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How to use minoxidil for a beard

Among the trends of modern men's fashion there is a new trend that warms the heart of a real man.

It was the appearance of the North American lumberjacks, who lived about a hundred years ago, formed the basis of the new style. The main signs of this style are a combed thick beard, flannel plaid shirts or t-shirts, heavy boots, suspenders. A man must be disappointed, strong and strong. This is a somewhat brutal and rude style without pathos. Men's fashion has never been so attractive!

The gentle and romantic nature of modern men try to hide in every possible way behind a thick beard. Emphasized masculinity and the image of a lumberjack is now at the peak of popularity. This trend is typical for urban residents, well-groomed, with good taste, who have absorbed a bit of everything: the culture of hipsters, the brutality of intelligent geologists of the 60s, the charisma of bearded stars.

However, this image is slightly crafty. A man only pretends that he is not at all interested in his appearance.
A man who regularly cares for his beard is a completely business and successful person who knows how to wear not only jeans, but also an expensive suit. And the ax ... Let it remain only in associations. After all, what is fashion if not a game ...

When to start using

If one day you decide that a gorgeous beard is very suitable for you, then you definitely decide to grow it. And GENEROLON® Spray 5% will help you with this. Each has his own characteristics of chin hair growth and his own type of beard. If you saw on TV how the bristles elegantly fit the chin and cheeks of an actor, this does not mean that it “naturally” can grow like this for everyone.

Each man has his own characteristic of stubble growth. For some, a natural beard is obtained with “bald spots” - the stubble grows unevenly in places, in some places the hairs are rarely located. Now this misunderstanding can be corrected: GENEROLON® spray STIMULATES hair follicles and STRENGTHENS the growth of existing and new hairs. Intense and uniform growth of bristles is observed after 2-3 months. It takes 4 to 7 months to grow a uniform and beautiful beard.

Many pharmacies have in their assortment kits with 2 and 3 bottles of GENEROLON® in one box. They are enough for applying to the beard area, as a rule, for a period of 3 to 6 months.
By purchasing such a kit you can save a lot.

Application Guide for Beard Growth

  • Start by not shaving for a week or two. Determine how your beard grows, what features of growth your beard has in different areas. If hair grows poorly or unevenly - start daily (!) To use the GENEROLON® spray mainly in places where the bristles are less thick and less rigid.
  • You can evaluate the visible result after about 1-2 months - you will see that the growth of the bristles has become more uniform and more intense.
  • After about 5-6 months, you will already show off a beautiful uniform beard, and cut it in accordance with your chosen style.
  • If you have blonde hair, it will be harder for you than dark-haired. It is enough for them only to grow 3-6 mm to look solid. You need about 12 mm of beard hair. GENEROLON® - spray Accelerates the growth of hairs, makes them stronger.
  • Six months later, the beard should already look impressive. Or very close to this result. But it is worth following it every day: comb it, wash it as often as you wash your hair, blow it from the bottom up. It is advisable to continue to periodically use the GENEROLON spray to maintain the result.
  • A beard can last you even longer than your hair on your head. GENEROLON® - Spray INCREASES the hair's lifespan.

GENEROLON® spray for hair growth should be used daily, morning and evening!
It must be applied to areas with insufficient hair growth by pressing the pump nozzle spray. Then it is advisable to massage a little the place of application of the spray so that it is better distributed on the skin and reaches its goal - hair follicles.
GENEROLON® - spray should be used regularly in order to achieve an early effect!

Choosing the right drug

Minoxidil is available under various brands. The most famous Rogaine - it appeared earlier than others, as well as Minoxidil Kirkland - it is more affordable and, according to reviews, no worse than more expensive drugs.

Minoxidil is made in the form of lotion, spray, foam. For facial hair growth, it is most often suggested to use lotion. It is more convenient to apply, when compared with a spray. Foam for facial hair growth is not used.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like every remedy, Generolon has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

  • The tool really promotes hair growth. Most consumers were satisfied with the action of this spray.
  • Generolon is sold in any pharmacy. It can be ordered even on the Internet. Due to its availability, the spray is in demand.
  • The spray does not stain the skin and is convenient to use.
  • Funds are enough for a whole month.

Despite the positive effect of the drug, it has disadvantages:

  1. The spray has a specific smell.
  2. Some say that when you stop using the spray, honey mushrooms become rare.
  3. Many do not fit the price of this tool.

After consulting with the doctor and weighing the pros and cons, each man decides whether to use Generolon or not. Since it does not harm the body, it is worth trying in this way to solve your problem.

Efficiency of Generolon

Many men note that Generolone is a very effective remedy. This is even said by experts. Although it does not affect hair as quickly as medicines, it does not harm the body and does not cause allergies.

On the Internet, this spray can be bought for 440 rubles. If you buy several bottles, then you can get a discount. In pharmacies, 2% of Generolon is sold at 600 rubles, and 5% at 800 rubles. The price in pharmacies may vary, so do not rush to buy a hair spray in the first store you get.

What concentration should minoxidil use for beard growth?

  • 5% is the gold standard. This concentration is suitable for everyone to give a noticeable result, without showing any side effects.
  • 10% or 15%. Such solutions may be needed if with the help of five percent preparations it was not possible to obtain the desired result or it is necessary to grow a beard faster. But to start with them is not recommended, at the very beginning 5% will cope.

How to apply minoxidil to a beard

According to the instructions for use of minoxidil, before applying to the beard, it is necessary to measure 1 ml of the product. Then gently apply the drug to problem areas of the skin with a pipette. After this, it is necessary to wait until the composition is absorbed, it can take up to 1 hour. You can speed up the absorption of the product with the help of a mesoscooter, also with it the drug penetrates better under the skin and the beard grows faster.

How often to use minoxidil for a beard

The solution must be applied twice a day. More convenient in the morning and evening. The duration of the course with any kind of drug is at least 4 months. The first results are usually noticeable after a month of regular use of minoxidil for the beard. But often a full course lasts 6 months, depending on individual characteristics. You can stop using the product when the hair is fully strengthened and becomes stiff.

Can a spray solve your problem?

The experience of many has shown that Generolon really helps to grow a beard. To permanently get rid of this problem, you need to find out why it arose, but here you can’t do without a doctor. Beard spray does not cure your malfunctions, it only helps to accelerate hair growth. In other words, Generolon is not a medicine, but a tool that helps to grow a beard.


Spray Generolon for beard growth: reviews of men, instructions, cost

"Generolon" for the growth of a beard is a tool to help grow a decent beard. It is not so easy to do it on your own. Genetics, hormones, diseases, the wrong lifestyle and other factors can interfere.

How to find an effective remedy for vegetation growth? Below is more information about the use of the drug, its feasibility, side effects, advantages and disadvantages.

When to use

The advisability of using the drug occurs in the case of androgenetic alopecia.

What it is? About 80% of men and 50% of women undergo alopecia, or, in other words, baldness, throughout life.

This phenomenon begins with the thinning of healthy hair (follicles shrink, lose their former healthy shape), flows into a fluffy mass, and then completely leads to focal baldness or absolute baldness.

Sometimes the medicine is started to be used with normal hair loss caused by various factors.

A beard is no exception. Alopecia can occur in both a young man and a more mature one; the bristles can grow unevenly or by islets. In such a situation, "Generolon" for a beard will become a real life buoy.

Properties and principle of operation

The principle of operation consists of two important functions:

  1. Expands blood vessels. This effect creates the ground for a sufficient supply of oxygen, nutrients to the follicles. The hair follicle begins to grow to a full state, now it is able to produce normal hair with a healthy structure and length.
  2. Protective function. Minoxidil, the active component of Generolon, protects the follicle from undesirable factors. It does not allow chemicals, enzymes to attack healthy beard hair.

Effective in tandem with oils or nourishing masks. For this reason, for a quick effect, the therapy can be supplemented with nutritious oil-based masks. It clears the way for vitamins and minerals that feed the bristles.

Properties: It has a stimulating effect on the growth of the beard, and also restores the former attractiveness of the hairline. This will take about four months, in some cases one year.

How to cancel the use of the drug

It is not advisable to stop using the drug abruptly. The dosage should be reduced gradually to maintain the result. First, you can reduce the amount of the drug - pick up not a complete pipette, but 2/3. After a week, reduce to half. After a couple of weeks, reduce the number of applications to once a day. As a result, within a month to reduce the use of the drug to zero. In this case, there should not be a rollback.


  • Any fresh damage to the skin: scratches, inflammation, irritation. It is necessary to wait for the healing of the skin surface, only after you can use minoxidil for the beard.
  • Skin diseases. They should also be cured first.
  • Propensity to an allergic reaction to propylene glycol. It is extremely rare. But even this option is not a reason to abandon minoxidil. Simply change the product to a special one for sensitive skin that does not contain propylene glycol. The vial should have the “NO PG” mark.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system.

Finally, the most common question: “Will minoxidil help me?”. According to official studies and judging by the reviews, 5% minoxidil helps in 90 cases out of a hundred. A tool with a concentration of 10-15% gives an effect in 95% of cases. Therefore, there is very little reason to doubt. This means that growing a thick and beautiful beard with minoxidil will certainly work!

Still have questions? Ask their consultant by phone +7 (499) 391-63-16.

Composition and form of release

The product is made in Croatia and Spain, sold without special recipes. Available in the form of sprays 2% and 5%. The bottle contains 60 milliliters of substance, the device for spray spraying is included in the package.

A 2% vial contains 20 milligrams of minoxidil, and 5% contains 50 milligrams.

Additional components of the spray: ethanol, propylene glycol, water. Keep the spray out of the reach of children at temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees and above zero.

Instructions for use

If you use the product incorrectly, it simply will not give the desired result. How to use the product?

  1. For the first use, you need to install the dispenser on the spray can and make a test press, after which you can use the product.
  2. Before spraying, it is important to prepare the face: thoroughly cleanse the face of waste products, it is advisable to wash with hot water so that the face is slightly steamed. Dry after procedures.
  3. The next task is the uniform distribution of the drug. The emphasis should be placed on those areas where the hair fell out or thinned, "Generolon" is applied from the center of the problem area. It is not necessary to rub the drug; spray particles are absorbed quickly. Flushing it is also not necessary. If there is a need for water procedures, they are allowed after at least four hours.

A single dose for use is 1 milligram, approximately 6-7 clicks.

It is used according to the instructions once a day, multiplicity - up to 2 times a day. The maximum allowable daily dose is 2 milligrams. Before spraying, you need to remember about precautions, the drug is not allowed to get into the eyes.

How to choose the right percentage of minoxidil?

To do this, consult a specialist!

For most men, a two percent concentrate is sufficient for beard growth. The process is not fast.

For those who want to quickly get vegetation, a five percent spray will help.

Under what circumstances can Generolon prove to be ineffective?

"Generolon" is not able to cope with alopecia caused by improper medication, lack of a balanced diet (lack of vitamins A and iron).

Also, do not use a hairdryer to dry the beard, care products that have chemical burns. During the treatment period, one should not do perms, injure the hairs of the beard by pulling them, tight weaving.

Barber tips

If you want to wear a beard, then you should not give up this idea, since now there are a lot of specialists and opportunities to model it, a lot of care products. There are barbers who can guide and tell how to properly care, what can be used for growth and care

And since now the beard is in trend, in fashion, and if there is a goal to look different, then you should let go of the beard.

Additional points for proper use

  1. The product can not be applied to other parts of the body, even covered with hair (eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.).
  2. "Generolon" should be applied to dry beard bristles.
  3. You should wash your beard in the usual way.
  4. Beard care remains the same.

Allowed the use of funds for nutrition, styling, dyeing and even curling hair. Nevertheless, it is best to make sure that the medicine is completely absorbed, that is, it is better to start other actions four hours after applying the drug.

  • If during the use of the product there are any side effects, it is better to cancel the drug.
  • If during use "Generolon" accidentally gets into your eyes, they should be washed thoroughly with water. Ethyl alcohol can irritate the mucous membranes. Also, do not inhale the drug when sprayed.

  • Before using the product should be examined by a specialist, if the skin is healthy - the product can be used.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • How to grow a beard

      In order for the beard to grow, you need at least three, or even all 6 months.
      The beard can be of various shapes and lengths. Barber will choose the shape of a beard not only according to the contours of the head and face, but also according to the height and build of the man.
      Proper nutritional balance affects vitality and hair growth rate. It is important that the diet includes a sufficient amount of essential proteins, trace elements and vitamins.


      Generolon-spray helps not only to grow new hair, but also adds density. New hair grows more often, from this there is a density. Hair becomes strong. If the beard grows unevenly, slowly, or lacks density, use it. Generolon awakens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth in places where they are not enough. It acts gradually over several months. But fact - it works!

    Well, actually in the future, regular use is necessary. Otherwise, you will not achieve the effect you would like.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Before using the drug, you need to consult with a specialist, since any drug has side effects and contraindications:

    1. The drug should not be used by persons under the age of eighteen.
    2. Do not apply on inflamed, infected skin.
    3. Sensitivity to any component included in the composition is an absolute contraindication.
    4. Concomitant use with other skin treatments.
    5. Caution is advised for persons over 65 years of age.

    1. Dermatitis (skin damage due to chemical attack), inflammation, peeling, redness, itching, rash, hives, seborrhea of ​​the skin.
    2. Hair loss. Such a side effect is caused by the growth of new, healthy bristles, a temporary phenomenon that lasts about two weeks until the cover changes.
    3. Hypertrichosis - hair growth in unwanted places.
    4. Shortness of breath, rhinitis, headache, neuritis, vertigo, fluctuations in blood pressure, increased heart rate, edema.

    Spray Reviews

    Reviews of men about the spray for the growth of a beard - "Generolon".


    “As soon as the hairs began to grow, he shaved off twice. Then everything, I decided to just level it off, I am glad the appearance of densely set hairs, I will use it further. ”


    “Beard care takes a lot of time, especially when you grow it. Enrages when the hair grows unevenly, I use "Generolon" to quickly close the gaps. Minoxidil rules. "


    “Why is everything so complicated: whoever wants to have a beard - doesn’t have, who doesn’t want to — achs what they got. "Generolon" is my next drug in the struggle for masculinity. It seems that progress is being made. Let's see what's next. "


    “Used the“ Generolon ”once or twice a week. Not according to the instructions, of course, but I saw the result. Even the skin became better, there was no itching, no peeling either. ”


    "Generolon" - a modern drug for the growth of the beard, according to men, it works. There are side effects, so be sure to consult a specialist before use. Remember, a drug can temporarily fix your beard’s imperfections. If you want a permanent result, fix the problem that causes bald spots or hair loss.

    The composition of the spray and its active substance

    The active substance of the drug Generolone is minoxidil.

    In addition, propylene glycol, purified water, and ethanol (alcohol) are also part of the product. They are excipients.

    The proportion of minoxidil depends on the concentration of the drug.

    So, for example, in 2% of the drug contains 20 mg of minoxidil per 1 milliliter of the drug, and in 5% of the drug, 50 mg, respectively.

    As for the dosage form of this drug, it is practically a colorless solution with an alcohol smell.

    Properties of Generolon for a beard

    Means Generolon for a beard affects the bulbs, activating the growth of hairs in the place where there was a receding hairline.

    It is noteworthy that minoxidil was created to treat hypotension, but soon it was no longer used in cardiology.

    This medicine is available in the form of a spray, which is very convenient and economical. The drug is evenly sprayed throughout the skin where the beard should grow. In addition, the tool is spent sparingly, which is an obvious plus with the high cost of the drug.

    A little about the company

    “Generolon” ​​is the name of the brand that is represented in Europe under other trademarks (“Alomax”, “Carexedil”). Brand products are sold in Europe for 10 years. In the Russian Federation "Generolon" is approved for use since 2012

    The drug is registered as a medicine for the treatment of baldness. More than 150,000 men buy this product in Russia annually.

    Spray for external use is made from Italian raw materials and passes double quality control.

    The first stage of production takes place in Spain at the Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria factory. After packaging, the products undergo the last quality control in Croatia, at the Belupo factory.

    The company BELUPO, drugs and cosmetics dd is a pharmaceutical organization that is considered the leader in the production of cardiological and dermatological preparations in the country. The company was founded in 1971. Today all Belupo shares are owned by the state-owned enterprise, namely the PODRAVKA concern. Belupo has been manufacturing dermatological products for many years, which are considered reliable and are used in the treatment of many diseases in both adults and children.

    The effectiveness of the drug Generolone

    Generolone is a highly effective drug that has become a help in growing many beards with many bearded people. Minoxidil is a fairly strong agent that promotes the formation of new hair. From the first appearance on the sales market, the tool has established itself as a simple and effective solution to hair growth problems.

    Stimulate hair follicles, improve blood circulation, establish hormonal levels, protect the bulbs from negative influences - the main tasks of the drug, which he successfully copes with.

    The result, of course, does not appear from the first attempts, but after 5/6 weeks you can see noticeable changes. The beard begins to grow even in those areas where there were originally bald patches.

    The secret to the success of generolone is the regularity of its use. Put the prize in a conspicuous place or make yourself a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget to use it daily. Experts also advise using generolone in tandem with special oils and balms for hair growth.

    Mixtures containing castor oil, burdock oil, jojoba oil and various pharmacy herbs. With such integrated use, the effect will be even more noticeable.

    How fast the result will be in a particular case depends on the characteristics of a particular organism, but the fact that the situation will improve leaves no doubt.

    Beard Spray Price

    The price of the drug Generolon varies greatly depending on the place in which you purchase it.

    In a popular and proven online store, spray with any percentage of the active substance can be bought at a price of about 400 rubles. If you cooperate with others who wish to purchase this product, it will come out even cheaper.

    In Russia, if you prefer shopping in pharmacies in your city, then a 2% solution will cost you about 600 rubles, and a more saturated 5% will cost about 800 rubles., which is also affordable and affordable for the average citizen of the Russian Federation.

    As you can see, the price difference is quite impressive, pay attention to this.

    When using Generolone in combination with a balm for hair growth (which includes castor and burdock oils), after a few months you can noticeably change your appearance and acquire such a stylish and popular natural accessory as a beard.

    Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from trivial and ineffective to radical

    • You can regularly take therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
    • you can trust folk remedies and believe in miracles,
    • to have surgery and forget about sex life ...

    Side effects

    As a rule, the drug Generolon is very well tolerated, but the appearance of some side effects:

    • burning and unpleasant sensations on the face,
    • peeling, as well as excessive dryness of the treated area,
    • swelling or slight redness on the skin,
    • if the product gets on other parts of the skin, swelling or hives may appear.

    Terms of use

    There are several rules for applying the spray.which you must familiarize yourself with:

    • make sure that the medicine does not get into the eyes,
    • in no case should you wet your beard for 4-5 hours after applying the product,
    • the medicine must be applied to clean skin
    • Before starting treatment, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe you a comprehensive examination.

    Types of funds

    “Generolon” ​​is a clinically tested drug that helps men accelerate the process of facial growth.

    It is noteworthy that the substance minoxidil was used to treat hypertension, but over time it was no longer used in the treatment of cardiac diseases.

    Today, the drug is sold in pharmacies and dispensed without a doctor’s prescription. Generolon is sold in the form of a spray and is available in two formats: 2% and 5%. Preparations differ in the content of minoxidil in the composition of the substance.

    • ethanol,
    • propylene glycol
    • prepared water.

    It is necessary to start using "Generolon" for a beard with a 2% spray. If a man has too thin hair or bald patches in the beard area, then he should eventually switch to 5% spray.

    In this matter, you should consult with a trichologist or pharmacist.

    Mode of application

    Use the spray twice a day, 7 times the dispenser. The substance should not get into the eyes, as there will be unpleasant sensations. The method of application consists of the following steps:

    1. At the very beginning, you need to put the dispenser on the bottle and click on it.
    2. Before each spray application, wash the skin with soap, then wipe it dry.
    3. Apply the product to the lower part of the face. Especially it is necessary to process areas where hair grows poorly.
    4. Do not rub the spray into the skin, it is well absorbed.
    5. You can wash your face only four hours after application.

    When you notice that the hair began to grow, then gradually reduce the dosage of the product. Apply a little spray on the neck, this will help you grow a beautiful beard.

    Spray 2%

    The result of the drug depends on the concentration of the active substance. In a 2% spray, 20 mg of minoxidil is present, as well as additional substances. The drug is available in 60 ml bottles. In the package with the spray is a metering pump with a spray, which allows you to spend the product sparingly. The spray is a colorless solution and a slight alcohol smell.

    "Generolon" has a positive effect on facial hair growth. Men who want to grow a thick beard should spray the product daily on problem areas of the skin. If bald spots are present on the face, then the spray is applied only to these areas.

    A noticeable result will appear after 1.5-2 months of regular use.

    If after 3-4 months the effect did not appear, then it is recommended to increase the concentration of the substance.

    Generolon for beard growth is considered to be an effective analogue of the American anti-hair loss product Roegaine, which has become the leader in sales in the United States. The price of Russian funds is about 500 rubles.

    Pros and cons

    Among the positive aspects people in their reviews note that the drug is quite effective, and also it can be purchased at any pharmacy in the city.

    In addition, people note that the medicine is very convenient to use.

    The tool also has negative reviews of men.. In them, they complain that the first time after application remains a smell (weak), which soon disappears.

    In addition, some men believe that the price of the drug Generolon is unreasonably high.

    Many guys say that after withdrawing the medicine, the problems come back.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Although the product does not cause allergies, it can cause peeling or dryness of the skin, as well as burning. To prevent this from happening to you, then it is worth considering all contraindications, namely:

    1. An allergic reaction to any component of the product.
    2. All skin lesions, especially open wounds.
    3. The presence of epidermal disease.
    4. The spray can not be used by underage boys and men over 60.

    If you notice a manifestation of side effects, then rinse the product off the skin and stop using it. In such cases, you need to look for a suitable alternative.

    Spray 5%

    Generolon 5% is usually used to eliminate bald patches on the beard.

    The main effect of the drug is its strong effect on the bulb, which is why the growth of new hairs is activated. Facial hair is getting tougher. The active substance helps to make the hair thicker without harm to health.

    The solution is very convenient to use, it does not leave any spots and traces on the skin. The average manifestation of effectiveness is up to 3 months. In exceptional cases, the effect of the drug can occur only after six months. In any case, you should not expect a quick effect - the effect on the follicles occurs gradually.

    Increasing the dosage can lead to a change in the color of the beard, as well as the structure of the hairs. Subsequently, getting rid of this phenomenon will be difficult.

    Price in pharmacies

    Find out the exact cost of the drug Generolon in the pharmacies of your city.

    Average cost per medicine:

    • in Moscow pharmacies for the drug Generolon, you need to pay 750 rubles,
    • in St. Petersburg for a bottle of 5% of the medicine you need to pay 698 rubles,
    • in Omsk pharmacies for the medicine Generolon you need to pay 710 rubles,
    • in Novy Urengoy for a bottle of medicine will have to pay 622 rubles.

    Generolon is an excellent tool that copes not only with bald patches on the head, but also with a beard. However, the result will be noticeable only after 1 month of use, so you do not need to wait for miracles on the first day. In addition to the drug, it is recommended not to forget about the daily care of the beard. Special tools will help you with this: soap, wax, natural oils and balms.

    Look at the video - the results of the application of Generolon.


    Each package contains instructions for the use of the drug. In addition to the instructions, in the box you can find a spray with which to apply.

    The daily dose of the substance is 1 ml. This means that at one time a man needs to do 6-7 clicks of the dispenser.

    All manipulations with the drug are carried out strictly according to the instructions:

    1. Remove the cap from the spray and install the spray nozzle instead. To activate the pump, press the pump several times. As soon as the dispenser is working, the spray is ready for use.
    2. Before applying the substance to the face, wash with warm water and soap and thoroughly wipe the skin.
    3. After that, evenly spray “Generolon" on the lower part of the face, paying special attention to areas with bald spots.Press no more than seven times, otherwise an excess of the substance will provoke side effects.
    4. The solution is absorbed into the skin almost instantly, so rubbing it is not recommended.
    5. It is not necessary to wash off the substance. Washing is allowed only 4 hours after the procedure.

    When spraying, slightly touch the neck area. Many bearded men note a positive effect.

    There are special recommendations for use, which must be taken into account in order to avoid the appearance of side effects:

    • you can not apply the solution to other areas of the skin, in addition to the neck and lower face,
    • during the spraying process, make sure that the solution does not get on the mucous membranes,
    • After applying, be sure to wash your hands,
    • it is forbidden to use the product more than 2 times a day.

    If after a few months the effect does not appear, then visit a doctor and undergo a full examination.

    Contraindications and side effects

    In most cases, the solution does not cause allergic reactions or other side effects.

    The active substance - minoxidil - is safe for health, as it is not absorbed into the skin and blood.

    Among the contraindications for use, there are:

    • age up to 18 years old, and also over 60 years old,
    • open facial skin damage
    • the presence of allergies to any component in the composition,
    • the presence of skin diseases (dermatosis, eczema, etc.).

    An allergic reaction or a burn can provoke ethyl alcohol contained in the composition of the drug.

    To eliminate the risk of such a reaction, it is necessary to conduct a test. The solution is applied to the back of the palm and left for 20-30 minutes. If a person does not feel irritation or burning, then the drug is suitable for him.

    Sometimes undesirable reactions after application of the product arise due to improper application of the solution.

    Most often, among the side effects, there are:

    • peeling skin
    • burning and itching in the area of ​​application,
    • dry skin,
    • redness, swelling,
    • the appearance of a rash (characteristic of sensitive skin),
    • seborrhea.

    All of these symptoms are the result of external use of the spray.

    Experts warn that at the initial stage, when using a spray, hair begins to fall out intensely. This is normal, as new hair will soon appear in place of the lost hair.

    If the solution gets inside, then it will provoke:

    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • dizziness,
    • shortness of breath
    • tachycardia
    • jumps in blood pressure,
    • tinnitus,
    • headache.

    To avoid complications if the drug gets inside, you should immediately consult a doctor!

    "Generolon" - a tool that copes with bald patches on the beard. The effect after application is manifested no earlier than 3 weeks. To grow a long beard, it is worth using "Generolon" in tandem with natural oils and balms for hair growth. Men have already noted the positive effect of the drug.

    Generolon - an alternative remedy for hair loss

    Hair loss is a problem that is not easy to deal with. Faced with it, a person immediately begins to look for means to restore hair on his head.

    Minoxidil is the most popular anti baldness drug on offer.

    This active component is also part of the drug. Generolon, which will be discussed in our article.

    What is Generolone?

    Generolon Spray - An effective drug designed to combat baldness and accelerate hair growth on the head. Its main component is Minoxidil, and the additional ones are ethanol, propylene glycol and purified water. The amount of minoxidil in this preparation will depend on the concentration. So, in a 2% solution of Generolone contains 20 mg of minoxidil. Accordingly, in a 5% solution of Generolone minoxidil contains 50 mg.

    Generolone has an active effect on the hair follicles. Minoxidil contained in its composition helps to improve blood circulation, as a result of which the follicles are better supplied with blood, and hair begins to grow more intensively. In addition, the active component of the drug protects follicles from the negative effects of androgen hormones.

    The substances of Generolon are practically not absorbed through the skin inside. The maximum dose of a drug that can enter the bloodstream is not more than 3%. This indicator is safe for health and life.

    The components that enter the body when rubbing Generolon into the skin do not accumulate there and are rapidly excreted.

    Produced Generolon in the form of a spray, with 2% or 5% the content of the active component of minoxidil. The drug is supplied in pharmacies in plastic bottles, packed in cardboard boxes. In the configuration there is a metering pump and instructions for the use of the drug.

    How effective is Generolone for hair?

    Spray Generolon actively affects hair follicles, enhancing blood flow and thereby activating hair growth. In addition, this tool promotes a change in the sensitivity of receptors in follicle cells with respect to androgen hormones.

    By the way, the main component of Generolone - minoxidil, was originally created for the treatment of arterial hypertension, but later it was no longer used in cardiology.

    The drug is available in the form of a spray, which is very convenient and economical. The product is evenly sprayed over the entire surface of the scalp. In addition, the spray is used sparingly and lasts for a long time, which is important with the high cost of the drug Generolon.

    We name the main properties of this drug:

    • Active effect on hair follicles,
    • Improving blood circulation in the scalp,
    • Protecting hair follicles from excessive exposure to androgens,
    • Reducing the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (it is he who provokes the adverse effect of male hormones on the hair follicles).

    Instructions for use of Generolon

    The effectiveness of Generolone may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's body. A good result from the use of the drug will only be if the process of baldness has begun recently and the lesion area is small.

    To obtain a visible effect, it is necessary to use Generolon regularly for one month, no more than twice a day. At a time, according to the instructions, you need to use 1 ml of solution.

    The instruction for Generolon contains the following recommendations:

    • The drug is applied externally by spraying on the scalp using a special dispenser,
    • Regardless of the size of the treated area of ​​the scalp, the product is applied in an amount of 1 ml (7 presses of the dispenser). The treatment of problem areas must begin with the center of the lesion, the solution is applied twice a day,
    • A 5% solution of Generolone is recommended for use by patients who want to restore lost hair faster and those who do not benefit from a 2% suspension of the drug. In general, a solution with a five percent content of minoxidil is prescribed for men, and a two percent solution for women,
    • Spray Generolon is recommended to be applied to dry and clean scalp in places of formation of bald patches. For men, the drug is prescribed in case of baldness on the crown of the head, for women - in case of hair loss in the middle part,
    • It is not necessary to wash off the solution after application, the head can be washed several hours after applying the composition,
    • Before using the drug, it is necessary to remove the screw cap from the bottle, fix the metering pump on the vial, and then install a long nozzle for spraying on its tube,
    • After fixing the nozzle, you need to make 4 clicks on it (this will fill the pump with the desired dose of the drug). After this, the product can be sprayed onto problem areas of the scalp.

    Generolon: review of a trichologist

    Karpova Yu.E., Trichologist, Moscow

    Generolone is an effective drug from the group of drugs with the active component Minoxidil. I advise you to use this medication for many of your patients, and it is desirable that the use is complex.

    At the same time as Generolon, apply firming shampoos and hair balms, do a head massage. In some patients, after the start of the application of Generolon, the hair falls even more. But this is only at the first stage of treatment, there should not be cause for concern.

    A few months after the start of using Generolon, hair is restored.

    Reviews of women and men about Generolon

    Bardina E.I., 29 years old

    For several years in a row I actively dyed my hair, as a result of which their condition worsened greatly, and the hairdresser advised me to completely abandon the dyeing procedure so as not to lose the rest of the hair.

    Naturally, I was upset, but then pulled myself together and began to search for means to strengthen my hair. My choice fell on the drug Generolon. This tool was cheap compared to salon hair restoration procedures.

    I used the drug for a very long time (about six months), and the first noticeable effect appeared after a couple of months. In general, I am satisfied with the result, the hair has recovered.

    I bought Generolon for mom, the course of treatment has not yet been completed, but the result is noticeable. Mom has been using it for 4 months, her hair has strengthened. True, in the first weeks after the start of treatment, the hair began to climb even more, they thought to quit, but the doctor said that it was normal. For its price, this drug is very effective.

    Hair began to fall out six months ago, went to a consultation with a trichologist, he prescribed me Generolon. I use it for the third month, hairs have already appeared on the place of the bald patches. I hope that the drug will be effective.

    Ivanov S., 42 years old

    He started using Generolon on the advice of a doctor. The effect of the drug, of course, is. After several weeks of use, I noticed that a light fluff appeared on the head, in places of bald patches. However, the use of the drug had to be stopped due to a severe allergic reaction. Itching appeared on the skin due to Generolon, then - wounds. In general, the drug did not fit me.

    Milkova I., 46 years old

    Generolon is an excellent remedy for baldness. Faced with the problem of baldness, she immediately drew attention to him, and did not regret it. Generolon is inexpensive, but gives a good effect. Now I advise him to everyone!


      • Comb the beard. This is a skin massage for blood circulation and for good beard hair growth.
      • Look after her. There are many specialized, professional care products: ointments, balms, styling products.
      • Nourish and moisturize with oils. For example, Argan oil is considered liquid gold for scalp and hair. Wheat germ oil, hemp and castor oil are also used.
      • Visit the barber. At home, it is difficult to cut a beard well. Most often, men use ordinary razors. Conventional machines often pull, tear and break hair. After this, ingrown hairs and inflammatory reactions are often found. A professional barber uses a dangerous razor - the sharpest blade. The hair is cut off under the base, while it does not stretch out of the skin and does not break. At the same time, it is cut off with a micro layer of the skin. And this is a specific face peeling and updating the upper layer of the skin. The hair from this grows much better and smoother. And the skin after that remains smooth, without cuts, irritations and minor abrasions.
      • Most often, we masters shave hair growth, in some cases away from hair growth. Do not shave against hair growth, especially if the bristles are thick and stiff. This can cause severe irritation and infection. Only if the hair is soft and light, it is permissible to shave, including against hair growth.
        To ask myself: “Do I still want to be a bearded man?” 🙂
    • Generolon for hair growth: how this hair growth spray works

      Which of us does not dream of becoming a happy owner of long thick curls? Today, many women complain of increased hair loss, the inability to grow long strands.

      How to overcome these problems? Manufacturers of therapeutic hair cosmetics offer a variety of drugs designed to stop hair loss and activate the growth of existing ones.

      Among such funds, the spray generolon stands out.

      Principle of operation

      Generolone is a drug intended for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in both sexes. Absorbed into the skin, generolon restores microcirculation.

      Under the action of the drug, the hair cells go into the active phase of growth, the effect of androgens on the hair follicles weakens. As a result, hair begins to grow faster, fall out less.

      Generolon is produced by the Croatian pharmaceutical company Belupo.

      Composition and benefits

      Those who want a faster and more noticeable effect, it is better to choose a spray with a high content of minoxidil. The composition of the product is supplemented by auxiliary substances: ethanol, propylene glycol, water.

      Note, the drug is packaged in a plastic bottle, there is a removable atomizer. The spray is convenient to apply, thanks to the elongated tip, spraying the agent strictly on a specific area.

      The advantages of the drug are:

      • vegetation loss stop,
      • hair growth enhancement,
      • root strengthening
      • extension of the "life" of the hair,
      • thickening of the hair rods.

      Indications for use

      • The spray is effective in androgenetic alopecia, determined by the sensitivity of the hair follicles to testosterone.
      • Thinning of hair caused by other factors (diets, taking antibiotics, stress), generolon will not stop.
      • Male sufferers of male-type alopecia are able to help cope with hair loss and grow healthy curls.
      • how to grow long hair for men.


      The price of a 2% spray is approximately 500 rubles per bottle. A 5% variant of the drug is slightly more expensive. A package consisting of 3 bottles will cost about 1,500 rubles for a 2% composition.

      The price of a 5% spray in a package of 3 bottles will be about 1800 rubles.

      Theoretically, the bottle is enough for a month of use. A year will require 12 packs. In monetary terms, this is approximately 6000-7000 rubles.

      Application rules

      Using generolon, the following rules should be followed:

      1. Use the drug exclusively externally.
      2. Apply only on dry skin.
      3. Spray twice a day in an area subject to increased thinning of hair. Start from the center of the affected area.
      4. For one application you need to do no more than 7 clicks.
      5. After treatment, you should not wet the skin for 4 hours.
      6. Spray the spray carefully, avoiding inhalation.
      7. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water.
      8. Wash hands after use.

      The duration of use of the spray should be about 12 months. Wash your hair during treatment with Generolone should be in normal mode.

      Attention! The use of makeup products is possible after the spray has dried on the skin.

      Effect of use

      When using the solution on the treated areas, new hair begins to grow. At first they are more like a fluff. The manufacturer indicated that a noticeable effect will appear after 4 months of regular use of the drug. However, many patients find the first results in themselves much earlier.

      After six months of using the drug, the grown hairs become thicker. After 12 months, women noted an increase in the density of hair, an increase in the length of curls, an improvement in the appearance of hair.

      Side effects

      The first weeks of using the solution may be accompanied by increased hair thinning. Old hair falls out, new ones grow in their place. This phenomenon is temporary, passes after a couple of weeks.

      Common side effects include dermatitis. They appear in the form of redness, irritation, inflammation of the treated areas. Some girls complain of the appearance of itching, dandruff, as well as unwanted hair growth on the face and body. There are reports of the restoration of the original problem with the abolition of generolon after 3-4 months.

      Using generolon, you can restore the hairline, strengthen the roots, improve hair growth. The effect of the therapy is manifested individually.

      Watch the video: How to apply Minoxidil 5% for beard (February 2020).

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