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Wallets guide: how to choose what to carry money (if any)

These accessories are great as a gift. To choose the right present, you need to understand the difference between a wallet, a purse and a wallet. The main difference between accessories is their size and purpose.

Wallet - exclusively ladies accessory

Everything that we store money in is usually called a wallet, but this is not entirely true. It is larger than other accessories in size. Moreover, a wallet is a female thing, large enough, with a mandatory fastener, a lot of pockets and compartments. It is a compact handbag made of fabric, suede or leather, which is used to carry and store cash. Banknotes in such an accessory do not bend.

A purse is not exactly a wallet

Unlike a wallet, a purse is a universal accessory that can be either female or male. Banknotes in it are folded only in half. It is a flat wallet with a fold, Velcro or button. It also has a small compartment for little things. In the female version, most often there is a pocket for coins on the clasp. In the male version, such a department may be absent. The purse is distinguished by the strictness of colors and it is mainly made of good-quality leather.

About other money accessories and their differences

In contrast to wallets, coin purses were invented.

Accessories that are designed to carry and store electronic money are becoming increasingly popular. These include compact cases for plastic cards. They can be issued with a compartment for checks or a clip for notes.

Now you know what gift accessories are for carrying and storing money, documents and small papers. The only thing left is small: choose the one that best conveys your marketing idea and impresses the recipient.

Purse and wallet

Concerning purse - This is a relatively small rectangular accessory in which bills are folded in half, and there is no compartment for small items. The emphasis is on plastic cards. Generally wallet in form and functionality it practically does not differ from a purse, except that it can be with a zipper and have a compartment for small things. This is due to the fact that the purse is a more restrained, classic and status accessory (apparently, the higher the status, the more obscene it is to wear a trifle). The wallet is less serious and official, it can afford bright colors, stripes and simple textiles.

A wallet (if it is deprived of a compartment for small items) can lie in the back pocket of trousers, however, if it is not very thick, it is not worth filling it with bills. When there is a trifle in your wallet, firstly, it becomes thicker and heavier and pulls your pockets, and secondly, you will ring when you walk, like a slot machine in a casino.

A purse, purely theoretically, can also be put in a pocket of trousers, but those around, who understand the intricacies of style, will consider this sacrilege and philistinism. Save this accessory for the inside pocket of your coat, jacket or jacket.

Wallet, Marni, 21 428 rub. on farfetch.com

Purse, Dolce & Gabbana, 18 000 rub. on farfetch.com


Kartholder, which in Russia is sometimes called a card holder, may at first glance seem like a useless accessory due to its small functionality. We consider it the most relevant and, possibly, the only necessary option for money.

Why do you need cash? Based on our own experience, we can say that, except for tips (and lunch at the Enthusiast), we do not use the “cache” from the word at all. And in the cardholder, you can easily fit a couple of bills, so as not to be considered a boor in Moscow institutions.

The main advantage of the cardholder for us is that we can put it anywhere. The main advantage for designers is that an accessory devoid of massiveness and bulkiness can take any form, color and texture. Many brands show their creativity to the world, working with small formats, so the choice of cardholders is huge - rectangular, round, square, lace on the neck, with embroidery, with applique and to infinity.

You can take with you about six to ten major plastic cards (including a driver’s license, which they are willing to sell products for people over 18). Cardholders come in different capacities, so calculate how much plastic you need to carry daily with you and buy.

What you should not do is to put several cards into one compartment at once. There is a risk of damaging one of them or losing it when, removing the card from the compartment, you will not notice that its neighbor fell out. If you can never refuse to dear cashiers in issuing a discount or savings card, get a separate large cardholder (on the basis of a business card holder), where you put all the plastic savings and store it in the car.

Wallets, wallets and purses - accessories of a modern man

The first thing designers and stylists immediately note is that men don’t use the wallet, as this is an exclusively female accessory. But the purse and wallet are really men's organizers that emphasize the business style and status of a man. Using these two accessories at once is impractical, since according to the functionality they are considered interchangeable things.

Purse - a universal wallet for both sexes. It is smaller than a purse and wallet, but it often lacks a compartment for coins. If there is a compartment, in the female accessory it closes on the latch, in the male accessory - on the button. The wallet is supposed to have a general fastener, and in a purse or wallet there is a “button with a button” or no fastener at all.

Regardless of what a man prefers a purse or wallet, designers and stylists recommend taking a closer look at the branded manufacturers Mexx, Diesel and Philip. These are the most luxurious premium accessories made of genuine high-quality leather, there are even crocodile leather models. The wallet will be supposed to have more compartments for documents, the purse, in turn, is smaller.


Wallet is no less popular accessory, but exclusively for business men. The wallet looks like a purse, but it is supposed to be larger in size.

This is a multifunctional organizer for storing documents, checks, business and bank cards, as well as financial resources. It is also made of expensive materials, emphasizing the status of the owner.

If we carry out a comparative characteristic to understand the difference between a purse and a wallet, it can be noted that the wallet is the largest in size, then comes the wallet, and the wallet is the most compact and accurate. The last option of the accessory is necessarily carried out in a strict classical color palette, the material of manufacture can be leather or leatherette. The wallet has the most advanced functionality; the wallet is the most original in design.


Purely men's accessories for a successful and business man are a wallet and a purse, but a purse and wallet will come down as a women's organizer. Stylists note the main difference between these accessories is that the female version implies the presence of a coin box. In the wallet, banknotes are stored straightened, so this accessory is the largest. The purse doubles the money, respectively, it is the most compact. And the wallet has more compartments, so it is smaller than the wallet, but larger than the purse.


When a person is faced with a choice, and does not know which of the accessories to buy, the image makers recommend studying and sorting out each definition individually. Only knowing the differences in purpose, functionality and appearance, you can buy a suitable product that fully meets your expectations.

What does the word purse mean

This is a universal handbag of a small size, which is equipped with several compartments for banknotes, bank cards, business cards and other documents. It refers to unisex accessories and is used on a par with both the male and female half. Structurally, the item involves double or triple folding, some models are equipped with a coin box, which closes with a clasp or button. The wardrobe item is extremely popular among men. They wear it mainly in the inside pocket of a jacket or pants.

Wallet: what is it

It is classified as female rather than male. Representatives of the weaker sex prefer it for its simplicity of design, good capacity and at the same time, compactness. Externally, it is a mini-bag of various shapes, which closes with a zipper, button or latch. The size of such an accessory can vary from 16-25 cm in length and 7-16 cm in width. Such dimensions allow you to easily store banknotes evenly, without bending them several times. However, due to the impressive volume, the wallet is not very convenient to carry in the pockets of clothes and ladies put it in their purse. Sometimes he is even able to replace the clutch.


After a simple comparative analysis, you can quickly figure out how the purse differs from a wallet and a wallet. All these products, in fact, have one purpose - they are the keepers of finance of various forms (banknotes, credit cards, checks, etc.) and other attributes of social and business life. But they can be divided according to another characteristic - size and design. The wallet is the biggest accessory from this list, the wallet occupies the middle position, but the wallet is also the smallest. The latter is produced in a strict color palette, exclusively from genuine leather or high-quality leatherette.

Main differences

As mentioned above, all three accessories are designed to solve one problem - the preservation of finances. Visually they vary in size and way of wearing. So in the wallet, the bill is in a straightened form without any excesses, which more compact male types cannot boast of. Due to the design feature, banknotes in such products are bent two, three times. Of course, if a person calls one thing another, then no one will condemn him. But in order to know the difference between, for example, a clutch bag from a purse or wallet, you need to understand all the intricacies of this issue.

The form

The wallet and wallet have more impressive dimensions and can, in addition to financial instruments, hold securities and documents. The wallet also has a miniature size and can accommodate a limited set of items. Its main property is compactness. It easily folds two to three times, and can fit in almost any pocket.

All products offer many useful compartments. However, the wallet has a pocket for small things, which is not always observed in the wallet and is completely absent in the purse. Although modern models can be equipped with a department for iron coins, their practicality remains in question.


Another device that can characterize the subject of the wardrobe. Almost all wallets are equipped with a common clasp or latch that holds the contents inside. In other species, it does not include or occurs, but is extremely rare.

Manufacturers always make their own adjustments. Female products are produced in a huge range of colors, combining various tones and shades, while the color of men does not allow elaborate coloring, is strictly designed in a certain, dim palette.


The modern fashion industry makes accessories for women from all kinds of raw materials - leather, leatherette, plastic, fabric, latex, suede, beads, etc. With products for men, the situation is different - they are made exclusively from high-quality, expensive raw materials - genuine leather and elite leather substitute.

The characteristic features of traditional men's accessories

A purse is more a wardrobe item of the stronger sex than the weaker, and therefore it has the appropriate features. First of all, the product is different in design. Strict, regular geometric shapes, with a minimum amount of decorative design, they emphasize the status of its owner. Men's accessory, primarily designed for wearing in the breast pocket of outer clothing or a jacket. Such models, unlike female ones, do not close on fasteners, buttons and other details, but simply fold in half, or several times, like a book.

Modern fashion

The fashion industry of recent years, directly says that not only clothes, hair and shoes, but also other wardrobe items are important to create a unique image that can express individuality. Every detail matters, and the wallet is not the last one on this list. It is it that is designed to store money and credit cards, acts as a visiting card of its owner, able to emphasize its position in society and exquisite taste. The fashion industry produces a huge variety of variations of wallets that can satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customers. Many collections are based on the teachings of Feng Shui or other fashion trends.

Differences between female and male products

Between them, the difference lies not only in brightness and color palette, but also in a number of the following signs:

  • Different in size.
  • In the accessory of a woman, banknotes are stored in a straightened form, without bends, while in a man's, they are folded in half.
  • Ladies' options are always equipped with a compartment for small items, while a purse does not provide for such a pocket constructively.
  • In the models for the beautiful half, there is a zipper, a latch or a button that closes the product. Men's attributes are not always equipped with a fastening mechanism.

The main types of purses: description and characteristics

At the moment, products are divided into the following types:

  • ‌ In one addition - when the bill is folded in half.
  • Designed to be worn in the inner pockets of outerwear - such wardrobe items the banknotes are placed evenly, without excesses. There are compartments for documents, securities and credit cards.
  • In 3-4 folds - they are not designed to carry a large amount of cash in cash. The emphasis is on bank and other plastic cards.

What can a purse tell and what to wear in it

A person who succeeds in life can be distinguished not only by well-ironed expensive clothes, shoes, an ideal hairstyle, but also by a correctly selected accessory. Stylists equate it with such well-established elements of a man's image as a business suit, a chronometer and an elegant leather belt. A cardholder is specially designed for storing plastic cards.

Recently, designers have worked tirelessly, trying to combine the maximum number of useful functions in one subject. So, new versions of wallets appear on the market, equipped not only with a place for storing banknotes, but also with many compartments for credit cards, business cards, including notepads, notebooks and calculators.

Which product is better to give preference

In the modern world, a purse is not always a strictly seasoned accessory, stitched from high-quality genuine leather.Sometimes design decisions surprise even advanced fashionistas.

The main point that you should pay attention to when choosing this product is how it will fulfill the functions assigned to it and match your image. The item must have a neat cut, reliable and durable fittings, the minimum required number of compartments. The material of manufacture is preferably genuine leather.

What is a cardholder

This is a relatively new accessory whose main purpose is to store plastic bank and discount cards. Almost all modern wallets are equipped with slots for placing cards and they can rightly be called cardholders. However, if there are too many of these attributes of business life, it is better to use a separate accessory to wear them - it is much more convenient, and it looks solid.

The selection of such products on the market is huge. There are models for different amounts of plastic - from a couple to several dozen cards. The price also varies, which directly depends on the material and the brand manufacturer.

Tips for choosing

At the moment, a wallet is not only a means to store money, but also a significant addition to the male and female appearance. Crumpled notes removed from a pocket not in the best way characterize a person, it is much more solid to get banknotes from a beautiful leather purse. It can tell a lot about its owner, therefore, its choice should be taken seriously and with all importance. The following is a list of tips on how to choose an accessory so that it is as convenient to use as possible and matches your image:

  • The design, shape and size of the product should fully satisfy the needs and taste preferences of the owner.
  • The color scheme is not limited to black and dark brown. Pay attention to the models in gray, blue and burgundy colors.
  • ‌ Decide how important decorative elements are to you.
  • Be convinced of durability and reliability of accessories - the service life directly depends on its quality.

Once you have found a model that fits all parameters, it will not be superfluous to check it for compliance with quality. For this:

  • ‌Touch the purse with your hands - it should be pleasant to the touch and not cause discomfort.
  • Wipe the product with a damp cloth, if paint is visible on it, then it is better to refuse the acquisition.
  • Look at the integrity of the seams - they should be perfect.
  • Enjoy usability by holding an item in your hand and dropping it into one of your pockets.
  • ‌Make sure of fittings.
  • The surface should be medium hard, as soft - it will quickly fail.
  • Test for wetness.

Where could I buy

Purchase such a wardrobe item at Piquadro, which sells high-quality genuine leather products, including a large assortment of bags. All products are certified and meet international standards. A wide range, allows you to choose an option for almost any image.

Stylish, elegant wallet

The product is a small bag with a clasp. Earlier, the accessory was considered exclusively a female option, but world designers offer very stylish and effective male models. As a rule, the main differences of the wallet are as follows:

  • Clasp as a required attribute. If the product is without a fastener, it is already a wallet.
  • Compartment for little things. It should be noted that a compartment with a button or a snake for coins is a distinctive feature of women's wallets (men's options, as a rule, do not include this compartment at all).
  • No canons. Banknotes in the wallet can be stored both in a flat and bent form. A variety of forms, filling and colors makes the product a unique attribute of a person who wants to emphasize his own personality.

Chic purse

As a rule, an accessory attracts with its compactness and conciseness. This is a universal model, significantly inferior to wallets in size. Today, there are relevant options in two and three additions. Required Attributes:

  • A miniature, most often hidden, clasp (for example, a button).
  • The presence of the main compartment for notes.
  • Numerous pockets for cards (it should be noted that compartments can be located both inside and outside the product).
  • Laconic forms combined with a variety of colors. Even men's options can attract elaborate color compositions (for example, spectacular wallets made of ostrich leather or rich brick reptiles).

Status Wallet

We can say that this is the most controversial and interesting accessory. As a rule, the product is considered exclusively male attribute and is intended for storage of documentation, papers. Key Features:

  • The office for notes is provided solely as an addition. As a rule, a wallet is used to store a driver’s license, certificates and other documents.
  • Lack of coin compartment.
  • Lack of fasteners (in very rare exceptions zippers or buttons are used).
  • A large number of slots for bank cards.

Most often, practical, durable materials are used to make the accessory. For example, a crocodile wallet or a stingray leather model will be a great option for a business, confident person. The main feature is strict forms and restrained colors. This is the choice of successful people who prefer practicality and functionality to colorful fashion trends.

What does the word "purse" mean: description and functions

This is a universal clutch that can equally be used by both the female and male. Outwardly, it is a small bag for carrying money, securities and business cards, very similar to a wallet. Their main difference is that the purse involves folding the models several times and clicking on the button. The product is equipped with many useful departments, including a compartment for small items. This wardrobe item is very popular among men. It is made from expensive materials that emphasize the status of the owner. This organizer is usually worn in trouser or breast pockets.

How to distinguish a classic wallet

Outwardly, it has an inherent design for men. Its main feature is the practicality and ease of storage in all internal and external pockets of everyday clothes. Its parameters correspond to this. The shape of the product is a traditional square or elongated rectangle. The format was chosen for a reason, it is he who is able to most accurately preserve valuable things with any activity of their owner. A classic wallet is a type of wallet for men, rather than for women.

Unlike ladies' models, organizers for gentlemen, most often, do not close with a zipper or lock, but simply fold into two or three bends, similar to a book.

Purse in modern fashion

Recent trends in the fashion industry tell us that not only carefully selected shoes and clothes are important in creating an individual image of a person. Every detail matters - and the wallet is no exception. It is he who stores cash savings and credit cards and is the calling card of its owner, able to emphasize its social status and exquisite taste.

What is a women's wallet: the difference from a men's wallet

There is a significant difference between these wardrobe items, namely:

  • • Different sizes - the wallet is much larger.
  • • In the option for ladies, paper money is stored in expanded condition, a male product cannot boast of this - banknotes are in a folded position.
  • • Outwardly, the female format is much more expressive and pretentious in terms of brightness and color shades, while for the stronger sex, the organizers are made in strict colors, mainly in dark colors: brown, blue and traditional black.
  • • Models for the fair half always have a compartment for coins, while a purse is usually not equipped with them.
  • • Accessories for men may not have a lock or clasps; for women, on the contrary, they are necessarily equipped with a fastening device.
  • • The difference in performance materials is also visible - wallets are made in most cases from genuine leather, and wallets are made from an extensive list of raw materials used.

The main types

The following varieties of men's accessories stand out:

  • • Organizers in two additions - banknotes are doubled.
  • • Products for socks in inside pockets. Banknotes in them are placed evenly, and departments for documents and other business papers are also provided.
  • • Models of three or more additions that are not designed to move significant cash in paper form. They focus on saving discount, banking, business and other types of plastic cards.

What does the purse indicate

A person who succeeds in business can be distinguished not only by expensive and neat clothes, stylish hairstyle, quality shoes, but also by the value of his wallet. The latter is equated with image makers to indispensable elements of the male image, like a formal suit, elegant belt and a wrist watch.

A cardholder can be used to store credit and debit cards. Business cards are usually put in a transparent film compartment.

Recent trends indicate that designers are tirelessly working to ensure that they do not lose the classic style of a wallet made of natural materials, supplementing it with new functionalities. Already many models not only store their savings, but also have multi-format compartments in the form of mini notebooks, a calculator and notebooks.

Which purse is better to choose

A wallet is not always a strict and seasoned thing. A more versatile, elegant and comfortable for men will be the classic purse, made in dark colors. Many of the designers are trying to upgrade the traditional wallet model with a number of multifunctional compartments and other additional elements.

The main criterion that you need to build on when choosing a wallet is how much it will solve the tasks assigned to it, whether it will correspond to your image. The product must be high-quality stitched, have reliable fittings and all necessary compartments for ease of use. Execution material - genuine leather.

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