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Methandrostenolone (often called methane) and testosterone enanthate is a combination of two steroids that allows athletes to achieve excellent training results.

Methane is an oral steroid characterized by great anabolic activity.

And enanthate is a testosterone drug that gives a strong androgenic effect.

In this article, we will consider the characteristics of the drugs, as well as possible side effects and complications during the course, as well as a detailed analysis of the course of administration.

What is it used for?

The methane course in combination with testosterone enanthate is used to rapidly increase strength and muscle mass. The combination of drugs is popular in bodybuilding, powerlifting and eventing. Using these drugs, you can achieve maximum increase in muscle volume in a short time. Also, the course of these drugs allows you to work with very large weights due to an increase in strength indicators.

Methandrostenalone (Danabol) + Testosterone Enanthate

And now we’ll try a more difficult and more interesting course of two androgenic drugs, but we’ll have it difficult because the drugs are strong and very dangerous for our health, but only because we will increase the dosage of testosterone enanatate to 400 mg / week.

I’ll clarify why we need this course: for some, androgenic steroids will work well, for others more anabolic in the form of a Deca + Methandrastenolone ligament. It is necessary to try, and it is better to pass tests, so before us will be a complete picture of what is happening with our body.

We take methane at a dose of 30 mg per day for eight weeks, we inject Teststeron with a slide (as if slowly going down from the last floor of the elevator). For the first 4 weeks, we give 400 mg (for example, 200 mg on Monday and 200 mg on Friday), then from the beginning of the fifth week we give 300 mg (for example, 150 mg on Monday and 150 on Friday), and for the seventh week we give 200 mg last time per course. Ask why it is so necessary to complicate all this? I will answer: "Yes, so that the background would be more even (as for example with propinate)."

In the second week we connect Anastrazal (as an inhibitor of aramatose), in this course I advise them to purchase and spare money for it !! Well, a week after all nishtyachok, you can see the point to raise your own Testosterone. For the tenth week we drink 40 mg of tamoxifen, the eleventh week 20 mg per day, well, and at the twelfth week, 10 mg per day. It makes sense to drink Testosterone boosters (Trubulus).


Methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid that was first released in the USA in the 60s. At first it was used to accelerate recovery, treat burns and as a tonic, then methane became popular among bodybuilders.

To date, the drug remains one of the best anabolics. A six-week course of this drug allows you to build from 8 to 10 kg of muscle mass.

Today, methane is produced mainly in the form of tablets. Also on sale, you can find suspensions and oil solutions for oral administration. In the second half of the 20th century, methandrostenolone injectable solutions were widely distributed. Their only advantage was the low price due to the fact that their manufacture did not require equipment for the production of tablets. Today, injection forms can also be found on sale if desired.

Duration of Course and Dosage

The duration of the course is minimum of 3 months, it is for these 90 days that you will have to forget about everything except the course. In order to properly manage your training process, you should think through a diet, a dream, a training plan in advance.

Dosages of the preparations are standard nandrolone 200 mg / ml, enanthate 250 mg / ml, methane 10 mg / tab.

To recruit capes, we will use anabolic drugs based on their half-lives. Deca has a half-life of 6-7 days, enanthate 4.5 days, danabol 6 hours.

Reception schedule

  • Nandrolone decanoate is placed once a week for 200 mg,
  • We will put testosterone enanthate 2 times a week on Mondays and Thursdays, 250 mg each,
  • We take methandienone every morning, lunch and evening after eating 1 tablet of 10 mg.

Putting more decks does not make sense, because large dosages will scale estradiol, it will not play for the better in any way. Enka 500 mg and methane 30 per day in the amount per week give out 710 mg of testosterone equivalent, such a dosage will more than cover the processing of the body.

Increased doses do not make sense in the regimen, because they cause only a number of side effects, without bringing any benefit and wasting your money.

Pros and cons of the scheme

The main advantage of such a scheme is the soundboard, it will allow your body to grow at a reactive rate with its anabolic activity.

Cons are also available, large water retention, heavy breathing, high blood pressure. It may also happen that the deck will be sold to you on fire, from this nothing will happen at all in the literal sense of the word. Very often empty oil is sold under the guise of a decanoate. The action is best verified by analysis.


Any course depends on you and your condition and mood. Proper nutrition, quality sleep and training will help you get the most out of this bunch. In general, having 90-100 kg of muscle mass from this course for 3 months, it is quite possible to pull out 15-20 kg with water.

After the course, a rollback very often occurs, but this is excess water collected. To reduce losses, on the course you can connect antiestrogens, which also warn you against the appearance of gyno.

Side effects

The moment of truth and exposure has come, you thought, but here you will not hear anything new. The main idea, always using the DECANOAT, do tests before, on and after the course. Do not mess with the hormonal system, nandrolones are artificial drugs and can cause irreparable harm to the body.

Major defects that may occur:

  • Acne (acne)
  • Gino
  • Water retention
  • Headache,
  • Apathy after the course and sluggish state, this is the reckoning for a good life during therapy.

Acne According to the standard, it’s more likely to bathe and wipe the problem areas of the skin with alcohol solutions, and the number of acne will be much less.

Gino. One of the common effects in people predisposed to this. For prophylaxis, take anastrozole 1 tablet every other day for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks, if the tests show an increase in estradiol, go through the anastrase again.

Water retention and headache are closely related. To prevent this, anastrase, stanazolol will help you.

Appathy after the course is not treated in any way, it is manifested by complete indifference to everything that happens around. This period lasts for a month or two after it got off the drugs.

After course therapy

Only gonadotropin is used in PCT. We need gonadotropin with a dosage of 500 units. for a good exit you need to buy 2 packs.

The first is placed 1.5 months after the start of the course, the second begins to be placed with the last injection of the deck.

Injections of 1 ml are done every other day, in no case put in the same place with testosterone or deck. Gonad is water-based, and the test is in oil, the ingress of water into the oil can cause an abscess.

Bundle cost

To calculate the average market value, let's estimate the entire number of drugs.

  • Nandrolone decanoate = 12 ml (1 bottle of 10 ml and 2 ampoules of 1 ml),
  • Testosterone enanthate = 24 ml (2 banks of 10 and 4 banks of 1 ml),
  • Methane = 270 tablets (3 packs of 100 tablets).

The cost of drugs individually:

  • Deck cost for 3 months = 1700 + 210 * 2 = 2110 p.,
  • Enanthate cost = 1500 * 2 + 4 * 200 = 3800 rub.,
  • The price of methane = 690 * 3 = 2070 rubles,
  • Gonadotropin on average = 650 * 2 = 1300 rubles.,
  • Delivery = 500 p.

The total amount is 9780 rubles for a 12-week course with delivery.


To roughly understand what is at stake, you need to at least once try this bunch on yourself. Personal feelings, apart from post-course apathy, really liked. Fast filling, pump, restoration, all this is on top. Mad appetite, all the norm of food set by the diet flies easily. Metabolism unreal.

All negative reviews are in the nature of incompetent people who overdo it with dosages and do not pass tests.

We wish you a successful set! If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments, we will definitely answer.

Lasting effect

Testosterone Enanthate is a long-acting steroid that is one of the compounds of testosterone. One of the most popular anabolics in bodybuilding along with methandrostenolone.

The half-life of enanthate is one week, the average duration of action is two and a half. Available in the form of a solution for injection. To stably maintain a high concentration in the blood, enanthate is administered once or twice a week.

As a result of taking this testosterone compound, a large increase in both mass and strength occurs. Therefore, enanthate is widely used not only by bodybuilders, but also powerlifters.

Contraindications and possible complications

Like other testosterone drugs, methane and enanthate are not without side effects.

Reception of the first may cause:

  • gynecomastia development,
  • fluid retention in the body,
  • toxic liver damage,
  • pressure increase
  • the appearance of heartburn, discomfort, sensations of heat that rise from the stomach up
  • skin problems
  • hair loss
  • testicular atrophy,
  • decrease in sexual activity after completion of the course,
  • heart hypertrophy,
  • progression of atherosclerosis,
  • the appearance of a tendency to bleeding,
  • iron deficiency anemia.

The most common side effects that occur are gynecomastia, toxic liver damage, and fluid retention in the body.

Common side effects of testosterone enanthate include:

  • gynecomastia
  • female fat deposition in the body,
  • fluid retention (the appearance of edema),
  • skin problems
  • hair loss
  • high blood pressure
  • testicular atrophy.

However, if caution is taken, do not take methane and enanthate if there are contraindications and supplement them with auxiliary drugs, the course is tolerated quite well, without causing serious side effects and damage to health.

How to use?

During the course, the methane dosage should remain unchanged, while the amount of enanthate at the end of the cycle gradually decreases, reaching zero. The intake schedule for 8 weeks may look like this:

  1. first: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 400 mg of enanthate per week,
  2. second: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 400 mg of enanthate per week,
  3. third: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 400 mg of enanthate per week,
  4. fourth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 400 mg of enanthate per week,
  5. fifth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 300 mg of enanthate per week,
  6. sixth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 300 mg of enanthate per week,
  7. seventh: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 200 mg of enanthate per week,
  8. eighth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day.

To get the maximum effect from the course of the deck, you need to take care of proper nutrition. It is better to eat at least four times a day, food should contain a large amount of protein and carbohydrates. It is worth adding sports nutrition - proteins and gainers.

What drugs to supplement?

To increase the effectiveness of the course, at the end of the cycle, enanthate can be replaced with a short-acting drug - testosterone propionate. The schedule of admission for 8 weeks will look like this:

  1. from first to fourth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 400 mg of enanthate per week,
  2. fifth and sixth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 300 mg of enanthate per week,
  3. seventh and eighth: 30 mg of methandrostenolone per day + 100 mg of testosterone propionate every two days.

To increase the effectiveness of the course and reduce side effects to a minimum It is worth supplementing the course with auxiliary drugs:

  • aromatase inhibitors (letrozole, anastrozole or exemestane),
  • or Mesterolone.

You need to start taking one of these drugs from the second or third week of the steroid course, and complete it one week after the end.

At the end of steroids, post-cycle therapy is carried out, which must include:

  • antiestrogens (tamoxifen, clomiphene),
  • cortisol blockers (protein-carbohydrate food, fast protein, amino acids, leucine, omega-3 fatty acids, ascorbic acid).

Taking these drugs helps to restore normal hormonal balance as soon as possible, as well as reduce the severity of the recoil syndrome, that is, reduce muscle loss after the end of the cycle.

The course of methandrostenolone and testosterone enanthate is a very effective way to gain muscle mass and increase strength. Before taking these drugs, you need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications to their use, and during the course and after it is necessary to add auxiliary drugs that will help to obtain maximum results and reduce side effects to a minimum.

The pros and cons of a bunch

Any bunch has its positive and negative qualities, if you follow all the recommendations, it is unlikely that there will be many minuses. The most obvious characteristics are pretty commonplace.

  • Good set,
  • Great joint and muscle sensation

  • Strong water retention,
  • There is a rollback after the course,
  • Acne (acne) is a very common occurrence,
  • Unpleasant injections (maybe this will not stop someone, but we do honesty about the review).

Side effects

More side effects can come out than just using methane solo, but taking the prescribed dosage, the risks are minimal.

  • Acne appears
  • Nipples itch, gino appears
  • The pressure has risen.

There is an explanation for all this:

  • Acne appears due to open pores on the skin and its constant fat content, in order to avoid and reduce this effect, it is enough to wipe the skin with alcohol solutions twice a day.
  • Nipples itch and compaction begins to be felt. This predisposition of your body and any of the courses would cause such a reaction. There are several solutions, from quitting smoking, to cutting out the mammary glands. The optimal approach would be to substitute therapy by taking tests and connecting tamoxifen at 10-20 mg per day, throughout the course.
  • High blood pressure is a common condition in people with large water retention, either drink anastrozole or add stanozolol.

The standard set for any gonadotropin course, and methane + testosterone enanthate is no exception. It makes no sense to connect Proviron, Clomid and other miracle remedies. These drugs are not able to stimulate the production of their own testosterone, and PCT is precisely aimed at this.

Gonadotropin at a 3-month course is used after 1.5 months (in the middle of the course) and at the end (along with the last injection of enanthate). For both cases, a dosage of 500 units is suitable for us.

You can buy a gonad in the pharmacy of your city, the cost is different, but from 650 to 900 rubles for a package of 5 ampoules. Put gonadotropin should be 1 ampoule every other day.

The cost of a bundle in our country plays a decisive role in its use. Do not get fooled by divorces and do not buy ready-made courses. Those people who offer a ready-made course knowingly overstated its cost. If you see that you are offered a kit more expensive than the prices that will be lower, you are bred.

For the entire course we will need:

  • Testosterone enanthate = 24 ml (2 small bottles of 10 ml and 4 ampoules of 1 ml),
  • Methane = 270 tablets (3 packs of 100 tablets),
  • Gonadotropin 2 packs of 5 ampoules.

In rubles it will look like this:

  • Enka = (1500 * 2) + (4 * 200) = 3800,
  • Metaha = 690 * 3 = 2070 rubles,
  • Gonadotropin = 650 * 2 = 1300 rub.

Total 7170 rubles for a course of 3 months, that is, a month will cost you 2390 rubles. Yes, I almost forgot about the delivery, it will cost you 500 rubles.


Reviews about the methane + enanthate course vary, you can hear negative cries, examples of a bunch of side effects. To judge and be objective, ask about dosages, about additional substances used, about brands of pharmacology, etc. Each little thing can malfunction in the body of that person.

Our review is positive, this does not mean that we urge you to use steroids or use exclusively this course, no. We do not even advertise online steroid stores. Our assessment of the course is excellent and this conclusion was made by the athlete and the results obtained.

Good luck to you, kachata! If you have questions, ask in the comments, be sure to answer!

How to cheat genetics or take a methane deca course

Athletes who decide to improve their results with anabolic steroids should consider some points:

  1. Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of steroids. Their effectiveness, as a rule, implies a high probability of side effects.
  2. If possible, choose an injectable form of anabolics, since it is safer than a tablet.
  3. Follow the recommended dosage of AC. Their high doses cause more side effects and a more pronounced pullback phenomenon.
  4. Do not strive to achieve high athletic performance through insane steroid cycles. Better to carry out two weak cycles than one powerful.
  5. And the most important. Get post-course therapy. The complex of drugs minimizes the side effects and complications that are inevitably threatened with taking the pharmacy. PCT is especially important when the cycle involves high doses of substances or the use of several anabolics simultaneously.

Methane Deca Course

One of the strongest and most popular among athletes is the duet of methandienone and decabol. This simple combination of drugs is aimed at increasing the strength and weight of the athlete. No wonder the opinion is widespread: if it was not possible to build up mass with methane and a deck, then no other speakers will help.

Most often, methandienone is advised to be taken as a slide. This method means a gradual increase or decrease in dose throughout the cycle, which ensures a smooth entry or exit of the anabolic steroids cycle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of methane. The desire to strengthen its effect only increases the risk of side effects, but it will not work to accelerate mass growth.

In general, this combination of substances is suitable for sports “chemists” with experience. Beginners are not recommended to start a pharmacological experience with it.

Deca Sustanon Methane Course

In fact, Sustanon is a mixture of various testosterone esters. The main effects of the joint are muscle growth and anti-catabolism. A course consisting of soundboard, sustainanone and methane enhances appetite and blood formation. In turn, an increased number of red blood cells in the blood improves oxygen transport and, accordingly, endurance. During the intake of Sustanon, libido rises.

It should be borne in mind that sustain is a rather powerful drug. For this reason, a course of soundboard, sustain and methane is suitable for those athletes who have experience in using pharmacological agents and want to quickly achieve high results in the gym.

Deca Testosterone Enanthate Methane Course

This is just a brutal cycle of anabolics for gaining muscle mass, which means it is not intended for beginners. Testosterone Enanthate is a natural testosterone ester. The steroid is widely popular in the field of bodybuilding as a sure means for gaining muscle mass. A rapid increase is associated with a significant accumulation of water, and at the end of taking the drug there is a significant rollback.

Connoisseurs of this androgen are weightlifters and powerlifters as well. Dough in addition to muscle mass causes a significant increase in strength. A nice bonus is papming - tightening and bursting of muscles after physical exertion.

Among the general positive effects of the course of methane, soundboard and enanthate, it is worth noting the strengthening of the regeneration processes in the body, increasing the overall tone and desire to exercise. Enanthate helps to avoid overtraining, and also increases the oxygen capacity of the blood.

Deca Methane Winstrol Course

Winstrol is a synthetic steroid. The substance does not significantly affect mass gain, but is effective if the athlete's goal is muscle relief. The drug helps to remove excess fluid from the body and burns fat, and for this reason it is often used during the drying period. However, Winstrol increases appetite.

The course, including methane, deck and stanozolol, has a positive effect on endurance and strength. Combined with other anabolics, Winstrol significantly improves their effectiveness. It is worth noting that this steroid, produced in tablets, has an extremely negative effect on the liver. At the same time, his injections are very painful, although not so fatal to the liver.

What cycle of anabolic steroids do you choose?

Deca Testosterone Enanthate - use of the course for the mass

Every year, combined steroid courses are becoming increasingly popular among athletes. This is due to the fact that with the help of a successful combination of high-quality drugs, it is possible to build solid muscle, significantly increase your physical strength and endurance, feel full of energy and ready to conquer new professional heights.

Deca enanthate course is an effective bunch of drugs that are available in injectable form. Steroids are endowed with pronounced anabolic and androgenic activity, they are recommended to be used only by professionals. Since such athletes have repeatedly "cruised" with steroids that are lighter in effect on the body and are able to undergo adaptation to the mentioned powerful drugs faster.

As for working dosages, Deca Durabolin is advised to inject 400 mg. This amount is 2 ampoules of 200 mg each - this is the weekly dosage.

The main active substance of the steroid is nandrolone decanoate. Thanks to him, the injectable product effectively works on building muscle, showing its best anabolic properties.

Protein, minerals and vitamins will linger in the structure of muscles.

Testosterone enanthate on the course of Deca with Enanthate should be given 500 mg. This amount is equivalent to 2 ampoules, each of which has a volume of 250 mg.

Testosterone tends to retain the required blood volume and the amount of oxygen in the physique, which allows you to increase muscle and physical strength, to conduct more effective workouts.

The duration of this course should not exceed 6 - 8 weeks. As practice shows, it is realistic to get muscle gain up to 10 kg in one course.

Deca enanthate course - effects from taking

It should be noted that for novice and amateur athletes, it is recommended to consider the combination of weaker drugs. This will reduce the burden on the body and significantly reduce the degree of manifestation of side effects. Boldenone + Enanthate gives almost the same result, but is considered an easier and safer option.

The Deca and Testosterone course Enanthate suggests starting from the lowest recommended dosages - in terms of the use of Testosterone. In order to get high-quality and rapidly increasing lean muscle, in addition to taking original steroids from a good manufacturer, you should plan your diet. You need to eat 4 to 5 times a day.

It is necessary to include in the menu products containing proteins in large quantities, and those that contain fats and carbohydrates should be consumed sparingly. It is important to drink 2 to 4 liters of water daily. To enhance the effect of steroids, one can follow the experience of many pros and purchase one of the high-quality vitamin-mineral complexes in the pharmacy.

Do not be afraid of side effects on the Deca Enanthate course. Taking Proviron for PCT will not allow you to face the phenomenon of aromatization or gynecomastia. It will also prevent the delay of excessive amounts of fluid inside the physique. Proviron should be drunk at 50 mg per day for 3 to 5 weeks.

And the use of both steroids in medium dosages and the observance of the duration of the course will avoid undesirable reactions from the body.

An oral steroid, such as Turinabol, may also be included in the above course of Deka and testosterone Enanthate drugs. It will allow you to remove unnecessary fluid, make the muscles as embossed, dense and firm as possible, increase the coefficient of physical strength and endurance.

That is, in practice, it will enhance the positive effect of a bunch of injectable steroids so that the athlete can get an excellent final result from their intake.

Any athlete who has bought high-quality and original drugs, observing average dosages, properly organizing a training and nutrition system, and also not forgetting a healthy sleep and rest, will be able to get excellent results both from a combined course of injectable drugs and from their combination with an oral steroid .

To preserve the muscles recruited on the course, it is advised to drink the non-steroidal drug Clenbuterol, which is becoming more and more popular every year. It will make it possible to prevent the occurrence of catabolism within the muscles.

The drug, which was originally invented to help asthmatics, successfully “migrated” to the sports field. And today it is used by fitness lovers, everyone who wants to lose weight, as well as athletes to preserve the gain in muscle gained on the course.

If you follow all the recommendations, the scheme for taking the combined steroid course, conduct a high-quality and timely PCT, really make your body presentable, pumped up, dry as much as possible, feel stronger and more resilient, recover faster between intensive trainings in the gym.

Nandrolone Courses (Deca)

Classics of the genre. It is considered the most effective ligament for gaining muscle mass for novice "chemists". Very easy to use and has a low cost.

It is criticized by many for the possibility of serious side effects of nandrolone. Undoubtedly, it can cause all kinds of side effects (gynecomastia, decreased libido, etc.).

e) but only if the optimal dosages and long courses are not observed.

The dosage is considered optimal at which the maximum result is achieved in the absence of side effects.

A course duration of more than 8 weeks will require the mandatory use of additional drugs (see the article "Nandrolone").

The recommended dosage of nandrolone decanoate is 200-400 mg per week. However, if you have never used Deco before, start with dosages of 50-100 mg per week to test your body's response to the drug. Such dosages will give you good muscle growth, minimize the risk of side effects and enable safe dosages in the following courses.

Methandrostenolone is taken in equal doses throughout the course and stops two weeks after the last injection of Deca.

Reception of nandrolone decanoate ends earlier, since this drug works for a very long time and has a long half-life, so at least two weeks after the last injection, it will still be in your body.

However, the concentration will already be insufficient for muscle growth. Therefore, the course should be continued with the use of other short-acting steroids, so that in two weeks to completely complete the entire course and begin rest.

Injections of nandrolone decanoate are performed once a week. A methane dosage of 30 mg / day is the maximum recommended without the risk of side effects. Methane is taken three times a day at 10 mg at regular intervals.

  • 2 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  • 3 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  • Week 4: Methane 30 mg / day + Deca 100 mg / week
  • 5 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  • Week 6: Methane 30 mg / day + Deca 50 mg / week
  • 7 week: methane 30 mg / day
  • 8 week: methane 30 mg / day

Nandrolone Decanoate + Methane + Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Often, athletes in order not to lose the effectiveness of the course in the last weeks use nandrolone decanoate with an even background and at the end they connect a short nandrolone phenylpropionate with a half-life of 2-4 days. In this case, phenyl injections should be carried out once every 2-3 days in equal doses.

  1. 1 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 50 mg / week
  2. 2 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  3. 3 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  4. Week 4: Methane 30 mg / day + Deca 100 mg / week
  5. 5 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  6. 6 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week
  7. 7 week: methane 30 mg / day + nandrolone phenylpropionate 200 mg (maximum recommended dosage) / week
  8. 8 week: methane 30 mg / day + nandrolone phenylpropionate 200 mg / week

Deca + Sustanon 250

The classic course for gaining lean muscle mass. The drugs work well in conjunction, have a synergistic effect and eliminate each other's shortcomings.

Injections should be done on different days, at regular intervals. For example, the Deco set on Mondays and Sustanon on Thursdays. Subject to reasonable dosages, the course is quite safe.

At the end, there is a significant increase in lean muscle mass with minimal loss.

  • 1 week: Deca 50 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 2: Deca 100 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 3: Deca 100 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 4: Deca 100 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 5: Deca 100 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 6: Deca 100 mg / week + Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 7: Sustanon 250 mg / week
  • Week 8: Sustanon 250 mg / week

Depending on the length of training and the experience of taking anabolic steroids, the dosage of drugs can be increased. However, at the same time, the risk of side effects and the need for mandatory additional drugs (Anastrazole, Cabergoline, Gonadotropin, Clomiphene) will increase in direct proportion to it.

Deca + Methane + Testosterone (enanthate, propionate)

Since Sustanon 250 is a mixture of testosterone esters, you can make a course using these esters separately. In effect, it will be similar to the previous course, however here you can change the dosage of testosterone yourself to increase effectiveness.

  1. 1 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 50 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 250 mg / week
  2. 2 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 250 mg / week
  3. 3 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 250 mg / week
  4. Week 4: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 250 mg / week
  5. 5 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 100 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 150 mg / week
  6. 6 week: methane 30 mg / day + deca 50 mg / week + testosterone enanthate 150 mg / week
  7. 7 week: methane 30 mg / day + testosterone propionate 50 mg / every other day
  8. 8 week: methane 30 mg / day + testosterone propionate 50 mg / every other day

The dosages presented here are optimal. By increasing the dosage at your own risk and without the supervision of a doctor, you significantly increase the possibility of serious side effects.

Increased dosages and long courses require the mandatory use of additional drugs and the use of post-cycle therapy.

Remember: thoughtless and inept use of anabolic steroids can lead to serious health problems.

Testosterone Enanthate (Delatestril)

Testosterone Enanthate is a slow-acting injectable form of testosterone. After a deep intramuscular injection, this drug is absorbed into the blood within 2-3 weeks. This provides a normal physiological level of testosterone with hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone enanthate is administered approximately every two weeks, in some cases the interval is reduced to one week.Like any other injectable testosterone, testosterone enanthate is very good for athletes in terms of muscle growth and strength.

Testosterone enanthate first appeared on the western market in the early 1950s. It was the first delayed-release oil-based steroid, which later became widespread practice.

The best-known product containing this drug is this Schering testirone, which has been available for 50 years. Testosterone enanthate is used in clinical settings for the treatment of men with low levels of androgens, which is manifested in a decrease in potency, loss of energy, etc.

Testosterone enanthate has also been used as a birth control drug. Studies have shown that weekly injections of 200 mg per week for three months significantly reduce sperm production.

Despite the growing number of alternative treatments, testosterone enanthate remains one of the most popular drugs on the market.

Product Forms:
Testosterone enanthate is widely available in human and veterinary pharmacies. The composition and dosage may vary depending on the country and manufacturer, but usually it contains 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg and 250 mg in an oil solution.

Structural Features:
Testosterone enanthate is testosterone with an enanthate ester attached through a 17-beta hydroxyl group. Esterified steroids are less polar than free steroids and are absorbed more slowly from the injection area.

Once in the bloodstream, ether is cleaved and free testosterone travels in the blood. The esterified steroids were designed to prolong the therapeutic effect after the injection, making injections less often than injecting free steroids.

The half-life of testosterone enanthate is approximately 8 days after injection.

Estrogenic side effects:
Testosterone easily aromatizes in the body to estradiol. Increased estrogen levels can cause side effects such as water retention, increased body fat, and gynecomastia. Testosterone is considered a moderately estrogenic steroid.

Anti-estrogens such as clomiphene or tamoxifen may be needed to prevent these side effects. You can alternate their intake with the use of aromatase inhibitors, such as arimidex, which more effectively affect estrogen, inhibiting its synthesis. Aromatase inhibitors can be quite expensive, and they can have a negative effect on blood lipids.

The higher the dose of testosterone, the more side effects there will be. Since water retention and body fat growth are a common problem on the course with testosterone, it is considered not a very suitable drug for periods of drying and pre-competitive preparation.

Its moderate estrogenicity is good when water retention increases net strength and muscle size and creates a more favorable anabolic environment.

Androgenic side effects:
Testosterone is the main male androgen responsible for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Increased testosterone levels can cause androgenic side effects, such as oily skin, acne, and hair growth on the body and face.

Men with a genetic tendency to hair loss may notice accelerated hair loss. Those who are concerned about this problem can switch to nandrolone, which has lower androgenic activity. Women need to remember the virilizing potential of AAS, especially in a strong androgen like testosterone.

This can be coarsening of the voice, menstrual irregularities, facial hair growth and clitoral enlargement. In androgenic target tissues, such as skin, scalp, and prostate, testosterone is converted to more active dihydrotestosterone by exposure to the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

The concurrent use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, such as finasteride or dutasteride, can attenuate androgenic side effects.

It is important to remember that the androgenic and anabolic effects are manifested when exposed to the same receptors, and it is impossible to completely separate the anabolic effect from the androgenic one, even with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

Side effects (hepatotoxicity):
Testosterone has no hepatotoxic properties, liver toxicity is unlikely.

One study examined the potential for negative effects of large doses of testosterone on the liver; participants were given 400 mg of testosterone per day (2800 mg per week). The steroid was taken orally, for the maximum possible effect on the liver.

The hormone was given daily for 20 days, but this did not entail any significant changes in liver enzymes, including serum albumin, ALT, AST, bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase.

Side effects (cardiovascular system):
AAS can have a harmful effect on blood cholesterol. This may be a decrease in the level of “good” HDL, a shift in the balance towards the risk of atherosclerosis.

The relative effect of AAS on lipids depends on the dose, route of administration, type of steroid and level of resistance to hepatic metabolism.

AAS can have a negative effect on blood pressure and triglycerides, reduce relaxation of the vascular endothelium, and provoke cardiac ventricular hypertrophy, which will potentially increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

Testosterone has a lesser effect on cardiovascular risk factors compared to synthetic drugs. It is open to metabolism in the liver and has less effect on the regulation of cholesterol by the liver. Aromatization of testosterone to estradiol can also mitigate the negative effect of androgens on blood lipids.

In one study, the use of 280 mg of testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks caused a small but insignificant decrease in HDL levels, but when taken with aromatase inhibitors, the decrease was higher (25%).

Studies in which patients took 300 mg of testosterone enanthate for 20 weeks showed a decrease in HDL by 13%, and at a dose of 600 mg - 21%. The negative effects of aromatase inhibitors must be considered.

Due to the positive effect of estrogen on blood lipids, it is better to use simple anti-estrogens, such as clomiphene or tamoxifen, instead of aromatase inhibitors on the course. This will improve lipid levels and offset some of the side effects of androgens. At doses of 600 mg or less per week, the effect on lipids will be noticeable, but inconsequential, and antiestrogens may not be needed. Doses of 600 mg or less are not able to produce statistically significant changes in the level of HDL, LDL, triglycerides, apolipoproteins, in the level of C-reactive protein and in insulin sensitivity. When used in moderate doses, testosterone esters are considered the safest among all AAS.

To reduce the burden on the cardiovascular system, it is recommended to minimize the intake of saturated fats, cholesterol and simple carbohydrates during the course of AAS. Supplements such as fish oil, stable lipid or similar foods are recommended.

Testosterone suppression:
All AAS in doses needed for muscle building inhibit endogenous testosterone production. Testosterone is the main male androgen, and gives a strong inhibitory effect on the endogenous production of testosterone.

Testosterone-based drugs can have a strong effect on the hypothalamic regulation of testosterone release. Without the intervention of stimulants for the production of testosterone, testosterone will return to normal levels within 1-4 months after the course.

Note that in the long run, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism may develop into a secondary one and this may require medical intervention.

Reception (for men):
For the treatment of androgen testosterone deficiency, enanthate is taken at a dose of 50-400 mg every 2-4 weeks. For sports purposes, the dosage increases to 200-600 mg per week, in courses of 6-12 weeks.

This level is sufficient for most users.

Testosterone is an effective anabolic drug and can be used in combination with boldenone undesilinate, methenolone enanthate or nandrolone decanoate for greater benefits.

Reception (for women):
Testosterone enanthate is rarely used in women in clinical medicine, mainly only for the treatment of breast cancer, to suppress ovarian function. For sports purposes, its use is not recommended due to its androgenic activity.

Testosterone enanthate exists in the market in many variations and it is impossible to describe each product individually.

Nandrolone Deca + Testosterone Enanthate + Methane + Stan

  • Testosterone Enanthate (SP Enanthate) - 2 vials, manufacturer SP Laboratories
  • Testosterone Enanthate (E Testosterone) - 4 ampoules, manufacturer SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL
  • Nandrolone decanoate (Nandrolone decanoat) - 1 bottle, manufacturer SP Laboratories
  • Stanozolol (Strombafort) - 160 tablets, manufacturer SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL
  • Methandrostenolone (Danabol) - 140 tab., Manufacturer SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL
  • Clomiphene citrate (Klomed) - 40 tab., Manufacturer SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL

Additionally you need to purchase:

  • Chorionic gonadotropin - 3 bottles of 5000 M.E.
  • Anastrozole - you will need in this course - 40 tablets, manufacturer SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL
  • Cabergoline - you will need in this course - 5 tab., Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

A detailed regimen of drugs can be downloaded - here


This course is designed for men who have experience using anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). A professional course with small dosages is suitable for those who are strong in spirit, striving for immense sizes. This course is not for beginners, suitable as a third or fourth.

The course is designed for athletes seeking to gain as much muscle mass (10-12 kg) and improve their strength performance.

The course is designed in such a way that it can be divided into two periods: the first - meat packing, the second - getting rid of excess fat, water, giving the body a relief.

The course is well suited for athletes who have significant experience in training and want to not stop there.

  • Nandrolone decanoate - refers to an effective and powerful anabolic steroids and can significantly increase strength. Favorably affects the joints. Using the drug with other steroids can enhance the effect of exposure.
  • Testosterone - will provide an even androgenic background, it is also successfully replaced with Sustanon. The hormone is necessary for the normal functioning of the body during the use of any steroids.
  • Methandrostenolone is one of the most famous steroids in the world. Used in courses for quick muscle gain.
  • Stanozolol - in this course, the drug will be used for 5 weeks and will make the muscles more dense, and the relief more pronounced, will make it possible to consolidate the result at the beginning of the course and will contribute to a further increase in strength and endurance. The use of the drug in conjunction with Testosterone eliminates the possibility of joint injury. The drug has the ability to block Cortisol, which will not allow the muscles to collapse.
  • Chorionic gonadotropin - used in sports medicine to activate the work of testicles (testicles) during the course. The use of the hormone restores the functioning of the testicles and prevents atrophy. Partial atrophy occurs in almost all athletes using exogenous testosterone for more than 8 weeks, if you do not supplement the course of hCG

Attention. Anastrozole and Cabergoline are not included in the price of the course, the need for use is determined by the buyer.

  • Anastrozole - in this course, the weekly dosage of testosterone is 500 mg, which is likely to lead to an increase in estradiol above reference values. In this case, the use of the drug will be necessary. An accurate and correct method for determining the dosage of Anastrozole is to take a blood test for Estradiol 18-20 days after the first injection of Testosterone. This will allow you to accurately adjust the dosage of Anastrozole! Dosage ½ tablet, which is 0.5 - 1 mg - the average value obtained empirically! You must strive to maintain the value of the hormone in the middle of the reference values. The use of Anastrozole will prevent the possible manifestation of side effects: gynecomastia, increased blood pressure. Using Anastrozole to increase body relief and course effectiveness.
  • Cabergoline - the use of this drug in the course will be necessary, subject to a significant increase in the level of Prolactin (hormone) in the blood. After 18-20 days after the start of the use of Nandrolone decanoate, an analysis for Prolactin should be taken and, based on the analysis data, a decision should be made on adjusting the dosage of the drug. The drug is sold on our website, it can also be purchased at pharmacies. It should be taken at 0.25 mg, i.e. 0.5 tablets every 4 days - such a regimen is an average value obtained empirically! The drug also has a beneficial effect on the level of free Testosterone in the blood, and also significantly reduces the recovery time after intercourse. High levels of prolactin can lead to undesirable consequences - a decrease in libido.

How to take drugs?

  • 1 - 78 day: Testosterone enanthate 500 mg / once every 5 days
  • Day 1 - 64: Nandrolone decanoate 200 mg / once every 5 days
  • Day 1 - 54: Methandrostenolone 30mg / once daily
  • 55 - 101 day: Stanozolol 30mg / day
  • 28 - 98 day: hCG - see the regimen.
  • 14 - 72: Anastrazole at 0.5 tablets / every 2 days (not included in the course price)
  • 14 - 67: Cabergoline 0.5 tab./ once every 4 days (not included in the course price)
  • PCT: Clomid 7 days at 100 mg per day / 14 days at 50 mg per day / 12 days at 25 mg per day

At the request of the user (not included in the price of the course.):

  • From the 2nd week of PCT we connect Tribulus - 750-1000 mg per day, Vitamin E and zinc preparations (pharmacy Zincteral) 4-6 tablets. in a day.

The course of steroids on weight (testosterone enanthate + methandrostenolone)

This course is based on 8 ampoules of tester E (testosterone enanthate) + 9 Danabol Blisters (methandrostenolone) from Balkan Pharma + 1 bottle of chorionic gonadotropin (5000 units) + 1st tamoxifen blister from Balkan Pharma.

11 ml / 250 mg
21 ml / 250 mg
31 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
41 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
51 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
61 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
71 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
81 ml / 250 mg30 mg / day (3 tablets per day)
930 mg / day (3 tablets per day)1000 units 1 time in 3 days
1030 mg / day (3 tablets per day)1000 units 1 time in 3 days
1120 mg / day (1 tablet per day)
1220 mg / day (1 tablet per day)

Injections testosterone enanthate administered once a week, starting with the first and ending with the eighth in doses of 1 ml (250 mg). Methandrostenolone, in this case, danabol, is taken starting from the third and ending with the tenth week of 3 tablets (10 mg each) per day.

Danabol can be replaced with any drug from the group methandrostenoloneobserving the same dosage. Gonadotropin (5000 units) is diluted with water for injection and is administered once every three days, starting from the ninth week.

Tamoxifen completes this course, in a dosage of one tablet (20 mg) once a day.


Enanthate is one of the most potent testosterones. It contributes to the retention of fluid in the muscle fibers, along with which the retention of protein and the necessary elements that contribute to the increase in muscle mass occur. It helps to saturate the muscles with blood and oxygen. In addition to increasing muscle mass, physical strength and endurance during exercise also increase.


The duration of this course is 8 weeks. Enanthate is recommended to take 250 mg.per week, 500 mg (250 2 times a week) can be used for athletes whose weight is more than 75 kg. Methane should be taken 10 mg 3 times a day for 9 weeks. Methane is recommended to be taken before eating, so it will be better absorbed.
Also, after passing the course, PCT is necessary, it is recommended to take tamoxifen after 9 weeks of the course, 20 mg in the morning for 3 weeks.
It is recommended to take this course closer to winter or during cooler periods, since during colds it is easier to increase muscle mass with the help of these drugs.
In order to reduce the negative consequences of passing this course, it is recommended to use the drug Proviron during PCT. Under its action, the muscle mass will contain less fluids, which improves the quality of muscles.

Features of the course.

In order to achieve the desired effect during the course, it is recommended that high-quality nutrition at least 4 times a day, the use of protein is also possible. It is sometimes recommended to take Clomid, as it helps the body to resume the production of natural hormones and destroys body fat.

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