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Men's hairstyles with long bangs

For several consecutive years, regardless of the season, men's haircuts with bangs have not ceased to be popular, modern and in demand by the strong half of humanity. They have become so familiar that now not everyone can imagine themselves with a changed hairstyle. In order for the hair to look beautiful and neat after the haircut, it is necessary to constantly style it, and this will require some effort to take careful care of yourself and your appearance.

Humanity did not develop rapidly, however, mainly women paid attention to hair, but with the development of civilization, men began to closely monitor themselves. Long strands stopped hanging in front, they were pulled back, and subsequently they simply went out of fashion and shortened from century to century of male hair. The Renaissance era brought into fashion a magnificent hair, it suited absolutely everyone regardless of the condition of the hair. Bangs appeared in a later period, when the man’s hair became distinguished by neatness and conciseness. Bangs can be called a hairstyle decoration, it emphasizes individuality. If before a hair clipper could only afford a specialist engaged in the provision of hairdressing services, today it is in almost every home.

Popular men's haircuts with long bangs

A haircut with a long bang on its side does not require much time for styling and the cost of paying for a hairdresser. These hairstyles are the most relevant, and a man with their help becomes stylish and achieves tremendous success. Young guys are inspired by new products and when they see new men's youth hairstyles, they want to change their style.

The right choice of haircut is important; in society, people take it first of all in appearance. Hair change the appearance beyond recognition, give a positive. Men's haircuts with long bangs should be suitable for facial features, in shape and structure of hair. Some bangs are great for boys, others for students, and for men and seniors are completely different. Hair has always attracted attention, and especially when it is beautifully styled.

Short hair and hairstyles are suitable not only for a man, but also for a young man, it is easy to care for them and styling takes very little time. Such haircuts are excellent, if a man makes this choice, he will not have to spend much time at the mirror. Oblique elongated bangs effectively combined with a short length, it is able to completely change the hairstyle and add stylish notes. Elongated forehead strands in hairstyles with short sides are beautiful, require frequent adjustments and trimming.

There are men's haircuts with bangs on their sides, and there are straight evenly laid ones, while curls must be periodically adjusted and smoothed so that they look good. In some cases, ironing is required for alignment and smoothness.
When choosing a haircut with an average length, you can style it to create an image in different ways. Quite often, a man does as he likes best. Depending on the method of cutting, styling is selected. For example, with "Cascade", in order to achieve volume, it is necessary to lay your hair in the form of a ladder. This haircut is done with a short nape. When the bangs are combed, it goes well with the average length, the image becomes balanced and fabulous.

The hair on the forehead is laid on the side of the gel, the image becomes hot. Elongated locks look incomparable and attract the attention of others, but they are not so popular, and the care is complicated.

Suffering with thin hair, short hairstyles with shaved temples and with bangs upstairs are quite in demand and many guys carefully and beautifully stack their hair.

Face shape and bangs

In addition to the shape of the haircut, you should pay attention to the length of the bangs - one of the few ways you can use your hair to noticeably change the shape of the face. It is great for hiding large foreheads or shortening the long face shape. Carefully selected bangs can give a completely new look not only to the hair, but also to the shape of the head.

To whom it goes

Bangs are not suitable for all men. Much depends on the type of styling, the features of the strands (curls or straight), the shape of the face. For example, for chubby guys, a haircut is not a very good choice. A flat horizontal cut line visually expands the face. Therefore, this option is optimal for an oval, elongated face.

With a massive chin and zygomatic zone, not all options with bangs will be appropriate. Therefore, they should be selected with caution. If the hair is combed towards the back of the head or temple, then the hairstyle can beautify almost anyone.

Haircuts with bangs win against the background of others due to the fact that they are universal for all strands: thick or rare, elongated or shortened, curly or even. The main thing is to choose a suitable shape and styling, and to visit a hairdresser in a timely manner to correct the length.

Front strands of medium length are suitable for young people under 35 years old. Typically, such haircuts are chosen by creative people (musicians, artists, actors, singers), since this length makes it possible to experiment with your appearance and often change the image. However, men's hairstyles with an average length of bangs need regular care with the use of various fixing agents.

Long front strands can be stacked in a completely different way. The main thing here is that their sufficient density and rigidity is present. As for the short haircut, the styling options, of course, are fewer. But such hairstyles require a minimum of care, practical, neat.

Actual types of male bangs

Men's hairstyles with bangs are suitable for liberated individuals who strive for self-expression. There are many interesting design options: asymmetrical, parted, combed to one side or back, milled, etc. Depending on this, the hairstyle can give the image of severity and tranquility or romance and lightness. And the longer the hair, the greater the choice of fashionable men's haircuts with elongated bangs.

Bangs to the side with parting

Hairstyle with bangs on the side and parting looks good on almost all men. She does not visually change the shape of her face, but she definitely adds style and gloss. Parting focuses on the scalp, hair, so there should not be a hint of peeling, dandruff, greasy strands.

You can safely experiment. If you smooth the bangs, the face seems a little wider (the option is suitable for thin, narrow-faced men), if you add a basal volume, then, on the contrary, it is more elongated (for chubby guys). A man's hairstyle with bangs on its side is appropriate with any image, be it a sports bow, a strict classic or comfortable everyday.

On two sides

Such a man's hairstyle is performed on elongated curls. It is universal and suitable for owners of both straight and curly strands. The face is visually young, so both young people and older men can do bangs on two sides.

This haircut helps hide flaws on the sides of the face. Also bangs in different directions adjusts the shape of the head. Shortened strands slightly frame the face and help to make it visually already at the top.
This option is not recommended for men with a massive jaw, since the hairstyle focuses on this part and can make the heavy chin heavier. But for owners of an oval, round, diamond-shaped face, you can safely choose a haircut with bangs on two sides.

How will the length of the bangs change the shape of the face?

If the face is square, then the bangs are able to smooth out rough corners and adjust the image, making it softer. A good solution would be an elongated oblique option, which will end below or above the chin. This detail is able to hide all angular features. Looks great version with bangs down having torn type edges.

Also, a model with a raised bang and an increased volume or an asymmetric bang of an oblique type may be suitable. These decisions allow the presence of highlighting on the hair, which will give the image of playfulness and youth.

If the person has an oval shape, which is considered ideal, since it is the most balanced of all types, any type of bangs is allowed. This facial type allows for a classic hairstyle model: long bangs, short nape, or simply straightened hair on one side. The main thing is that the hair is combed back, and not on the forehead, in order to prevent roundness of the face. For example, a male hairstyle with hair up and volume at the crown, can create corners and sharpen features.

Holders of a round shape need to achieve height and angles in the hairstyle. Their choice should be a man's hairstyle with a long top and short hair on the sides. This is done in order to indicate the height and length. The messy hairstyle from above looks especially good. In the style of their haircuts, asymmetry should always be present.

The triangular shape of the face involves a haircut with short sides and an elongated top, which will create volume on the crown. The natural decomposition of the bangs and the hair removed to one side are allowed.

Raised up

The main feature is the basal volume in the frontal zone. A haircut with bangs up visually stretches the face, so it is great if its shape is round or square. Slightly elongated strands can simply be lifted up and fixed with special cosmetics: varnish, mousse, gel, foam, etc. If they are of medium length, you can make a basal volume and lay the bangs back or towards the temple.

A similar male haircut adds an appearance of courage, audacity and style. Depending on how to lay the strands near the forehead, the final image depends: it can be either provocative, impulsive, or more restrained and businesslike.

Raised bangs care

Permanent care for the bangs is necessary, especially when it is long or multi-layered. If it comes to coarse hair, then the strands will be obedient and well amenable to styling.

In the case when the hair is more curly, then the process will take longer. With daily care for curls, you need to remember some recommendations:

  • Direct curls should be dried from above, while they should be constantly combed. In order to achieve a larger volume, direct the flow of hot air to the roots. When laying a curly bang, you need to first apply a smoothing gel and apply a round brush,
  • if the fringe is thick and consists of stiff and curly hair, then it is recommended to moisten it with serum, otherwise the strands will not lie freely,
  • do not use too much styling products, because they contain moisturizing elements, because of which the bangs will curl and fluff. A positive effect will be provided by serum, which retains moisture inside the hair, which will contribute to their smoothness and silkiness,
  • you need to cut the bangs dry, because after drying it will bounce and become much shorter,
  • with curly hair you need to be careful, as they curl and bounce, twisting into curls.

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Long hair and bangs parted

A hairstyle with shortened front strands and elongated rest creates a romantic, creative look. She rejuvenates her face, therefore it is relevant for men of all ages. More suitable for oval and rectangular face. If a man possesses gross features, then a hairstyle will help smooth them out.

Men's hairstyle with parting and long bangs provides its owner with a huge number of options for its modeling and styling. A straight line that divides the hairline can be done in the center or side. The front strands can be trimmed evenly or with a ladder, smoothly merging with the rest of the hairs.

Long hair with bangs pulled back

Such a haircut opens the face, focuses on the forehead, eyes. It is better to choose the owners of the right features and with a not very high forehead. You can comb the strands in different ways: to smooth, make a basal volume or careless styling, etc. Men's haircuts with long bangs give the image softness, restraint and elegance.


The shorter the strands, the easier it is to carry out styling with a raised bang. Men often prefer a haircut model with a short bang, because the hairstyle does not require special care, and styling is fast enough. The owners of such hairstyles always look young and vibrant. Another positive aspect of the short bangs is that it is to face absolutely all the guys. Such a bang has no age or status restrictions.

When creating the image, you should create a small volume in the forehead and lift all the strands from the forehead to the back of the head. Such manipulation is performed by two methods:

  • first, the strands are treated with foam or mousse for styling, after which they are lifted with a thin comb or brush,
  • each strand is lifted by a comb and sprayed with varnish. At the end of styling, fix the hairstyle with varnish.

The bangs laid in the form of a small mohawk look very impressive. To do this, use wax or gel.


Such a haircut emphasizes the brutality of a man. But at the same time it smooths the angular parts of the face. Leaves a feeling of slight deliberate negligence in the image, as if the man had just woken up. To make such a hairstyle, you can spend a couple of minutes or more than half an hour. Much depends on the existing haircut, texture, length of the strands, as well as fixing means.

When choosing such a styling, you should first pay attention to the haircut itself. The more multi-layered it will be, the more spectacular a man’s haircut with bangs will ultimately turn out. If the hair is thick and elongated, then styling will not take much time, under its own weight the strands themselves will beautifully fall down. But creating a styling on thin hair is a more difficult task. In this case, it is better not to choose styling products that make the hair heavier (for example, gels, waxes), but rather prefer fixing sprays, mousses.


In this situation, you should perform a volume in the forehead, and lay the hair up from the face. Here it will be appropriate to raise the bangs higher or lower, it is allowed to do it neat or careless.

To form a beautiful styling, you need to use an iron or hairdryer with a comb.Thus, a beautiful bang shape is created. Before using these tools, apply thermal protection to the hair. At the final stage, the hairstyle up is fixed with varnish.

Photo gallery

Of course, a man’s haircut with bangs requires special attention and constant care. However, having learned how to style it correctly, you can constantly transform your hairstyle beyond recognition.

The main types of face

All these face shapes are very reminiscent of geometric shapes. There are five main types:

  • Oval, with rounded lines and a perfectly defined face shape,
  • Round, with smooth lines of a broad and slightly flat face,
  • Triangular, with an elongated face and a sharp chin,
  • Rectangular, with more straight lines of an elongated face and a high forehead,
  • Square, with angular lines of a broad face.

Braided in a tail or bundle

The hairstyle is modern, very simple to implement and any man can handle it. You only need a comb (and sometimes you can do without it) and an elastic band for hair.
Often this men's hairstyle is combined with a slight unshaven, mustache, as well as shaved or shortened temples. It suits holders of an oval shape of the head. As for the age and characteristics of the hair (straight, curly), there are no restrictions.

In the tail it makes sense to braid the hair if it is not too long, otherwise the hairstyle will give the image of femininity. With long strands, it is better to give preference to a hipster bunch.

Matching for each type

Elongated faces are better suited to bangs, lowered down, visually making the face shape wider and more harmonious, and wide - bangs raised up and visually stretching the face. Otherwise, you can make the already wide face even wider, and the long - long.

Broad faces are square and round shapes, while long ones are rectangular and triangular in shape. The oval is considered an ideal, therefore it is worth striving for it, balancing the features of the outlines of the face with a hairstyle.

If you want to visually make your face longer, choose hairstyles with bangs in which whiskey is shaved. For an already elongated face, shaved whiskey is not a good idea. It is better to choose a hairstyle that, on the contrary, creates a small volume in this area.

Another important point. Take a closer look at your facial features and decide what they are: small, normal or large. If the size is normal, then skip this paragraph, and if small or large - read on.

For small features, it will be optimal if the hairstyle partially covers the face: this way they will look larger. For large features, do the opposite: open your face as much as possible.

Slanting bangs

This is one of the most difficult types of haircuts. Without the services of a professional hairdresser is unlikely to do. It is important not only skill, but also the right choice regarding the length, shape of the front strand. It can be asymmetric, milled, shortened, elongated, lacerated bangs, have an even or diagonal cut.
Thinned strands add casualness and lightness to the look. Make the hair volumetric. More suitable for owners of thick strands. If the hair is weakened and thin, it is better to choose the option with an even diagonal cut. So they will appear denser, thicker.

Men's haircuts with long oblique bangs visually reduce the cheeks and jaw, so they are suitable for a massive lower part of the face. But the shortened version emphasizes the whole face: emphasizes its geometry, chin, cheekbones. In this regard, it is suitable with the right features.

For short hair

If the front strands are short, then there are still several styling options. The bangs on short hair can be lifted up and fixed with cosmetics (half-box), side parted and combed back (Hitler Youth), down and perfectly cut (Caesar), etc.

A haircut with a short bang should be selected individually. For example, if a man is chubby, then the front strands should be small in length, combed to the back of the head, temple or up.

How to cut men's bangs

Before proceeding with the haircut, you should determine the shape (straight, asymmetrical, parted), texture (even, thinned) and the length of the front strands. For the procedure you will need: a comb, scissors (normal - if you plan an even cut, and thinning - if thinned strands are needed). Hair should be slightly damp. You need to start cutting from the side, and not from the center.

Smooth bang cutting technology:

  1. Make a parting parallel to the eyebrow line.
  2. Pull the strand.
  3. Make an even cut parallel to the eyebrow, it should turn out square.
  4. Then take the strand a little higher, parallel to the previous one and use the first strand as a control line for the cut.
  5. On the other side, make a mirror reflection of the first parting, that is, it should be the same diagonal and parallel to the eyebrow. It is necessary to observe the uniformity of the strand tension.
  6. The slice is performed in the same way as 3 and 4 points.
  7. After that, the center will be an angle. It needs to be softened. To do this, grab the left, right side with a comb and align the center line along them.

If thinning is planned, then you should tighten the bangs and walk 1-2 cm to the edge of hair growth with thinning shears using the "plucking" method. The tool should not be located horizontally, but vertically. Hair should be deflected to the side by 30 degrees and gently cut thin strands. As for oblique bangs, it is better to entrust the procedure to the master.

How to trim according to type

To keep the image neat and attractive, you need to periodically cut the bangs (about 1 time per month). If these are straight front strands, then you need to cut them in the same way as the straight bangs cut method described above. But how to cut a man’s bangs if it was thinned out? Everything is simple here. You must first cut the length, and then go with thinning shears using the "plucking" method.

How to lay sideways or up

Hair styling should only be done on clean hair. After washing your hair, you need to dry the strands with a towel. They should be slightly moist. If the hair is thin or prone to greasy, then it is better to choose a foam for fixing. If thick, then you can take a gel - you get the effect of wet styling.

Apply on palm and spread on roots. Then ruffle the hair with quick movements and blow dry a little with a hairdryer so that the cosmetic fixes the basal volume (if you plan to smoothly comb your hair, you can immediately comb the hair in the necessary direction: lay the bangs on the side or up).

After that, comb the hair slightly, but the main thing is not to overdo it so that the locks do not lose volume. And lay them in the right direction. At the end, spray varnish on the strands to finally fix the styling.

Having a bang, a man can constantly experiment with his appearance. And it is not necessary for this to have long or medium length strands. For short hair, you can also find interesting options.

Fashion trends

Fashion trends conquer not only women's hearts. Today, more and more men pay tribute to modern styles, not only in clothes, but also in hairstyle. Well-groomed hair in addition with a refined and well-chosen haircut is half the success of a man at work, and most importantly - among women.

As for men's hairstyles with bangs, this image is not suitable for all guys - it requires a special type of face. Such hairstyles require careful care using special cosmetics, permanent styling. But such works are fully justified, because such images give men confidence, make them modern at any age.

The advantage of such haircuts is that they are suitable for all hair: whether they are long or short, thick or sparse, curly or even. The main thing is to choose the right style and shape of the hairstyle, and visit the salon on time for its timely correction.

Men's bangs on short hair can be combed up, right or left. Thanks to this, the appearance of a man changes radically: attractiveness, youthfulness, originality appear. A bang on hair with an average length is more suitable for young guys and men a little older than 30 years. Most often, such haircuts are chosen by creative persons (actors, singers, musicians), since they allow you to experiment with your image, change your image. On medium hair, asymmetric and oblique bangs look interesting. They are suitable liberated, striving for self-expression, uncomplexed personalities.

Especially good are bangs on long hair. You can stack them in different ways. Such hairstyles are relevant for all age categories of men. The only condition that allows you to make such an image is sufficient hair density and stiffness. And if the haircut is done by the graduation method, then the forehead strands can be curled and laid in any desired direction.

Benefits of bangs in men's haircuts:

  • With the help of a bang, you can almost completely hide bald patches or reduce the attention attracted to them

  • If you have thin hair - bangs will help to give volume
  • Bangs for men are also a way to change their image in two minutes. ➤ Lift it up to show your rocker soul with Iroquois, ➤ put a small amount of styling on your palm and make creative mess - slight chaos gives sexuality, ➤ use hair gel to comb your bangs to the side if you have an important business meeting or dinner ahead restaurant - creating the image of a gallant gentleman will also not take much time.
  • The disadvantages of bangs for men can only be called time for growing and daily care. But if you decide that it is time to change something - these minuses will seem very insignificant.

    remember, that An incorrectly shaped bang shape can ruin your appearance and the image, as, for example, was with the charismatic and sexy actor Javier Bardem in the film “Old Men Can't Be Here” (2007), which became similar to itself thanks to an unsuccessful hairstyle.

    History of Origin and Distinctive Features

    The history of the appearance of men's hairstyles with bangs begins in the deep past. Hairdressing itself was born in Ancient Egypt and reached its peak by the XVI-XVII centuries. But even before that, in different parts of the world, men wore haircuts with forehead strands, remotely similar to modern ones. For example, the Indians cut their bangs so that it would not fall into their eyes and interfere with the view. In ancient Greece, men wore hairstyles with bangs made of small ring-shaped or sickle-shaped curls. In ancient Rome, a men's haircut with a thick bang was fashionable, which covered the entire forehead. Its length often reached eyebrows, sometimes it was done just to the middle of the forehead.

    During the Renaissance (15-16 centuries), men preferred haircuts for medium-length hair with even bangs, cutting the temporal and occipital zones in a semicircle. The rest of the time, until the 20-30 years of the 9th century, there were no forehead locks in men's hairstyles. They returned to them only in the 20th century after many years of war, when hairdressing began to develop with renewed vigor.

    The appearance of modern men's haircuts with bangs is associated with the trends of American fashion in the mid-20th century. Such hairstyles were supposed to make the image of a man more serious, rude, strong and even a little brutal. Since then, the fashion for a variety of nadlobny locks has been declining, now again becoming relevant.

    The main distinguishing feature of men's haircuts with bangs is their versatility and maximum practicality. Such a haircut can be presented every time in a new way. In addition, if the forehead strand has grown, you can simply comb it to the side, fixing it with wax or gel. Their universality lies in the fact that they can be made for hair of different age categories.

    Hairstyle with bangs on the side - classic is always in fashion

    It is extremely simple to lay the suprapubic strand on its side: it is enough to comb it in the desired direction and fix it with a special tool. For men with an uneven hairline on the forehead, the classic version of combing this strand on its side is suitable. This hairstyle gives its owner masculinity, seriousness, efficiency. If the hairline on the forehead is even, it is better to choose a bang with elongated strands. This style is more modern, youth.

    Examples of such men's haircuts:

    • "Canada" is a haircut in which the emphasis is on the frontal part of the head. As a result, the hairstyle turns out to be short, and long hair remains in the frontal area, which then fit into an oblique bang,
    • "Double bob" - a sporty haircut. It is characterized by short hair below (4-5 cm) and longer strands on top (7-8 cm). The result is a fairly thick bang, combing on its side,
    • smooth hairstyle with side parting - create such a hairstyle on elongated strands, using stable means for styling. It is characterized by a side parting with a barely noticeable bang on the side.

    Bangs laid sideways with a parting

    Such a bang will, in principle, be suitable for any face shape. The fact is that it practically does not change the form, but adds style and gloss to your image. Experiment with the volume of hairstyles and achieve amazing results! If you smooth the hair, the face will appear wider, and if you add volume - longer. Such a fringe would be appropriate in any setting.

    This video will show you how to style your hair this way yourself.

    Long hair and bangs separated by parting

    In this case, the fringe frames the face. Hair can be both medium length and long. With such a hairstyle, you will have a large field for experiments: parting can be done straight and side, bangs can be left even or cut with a ladder, as well as stacked in different ways.

    A hairstyle with such a long bang makes your face younger, and your whole image becomes more calm, creative and relaxed. Facial features become softer, so for men with gross features such a hairstyle can be very to the face.

    In this video, see how one of the variations of such a hairstyle is done.

    Braided in a tail or bundle

    This hairstyle is very popular now. Especially love to combine it with a mustache and beards. Although the hairstyle looks cool and courageous, you need to be careful with it. Unclean hair, a tired and unkempt look - and you may not be correctly understood.

    Put on your fringe in such a way if you don’t have a strict dress code at work and you don’t occupy a too responsible position. Although there are exceptions. Such a hairstyle must be carefully looked after so that it looks neat.

    Again, you can wear both a smoother version and a slightly disheveled one. Choose what you like. Stylish clothes will be the best accompaniment to the hair, so cleaned.

    In this video you will see how to do such a hairstyle yourself.

    Long hair with bangs pulled back

    This hairstyle is ideal for men with a small forehead, a broad face or large features. This hairstyle will not work with a high and large forehead, fine features. She focuses well on the eyes. You can style your hair in completely different ways, achieving different effects.

    A man with such a hairstyle will look restrained and elegant, simple and tasteful. Usually the hairstyle does not look cocky, but rather soft. Do not forget that the hairstyle should not only perfectly fit your face, but also reflect your character or mood.

    See how to style your hair in this video.

    Slanting option that partially or completely covers the forehead

    The fringe, especially adorning men with long faces and fine features, looks best on young men.If sharp and rough features prevail in your face, choose a soft bang, otherwise, try asymmetric or torn.

    A man with such a hairstyle seems more sensitive, youthful and romantic, therefore, know the measure: if you are creating such an impression, then it is better to prefer a more impudent and courageous hairstyle.

    Watch in this video how to make a voluminous oblique bang.

    How to grow bangs?

    It often happens that you have already decided on the hairstyle you want. You really like it, it suits and even ennobles your whole image. But a problem arises: the hair, and especially the bangs, are not long enough. What then to do?

    Alternatively, choose another hairstyle that will also suit you, or try to grow hair as quickly as possible. If you are closer to the second option and you don’t want to give up the desired hairstyle, then read the tips on how to quickly grow bangs and hair.

      Moisturize your hair well to grow faster. Dry hair is weak, and you should not expect much from it, especially accelerated growth. The situation is completely different with moisture-saturated hair: they look good and grow quickly.

    If the apartment has dry air, get a humidifier: not only your hair will say thanks, but also your skin, eyes, lungs and much more. Use shampoo and moisturizing balm. Drink more water. Strengthen the blood circulation of the head. Get a massage comb if you still don't have it. It perfectly massages the scalp ─ hair becomes stronger, shiny and grow at an accelerated pace.

    Try adding five to seven drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo: it also stimulates blood circulation and makes hair stronger. Many models actively use this trick.

    When washing off shampoo or balm (last care), use cold water. This trick will greatly benefit your hair.

    Do not use unnecessarily curling irons, curling tongs and even a hairdryer: they take moisture away from the hair (see the first tip) and slightly injure it.


    In this article you have found information about the most relevant men's bangs with photos, as well as video on their creation. Now you can choose the perfect bang for yourself, if not more than one. Your hairstyle can say a lot about your attitude to yourself and to the world. Properly care for your hair, choose cool hairstyles and enjoy life!

    Examples of hairstyles:

    Hairstyles with long bangs

    Creative hairstyles fit vivid hairstyles fromlong bangs. This is a great option for a lover of club life. Such haircuts need daily care and abundant use of styling products.

    Short bangs in men's haircuts

    A variety of short haircuts are combined with different bangs, but men's haircuts with short bangs are very stylish. There are men who pay a lot of attention to their appearance, this also applies to hairstyles and hair care. There are a lot of varieties of hair styling, but short haircuts with bangs for men are considered the most popular. Among men's haircuts with bangs, it is worth highlighting: the conservative option, the Bob haircut, the Eighties haircut, and many others.

    With the help of a hairstyle, the image not only changes, but also becomes diverse. Haircuts that do not have long bangs can be performed on different hair lengths, and bangs only create certain proportions of the face and make the image of a person diverse.

    Considering men's haircuts with bangs, photos of which are proposed in the article, you can choose the most suitable.

    Common Options for Men's Hairstyles

    There are a lot of haircuts for men, among which the main ones stand out:

    - conservative - a classic men's hairstyle that changes a person radically, while not only bangs play an important role, but also hair styling in general. She fits elegance and accuracy. The hair length is the same throughout the head, and styling does not require much time. Young people today are trying to cut the strands as short as possible, especially from the sides and in the area of ​​the ears, bangs can be laid back or sideways,

    - bob is a trend of the season that has no special frills, personifies masculinity and style, the strands should not be too long. Here, the stylist can be individual, use different tactics of haircuts, up to creative ones,

    - eighties style - haircuts with elongated bangs, the photo is offered with short-cut temples and elongated strands at the back, while the bangs are combed on the side. In this embodiment, a certain mess and styling using clamps is permissible,

    - boxing - classic boxing is common for both men and women, strands are cut using a machine, 5 mm of hair is left at the top, and 3 mm of hair on the side. This style is multifunctional, for example, for an office worker, you can carefully comb your bangs, and if you plan to visit the club in the evening, you can ruffle the haircut.

    Men's hairstyle with bangs on the side

    The retro style in the hairstyle is known all over the world, stylists try to form a certain image when styling, and the man becomes like a real macho who always knows what he needs to achieve. A haircut with a long bang on its side with curly hair creates a “cold wave” hairstyle, which is suitable for special occasions, such as weddings or graduations.

    There is a separation of hair into three parts, on the one hand there is more, and on the other less. Laying the hairstyle on its side is done using wax, after which a hairdryer is dried. Formal clothes in the form of an official suit or dress coat are perfectly combined with her, which is suitable for special occasions.

    Curls and styling

    If a man has curly hair, then a very beautiful lateral styling can result. Curly hair creates a large volume that cannot be reached by people who have ordinary straight curls.

    Side curls look very interesting and differ from everyday hairstyles. Curls fit perfectly with sprays, become playful, and the shape lasts a long time. This is one of the common fashion options. Wet styling is suitable for wavy hair, a gel is needed for this, and the image will be mischievous and playful.

    Styling has always been in demand among young men and men, because it looks not only original, but also incomparable. Today, almost every hairdresser offers to do a haircut when the center is shifted, this allows you to create a more modern look, bright and suitable for everyday life.

    For the formation of styling, you can use not only wax, but also powder, and if you need a long-lasting fixation result, then it is enough to spray with varnish on top. Whatever hairstyle was proposed, it should be neat, fashionable and appropriate to the lifestyle.

    See the most fashionable news for men's hairstyles here.

    With raised bangs

    If you use this type of haircut, then this brings brutality to the image, as well as attractiveness and sexuality. Perform a haircut for short hair, in the style of a male tennis hairstyle.

    With the bangs raised up, such haircut options are performed:

    1. Area. Features of the hairstyle are that the hair is cut short on the bottom of the head, and a few centimeters longer on the top. With the help of wax, it is combed up, thus creating an excellent fixation. Pay attention to this option is for men with stiff hair. To learn more about the men's haircut playground, you can from the contents in this article.
    2. Elvis This type of styling is characterized by elongated locks on top and shortened below. The hair on the sides, which are carefully combed back, completes the image. At the same time, it is elevated, fixed with a styling tool.
    3. With shaved temples. This is a classic, which is characterized by shaved whiskey, and the top and back of the head can have both long and short locks. The bangs in this case are stacked up. What names of men's hairstyles with shaved temples exist, you can understand if you read the contents of this article.
    4. British. This styling is of English origin. The classic model, which is characterized by a parting on the side. Characteristic features of the hairstyle are the temporal locks laid with foam and raised.

    With elongated

    Laying this type is suitable for those people who always wanted to stand out from the crowd. This is a great choice for a creative person or for a business person. But most often the hairstyle with elongated bangs is chosen by the party-goers, the inhabitants of club life. The main advantage of such styling is the simplicity of styling and its diversity, due to which you can get a bright and amazing appearance.

    Among the striking examples of such hairstyles are the following:

    1. With a shifted center. Its characteristic features are the shift of the center line and the asymmetry of the hair. Hair styling is performed on medium hair and belongs to the category of model hair.
    2. In grunge style. The peculiarity of this hairstyle for medium hair is that you can achieve chaotic styling and long bangs on the side.

    As the short stylish men's haircuts look at the photo, you can understand by looking at the contents of this article.

    How fashionable men's long hairstyles look, as well as how they are made, is indicated in the article.

    But what hairstyles for the oval face shape are the most popular, you can see the photos and videos in this article: https://opricheske.com/pricheski/p-povsednevnye/dlya-ovalnogo-lica-2.html

    Perhaps you will also be interested to know about which men's hairstyles with long hair are the most popular and how difficult it is to perform. To do this, you should see the contents of this article.

    With bangs back

    This season, stylists have developed several models of hairstyles for which the bangs are combed back. This option is very popular not only among young people, but also older men. For a young man, there are no special rules in choosing a hairstyle. Here you can choose both short and long styling. And in fact, and in another case, combed back will be in perfect harmony.

    And when it’s worth choosing a hairstyle for men aged 45-65, attention should be paid to classic haircuts with a short haircut laid back. You can choose a long option, the main thing is that it combines favorably with the selected haircut and face. But whiskey should be cut short and neatly.

    With oblique bangs

    When a man has a straight forehead line, then you should pay attention to the bangs of the oblique options. Moreover, it can be elongated or short. This style is preferred by modern young guys.

    Examples of styling can be such options:

    1. Canadian. When creating a styling, the emphasis is on the frontal region. As a result, the haircut is short, and in the forehead, the strands are long and cut at an oblique angle. What does the Canadian man’s hairstyle look like and what conditions are needed to obtain it? It will help to understand the information from this article.
    2. Double caret. This haircut option is suitable for athletic guys. Stacking is characterized by short locks in the lower part of the head, but on top it is longer. The hair near the forehead is oblique and thick, can be combed on one side.
    3. Smooth with parting on the side. The hairstyle is feasible on a long head of hair, and the styling process should occur using styling tools. There is a side parting and a barely noticeable oblique.

    For thin hair

    If a guy has thin hair, then a graduated haircut for medium hair will be an excellent option for him. Thanks to it, it is possible to create the missing volume and lay the locks in the required direction. Particular attention in this installation is given to asymmetric lines.

    Strands of different lengths can be on the temples, behind. The fringe reaches the middle of the forehead, and when laid it is left untouched.

    You might also be interested to see how youth male haircuts look for short hair. To do this, follow the link and see the photo in the article.

    With bangs on its side

    The process of laying such a bang is very simple. All that is required is just to comb it on one side, and then fix the result with varnish. When a guy has an uneven hairline near his forehead, you should pay attention to the classics. This will give the appearance of efficiency and masculinity. For a smooth forehead line, a long look is suitable. She will look stylish and youthful. But what men's hairstyles on one side still exist, as well as what is the process of their haircuts, will help to understand the information from the article.

    The haircut in this case may be as follows:

    1. Double caret. Hairstyle for athletic guys. She has short hair at the bottom of her head and long hair in the forehead. The bangs are laid to one side, as a result of which it becomes thick.
    2. Canadian. This hairstyle focuses on the forehead. It is characterized by a short hair length, and near the forehead, the locks are long and stacked on their sides.

    Today, men are actively choosing haircuts with such an element as bangs. It is she who gives the appearance of businesslikeness, masculinity and dictates his style. There are many options for hairstyles with bangs.

    In addition, the fringe itself can be oblique, straight, thick, sparse, laid up or combed back. When choosing one or another option, a man should focus not only on his personal wishes, but on his own style and appearance. When choosing a haircut, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to visit the hairdresser more often, since the hair in the forehead grows faster and requires correction.

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