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What if the beard grows unevenly?

Fashion trends brought male stubble to the peak of popularity. Regardless of the style chosen, the requirements are unchanged - it should be uniform, thick and well-groomed. But the decision to change the image can cross out the uneven beard with bald spots and weak hair growth. Many reasons for poor growth are solvable, only to fix the problem you need to know why the beard does not grow at all or grows unevenly and what methods of eliminating the problem are effective.

What could be an obstacle to growth

Alopecia is one of the diagnoses that shed light on the question - why the beard will grow only unevenly. Destruction of hair follicles occurs due to scars, inflammations and atrophic processes in the skin. Alopecia can be triggered by autoimmune diseases, fungal infections, hereditary factors and injuries.

Down Syndrome - with this genetic pathology, normal tertiary hairline growth does not occur.

Diabetes how a systemic disease provokes uneven bristles.
The effects of certain medications adversely affect hair growth. Bristles can grow poorly after radiation therapy.

Increased estrogen background - Female sex hormone inhibits the growth of stubble. The provocation of increasing estrogen is excessive beer consumption. Do not be surprised why a beard will grow in some places, but not in others if beer becomes a favorite drink.

Weakened immunity and metabolism after ARVI inhibits the growth of hair on the body.
Atopic dermatitis provokes a violation of the skin, which leads to the destruction of hair follicles and growth occurs in shreds, with alternation of hard hair and areas of weakened down hair.

Nerve stress and depressions deplete the man’s body, which can negatively affect hair growth, so before you determine what to do for the appearance of a cool beard, you first need to stabilize the emotional state, react to stress calmly and verified without straining emotions.

Also, obesity provokes metabolic disorders, intensive work of the sebaceous glands and their clogging.

Growth genetics

Before you grow a beard, you can predict the characteristics of growth by nationality.

Representatives of the peoples of Transcaucasia and Asia Minor to grow lush decoration easier because of genetic inclinations. Some representatives of the Mongoloid race even manage to grow liquid vegetation much later than the peers of the Caucasian race because of the late puberty.

Hereditary genetics also has a direct effect on the characteristics of the tertiary hairline. Usually, the characteristics of growth are transmitted along the male line. A beard can grow poorly and not everywhere - above the lip, on the cheeks or on the chin. If you want to know what a beard will be, you can scroll through a family photo album and look at relatives of previous generations.

A set of individual congenital features develops in the period of intrauterine development. Developmental disorders are reflected at the level of testosterone in the future and, as a result, on the tertiary hairline.

Age and beard

In fact, the bristles at the age of 17-18 are only beginning to grow and form, so soft hair breaks unevenly. Beard growth depends on the stability of the endocrine system, the number of hair follicles on the face, and metabolic disturbances and blood supply conditions give rise to uneven bristles. In adolescence and youth, all systems lend themselves to hormonal bombardment and do not work as they did in adulthood.

The "young" bristles often grow with swirls, therefore it is better to shave the initial vegetation with a sharp razor in the direction of hair growth and patiently wait for a uniform length. At this stage, it is recommended to monitor the correct diet, exercise regularly and try not to experience nervous strain. It is important to remember that proper shaving without damage is the key to success in growing in the future. In places of former injuries, scars and scars form, hair follicles are damaged, which provokes the appearance of “gaps”.

Age is an explanation for the fact that a beard can grow more slowly on the chin, neck and cheeks. With the formation of hair, these zones overgrow later.

A common myth that bristles grow better from shaving is based on the fact that after shaving, the hair of the bristles becomes harder and thicker. Shaving does not affect the amount of hair in any way.

The same reasons, but in reverse order, overtake men in old age. The level of testosterone in the body of a man is reduced. This is a steady and in principle normal physiological process. Companions of age-related hair growth disorders are bad habits. Smoking, alcohol and chronic diseases with age also gain experience of consequences and exacerbate metabolic disorders, slow down regeneration. When bad habits are preserved as a tradition in adulthood, do not be surprised if the beard climbs in different directions.

As a conclusion, adhere to a healthy lifestyle and do not start treatment. If the beard began to grow in shreds, this is an alarming signal to contact an endocrinologist. There is nothing shameful and even more terrible in going to the doctors, but adjustments to the hormonal background will help to improve well-being and preserve a lush beard.

Causes of uneven bristle growth

In general, hair loss and its absence in medical practice is called alopecia. The same term can be applied to men, in whom the beard does not grow evenly, but leaves bald spots and “empty” patches in some places. Most often, such problems with bristles signal to a man that there are malfunctions and disorders inside the body. You can find them during the diagnosis in the clinic, only after determining the causes of the uneven growth of the beard, the man will choose effective methods to correct the situation.

There may be several reasons:

  1. Autoimmune diseaseia - due to improper functioning of the immune system in some places, antibodies interfere with hair growth.
  2. Systemic diseases - psoriasis, diabetes, eczema, atopic dermatitis or viral diseases. Diseases require maintenance therapy so that the process of hair growth on the body is not disturbed.
  3. Disturbed psycho-emotional state - hair loss can begin due to regular stress, mental and physical fatigue, debilitating stress and neurosis.
  4. Down Syndrome - bald spots and uneven hair growth are typical signs of this pathology.
  5. Long-term use of drugs - Many potent drugs have side effects, among which there may be alopecia. Therefore, after discontinuation of the drug, normal stubble growth can be restored.
  6. Age changes - during puberty, the growth of the beard can be uneven, in which case it remains only to wait for changes.
  7. Sex hormone deficiency - impaired synthesis of progesterone and testosterone can lead to uneven growth of bristles, so you need to take a blood test.
  8. Improper care - improper shaving of the bristles and a poor-quality machine can disrupt the bulbs and follicles of the hairs, provoke their fragility and loss.

Depending on the reasons why the beard grows in places and shreds, a man will be able to choose the right method of dealing with such a problem. But first you need to get rid of these negative impact factors. It will be necessary to pay attention to the man’s lifestyle and nutrition, as often a deficiency of vitamins and bad habits spoil the quality of the male beard.

How to nourish bristles with the right diet

One of the influential factors leading to hair growth is proper nutrition with enough water in the body and foods high in protein and fat. Sufficient does not mean excess. The disorder in the diet will affect the growth of the beard by untidy shreds and only a dietitian will tell you what to do.

Products for quality bristles:

Meat, fish and eggs - These are 3 basic products that are the source of “building” amino acids for hair. Nuts contain biotin, which helps the body control fat metabolism and directly affects the strength of the hair.
If within the framework of vegetarianism there is a rejection of animal products, the growth of the beard is suspended. If the beard grows in parts of the face in pieces with such a diet, you need to make up for the deficiency of proteins. Beans, nuts, and vegetable oils can do this.

Milk and dairy derivatives, including cheeses, a source of calcium and protein for nourishing hair follicles. Cheese contains phosphorus, calcium, minerals and a wide range of vitamins: A, groups B, C, D, E, PP. From this “cocktail”, facial hair grows strong and shiny.

New hair growth can be stimulated, including in the diet bran. They contain fiber, which normalizes metabolism. Due to the content of magnesium, potassium and selenium, the nutrition of hair follicles is qualitatively improved.

A lack of vitamins A and E threatens hair loss. You can fill the deficit with seasonal fruits and berries. Applied in this regard apples, olives, blueberries.

Why do mustaches grow faster than a beard?

Many men have such a strange and atypical tendency, when the mustache grows much faster than the beard itself. There may be several reasons for this, but in order to establish them and find solutions to the problem, it is worth visiting a trichologist and being examined in a clinic. Only a medical specialist will give an accurate answer why the mustache grows faster than a beard.

There may actually be several reasons:

  • genetic predisposition
  • improper skin care and shaving,
  • testosterone deficiency due to low physical activity, excess weight and malnutrition,
  • bad habits
  • puberty in a man,
  • chronic diseases in the body.

Only after finding out the reasons that the mustache grows faster than a beard, a man can eliminate this type of uneven growth of facial hair. In the case of a genetic predisposition, either a hair transplant or mesotherapy procedures will help.

Ways to solve the problem

In the event that the beard grows only in some places or in shreds, it is necessary to consult with a trichologist about what to do to correct the situation. Doctors prescribe pharmacy drugs to some patients, conservative traditional medicine helps others. In rare cases, a man decides to take drastic steps if conservative methods are unsuccessful.

Care products

It is necessary to comb a beard with a comb with non-sharp teeth of medium length. This simple procedure allows you to lay down a beard, improves blood microcirculation and hair growth.

Better trimmed with special scissors with sharpened blades. Experienced barbers recommend cutting and trimming dry, because wet hair tends to stretch. Trimming the shape at home is better with a trimmer.

Shampoo or soap for washing should be with a minimum alkali content. Ordinary shampoos are not suitable. Alkali dries hair and skin, so it can cause itching, rashes and dandruff. After an unsuitable shampoo, even a chic beard will look untidy shreds. The special shampoo has a neutral PH, contains proteins and specially selected oils to retain moisture in the hair, helps to achieve an even beard volume. Organic sulfate-free shampoos do a good job of this.

Conditioners and balms after washing should be added to the means for growth. They facilitate styling, prevent the cross-section of hair. Sprays with a UF filter are useful, they protect hair from burnout and brittleness.

Beard oil has a conditioning effect and prevents skin irritation.
Lipsticks and waxes help to shape, give extra gloss. Fondant makes it possible to emphasize the shape and favorably sets off the structural haircuts.

Paints and toners are designed to express the desired color and deep. Tonics are easily washed off and you can experiment with shades of mood.

Pharmacy products

To determine with the help of which drugs you can fix the problem when the beard does not grow in one place, you can consult a pharmacist. Most often, drugs are used, in the composition of which the active substance is minoxidil. This component dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood flow and blood microcirculation, improving the nutrition of the skin and hair roots. All this stimulates inactive hair follicles to “wake up”.

Accelerated blood circulation is always accompanied by an accelerated metabolism. Thanks to this, sprays, creams, ointments and tablets with such a substance are now actively used against alopecia and uneven growth of bristles on the face. And so that the beard never grows in pieces again, it is necessary to use preparations with minoxidil for several months, even if the effect is noticeable much earlier.

Good results show drugs Alerana and Shevelux.

How to improve growth

Beard growth can be improved with folk remedies and medications. Proper care requires an arsenal of special care tools and cosmetics.

A pleasant and harmless means of promoting growth is massage. Massage should be carried out on facial folds and not be painful.

The components of the Minoxidil group of drugs accelerate metabolic processes. The growth of bristles when using a 5% Minoxidil ointment is due to the ability of the drug to expand small blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation.

Injections of corticosteroids and the use of creams, which include steroids, can help grow a beard faster, but there is a risk of a lot of side effects, so this therapy can only be done with the advice of a doctor. In the presence of thyroid diseases, these risks must be categorically discarded.

Burdock and castor oil are means for hair care and strengthening, but in fact they do not affect the growth of the beard, but only help maintain beauty and shine.

Anthralin in the form of an ointment helps to slough off dead epidermal cells. The use of anthralin improves the condition of the skin and allows the bristles to grow freely.

Scrubs cope with exfoliation of dead skin particles. Beard owners will benefit from gentle coffee grounds and sugar scrubs. After using the scrub, it is best to apply a mask of light oil to provide skin nutrition and avoid overdrying.

Rinsing with decoctions of chamomile, nettle, oak bark is a prophylactic to maintain skin tone. Healthy skin without inflammation is a basic condition for uniform and dense vegetation.

A cardinal means of renewing the beard is a hair transplant. The radical method involves a course of expensive procedures and has a number of contraindications. It is important for everyone who decides to restore beard growth through transplantation to know that transplantation will not be successful unless the primary causes of beard hair loss are clarified and eliminated.

There is no point in fighting genetic traits, as the presence of a beard depends on a special gene that is responsible for stem cell activity. In this case, only general advice and patience or decision to apply cardinal measures of hormone therapy or hair transplantation will help.

You do not need to demand from your body to grow a magnificent beard to official adulthood. At the beginning of the formation of facial vegetation, the level of hormones is insufficient and usually only a mustache grows, and you can admire the brilliant manifestations of the bristles at least a year later, or you may have to wait another 3 years.

Folk recipes

A sure sign that when the beard does not grow everywhere is equally fast and dense, a shortage of valuable substances in the body can become. Therefore, a man is better to take vitamin complexes, balance nutrition and move more. As traditional medicine, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Burdock and castor oil. Both oils are mixed in the same proportion, rubbed with palms to warm, and then rubbed into clean and dry skin. After an hour you need to wash with warm water and soap.
  2. Herbs. With the help of burdock, oak bark, chamomile or nettle, you can prepare a decoction and rinse it regularly with your skin, where the stubble does not grow evenly.
  3. Masks For the preparation of masks, you can use components such as vegetable and essential oils, chicken yolk, cognac, red pepper, mustard powder, honey. The composition is rubbed into clean, dry skin of the face, held for 15-30 minutes and washed with soap and water.

If the beard grows in pieces for a long time, folk remedies can only help if it is used regularly for 3-6 months. The longer this treatment is carried out, the thicker and longer the new facial hair will grow.

Radical methods

If the beard grows only on the chin or across the face, but with problems, and conservative methods do not help to achieve results, experts advise resorting to radical methods. An effective solution to how to make a beard long and thick is to visit a plastic surgeon. Using a hair transplant, you can fill in pieces of a beard where there are not enough hairs.

The operation may not immediately give a 100% result, as often some follicles do not take root in a new place. In addition, this type of surgery is quite expensive, so not all men can afford this method of eliminating the problem. It is worth paying attention to the indications and contraindications, and then decide on such a risky step. No doctor guarantees that the problem will not occur again over time.

Why is the beard growing unevenly? Causes:

  • Hereditary predisposition. This is a common occurrence. The beard can grow in areas, not grow on the cheeks, be located on one side, just be rare, etc.
  • Endocrine Disorders Doctors say that there is a connection between the thyroid gland and beard growth.
  • Damage to hair follicles. These can be traces of burns, scars, other mechanical damage.
  • Changes as a result of diabetes.
  • Diseases with manifestations on the skin - dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and others.
  • Disorders in the autoimmune system. The body can produce antibodies that inhibit hair growth.
  • Frequent stresses, unstable emotional state, depression. These factors often cause baldness in both the head and beard.
  • The consequences of prolonged use of certain drugs.
  • Nutrition that does not satisfy the body's needs for vitamins and other substances important for life.
  • Hormonal disorders. Testosterone is responsible for the beard. If it is not enough, this inevitably affects its appearance.
  • Age features. The beard does not become thick and uniform immediately. During puberty and some time after a problem with the growth of a beard and mustache - this is normal.
  • Lack of proper care, impaired shaving.

What to do if the beard does not grow everywhere or how to grow a beard if it grows unevenly?

Ways to deal with uneven beard growth directly depend on the cause of the violation. In some situations, you can correct the situation by making some efforts. The main options:

  1. The use of funds from a pharmacy or traditional medicine.
  2. Careful leaving.
  3. A balanced diet, vitamin intake, the correct regimen of the day.
  4. Solving health problems that triggered hair growth problems.


The situation when a man grows a beard with rare bald spots and unevenly, in fact, requires attention and work on himself. A man should not take the diagnosis of a trichologist as a sentence. If it is possible to determine the exact causes of the uneven growth of the beard, eliminate them, as well as provide the skin and hairs with competent and comprehensive care, after half a year the facial hair will renew and begin to grow, as it is laid down by nature in men.

Be patient

Wait, do not shave your beard for at least a month. This will require some willpower, but there is a chance that in a month some follicles will activate, problem areas will become less noticeable. So you can get some freedom of action, work with regrowing hairs, giving them direction and shape. For some time, it is better to cut the hair, preventing it from growing longer than one centimeter. So the "lagging" hairs can merge into the general system. When uniformity is achieved, you can try to grow a longer beard.

The method will be effective if there are no visible reasons for the uneven hair growth. It is worth trying those who did not wear a beard before or tried to grow it and surrendered ahead of time. If you tried this method and are sure that the beard is growing unevenly, this is not your option.

Organize the body

If the wrong lifestyle, stress, lack of nutrients led to the problem, you can get out of the situation by eliminating the adverse factors. What can be done:

  • Revise the diet, add fresh vegetables and fruits, natural fats (like Omega 3, good vegetable oil), protein, balance BJU.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Monitor the regime of the day so that there is enough time for sleep and rest.
  • Avoid stress, change the situation if possible, if it causes stress.
  • Take vitamins. Of particular importance for the growth of the beard are vitamins of group B, as well as vitamins A, E. It is important to consult a doctor so that unknowingly not harm the body.
  • Add physical activity. Any exercise can help tone the body. The choice is huge: tennis, swimming, gym classes, martial arts, dancing, even the usual morning exercises. This will speed up metabolism and help produce enough testosterone.

Use Beard Growth Products

We are talking about the use of special drugs, both pharmacy and traditional medicine:

  • Drugs that accelerate metabolic processes in tissues. One of the common components of such products is minoxidil. It normalizes blood flow, increases blood microcirculation, due to which the skin and hair follicles get good nutrition. To choose the right remedy, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Applying oils to the hair and skin of the beard. It can be ordinary burdock or castor oil, or special beard oils from leading brands.
  • Herbal infusions for rinsing the face.
  • The use of masks. The point is to nourish the skin and “wake up” the follicles. Popular components of these masks are pepper, mustard, honey, various oils, nicotinic acid.

ATTENTION: We do not recommend any specific means, and also recommend that you be very careful with any means chosen. Beware of incomprehensible creams, ointments and other things. Always read the instructions before use and study contraindications. In some cases, a doctor’s consultation is recommended. Even an uneven beard is not a reason to destroy health.

Carefully Care

The bottom line is to take care of the condition of the hair and skin of the face. The main tools in the arsenal of men:

  • Combing. In the direction of hair growth, to "teach" them to lie in the right direction. Against growth - to stimulate hair follicles.
  • Using high-quality shaving products. This is necessary in order not to injure the skin, prepare it for the procedure and monitor its condition after. So the bristles will be more likely to become uniform and thick.
  • Use shampoo, conditioner, beard care oils.
  • Do not wash your beard too often so as not to dry your hair and skin.

Radical approach

In some cases, hair growth cannot be stimulated using conservative methods. For example, if the unevenness of the beard is caused by hereditary features, it is possible to fill the lack of hairs and create the correct line of their growth only by transplantation. Beard transplantation is gaining in popularity and showing excellent results. It is worth noting that we are talking about surgical intervention, which also will be quite expensive.

As usual

Most often, men whose beard grows unevenly say goodbye to the desire to grow hair on their chins forever. And this is bad, since it is possible to solve the problem. Sometimes it’s enough to wait and do nothing.

When the hairs begin to break through the skin and stubble appears, it seems that hair grows only on the cheeks. Do not rush to conclusions. After a while (a couple of weeks), areas of skin on the face that did not have hair will begin to hide under the bristles. A beard will necessarily grow where previously there was not enough hair, only a little later.

If you can wait, hold out without shaving for at least a month. You see, genetics will reward you with thick, magnificent hair on the chin and cheeks.

Cut hair

When the length of the hair across the chin has reached a certain value (at least 1 cm), using a trimmer or small scissors, start cutting the beard. The shape of the hair should always be adjusted. Hair grows fast in one area and slower in another. A haircut is needed so that the hair looks neat.

Today, there are special trimmers and razors for a certain length of hair, most often they have instructions for use. Even a stylist does not need to be called home. Why not make a great shape yourself.

Reasons for uneven beard growth

In order to understand how to restore uniform growth of hair on a beard, it is worth paying attention to the reasons that provoked this phenomenon. Why it happens? The following factors may underlie the uneven growth processes of facial hairs:

    the first thing you should pay attention to is male age. Each organism is individual and development also occurs in different ways.

In some cases, it happens that even in adolescence, the beard grows with might and main, and for some, at the same time, the skin is still tender and from the vegetation a small fluff above the upper lip. However, you just have to wait a while and, perhaps, the hairs on your face will begin to grow.

The next reason is genetics., it is consistent with the previous one, but regardless of the age of the man, it can cause no vegetation on the beard.

It is difficult to change such a factor, but it is worth knowing about it.

If problems with uneven growth fall into puberty, then it is also associated with hormonal processes occurring in the body. Namely, with what is called a transition period.

For each, it occurs at different times and takes different time intervals. At this age, hormonal processes fail, which can be corrected by contacting a specialist for the appointment of competent treatment.

After completing the course of therapy, as a result, the process of hair growth on the beard is restored.

If the beard was already growing, but at that time the man did not intend to achieve a long thick hair on his face and shaved off the stubble that appeared, then perhaps this caused the beard to grow unevenly in the future.

Given that overweight is the cause of failures in many body systems, the growth processes of hairs can also be disrupted.

  • The most harmless and simple the reason lies in the usual lack of nutrients and vitamins for the normal functioning of the follicles.
  • Reasons for the lack of facial hair

    Unfortunately, there is such a category of women in which male hormones predominate, therefore, even on their face and other parts of the body hair grows strongly.

    Perhaps this is much worse than when men do not have vegetation. Still, many are upset, because the beard is a secondary male sign.

    The most common causes of lack of facial hair:

    Genetics and heredity. It is infrequent, but if the father does not have a beard, the son will also not be able to have facial hair.

    Wrong shaving technique. If you buy a low-quality cheap razor for such a hygienic procedure, it can destroy the hair structure so that it starts to grow poorly and unevenly.

    Puberty. If it does not occur on time, hormonal processes are disrupted in the body of a young person, so the hair does not grow at all, or rather poorly.

    Age. Since each person is individual, hair growth occurs, so to speak, according to a personal schedule. This means that at one age, guys can shave daily, while others have the maximum that they have on their face is a fluff over their upper lip.

    Nationality. If we compare the eastern and Slavic men, the former always have much more vegetation than the latter.

    Dermatological diseases. When face skin is affected by eczema, psoriasis or other diseases, or the body lacks vitamin, only an experienced specialist will come to the rescue, and not self-medication at home.

    In some cases, even overweight leads to uneven growth of facial hair, so it is recommended to monitor your health and appearance, giving preference to an active lifestyle.

    What to do

    First of all, you don’t need to be upset because of this situation, maybe you should wait until the age comes when the hair begins to grow in a normal mode. On the other hand, there is no need to say goodbye to the desire to grow a beard, because there is always a way out of the situation.

    When hair begins to grow in adolescence, most of them can be seen on the cheeks. If they are shaved, then after the first stubble those hairs that were hidden begin to grow back, but after a few weeks the beard will actively grow.

    Therefore, do not immediately panic, act with your body and body thoughtlessly. When the beard is already clearly visible, you can begin to give it a beautiful shape.

    Why vegetation is only on one side

    Before looking for ways to grow a beard, if it is rare, it is worthwhile to find out exactly why a beard does not grow in some places. The most common causes are as follows:

    1. Heredity. If the beard is growing on the one hand, and the difference is noticeable even several months after the start of growing, it is worth asking your next of kin - but have they also encountered such a problem in their time? Unfortunately, when a beard grows improperly under the influence of a genetic factor, almost nothing can be done, even a beard transplant does not always help. There are two ways out: either put up with it, and let the beard grow back to itself as it wants, or shave it off and forget it.
    2. Damage to hair follicles in a certain area of ​​the face. Often the beard grows asymmetrically and incorrectly due to injury to the hair follicles. This can happen when squeezing acne, aggressive cosmetic procedures (photoepilation, deep acid peeling), mechanical damage to the skin during operations, accidents, after burns - this is why the beard grows in shreds.
    3. Violations of the endocrine system. The version is rather doubtful, but doctors note a certain connection between the thyroid gland and the more intensive growth of the bristles on either side. Therefore, if the beard grows unevenly, just in case to visit an endocrinologist is worth it.

    There are other options, why the beard grows unevenly and puffs from the side - for example, you are used to sleeping on one side and just mash it. Or constantly trample your head with your right or left hand. Or comb your treasure incorrectly. If there are no health problems, everything is fine, but the beard is growing incorrectly - carefully analyze your habits.

    How to eat so that the beard grows?

    Often the cause of poor facial hair growth is a lack of vitamins and minerals. This usually leads to improper and unbalanced nutrition. The beard "requires" a set of vitamins for itself: A, C, D, E, group B.

    Among the minerals, the body needs to be provided with iron, selenium, magnesium and calcium. But do not immediately run to the pharmacy for these drugs. It is enough that the male diet contains the following products:

    Fresh vegetables and fruits

    milk and dairy products.

    It is correct to consume most of these products raw, since their properties evaporate during heat treatment. If one nutrition is not enough to restore the male beard, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe special multivitamins.

    Causes of bald patches and bald spots on a beard

    Beard alopecia (see photo, what it looks like) belongs to the category of quite serious diseases.

    If bald spots appear in the facial hair, then something is wrong with the body. Beard alopecia in men can develop for the following reasons:

    1. Autoimmune disorders. If white spots and bald patches appear, this indicates that the immune system has malfunctioned: antibodies are produced in your body that interfere with hair growth in certain areas of the face.
    2. Bald spots on the beard often occur with diabetes mellitus, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and viral diseases. It has been observed from personal experience: after seasonal flu, hair really becomes dry, lifeless and grow more slowly. As the body recovers and restores its resources, this symptom disappears, but in chronic diseases alopecia can develop.
    3. If the beard has stopped growing in some places, you should pay attention to your psycho-emotional state. Nervous experiences, chronic stress, depression are sometimes manifested by hair loss on the head and face, too. The beard does not grow everywhere and crawls out to shreds? So it's time to calm down and keep your emotions in check.
    4. Down Syndrome. In some places bald spots and bald patches on the bristles are a typical sign of this pathology. Typically, patients with this diagnosis do not engage in facial hair growth for obvious reasons. But if you allow the stubble to grow, in most cases it breaks unevenly and with bald spots.
    5. Long-term therapy with certain medications. The beard has ceased to grow in one place - remember what medications you took recently, find the instructions for use and carefully study the section "probable side effects". Perhaps you will find the answer to the question of why the beard grows in shreds and stays on the pillow in the morning.

    If stubble does not grow in some areas of the face, it is worth revising your diet. Vegetarianism, an excess of protein and fat with a lack of vitamins, a penchant for diets - this is another explanation why a beard grows in shreds and falls out.

    How to care for a beard?

    Not only the appearance of a man, but also the growth of facial hair depends on proper and high-quality care. It is recommended to use shampoos and balms daily so that the hairs do not break.

    If the follicles on the face “sleep” and do not want to grow, you can use home masks with those components that can stimulate them to awaken. This can be, for example, a mask of red ground pepper, burdock oil and egg yolk.

    If there is no desire to mess with such self-prepared mixtures, you need to use modern means for the beard. Moreover, there are a lot of them on the market today, since the beard has become fashionable again.

    Of course, for men, this is to some extent beneficial - no need to shave often! But this does not exempt them from the need for daily care of the beard.

    In the case when no remedy gives a positive result, it is entirely possible that a man has diseases that interfere with hair growth. Only a qualified doctor can help.

    Many men want to have a beautiful and fashionable beard, and if facial hair grows very weak, you need to find out the reason with the help of a specialist, and proceed to treatment.

    Uneven growth

    A beard is growing, but a mustache is not - a familiar situation? Or vice versa, the beard grows poorly on the cheeks and chin, and the mustache already has a decent length. The options may be different - as are the causes of such a defect. This is why a beard only grows on the chin, on the cheeks or around the mouth:

    1. Age and characteristics of the body. Puberty in all adolescents takes place at different ages. Someone’s hair grows everywhere on his face, but he doesn’t have a mustache and, on the contrary, at the age of 15, and by 18 everything is normal. Another and at 20 does not grow a beard on his cheeks - what to do in this case will tell the doctor. Usually, if the stubble does not grow in young guys, it is recommended to just wait - as a rule, in a couple of years everything will normalize. But of course, you can accelerate its growth with special drugs, a description of which is available on our website.
    2. Inadequate production of male hormones. This is the most common reason why a goatee grows in pieces. To stimulate the synthesis of testosterone and progesterone, it is not necessary to take hormonal drugs - in most cases, it is enough to increase physical activity.
    3. Improper care. During an inaccurate, hasty shaving, when using a poor-quality machine, hair follicles can suffer, the hair structure can be damaged - then you should not be surprised why the beard does not grow on the cheeks, and it also comes out in shreds on the chin. Choose quality tools!

    What to do for a uniform appearance of a cool beard?

    How to make facial hair grow evenly, and not in different directions, or on the one hand more than on the other? Given the above reasons, to achieve the desired result, it is worth taking appropriate measures to stimulate the hair follicles on the beard. Some of the reasons cannot be addressed, for example, if uneven beard growth is associated with a genetic factor.

    Understand what the cause of uneven growth is due to a genetic predisposition, inquiring with close male relatives about their beard hair condition and their growth processes.

    Otherwise, there are several tools that will help in growing a thick beard.

    So, what to do if the beard grows unevenly, read below.

    Beard Care

    • Skin care

    The basic rule of a thick beard is a well-groomed face in the place where the hair grows. Do not be lazy, once a week take time for your skin. It is necessary to exfoliate old skin on the face with, for example, scrub or regular soap. Get special face lotions with vitamin B and other healthy minerals. Skin care will make it more soft and moisturized.

    A side effect of stress is hair loss or uneven growth. Minimize the negative impact of the environment on your body. Eat right, get enough sleep, exercise, chat with friends and listen to your favorite music. Imagine, this is the key to a thick beautiful beard. You will see - the beard is growing.

    Proper nutrition

    In addition to them, there are minerals useful for the growth process, these are: calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium. The main products containing these substances are:

    • meat products
    • fish and other seafood,
    • various fruits and vegetables
    • dairy and dairy products.


    Even by adjusting the diet, there is not always the opportunity to fully provide the body with the missing vitamins and minerals. This is easy to fix, because there are a large number of different special vitamin complexes that can be purchased at the pharmacy and taken in the specified course.

    True, before acquiring specialized vitamin-mineral complexes that will stimulate the growth processes of hairs on a beard, it is better to consult a doctor who can indicate the right drugs and exclude the possibility of harming such substances.

    Beard receding hairline

    The most common growing problem is dropping out hair in some of its areas. For some men, this can be a shock. In that case, for example, when a beard is part of the image.

    Why is a beard growing in places? The so-called focal alopecia, leading to the formation of bald patches on the beard in a man, is associated with autoimmune disorders. The immune system produces antibodies that interfere with hair growth.

    The exposure area may vary, that is, in some places the beard does not grow. The hair in and around these areas becomes weak and easily falls out.

    Receding hairline cause painful sensations and burning sensation. Why is the beard growing unevenly?

    In addition, there are several more points why a beard does not grow in one place:

    • Down syndrome,
    • emotional stress
    • viral infections
    • diabetes,
    • depression and mental disorders,
    • the use of certain drugs
    • atopic dermatitis.

    Healthy Nutrition and Vitamins

    What if the beard grows unevenly? For normal hair growth, full satisfaction of the body with water is necessary. According to the recommendations of doctors, the daily allowance should be at least 2 liters. That is, every hour a glass of clean water.

    The composition of hair includes proteins, oils and fats. For full development, it is necessary to replenish their number. The diet should include foods with a high content of these elements. These are fish, meat, nuts, beans, eggs.

    How to make the beard grow evenly? Want to have a beautiful beard - eat right.

    Vitamins are beneficial for hair growth. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C and E should be consumed to maintain their normal balance in the body.

    Excess sugar makes hair thin and weak. It should limit the use of sweets, soda. Tea is best drunk without sugar or with a minimal addition.

    One of the important components is vitamin B. The body can receive it both with products and in the form of food additives.

    If your beard grows in shreds and you decide to purchase additives, then be sure to consult your doctor about the possible consequences of the application.

    How to make a beard thicker - many bearded people want to know. An important procedure is the care of the beard. Facial hair should be cut periodically.

    For this purpose, it is worth purchasing special scissors. You can use a trimmer, better battery.

    There should be a comb in your beard care arsenal. Choose options with medium-sized teeth.

    The mirror is preferably large wall, to control the trim process well.

    Do not carry out the procedure if the hair is wet. Their lengthening occurs. Wait for it to dry to appreciate the scale of the upcoming trim.

    The beard must be kept in cleanliness. For regular washing, a mild shampoo or soap is suitable, after which it is advisable to use conditioner or balm.

    Comb your beard more often so that all the hairs are even and neat.

    Healthy sleep is another condition for normal growth. If you do not get enough sleep, especially if it happens regularly, then the hair slows down its growth.

    After eating, wipe your face with a napkin and remove jammed crumbs from your beard.

    Folk and medical means

    And so, the beard grows unevenly - what to do? You can fight the appearance of bald spots with folk remedies at home. It helps to lubricate the affected areas with aloe juice or onion.

    A powerful remedy is tincture of red pepper. She is rubbed into a problem place. Hair growth restoration occurs in two weeks.

    The use of essential oils gives a good effect. Here is one of the recipes. 2 tbsp mix castor or burdock oil with a tablespoon of mustard powder. Rub into the affected area and stand until there is enough patience. The procedure should be done twice a week.

    The agents used can be used not only for the affected areas, but also over the entire plane of the beard. Do not wait for an instant result, since the treatment of baldness is quite long process.

    Among the medications that give a positive effect include:

    • minoxidil 5%
    • Antralin ointment,
    • application steroid creams
    • injections corticosteroids.

    How to make a beard grow faster? Growing a beautiful beard is not so difficult. If in time to carry out all the necessary procedures and eliminate the emerging symptoms of diseases, the result will be guaranteed.


    A good way to independently stimulate the growth processes of hairs on a beard - this is regular use of cheek massage.

    Such a massage is best done using various oils, which will facilitate the massage process itself and provide the necessary effect on the follicles.

    Massage is recommended once a day, with emphasis on those places in which hairs do not grow densely. Massage process:

    1. To do this, you need to drip any of the oils on your fingertips. Suitable castor, burdock, almond, olive, unrefined sunflower.
    2. The further massage process consists of the gradual rubbing of these oils in circular motions into the skin on the cheeks.
    3. The duration of the procedure is recommended to observe at least 10 minutes.


    A productive way to independently activate the growth processes of hairs is the regular use of masks. The recipes are simple masks, the most effective is a mask with castor and burdock oil with the addition of red pepper.

    For this mask, you can use either one oil or a combination of castor and burdock oils. Pepper is suitable red ground or pepper tincture. The mask is made from 1 tbsp. l pepper tincture and the same amount of oil mixture.

    Having achieved uniformity of the composition, it is applied to the beard, after which it is wrapped in a plastic wrap and left for at least half an hour. After that, the composition is washed off with water using shampoo.

    Recommended repeat this mask twice a week for the speedy achievement of the desired result.

    Folk remedies

    There are other recipes for masks from traditional medicine, which effectively stimulate the growth processes of hairs on the beard. The most popular and effective recipes are:

      a mixture of nicotinic acid with aloe juice. To prepare this recipe, you will need two ampoules of nicotinic acid, a tablespoon of aloe juice. After mixing the ingredients, the composition is applied to the skin on the growth zone.

    Leave for an hour and a half and then rinse off without the use of detergents. During the procedure, there should not be any discomfort, it is permissible to feel warm, but it should not be itchy or burning.

    Another effective prescription for traditional medicine is this is a mustard mask. To prepare it, mix 2 tablespoons of mustard powder, 2 teaspoons of sugar and sand, after which add the yolk of one chicken egg and two tablespoons of hot water.

    All of these components, after mixing, apply dry hair to the basal part. In this case, you should not be afraid of burning, it is impossible to burn the skin with such a mask. To withstand such a mask on a beard is recommended from half an hour to an hour, then rinse with shampoo.

    Medical preparations

    One of the most effective means for activating growth processes on a beard is considered special medications with various forms of release. These drugs include:

    Some of the funds listed can be purchased at ordinary pharmacies, some can only be ordered from foreign sites. The effect of such drugs is a direct effect on the hair follicles and their transfer to the active phase of growth.

    They have a list of side effects, which include:

    • the appearance of peeling and dryness of the skin at the site of application,
    • a slight burning sensation
    • increased heart rate
    • increase or decrease in blood pressure,
    • minor headaches
    • swelling of the face
    • allergic reaction.

    Despite a rather unpleasant list of side effects, the use of such drugs gives good results. Suitable for the use of these funds competently, you can quickly achieve the desired result and grow a thick beautiful beard.


    1. The most effective and proven - cream Titan gel. Bloggers write a lot about him, our review can be read here.
    2. You can use different exercises to enlarge the penis.
    3. And, of course, the surgical route is the most dangerous.

    Big friends to you!


    There are various specialized creams that will help to start growing beard hairs hard and thick even in adolescence. If from the vegetation on the face there is only a small fluff, then in this case such creams will also be effective.

    Specialized creams aimed at growing hair include:

    The cream data is used as follows:

    1. initially shave off hairs that look more like fluff,
    2. start applying a small amount of cream to the areas of growth on the face,
    3. it is permissible that after the start of application of the product, the same small hairs will grow over the next two weeks
    4. in any case, they are again shaved off and continue to use the cream,
    5. for 3 weeks of use, the hairs usually become denser and thicker,
    6. after a month, the structure of the hairs and their thickness improve two to three times.

    The composition of such funds includes mainly natural components, so before proceeding to the procedures, you must make sure that there are no allergic reactions to the selected funds.

    Watch a video on this topic:


    All of these methods for growing a beard and eliminating the uneven growth of hairs are good individually. However, faced with an uneven growth of the beard, it is worth analyzing all sorts of reasons for this phenomenon to use the funds in combination.

    This will give the fastest and good result. It is recommended, regardless of the reason why the hairs do not grow, adjust your diet and drink a course of vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from trivial and ineffective to radical

    • You can regularly take therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
    • you can trust folk remedies and believe in miracles,
    • to have surgery and forget about sex life ...

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