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What are men's underpants: types and types with description and photo

You won’t believe it: if you wanted to try all kinds of men's underwear on yourself and put on new style panties daily, this “testing” would take you several months!

To save your time, we’ll briefly describe

about the pros and cons of the main varieties of men's underpants

and tell you when and with what it is better to wear them.

Slip-underpants (they are swimming trunks, briefs, “ordinary” pants, “classic” pants)

Slips are a type of underwear familiar to us from childhood; these are the same ordinary underpants that you wore as a child. Briefs-slips completely cover the buttocks in the back and genitals in front, while the legs remain open due to the high cutout on the sides. Now such briefs can be called “briefs” or “slips”.

But these “classic underpants” are not as simple as it seems: there are slip-on pants with low, normal and high fit on the waist, materials and design are different, even there are men's slip-on pants for those who want to increase the volume.

Boxer shorts (they are also family briefs, family men, shorts, boxers, boxing shorts)

Boxers are spacious, “ventilated” loose-fitting shorts that look like shorts of boxers in the ring. Often, boxer shorts have a codpiece in front (a slot on buttons or without them).

There are two main types of male boxer shorts: free (they are also “family underpants”) and tight-fitting.

Varieties of Men's Underpants

Men's underwear is far from a universal, everyday option. Various models of men's underwear appear on sale, each of which has its own characteristics and suits a certain category of males. To understand what kind of underwear is suitable in a particular case, you need to consider the characteristics of each of the types of this underwear in more detail.

Tight Boxers

This model of men's underwear is somewhat reminiscent of ordinary family underpants, but it fits a little more tightly on the hips. This density of the product does not prevent the man from making free movements with his legs, and wearing such underpants is convenient with shorts, jeans or trousers. If we talk about this model in more detail, then we can give it such characteristics:

  • in appearance resembles short, athletic shorts,
  • has a wide elastic band that does not press,
  • fits tight to the hips, but does not constrain movements,
  • suitable for men who wear tight pants or jeans and do not want the underwear line to reflect on them,
  • made from natural fabric and allow the skin to breathe.

Of course, for overweight men, this option will not be the most ideal, but for young and fit guys, it works well.

Free boxers

Every man in the wardrobe should have such free, family underpants. This product is free cut, somewhat reminiscent of boxing shorts, from where it got its name. Such underwear will suit the following men:

  • who don’t want to feel constrained while driving,
  • guys who want to have free airway in the groin area,
  • men who prefer baggy pants
  • guys who are tight enough.

Boxers can be worn under loose pants or shorts, used under pajamas or instead. For the stronger sex, who spend a lot of time at home - this is simply an indispensable thing.


Knowing the varieties and characteristics of men's underpants, you can find exactly your option. For example, a kind of men's underwear, such as briefs, is a cross between family underpants and swimming trunks. In length they are the same as boxers, but in terms of fixation, these underpants are much narrower, they are completely tight.

This option is suitable for the following categories of men:

  • lovers of supportive underwear, which does not pinch too much,
  • men who wear tight jeans or work out in the gym,
  • to guys who find family underpants old-fashioned and uncomfortable,
  • those who like tight underwear, but at the same time want to feel comfortable.


Knowing what men's underpants are, you can make your choice easily and quickly. For example, now such a variety of men's underpants as hip is popular. This option is a cross between slips, boxers and briefs. To distinguish this type of men's underwear from others, you need to be guided by the following criteria:

  • the step seam should be shorter than with briefs or boxers,
  • they look like a rectangle when viewed from behind or in front, which has short vertical sides,
  • They have a stylish appearance, well emphasize the lower part of the torso.

Such underpants are suitable for men of any height. Preference for this option should be given to guys who have an athletic physique. For guys who want to look fashionable and visually increase their manhood, this option is very suitable. Every day it’s better not to wear such underpants, but they should be used in such cases:

  • the guy is going to play sports
  • a man works in an office and doesn’t want a line of linen to be visible under classic trousers,
  • the guy is going on a holiday or planning to go on a date.

Hips are a good option for slim men and athletes, stylish guys who want to emphasize their dignity.

Family underpants

This is the most common and commonplace version of men's wardrobe, which is almost the same as boxers. Only this model can also have accessories in the form of buttons. Panties are wide, voluminous, do not squeeze, but now such a model is not too relevant.

It is better to consider those types that will not reap and will not spoil the image. Family pants can be worn exclusively at home or used for sleep, because for such a model - this is the best option.


This model is very similar to briefs. True, the shape of men's underpants with this name is slightly different from the one that briefs have. Male slips can be characterized as follows:

  • this is a narrow and not long model of men's underpants,
  • the slips fit very well
  • such underpants are suitable for slim and athletic men,
  • This option is well suited for tight pants.

If a man prefers slips, then you need to choose the option exactly in size, pay attention to the quality of the fabric so that the skin can breathe.


Enumerating the names of men's underpants, one cannot ignore the famous thong. Such underpants have a wide gum belt, which does not press, in front they have the shape of a triangle. Behind a thin strip is located between the buttocks, and above, to the belt, there is a small triangle.

Such underwear for physical activity is strictly contraindicated. But for those who like to wear tight jeans and surprise their other half, this option is just fine.


Considering the types of men's underwear, it is worth saying a few words about the c-thong model. This option is exclusively for the amateur, since such swimming trunks are very narrow and uncomfortable.

They are most likely suitable for dancing striptease, and not for daily wear and especially physical activity. Such underpants are even more open than ordinary thongs and only the most daring will risk putting them on.


This option has a fairly low landing. Outwardly, such men's underwear resembles ordinary swimming trunks. These underpants are well suited for skinny pants, sports shorts or formal wear.

The swimming trunks fit tightly to the body, but they do not pinch and do not constrain movements.


Underpants with a sink or jokey are great for athletic men. They are ideally suited for those who are involved in extreme sports and risk injury. This model is well fixed in front and provides good ventilation.

Two rubber bands are attached to the codpiece, which go to the belt, being an additional safety feature. For extreme sportsmen or cyclists, those involved in martial arts, this option fits very well.

We select panties according to the type of figure

To choose the right men's underwear by the type of figure, you need to pay attention to the following scheme:

Underwear modelWhat type of figure is suitable for
BriefsWell suited for men with large hips, larger representatives of the stronger sex.
BoxersThey will be an ideal choice for men who do not wear suits and thin jeans, have slender or thin legs.
Brief boxersIdeal for tall men who have large hips and pronounced buttocks.
BriefsThey go to men tall and slender, having sports equipment.
Family underpantsSuitable for everyone, without exception, but it is better to wear them at home.

Thongs and similar men's underwear were not included in this list, since this option is only for the amateur, it is not worth wearing it constantly, every day.

Classic free boxers (they are also family men, family underpants, shorts):

In family men, legs move freely, nothing limits them. In appearance, they are distinguished by a baggy cut. Family briefs put on:

Under loose shorts.

Under baggy trousers.

Under pajamas or instead.

It is highly recommended not to wear family members during sports.

Short conclusion

There are so many models of men's underwear on store shelves that you can get confused in this variety. The main thing is to choose the right size and determine which model is suitable for the guy according to the type of figure. Having identified these important parameters, you can already begin to choose the design of the product.

Men's underpants are an indispensable part of the wardrobe, they should be comfortable. It is for this reason that the choice of this little thing should be taken carefully so as not to feel constrained and uncomfortable later. If the cowards are chosen correctly, then a man can always feel confident, lead an active lifestyle and look good in the eyes of his other half.

Popular models

Many men all their lives prefer to wear one familiar style of underpants. Previously, there really were only two models of underwear: shorts and swimming trunks. But fashion does not stand still, designers develop products of various shapes and styles that differ in material and purpose.

A variety of models of men's underwear allows everyone to choose the right underwear. This provides comfort in any situation, during sports activities or leisure. The main thing is to learn to understand the names of men's underpants, which do not always reflect their purpose.


This is the classic and most common variety of men's underpants. Boxers are knitwear shorts. They can be of different lengths, widths and styles. Usually they have a wide elastic band and a codpiece, which can be a slot on the buttons.

This type of men's underwear is practical and versatile. The product can be worn every day under pants of different widths or with shorts. Also suitable for sports activities. This model is most often chosen for teenage boys due to their convenience and beautiful design.

There are two types of boxers. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. They are usually sewn from elastic knitwear with the addition of lycra or elastane. Lingerie emphasizes the beauty of a taut male figure, so slender young people choose it. Tight boxers can be short or elongated, with a different form of codpiece. This type of men's underwear has the following advantages:

  • wide elastic does not push, but provides a secure fit,
  • Tight to the body, so you can wear it under tight pants,
  • does not constrain movements, suitable for athletes,
  • allows skin to breathe.

Loose boxers resemble cowards semeyniki. These are semi-fitted button shorts with a codpiece. Suitable for those who like free and comfortable movement. Such boxers provide ventilation in the groin area. Made from natural cotton or silk, ideal for rest and sleep. They are comfortable even for full men.

Sometimes another variety is distinguished - boxing briefs. This is a mid-range product between regular swimming trunks and shorts. They are shortened boxers with genital support. Ideal for sports, wearing shorts and tight pants.

Selection tips

Different types of men's underwear are designed for certain situations, physique and physical activity, so it is important to learn how to choose them correctly. Most importantly, the underpants are comfortable. They should not strongly compress the body or crash into it. It is important to choose natural materials that provide good air exchange and absorb moisture. But for linen to be comfortable, it must stretch. An ideal material for underpants is elastic knitwear.

There are some tips on choosing the right underwear:

  • the material must be homogeneous, without spools, punctures or seals,
  • the seams should be of high quality, imperceptible, without sticking out threads, the elastic is sewn evenly,
  • you need to choose panties in size so that they do not cut into the skin,
  • tight and extravagant models are better not to wear all the time,
  • you need to sleep in more loose panties,
  • young people try to wear fashionable underwear, but it is desirable that it is still comfortable, versatile, and also invisible under clothes.

It is important to choose shorts in accordance with the features of the figure. Slender tall men fit any model. For full, it is better to choose briefs or free boxers. If you are not tall, don’t wear long underwear. Young people prefer slips, hip-pieces or tight-fitting boxers, while older men most often choose the usual family briefs.

A variety of modern underwear allows everyone to choose the right option. The main thing is that the underpants are made of natural material, comfortable and fit the size. Linen should provide comfort throughout the day, not rub and cause irritation.


Bikini - a more closed version of the string, also consisting of two triangles of fabric. However, unlike the previous model, bikinis completely cover the buttocks, but leave the hips as open as possible. They can be worn both daily and occasionally.

By the way bodybuilders choose just such underwear for performances, because it completely opens the hips, and hides from the prying eyes all the most secret.

Push up panties

Today, not only girls can visually adjust the proportions of their body using push-up. This "function" is available to all guys who are free from complexes, who can afford to wear underpants with a special pad in front.

Who suits boxer briefs:

those who like slightly supportive, but not pinching genitals lingerie,

those who want to prevent the occurrence of scuffs during amateur sports, visiting a gym or when wearing tight jeans,

those who like classic boxer shorts of free cut (“family members”), but would like to try out lingerie with easy support of the genitals,

for those who like fixing briefs with swimming trunks (“briefs”), but would like something more spacious,

both tall and short.

Who should use the hips:

both short and tall men,

men of athletic and lean physique,

lovers of fixing and supporting underpants, while wishing to wear more closed panties (compared to slips, for example),

lovers of stylish lingerie,

wishing to visually raise their "dignity".

In what situations do men wear bikinis:

for bodybuilders, a bikini is a uniform, because such underwear hides a minimum of the body and looks decent on stage, unlike some other types of men's underwear (see below),

in some countries, bikinis are a common type of beachwear and among men, this is not surprising, because in a bikini it’s convenient to sunbathe,

under the narrowed trousers

under regular and sports shorts,

under holiday clothes.

Men's thong

Men's thong panties are a triangle of fabric in front, connected by a narrow fabric strip (or rope) extending between the buttocks, with a belt at the back (the option in the photo above is sometimes referred to as a mini-bikini, but the manufacturer calls these panties thongs). Not every man decides to wear such underwear. Doing sports in thongs is contraindicated.

Men's briefs by the sink (men's bandage, athletic calipers, jokstraps, jokstraps, jocks, jocks)

Shell panties are specially designed for traumatic games and extreme sports. They lift the economy in front, reliably fixing it and removing moisture. From the bottom to the codpiece are two elastic bands attached to the side of the belt. Buttocks remain open. A hard shell is often inserted into the front of such underpants to protect against impact.

Who should wear panties with a sink:

athletes involved in martial arts, rugby and other traumatic sports,

lovers of very tight trousers as an alternative to thongs and bikinis.

We disassembled only the main types of men's underpants - in fact, there are even more of them. Technology and fashion do not stand still, new types of men's underpants appear:

men's briefs with push-up effect in front or behind,

corrective underpants (with a tightening belt or bandage),

briefs from unusual materials: men's briefs in a mesh, lace, from modern materials that remove moisture,

panties repeating the anatomy of the body,

mankini - a bikini with straps running over your shoulders ...

The WowHunter online lingerie team hopes that we have helped you sort out the many types of men's underwear. Many of them can be bought in our store:

Shell Pants

Panties-sink are indispensable for those who love hard and extreme sports. Thanks to a solid insert in the front, such underwear reliably protects the most vulnerable part of the male body from any kind of injury.

Distinctive a feature of this model is the complete absence of tissue in the back of it. This place is occupied by two elastic bands, which tightly grasp the buttocks and do not allow cowards to budge.

How to choose underwear by the type of figure

There are many options for male figures that are divided into 4 averaged types:

  1. inverted triangle (broad shoulders combined with a narrow waist and hips)
  2. square (the width of the shoulders, waist and hips is approximately equal)
  3. trapeze (hips wider than waist and shoulders)
  4. oval (waist wider than shoulders and hips).

Accordingly, each representative of the stronger sex will be comfortable in different models of underpants. For example, if a guy with the “inverted triangle” type of figure is most comfortable wearing a bikini in the summer, then the oval man should still prefer loose “family members”.


Such representatives of the strong half of humanity are best suited.:

  1. tight-fitting boxers
  2. classic swimming trunks
  3. extended briefs.

It is these models that best emphasize a strong male physique, making it even more "square" and serious.


Representatives of the stronger sex, having a trapezoidal type of figure that looks a bit like a female, can visually adjust their shapes with the help of properly selected underwear. And turn the trapezoid, if not into a triangle, then into a good square.

For this they are advised to choose:

Oddly enough, men with a large belly do not have to wear only the most loose family briefs. They may also be suitable:

However, as practice shows, male ovals gravitate more towards freedom of movementand therefore they most often choose asexual, but comfortable “family members” or free boxers.

Almost every year, various designers and stylists develop more and more new models of men's underpants. This is done so that each representative of the stronger sex can finally choose the most convenient product for themselves. And if men learn to freely navigate in varieties of underwear, then they will be able to feel protection and maximum comfort at any time of the year and under any circumstances.

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