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How to meet a girl via SMS?

Mobile communications today is one of those things without which a modern person simply does not imagine his existence. And this is not at all surprising, because it helps us not only to communicate with our family and friends, but also to make new and exciting acquaintances. And the best part is that almost everyone can expand their circle of communication in this way. You do not need to purchase any additional devices, spend money on visiting the popular establishments of your locality, just use the phone that almost everyone has today and correspond with each other for your pleasure. If you have never tried dating via sms, you should definitely register on the appropriate resource specifically designed for this purpose.

SMS is a short text message, which, in fact, can be sent to any number you know. That is why this option of dating is really seriously popular among the widest mass of users. In contrast to correspondence over the Internet, it is still easier here. Although for the sake of fairness it should be noted that anyone can also get acquainted on specialized online sites. The services for dating through a smartphone for the most part work completely free of charge, which also can not but rejoice.

You just have to go through the simple registration procedure on the site you like and start looking at the profiles published on it. Next, you can see the contact details of a guy or girl you like and without any intermediaries write him a few words. The audience of such portals, as a rule, consists of representatives of various age and social groups, which, of course, is very interesting and entertaining. Create your profile on the website, and you will be able to chat with people who are right for you on topics that are relevant to you.

Naturally, this method of updating your contact list has its own characteristics. So, for example, you should be attentive to the one who writes to you, because, unfortunately, in our time you can meet many scammers who are trying, by hook or by crook, to make money on innocent people. Never share important information with third parties and try not to make appointments in uninhabited places.

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Preliminary work

Communication in real life is significantly different from dating in Vkontakte. At a personal meeting, a young man is able to impress a young lady with a decent appearance, charm her with exquisite manners.

Conversation in the social. networks depends, first of all, on the guy’s ability to interest a potential interlocutor with information on his profile, the ability to communicate and look after beautifully (in the virtual world).

That is why, before meeting a girl on the Internet, you need to analyze your own page for provocative information and try to look at it from the point of view of a young lady sitting in front of a computer screen.

What needs to be done before direct communication?

The first most important thing is to correctly design a page on the site so that it does not appear empty. A prerequisite - natural photographs, for example:

  1. Personal photo portrait made in high-quality resolution, with a minimum of Photoshop effects.
  2. The captured moments of your life - playing sports, viewing sights in various places of the country and the planet.
  3. Pictures with various girls so that after the first message you have an occasion to tell who these young people are for you.

Do not forget to join various VK groups and indicate various hobbies. However, do not start a conversation, being in such ambiguous communities, as, for example, “Features of a pickup truck”, “Pickup truck for macho”, “We breed girls for sex”.

Before you enter into communication in VK, quietly “flip through” her page in order to get some information that facilitates acquaintance. This will help you avoid errors in the first message and find different points of contact. On the site you can find out:

  • how often a potential interlocutor sits on the network and Vkontakte,
  • In what communities is it registered?
  • how many network fans she has
  • alleged hobbies.

Before you meet a girl on the Internet and start a full conversation, offer her a friendship in VK. So you will get the opportunity to better study her profile (see personal albums, contact information) and add up a preliminary opinion on how to conduct a conversation.

You can start communication not only with a personal message, but also by leaving comments under girl’s photos and notes on the wall. Pickup masters advise arousing interest in women with various provocative remarks, but without offensive hints.

So, your profile is full, information is added, the time has come for direct communication.

At this stage, a man faces a variety of questions: where to start a conversation, how to communicate correctly and correctly with a young lady, what to write to a girl to answer. We will tell you more about this.

Network Communication Rules

To ensure constructive communication on the network, decide for yourself what the purpose of the upcoming acquaintance is: correspondence for “common development”, pick-up and subsequent sexual contact, a serious relationship.

So, how to get acquainted on the Internet?

  1. Radiate positive. Communicate with a woman with humor, but do not use sarcasm in relation to the interlocutor. More often joke, use the emoticons in the message to the best of your abilities, do not load the girl at the beginning of dating sad stories.
  2. Write correctly. The absence of errors is perhaps the first thing that many representatives of the weaker sex turn to during correspondence. Before sending a message, check it for literacy through various services that can be found on the network.
  3. Be polite. Do not forget to say hello when starting a conversation with a girl. Greeting is an indispensable element of the message, as well as the absence of a mat, swearing and vulgar words. Tip of the pickup truck masters: Do not forget to call a young lady by name, as the name is the most beloved word for every person.
  4. Intrigue the interlocutor. Followers of the pickup recommend changing the tactics of communication. For example, making sure that the girl is interested, try to disappear from Vkontakte for several days, stopping the conversation at the most interesting place.
  5. Be different. If your first words were extremely brutal, in the process of communication surprise the young lady, for example, by sending her romantic poems. Or inadvertently indicate in the message that you used to do dancing.
  6. Take an interest in the girl. Communicating with a stranger is quite difficult, but pickup artists recommend asking the young lady more about her hobbies, taking an interest in her desires and plans for the future. Talking about an interlocutor is a coup.
  7. Communicate via SMS. Communication in VK is, of course, wonderful, but if you want to meet in real life, after some time go to SMS. In a telephone message, you can send poems and greetings in the morning, write compliments and generally stay in touch. Of course, you do not need to insist on switching to SMS.

How to start correspondence?

Find a pretty companion in the social. Networks and specifically in VK is quite simple. However, the following problems immediately appear: what to write to the girl in contact in the first message, how to start a conversation, what should be avoided in communication, and how to translate the dialogue into a real meeting.

The first rule of pickup - no platitudes! Forever get out of your head the standard messages “Hello, how's it going?”, “Get to know you?”, “Hello, beauty.”

Many guys start talking online with girls with exactly these phrases. But if the young lady is pretty, such messages in VK come to her regularly.

The first message should be concise and concise. Pickup wizards recommend checking before sending a message whether it answers three important questions that arise in every pretty girl’s head after a young lady reads your capacious “hello”.

Here are the following questions for dating and socializing on the Internet:

  1. Who are you? I mean your name.
  2. Why did you start communication? Your tasks: just communicate, find out something from the girl, invite her on a date, etc.
  3. Why did you choose her from a large female company in VK? Perhaps you have found common ground, noticed something on her page, etc.

The first messages and men's greetings should interest a potential interlocutor, make her start and continue communication.

Is it necessary to invent a complex greeting or write a huge text? Another pickup rule - the first message may consist of two or three sentences, but they should be catchy.

Do not forget to say hello and insert your own name in the greeting - you need to introduce yourself even if you have personal data on the page. You want the interlocutor to make a positive opinion about you? Moreover, in decent societies, accept to voice your name when you meet.

If you do not know which pretext to indicate as a reason for communication, do not worry. Your desire to communicate, have a conversation and just get acquainted with a pretty young lady is already a sufficient excuse for sending a message. Of course, you should not indicate in the first sentences that you want to have children with her and go down the aisle next Sunday.

What to write to a girl when meeting?

So, the first message should be original and creative. It is necessary to do without vulgarities and all sorts of sexual hints, so as not to get into the black list of unreliable users. Even if you are a supporter of pickup, you do not need to immediately demonstrate the true purpose of communication.

We offer the following phrases for dating as a greeting and engaging in communication:

  1. “Hi, Katerina. I saw you in a group (the name of the community in which the girl is a member). I wanted to get to know you, because they are also carried away by this problem. Yes, my name is Sergey! ”The first message demonstrates common hobbies and interests.
  2. “Svetlana, hello! My sister has a birthday in a couple of days, but I still don’t know what to give her. I decided to ask VK girls of her age what gifts they like best. Maybe you can help? ”The first message indicates a request for help, and young girls love to give advice.
  3. "Hello, Maria. My name is Alexander, and I am interested in the work of the group (the name of the musical group). I saw a video file on the network that you posted in the community (the name of the group in VK), and I want to ask, did it go off normally? I plan to attend their concert, but I don’t know whether to go or not ... ”A good option, in which you immediately indicate in your first message a community of interests and ask for advice.
  4. “Greetings, lovely stranger. In today's dream, I saw a girl who very, very reminds you. And suddenly today I met you in VK. Do you believe in such coincidences? ”Although some conditions are not respected here, they are rules for breaking them occasionally. This first message also has the right to “life”, because it shows your romantic mood.
  5. "Hello, Elena. It seems that I met you yesterday in the city center. In real life, you are even more beautiful than in your wonderful photographs. ” In such a first message, you express pleasant words, as well as “throw a fishing rod”, forcing the girl to find out where you could see her.

Of course, these are only approximate phrases for dating, peculiar examples and landmarks that you can use to start a conversation and start communication on the network. Perhaps in your arsenal there are more effective options for greeting and competent pickup.

Getting Ready: Some Important Rules

Before you start a conversation you need to:

  1. Tidy up your page. We choose a good profile picture, fill out the "About Me" section, publish beautiful photos, etc.
  2. Choose a girl. We select a girl from our city, weed out fake accounts, we find common interests, possible topics for conversation.

About how to properly prepare your page in the social. networks to meet and choose the right girl, we described in detail in the step-by-step instructions for dating girls VKontakte. Be sure to read this article before you start writing your first post.

What should be the first message to the girl: 3 main questions

The first message should be short, but should directly or indirectly answer the 3 main questions that will necessarily arise in the head of any girl after she reads your “Hello”.

These are the questions:

  1. Who are you: what is your name, how did you find her on the network,
  2. Looking for: socialize, have fun, go on a date,
  3. The reason why you chose it is it: what do you have in common, what did you like about it.

The order of these abstracts may vary depending on the situation.

The main task of the first message is to interest the girl, make her draw her attention to you. To do this, you do not need to write a whole sheet of text or come up with complex greetings. Only 1-2 correctly selected simple sentences are enough.

Do not forget to say hello and introduce yourself by the name your friends call you. Avoid too familiar forms ("Sanya", etc.). Yes, the page already has your name, but submission is a simple form of etiquette when meeting people.

Do not know what excuse to come up with for communication? The desire to talk is already an excellent pretext for the first message. Do not intimidate the girl by talking about the desire to start a family and have children, even if you are really looking for a future spouse.

Carefully review its page - pay attention to books, music, films and publics. How is a girl different from others? What is she proud of? What unites you?

Write that you saw on her page photos from a recent concert of your favorite band or that you noticed in her videos a selection of Nolan’s works. Show her that she is not just another girl with whom you “copy-paste” the prepared text, but that she is special. She will at least be interested in what kind of person you are, if you point out the community of interests, and she will want to continue communication.

Example 1. A beautiful compliment - an original start to the conversation

- Hi, Olya! My name is Vadim. I stumbled upon your page and wanted to meet you. The smile on the avatar is painfully charming 🙂

- Well, hello, Vadim! Thanks for the compliment…

- And maybe we will meet and continue communication outside the Internet?

“I'm sorry, but I don't go on a date with the first person I meet.”

- You can go to my page - there are quite a lot of things about me. You don’t know so much about a stranger from the street if they come to meet you знаком By the way, I also have a Rottweiler. Maybe we’ll meet and take a walk with the dogs? How about tomorrow night?

-Good. Here is my number + 79212345xxx

Example 2. A common passion - travel

- Hello, Sveta! I searched the news for posts on the hashtag Baikal, and accidentally hit your page. I saw that we were both from the same city, and that you went there this summer. I won’t take much time if I ask a couple of questions about the trip? By the way, I forgot to introduce myself - my name is Grisha)

- Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂 Few people get to Baikal from our city - now it’s closer and closer to the border, and it’s cheaper to fly than to such a distance. Ask what you want. I will try to answer)

“Or maybe we'll meet somewhere over a cup of coffee?” I think that it will be more convenient. In general, I really like traveling around Russia. I can throw you more interesting routes)

- And why not?)) Today I am busy, but you can tomorrow after work. I finish at 8 at Amethyst. Conveniently?

- Yes, convenient. Leave your number, please. In case I lose you there)

- + 79213345xxx see you)

Example 3. How to meet a girl who likes music

- Hello, Katya! My name is Sasha. I saw photos and videos that you recently posted in the RHCP group, and wanted to ask how it went? In Moscow, it was not possible to go, but the day after tomorrow they will be in St. Petersburg. So I think - to go or not?

- Good morning! Of course, go! Everything went fine)

- Great) And I had another question: how do you look at meeting and chatting in person? I skimmed through your page and realized that we have a lot in common. I think it will be interesting for us to talk) For example, you can meet tonight on the Old Arbat and have coffee.

- To be honest, I am skeptical about such proposals ...

- This does not oblige you to anything) In addition, we will be in a public place.

- Okay, you can try

- Let's meet at 8 in the evening. And write your phone number if we suddenly get lost)

- + 79212345xxx. I am waiting for a call!

Want to find many more different examples of original and truly “catchy” messages to start correspondence? Do not know how to find the right approach to a beautiful girl? Then we strongly recommend reading the new free book by Yegor Sheremetev, "Secrets of successful VKontakte dating." You will find our impressions of reading and the download link in a detailed review from the editors of ManLife24.

Where you can not start correspondence: the most common mistakes

The most common errors are as follows:

  • Banalities The first message must be original. You cannot start a conversation with cliches or hackneyed phrases, for example: “Hello! How are you?". If you write something like this - in 9 out of 10 cases, she will simply ignore the message,
  • Hints of a sexual nature. And this includes not only messages of the type: “I would like to look at you close!”, But also “compliments” to the girl’s figure, even if she herself put a profile photo of herself in a swimsuit,
  • The use of slang expressions and swear words. It seems to be, and this is understandable, but many of the first messages from men are still replete with various “what”. And if the girl decided to ignore you or immediately sent it off (albeit in a rude form), in no case should she be called. Even if you never cross each other, save your face and don’t stoop to the like,
  • The presence of grammatical errors. Check what you write. Pay special attention to commas. Nobody will find fault if small punctuation errors slip in the message, but the complete lack of understanding of the grammar of the Russian language will surely scare away an adult girl,
  • Cheating. Use of a “fake” page or one where there are no personal photos. Put yourself in the place of a girl: would you in her place meet a person who does not have friends on the page, and the Hollywood actor or the latest Lamborghini model is depicted as a profile photo?

The girl replied to the message: what's next?

So, you managed to interest the woman and she answered your message. What to do next? The best solution is to go directly to your goal.

If you want a close relationship, immediately invite her on a date and take a phone number. You need to use the moment while her attention is fully focused on you. The longer you drag, the more likely it is that she will refuse to meet live.

Remember! Aimless messaging is a waste of valuable time.

If the girl agreed to go on a date, you need to immediately appoint a place. Here is a selection of the 8 most original places to go on your first date.

A great way to make a good impression on a date is to surprise a girl and surprise her. Here are some non-standard ways to do it.

If the girl did not agree to a date - this is not a reason to give up. No need to remove it from your contacts and blacklist it. You can communicate with her further. Do not forget, the more you communicate with girls, the better it will turn out. In addition, if you are interested in her correspondence, then she will definitely give a second chance. A few useful tricks that you can use for correspondence here.

In any case, if you want success in women, then you need to develop the qualities that women value most in men.

Brief conclusions

In a word, for a successful first message, it is necessary to briefly and succinctly describe the purpose of the appeal. Sometimes you can directly talk about the desire to get to know each other, but use an excuse more effectively. Do not forget to bring the page in proper form, double-check the grammar and get ready to work with objections.

Do not push the girl, keep a positive attitude and remember that the purpose of your first message is a meeting. Communication just for the sake of communication in this case does not make sense. And if at first the young lady refused to meet with you, but continued the correspondence, then it’s just worth the wait. Give the girl a couple of days to get to know you better.

Dating site with free messages "Where Papa.ru": really free!

The first and main feature of the portal “Where is Papa.ru” is that this site was really created for those people who already had experience in family relationships and who are ready to remarry. But our portal has another unique feature. The fact is that “Where is Papa.ru” is a dating site with free SMS. What does this really mean? This means that after the registration process is completed (registration with us, by the way, is also absolutely free) you will have the opportunity to send as many messages to the people you like for free as you like.

However, “Where is Papa.ru” is not only a dating site in free messages. On this portal, no one also requires money for searching and viewing user profiles, adding photographs and other similar services to their profile, which, unfortunately, are paid on many other sites.

Yes, if you want to help our portal, you can order here some paid services. For example, for a very modest amount, you can completely turn off ads or send a gift to a person you especially like. However, once again we draw your attention to the fact that this is completely optional and you will not be constantly reminded of these opportunities.

How to meet a girl via SMS - original phrases

Oddly enough, but it can be quite difficult for many young men to even show sympathy through telephone SMS. It seems that the number has already been obtained, but you do not know where to start correspondence, how to interest the girl.

In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems - there are certain phrases that help solve the problem of how to get to know a girl by SMS in an original way:

  • To intrigue a girl at the very beginning, write to her: "Hello, you are a very unusual girl." You’ll be interested in this, what is so unusual about her ... and she’ll start to communicate,
  • Then you can continue the conversation with the phrase: "I want to make you happy,"
  • You can start with the phrase: “Hello, how is yours nothing?” - an intrigue will be created, because she does not know the number, and you communicate with her, as with an old friend. The question: “Who is this?” Can be answered with the following phrase: “This is the one who has long wanted to write to you, but was very afraid”,
  • And it’s possible: “I saw you today and I just can’t forget”,
  • Or so: “I haven’t written SMS for 100 years, but it seems to me that this is a romantic way of dating. What do you think?",
  • Try it this way: “You are very bright and memorable, I write at night because I close my eyes and see you”,
  • The following phrase is good: “I think that I am not the first who wants to meet you, but I am the best. Do you want to check?".

Short quatrains are also suitable for an original acquaintance, which will certainly make her smile or even intrigue:

  1. “Girl, we are not familiar with you, but I have a proposal - let us together, we will correct this situation”,
  2. When I think of someone, I often clatter my speeches, write, oh, stranger, do you want to become familiar? ”,
  3. We are not familiar with you - neither in soul nor in body; I am not happy with fate, so we will correct this matter ”,
  4. I searched for a long time, and did not find the answer. I’ll say - you’re just my ideal, let's discuss it ”,
  5. Loneliness is stupidity and nonsense, it’s so disgusting without love on the planet, I want to get to know you better, that's why I’m scribbling an SMS ”
  6. "I don’t see you, and I’m longing, autumn rain pours in my soul, let’s get acquainted live, my sms interlocutor.”

Now you know how to meet a girl via SMS, without fear of being refused. It is important not to delay the communication via SMS, and as soon as possible go first to calls and voice conversations, and then to meet in reality.

How to meet a girl on the Internet, what to write?

Real communication is very different from dating on social networks. After all, a personal meeting provides more opportunities to show oneself and to reveal oneself. But in our age of Internet technology, live dating goes down in history, giving way to virtual ones. How to get to know a girl on the Internet, interest her and continue communication in real life, interests many young people and not only ...

Your main task is to make your profile interesting for a potential interlocutor. To do this, it must be properly designed:

  • The avatar has a high-quality photo, and preferably without photoshop,
  • In the photo album there are different moments of life - playing sports, hiking, excursions and trips.

In no case should there be frank pictures and with drunken feasts. Do not show your bad habits. Do not enter into controversial groups ("Dating", "How to breed a girl for sex" and so on).

Before writing a message to a girl, go to her page and find out as much information as possible - how he is fond of, with whom he communicates, as often happens on the Internet.

Before you first meet a girl on the Internet, offer her friendship. This will help to study her profile in more detail and think over further actions for conducting a proper conversation.

You can start by writing nice or intriguing comments under the photo, but without vulgarity and insults. Now we pass directly to phrases that will help to make acquaintance with the girl you like:

  1. “Hi, I saw you in ... a group, and I wanted to talk with you, because I am fond of the same. My name is …",
  2. "Hello, my sister is your age soon birthday, but I do not know what to give. I want to ask you for advice, what do these girls like? ”,
  3. "You and I have similar musical interests, I also like to listen ... I would like to meet and talk with you about this topic, maybe we will learn a lot from each other about this group,"
  4. Hello, beautiful stranger. Tonight in a dream I saw a girl very similar to you. Can there be such coincidences - probably this is fate. ”

All these phrases are exemplary - each girl should have an individual approach, based on her interests, preferences and lifestyle. But with a competent approach and now knowing the basics of how to get to know girls via SMS, you will definitely be lucky.

How to meet a girl in a vehicle in an original way?

PICKUP - this buzzword means getting to know seduction. And in order not to immediately receive a refusal from the girl, she must be intrigued or made laugh.

Daredevils who make acquaintances with the opposite sex in public transport always become the objects of close attention of all those present. But all this does not matter when it comes to the opportunity to attract the attention of the girl you like.

Therefore, we proceed to action without any hesitation. It is advisable that you have in your hands a newspaper with simple crosswords or a book (business literature or about the relationship of the sexes), as well as carrying business cards with you. Here is an example instruction for dating a girl:

  • You need to reduce the physical distance between you, coming closer. With a large crowd of people, it is permissible to be 30 cm from it, unless, of course, the crowd does not force this space to be minimized. At the same time, carefully monitor the reaction - if you try to move away, give her this opportunity and do not come any closer. At this stage, it is permissible to cast glances at the girl without looking intently into her eyes,
  • Now you can get a crossword puzzle or a book and pretend that you have delved into the process of solving or reading. At this time, show emotions on your face - the difficulty of questions or the intrigue of what you read. And, as if by chance, turn to a girl for help - guess a word, or find out an opinion about a particular fact read in a book,
  • After a short conversation (10-15 minutes), pleasantly surprised that you have not had to talk with such an interesting person for a long time. And then say that you would like to continue acquaintance in the future, offering the girl your business card, which will indicate the scope of your activity or hobbies.

Even if the object of your attention has not shown strong interest now, it is possible that in the near future she will still call you.

Important: you can not get acquainted in a state of intoxication, even if it was just a glass of wine or a glass of beer. Failure in this case is almost guaranteed to you.

How to meet a girl at the bus stop?

It is difficult to say what exactly attracts men in women of the opposite sex - a smile, a figure, or something else. The advice of experienced pickers is to pay more attention to the psychological aspects that are presented:

  1. Appearance - attractive tidy and confident young people. Clothing should be clean and ironed, preferably in a classic style.Shoes choose stylish and without Chinese inscriptions. Watches and perfumes are preferred by well-known brands, and not necessarily expensive, most importantly high-quality. Be sure to be shaved and with clean nails. All this has nothing to do with the “sweet boys” - a man should look after himself within reason,
  2. The first acquaintance - you should establish eye contact with the girl - just linger for 4-5 seconds, smiling slightly. Come a little closer - about a distance to half a meter, without violating personal space. If there is no denial or displeasure in the girl’s look and facial expressions, then you can safely say “Hello.” And then interest her by saying that you have been watching her for a long time, because you often stand at this stop at the same time.

All other phrases will be built on the basis of your further dialogue, that is, according to the situation. And the conversation should end with an invitation to a walk or to a cafe for a cup of coffee and, of course, ask for her phone number.

How to meet a girl in the subway in an original way?

The difficulty of meeting a girl on the subway is a confined space, rush, vanity and crush. But these factors are not too conducive to responding to someone with mutual sympathy. Although it is just being in such an atmosphere that will contribute to highlighting from the crowd a pleasant young man showing attention.

And for the success of the case, the following recommendations will be required:

  • Purposefulness, confidence and goodwill are those qualities that will significantly increase the chances of success,
  • The lack of commonplace and dependence on the opinion of society,
  • Courtesy - in no case should you use profanity or vulgar vocabulary,
  • Persistence - do not immediately retreat if the girl refuses to get acquainted,
  • Romance - any, even the most serious young lady, wants to meet a true romance in her heart,
  • A sense of proportion - obsession is unlikely to help you achieve your goal,
  • The manifestation of attention and care.

It would be foolish to miss the chance to meet you only because you met on the subway. At a minimum, time will pass faster during communication, and at the maximum, you will live your whole life together happily.

After making eye contact and receiving a mutual response, you can proceed to a "live" greeting, going closer to the girl. Here are phrases to help you to start communication:

  1. “You know, I was so staring at you that I didn’t notice my stop, and I drove through it, let me conduct you?”
  2. "You can sit next to you - my legs just give way at the sight of your beauty."
  3. "You are not in a hurry - will we ride along the roundabout together?"
  4. "This is not the first time we are traveling together in the same carriage - let's have a cup of coffee?"
  5. “I don’t want to trust the chance to be together again in the subway, and therefore I suggest exchanging phones and taking a walk together in the evening.”
  6. “Your punctuality captivated me - every morning at the same time. You probably aren’t too late for dates? I want to invite you today ... ".

But the eloquent thing is that the girl is acted not by words, but by actions. And even in a place like the subway, you can surprise her. The simplest thing is to simply offer her your place in the carriage. Also help carry baggage or accompany it.

If meetings in the subway have long become regular, and at the same time, then you can come there with flowers and give them to her. Only the bouquet should be modest, but it is better that it be one beautiful rose.

How to meet a girl in a store?

The store is not a popular place for dating girls. But what to do if it was there that you met her - the one you had dreamed about all your life. And she will leave the store now, and you probably will never see each other again? Therefore, you can not lose a minute and start active, but reasonable actions:

  • Take a closer look at her and try to understand her psycho-emotional state. If the girl is tired, you approach calmly, and, conversely, with a cheerful high spirits, your actions and emotions should correspond to her mood,
  • Ask the girl to help you choose a quality product or even make some kind of dish,
  • You need to stand nearby for 40-60 cm and half-turn - you can become a person only after she has shown complete interest in you,
  • Use your wit, defining the nature of her occupation and the main character traits. This will make the girl feel that you are very interested in her.

Now you can start exchanging phone numbers, while you should already come up with a reason and a place to meet. It is important to let the girl know why you need her number, which will allow her to be confident in your intentions.

How to meet a girl in a cafe?

Places like cafes and restaurants are more familiar with dating than any other. Yes, and they are visited, as a rule, by girls worthy and interesting, with whom you can establish a serious and long-term relationship.

The strategy should proceed from the goals for which the young lady came here:

  1. To have lunch
  2. It's nice to spend your free time
  3. Meet friends or colleagues
  4. Attend a festive event.

You should not approach a girl if you see that she is in a hurry, communicating, waiting for someone, or simply does not respond to your signs given by her eyes and facial expressions. And also if she is focused on the served dishes.

The signs testifying to the readiness of the young person for acquaintance are the following:

  • Calm views from the window and surroundings,
  • A slightly noticeable smile on his face, friendliness and relaxation.

The optimal time for such dating in a cafe is from 17 to 21 hours, when all the work is finished, and the girl came to rest.

There are several options for successful dating in a similar institution with female representatives:

  1. Going to the table, ask permission to ask her the only question, after which you promise to leave. And you ask, for example, whether there is Wi-Fi here, or what she would advise to order from dishes and so on. After her answer, do not forget to thank the lady for the help and give a compliment.
  2. Take a look at the person you like. And as soon as she looks at you, smile. With a reciprocal smile, after a short time, you can go to the table and offer your company.
  3. By means of a waiter, surprise the girl in the form of a delicious dessert, a bottle of champagne or a rose, ordered at your own expense. You can also write a note on a napkin with an offer to get acquainted and also send it through the waiter.
  4. Invite the girl to a slow dance if there is music in the establishment.

A lot of creativity and charm, which will help make a good impression, and then any person will reciprocate.

How to meet a girl on the beach?

The beach is an ideal place to meet in the summer season - the whole atmosphere is at its disposal. After all, people come to relax and rest there, and even with an unsuccessful contact, you will at least have a great time.

Here are a few rules that will help you achieve your plan without mishaps:

  • Always smile and radiate confidence. You need to settle down not far from the object of desire, having established visual contact with it. Catching her gaze on yourself, and preferably a smile in return, you can safely approach and get acquainted,
  • It is advisable to impress the girl in the first minutes. The phrase will help you with this: “What is your name, beautiful stranger?” Or “Will the most beautiful girl on the planet tell me her name?”,
  • You can’t use trivialities - more jokes and questions with obvious answers,
  • Treat her with something delicious - ice cream, for example, and do not stop joking and making her laugh during her meal.

If shyness overpowers, and you can’t fight it, the purchased rose will help, with which you will approach the girl you like and say: “The hottest guy on this beach passes this rose to you”. Intrigue is provided, and then a matter of technology.

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