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5 tricks with a razor you should definitely learn about

The shaving brush has a plain plastic packaging, indicating that it is made in Germany. Opening the package, you understand that this is a “basement” China. The quality of the brush is disgusting. White synthetic pile, only in appearance it looks attractive. But the reality is that the pile is very tough and combustible. The stiffness of the pile creates a sensation, as if it were not a brush in the hand, but an industrial paint brush, which was in use and should be soaked in a solvent. The form of the pile is not clearly framed, and before trying the shaving brush, there was a desire to trim the ends, but having discovered that the handle is detached from the base with the pile, I decided to abandon this idea.

In principle, all the cons, this indecency, "crawled out" while washing the brush. Soap took a long time. Pointing the foam in the palm of my hand, I realized that it was almost impossible to do because the stake was stake. After such an unsuccessful attempt, I decided to see what happened with the shaving brush inside, after applying soap and water. Separating the main part with a pile from the handle, water was found inside it, and on the back of the base with a pile there was soap. In addition, during the guidance of the foam, the shaving brush lost lint.

Seeing in the store this obscenity, try not to purchase. The shaving brush “Elite” with the handle “Granite” is made much better than this basement misunderstanding.

Shaving brush Galante (synthetics)

A shaving brush is made in Great Celestial Empire, and it is imported into our country by Best Trans Service LLC (Ekaterinburg). Therefore, it makes no sense to look for the manufacturer and its history. But it is worth saying that in China there is a normal production of high-quality shaving brushes. But, apparently, the importer company does not know about this or has decided that it is better to buy the cheapest goods, which can cost 10-20 rubles. and vparivat his domestic buyer at an inflated price. Although they could buy high-quality bristles and nap in China, and establish production in Russia. Create jobs and produce quality products. But, obviously, it’s easier to trade than to establish your own production of quality products.

The brush is packed in a cheap blister. If you do not carefully consider it, then in appearance it is even nothing. But it is worth picking it up, and light weight spoils the whole impression. The handle consists of two parts, the junction has traces of glue processing. The beam only has a regular shape from afar, but it can be seen near that it was set manually and, most likely, in a state of intoxication. If the shampoo is wet, then its irregular shape is noticeable even more. Synthetic fiber resembles The Body Shop shaving fiber.

Characteristics shaving brush:
Weight shaving brush about 23 g
Total height - 110 mm
Knot height - 60 mm
Beam diameter - 20 mm
Handle Diameter - 34 mm

Surprisingly, the shaving brush works quite well, and due to the fact that the height of its knot is 8 mm higher than in The Body Shop, it is slightly softer.

During testing, the shaving brush did not lose fiber, and this, of course, was very pleased. But it is likely that other Galante shaving brushes may have such a flaw. The brush works well with soaps and creams. There were no problems with pointing foam on the face. When working with the bowl was a little discomfort. The shaving brush seemed to stumble. I guess this is due to the irregular shape of the beam.

It’s easy to whip the foam and most of all I liked it in work on the face. I tested with this shaving brush the new shaving cream from the SVOBODA MEN CARE series from the FREEDOM factory. The results I was very pleased with. The shaving brush worked without problems with Cella soap.

When testing in a bowl with The Body Shop Maca Root shaving cream, I had to work longer with a brush to bring the air foam to a state of whipped cream.

Total. Yes, the shaving brush does not shine with the workmanship, but, despite this, it does its job better than the “Amber” brush made from boar bristles. Another plus is that it does not lose fiber. For 120 rub. we get a working shaving brush, for hiking or for exploring inexpensive synthetics. Of course, there is no desire to use such a brush on a permanent basis, since its appearance and quality are far from ideas about aesthetics.

Recommendations of this shaving brush will still not be. After reading this review, or watching a video review, you yourself will draw the correct conclusion. My recommendation is only for Best Trans Service LLC, indicated at the very beginning.

HJM is a subsidiary of the Muehle company, it was created specifically for shaving brushes of a low price category. The entire range of HJMs is produced at the same factory in Germany as all Muehle products, so the quality of HJM shaving brushes is as excellent as Muehle's, but the materials are much cheaper: plastic fittings, boar bristle brushes, etc.

Here is an official answer to the question about the brand can be obtained on the Russian-language website of the German company Muehle. HJM failed to find other useful information about the brand.

Despite the fact that this shaving brush is budgetary, it is well done, and during testing, the loss of bristle was minimal - no more than five villi. The brush handle is made of plastic, but I really liked it. A comparative analysis of the available shaving brushes showed that the budget shaving brush OmegaS10005 turned out to be close in comfort of holding in the hand.

Key Features HJM Shaving Brush:

Total length - 103 mm
Bristle length - 50 mm
Handle Length - 53 mm
Beam diameter - 21 mm

Of all my shaving brushes, this is the first shaving bristle brush. Of course, it will become softer after prolonged use, but not by much, since the bunch is quite dense and the standard length of the bristles. Therefore, the brush will be good for lovers of stiff bristles.

The brush works quite well with any soaps and creams, but since it is new and the tips of the bristles have not yet split, it takes a little longer to induce foam.

Can this shampoo be recommended? I think it is possible, since the quality really matches the quality of Muehle, plus a reasonable price. But do not forget that it is most suitable for those who love hard bristles.

Shaving Brush Maggard Razors SY-24 Purple

The American family-owned company Maggard Razors, LLC was established in 2012. It was founded by Brad and Casie Maggard. In fact, this is a store that sells shaving products. The assortment includes not only products of other companies, but also its own. In the list of its products: classic machines, shaving brushes, means for / after shaving.

If you remember, there was previously a review of the V3A head from this company, which turned out to be not very flattering. Despite the sad experience, I assume that the problem was isolated, because I did not see negative reviews from other users. I want to note that Maggard Razors values ​​its reputation and its customers. They try to solve not only all emerging conflict situations, but also monitor the quality of the supplied products from the manufacturer.

The shaving brush is packed in an ordinary box of white color on which there is a company sticker. Its weight is 75 g. The resin handle is high-quality and comfortable, its length is 56 mm. The color scheme is not quite ordinary, but there are other color schemes. According to official information on the Maggard Razors website, synthetic fiber is similar to Plisson fibers. The shaving brush was made in China and, apparently, for this reason, the price tag of this shaving brush does not scare away the buyer.

On the website of the Maggard Razors online store, in the description of the shaving brush, it is indicated that the diameter of the node is 24 mm, and the same is indicated in the model name. My measurements with a caliper, without squeezing the knot, showed all 26 mm with a beam length of 55 mm.

Testing was carried out directly on the face and in the bowl "Moon". Feels like when working on the face, the shaving brush is comparable to Omega. Almost the same softness, but the coating area is slightly larger, since the node is 26 mm.

When testing in the bowl, there were no problems, since the shaving brush is not so large as to speak of any inconvenience.

Thanks to high-quality synthetic fiber, the shaving brush doesn’t matter if you work with cream or soap. He very easily and quickly induces foam and gives it to the last.

It is worth recalling that the shaving brush dries quickly enough, since water does not linger on synthetic fiber and therefore it can be taken on business trips, if, of course, you are satisfied with its size.

Total. I definitely liked the Maggard Razors SY-24 Purple brush. It is almost as good as Omega's synthetic fiber shaving brush. Barbershop should pay attention to this shaving brush, as it has a good knot size and, again, synthetic fiber.

I recommend this brush, but before buying, think about the stand, as yours may not work.

The cost of the shaving brush in the Maggard Razors online store was $ 11.95.
The shaving brush was presented to me by a person who wished to remain anonymous. Many thanks to him for this gift.

Shaving brush Muehle Barsuk

The brand got its name from the name of the founder. Otto Johannes Muller founded a company known until 2006 as Muhle-Pinsel. In 1945, the production of simple badger hair shaving brushes began, the mill was already showing off on products in the logo. A modest private manufacture gradually honed the skill of manufacturing handmade shaving brushes and machine tools from expensive materials. Due to high quality products and great popularity, the company has become the largest producer in Europe, the USA and Japan. Muehle manufactures all products in its own factory in East Germany, in the city of Stutzengrün.

Many sooner or later begin to think about acquiring a badger shaving brush. So my time has come. I didn’t immediately spend money and buy an expensive silver badger category shaving brush. And I got a shaving brush from an ordinary badger of the German company Muehle (Mill) in the britvasolingen.ru store

The shaving brush is made very high quality. Materials: badger pile and wooden handle. What kind of tree did not specify for me it is in principle unimportant. Pile is very soft and, to be honest, its softness is a little annoying when applying foam to the face. When applying foam with a boar brush, the brush and hand brush always remained clean. And with this brush, not only the pen in the foam, but also the hand. This occurs mainly when using shaving cream. Using shaving soap, this problem does not arise.

During the use of the Muehle shaving brush, there was no loss of lint.
To summarize. I was pleased with the purchase of a Muehle shaving brush with a badger hair, but I decided for myself that it is best used in combination with shaving soap. For various creams, I will use a brush with a nap from a boar. Will I buy a silver badger shaving brush? I don’t know yet. The price of such shaving brushes stops and the fact that, most likely, they are not very different from shaving brushes with a pile of a regular badger. But it is possible that there is still a difference, and in order to feel and understand it, one must be an esthete.

Shaving brush Muehle VIVO Black Fiber

The brand got its name from the name of the founder. Otto Johannes Muller founded a company known until 2006 as Muhle-Pinsel. In 1945, the production of simple badger hair shaving brushes began, the mill was already showing off on products in the logo. A modest private manufacture gradually honed the skill of manufacturing handmade shaving brushes and machine tools from expensive materials. Due to high quality products and great popularity, the company has become the largest producer in Europe, the USA and Japan. Muehle manufactures all products in its own factory in East Germany, in the city of Stutzengrün.

This is my second shaving brush with fiber. The first was the S10005 shaving brush with first-generation fiber, and it looks more like wild boar bristles. Shaving brush MUEHLE VIVO Black Fiber with second generation fiber. And I will say that the difference is palpable! The "mill" synthetics are softer, and as it seemed to me, it is even softer than the usual badger pile. During use, until I noticed a loss of fiber.

Key features shaving brush:

Total length - 107 mm
Handle Length - 51 mm
Fiber Length - 56 mm
Knot - 21 mm

The brush handle is made of synthetic resin and metal, which is coated with chrome. She has one caveat. Its metal part outweighs the rest of the shaving brush, and when installing it in the holder, you must be careful that it does not fall. Under such a shaving brush, it is best to use a stand with two holders, made at an angle.

Soaking a synthetic fiber shaving brush is not necessary; just wet it and start to set the soap. Soap is collected quickly enough, and also quickly foam is induced on the face. The foam is dense, but do not forget that its quality depends more on the quality of the shaving product.

I liked this shaving brush, but it will be necessary to find a stand under it, in which it will not tip over.

In the Spanish Gift & Care store, this shaving brush cost 37.50 euros.

1. How to store a razor in the bathroom

2 Velcro hooks will help you, hang them next to each other and they will be an excellent holder for a razor.

A glass of rice is also a good way to store a razor. Rice absorbs all moisture and your blades will always be dry and clean.

And to get rid of bacteria and bad smell, wipe the razor blades with essential oil with your favorite scent.

2. How to store a razor in cosmetic bags

A very convenient cover for storing a razor can be a paper clip.

If you are traveling, it is convenient to glue the blade with hot melt adhesive. So you will not cut yourself on the blade, it will remain clean and not dull, and bulky covers will not take up much space. When you need to use a razor, just remove the hot melt from the blade with your hands, it easily moves away from the razor.

Shaving stand: hygiene and comfort

Accessories for shaving brushes, such as a stand, are a must for men who use classic brushes to whip soap. The stand allows you to store the brush correctly, provides quick drainage of water, which means that it does not allow the development of harmful bacteria at the base of the brush - this is a significant hygienic advantage. In addition, the stand has other advantages:

  • they allow you to conveniently take a shaving brush,
  • easy to operate
  • have a pleasant weight
  • withstand even high humidity
  • become a stylish accessory in the bathroom.

In our online store stands for shaving brush are presented literally for every taste. We only work with trusted manufacturers of men's accessories that offer premium quality products.

The right choice for stylish men

A large assortment of luxury accessories is always available for you in our online market. Buying stands for shaving brushes is simple and profitable. We guarantee the impeccable quality of each product, the optimal price. We also offer fast delivery throughout Russia and the help of consultants on any issues of interest. By placing an order in the Men007 store, you make a choice in favor of the impeccable quality that real men value so much!

What does a razor stand and shaving brush look like?

The shaving procedure is familiar to every man. The process will become much easier and more convenient if all the necessary devices are in place. After all, a razor stand and shaving brush is not a luxury item, but a necessary thing. Such supports provide special compartments for inserting the shaving brush and a separate place for the machine.

The same applies to razors, in order to avoid blunting of a sharp edge, the best position for storing it is vertical on a special stand. It is this method that will protect the machine from dropping water on it.

Material for manufacturing

Stands can be of various shapes and sizes, most often in their manufacture is used:

  • desktop models are often made of glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, or natural stone,
  • options for stands designed for wall mounts are often made of plastic or metal.

This does not affect the quality of the subsequent shave, so the choice must be made based on the options that the eye likes. Global manufacturers are trying to produce coasters that fit exactly their branded products.

Criterias of choice

When deciding on a suitable option, the following factors should be considered:

  • there are coasters for one and several items,
  • There are varieties with a weighted bottom. It provides good stability,
  • there are options for wall mounting,
  • during storage, soft bristles should not jam;
  • Finally, you need to take into account the color and shape of the used shaving brush and razors, so that in the collection they can be successfully combined with each other.

In machine tools, the sizes of handles do not have large differences, so there is no need to worry about them. Choosing chrome coasters models, you can be sure that he is not afraid of corrosion, despite the fact that the bathroom has high humidity. Models with non-slip bases can protect the holders for the brush and the machine from falling.

Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

Repair of dangerous razors, call from 11-00 to 23-00, +79267729357, ask Oleg.

Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

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Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

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Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

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Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

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Re: Piled stand. Check it out)))

And I liked the stand, made professionally! Hand made and does not smell. I would not refuse to have a delay)))

Added later 1 hour 6 minutes 8 seconds:
He took a steel ring from a set of hexagons, there was no other wire in the house. stretched turned, stuck a shaving brush - Worth it! Not hanging, but worth it. The wire was a little short. Kaisend me some copper wire)))

"Power is disgusting, like hands of a barber" - O.E. Mandelstam

Where to buy and how much?

Similar products can be purchased both in online stores and in specialized departments with related shaving items. It is worth asking about interior stores, including the departments for decorating the bathroom. The cost of such accessories will depend on:

  • holder configuration
  • the material from which it is made
  • manufacturing company.

Standard plastic models are not expensive, but design items made of glass and natural stone can be much more expensive. On average, the price varies from 65 rubles to 6,000 rubles.

How to make a stand yourself

The presence of the stand corresponds to the observance of cleanliness and hygiene. Every man should use a special stand for storing shaving products in his bathroom. However, they do not have to be purchased in special stores. With a great desire, such an accessory can be made with your own hands at home.

So, how can a stand for a razor and shaving brush be done on your own: we choose the best part of plexiglass with a thickness of about 3 - 6 mm. A special hole is cut out with a jigsaw for the brush handle (given its diameter) and for the machine. Plexiglass bending for stability is done with a construction hairdryer.

An even simpler option is a simple copper wire of sufficient thickness, curved by round pliers. Thus, special holes for shaving accessories and the base itself, on which the stand will stand, are bent from wire.

Such coasters can come in handy as a stylish gift for a man, and just to create comfortable conditions in the process of shaving. You should not consider the holder solely as an item of bathroom decoration. It is simply essential to keep your daily appliances clean. In addition, shaving brushes and other hygiene items will always be at hand in a designated place.

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