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How to choose a tie for a shirt and a suit - recommendations of stylists

New Year is always associated with the smell of mandarin, decoration of the holiday tree and gifts. It is not in vain to say how you will celebrate the New Year and spend it, so you need to worry in advance about gifts for loved ones so that the holiday is fun with a positive attitude.

If gifts for women can be the most varied, then if you want to please a man, this list is significantly narrowed. The most common options: a purse, souvenirs or a tie. Today we’ll talk about the right choice of a holiday tie, a huge selection on the site https://galstukland.ru/products

Gift tie how to choose?

Before buying this accessory, it is worth considering the appearance of the man and his status. In order for the New Year’s tie to be relevant, and not immediately migrate to the upper shelf of the cabinet to drop dust.

Advice! Pay attention to the packaging of the gift. A lot depends on how to present it, so try to choose a bright box with a catchy shape.

New year patterns

For courageous and creative men who like to be in the spotlight, an ideal choice would be a model with patterns or pictures. Such an accessory will diversify any party. A Christmas tie with patterns will become the central element of a bright festive image.

The following prints are most in demand among buyers: snowflakes, branches of spruce, snowmen, deer, pictures on a Christmas theme. New Year's Eve is a magical night when every adult man can return to his childhood and have some fun, adding an unusual detail to his image, for example, wearing a tie with Santa Claus. New Year's patterns will help create a unique image and cheer up others.

Matching the color of the suit and shirt or jeans

You can say right away that any color of a tie is perfect for a blue suit and a blue shirt. The most universal choice when buying for a present is blue or blue. In this case, it is desirable to avoid bright catchy patterns, which can become a problem when combined with a suit.

The most elaborate models, of any thickness with bright patterns, are suitable for light shirts. You can try playing with the same color in different tones. For example, a dark pink tie is good for a pink shirt. Or come from the color of the fabric of the suit. The dark purple suit looks good with a plain light shirt and a gray-purple tie.

Tie under the jeans. Under the plain dark blue or black jeans, you can also pick up a festive tie, the main thing is to adhere to certain rules.

  1. This wardrobe item cannot be combined with sports-style jeans.
  2. An integral part of the image should be a cardigan, vest or sweater.
  3. Do not use models from costume fabric; it is better to give preference to samples made of cotton or from wool of large knitting.

Tie length

Externally, a New Year’s tie for men can be anything: wide, narrow, with an unusual pattern, bright color. But there are certain rules for wearing this accessory, namely its length. Do you wear funny ties for the New Year?YesNot

Worldwide, it is believed that the optimum length is when the end of the long free part is in contact with the edge of the belt buckle. If its length is higher or lower - this indicates that the knot is tied incorrectly. Too long or short tail of the tie imbalances the overall style.

Expert opinionHelen GoldmanMale stylist-image-makerIt is recommended to choose models that are long or very long. In this case, even when designing the most complex node, the risk that the free tail will remain short is minimized.

Color spectrum

A tie for the New Year is better to choose a contrasting bright color with a thematic pattern or pattern. It can be red, golden, deep burgundy or blue.

If you want to match the yellow dog with the symbol of this year, then pay attention to all the yellow shades, from lemon to apricot. The main thing is that the choice suits the chosen costume and does not look ridiculous and inappropriate.Important! When buying a tie for dark-haired men, it is recommended to pay attention to the models of bright catchy colors. While fair-haired guys and blondes with pale skin are better to refuse such colors, so buy an accessory of a calmer color for them.

Photo gallery

The New Year’s man’s image does not always involve funny ties or a strict business style. It all depends on the status of the man and on the company in which the holiday is celebrated.

If at home in the family circle models with a Christmas tree or Santa Claus are welcome, then in the business circle it is better to give preference to classics. Among friends, the best choice is jeans and a shirt with a jacket. The tie in this case is selected individually.


When choosing a New Year's tie for a man, it is important to rely on personal taste to make a gift special. The main thing is not to buy this accessory “for cheap”, because usually fakes do not sit well because of cheap fabric and curved seams. Pay attention to quality fabrics (silk or wool). Today, Italian handmade models are at their peak. Any man will appreciate such a gift!

What is it chosen for?

When choosing a tie should take into account many nuances.

The following factors must be considered:

  1. Shirt and suit color. To begin with, the accessory should be matched to the shade of the shirt. The combination with the shirt is more important, as sometimes a man takes off his jacket and the tie is left alone with the shirt. After choosing a shirt and tie, combine the image as a whole.
  2. Type of appearance. The more contrast the appearance, the brighter you can choose the shade of a tie. If you feel unwell, do not choose a tie of light colors, especially light green and light yellow. For fair-haired and fair-skinned use calm, soft scales. Brown-haired shades are ideal for red-haired men.
  3. Dress code for the event. For strict formal occasions, classic ties of black, burgundy or dark blue are suitable. Do not wear bright, multi-colored ties at such meetings. For free events, you can experiment with colors and varieties. So, for example, ties like Ascot, Plastron, Sharpei are perfect for a wedding celebration.
  4. Season. The material from which the accessory is sewn depends on the season. For summer ties, light fabrics, such as silk, are great. But winter is necessary to choose from dense fabric and restrained colors.

Only an integrated approach creates a harmonious image that will help to make a great deal or attract the attention of women.

How to combine color with a shirt and suit?

By the color of the tie, you can determine the nature and mood of a person. Each color carries a specific symbol and message.

Red symbolizes self confidence. Men who love red ties are energetic, competent in business, love to dominate and stand out from the crowd.

It is necessary to carefully and metered to wear this color:

  • For stern meetings, choose a classic black suit with a white shirt.
  • For a less formal event, a combination with blue or black shirts is possible.

reference! Very often, a red tie can be found on politicians, in particular on presidents, which symbolizes strength and power.

Maroon shows the luxury and power of a man. Helps stand out from the crowd, but is less challenging.

Great for weddings.

reference! Looks great with shirts of white, light purple and light blue colors.

Light gray talk about despondency and boredom:

  • Lovers of light gray ties are prone to melancholy.
  • But darker colors show the solidity of a person. Sometimes gray shades indicate modesty and indecision.

In terms of combinations, this is a universal color. The best combination with a pink or purple shirt.

Pink color Suitable for informal events only. The image is soft and interesting. But such an accessory is associated with frivolity. A shirt is best to choose white, light pink or light purple.

Blue accessory - A sign of calm, stability and confidence. Dark blue is great for serious meetings, but light blue is better to postpone for free events, as it gives the image a dreamy look.

An accessory of a dark blue shade will look beneficial against the background of a blue shirt, the main thing is that there is a contrast between them. Can be combined with a white or light pink shirt.

Orange Looks great on red-haired people. Symbolizes energy, optimism, emphasizes the cheerfulness of men. It is relevant only in informal meetings. White and tan shirts are preferred.

Persistent men, accustomed to pursuing their own preference dark green shades. Also, this color can help in difficult negotiations, heated discussions, unloading the atmosphere and appeasing. For a harmonious look, combine with a white, light green and lemon shirt.

Black suit corresponds to official events:

  • Ties of red, blue, black, purple, gray shades look great with him, but if you wear a white shirt.
  • When choosing a colored shirt, the tie is matched to it.

Gray suit Great for weddings. In this case, give preference to peach, cream, or soft purple flowers. If you want to stand out, you can wear a brighter tie. For official meetings, select the dark gray or black color of this accessory.

FROM blue suit ties of any color are combined, it all depends on the color of the shirt and the dress code of the event. It is important not to overdo it with the choice of bright color, so that the image does not turn out too cheerful.

Purple suit successfully harmonize with yellow, pink, gray and white ties.

Important! A white tie for a long time remained an attribute of judges and lawyers, but gradually passed into public life.

Multicolor ties able to emphasize elegant taste or, on the contrary, be a sign of bad taste. Therefore, their choice must be taken seriously. Do not combine more than 3 colors.

How to choose the right accessory for a shirt and suit is described in the video:


The tie itself is an accessory, but it can still be supplemented. For instance:

  1. Clamp. The most common and convenient accessory. Prevents hanging out in the wind. The clip is attached between the 3 and 4 buttons and tightly presses both ends to the shirt. It should not reach the edge of the tie.
  2. Collar pin. An outdated accessory, but now it’s back in fashion. It looks like a large safety pin that pierces the ends of the collar and passes under the tie. Gives sophisticated shape and bending to the collar.
  3. Pin for a tie. Previously intended to hold a neckerchief, but then safely switched to ties. It has various shapes and sizes, so you can easily pick up to the general style. The disadvantage is a puncture that can ruin a tie.
  4. Chain. It consists of a bar and a chain. There is a hole on the bar in which the button is fixed. And through the chain pass its ends. This accessory is securely attached to the shirt. I did not get wide popularity.

Important! All accessories are made of precious metals (gold, silver) and must be combined with other accessories (cufflinks, watches). In addition to functionality, they give a sophisticated chic look.

The video tells how to wear the clip:

Men's wardrobe. How to celebrate the New Year - PORUSSKI.me

You worked all year, worked, achieved your goals, summed up.

Do not try to save on your mood and fun! Of course, the dress code depends on the place of celebration, but even if you stay at home with family or friends, you should definitely prepare in advance.

Moreover, there is a belief that you need to wear something new if you want the next year to develop accordingly.

General tips

In a classic way, the end of a tie does not fall below the belt buckle, overlapping it by no more than 1 cm.

Checkered options are a sophisticated and original choice. Combine with plain shirts only.

To create an interesting image, use a striped accessory.

  • The width of the strip depends on the event. The higher the status of the event, the narrower the strip.
  • Combine the strip with a plain shirt.
  • A tie in a large strip can be combined with a shirt in a small strip.

Cell can be combined with a striped tie if the width of the stripes is the same.

When wearing an accessory in peas it is desirable that the color of the peas match the color of the shirt.

If you chose one color for a shirt and tie, then the contrast is created thanks to different fabrics.

Important! If you are at a loss in choosing, then the most win-win option is a black suit, a white shirt and absolutely any tie.

How long should a tie be told in the video:

Sometimes making the right choice is very difficult. But if you adhere to the main recommendations, it is possible to create a stunning image.

The right neck accessory will definitely bring you luck!

You are invited to a social event with a dress code Black Tie

If you are invited to a party, you should pay attention to the dress code. Marking “Black Tie” in the invitation means that you must come in a tuxedo, as well as in a bow tie and shoes in strictly black.

The tuxedo shirt, as a rule, has a high collar with bent ends: in this case, the butterfly is worn over the collar, and you certainly need to learn how to tie it. There is a simpler and less strict option - a regular collar, then you can use a bow tie on the clasp.

Sleeves should be clasped on cufflinks. In any case, a shirt for a tuxedo is bought separately, an ordinary shirt can not do here. If you are not using a vest, you should add a silk sash belt: it is worn with folds up. If this is inconvenient, then you can wear braces, because under the trousers from the tuxedo belt is not worn.

If you look at the history of the origin of a tuxedo, then initially it was a jacket for smoking a cigar. Previously, there were smoking rooms where men gathered and smoked cigars, and when the ashes fell, it could easily be shaken off a satin lapel, and any trifle and tickets were usually folded into the folds of a belt.

A sash belt is always chosen to match the color of a bow tie, often black. But now there are events with a less strict dress code, for example, “Black tie creative” or “Black tie invited”, where you can wear either colored accessories - a bow tie and a scarf of deep burgundy, blue, green colors, or, if you are a mod , then the suit jacket is not black.

For shoes suitable for a festive dress code, read the article “Men's wardrobe. How to choose shoes. "

On New Year's Eve, you go to a restaurant

You can go in a suit of a brighter color than in the office, or wear a shirt with a bright pattern under your suit.

Under such a shirt, you can choose a plain bow tie in the color of any element in the picture:

You can also make your look festive with a plain shirt and a bright tie.

Shirts of all bright colors are suitable - burgundy, purple, dark green, red, and let office white and blue shirts remain in the closet until the next working year.

Be bolder, experiment, because the phrase “dressed up like a rooster” this year will come in handy as never before: according to the horoscope, the year of the Rooster is approaching, and he welcomes bright color combinations.

And be sure to put a bright silk scarf with a pattern under the primary color of the tie or plain, in the breast pocket of your jacket, which will coincide with an additional, even the smallest, interspersed color in the tie. This is exactly the case when you need to get this accessory!

Do you celebrate New Year at home or at a party

In addition to a tie, you can wear a bow tie, especially since they are now sold in all stores with a New Year's pattern. Even if you don’t put on a suit, but go to visit in jeans, please yourself and your friends with a cheerful butterfly pattern. By the way, if you are hosting guests, you can buy all these butterflies for all men and make stylish New Year photography.

Your holiday takes place in a country house

  • You can dress in a country style - as a rule, these are things in pastel brown and beige, surely knitted cozy sweaters, large knit cardigans, scarves, plaid shirts, fur sheepskin coats, earflaps, ugg boots, woolen socks with a winter pattern, warm gloves .
  • And finally, the time has come for your favorite deer sweaters, they have been waiting for this all year!
  • You will definitely be warm in them, and then you can celebrate even on the street by the fire, grill kebabs and dance around the Christmas tree in the yard!

It remains to wish you a bright holiday, cheerful mood, comfort in your homes and warmth in your hearts! And may your wishes made on New Year’s Eve come true!

How to choose a tie for a harmonious look?

A tie is an integral attribute of the image of any business man. It is difficult to imagine serious negotiations in which people without ties. But this thing will play into the hands and emphasize manhood only if it is correctly and harmoniously matched to the shirt and suit. In order not to rack your brains, standing in front of the closet or in the store, which tie to choose, you need to know the basic rules of choice. In this matter, color, material, size are important - everything should be combined with a suit and shirt.

Women also need to know how to choose the right tie for a harmonious look, because this is a great gift for the boss, husband, father or son. Before you go to the store for shopping, you should look at the colors and prints of shirts and jackets hanging in the closet. When choosing a tie in the store, this will need to be guided.

There are several basic rules for selecting a suit, shirt and tie:

  • do not use the same color, print and pattern in three items of clothing at once. At least one thing should be of a different shade or pattern,
  • with regard to color, the jacket and shirt should contrast, and the tie should complement the suit’s palette,
  • material with prints and drawings must be diluted with a plain thing,
  • combine a small pattern with a large one.

Blue is a classic color. The suit of this palette goes well with a tie of any color. Such a suit is universal for selecting a tie for him. The same goes for a light blue or white shirt. She will look good with a tie of any color.

It is worth remembering that color affects the human subconscious and psychology. Men's shirts and suits are mostly presented in neutral and calm colors. Therefore, you can somehow express yourself and express, play with color with a tie.

A blue tie will tell you about the tactfulness, diplomacy and business approach of your master. This is one of the most popular ties, as it makes the look elegant and mature. And about the man who chose the blue tie, we can say that he is calm, restrained. The suit can be selected dark blue or light gray, select a shirt white, blue or light pink.

A red tie attracts and draws attention. This is the choice of determined and strong men.

If you want to be in the center of attention, demonstrate authority and self-confidence, then put on a tie of a red palette.

This tie goes well with a dark blue or deep gray suit. In choosing a shirt, you should give preference to white or light gray.

Refined and elegant is the color of Bordeaux. That is why such a tie is suitable for creating a fashionable image. A burgundy tie will successfully combine with a navy or tan suit. A white, blue or light purple shirt will suit this kit.

In the warm season, especially in summer, preference should be given to light ties. A light blue or pink model will work well in combination with a gray or blue suit and a shirt in soothing shades.

The correct tie should be made of natural material - silk or wool - and sewn oblique to keep the shape well. The best ties are made in Italy.

Such models are made manually of high-quality fabrics, they do not stretch, do not twist and keep the appearance unchanged.

A good tie is distinguished by a matte color and the absence of synthetic sheen; it is tailored in three parts.

In winter, preference should be given to ties made of dense fabric: wool, silk. In the summer season, it is better to choose a lightweight model made of cotton or linen. Combine a structured fabric tie with the same suit. When choosing, special attention should be paid to the lining material. It should be pure wool without impurities.

Prerequisite: a pleasant appearance of the product. Try a touch tie, you should like it. The model should not puff up, turn around. The knot must hold its shape well, be strong.

The length of the tie is easy to determine. The tip of the tie should cover the belt. At the same time, growth and complexion must be taken into account. Determining the width of the tie, you need to focus on the lapels of the jacket and the size of the collar of the shirt. Lapels are usually 7-9 cm, the same size should be the widest part of the tie.

Men with wide shoulders will not fit narrow models of ties. And vice versa. When choosing a length, consider the type of knot you wear. For sophisticated options like Windsor, you need a genuine tie.

Pins and barrettes for a tie must be able to not only choose correctly, but also to wear. Remember that the accessory must be attached exactly on the tie. The clip, as an addition to a tie, is very popular.

It helps to remain masculine attribute of clothing in place, look neat and elegant. The main thing is that the clip, pin or hairpin should be combined with cufflinks and other metal details of the image in style, color and quality.

Too large, massive hairpin can ruin the tie, and the whole image. Choose a clip with cloves, such a model will be better to hold on to the fabric and not slip off. Additional fixation is attached to the chain on the hairpin.

A flat clamp is suitable for every day without any additional parts and decorations. The length of the holder should be identical to the width of the tie. The fabric can only protrude slightly from the hairpin. Such an accessory is especially relevant for overweight men, because on the stomach a tie constantly strives to move to the side.

The pin is designed to fix the knot and the tie itself on the shirt. This accessory has recently returned to fashion. The pin is best worn on a wool tie, as traces of punctures will be least visible on this material.

Choose a model without bulky and extravagant details.

A tie with a shirt does not always work out well. To avoid a conflict between them and not to spoil your appearance, you should pay attention to color and pattern.

A tie in the same color palette is suitable for a color shirt. To a striped shirt or a cage, you should choose a tie in the same color as the print on the shirt.

Striped ties are considered universal and will fit any shirt.

Tie with polka dots. It is worn with a shirt of the same color as the pattern on the tie. For a business look, choose small peas of a neutral color. Most importantly, the texture of the tie should match the texture of the shirt. For a plaid suit, it is better to choose a plain tie. For a striped shirt or in a cage, a plain tie or with a geometric pattern is suitable.

You should not wear a tie with a print, a shirt, a suit with a picture at the same time. Choose one of the things monophonic. Bright shirts are best worn without a tie or pick up dark models.

This season should give preference to bright ties, with a geometric print, striped or small peas. The strip can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You can experiment with the color and choose a shade of indigo, purple, orange, ash green. In this case, the costume should be dark in color and plain.

Wide-necked ties with a massive knot remain in fashion. Do not forget about narrow models. They are perfect for office style in combination with skinny trousers, a fitted jacket or a classic suit.

The chic business image of a successful man will turn out when choosing a classic dark blue suit in saturated color. Solid tie a tone or two lighter. A white shirt with a geometric print to match other things.

Another stylish and informal look is jeans with a jacket. A white shirt, brown tie with a small pattern, and a navy check blazer. Such a look is suitable for both work and leisure.

A bright orange tie will attract attention. The knitted texture of this masculine attribute will add originality to the image. Such a catchy tie will suit a light shirt in a small cage and a strict dark jacket made of thick fabric.


Over the past few years, bow ties have known periods of tremendous popularity and total oblivion. Now they are not at the zenith of fashion, but all the better - having tied a butterfly, you can not be afraid of being known as a hipster chasing the latest trends.

The beauty of the butterfly is that with a properly selected specimen, even the western lowland gorilla will look like Indiana Jones in his professorial guise.

We prefer butterflies that need to be tied on their own. Butterflies on the clasp, like a tie with an elastic band, are best left to the pai-boys from the kindergarten or, at worst, to elementary school students. Learning to tie a butterfly is not so difficult - use, for example, this instruction:

If you still have questions after it, try to think that knitting a bow tie is almost the same as tying shoelaces. This mental trick has helped more than one generation of butterfly knitters.

Silk butterflies go well with tuxedos and are suitable for special occasions. Cotton butterflies are better for less formal occasions. We especially like butterflies from chambray, a dense cotton slightly reminiscent of denim. You can find one here.

Russian designers also make good butterflies. Chehov has nice double-sided butterflies. Such butterflies can be tied with a bright or restrained side depending on the mood and situation, and a contrast turn will be beneficial to shade the main color.

When choosing a shirt for a bow tie, remember that this is a bright accessory that attracts attention, so it is better to combine it, like a tie, with a plain shirt or shirt with a small check or strip. The combination of “shirt + butterfly” looks good on its own, and if you complement it with a jacket, it will be very good.

Bear in mind that a butterfly with a costume will almost inevitably make you look like a charming, but slightly conservative professor at a prestigious university. If this is not the effect you are striving to achieve, wear a bow-tie with tight chinos or jeans, for example.


We decided to end our review with an accessory, thanks to which a boring outfit can be transformed into an interesting one in a mysterious way for science. Cufflinks, unlike a tie or a butterfly, do not attract special attention, but can act as an exact accent / finishing touch of a formal image. Cufflinks are both moody and unpretentious accessory. Moody - because they need a special shirt with French cuffs.

Typically, these shirts cost a lot, such as the Turnbulls & Asser shirt. But as soon as you get hold of a shirt with suitable cuffs, all problems disappear. Cufflinks are one of the few accessories that do not have to be combined with the rest of the ensemble. They are quite invisible and therefore, choosing a pair, you can give free rein to a biker / star wars fan / fan of Monty Python who lives deep in your soul and buy cufflinks of the corresponding shape:

However, we have nothing against restrained rectangular cufflinks of silver or gold color, for example such. Cufflinks worn without a vest or jacket look weird. When choosing a jacket, make sure that a shirt a couple of centimeters peeks out from under his sleeves, otherwise your cufflinks carefully chosen by you risk being left unnoticed.

Expert advice: how to choose a tie as a gift?

In order not to be mistaken, making a purchase of a tie, it is necessary to take into account its qualitative and stylistic characteristics, as well as heed the advice of specialist fashion designers:

  • Functionality. If you are not going to help your partner every morning in tying an intricate knot, ask if he knows how to do it. If the answer is no, this does not mean that you need to refuse to buy a tie. It is simply necessary to purchase such an accessory that is tightened with the help of a snake or elastic band disguised from the wrong side.

  • Style and taste. When choosing a tie in a particular style, consider the taste of the man, his character and even the profession. Go through the elements of his wardrobe in your memory, mentally choosing which suit you are buying him for. Sometimes it is better to consult with your loved one, or choose a tie together. For example, if the selected product is sewn from bright fabric with a colorful pattern or symbolic inserts, it is strictly forbidden to wear it with a strict business suit. But such a tie will appeal to the creative personality, the actor, as well as working in the field of providing entertainment or advertising services. For a man who prefers a classic conservative style, a monophonic tie of dark or muted tones with an unobtrusive strict pattern (pinstriped, with intersecting lines forming rhombuses, squares, etc.) is better.

  • The color of the tie. Be careful when choosing a color scheme: it should be suitable not only for a shirt and jacket, but ideally even for shoes. For example, a dark tie looks great on a light shirt. It is desirable that he be in the same color scheme with the rest of the things, but still one tone lighter than the jacket. A monotonous tie contrasts better with a bright multi-colored shirt. In order not to oversalt with the patterns, do not wear a striped, checkered, multi-colored shirt with the same tie, otherwise you will look comical.
  • Eye color. When choosing a tie, an additional reference is the color of the partner’s eyes. Gray and green eyes are suitable for blue-eyed and gray-eyed men, brown and burgundy are suitable for brown-eyed, sandy, reddish, olive, dark gray shades perfectly emphasize green eyes.
  • Figure. Consider the physique of a man: the wider and stockier he is, the wider the model should be and vice versa. The wider the pattern of the collar and lapels of the jacket, the wider the tie should be. The higher the man’s height, the longer you choose the model, because when tied, the wide part of the tie should cover the belt buckle (but not hang lower or higher).
  • The quality of the fabric. When choosing, focus on the quality of the fabric: for a thin summer shirt, a tie made of light silk is suitable, and for a thick winter suit - woolen. Keep in mind that a tie made of silk for beginners in this matter is easier to tie: its stripes slip better, and the knot turns out to be more even and without wrinkles.

Good luck with your choice!

Natalia, Tiraspol

2019 trend: how to choose a tie

A tie is a sophisticated men's wardrobe accessory to complete a business style. The prototype of the popular thing was a neck scarf, which was worn by noble people at special occasions. The form, style of the element of clothing has changed and improved. In this article, we will look at how to choose a tie: the main trends of 2019.

How to choose a tie

The correct selection of accessory will emphasize the style of a man. There are some simple recommendations for choosing a man’s tie:

  • take into account the shape, length,
  • pick up a color, a pattern on a tie fabric.

Ties vary in seasonality. Winter and summer vary in color and density of the material. Thick and warm fabric is acceptable for the cold season, thin material will be ideal for the summer season. The winter accessory is presented in the form of cold shades, summer, on the contrary, in warm colors.

Below in the text we consider in more detail each selection criterion.

What should be the shape and length of a man’s tie

The shape and length is chosen strictly depending on the configuration of the man. Wide and large ties are ideally suited for full and large gentlemen. Slim men choose an accessory of narrow or medium width.

When choosing the length, the height of the man is taken into account. In this case, the golden rule applies: the wide lower edge should close the belt buckle. The narrow end can be easily removed through the head without untying.

Tips of stylists: how to choose the color of a tie and a pattern of fabric

When choosing a tie, stylists offer some tips:

  1. If there is a picture on the shirt, you must choose a solid-colored thing. Under a shirt without an image put on shawls of various colors.
  2. For older people, you should buy a thing of neutral tone with a simple pattern.
  3. Bright red, yellow colors greatly attract the attention of the interlocutor and distract from the conversation.

Important! The color is matched to the color of the eyes of a man.

The palette of colors is diverse. Classic drawings are as follows:

  • small peas on a dark background,
  • fractional repeating geometric image (suitable for business, social events),
  • Diagonal “strip” is ideal for any occasion,
  • large ornament suitable for going to a party,
  • the cage is appropriate for an informal setting.

The choice of pattern and color gives a tone to the whole masculine image.

5 rules for choosing a tie for a shirt and suit

Stylists note 5 simple rules for choosing an accessory for a suit or shirt:

  1. A tie is bought after a direct purchase of a suit and shirt.
  2. The thing should be noticeable in the background of a suit with a shirt. The accessory is selected darker than the suit and shirt. An ideal option for a dark suit is to buy a colored or white tie.
  3. When buying, a color type is taken into account to emphasize advantages or hide flaws.
  4. For maximum harmony of the image, a combination with colored shirts is necessary.
  5. To a shirt with a vertical thin stripe, a thing with a horizontal or vertical with a thick stripe is selected.

Top 5 Fashion Ties 2019 for Men

2019 fashion ties for men are presented in the top 5:

  1. Refined conservative style does not lose relevance. The collections show ties with an average width and length of dark blue, gray, black, burgundy colors. The diagonal strip is the highlight for the business style of clothing.
  2. In the trend of ties in the form of a butterfly. Stylists recommend wearing ties not only for official meetings, but also for everyday wear.
  3. The classic version is suitable exclusively for celebrations. For cold pores cashmere, woolen accessories are relevant. The scarf goes well with a tweed jacket, knitted sweater.
  4. A velvet tie or bow tie will add color and efficiency to the look.
  5. The thing should be bright. In the fashion season of 2019, red, raspberry and orange colors are popular.

The main thing to remember is the saying of the famous writer Oscar Wilde: “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

What tie to give a man

What tie to choose as a gift to a man.

Soon the holidays, give the man a tie. What should a stylish men's tie look like? For a very long time you can talk about clothing, image, fashion and style. But now it's not about that. What should a tie look like for a gift?

What to take into account, what should you pay attention to so that this item of clothing is not sent to the depths of the closet, but is to your taste, decorated a person and would become very popular? Quality. Everyone knows that handmade ties are very popular and valuable.

Most often they are called Italian, but, in reality, they are engaged in sewing not only within Italy. It is possible to figure out whether this is manual work or not, along the seam located on the back side.

If it is hard to the touch, then this is a line made using a sewing machine. A handmade tie should not contain budget synthetic fabrics, so its price will undoubtedly be not small.

When buying any tie, first of all, it must be carefully examined. There should be no defects on the front of the fabric.

Please note that if you put the tie on the palm of your hand so that its tips hang down calmly, the wide end should never be twisted.

If it happens otherwise, ask for a tie exchange. Check transverse seams. Ties of high quality are sewn from 3 pieces of material. Ties that are suitable for consumer goods are sewn from only two.

Sizes. The width of the tie is usually determined depending on the size and method of tailoring the jacket. Remember that the wider the lapel - the wider the tie itself should be. Similar recommendations for clothing sizes. If a person is wide in the shoulders, then the tie should also be wide.

The size of the tie in its widest part should not be more than 10 cm. Undoubtedly, the trends of modern fashion should also be taken into account. Length - 130-145 cm, depending on the height of the person. Color spectrum. The color scheme of this element of clothing must match the shade of a person’s clothes.

And not only to the jacket, but also to the shoes, shirt and socks.

When choosing a color scheme, remember what shades of colors are most often found in the clothes of the person being gifted. The shirt, made in dark blue tones, fits perfectly with a burgundy tie. The combination of contrasting colors, for example, yellow and black, can emphasize authority and determination.

The most suitable color combinations are indicated in many sources, so in this article we will not pay attention to them. If you don’t know what kind of wardrobe he wears, or if you are poorly versed in the rules of color combination, then choose a tie, guided by the color of the eyes. Gray-eyed and blue-eyed men are perfectly suited for similar ties of similar colors.

For men with dark eyes, a tie of gray, blue or burgundy color is suitable.

Picture. It is advisable to choose a tie with a clear pattern, and not with smooth, muted transitions. Fine polka dots are perfect for an official costume. The darker the background of the fabric of which the tie is made, and the more interspersed, the more solid the tie looks. Striped ties are considered classic.

They go well with shirts, which are made in muted colors. It is better to choose a bright tie to a light shirt and a suit of dark colors. A tie in one color scheme goes well with patterned suits and shirts. Ties made of shiny materials or with catchy patterns should not be picked up as a gift.

Determining the pattern, you need to be guided by the shape of the head of the person to whom this gift is intended. If in the shape of a face it is easy to trace straight, straight lines, then perhaps a tie with stripes or a check will become the most suitable. A more rounded face would be a tie with smooth, rounded images.

Remember that your gift is a reflection of your tastes. Good luck

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