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Overview of men's hairstyles of the 80s and tips for their selection

The bright 80s were remembered by a riot of colors, shocking outfits. Time erased age boundaries, young girls and mature women used fashionable ideas. Screaming, neon shades, a riot of artificiality, today the past decade seems crazy. But thanks to bold, vivid images, it became possible to experiment, implement various ideas. Women's hairstyles of the 80s in the photo reflect how the fashion has changed from the crazy expression of rock to subcultural trends.

Time characteristics

Fashion trends were set not only by musicians, show business figures. New idols appear, in the 80s, the darling of the public and an example to follow was Princess Diana. Her romantic style corresponded to the classical canons of femininity, elegance. Delicate, pastel shades, styles with ruffles, frills, sheath and A-line dresses, high-waisted trousers. A light natural make-up, a neat haircut with a light wave - Princess Diana stood out against the background of a riot of bright colors, aggressive attractiveness.

Business style is actively being formed, the silhouette with wide massive shoulders and narrow hips is relevant. To achieve the desired proportions, blouses, suits, cardigans, outerwear were supplemented with false shoulder pads. Used a la male silhouette of fashionistas of all appearance types, not taking into account the harmony of proportions. Mass hysteria depersonalized fashion, everyone wore the same products, but in different colors. You can view the overview of hairstyles in a business style with your own hands on our website.

The idols of millions for a decade were Madonna, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, shocking images of performers quickly gained popularity. Young ladies also drew inspiration from the soap teleoperas to replenish their wardrobe. The series "Dynasty" was occupied not only by the actors' play, the girls copied the style, makeup, and hairstyles of the heroes.

New bright, subcultures appear - Gothic, hip-hop, young people protest with the help of expressive bright look. Crazy make-up, revealing clothes, incredible comb, naturally, new ideas were not left without attention. The influence of rock music was reflected in fashion trends, elements are made of leather, styles of outfits have become even more frank, challenging.

Jeans of boiled sweatshirts, leggings of neon colors, Tunic “Bat”, T-shirts of large sizes with company logos or cartoon characters appear in the women's wardrobe. Special awe is caused by brands, the labels on the inside were cut out and sewn to the front. The madness of excessiveness has reached unprecedented proportions. The young women wore the best, bright, shiny at once, a voluminous top, a wide belt, skinny jeans or a miniskirt - these images were used regardless of the occasion and time of day.

Sports style was used not only in aerobics training, shaping. Slender, fit young ladies emphasized the ideal proportions with the help of cropped tops, leggings, body, mini-skirts. Outerwear was represented by voluminous denim jackets, windbreakers, and down jackets. It is difficult to find a fashion period in which all prints could be present in one image - peas, cage, animal motifs, geometric patterns.

Accessories were also used on the principle of "the more the better." Incredible sizes of clips, drop glasses, plastic jewelry, fashionistas wore all items at once. Voluminous clutches appeared, massive suitcases were present in the business wardrobe. Baggy shoppers were chosen by sports fans. There was hope for the use of accessories for a specific occasion, outfit.

There were no rules in the make-up, the main goal was to make up the face, and not to emphasize the external beauty. Fashionistas literally applied decorative cosmetics in layers, not taking into account the combination of cold and warm shades, the color type of appearance. Bright colors stood out eyes, lips, cheekbones. Screaming blue, green, burgundy shadows were applied on the eyelids to the very line of the eyebrows.

Eyes were outlined in black or brown pencil to create the effect of cat's eyes. Eyelashes were generously covered with mascara, and bright red, pink, coral lipsticks with pearlescent were chosen for the lips. The young ladies did not forget to focus on the cheekbones. The main shades were fuchsia, orange, two not shaded spots on the cheeks completed the make-up in the style of the 80s.

Characteristic hairstyles

Huge lush bouffants, thinned bangs, perms - the main characteristics of hairstyles of the 80s. In the USSR, as in the whole world, they created crazy styling for different lengths and hair structures. A popular procedure was hair bleaching, uneven coloring and black roots did not bother bold fashionistas.

In the early 80s, a cascading haircut with soft waves was relevant, fluffy, airy bangs emphasized the splendor of hair. A tousled, careless styling was present in a business, romantic and sporty style. The lack of choice of styling products did not stop the girls from creating fashionable styles. Volumetric carvings in the crown gradually passed to the back of the head, the strands were generously treated with varnish, hairstyles kept their shape in all weather conditions.

Specific traits:

  • fine and large perm,
  • haircuts "Aurora", "Sesson", a cascade along the entire length are popular,
  • voluminous lush profiled bangs,
  • fleeces were performed not only in the crown area, but also in the temples, occiput, crown,
  • hair bleached, highlighting technique appears.


Fashionable people of the 80s of the last century are characterized by insolence and courage. Looking back, you can see that it was during this period that various experiments were carried out. Designers of those times showed a creative approach, due to which a lot of bright, original images appeared.

In the early 80s, men's haircuts differed in an unusual form. As a rule, the main length of the hair was maintained at the back of the head. Moreover, this style was inherent mainly to the younger generation.

For this era, light, voluminous forms are relevant. For fixing used varnish. Dizzy fleeces were also in fashion. The mods of the 80s succumbed to the fashion trend and, to give volume, did a perm in the beauty salon. A special chic among the handsome was considered long wavy hair. In this way, men emphasized their individuality.

It was in the mid-80s that men discovered the elegant cascade haircut. For this option, strands of different lengths with a smooth transition were characteristic.

Also in fashion began to enter piercings and various accessories.

Relevance today

Hairstyles and haircuts of the eighties were distinguished by expression, deliberate artificiality. Modern trends use only individual details - fleece, curled curls, but in a less aggressive version. The image of rockers can be used today, going to a theme party or a punk band concert.

Inappropriate looks only a combination of retro hairstyles with casual, business, romantic, sports style. The new time is dictated by the cult of naturalness, even for complex evening hairstyles the entire arsenal of styling products is not used.

Who should use hairstyles:

  • to participants of subcultural trends, expression of haircuts protests against conservative foundations,
  • slender, elegant, young ladies, mature women are not recommended to experiment with such images, they only focus on external flaws,
  • can be used only by young ladies with strong, healthy, thick curls, a combination of curls and styling products is unlikely to withstand rare, dyed, thin hair,
  • can be performed on any structure, careless notes can be easily created both on straight and curly strands,
  • it is used as an option for a thematic photo shoot, party, concert, you should not choose such models as an everyday hairstyle, it will not become an ornament even of a perfect appearance.

General hairstyle recommendations

To create a stylish image of the 80s, it is enough to assemble a standard set of tools. Hairstyles do not require special skills, are easily performed even by beginners. It is important to use quality professional products to maintain the stem structure. Also, do not forget about accessories, bright elastic bands, dressings will complement the image. You can use ready-made kits for creativity, for example, style cool 22800 studio.

Tools for doing:

  • hair dryer, brush
  • comb for fleece,
  • iron with corrugation nozzle, curling iron,
  • thermal spray,
  • styling products - foam, mousse, varnish, gel, wax, clay, the era of the 80s requires the application of everything at once.

Recommendations for implementation:

  1. Wash ringlets with shampoo for volume, the conditioner in this case will be superfluous, you need to achieve the effect of the most magnificent hair.
  2. Dry using a brush brush. When the hair is still wet, apply the selected styling product - mousse, foam, wax. After to dry with a hairdryer.
  3. Treat the strands with a heat-protective spray. Curl curls, you can use different diameters of curls in one styling.
  4. Using a comb to comb in the crown of the head, temples, on the top of the head, the hair should create a dandelion effect.
  5. Fix laying with varnish.

Popular hairstyles for men in the style of the 80s

First of all, this era is characterized by originality and courage. The popular hairstyles of the time include the following options.

  • With shaved temples. This haircut was simple and versatile. Whiskey shaved at home. A long thick bang, which mysteriously covered part of the face, was a certain "chip" of the male image.

  • Short hair with a straight crown. This option was chosen by men of almost all ages. Haircut could be attributed to the classic version, while she did not lose its originality. For example, young men, as a rule, shaved the nape of the neck and applied patterns.

  • With a long bang, combed back. A similar styling was characteristic of the intelligentsia of the 80s. However, this hairstyle was not disregarded by the “major” boys, who lived in the 80s of the last century.

  • Iroquois. Styling was chosen by freedom-loving and impudent guys. The "cock comb" was fixed using gel and hairspray. A similar style belonged to the informal and was popular among young people.

  • "Spaniel Ears." The hairstyle, bearing a funny name, looked extravagant and at the same time stylish. The shape of the haircut was as follows: on the top of the head, the strands were shortened, the bangs were curled into small curls, and voluminous hair was left on the sides.

  • Without a bang. As a rule, this option was inherent in long-haired beauties. Hair was separated along the parting line and permed. A similar look looked a bit sloppy, but at the same time attractive.

Dressings became an important attribute of the 80s. Men imitated the popular protagonist of the blockbuster Rambo. In addition, a wide fabric with an elastic band removed annoying locks from the face and gave the hair an extra volume. Another popular highlight of the era of the 80s was a fringe bang. A similar image was preferred by young people and lovers of rock music.

Informal people of that time were characterized by short haircuts with elongated bangs, painted in bright colors.

Modern haircuts and hairstyles in the style of the eighties

Hairstyle "Court" involves the volumetric crown and the crown of the head, whiskey and nape of hair are cut short or shaved. Easy whacky styling provides a stylish look even in the absence of time. A great option for young and courageous fashionistas, the hairstyle emphasizes a slim sporty silhouette. A short bang harmonizes the oval, reveals a beautiful neckline.

Short length ragged haircut corresponds to the era of the eighties. The voluminous, dynamic model looks stylish, modern. Suitable for women of different ages, young ladies use creative styling with disheveled tips. Mature women are decorated with more classic options, a neat shape can be combined with a business, romantic, casual style.

Extravagant haircuts are performed on the basis of the standard caret. A practical option will be appreciated by creative young ladies, lightness and carelessness of curls are an adornment of a modern image. Profiled bangs, curls on the face form the correct shape of the oval. Haircut allows you to adjust external data, has a rejuvenating effect. It is performed on thick, straight and slightly curly locks; for rare hair it is recommended to use complex colorizing techniques.

Haircut Aurora performed at medium length, looks spectacular on strands below the shoulders. Unlike the retro version, the modern model is less magnificent, voluminous. The strands lie naturally, the hairstyle is performed on straight, thick curls. Today, to look stylish, you do not need to curl and use an arsenal of styling products. Laying suits young ladies of various appearance types, elongated locks visually make higher, slimmer. It is recommended to combine with casual, grunge, can be used for business, romantic, street style.

Sesson in the 80s changed the classical smooth form, graduation appeared, locks on the face have correction properties. It is recommended to choose young ladies with bright external data. The hairstyle got its name thanks to the cult stylist, his work is still popular today. Haircut is performed on short, medium length, straight, thick hair. The model suits slender tall ladies with an elongated and oblong oval. It is used for business, casual style, the elegant form is combined with evening dresses.

Cascade - A great option for creating a dynamic, lush hairstyle on thin strands. Also gives a neat shape to thick naughty curls. The model is performed at an average and a length below the shoulders, looks luxurious with sophisticated staining techniques. A universal hairstyle will emphasize tenderness, femininity, attractiveness, can be combined with various stylistic trends.

Rocker haircuts are performed on short and medium lengths. You can use shaved elements, modern painting techniques. For those who want to change the image only for a while, it is recommended to create a high pile on the crown to the crown. Styling can be done by bold, creative young ladies who want to attract attention. Similar models will decorate regular, triangular ovals, combined with bright makeup, stylish metal accessories.

On long curls, you can also do stylish styling a la 1980 with the help of a high pile and collected curls at the temples. The options are suitable not only for retro parties, modern and stylish models are used for special occasions, combined with classic evening backgammon.

An important point! The hairstyle focuses on the face, it is worth carefully considering the details of the makeup, choosing the right accessories.

Who is going to?

Retro style never goes out of style. Today, modern hairdressers are increasingly offering their customers various options for "obsolete" haircuts. Styling in the style of the 80s is suitable for men of almost all ages. For example, long curly locks emphasize the beauty of tall thin guys with thin features. Chunky brutal men can opt for haircuts with shaved temples or an even crown.Laying "spaniel ears" is relevant for low, slender owners of thick hair.

The mohawk hairstyle suits bold and risky people whose lifestyle is far from the classic idea. Moreover, the "cockscomb" is better for owners of the ideal shape of the skull. Otherwise, the Iroquois will lose its appeal and will look intimidating. Also, the mohawk hairstyle will become the original "chip" at any retro party. The bandage in the style of "Rambo" is suitable for all men without exception. Such an image is good for going outdoors or participating in a sporting event. To create an image in the style of the 80s, it is enough to purchase the necessary styling products (varnish, gel, mousse, wax) and a set of combs.

For how to easily and stylishly put a mohawk, see the next video.

Star examples

Jennifer Lopez with a middle length curl, it’s hard to know, the traditional styling of the eighties did not become the singer’s best way.

Make rocker hairstyles and today can be stylish Gwen Stefani Her impeccable appearance emphasizes creative styling.

Nicki Minaj 80s fashion inspires the creation of unique images.

Rihanna often experimenting with styling at different lengths. Small curls emphasize the bright appearance of the performer.

At the beginning of his career Beyonce often appeared in public with a magnificent mop of small curls.

We have prepared for you even more bright and interesting women's haircuts:

Women's hairstyles in the 1980s

The hit of those years among women was small curls, high hair, although straight hair was also allowed.

The length of hair was valued the most diverse: from short (above the shoulders) to long (to the middle of the back). One of the short hair styling options is caret.

Hair covers the ears and frames the face, slightly hiding the cheeks. The hair on the crown is short, combed and raised. The bangs are sparse so that the forehead is almost open.

Another short hair styling option.

The hair is carefully combed and directed back. The bangs are vertically raised, as is the hair on the sides. Behind the strands in a beautiful semicircle rise above the neck.

Long and medium hair curled and impressively combed to make it rise high. Due to the volumetric fleece, all hair is directed vertically upwards, so they open the face as much as possible.

The pile was created deliberately carelessly. The strands were directed in different directions, some above, others below.
The height of the pile is emphasized by the bandage on the forehead. Bright accessories were valued in the 1980s.

In addition to the mess on the head, asymmetry was popular in that era.

The strands differed in length, and the fleece went to one side. The hairs on the crown were short and protruded vertically, and the remaining strands were longer and directed on both sides of the side deep parting.

Men's hairstyles in the style of the 80s

The fashion trend of that era was considered volumetric, simple forms. The means at hand were a comb and varnish. To make a magnificent bouffant and strengthen it with varnish, or to do perm in a hairdressing salon, was a common thing.

From small to large curls, the mods of that time experimented with curls in different ways. And the owners of thick hair, and young people with a short haircut, succumbed to the fashion and used the strongest chemical compounds in order to give the hairstyle splendor, wave and originality.

Men at that time discovered the fashionable haircut "cascade", this version of the hairstyle, opened the ears and front of the face. "Cascade" was popular among women. Many jewelry and piercings began to come into fashion, so as not to hide this beauty under the hair and came up with such a haircut.

Men's hairstyles of the 80s, as well as haircuts of the 80s, suggested very bold experiments, men tried a lot of variations to look especially and bright, here are a few options:

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Famous women of the 1980s

Legislators of fashion in those years were both actresses and singers.

The eternal singer reigned in the era of the 80s, and her magnificent hair was her peculiar crown. She wore hair of different lengths, and the strands on the crown were longer than the side and back. Shorter strands were seriously combed and raised, which formed an amazing volume.


Iroquois. This type of hairstyle resembled a cockscomb. Hair should be clean and preferably straight. The tools available are a hairdryer, comb, gel and hair spray.

To create this hairstyle, the head was tilted down, the area under the mohawk was divided into strands, which, one by one, were laid with gel, stretching the strands with your fingers, after the desired shape was ready, dried with a hairdryer. After that, the result was fixed with hairspray.


The show business queen for many years carefully followed the canons of the 1980s. Her hair was a grandiose, tall tower, consisting of combed and wavy strands on the crown and straightened on the sides. The deliberately shortened bangs made the image even more shocking.


The German singer, so beloved by the Russian people in her youth, did not differ much from the rest of the singers who performed in those years. Her hair at the crown was traditionally shortened and raised, which gave extra volume, and the side and back strands were long enough to fall below her shoulders.

Retro style features:

  • pure blond or brunette are retro colors,
  • cold wave is a very striking feature of the style, mainly for short lengths,
  • clear lines, contrasting silhouettes,
  • light curls, hair rollers, comb, bangs, boucle.

We will consider each time period separately and see how hairdressing has changed: what was added, what irrevocably disappeared, and what has survived to this day.

Alla Pugacheva

The hallmark of the singer in those years was her luxurious finely curled hair. Here we see more ordering on the head than on western stars. And this symbolizes a more rigorous ideology. But splendor, fleece and small curls remain.

Hairstyles of the 20-30s

20s of XX century: the main element is the wave.

A clear, strongly acting on the temples and forehead shallow and medium-amplitude wave. Today it is one of the fashion trends. A hairstyle with a wave, complemented by a corresponding dress, is generally the squeak of the season. In addition, you can add pearl strings and all kinds of brooches to the image and then you will fully realize the style of the fashionable lady of that time.

The main haircuts in this period were the page and the garzon, and in general the length became predominantly short.

30s: the main element is accuracy and oblique parting.

Short, neat haircuts with bangs, and a side part gives them attractive femininity, framing the face and opening it. A slight undulation may be present. Hairstyles are very natural, traces of styling at a minimum. You can supplement it with an interesting and rare accessory today - a turban or feathers.

Classic haircuts

Many girls chose a cascading haircut. This is when the hair has a different length. Initially, she became famous in the West and Soviet women decided to keep up with foreign fashionistas. To look more impressive, the ladies created a voluminous hairstyle using a hairdryer.

A stepped cascade was also in trend - the length of the strands changes smoothly. Some stylists at the back kept the hair length, and in front did a short haircut.

Women in a beauty salon in the USSR

Kara liked both young girls and women in their ages. This is a medium length hairstyle with a straight bang. Bob haircut was also popular and looked very restrained, but quite stylish. One option was an elongated bob and bob. These hairstyles are versatile and ideal for any occasion.

Girls who wanted to emphasize their sexuality cut their hair very short. This haircut was called “Hedgehog”. Women borrowed this hairstyle from men. Some even tried to behave like young men: often they put on men's clothing and copied their behavior.

Men's hairstyles in the 80s

But the most challenging were the Iroquois, a popular hairstyle among the punk subculture. Members of informal movements tried to stand out and show their personality. “Iroquois” were also made by rockers and Goths. The girls shaved their hair at the temples and did the comb on the crown. This hairstyle resembled a cockscomb. Hair color was saturated and bright. Older people were not always positive about representatives of youth associations. They considered such images indecent. But such movements also achieved this. Young people tried to express their unscrupulousness with the help of catchy clothes and explosive hairstyles and haircuts.

Fashion hairstyles

Perm was considered the ideal way to radically change your image. After this procedure, perfectly straight hair turned into curls. This hairstyle added volume to the hair, and women looked even more luxurious. Now stylists do not advise to do perm because the procedure severely damages the hair. It is better to use curlers or a curler.

Stylish girl in the 80s

In the 80s, women combed their hair and created lush hair. All this was necessarily varnished. He was replaced with sugar syrup, which fixed the hairstyle. But after that it was impossible to comb the hair and had to wash your hair thoroughly. Therefore, such a hairstyle was done for a long period. Combing led to hair loss. Many joked about girls with combed hair and came up with funny names for similar hairstyles. But women still aspired to the ideal and created different provocative images.

Stylists of that time, even from the usual high tail, made a unique hairstyle. To do this, the ladies curled hair along the entire length, and secured the tail with an elastic band on the crown. Some did bouffets instead of curls. Everyday hairstyle turned into an extraordinary image.

A popular hairstyle was also considered “babette”. This is a bundle in which beads, bird feathers were woven. At first the bangs were removed, but then the stylists decided to comb it to one side. This styling gave the woman elegance. She was made by actresses and singers.

Laying under the name “Aurora” could only afford girls with long hair. They curled curls and made a high tail. Bangs of any style complemented the image.

80s color scheme

Calm and solid colors faded into the background. They were replaced by multi-colored strands, contrasting transitions and shades. Lightening or coloring of individual strands then every woman could afford. To do this, you had to put a bag on your head and make small holes in it. Strands were drawn through them. They were discolored with ordinary peroxide. The number and color of such beams depended on the preferences of the fashionista. Then it became fashionable to dye your hair in different colors. Men always paid attention to such girls. This was considered a bold act.

90's haircuts for women

Women who behaved more liberally and sexually preferred a red color. Some ladies chose dull shades, others liked bright colors. Then there was no wide range of colors, so fashionistas used henna or potassium permanganate. Most often, girls bleached all hair with peroxide, and then they chose the right shade of red.

The standard of beauty in the 80s was the famous American singer Madonna. She was radically different from other artists and created unique images. Therefore, everyone wanted to be like her. The ladies completely copied her style and manners.


It was not enough for women to make a beautiful hairstyle or styling without additional elements. All kinds of accessories were very popular. Therefore, hairstyles were created using bright dressings and elastic bands. They were used not only by women, but also by men. They grew long hair and gathered them in tails or bundles.

Sport girls preferred wide and voluminous dressings.


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Modern women's hairstyles in the style of the 1980s

Now the era of the eighties is remembered as a period of merciless fleece, a severe perm and a thick layer of hairspray. Nowadays, women are moving away from such torment, preferring gentle styling methods. Therefore, modern hairstyles only resemble the style of the 1980s, but do not literally imitate it.

Roller girl

This is one of the popular hairstyles of that era. Its modern version is characterized by softer lines.

The main tool for creating this hairstyle is a conical styler. It is he who will form curls.
It is necessary to curl all hair, both the lower and upper layers. To start from the bottom, the upper are fixed on both sides by clamps. So they do not fall and do not interfere with working with the lower layers.

Previously, a heat-protective spray or styling agent can be applied to each strand. So the hair will not suffer from too high a temperature, and curls will retain their shape longer.

The strands should not be too thick, otherwise you will not get enough curled curls. When the entire lower layer has turned into curls, you should release the upper layer from the clamp and start working with it.

At the end of the styling, each strand should be slightly ruffled so that the curls look more voluminous.

Complex construction

The era of the 1980s can be an inspiration for more complex and interesting hairstyles.

To begin with, the hair is well combed, and then divided into several sections, each of which is clasped by a clip. Further, a horizontal and wide French braid weaves all over the head, in which the side and rear hairs participate.

The central strands that remain unused in the braid are wound on curlers or curling irons. The resulting curls fit into small messy curls that cover the entire crown and descend below.

To make the hairstyle look asymmetrical, curls should be directed only to one side.

Men's hairstyles in the 1980s

In that era, men allowed themselves to grow curls to their shoulders or lower. Among men's hairstyles reigned the same rules as among women's. Volume, bouffant, uneven length of hair and curly ends. Men expressed themselves as best they could.

This style, for obvious reasons, is called "spaniel ears." This is rather a negative example of that era, but it really did cut and style your hair! All the canons are observed here: the hair on the crown is shorter, the side locks are combed and voluminous, and the fringe is shortened and curled into small curls.

Men, like women, were madly in love with bright accessories. A wide bandage on the forehead not only decorates, but also allows you to keep your hair "in check", under control, so that they do not interfere. Short hair on the crown rises above the bandage, forming a breathtaking volume. The bangs are also famously puffing.

Bangs were not a necessary component of hairstyles.Sometimes it was picked up and combed. The ends of the hair flowed freely over the shoulders. If the hair formed curls or curls, the hairstyle looked much more spectacular. Lateral strands could be tucked behind the ears so that the hair did not interfere. But to create a greater volume, the ears were nevertheless hidden.

Some informals of that era cut their hair short enough, but at the same time managed to look trendy thanks to one specific detail. For example, curled and magnificent bangs. It is laid on one side, covers part of the forehead and freely falls below. For such styling, the bangs needed to be carefully curled.

Short-cropped hair with a crown as flat as the surface of the table is also the era of the 80s. Whiskey could shave and even put a picture on them. This is a model of the United States rather than the Soviet Union, where such liberties were not approved. But a similar style has gone into eternity and is still imitated.

Dieter Bohlen

The “blonde” half of the popular Modern Talking band is a classic example of that era. His hair at the crown is raised in an impressive pile, the length of the side strands varies, but the tips reach the shoulders and even go down a little lower. Sparse and divided into thin locks of bangs slightly covers the forehead.

Thomas anders

The dark-haired half of the German duo is also the owner of long and magnificent hair. They curl a little more than Bolen’s, the bangs do not cover the entire forehead, but only a part, because they are directed to the side. The main difference between Thomas's hairstyle is the side parting, to which the side strands obey. The fleece is less pronounced here, and the strands on the crown of the same length as the side ones.

Mikhail Boyarsky

In those years, the actor wore hair that was longer than the permissible level. They practically reached shoulders, which for the Soviet era was considered almost a protest against everyday life. The hair is divided into an uneven side parting, from which begins the bangs, going set. The hairstyle looks romantic due to the fact that the hair is slightly curly.

Men's hairstyles in the style of the 1980s

Many options for men's hairstyles of that era are considered too daring and bold for modern men. Few decide on a similar style, considering it deeply outdated. But fans of the 80s, as well as those who want a haircut in an unusual way, draw inspiration from the images of those times, smoothing them, giving them a shade of our era.

The basis of this hairstyle is an unusual haircut, where the nape and temples are shaved, and the hair on the crown and front is much longer. This option is good in that a long bang can be laid in completely different ways.

Either vertically, or on one side, or even smoothly comb back. The result is a new styling every day. The more volume and vertical lines, the more the hairstyle resembles the dashing eighties.

Another version of the retro style dating back to the 80s is cycobilly.

The hairstyle is characterized by short (but not shaved!) Temples and long (but not much) hair at the crown. The accent of this hairstyle is thick and high bangs. To install it, you will need a styling tool and a comb with small teeth. As in the previous version, thick bangs can be laid either directly, vertically, or to one side.

  1. Raised hair on the top, forming a flat surface, was extremely fashionable in the era of the 80s, but even now this option is very popular.
  2. A flat surface at the crown is achieved by proper haircut and proper styling with a styling tool.
  3. So, hairstyles in the style of the 1980s may not be at the peak of popularity among modern men and women, but this can be a good option for those who want to diversify their appearance, surprise others, and also remember that old era that began disco, and ended with grunge.

This is the 80th baby: the craziest hairstyles of the late 20th century

Not many years passed, and the hairstyles of the 80s were already far behind. However, 20-30 years of exposure is a full-fledged vintage, and the pictures below have acquired a nostalgic appeal.

There are a lot of associations - the first stream of Hollywood on video cassettes, and punk rockers, metalheads as a new manifestation, and the same face of a fashionista with chemistry.

I also recall Soviet hairdressers with pictures from fashion magazines pasted on the walls.

And these are those whom people from the selection above didn’t quite like to be like:

  1. Small curls and a mysterious look - simply breathtaking!

Star style. At least unusual!

  • Such was the caret hairstyle in the 1980s.
  • Chic, but not for every day!
  • Street style.
  • Evening hairstyle option.
  • Positive as it is!
  • Provocative and unusual.
  • Outrageous!
  • Star style.
  • Madonna of the 80s.
  • Solemn option.
  • Short haircuts were also in fashion.
  • Stars are in trend.
  • Aristocratic image.
  • Legendary images!
  • Hairstyle, which is still relevant today without changes!
  • Evening styling option.

Well, men's hairstyles of the 80s.

Women's hairstyles in the style of the 80s

Hairstyles of the 80s amaze with charm, courage, attractiveness. They are a spectacular combination of three elements. This is a short haircut, soft waves and perm.

The legendary Olympics-80 had a significant impact. The popularity of sports-style hairstyles.

Also, women made extravagant, bulky “constructions” from their hair, experimented with length and shades.

  • As you can see in the photo, the fashion of the 80s is hairstyles that are immediately recognizable, accurately reflect the mood of their era:

Nowadays, hairstyles in the style of the 80s are performed only for theme parties.

How to make a hairstyle in the style of the 80s on long hair

In addition to continuing to maintain the relevance of the traditional high tail, women came up with interesting styling. They were made on hair of any length, with and without jewelry.

The “business card" of the period in question is called babette. This variety of hairstyles of the 80s on long hair has become a classic of world cinema. Over time, the beam acquired certain new features. It was decorated with all kinds of accessories - feathers, glass or plastic beads, rubber bands.

  1. To quickly understand how to make a hairstyle of the 80s, look at the photo and follow them as instructions:

To achieve the appearance of a large amount of hair and a chance to beautifully collect them, depicting a massive knot, women used special elastic ring lining. A little later, the standard beam was transformed into a babette with a thick, straightened bang. The hairstyle ceased to be too strict, but she continued to give the woman an irresistible elegance to the woman.

Hair freely scattering over the shoulders is a hairstyle that was initially masculine. For a long time, her symbol was called singer and musician D. Bowie. Then the idea interested representatives of a beautiful part of humanity, such styling became an attribute and a sign of female fashion.

How to make a hairstyle in the style of the 80s - these are its two main features:

  • airy, lightened strands, strongly elevated on the upper half of the head,
  • long ringlets on the back, which fall on the shoulders.

This model is no longer relevant today. She is able to look appropriate only at a costume disco.

  • Fashionable hairstyles of the 80s “punk rocker” are a kind of reminder of those years when the defiant elements of dresses just began to penetrate the image of people, and young people rejoiced at the unexpectedly appeared freedom.
  • To sculpt a stylish look, you only need a pair of motley earrings and an ordinary elastic band for hair.

The mop is divided into two halves - so that the parting is slightly offset to the right. The elongated bangs are combed back. Gently collect the tail from the bangs, intercept its protruding part with an elastic band.

Original designs with bandages and playful curls

The 80s is a period of triumph of the original “trinkets”. The latter included a variety of catchy dressings. They were present in the wardrobe arsenal of every fashionista. Even young guys who grew hair on their heads and styled them under a “hat” decorated themselves with colorful bandages.

"Stylish mess" was the branding of the 80s. Pop stars were not at all embarrassed by their disheveled hair. Then a similar mess of strands tied with ribbons was considered an indispensable tribute to fashion.

  1. You can see the look of such a bold female hairstyle of the 80s in the photo below:

Curvy 80s hairstyles with ribbon and spiral strands

Another type of very common, beloved ladies hairstyle of the 80s with a ribbon was made. The image was made from a traditional square in combination with bandages. The decorative components were often textile ribbons.

  • They were picked up in tone and pattern of the dress, blouse or other elements of the outfit.

Most often these were synthetics, silk, lace, satin. In addition, there was a demand for distinct prints - polka dots, stripes. The bottom of the hair trimmed under a straight caret was curled a little with a curling iron or modeled with curlers.

Spiral strands, complemented by cute accessories (or without them) - an undoubted, special touch that distinguished women's hairstyles of the 80s. Hair twisted, tightly varnished. To create a more delicate image, fewer styling products were used to give the hair style lightness.

Long curls were left to fall over the shoulders or collected in a ponytail. In addition to curling, curls were combed at the roots and along the entire length. This is one of the most famous types of styling. That is why permanent waving has become incredibly popular.

This hairdressing technique greatly spoiled the structure of the hair rods and the curls themselves, but it allowed fixing the lush hairstyles of the 80s for a long time.

Women's haircuts of the 80-90s: photos, names, styling options

  • November 10, 2018
  • Haircuts
  • Yuri Lazutin

The events of the last decades of the last century caused changes not only in the political life of the country, they touched people's consciousness, their desire for freedom. Young people listened to Western music without fear, wore jeans and incredible haircuts. In the photo of the 80-90s, female heads are decorated with high comb, short strands and soft waves. A vivid example is Natalia Negoda in the acclaimed film "Little Faith", her hair style as a symbol of the era of perestroika and publicity.

Popular 80s haircuts

With changes in life, it's time to experiment. Younger and older women deviated from standards in dress and behavior. Bright cosmetics and clothes ceased to amaze. This also affected hairdressing.

  • Punk style. To create a hairstyle, you need to take an elastic band and long earrings. Divide the hair into two parts, comb the bangs back and form a tail from it. Fasten with an elastic band at the end of the bangs.
  • In the photo, haircuts of the 80s are full of various accessories. Dressings of various structures were especially popular. The symbol of that time was a high pile with elements of artistic chaos, decorated with a bandage on the forehead. Pop stars often used this option to decorate curls.
  • Laying with a pile. She was especially popular with the active part of the girls. Professional skills in creating hairstyles were not required, but a lot of time was spent on styling.
  • Curls were made mainly for evening options. The strands had to be wound on large diameter curlers, dried and fixed with a large amount of varnish.

90s hairstyles

In the early 90s, styling experiments developed rapidly, old models received a new life, and hair highlighting became fashionable.

  • Magnificent curling as a business card of the era is easily done at home. Screw the curls with a curling iron, form the desired shape with your hands and fix with varnish. It does not require special correction during the day.
  • Bangs in the shape of a cylinder. Today this option is rare, but in the 90s it looked spectacular. Apply foam to the hair and wind it with a round comb until they take the desired shape. Finish the result with varnish.
  • Laying with the selection and coloring of individual strands in bright colors.

Voluminous haircuts

The volume in haircuts of the 80-90s remained the main detail for a long time.

  • Especially popular among women was the haircut “Mallet”, the curls on the top of the head are short and curled. The rest of the hair is straight to the shoulders and below.
  • Representatives of youth subcultures used the Iroquois option as a type of women's haircuts of the 80-90s. In the photo of that time, girls often began to appear with scallops made of bright-colored hair.
  • Short haircuts with extra volume at the crown were popular with active youth. Used in conjunction with baggy clothes.

Short haircuts

Short haircuts of the 80s remain popular among women of all ages. Women's haircuts had an aggressive and spectacular appearance, vaguely reminiscent of men's options.

  • "Hedgehog" is easy and holds its shape well. The whiskey and the back of the head are cut off, the upper hair is combed back and with the help of varnish they create the likeness of needles.
  • The main differences of the “Page” haircut are a straight parting line and edging with orientation to the control strand.
  • "Bob-Care" is popular in our time. The neat look of the haircut gives girls a special charm.
  • "Pixie" with elements of casual chaos suits active and purposeful girls.
  • "Gavrosh" and now does not go out of fashion. A stylish haircut looks perfect in combination with a sporty style.

Haircut "Wolf"

A lot of women were looking for and found their only option for a female haircut of the 80-90s. In the photo you can look at one of them, the cult haircut “She-wolf”. A hairstyle made using cascade elements really looks like a wolf coat.

The image of a fashionable woman takes on a predatory and aggressive look with a touch of veiled sexuality. For a special effect, the strands on the ends are treated with a razor.

The “Wolf” has a lot of advantages, it is suitable for hair of various lengths, styling is not difficult, and a haircut can serve as the basis for other hairstyles.

Haircut "Hope"

Equally popular among middle-aged women was the haircut "Hope" of the 1980s. Asymmetric hairstyle of small volume is recommended for fashionistas with any type of hair and oval face.

Trapezoid owners should choose a different type of hairstyle. Implementation of the creation of "Hope" is carried out using scissors and a razor.

Easy to fit and holds its shape throughout the day.

History left its mark on the photo of haircuts of the 80-90s. Female heads are decorated with voluminous bouffants, creative short options and incredible mohawks. I can’t believe that the mothers of modern women of fashion just as closely followed the latest fashion, wore jeans and defiantly painted. Do not be surprised at this, the time will come - and today's girls will show their daughters photographs of their youth.

Description of hairstyles of the 80s of female and male style, tips for styling retro haircuts

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Trimming hair from time to time strengthens and encourages hair growth. It is because of this that for people with poorly growing and sparse hair, a short haircut will be more useful. In the eighties, hairstyles for short hair were very common.

80s haircuts

Hairstyles of the 80s fully characterized this period of time. They were an example of freedom stylists' thinking and experimenting in art, had a pronounced volume and splendor, thereby attracting attention to the wearer of the hairstyle.

In this innovative time, haircuts of the 80s were widespread such as: "Iroquois", "for a boy", "page", "volume on the crown", "rhapsody", "Aurora".

Review of retro haircuts

  • “Under the Boy” is one of the hairstyles that has won fashion catwalks. It was she who was a vivid symbol of women's independence, freedom and the fight against annoying stereotypes.A haircut is convenient for the summer period, it is easy to style.

The bottom line isthat the hair was cut very short and gave it a noticeable volume, making the image of the fair sex more feminine, and not boyish, as many believe. Typically, stylists close their necks and leave a fleece on the front of their heads. Punks and rockers emphasize insolence with gel polish.

The famous Coco Chanel was one of the first women to wear such a hairstyle.

  • "Volume on the top." To do this with your hair, you need to create a comb on the top with a brush and a regular hair dryer, first washing your hair. Such a decision will create your hairdo height and a noticeable volume, attracting all the attention to you. In combination with small curls, such a hairstyle will look very impressive and organically complement a chic outfit. In this case, heavy styling varnish is prohibited.
  • Iroquois is a bold decision about the feminine and masculine style. The character of the person with this hairstyle on his head is aggressive, attention-loving, very freedom-loving, innovative and self-confident. But this does not always happen, because the haircut has many variations: from romantic to Gothic, with spikes and without them.

For less temperamental women, a short "mohawk" with cropped temporal parts is suitable. Usually this hairstyle of the 80s and 90s was used by punks and rockers. Its roots come from America, or rather, from the Indian tribe Iroquois.

  • Page is an ideal choice for short hair. During the Middle Ages, wigs were laid using this method. People at court liked this idea, and they styled their hair the same way, only they were straight. “Page” revived during the struggle for women's equal rights in society, along with other hairstyles of the eighties. Christian Dior introduced the haircut in Paris at the fashion show of the new fashion collection. The main disadvantage is that the “page” requires frequent updates for a neat appearance - approximately once a month. This popular retro haircut is very sophisticated and requires the hands of an extremely experienced craftsman.
  • Aurora is a women's hairstyle with a messy styling style. Short hair on the crown and curls falling along them add volume to the hairstyle. This haircut is more suitable for long and thick hair, modeling any oval of the face. Complementing the style of bangs of any style. A little wavy or straight hair is suitable for cutting, otherwise you have to spend a lot of time on styling.
  • "Rhapsody" - is a good option for thick hair of medium length. This is a multi-layer haircut with a slightly raised nape. The principle of execution is to apply a curl to a curl, which creates an air styling, shape, style and volume. The haircut looks neat and elegant even after the hair grows evenly. It suits long hair and corrects imperfections in the shape of the face. You do not have to bother with hair for a long time, and styling is held throughout the day.

Men's haircuts 80s photo - Men's hairstyles 80s: photo and history

The main characteristic of the male image of the eighties was courage, excessiveness, an eccentric. Shaved whiskey was considered the model of men's fashion of that time, which laid the foundation for elaborate Iroquois and shaved naps.

At first, the society perceived it with difficulty and misunderstanding, as everything else is new, but it was justified, because such impudent images allowed young people to stand out from the gray mass and be stylish.

Haircuts for men and their features

A large volume of hair on the front of the head and back of the head and a voluminous, careless bang that lushly fell on the face was considered a feature, while the locks were combed back at the side.

For reference! The diversity of directions in which the art of the eighties developed, explains the appearance of the style - "neoclassic", the same classic style, with some changes and additions made to it.

With combed bangs

This kind of hairstyle suited aristocrats and majors of that time. Pure bangs, gently combed back or to the side, and gave an intelligent look to a man from the 80s.

Hairstyles for men of the 80s were very peculiar, in those years, men mostly chose long curls for their image, men's hairstyles with different lengths, volumes and comb were considered very fashionable, sometimes the ends of the hair curled. The man emphasized his individual style. It was called "spaniel ears." At the crown, the curls were short, the bangs were short and curled into small curls, and voluminous, combed locks were left on the side.

Do you like haircuts of the 80s?

Men had their own accessories, for example, a bandage on their foreheads, parodying the trendy “Rambo”, this style was not only very popular, but also kept a hairstyle, not allowing the locks to look careless. With the help of a bandage, the hair on the back of the head was lifted, which added additional volume to the hairstyle.

For reference! The main nuance of men's hairstyles of the 80s was voluminous bangs.

Well-groomed fashionistas combed their bangs. The ends of the hair fell on the courageous shoulders, and on the side of the locks were led behind the ears, for convenience, so as not to interfere.

The so-called “informals” in the 80s wore a predominantly short haircut, not forgetting of course about the bangs, which was still thick, magnificent and fashionable to complement the frank image.

They laid it on its side, respectively covering part of the forehead, it effectively fell onto the face. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, a perm was needed, therefore, accessories such as curling irons and curlers were commonplace for both women and men.

Men's short haircuts were appreciated in the USA. They were not so popular in the USSR and were considered a rarity. Basically, all men wore haircuts with long or medium length hair.

1980s Fashion and Hairstyles

The 1980s is a time of brightness. Bright colors, bright makeup, lush, with bouffant and curly hairstyles. The 1980s are a time of extremes - shoulder pads and miniskirts.

1980s fashion is influenced by many factors. Fashion is influenced by singers (Madonna, Michael Jackson), actors, youth subcultures, sports and, of course, style icons, the most striking of which is Princess Diana.

Photo above - Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury 1980. Photo below - Madonna

In the 1980s, aggressive sexuality was in fashion. Sexuality in clothes is emphasized by frank and provocative outfits (these are corsets, and fishnet tights, and, of course, miniskirts and shorts), as well as overly bright makeup.

Romantic style in the clothes of the 1980s is closely connected with the style of Princess Diana. The romantic style of the 1980s included evening dresses, A-line dresses, blouses with ruffles and ruffles, pencil skirts, puffy skirts, sheath dresses, and high-waisted trousers.

An interest in the image of a business woman also appeared in the 1980s. By the way, in 1979 the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain was first taken by a woman - the legendary Margaret Thatcher. The image of a business woman and a movie was popularized.

It was popular in the 1980s and sporting style. In the 1980s, men were engaged in bodybuilding, women in aerobics and shaping. By the way, it was in the 80s, 1989, when the famous series “Malibu Rescuers” appeared on the screens.

Youth subculturesthat influenced the fashion of the 1980s are gothic and hip-hop.

Much attention in the 80s is paid to branded clothing. So, for example, in extreme cases, labels with the names of well-known brands could even rip off the wrong side of clothing and change to the front.

Timeline of 1980s fashion trends:

1980 year - Olympics in Moscow. Sport is in fashion. The names of hairstyles are also sports - hairstyles "Olympic", "Olympia", "Sports". Such hairstyles were made from both short and semi-long hair.

Features of these hairstyles - a large light wave, which completely covered the forehead. In the fashion there were also hairstyles resembling natural curly hair, as well as hairstyles similar to Roman ones - with fine-haired hair laid over the forehead.

Men's hairstyles - short haircuts, plus hairstyles with the repetition of the lines of the 1960s.

1981-1982 years. Fashion includes a “haircut” haircut, which frames the face in the form of a rectangle. This kind of "square" is becoming very popular. Also in fashion are hairstyles with the addition of braids, multi-colored strands.

1983. Three styles are in fashion - classic, romantic and sporty styles. Men's hairstyles are short, sometimes with perms. A feature of men's hairstyles of that period is a large amount of hair on the back of the head and front of the head, as well as a lush, often uneven bang, falling on the forehead, while the side locks are combed back.

Women's hairstyles - are diverse, It is both hairstyles with a perm, and haircuts. They wore asymmetric haircuts, especially to the sports style in clothes, and wore a short page-style haircut. They could also wear hairstyles from long and semi-long hair, but always with asymmetric elements - rollers, buns, bangs.

Retro hairstyles of the 1930s are also spreading.

1984. At this time, great fashion for workers and uniforms, safari style. Hairstyles from both long hair and short haircuts, the "haircut" haircut is in fashion. Plus, short and long strands can now be combined in one haircut. Men's hairstyles - haircuts with short hair on the temples and elongated bangs.

1985. This year's fashion motto is “completeness and versatility”. A straight silhouette is in fashion - semi-fitted and fitted. The length of skirts and dresses varies from mini to maxi. Especially popular in women's wardrobe are suits.

Men prefer classic and sporty styles in clothes. There is an extravagance in the creation of images - for example, men can combine a classic jacket with jeans, and women a folk skirt with a sweater.

At the same time, the main feature of clothes both in 1985 and in the whole of the 80s are wide accented shoulders.

Men in 1985 wear hairstyles with asymmetrical lines, large volumes of hair on the forehead and the parietal part of the head, while the hair on the temples is cut short, the neck is open. Plus, the hair in men's hairstyles is always combed smoothly.

Women's hairstyles from both long and short hair, both with bangs and without them. The haircut is still in fashion. They wear “tango”, “rhythm” hairstyles. A feature of the latter is a bang of two tiers, as well as gradually lengthening hair from neck to face.

In fashion, red, amber, copper, light golden shades of hair, for short haircuts - black.

1986. During this period, among young people, the so-called “zoological” hairstyles - “comb of a rooster”, “mane of a tamed lion”, “under the porcupine” come into fashion. The Cleopatra hairstyle, a short haircut “under the boy” are in fashion, they continue to use asymmetrical details in the hairstyles - protruding tails, bunches. Retro hairstyles of the 1930s and 1940s are in fashion. Men's hairstyles - short haircuts.

1987. In women's hairstyles, the "spike-shaped" pigtail is popular - it starts on the crown of the head, and then locks of hair from the back of the head are gradually woven into it. Such a hairstyle could be decorated with a bow made of chiffon, lace, tulle.

Worn and hairstyles with haircuts - "preance", "ensign". A hairstyle “beret” appears, created by Parisian hairdresser Marianne Gray - a hairstyle with a clear sharp silhouette and volume of hair, expanding from the temples up. Hairstyles with the use of false hair, hairpieces are in fashion.

For the first time in twenty years, since the 1960s, wigs have returned to fashion.

1988. Hairstyles with bright hair colors are popular among young people.

The English hairdresser Stevie Balk suggests using special watercolor paints for hair coloring, which are easily washed off.

By the way, Balk himself often used pink and blue tones in his hairstyles. Perm is also popular. Hair ornaments come into fashion - hairpins, hoops, ribbons.

1980s Makeup bright - eyes, lips, and cheekbones should have been bright. Shadows were shaded from eyelids to eyebrows, on the outer corners of the eyes painted corners, painted "cat" eyes. In the fashion were thick, black, natural eyelashes. Blush was applied to the cheekbones directly with strips of bright raspberry pink. Lipstick also had to be bright and shiny.

Hairstyles of the 40-50s

40s of the XX century: the main element is the Pin-Up style.

Bright colors (red, blue-black.), Large curls, hair rollers ("rollers"), as well as classic high beams. Hairstyles of this period are distinguished by brightness, epotagism, increased sexuality, but at the same time there is lightness and playfulness.

It was at this time that the youth movement was emerging - the style of dude. Colorful, magnificent dresses and multi-colored suits and shirts. Many large and bright accessories. Fancy styling and custom hairstyles.

50s: the main element is light curls Marilyn Monroe.

The image and features of the actress Marilyn Monroe in the 50s became very recognizable and popular. This is styling on medium hair, the strands are twisted by medium-sized curls, the hair color is blond, almost white. A light, naive image, very feminine and somewhere childish, radiating happiness and serenity.

In addition, short haircuts are becoming popular again. In fashion, not smooth lines, but angularity and geometricity. Simple and quick hairstyles have also spread: tails, buns. This is due to the fact that women have become more interested in sports and physical education.

Hairstyles 60-80s

60s of the XX century: The main element is high hairstyles.

Curls and curls are replaced by graceful, high styling. Top fashion is babette. To increase the volume and height of styling using improvised means - hairpieces and wigs. Fleece is also very much in demand. High tails and thick bangs also firmly entered the everyday life of fashionistas.

70s: the main element is hippies and boyhood.

Practicality is replacing the time-consuming styling: short page and havrosh haircuts come into fashion. Comfortable, short, dynamic haircuts - it is not surprising that they gained popularity quite rapidly.

Those ladies who did not want to part with long hair preferred a free style. Loose strands, complemented by unpretentious, not large accessories, with natural or ethnic notes (the hippie flow made itself felt).

80s: the main element is splendor.

Short hairstyles again gave the palm long. Multilayer haircuts come to the fore - a cascade and an Italian. To achieve even greater volume and splendor, they used fleece, and hot curlers, and perm. These stacks were quite extravagant and even provocative somewhere.

A few more features of retro hairstyles

  • Retro hairstyles for long hair

There are a lot of retro options for long hair: high tails, different fleeces, babette. Curls and curls.

Large rollers also look great: you can make two symmetrical ones, one in the center or randomly placed on the surface of the head.

  • Retro hairstyles for medium hair

This is the most optimal length of the strands, since it allows you to embody any direction in retro hairstyles: those that are created on a long head of hair, and those that need short hair.

Small curls, square with bangs, waves. Having supplemented with small accessories (ribbons, hairpins.) You can get as close to the desired vintage style.

  • Retro hairstyles for short hair

Boyish haircuts - Garson and Gavrosh. Angular Page. In general, geometric shape is a feature of the retro style of those years. The long bangs will emphasize it even more: it can be combed, combed, decorated with a wave.

Alexander Abdulov

The elegant actor, beloved by Soviet women, carefully monitored his image and did not allow himself the unbridled fleeces of the corrupting West. His hairstyle is characterized by volume at the crown and elongated whiskers. The bangs are cut not in a straight line, but in a large oval.

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