on a painful and tired look.
  4. Wavy. Most haircuts will look great because of movement and volume.
  5. Direct. For convenience when laying and giving them softness, it is advisable to use air conditioning in large quantities.
  6. Curly. A chaotic version of the haircut "British" or styling with long hair is suitable.

By age

Such hairstyles are not suitable for every man. It is not recommended to do it to the representatives of the stronger sex at a respectable and advanced age. But young guys can create a unique image of one of the varieties of this haircut.

For middle-aged men, it is advisable to carefully consider the option of hairstyle so that it presents its owner in a suitable light. To express solidity, it is necessary to choose each line in the installation.

Shaved whiskey in men with short hair

Shaved whiskey with ultra-short hair is quite popular in modern fashion, there are a variety of stylish patterns and patterns trimmed “to zero”, and also represented by the following haircuts:

  1. "Boxing". The length of the strands at the temples is about 3 mm, and up to 5 cm at the top. Previously, this choice was chosen by sports-oriented men, and now the hairstyle smoothed back or sideways can often be seen in business circles, and the disheveled variety at parties and celebrations.
  2. "Half Box". It differs from the “box” with a more elongated top layer - up to 8 mm, which makes it possible to diversify the styling. Has a clear transition between different hair levels.
  3. "Beaver" and "Hedgehog", with a maximum height of 4 cm. It has a different orientation of the strands, which creates the effect of negligence, as well as short sides and a profiled surface on the crown. "Beaver" differs from the "hedgehog" by the area of ​​the platform for filing, here it is created in the crown of the head.

Shaved whiskey in men with long hair

Shaved whiskey is combined with men's haircuts with long hair. Such combinations require more careful care than short options.

Modern fashion offers shoulder-length strands on which the means for fixing and styling should not be visible. The main emphasis is natural disheveled. Stylists offer to collect strands in a bundle.

This has its advantages:

  • hair is gathered
  • it takes a little time to remove them,
  • It looks stylish.

Often, long curls with a shaved temple are combined with a beard.

Hairstyle Voyage

A rather bold variation of the male haircut. Here, the transition between the shaved temples and the region of elongated strands is formed not only visible, but also emphasized by a thin completely shaved strip along the entire separation boundary. The established rules for its implementation are not provided, this variety involves the embodiment of the most unthinkable fantasies.

Shaving grunge haircut

Grunge is an elegant sloppiness. For everyday hairstyles, you should shave whiskey and create a high styling, which will emphasize its contrast and give originality. Having different hair lengths, such variations are easy to make at home.

The main rule of this modeling - parting should be absent, and this nuance distinguishes "Grunge" from all other varieties of haircuts. The hairstyle can be combined with different creative colors of the strands, and in particular with coloring in a contrasting way.

Another available property of this model is to give the appearance of “wet hair”, which is done using wax or styling gel.

Undercut Haircut

The model is characterized by the presence of hair of different lengths, while a smooth transition from shaved temples to long strands is not supposed. Shortened hair in the temples and the back of the head form the base.

The emphasis is on the bangs (straight, asymmetric or oblique) - it should be quite long, and stack it in different ways. You can comb it to the side, back or leave a falling wave down on the forehead.

Classic mohawk

Men's haircut with shaved temples can be in the form of "Iroquois". The best option is with an average length of strands, while the whiskey is shaved, and the rest of the hair should be laid clearly and accurately.

The owners of such hairstyles style their hair on their own, creating a comb of sticking up strands, which is located in the center of the head. For fixing use a lot of styling tools. Suitable for both office and party, you just need to change the styling style to a more extravagant.

Asymmetric haircut with one shaved temple

Asymmetric men's haircuts are unevenly trimmed strands, i.e. one side is longer than the other. The unevenness is small. For example, in the classic version of the “beaver” hairstyle, hair can reduce its volume when moving to the opposite side or vice versa.

Asymmetry is not required to occupy the entire head, it is enough that uneven and diagonal cut bands on the bang are formed from one side. If desired, create a torn or straight bang, but the rest of the head needs to be cut short.

Asymmetric hairstyles can distinguish male features, and even styling - on the contrary, only change for the worse.

Hairstyles with shaved patterns, stripes and patterns.

This option involves a razor made on the parts of the head with short hair of various stripes, shapes and curls. The hairstyle is suitable for courageous and extraordinary individuals who are not afraid of the close attention of people.

Men's haircut with shaved temples and patterns.

The patterns are performed by the master with a special device for cutting.

The length for the formation of lines or patterns starts from 6 mm (for thick and dark strands) to 9 mm (for fair-haired and guys with thin hair). Figures and ornaments remain clear throughout the week, then become blurry and after 1 month. disappear.

The pattern should be renewed no sooner than 4 weeks after shaving, because the process is very painstaking and time-consuming, and the resulting effect may disappoint the client.

The sequence of the process of cutting with lines or curls is as follows:

  1. The make-up artist draws a special pencil pattern on the selected part of the head (nape, temple area, crown).
  2. A haircut is equated with a machine and scissors.
  3. The pencil print is removed with a special tonic, and a beautiful drawing remains.

For such haircuts, as well as for hairstyles with shaved temples, there are some restrictions. Both varieties create disharmony with a business wardrobe and tie. In any other case, such bold experiments distinguish a man from the total mass of people.

Rules for styling hairstyles with shaved temples, nape, sides

Any hairstyle requires proper care, and consists in the following recommendations:

  1. Hair should always be clean, without dandruff and grease.
  2. Cosmetic products are preferably plant-based.
  3. Use drugs to fix only trusted manufacturers.
  4. To give volume to the strands on the crown, it is necessary to process with foam and dry with a towel, because men's hair is short and you can rarely use a hairdryer.

Adhering to the style of hairstyles, owners of shaved side zones of the head and neck use wax, gel and foam as their main means. They help to create the desired volume and shape, as well as fix them. Sometimes hairspray is used. The whole procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

For haircuts with shaved temples and elongated hair on the top, different styles are suitable:

  • to lay back locks for official and festive occasions,
  • send a little sloppy curls to the side,
  • if the curls are elongated, then you can collect them on the back of the head in the tail, or pull them into a bundle,

If the hair is short, then you can style differently bangs:

  • smooth - suitable for a rough look,
  • universal option - comb back and fix it with a professional gel or wax,
  • A romantic look will be given by casually hanging strands.

Properly selected men's haircut, in particular with shaved temples, will help representatives of the strong half of humanity look stylish, neat and presentable. Such bold experiments can express the individuality of a person, and can also cause admiring glances of the opposite sex.

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The first option for men with shaved temples and bangs

This is an option for practical and tidy people. So that men and youths can feel more confident, they need to give their choice in favor of cutting the Hitler Youth. This hairstyle is distinguished by short hair length, shaved whiskey and the back of the head. Above the ears and at the crown of the hair, the hair is a little longer. Also, this haircut option involves laying the bangs on its side. There is also the option of laying it in the vertical direction. In this case, it is recommended to fix it with varnish. This is a fashionable, stylish and at the same time convenient styling option.


This haircut is known to a wide range of people, it implies an impressive length of hair in the crown area and a slow transition from the back of the head to the frontal part. It is important to remember that such a haircut does not imply a transition from temples, and the length is significantly different. The ideal option is to focus on the long bangs, because in this zone the locks are the longest.

It implies the presence of shaved temples. At the same time, it is necessary to shave not only the sides, but also the back of the head. In the area of ​​the crown, you can notice the long part rounded at the edge, but the length is still insignificant.

"Half Box"

This option is an analogue of the “boxing” haircut, but the hair in the crown area is longer.

An option that is ideal for bright, extraordinary and courageous people. At the same time, a clear transition from short hair to longer is very noticeable. A similar transition is created using a thin, completely shaved line at the border.

Who needs such a haircut and how to shave whiskey

Please note that such a haircut is not suitable for everyone. It is not advised to choose it for men of age and impressive elderly men. Also, this hairstyle can not be combined with a business style, because you get a funny and frivolous image. The representative of the stronger sex, who have their own business, should abandon such a hairstyle. The volume in the upper part of the head makes it possible to visually lengthen it, so it is highly undesirable to opt for this haircut for young people of thin physique and tall men.

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But what a men's haircut looks like with an elongated bang can be seen in the photo and video in this article.

A hairstyle with shaved temples and a nape is perfectly suited for courageous, bright and original personalities. Due to the fact that the haircut is able to stretch the silhouette, it is suitable for overweight men with big cheeks. Also, with the help of this hairstyle, you can create a memorable image for young people with rude features and prominent cheekbones.

On the video, a short men's haircut:

Advantages and disadvantages of hairstyles

The undeniable advantages of this variation of hairstyle are that:

  1. Make styling is very simple, without making any effort.
  2. With this hairstyle, you can rejuvenate for several years and refresh your image.
  3. Bright, bold and amazing solution that allows you to always remain young, stylish and beautiful.
  4. With this hairstyle, you can adjust your appearance for the better.
  5. You can opt for various styling options.

It is worth considering the main disadvantages of a hairstyle with shaved temples and a nape:

  • This variation of hairstyle is not suitable for all people.
  • This is a normal styling, easy to perform. However, simply combing the hair is not enough. If the hair is simply combed, the hairstyle will lose its uniqueness.
  • To always look at the height and be stylish and original, you must periodically update it.

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We can say that a hairstyle with shaved temples and a nape is a stylish, youthful and delightful option. Correctly selected variation of hairstyle will always look with taste.

If you stay on proper styling, then it will be perfectly combined with both youth clothes and a business suit.

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Who needs shaved whiskey?

Men's haircuts with shaved temples or a nape are not suitable for any representative of the strong half of humanity. Who should opt for such a creative hairstyle?

  1. Men whose face shape is close to a circle or square. This hairstyle visually stretches the oval of the face.
  2. Suitable for young, athletic and active guys who follow fashion and want to look stylish and attractive.
  3. Those who want to look visually a little younger.
  4. Suitable for men of short stature. Due to its splendor, hair can visually make a man a little higher.
  5. For most men, haircuts with shaved temples and a nape do not require particularly careful care and styling, therefore, men who are busy and business, who have a banal lack of time for their own appearance, such a hairstyle is ideal. They don’t have to stand in front of the mirror for hours to put their heads in order, but they will look neat and stylish.

Top knot

Just a couple of decades ago, few people thought that a man might prefer a hairstyle with long hair. At the same time, the owners of long curls or hairstyles for medium hair were able to prove that they look no worse than short-cut men.

A men's top knot haircut with shaved temples and a nape brings up thoughts of Japanese samurai. Hairdressers allow both the hair gathered in a bun on the back of the head, and the classic “ponytail”. You can tie or braid strands on any part of the head.

You can perform this hairstyle even at home. The necessary curls are collected in a tail or a bundle on the back of the head, the rest of the head is shaved.

In order for the long part of the hair to look beautiful and well-groomed, you need to choose a rinse conditioner.

This is a more stylish version of the hairstyle, which replaced boxing and semi-boxing.

A distinctive feature is the work with the occipital or temporal part of the head. The crown of the head is made longer, depending on the wishes of the client.

The hairstyle is also suitable for men with thick hair, and those who have noticeably thinned it.

The "highlight" of the haircut is that it makes either a perfectly flat or torn structure with a comb back.

This men's haircut with shaved sides is popular with representatives of a strong half of humanity of any age. Its distinctive feature is a smooth transition from the long part of the hair to shaved temples.

Men's haircuts with shaved sides can be done both in the salon and at home using a machine. To perform a haircut at home, you will need several nozzles.

The machine must be kept upright, moving against the hairline of the hairline. It is worth starting from the temples, moving to the back of the head. Grooming male temples should be carried out with clear and confident movements.

Before moving to a different length, you need to change the nozzle.

With the strands on the top you need to work with scissors, if you need to leave them longer. For short options, the same machine will do.

This is a convenient and versatile version of men's hairstyles with shaved sides and nape. Suitable for courageous, open and confident young people. Many people opt for this haircut also because it is easy to care for. Often you can see schoolchildren and teenagers who also preferred this type of haircut. She looks equally good both on very young boys and on men of respectable age. Using styling products is not necessary.

This men's hairstyle with shaved sides is performed in 15-20 minutes with a minimum set of hairdressing items. Hair should be combed and divided into a straight part. Then you need to identify the area of ​​the temples and the occipital part. Running on fingers. First you need to cut one strand of length, all the rest will be aligned on it. In this case, you must not forget to leave those strands that will be longer than the rest. At the end, they are also leveled up to the same length and length that the client needs.

The nape is shortened using a typewriter.


This men's haircut with shaved temples became fashionable when it began to appear on the heads of Canadian hockey players.

Men picked up this trend.

The shape of the hairstyle is that the hair on the crown of the head is quite lush and long, and on the temples and the back of the head - short. In this case, the elongated strands can be laid back. Some people prefer to walk with their bangs on their side.

Performing it is quite simple. First of all, you need to trim the strands on the top of the head. Their minimum length with such a hairstyle is 3 cm. Shaving of the temples is performed using the oblique cut technique. If desired, a smooth transition can be made from the long part of the hair to the shaved temples, or you can cut it with sharper lines.

With shaved patterns

For those who prefer to stand out and love an informal style, hairdressers advise making a haircut with shaved temples and patterns. Patterns are shaved with a trimmer or razor.

In order for the pattern to be visible on dark hair, a length of about 6 mm will be sufficient. Blondes will need to grow hair up to 9-10 mm.

Such a haircut will need regular correction, since the pattern remains for 1-2 weeks, depending on the speed of hair growth.

With long hair

Thick and well-groomed hair looks stylish, a man with long hair will definitely not go unnoticed, which is why the male half of humanity increasingly prefers hairstyles with long hair.

The main requirement for such hairstyles is grooming.

Long men's haircuts are also suitable for strict, business people, but in these cases it is better to collect hair in a ponytail, or to maintain their length at shoulder level.

Many people prefer short men's hairstyles because with long hair they are afraid to look too feminine. However, modern fashion trends in the field of hairdressing allow men who prefer long curls to look brutal and even sexy.

Thus, the condition of the man’s hair and his hairstyle show how much he looks after himself and how much attention he pays to his appearance. Men's hairstyles with shaved temples and a nape are increasingly becoming the choice of young and provocative guys. Middle-aged men who want to look stylish and fashionable also often opt for such intricate and at the same time classic hairstyles.

If you dig a story, then men's hairstyles with shaved temples came to us from the last century.

Firmly entered into our lives and in modern fashion. There are stylists who attribute the origin of such hairstyles to gangsters. Some believe that they went from a dandy. It is believed that these hairstyles were conveyed by punks. Although about punks is a moot point, punks appeared in the USA in the early 70s. But gangsters and dandies arose earlier.

The forefather in our modern world of hairstyles with shaved temples was the world famous football player David Beckham.

While other men on the planet decided on shaved whiskey, Beckham entered the field with such a haircut and a huge number of men followed him. Since then, men's hairstyles with shaved temples have become common throughout the world.

Such haircuts have a lot of charms and advantages.

A high probability of conducting various experiments and expressing the most courageous creative fantasies. After all, in this hairstyle you can shave different amounts of hair and the hairstyle will look different. There is a classic shaving option. This is a soft transition from the smallest temples to elongated ringlets on the crown. You can also give preference to opposites - the conversion from long to short strands. But more extraordinary masculine looks - hairstyles with one shaved temple, and even better - a pattern that will look like a tattoo. This is where the name “art hairstyles” comes from - the art of hairstyles.

With the help of such hairstyles, you can adjust the appearance of a man.

The main thing is to choose the right shave under the oval of the face. For example, you can fix a round or square face. Also a full face. This hairstyle diverts interest from small wrinkles, soothes stubborn hair. A good option for curly hair if the man wants to hide them a little. This gives a special charm and masculinity to the image of the owner of such a hairstyle.

Such hairstyles quickly fit. Styling requires only wax or gel with a wet effect.

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The disadvantages of this haircut are practically absent. The only thing is that defiant variants of this style do not fit a business suit. They are simply incompatible.

What haircuts are in this direction?

The number of options is simply immense. And everyone will delight the eye. The classic version is when there is a soft transition from super short or fully trimmed hair on the temples to longer over the ears. At the top remains the maximum length.

Haircuts with shaved temples that are most popular are boxing, semi-boxing, and shaved sides. This is also a classic in this hairstyle genre. Can be completed with bangs of different lengths. Such haircuts are suitable for coarse hair.


The main types of men's haircuts and the technology of their creation are well known to all workers in hairdressing salons, salons, barbershops. The options and names of hairstyles change after the fashion. Often there are national motives in trends - Afro, Japanese, Scandinavian, but the principles of creation always remain unchanged. All haircut options are long, short, medium - men's fashion allows you to cut the baldness of the whiskey and the back of the head, make a trim or leave the hair back long, shape it with a strip on the crown of the head.

The techniques and patterns of popular or conventional haircuts are well known and allow you to get the desired result even at home, in the presence of a machine, scissors and a certain experience. Simple hairstyles - “mallet”, “cascade”, “Canadian”, “boxing” are suitable for independent execution.

Even the most inexperienced person in such matters can cope with their creation. But for fashionable options for haircuts, it is better to go to the salon.

These are classic men's haircuts.

  • "British." A haircut with smoothed temples and volume on the crown of the head and crown is great for men of any age. Today it is customary to wear it to the side, creating a styling in a business style. With an increase in the length of the bangs, it looks stylishly combed back.

  • "Boxing". Short haircut in a sporty style. The average hair length does not exceed 4 cm, bangs do not stand out or are made with a toe. The side of the hairstyle and the back of the head are shortened to 2-3 cm.

  • "Half Box". The extended version of the "boxing". On the top of the head, the strands reach 8 cm, which allows you to vary the styling, make it more classic or fashionable.

  • "Grunge". Hairstyles in this style are done on medium hair, the face remains open, the correctness of the features is emphasized. The strands are cut unevenly, graduated. Only voluminous bangs can be kept long, and the rest of the strands can be cut up to 4-5 cm. Such haircuts go well with a light unshaven or well-groomed short beard.

  • "Caesar". A Roman commander haircut is incredibly popular with rap artists in the United States and beyond. This hairstyle is characterized by the preservation of hair along the perimeter of the head to a length of 7 cm from the crown. All other strands are cut. Cascade design is possible with lengthening of strands from a clear line of a short fringe to a nape.

  • "Sagittarius". A fashionable hairstyle for medium hair, with a characteristic flowing bangs and a high parting line. The forehead strands always make it longer and longer than the rest. The bangs are formed asymmetrically, at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • "Area". A haircut, popular in the 80s of the XX century, does not give up its popularity positions. Whiskey in such a hairstyle is greatly shortened or shaved. From the neck to the back of the head, the hair increases in length gradually. On the crown of the head and crown, they are kept in the range of 5-6 cm, with a mandatory clear top line and a flat geometric cut.

  • "Four of a kind." It can be graduated, with a change in the length of the strands, straight or oblique bangs. The double square is also popular today, with changing the length of the strands at several levels. The main emphasis in this case is the voluminous, combed forward bangs.

  • "Bean". A fashionable haircut for medium hair, with a volume from the top of the head to the temples. The strands are cut to the line of the cheekbones, forming a magnificent cap, with an asymmetry in front, a long bang. The occipital part of the bob haircut is shorter, the ears are open.

  • "Voyage". Men's hairstyle “cap” has a characteristic volume at the crown, sharply shortened hair at the temples, nape.


The following options can be attributed to American-style hairstyles.

  • "Pompadour." Hairstyle in the spirit of Elvis Presley provides for the presence of "tanks" on the temples, the classic length of the strands on the sides (4-5 cm). The bangs are made long - up to 15 cm, combed back in the form of a magnificent voluminous coca.

  • Princeton. Favorite haircut of graduates of prestigious American universities. It is performed on the hair no longer than 5 cm, fits on a side part. The bangs rise slightly, set vertically. The hair on the sides of the head is 1.5-2 cm long.

  • "Canadian". A North American haircut, popular around the world, with a distinctive distinctive edging going from the crown of the head to the temples and the back of the head. The classic "Canadian" provides for a hair length of up to 4 cm on the crown of the head and crown, with a smooth transition to shorter strands on the temples, nape. Hair styling is performed by combing the hair back or to the side, with the necessary parting.


Among the men's haircuts characteristic of the Scandinavian countries, one can note such.

  • Men's braids. Their modern descendants of the Vikings weave on the parting line. In combination with the “underker” or “pompadour”, you can get spectacular parallel braids that combine with shortened hair on the sides of the head and back of the head. In addition, weaving can decorate the upper part of the hairstyle, and on long strands it can go down below the shoulder blades.

  • Long hair with a shaved temple. Fashion for long hairstyles Scandinavians ask since the days of the Vikings. Modern men prefer to combine hair below the shoulders with shaving a temple on one side. This gives a bright personality, provides the ability to lay strands in a bundle or tail, goes well with a broad beard.

  • Top knot with undercut. A knot of hair at the top in combination with shaved temples and a nape looks very attractive. You can tear it up and add texture to increase the volume of the hairstyle.

Smoothly combing the bulk of the hair back, it is easy to get the image of an office clerk.

  • "Mallet" - Scandinavian hairstyle in retro style, which was introduced into fashion by the stars of the "disco" era. For this version of the male haircut, a cascading change in the length of the strands is characteristic, and on the crown and crown the hair length does not exceed 10 cm, often the effect of lacerated strands is used here. A long “tail” is left behind, in the lateral and occipital area. For the independent implementation of such a haircut, stock up on hair clips, scissors, a comb. The procedure will be as follows. Wash hair, dry it slightly with a towel, comb. The strands are divided into 5 parts using parting. Clips separate the crown region, whiskey, crown, nape. The length is cut from below, in a single line.

The contour should be uniform, but with a distinct division into strands. The temporal region is processed next, you need to use the technique of applying strands. The contour "hat" should turn out. At the top, it is better to use not scissors, but a razor, forming an uneven cut of strands. Rough contour is the main accent of haircut “mallet”. The bangs are cut last. It is milled, the length is brought to the middle of the forehead.

The haircut "mallet" in modern design is most often supplemented by a short, concise top with pronounced angular temples, does not have excessive volume in the crown area.

Japanese and Asian

For Asian men's haircuts, a combination of a clear texture, torn strands, interesting styling is characteristic. Trendsetters can be called Koreans, who managed to make asymmetric hairstyles and men's bunches popular. The Japanese are not far behind their eastern neighbors. They suggest focusing on voluminous bangs, using bright color accents in the design of hairstyles.

Among the popular options, one can note the “top knot” in a samurai style, with or without shaved temples. If you want creativity, on long hair you can make a "mizur" hairstyle in the middle, with the formation of loops of hair on the sides of the head. Modern Japanese youth often wears a bob haircut with voluminous asymmetric bangs, a cascade of medium hair.


Prague, Paris, Hanover fashion is not very different from the one chosen by men around the world. But there are still fashion trends in Europe. French haircut "gavrosh" is performed on an average length of hair. It is made using thinning and flat hairdressing scissors, a thin comb. The procedure will be as follows.

  1. Washing head. After the hair needs to be slightly dried with a towel.
  2. The entire mass of strands is divided into 2 parts - the occipital and parietal.
  3. At the back of the head, hair is divided into 3 areas with a horizontal parting. The bottom is greatly shortened, 2 others are cut to 0.5-1 cm in length.
  4. Whiskey is sheared with thinning, leaving the length as at the crown.
  5. The forehead and back of the head are treated similarly to the temporal region.
  6. Perform edging hairstyles, align sideburns.

The German roots of the Hitler Youth haircut, popular in Europe, are obvious. The hairstyle itself looks neat and stylish, suitable for men with ambitions. The technique of its implementation will be as follows.

  1. The hair on the back of the head, on the sides of the head, on the temples is shaved or cut as short as possible under one length.
  2. The strands on top should be at least 10 cm. A side part is formed with a pronounced edging.
  3. The hairstyle is combed back, cut with a smooth transition from the maximum length on the crown to 3-5 cm on the back of the head. The bangs are made shorter than the bulk of the strands.


Among the popular national trends in the field of hairdressing, fashionable Caucasian motifs look especially interesting - Dagestan, Chechen. Among the fashionable hairstyles, one can distinguish elongated versions of bob and bob haircuts. They blend harmoniously with straight, stiff hair. The most popular version is the Makhachkulinka in the form of a graduated square with different variations of length, volume and splendor.

An obligatory element of a hairstyle is a voluminous bang, laid to one side.

Men's afro haircuts have been popular for over 50 years in a row. But since the 60s of the XX century, their appearance has undergone noticeable changes. Today, men's haircuts in the African spirit look like this.

  • Braids on medium and long hair. The so-called “boxing braids” look interesting and attractive, give the image of masculinity. If their own hair length is not enough, barbers use artificial canekolons. Such braids are often woven into spectacular patterns that look very exotic.

  • Mohawk with dreadlocks. The shaved temporal and occipital part in combination with medium length dreadlocks on the crown of the head looks very impressive. Such a hairstyle can be picked up in a ponytail or bun, put in a “bird's nest”, put in spikes.

  • Short smooth waves. The side of the head is shaved. The top is cut short enough, 3-5 cm, like a "platform".

It is important to maintain the wavy structure of the hair.


Among the popular styles of men's hairstyles, the following options can be distinguished.

  • Classic. Hairstyles dominate the traditional look, with a hair length of about 30-50 mm and styling parted or combing the hair back. Such haircuts have a clear and concise form, evenly graded edges. Hair is always neatly styled, allowing you to quickly create an elegant hairstyle appropriate in the office, at a business lunch, in a university audience.

  • Military. Haircuts in the army or military style invariably arouse interest among the stronger sex. The hair length in this case is minimal - under the machine or medium. Hairstyles are laid on a concise parting or side.

Military style haircuts are suitable for men with clear, hard facial features, strong-willed character, a serious profession.

  • Romantic. The style of rock musicians and heroes-lovers means average or maximum length of hair. The hairstyle can be perfectly styled or disheveled, often it is a laconic page or surfer waves in the Californian spirit. Modern interpretations of the romantic style are often expressed in hypertrophied bangs without additional lengthening of the bulk of the hair.

  • Sports. A universal option for haircuts, suitable for men with different types of faces. Care for such hairstyles is minimal, they are practically not required to be styled. Shortened or completely shaved whiskeys and a slightly more voluminous top became traditional signs of hairstyles in a sporty style.

Such hairstyles are well suited for combining with different styles of clothing, look strictly and neatly.

  • Grunge One of the most fashionable modern styles, it is focused on courageous and creative men who are ready to experiment. Haircuts are performed on short, medium, long hair. They are characterized by torn lines, uneven length, asymmetry, disheveled, shaved whiskey and the back of the head. Grunge allows for original tinting, coloring of strands, shaving of patterns or weaving of braids.

  • Hipster. This style is characterized by a combination of hairstyles with a beard and mustache, general well-groomed, adjusted image. Haircuts are usually neat, with obvious styling, but quite textured, with obvious elements of modern chic. Sometimes this style is also called smart casual, drawing an analogy with the popular trend in clothing.

  • Ethnic. These are variations on the theme of national traditions or historical eras of different countries. Ethnicity allows you to braid male afrocos or try on dreadlocks, make a haircut in the Japanese or Chinese style, borrow a bit of Latin American exoticism.

These are the main styles within which to develop their own areas of interest for narrower groups of people. It is worth noting that almost all the most popular and relevant men's haircuts can be attributed to one of the listed areas of hairdressing.

How to choose?

The choice of haircuts for men is always fraught with certain difficulties. Before making fashionable asymmetry, shortly cutting long strands or shaving whiskey, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the person’s appearance. Professionals in the field of hairdressing recommend that you pay attention to the compliance of the hairstyle with age, face type, lifestyle.

Among the basic rules can be called the compatibility of hair color and appearance of a man. For example, natural strands of a mouse shade with a considerable length look faded and make the appearance faceless. But in a short haircut, they give a certain charm to the image, make it more interesting.

A correctly selected haircut helps to correct the thickness of the hair, visually makes them more attractive.

The appropriateness of a haircut is an essential part of her right choice. You should not choose long burnt curls of a careless surfer to create the image of a serious businessman. The military “hedgehog” will be of little relevance in the image of a creative person. "Iroquois" is hardly suitable for the appearance of a respectable, respectable person.

When choosing hairstyles, the frequency of visits to barbershops also matters. Shaved whiskey ornaments require regular updates. If there is no time for frequent visits to the hairdresser, it is better to abandon complex model hairstyles. The simplest solutions in this case will look much more attractive. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that not all haircuts look harmonious with a mustache and beard.

It is worth consulting with the master about the compatibility of the desired hairstyle with the already existing attributes of masculinity on the face.

By hair type

The structure and type of hair are important when choosing a haircut. Thin and rare strands are contraindicated in elongated haircuts, emphasizing the already small density of the hairstyle. Thick, stiff hair is quite difficult to tame, a difference of even 2-3 cm in length deprives them of a clear shape.

It is better to choose short, graphic haircuts that help to keep in order the rebellious strands. In this case, a variety of styling helps to diversify the style.

Curly and curly hair practically does not limit the length of hair - they may look like a pile of afro-curls or a laconic version of the beam. Short hair, curls look exotic, they can be brightly stained or complemented with shaved patterns.

Do not grow a long length on oily hair: in addition to difficulties in styling, this can lead to the fact that the hairstyle will quickly get dirty, begin to look messy.

Beautiful examples

  • The best modern hairstyles for men include hypervolume in the crown of the head. In combination with curly hair, you can get a brutal or innocent youthful image - it all depends on the characteristics of the chosen haircut.

  • A bold grunge look complements the voluminous bangs, directed forward from the crown. Such a haircut opens the neck, emphasizes the elements of piercing and tattoos.

  • A striking example of a “mallet” hairstyle in a modern design is the small length at the top and the original design of the occipital strands. They can be graduated or braided.

  • Exotic afro-style boxing braids are also good for men with a European appearance. It is enough to supplement them with a thin short beard and mustache.

See how to choose a haircut.

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