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How to meet a girl in VK?

Write your number, call you!

Which style to choose depends on the situation and on personal preferences. But I advise you to try everything in order to better understand what suits you. In conclusion, I want to give the basic rules of dating.

5 rules for dating in VK

# 1 Be sure, but unobtrusive. Each conversation should have its own goal. Yours is to interest a girl and invite her on a date. And all communication with her should ultimately be aimed at precisely this. If you started talking with her on a specific topic, then you should calculate the situation a couple of steps forward, so that, if necessary, translate your communication into the right direction for you. Also, do not be obsessive. If you feel that the lady is not in the mood or something distracts her from talking with you - take a break. Write to her later.

# 2 Don't get mad if you can't. There may be situations when a girl begins to be rude. Do not stoop to her level and do not answer the same. Just stop talking and find another candidate.

# 3 Consider dating a girl in VK from the perspective of “pumping” communicationand not as your last chance. Many guys make a mistake that has a very negative effect on the result of dating: they perceive the lady they liked in VK as the only and almost the last chance to meet and find their love. Stupidity, of course. However, in this case, the brain begins to work inefficiently, and you make one mistake after another. Better consider dating as a great chance to get to know a new person and develop your writing skills, showing a share of intelligence and sense of humor. In this case, your effectiveness will increase dramatically.

# 4 Do not keep long correspondence. Your goal is to take a girl’s number and go to live communication. The impression of novelty and vivid emotions pass quickly. Both in real life and on the Internet. If a new friend eagerly communicates with you and is interested - do not pull the rubber, but take the phone and meet her in real life. Otherwise, you can cross the rubicon when interest in you will sharply decline. Usually in such cases, guys always ask: “What is happening? I had a great conversation with the girl, and at some point she merged sharply. What to do?". This is exactly the case when you did not move to a new stage of communication with her in time.

# 5 Calibrate. Each representative of the fair sex is individual. One requires a little more time for correspondence. The other, on the contrary, is more relaxed, and with it you can quickly switch to more intimate topics in conversation. If you will “feel” a lady well, then you will build communication with her much more effectively. You will know what you need to say at a certain moment.

Now you know how to meet a girl in VK and what to write to her. Good luck!

How to meet a girl in VK - preparation

Before you start writing to a girl, you need to understand how to get to know a girl in contact correctly, just writing “Hello, how are you?” Is not worth it, first you need to:

  • Correctly design your page,
  • Make out what to write when meeting a girl in VK,
  • Understand what is worth talking about and what is worth asking.

Proper page layout is the first step to success

Acquaintances in the virtual world and in real life follow the same laws, but have their own characteristics. We all remember the saying that they meet on clothes. And if offline the first impression of a girl can be made by her appearance (a taut figure, a neat hairdo, stylish clothes), then on social networks a personal page is a visiting card. The success of any acquaintance depends on the correct design of the page!

First we’ll analyze our profile, look at it through the eyes of a girl who is ready to meet a guy. If any provocative information is indicated in the questionnaire, it must be deleted. In addition, you need to get out of questionable communities on the subject of "Pickup", "We breed girls for sex." It is better to find and join groups that fit personal hobbies. It can be cars, photo art, sports, paintball and laser tag. In a word, all hobbies that emphasize an active life position and versatility of the individual.

Next, fill in the blocks with personal information as much as possible. Name and surname, age, education, city of residence, place of work. This is conducive to open and confidential communication with the opposite sex. Another important point of preparation is the addition of several high-quality photographs that allow you to create an impression of your appearance and lifestyle. It’s good if one or more images shows girls next to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or just a stranger. The main thing is that in this way you emphasize the absence of problems in communicating with the fair sex. Just do not overdo it so that the potential lover does not begin to suspect you of excessive windiness! Now you can begin to search for your lady heart!

The advantages of the correct dating "VKontakte"

It is the easiest way to make a girl recognize your name, become interested and even not averse to meeting you (even in the long term) on VKontakte:

  • This is a famous social network., it is easy to use, especially in terms of determining the community of interests and searching for possible candidates for communication according to specified parameters (from age to region of residence).
  • Always convenient time and place of communication. It makes it possible to slowly ponder the answers and build a conversation. Removes barriers and complexes at the initial stage. Sending a message is easier than saying something in person. And if the fish broke, it is much easier to survive than in real life.
  • AND “No need to have dinner with a girl” (you don’t have to pay an invoice from a restaurant, or expenses for candy bouquets, even a movie ticket).
  • A careful study of the profile will provide rich information about the person, his environment and interests, favorite places of rest.
  • In correspondence-dialogue, they usually respond more honestly to questions asked than in real life.

10 tips for meeting VKontakte

For starters, it makes sense to choose a girl for dating. There are several ways to do this:

  • take the address of a personal page from a good friend,
  • pay attention to interesting comments on posts posted in a public post,
  • Monitor the followers of several of your friends.

The purpose of all these actions is clear: get the address of the girl’s page.

There are several important tips on how to get to know a girl in VK so that a virtual acquaintance develops into a real one, even if not immediately.

Tip 1. Be sure to set a real profile photo. If she is just some kind of cat, an anime hero, a famous Hollywood movie actor or a black silhouette against a sunset, this can cause suspicion and reduce the chances of an answer.

Basic requirements for a profile photo:

  • close-up face
  • neat appearance,
  • a minimum of unnecessary details and surroundings,
  • high quality.

Tip 2. Carefully and regularly maintain your page. Be sure to post on it photos from a trip to the sea, relating to your own hobbies or studies. Photos should be real and attractive.

Tip 3. The page should be “live” - if it is conducted irregularly, this will significantly reduce your chances of success of a virtual acquaintance.

Tip 4. Do not get involved in reposts from public. Post more of your own materials. This will draw attention to you.

Tip 5. If you want to learn more about how to get to know a girl in VK, ask your friend how he did it.

Tip 6. Be sure to post photos and videos of girls on your page. This will make it clear to the object of your desires that you are popular among women of the opposite sex. If there are no such materials, try to prepare them, even if your sister or her friend is on the photo with you.

Tip 7. Write to the drug a few girls you like right away - out of ten attempts, only two or three will be successful, and communication can continue with only one, and you should be prepared for this.

Tip 8. Do you want to know how to get to know a girl in VK and how to achieve success? Study the pages of girls well and thoroughly. Choose only those who have similar interests and hobbies for communication. It is unlikely that you will be able to keep in touch with a serious girl who is interested in Biedermeier for a long time, if your interests are rocking, motorcycle and football. There will simply be nothing to talk about. However, this rule is not mandatory - sometimes it is precisely the opposites that converge.

Tip 9. Well imagine what to write to a girl on VK to get to know each other. It is important to immediately attract attention.

Tip 10. Show originality and creativity. Do not use boring patterns.

These are just a few tips, but they are effective. Now, knowing how to get to know a girl in VK correctly, you can start the “practical part”.

What you need to know about dating on social networks

Firstly, on the Internet everyone is trying to seem better than they really are. This is especially true of appearance. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing an object for dating. Many girls like to put on the profile picture some beauties who have nothing to do with them. If in doubt, check the image on Google search.

Another favorite topic for girls is photoshop. Some are so keen on various photo editors that their output pictures have nothing to do with the original.

To get an idea of ​​how a stranger looks in reality, do not be lazy - browse through her albums. Be sure to check out the album, where the girl is marked on other people's photos, if suddenly the beauty recklessly forgot to hide it.

You should be alerted if only the girl’s face is present on all images. Well, you understand, huh?

Secondly, there are many strange and mysterious creatures on the Internet - fakes, trolls, bots, etc. VK - their favorite habitat. In order not to run into one of them, carefully study the page of your chosen one, so that she accidentally does not turn out to be a “chosen one” or someone worse.

See who the girl is in friends and what messages she has on the wall. If she is mainly friends with beauty salons and clothing stores, and her wall is an endless contest of reposts, then this is not the best choice for dating.

Correctly draw up a page

Before starting communication, you need to make sure that your page stands out, without this you cannot find the answer to your question “How to meet a girl in VK?” Because girls first love with their eyes.

Bad photos on the page - your chances are close to zero. If you want to lure, look for a photographer, your high-quality photos will serve you in full. However, do not limit yourself to a photo portrait, as this will not tell you anything about you. Try to attract the girl’s attention with your energy, activity, show that you are not sitting at home and your life is full of excitement, adventure, drive, adrenaline. Also use a little trick in the photo - these are GIRLS. Let it be your girlfriends, or your friends, or just a stranger with whom you have left a photo for memory. This will give an advantage, since on the other side of the screen the girl will realize that you are not a notorious guy, intrigue and conquer.

After the photos are ready, you can begin to further process information about yourself. Write about where you studied, about your hobbies, about what kind of music you prefer. Do not overdo it and tell everything that is, at a minimum, because if a girl finds out everything, she will not be interested.

Rules for communication on the network. Guide for Dummies

Before proceeding directly to communication, you should determine the goals of the upcoming acquaintance. Are you bored and you just want to chat in the virtual? Do you need a friend who shares your interests? Are you looking for a nice girl for rare romantic encounters with an intimate sequel? Or do you dream of creating a family and are looking for one that will go along the same path with you for many years? Agree in each of these cases, communication will go according to its own laws.

However, there are some fundamental principles that apply to all online dating.

  • Be positive! Girls love humor but hate sarcasm. Therefore, good jokes, emoticons and funny stories will compose the interlocutor for closer communication. For now, forget the dramatic stories and sarcastic remarks.
  • Write correctly. Not all modern girls are dolls with silicone lips. And you’re not dreaming of such a friend, right? If you are looking for a smart, well-read and interesting girl, follow the rules of the Russian language, carefully re-read your messages and correct all mistakes made.
  • Be polite. Communication in the virtual world does not cancel the rules of polite tone. At the beginning of the dialogue you need to say hello, and at the end - say goodbye. The absence of swear words and familiarity is a huge plus in your karma!
  • Keep the intrigue. Many pick-up forums recommend constantly changing communication tactics. For example, the technique "Closer - Further." It consists in first attracting the girl as much as possible, getting her to herself, and then disappearing from the network for a couple of days. This will keep the interlocutor in good shape and make her seek communication with you.
  • Be different. Try on new images, surprise your girlfriend. Demonstrate your brutality, and then write a romantic poem for the beauty. Or in a conversation, mention that he was engaged in dancing. Believe me, the girl will be delighted!
  • Ask questions. Psychologists say that a person is more interested in the interlocutor who is interested in him. Therefore, ask the girl about her interests and hobbies, let her tell about her family, work, study. Pets are also a great topic for a trusting dialogue. Experiment and get as close as possible to your lady of the heart.
  • Transfer SMSs. Chatting on VKontakte is just great! But your goal is to transfer communication to the real world as soon as possible. An ideal transitional option is SMS messages that allow you to stay in touch all day.


Online dating can be deceiving. And before approaching the question of what to write to a girl when meeting VKontakte, consider examples and tips, think: do you need it!

    Anonymity provokes some violent games.

But attention and patience will save you from unnecessary problems.

What to write to meet a girl in VK?

If the preparatory stage is passed, time to think about how to get to know a VKontakte girl, a beautiful template of your page is not enough. You need to prove in practice that you are a successful and self-confident guy.

In contact - one of the best people search engines. It will not be difficult to find the same girl, since you can specify both age and place of study, the most important thing is to find out if the girl is currently free. It is necessary to set two parameters: “Not married”, “In active search”, if you do not set any parameters, you can make a mistake with the choice.

And now to the main thing, how to meet a girl in VK by correspondence? To do this, you need to understand where to start the conversation.

Each person, not just a girl, asks herself the following series of questions:

  1. Who are you anyway?
  2. Why are you writing to her?
  3. And why did you choose her?

Therefore, after the greeting, tell her:

"Who are you anyway?"

So that the girl would not have any doubts that you are not another friend of her friend who wants to mock, are not trying to sell her anything, tell her that you are just a funny guy who wants to meet such a charming girl.

"Why are you writing to her?"

We answered this question in the first sentence. No need to make the girl wait. Spread your goal right away.

"Why did you choose her?"

At this point you should write what really attracted to her, what she hooked you to, maybe her appearance, and maybe in the description of her hobbies, you have something in common. Do not forget that you do not need to lie to her, as sooner or later - it will be revealed.


This is your business card. The avatar should be such that when she saw her in a small circle next to the message, the girl wanted to click on her. It is best to use the services of a professional photographer - you will see yourself in a new light and love even more.

If you have a good camera, you can do it yourself. Take note of a few tips.

  1. You should be in the photo - this is the main thing. Not David Beckham, not an emoticon, not some kind of beast and not a philosophical inscription. Otherwise, the girl will suspect that your appearance is in trouble.
  2. Selfies are not the best option. Too simple and straightforward.
  3. Photographs “like a passport” are also discarded, leave them for a summary.
  4. No need to lay out individual parts of the body. Of course, I understand that I want to immediately demonstrate my merits, but be patient at least until the girl gets to your albums.
  5. Expose a photo where you are alone. Okay, with a cat too.
  6. Do you like cars? Very well! But it’s not worth taking a picture with them. Especially with strangers.
  7. You can upload photos in a working environment, if your work is prestigious and interesting.
  8. Photos in beautiful places on the planet are also welcome.
  9. Good attributes are produced by sports attributes. But not all. Surfing board, tennis racket, snowboard, skiing - yes. Hoop, jump rope, dumbbell weighing 1 kg - no. Naturally, all these bells and whistles should be an addition to you, and not show off on their own (see paragraph 1).
  10. But such items as a cigarette and a bottle of beer should be discarded.
  11. Black and white photographs look beautiful. Just make sure that they are legible and clear, and not like a printout with an ultrasound.
  12. What kind of guys do girls like? That's right - strong and confident. Try to ensure that your view of the photo broadcasts these two qualities.

How to start correspondence with a girl VKontakte

Searching for a pretty and interesting girl VKontakte will not take much time, but some problems may arise when writing the first message. Where to start a dialogue? How to arouse interest in a girl? How to win over an interlocutor and bring her to a real acquaintance? Below you will find some secrets to a successful start!

ATTENTION! If you do not want your message to be sent to spam, immediately abandon the banalities, such as “Hello, beautiful!”, “How's it going?”, “Hello, what are you doing?”. Any beautiful girl receives such greetings several times a day and simply does not pay any attention to them.

The first message should be short, concise, but at the same time bright. Pickupers made up three questions that arise in a girl when she reads the first message from an unfamiliar guy. Having invented the first phrase for the greeting, you need to check whether it answers these three questions. So these are the questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why do you want to meet?
  • Why exactly is she?

Ideally, the first message will consist of two or three sentences. But each of them should cling to the young person, cause her sincere interest. And be sure to introduce yourself, say your name, even if it is indicated in the profile.

“Girl is a vision”

To determine the fake page, it is enough to study the photo albums and the owner’s answers to the comments on them. The photo on the personal page must be reliable. The half-naked beauty with a wasp waist and magnificent breasts, as if descended from the pages of a men's magazine, immediately suggests a catch.

If on her wall - standard statuses, and most of her friends - advertising pages - the girl is not real. This will be confirmed by the stingy information of the sections "About Me" and "Interests", the discrepancy of the photo with the specified personal data, including age, the lack of activity on the wall, as well as erotic photos with the proposal to go to another site to continue dating.

What can I talk about and what questions can I ask?

To understand how to get acquainted with a VK girl, you also need to learn about what it is worth saying, what questions you can ask and what not.

The first communication should be relaxed, easy, enjoyable. To achieve this result, you must:

  • Do not tell the girl constantly about how beautiful she is, how much you really want to meet. It can alert her, scare her off, and she can also decide that you are flattering her,
  • Do not ask her something negative, not interesting, as this will be a huge minus when you start dating,
  • Just forget about frankness. Do not rush things, especially when you just started talking,
  • Talking on topics fishermen, hunting, cars, will not lead to anything, unless of course the girl herself leads them.

The most suitable topics for the first communication are:

  • Hobby,
  • Movies, music, paintings,
  • Travels,
  • Pets,
  • What do you dream about and what do you want from life.

Where to begin?

  • Determined with priorities: What do you really want to get? Easy hobby, true love or strong friendship, which girls really like: Turgenev young ladies, intellectuals or reckless party girls. Each option requires its own approach, strategy and tactics, as well as adjustments along the way.
  • We collect information. If you still don’t know the one you want to meet in a beautiful and original way, using the “Search” field we select several options and carefully study the personal pages of the selected candidates to determine the final choice and possible topics for communication. We find out everything that is possible: name, age, city of residence, her interests, whether she has a boyfriend (the status is already indicated on her page). By posts, avatars, groups in which she is a member and friends, we determine her character and hobbies.

If desired, we start communication with several girls at the same time, this also increases the chances of an answer to at least one of them.

Detox page

It's time to get rid of everything that can “tarnish” your reputation in the eyes of the girl. This primarily concerns photographs. Every successful and serious man probably has at least one photo of a decade ago, where he sleeps drunk after a party, and his beloved friends painted a mustache on him. And this is the most harmless example.

That will have to get rid of all of them. So I see how a stingy male tear rolled down your cheek. Calm, the creators of the VK have made sure that your provocative photos do not sunk into oblivion. Create a separate album, under “Who can view the album” select “Only me”, drag all your “forbidden” there and voila! - no one except you will see her again. Still a little sad, right?

Photos with former passions are also better to remove from prying eyes. You can leave only a couple, so as not to seem like an eternal lonely bachelor.

Further we pass to subscriptions. They need to be scrolled and removed everything that has to do with sex, debauchery, nudity, etc. No, but what did you want? Nobody said it was easy.

Let's move on to cleaning the wall. You don’t need rags and brushes, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of each record and select “delete”. We send junk stupid and not funny jokes, postcards and notifications from different applications, reposts of long-held contests - in general, everything that does not carry any meaning, but only distracts attention.

You can leave your favorite songs, films, information about what you are interested in and love. Do not delete posts asking for help to homeless animals and sick children, if any. Good and merciful men today are worth their weight in gold.

Not tired of reading yet? Here's a video for you, get distracted for a while.

What to write to a girl when meeting VKontakte

We found that the first message should be creative and original. There is no place for sarcasm and vulgarity. Remember that greasy jokes and sexual hints will immediately lead you to the black list. Here are some phrases that can be used as templates:

  • "Hi Masha! I read your posts in the community service dog club. I also have a German shepherd, and I share your view on raising puppies! My name is Sasha ”- the beginning of the dialogue is based on the similarity of interests.
  • “Light, hello! We are not familiar, but I ask you. My friend's birthday is the other day, but I don’t know what to give her. She is your age. Can you tell me which gift she may like? ”- the message about the request will find a response among the girls, because they love giving advice so much.
  • "Hello Kate! My name is Aleksey. I am fond of the work of the Mumiy Troll group. I watched the video from the concert that you posted in the community. I want to ask, how do you like the concert? I also want to go, but I don’t know if it’s worth it? ”Is an excellent version of the first message, which refers to common interests and asks for advice.
  • “Greetings, charming stranger! Today in a dream I saw a girl who is surprisingly similar to you. Maybe it’s not by chance that your photo has caught my eye now? Do you believe in such coincidences? Or is it a real fate? ”- this message runs counter to some of the principles described above, but improvisation and risk always occur in such a case as meeting VKontakte. Moreover, such an approach demonstrates the romantic side of your nature.
  • “Good afternoon, Anastasia! It seems that I met you last night in the city center. You were simply charming! ”- this first message is a compliment to the girl, and at the same time provokes further conversation about yesterday's meeting place.

Of course, these are just examples, templates for building a dialogue. However, at the very beginning of the journey, they will be an excellent help for those who do not have much experience in communicating with the opposite sex. Over time, you will develop your own style, develop a unique strategy and easily learn how to choose the key to the heart of the most capricious beauty.

IMPORTANT! It is much more effective to start communication with several girls at once. Choose ten profiles that are most suitable for you according to the main criteria, and write messages, focusing on the individual characteristics of the girls. The answer will not come to every greeting. But the more attempts, the more chances for an excellent result!

How to meet a girl in contact - correspondence and sample letters

In this article, you learned how to meet in VK, but for a more visual example, we have prepared a correspondence for you:

  1. Simple dating example
  2. An example of dating intrigue
  3. An example of a quick meeting.

Simple dating example

After you have chosen a potential girl, write to her after a short period of time:

You: “Hello! You know, it seems we are not familiar =) "

She: “Hello! Oh really? But it seems to me that you are right) "

You: “It's time to fix such a mistake”

She: “Ok. I’m Karina, 4 year - economist, I want to have a kitten =) "

You: “Eugene. Tall, handsome and sexy. Doctor of Science ... Glad to meet you) "

You: "What breed of kitten do you want?"

She: “Seriously, doctor? =)”

She: “I want a nice little white fluff, I always dreamed about it. But my parents were against it, and since I live alone now, you can also get a kitten.

You: “And I have a cat of the Bombay breed, by the click of the Ugolek. Doctor of Philology =) "

She: “umm, Chernysh, you and I are just like yin and yang =)”

You: “The opposite is getting closer)”

You: "Hello, pussy)"

You: "Time is late, what is not in the pastel?"

She: “I work, and how did you spend the day?”

You: “Remember the old days, met with fellow students =)”

She: “Yes, you can have fun in insta”

You: “What were you doing?”

She: “I was in pairs, then I visited the rocking chair, and now I am writing an article to order”

She: “I hope the future journalist”

You: “Are you studying economics?)”

She: “I like journalism more, and my parents persuaded me to go to the economy”

You: "I think you can do it. How about phoning tomorrow, write your phone number)"

She: "*********** not earlier than 6 call)"

An example of dating intrigue

You: “I know your most secret secret!”

She: “Really? And where?"

You: “To be honest, I did not believe until the very end”

She: “Actually, you and I are not familiar. "

She: “And what is it?”

You: “Write your phone, and I will share your secret with you)”

She: “*********** Just for the sake of curiosity, I will meet with you”

You: “Ok see you tomorrow”

Quick meeting example

You: “It's too cold outside. Let's talk in a warmer place, eat. I'll pick you up. ”

You: “What is your number, I'll call you when I get there”

Which communication to choose is definitely up to you. But we offer to try all communication options, as in practice it will be clear how to get to know a girl in contact is more preferable and effective for you.

Personal information

They got rid of all the excess, now you need to fill out the page with something. We go into the column "About myself" and indicate the most basic - gender, date of birth (optional), education (not necessary, but it would be nice).

Special attention to the item “Marital status”. We either leave it empty or select “not married”. It’s not worth it to write “in active search” - a girl may decide that you, like a hungry beast, scour the net in search of something to “profit”. And you need to try so that she considers your attention to her exclusive.

You can briefly indicate information about your hobbies, musical preferences, favorite books. Keyword - briefly, no need to create dossiers on ten pages.

Speaking of books. Reading girls make a magical impression on reading girls. So, if you weren’t interested in reading before, now is the time. Start with the classics, you will not lose.

The right account is the key to success

Now you need to adjust your personal page. Determine what is most important for you in life, in which you feel confident and in demand. Transfer this image to your page, filling out information about yourself in detail.

  • The most important thing is photography. Even if you are far from Brad Pitt or Beckham, still post your picture. Choose the most successful one so that you can see both the face and figure. This will give the girl food for thought, considering your avatar she will already begin to get used to you.
    Create photo albums, it’s good if there are photos with friends, acquaintances, in nature, in the gym, with a funny situation, so that you can understand from them that you have an interesting rich life. If you have a “heroic” profession (fireman, lifeguard, etc.), be sure to add a photo in working form, this makes an impression on the girls. The same applies to extreme sports (if you are interested in them, of course).
    Well, if you are smiling in the photo, it immediately disposes to communication.
    But the photos on the background of cars are perceived ambiguously, if you are not a racer, of course. Against the background of cheap (if you did not assemble it with your own hands), you risk looking ridiculous, and a tricked one suggests an empty show-off, which is not welcome. The same applies to photographs with girls (even if it is a sister or work colleague). On the one hand, it shows your popularity with the opposite sex, on the other - nobody likes competition. In order not to give food for jealousy, such photos should be as decent as possible.
    Mention of your pet or a photo with it will show that you know how to be caring, responsible and loving.
  • If possible, fill out the questionnaire honestly. After all, everything that is carried away, lying, will have to be done, otherwise the beauty will be disappointed. Do you need it?
  • Profile must be with posts, To do this, write to your friends on the wall, and they will write to you.

What to do after meeting in VK by correspondence

So, you managed to start communication with a young lady. Now we need to properly conduct dialogue so that the original goals are achieved. Indeed, meeting a girl in VK, correspondence that is not all.

If you plan to build a relationship with this girl, then do not delay the withdrawal of communication in real life. Take the phone number from the enchantress as soon as possible and invite her on a date.

ATTENTION! The longer the communication lasts on the network, the more chances are to be in the friend zone. And girls, as you know, rarely have intimate relationships with friends.

But there are situations when a girl categorically refuses to translate communication offline and even correspond via SMS. If you really liked her, you do not need to immediately remove her from friends. Invite her to play VK games online. Probably, such a pastime will arrange an interlocutor for you and she herself will offer a chat in the nearest coffee shop.

If you want not just to drive a girl, but want to build a serious long-term relationship, then there is no hard time frame. Be patient, talk with the chosen one, try to understand the train of her thoughts, predict the reaction to those or other words, showing himself to be an excellent conversationalist. Lovely poems and pictures, online gifts and romantic notes on her page will not be out of place. And as soon as the girl opens up and begins to trust you, you can ask her phone number and invite her on a date.

Start dating a girl on VKontakte is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to please her, to arrange for communication, to build trust and bring communication into real life. Here the rules and principles of virtual dialogue with the opposite sex will come to the rescue. First you need to tidy up your page, delete all unnecessary, upload high-quality photos. Then choose suitable candidates and write them the first messages. Remember that it is on the first message that success in such a thing as online dating depends. Forget about commonplace, be original and feel free to compliment the girls. Perhaps it is from the correspondence of VK that the love story of your whole life will begin!

Photo cards

Share photos on your page. You don’t need much at once - once or twice every few days. It is desirable that this was not just a face that hatched on you from the elevator mirror, but something meaningful and interesting.

How do you work, how do you go in for sports, how unusual and fun you spend time with friends, how you travel, etc. The girl should have the impression that you have a rich and exciting life. Then she will certainly want to become part of it.

By the way, the taboo in the photo with the cars is no longer valid here, you can safely upload photos of your iron horse.

Girls are different ...

Before finally deciding on the text of the first message to the chosen girl, once again pay attention to the circle of her hobbies and character, demonstrated by her personal page.

  • Party girl loves clubs and discos, having fun with her. It is easy to climb, however, it may turn out to be superficial and banal. Among the party-goers there are both pretentious parasites, caring for someone else's expense, and quite normal girls. She is cheerful and in her companion also appreciates this quality. It is better to offer it a fascinating pastime.
    “I have two runs on ... (an event that will definitely interest her).”
    But, of course, you need to get the promised tickets.
  • Intellectual studying at an institute or university, attends exhibitions, loves music, poetry, theater. He knows a lot and loves to read, otherwise, how would she become so smart. Can give practical advice. However, most clever women do not advertise their knowledge. Prefers classics. Not always wears glasses. And if he wants, it may well look awesome.
    In a relationship with her, romance, tact and subtle humor are shown.
    Contact her for clarification, and she will gladly begin to advise and explain. So, having decided on the object of desires and its characteristics, it remains to send an application for adding as a friend. A little trick: first add one of her friends, she will think that you are familiar and while she will remember, you will begin to comment on her photos, statuses, gradually making a friendly conversation.

To speed up the process, you must also send her a personal message.

5 examples of how to start correspondence, what to write

There is no universal, perfectly working recommendation in any situation on how to meet a girl in VK through correspondence. Too different people inhabit this social network. However, a few rules or advice can still be given.

Here are two important rules on how to start meeting a girl on VK:

  • introduce yourself
  • explain how you found out about her.

Try to interest the girl in the very first message. Then she will visit your page and will answer. Do not make a secret from where you found out about it. Everything is simple:

  • You can have mutual friends, acquaintances, subscribers,
  • you can be in one group
  • you might be interested in her comment on some post.

And for the purpose of acquaintance you can determine, for example, simple virtual communication based on common interests, real meetings, going to the theater for the premiere and much more.

Here are five examples of what the beginning might be:

- Hi, Lena. My name is Sergey, I study at the teacher training college. I liked your comment in the group “Let's talk about the vital”. I think we have a lot in common. Maybe we’ll talk?

- Hello, Sergey. Your page is interesting. I'm not against.

Everything, the answer is received. Acquaintance took place.

It is possible and a little differently - all depending on the situation. For example, the study of the page showed that the girl pays a lot of attention to her appearance, figure and health. Then the beginning can be like this:

- Julia, hello. I saw your pictures. You are charming. Tell me, how do you manage it?

- Nothing special, I'm in mom.

- Well, yes, I saw the pictures. Your mom is beautiful too. Will you give me the phone?

An example of the third. Approximately such correspondence can take place after studying the page of a girl:

- Hi. I'm Sergei. You have a cool page. It seems to me that we have common interests. Do not mind talking?

- I do not mind, come on.

- Do you have a telephone?

The girl needs to be interested

An example is the fourth - if you have common acquaintances.

- Hello, Sveta. Do you know Igor Verbitsky? He is my best friend.

- What are you doing? Cool. So you are my friend too. Let's talk, or what?

The fifth example. It turned out that the girl is studying in a parallel group.

- Hi! Do you study in group 386?

- Cool! We can meet at Univer.

These are just five examples of how to meet a girl in VK. There can be many more situations, so you have to show imagination.

Do not make spelling mistakes in correspondence - they act on educated girls extremely negatively. Unacceptable vulgar jokes and bored patterns.

Where to look for a girl for dating

It’s best, of course, not to look for anyone at all. All the most beautiful happens spontaneously by itself. You leafed through, say, a news feed, accidentally saw a comment from a pretty girl, went to her page and decided to write.

But it is clear that this is not always the case, so often you have to take everything into your own hands. Let's figure out where you can find the right girl.

The first step is the most important

For the first message to be successful, it must be original. It is important to be careful and considerate.

No need to write “Hello! How are you? ”,“ You are a beauty ”or“ You have an awesome breast. ” She herself knows this, and at best she will answer in monosyllables: “Yes”, “Thank you!”.

Our task is to interest and provoke an answer. Therefore, the message should contain a question requiring a detailed answer. For example, about her profile picture. You can be inspired by other photos from her albums. So, what to write to a girl when meeting VKontakte:

  • Easy flattery will also be appropriate: “Bag - for five, handmade! Did you sew it yourself? ”
  • Something about the details of the wardrobe: "Wow, this is from the latest Armani collection!" Or “Spectacular outfit. The fashion designer herself? ”
  • It’s good if she has a pet: “Is this a dachshund? I want to give my niece a puppy’s birthday, tell me how to choose? ”
  • Photo from her travels: “This is the Eiffel Tower! Is it really cool there? Aren't you afraid of heights? ”
  • “What fun you are in the photo, when I look, I myself involuntarily smile.
  • Do you ride a scooter much more often? (bike, with friends, etc.) "

Treat the girl with respect, as a person.

The best thing is not to use the proposed templates, but to come up with your own version. But for reference, here are more options for writing to a girl when dating on VKontakte dating:

  • “I wonder what the guy has to say so that you want to meet him here?” (Use some photo from her album for inspiration).
  • You can put a few likes and make a couple of detailed comments (but not idiotic, such as: "Offset" or "Cool", but "Do you also love Rome, like me?")

If it doesn’t work out, beat something from her profile with humor. Seeing that she is doing the same thing as you, then be sure to start communication with a non-standard question on this topic. Find something little known and interesting on a topic of interest to her that she might not know. Then she herself will start asking questions.

Change your “want” to “offer”. If you have nothing to offer, first work on yourself to become truly interesting. Ask only when it’s easy for a girl to do what you ask. If she is fond of English - you can ask for help to translate some expression. It is good to ask for advice on what, judging by her page, she is well versed.

What to write to a girl when meeting VKontakte, examples:

  • “Do you know where to find a dance partner?”
  • “Can you advise me a book for a friend in the hospital?”
  • “I bought chicken, but I don’t know how to cook it ... Can I still consult with you later?”
  • “I am writing an article about ways to meet girls. Can you recall your most original acquaintance? ”

The more details she will provide in the response, the easier it will be for you to continue and make the correspondence fascinating.
The form of the message should be simple and understandable (without jargon and mat), about 100 characters (it will not respond to a short answer, the long one may not finish to the end).

It is important that it is written correctly (the girl, perhaps, also does not shine with knowledge, but from the outside she will see mistakes and draw conclusions not in your favor). Do not abuse emoticons and exclamation marks. This gives emotional overheating, shows excessive interest and insecurity. To make a smile one smiley is enough.

How to meet a girl in VK on video:

Ways to make a virtual acquaintance in an original way

Well, now you already know a lot about how to meet a girl on VKontakte. But there are several more ways to make a virtual acquaintance. One of them is to show originality and humor.

You can, for example, not write directly to the PM. Often, to start dating, there is enough convincing comment on the post or photo. The text may be, for example, such: “Oh, what a cute kitten! And the hostess is charming. ” When the comment gets like from the author, you can write in a personal message, without fail touching upon the girl’s affection for pets. And this is far from the only option how to get to know a girl in VK originally.

You can, for example, use the open information in your profile and send a beautiful postcard or music track directly to the page for your birthday. This may well interest the girl so much that she herself will knock on the PM.

Humor is also welcome. Just don’t send meme or joke right away. Bored wordings such as “Girl, your mother does not need a son-in-law?” Also have no continuation.

Search VK

Go to the search section, enter the parameters you need (age, place of residence, etc.), and the system gives you a list of thousands of girls. You can specify additional information - hobbies, favorite films and music, worldview. Surely you have an idea of ​​what a girl should be. We advise you to immediately narrow the list - write a specific name or indicate a university.

What is it for? The site ranks users by their rating. The highest rating, as a rule, is for wound profiles and all kinds of bots. You will have to scroll through more than one page to get to real girls. By narrowing your search, you will save your fingers from unnecessary work.

What exactly is not necessary?

How to meet a girl in VK: correspondence examples of what you do not need to write:

  • From the primitive, used by almost every beginning, you must immediately abandon it. Do not write: “Hello, how are you?”, “Will we meet?”, “Why are you silent?”, “Well, answer something ...”, “Are you beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?”
  • Do not be annoying. Do not throw girls messages, give her the opportunity to think.
  • No need to rush things and immediately ask the girl for a phone number or insist on a meeting.
  • You can’t be rude and even more insulting a girl, even if she is silent or refused.
    Who knows, maybe your perseverance will be rewarded later, when you change tactics?

Options to get to know beautifully

But how beautiful and unusual it is to meet a girl in VK is also an interesting question. Any acquaintance can become beautiful and unusual. One way is intrigue:

- Hi. And I know something about you.

“You study in the same place as I do at Univer.”

- Oh, surprised! Everyone knows that.

“Yes, but I know something else.” Will you give me the number?

Thematic groups

It is best to meet people close to your interests. Surely you have favorite communities in which you often drop by to read the news. It can be a fan group of a favorite artist, a club of sports lovers, a political community. Look at the list of participants, take a closer look, maybe someone will catch your attention. A nice bonus - you already know what to talk about with a girl that you like.

So you can find not only a partner for a serious relationship, but also a good friend. Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

Ignore! Still, ignore!

How to meet a girl in vkontakte if the girl is silent and does not respond to the first message. In this case, it is possible:

  • she did not like the message and she did not want to communicate. The second can make her change her mind (but do not write more than 5-6 messages in a row).
  • she has a banal blocked page, and unlock hands reach only six months later. Then do not give up attempts, track the page of the sweetheart and periodically send her something original, useful and curious. Patience and labor will grind everything!

Communities and dating apps

You can get acquainted on the sites specially created for this - there are a great many of them in VK: applications, groups, bots. Free girls are sitting there, ready for dating, but don’t think that it greatly facilitates your task.

As a rule, they have in abundance of offers, and the beauties choose the best of the available applicants. If you are ready for such a competition, then the flag is in your hands. Here is a list of popular apps and groups for dating and socializing, where you can try your luck. Just keep in mind - you can often meet teenagers 14 years old and younger.

  • “Acquaintance and communication”,
  • The Galaxy of Dating
  • “Dating Volgograd” (or any other city).

We continue the conversation ...

Girls prefer to give up initiative in communication to a man. Therefore, choose the topic for further discussion. It can be events (concerts, parties, traveling), pets (for example, discussing her cat or your dog), sports (if she is an athlete), music (if a girl is interested in her), books, films, holidays, walks, food, clothes, children, friends, favorite places.

When the correspondence begins, try to diversify it, but take your time to demand a meeting in real life. Wait for the girl to be really interested.

Humor in communication is greatly appreciated; it relieves stress. However, it’s best to joke around yourself or on abstract topics, and not about a girl or her friends: “Maybe we’ll rob a bank together?”

Do not delay the stage of dating. The girl is waiting for specific action.

If you received a phone number from her, call right away (if she did not stipulate another time for the call) - otherwise you will miss a chance. Invite her to go somewhere together (a place from the list of her interests - theater, disco) or offer options for a meeting place, leaving the right to choose her.

Probably everyone has already heard about pick-ups. These guys appreciate the process itself, and set themselves the minimum bar to shock the girl and take her phone number. If your task is a serious and long-term relationship, you need to approach the issue more carefully.

And most importantly, always be yourself! Now you are fully equipped and know how to start a conversation. You can also try yourself on Skype.

How to meet a girl VKontakte:

Top 10 places to meet

You can meet girls in real life anywhere. Here are some of the most popular places to do this:

  • night club,
  • university library
  • public transport,
  • Street,
  • Cafe,
  • a park,
  • skate or extreme park,
  • cat or dog show,
  • Philharmonic concert
  • an exhibition of modern or classical painting.

The last four places for dating are ideal if you want to find a "soul mate."

When meeting you can present a cute bouquet of flowers

How to start a conversation

Unfortunately, in many cases, communication with a girl ends, and not having time to start - after your first phrase. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to start a conversation in VK. Let's figure out together what to write to a girl when meeting and how to interest her.

You need to start naturally with a greeting. Some men also finish it - they write a meaningful "hello" and sit waiting for an answer. And when they don’t receive it, they send after them a resentful “ay” or “why are you silent?” This is not necessary. It even annoys loved ones, not to mention strangers.

Go straight to the point - indicate the purpose of the conversation. There are two options here - to immediately express your intention to meet or go from afar. I personally like the second one more. It will help you to stop shy of girls and better feel the feedback.

We go from afar

Examine the girl’s page, there you can find many reasons to meet you. For example, if she has information on some events on the wall, ask if she visited them or is just about to. You can compliment her musical taste and discuss your favorite artists. Just do not pretend to be a fan of Stas Mikhailov, if you are a rocker.

Most people love to be experts in what they love and know well. Provide the girl with this opportunity - ask for advice on what she understands.

Look in the questionnaire about her education, place of work or hobby and come up with interesting questions. You can also ask about her impressions about travels and trips - most girls have at least a couple of photos from Turkey.

I will give examples of phrases with which you can start a correspondence with a girl.

  1. "Good afternoon! I saw you photos from a Placebo concert last week. I also really wanted to go, but I couldn’t ... How did it go? ”
  2. “Hello, Katya! You have such wonderful photos, can you tell me which camera you’re shooting on? ”
  3. "Hi! I'm going to New York next week, I see you were there. Please advise which places are worth visiting. ”
  4. "Good evening. You have such interesting notes on the wall, I read out. How do you know the story so well? ”

Now let's see how it is not worth starting a dialogue.

  1. “Are you still listening to Alexander Barykin? My grandmother was still listening to him. ”
  2. “Such a beautiful girl should not go into politics. This is not a woman’s business. ”
  3. “In your note, the word“ conjuncture ”is written with an error. Do not give thanks. ”
  4. “Why are you going to Turkey? They shot down our pilot! ”
  5. “You're doing great at the gym!” Only the cubes on the girl’s stomach are too much. ”
  6. “Beautiful blouse! But these shoes don't fit her. ”

Well, you understand, I hope that you can’t argue, criticize, make claims, be smart, demonstrate your superiority and neglect.

Get to know you right away

If you do not want to have long social conversations, you can immediately offer to get to know each other. But the chances of such tactics are less, I warn you. Success depends on how creatively and creatively you do it.

Here are some examples for inspiration:

  1. “You probably won’t give me a chance to meet you ... Send me a smiley if I'm wrong!”
  2. “Would you like to talk to the guy you charmed?”
  3. “Imagine, I wrote you a long message, and then they turned off the light. So just hello! ”
  4. “It was difficult, but I still decided to write to you. Will you reward the answer? ”
  5. “I'm sorry, can I adjust your plans for the evening?”
  6. “I bet a million dollars that I’ll invite you to dinner, and you don’t agree?”

How to transfer communication offline

When the conversation started and the girl gave the green light to communication, it is worth starting to smoothly bring her to the meeting. Otherwise, you risk permanently getting stuck in the role of an Internet fan. In one of the following articles we will consider how to invite a girl on a date, in more detail.

Ask the girl for a phone number and permission to call her. Say you really want to hear her voice. If the stranger so far refuses, suggest at least moving from VK to messengers.

Not all girls are ready to immediately begin to communicate in reality. Do not push it, let it “ripen” itself. Make it clear that even a virtual dialogue with her gives you pleasure. Use the situation for your own good - by correspondence, learn to flirt with a girl, develop empathy, train a syllable.

It's okay if at the initial stage the initiative will come more from you. But she must be unobtrusive and not burdensome. No need to load the girl with the questions “why don't you write?” And “where did you go?”

If a new friend wrote you first, you must definitely reinforce this step positively and warmly. Say that you are happy with her message and that you’ve already missed her. Sincerity and warmth will help you win the girl and take possession of her heart.

How to do not need

Let's look at a few common mistakes. Bye bye strangers, so relax. Fortunately, there are plenty of screenshots with dialogs on the Internet.

Often men, trying to give the impression of an emotional and positive person, abundantly season their messages with emoticons and emoji. Do not do this; it gives you uncertainty. One parenthesis at the end of a sentence is enough.

Another common mistake is lisp. Do not distort the name of the girl to whom you are addressing, and do not familiarize yourself. If she, for example, Anastasia, then the only variation available to you is Nastya. Not Nastyusha, not Nastyunechka and not Naska. Do not worry, you will still have a chance to affectionately call a girl. With the remaining names, I hope you can figure it out for yourself.

I look forward to your displeased faces and rolled up eyes, because now we will talk about grammatical errors. Although we are not in a Russian language lesson, and strict Mary Ivanna will not slap you two for “I want to meet you,” something much more important is at stake - the sympathy and disposition of your chosen one. You want to please a girl, right? Ladies pay attention to spelling, no matter how you like to believe otherwise.

Again I can not ignore the topic of compliments. Admire this masterpiece. The guy gives him away for a real dialogue, apparently, he has a very rich imagination.

In an article about dating on the street, I wrote that “pretty” is the worst compliment for a girl. I confess I was wrong. “You're nothing too” is the winner of our charts! For a girl to be happy with this phrase, she must be so hungry for male attention that I can’t even come up with a plausible example.

4 years in the area? Not suitable, there is also internet. Doesn’t crawl through the door? The guy himself would not write to her. Unless the lady has just returned from a desert island. So she introduced this wonderful couple - “pretty girl” and Robinson Crusoe in a skirt.

Here, perhaps, are all the main mistakes. And if you are still racking your brains, what’s wrong with the word “getting acquainted” three paragraphs back — running to the bookstore for a Russian language textbook! The thing is really bad.

Watch the video: Having A Chat In VK (February 2020).

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