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Solingen Dangerous Razors - A Real German Trophy!

In recent years, fashion trends have been provoking men to actively care for the vegetation on their howls and to keep their beards neat or to completely shave their stubble. And what shaves cleaner than a dangerous razor? Only the legendary Solingen dangerous razor.

Let's see why these shaving knives are considered the standard of quality. Is it myth or reality? What varieties of Zoligen razor exist and why are they worthy of separate attention from the fans of “dangerous shaving”.

Legend or not?

As soon as the first razors appeared, they were produced in only two cities, namely in the English city of Schiffield and the German Solingen. The latter are engaged in the manufacture of such razors to this day. The German city has long been famous for its craftsmen producing the sharpest blades. To create one such razor, the master had to carefully select materials and tools and work hard for a long time to create a masterpiece.

Varieties of Solingen

Although 5 years ago, Solingen received the status of an official trademark, this did not allow him to become a separate brand. Several companies can be proud that they have fears on sale with such a big name and a long history.

Thus, the Solingen German razor can be sold by different companies, the most famous of them are:

Each of these companies has subsidiaries that also sell expensive insecurity. In any case, I would like to note that if the engraving of one of these companies flaunts on the razor's edge, this indicates the high quality and authenticity of the product.

How to choose the right one?

If you are new to dangerous shaving, you should not choose a model that is too heavy. The optimum 5/8 blade width is 6/8 inches. Most hazardous razors come with a standard blade width that is as comfortable as possible. A blade that is too narrow or wide can cause injury and difficulty in shaving.

It doesn’t matter what material the pen is made of, the main thing is the ideal sharpening of the blade and the engraving of the manufacturer who is responsible for his product.

Connoisseurs recommend a razor made of carbon steel, which is more durable and resistant to corrosion for many years.

All Dovo Solingen dangerous razors are the result of the work of German masters of their accuracy, meticulousness and the balance between the handle and the cutting blade. On sale there are exclusive samples with handles made of mammoth tusk, deer antler or valuable wood. For daily use, durable handles made of plastic or wood impregnated with a special solution are more suitable. They cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but they work just as cleanly.

Beginners are afraid to make such expensive purchases on their own. If there is any doubt about the appropriateness of such a purchase, it is better to consult a master before making it, who will help in choosing a model and teach you how to use a dangerous razor. Only once having felt the result of the “royal shave” you cannot refuse it.


All German Solvingen razors cannot be classified as an average pricing product. Only a true connoisseur of clean shaving and dangerous razors can afford such a pattern. The price of Solingen is quite high and varies in the range from 9 thousand rubles to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the type of blade, beam material and the seller’s company. Dear samples will be appreciated by real gourmets and lovers of “dangerous shaving”, and for the average user, the cheapest model will be enough, which shaves just as cleanly and easily.

How not to get fake?

Everything is very simple. The blade made by Soling masters is famous for the high quality of steel and its perfect sharpening. These craftsmen can turn an ordinary metal alloy into a super sharp blade, which during shaving makes a pleasant sound resembling a light rustle. Therefore, the masters say that their razors are singing. No one today can even come close to their result and boast of their successes in this field.

The Chinese have been trying for several years to catch up with a well-known manufacturer and produce fakes, selling them at a lower price. And the main thing is that they are sold out very quickly. You must never forget that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Low-quality steel provokes the development of irritation, poor shaving and rapid dulling.

How to protect yourself from a useless purchase? First of all, do not listen to friends who offer to buy the original for 100 rubles. Such discounts simply can not be!

But even all these precautions do not guarantee that you will not get a fake, but real antiques. If you want to completely protect yourself from fraud, make purchases only in the supplier’s store!

It may seem to a beginner that spending such amounts on the purchase of a dangerous razor is pointless, but if you calculate how much money is spent on disposable razors and interchangeable cassettes, you will realize how profitable it is. Despite the fact that a perfectly sharpened blade allows you to shave uneven hairs as cleanly as possible even in the most inaccessible places. Razor Solingen can be inherited, and over many years of work, she will continue to serve her master faithfully.

Brand history

Although the city of blades Solingen was officially recognized only in 2012, knives and medical instruments from this area of ​​Germany became widely known at the end of the XIX century. It was at that time that the fundamental traditions of the processing of metals that were used in various modifications for the production of blades of various functional affiliation up to the present day were laid.

Archaeological findings in this area of ​​Germany directly indicate that metallurgical production has existed here for at least 2,000 years. For example, it was the Solingen swords that the first Anglo-Saxon kings of Britain consecrated their knights.

Initially, the masters of the city of Solingen were engaged in forging swords and hunting knives. By the end of the XIX century, surgical instruments, helmets and railway rails were also produced here. The fact that in its vicinity there is a hiking trail called “blade path” also speaks of the deep connection of the city with metallurgical production.

Solingen today is the name of the protected geographical name of the place of production. The brand received legal protection in 1938. A special provision tells the buyer that all products with the name “Solingen” are made exclusively within the German city of the same name and its suburb of Naan. Such strict criteria are imposed not only on Solingen knives, but also on manicure accessories, razors and machine tools.

General characteristics of razors and Solingen machines

The Solingen brand gained its main fame due to the production of cutting devices: knives, "fears" and razors. These men's “toys” with the Solingen brand are made of high-strength hardened steel, characterized by flexibility, which makes the blade not only durable, but also reduces the risk of injury when shaving.

This brand differs from others by its noble bias towards timeless classics. For example, Solingen hazard razors are only available with stationary blades that attach securely to the handle. The company also produces shavetki, while any replaceable cassettes can be used, most importantly, that they are securely fastened in the clip. And there are no problems with brand products.

Award saber from masters from the city of Solingen

T-shaped machines will cause pleasant nostalgia for men who previously used Soviet razors. Heavy Solingen razors are not plastic disposable devices familiar to us, but devices with interchangeable blades. Such a machine will last for decades.

Danger razors Solingen

In the assortment there are “fears” with both a straight blade and a wedge-shaped. Solingen beginner razors traditionally have a longer handle and a rounded blade tip. All this is designed to make shaving comfortable and safe. Advanced barbers will like heavy models with a straight blade. If the “apprehension” is chosen for a gift, then you can look at the device with elegant engraving, which gives the product a touch of chic.

The main materials for making all Solingen branded hazard razors are stainless, high carbon, or carbon steel. Handles "danger" can be more diverse: the most inexpensive are made of celluloid (solid substance from cellulose), expensive - from precious wood, animal horns and even mammoth tusks.

Solingen "danger" arms can be created from valuable species of wood and even mammoth tusks

Regardless of the price category, razors of this brand are distinguished by high quality of fastening the blade to the handle. Due to the lack of the slightest backlash, even in inept hands, it is difficult to cut yourself with the device. In addition to the "apprehension" you can look at soap, shaving brush and other useful "lotions" for shaving.

Production history

Solingen is one of the cities of Germany, which has long been famous for metallurgical production. For more than 2000 years, German craftsmen were engaged in forging swords and knives for hunting - this fact is confirmed by archaeological finds. Here the traditions of metal processing were laid. Already in the 19th century, Solingen was known for its medical instruments.

The production of shaving tools was established at the beginning of the 20th century.

They were especially famous during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Thanks to the rustling rustle, Solingen's dangerous razors became famous as "singers." Also, their value was a special in-depth sharpening.

Solingen remained the name of the city, and not a popular brand that produces fearsomes, couplets and manicure accessories. Solingen received legal protection in 1838.

According to the regulation, all products under this name are made only within the German city. However, companies selling products have completely different names, for example: Dovo, Parker, etc., they are necessarily indicated on the engraving in small print.

Handle material

Pens are made of plastic and precious wood or deer horns and mammoth tusks (exclusive). The former are cheaper, they do not differ in fashion trends, but the latter resemble a work of art: fashionable design and neat engraving. Deer horns handles are more durable and reliable, they do not require repair even after decades. Such handles are suitable for professional barbers or men with a sense of style.

T-shaped machines Solingen

This type of shaving devices will be more familiar to modern men, since it does not require special handling skills and additional devices for straightening and sharpening blades. Solingen can be used for decades, unlike disposable machines. From time to time, you only have to change interchangeable cartridges.

Solingen T-shavers are almost completely disassembled. The pen does not consist of individual parts (a characteristic feature of cheap Chinese fakes), but is one-piece, which extends the life of the product. You can even shave them “dry” if you recently changed the blade. The type of fastening of the Solingen shaving head resembles old Soviet models, which in many men over 40 evoke a feeling of pleasant awe.

T-shaped Solingen

Although the Germans did not come up with anything new in this area, their shaving devices are reliable and durable. Such things can be passed on to your son at the time of initiation into the sacrament of shaving.


The Solingen razor has been regarded as a benchmark for the quality of hazardous razors since this item was introduced. As soon as a person began to shave with a dangerous razor, which at that time was not “dangerous”, but simply a “razor”, in those days there were only 2 cities in the world, razors made in which were worthy of attention. This is Sheffield in England and German Solingen.

The German city of Solingen produces razors to this day. Like the English Sheffield. But the fact is that Solingen is famous not so much for his flips as for his mastery of blade production in general. Knives, scissors, fears - if they bear the name of this German city, this is a guarantee of their quality. You can read more about the history of dangerous razors in our article on the best opazka of the world. . And today we’ll talk in more detail about the glorious blades made in Solingen.

Steel blade

The Solingen brand is responsible for product quality: each razor is engraved with the name of the company. The most common material is carbon steel. It does not give in to corrosion and lasts longer.

There are two types of blades - with a square and rounded head. If you are a beginner, prefer a rounded shape. It is much easier to work with and the risk of cuts is minimal.


Now we will figure out how to find such a beauty. After all, a solingen razor does not leave under the name of the city. Although in 2012 the city received the status of an official trademark, this still did not make it a separate brand, or a separate company. Several brands boast these razors.

Solingen is not a brand name. This is the city where the best razors are made, and they disperse around the world under different names.

Thus, from the city of Solingen, the razor can be purchased from different companies. What you should pay attention to is the presence of the very word “solingen” on the razor blade - and it will be there, if not in the most visible place and in huge letters, then at the base of the blade for sure!

As for manufacturing companies. In this city there are many factories and manufacturers of razor blades for hazardous razors. The best companies are DOVO and GIESEN & FORSTHOFF. They have company subsidiaries. At “GIESEN & FORSTHOFF” it is “Timor”, at “DOVO” it is “Merkur”, “Bismark” and others that do not interest us in the context of razors.

In our online store you can familiarize yourself with and purchase German dangerous razors of such companies and brands:

Manicure devices and other goods of the Solingen brand

No less famous all over the world are scissors, tongs, clippers and manicure accessories from this brand. Also under this name are devices for the care of the heels (machines and files). All Solingen manicure tools can be sterilized, which is important for professional masters working in salons.

For home use, the brand’s products are also suitable, as they are easy to operate. And even after years, you don’t need to look for a master on sharpening scissors, since with proper use this procedure will obsolete. As for razors, for the manufacture of manicure tools, the Solingen craftsmen use high-quality steel, processed using the same technologies. With the products of the brand, you can put yourself in order, and hunt the beast on the hunt.

Manicure scissors Solingen

Solingen also has a range of kitchen appliances. If many have heard about knives of this brand, then only sophisticated fans know about metal pots, nut crackers and other gadgets for the kitchen. This type of product also falls under the jurisdiction of the decree on the protected geographical indication of the place of production.

How to identify the script?

German razors are of interest to antique collectors. The exhibits of the last century are appreciated. If the razor is well looked after, it will give odds to any modern model.

The authenticity of the new razors can be verified by sending a photo or video to a direct supplier.

You will be immediately helped to recognize the fake, because the main thing for the company is the name and face. If we are talking about an old model, there have not yet been cases when someone tried to fake a similar tool. There is no fabulous money on the market of rarers buying Solingen.

If you bought the apprehension, there must be an engraving on its blade like: “Solingen. Made in Germany ”, - this is the main sign of the authenticity of the goods.

On a case or pen, a drawing or inscription can be anything. Old models were decorated with symbols, silhouettes of trees or animals. The design of modern ones is more concise - a classic rounded blade and a metal case with a beautiful inscription.

There are several companies that produce shavette and cautious in the city of Solingen, but the most popular:

  • DOVO (subsidiaries - Merkur and Bismark),
  • Parker

The assortment is diverse: there are fears with a wedge-shaped or straight blade. Regardless of the price, razors of this manufacturer are distinguished by the quality of fastening the handle to the blade.

There are cases when razors made 100 years ago remained sharp and functional to this day.


Solingen can rightfully be called a metal processing center in Germany. The range of products is not limited exclusively to knives, razors and manicure tools. Under this brand, customers will discover a variety of kitchen appliances. All metal products with the Solingen brand are protected by European charters under the patronage of the brand name, as a result of which are consumer protection and the legendary German quality.


What exactly the blades of Solingian masters were famous for is the unsurpassed quality of steel, and most importantly - its sharpening. In the hands of craftsmen, a high-class alloy of metals turned into an incredibly sharp blade, which when shaving they gave a pleasant quiet rustle. For this, the razors were called "singers." And still not a single city in the world can repeat the mastery of Solingen masters. That is why it is believed that solingen will create the best dangerous razors in the world.

Watch a video on how they are produced. You will see how demanding and precise work must be done to create one razor. And also - how demanding are the craftsmen for their products. The razor should easily cut hair by weight!


Often, the Solingen razor becomes the subject of discussion in various forums, and the object of desire for collectors. Of course, they are looking for blades dated from the last century. And, although they are looking for a razor just in the collection, you can be sure that the razor is a dangerous solingen, even after many decades, it can still show a class in shaving. If she didn’t lie at the bottom of some ditch, of course. After all, the blades from Solingen are excellent, but not magical. They are also affected by time, water and physical processes. Therefore, they require care and good treatment. So nobody will fake these old razors - until such cases are known. As for the new razors, it will be enough to turn to a professional supplier who works directly with the manufacturer, as we are.

What is solingen dangerous razor?

If you go into history, then solingen is a trademark registered by the company Gerb lutzenkirchen Germany.

In the same way as the following brands: Botafogo, Corte criollo, Kirche, La foca, Lutz solin, Phoca, Schwertschlag, Seehund.

All these are trademarks of one company, but only some of them have become a real standard of quality for dangerous razors and, as you already understood, Solingen is among them.

Solingen is a German city after which the dangerous razor was named. But it became popular exclusively for its quality, by the way, the main focus of the plant was on the production of blades, and they succeeded significantly in this! The blades, knives, scissors, apprehensions that bore the name of this brand have been and are highly respected and in demand.

By the way, it is on the blade that you should pay special attention, because the dangerous razor itself may be produced under other brands, but at the same time have the inscription on the blade solingen

Why is the solingen razor considered the best in the world?

As already mentioned, the main emphasis in the development of razors was aimed specifically at the blade. And the masters have reached an unsurpassed level in this business! It is believed that with this master the blade of this brand produces a quiet and pleasant rustle when shaving. In the world, these razors are also called singers precisely because of the characteristic sound they make, which, incidentally, cannot be reproduced by any company.

If you go to the factory, you will understand how the craftsmen demand their work in the manufacture of these razors. For example, one of the indicators of quality is the requirement, which states that a razor should easily cut hair by weight! Just imagine this picture ...

How to determine the authenticity of the Solingen razor?

Most likely, it will not be a revelation for you to find out that these razors are in good demand among collectors of dangerous razors.

Of course, for the most part, we are talking about old razors of the last century, they can be called "antiques". If the razor is well looked after, it will give odds to any new one, even in terms of shaving quality.

But you also need to understand that, although solingen blades are very high quality, even they cannot deal with adverse conditions and time.

So how do you determine authenticity? In fact, I do not know of any case of faking a dangerous razor solingen and hardly anyone will do it. And about the new razors, send a video or photo to the direct supplier of these razors and you will immediately be answered this question. A professional can quickly recognize a fake without even holding it in his hands.

How to restore an old dangerous razor?

Restoration of a dangerous razor consists of two components.

  • Work with a blade (cleaning, sharpening)
  • Work with the handle (cleaning, restoration, polishing)

This type of razor is an absolute leader in longevity of life, so they are appreciated by collectors and just amateurs. But what if there is a razor that needs to be put in order?

So, here are some tips for self-restoring a dangerous razor.

  1. To remove rust, a special anti-rust tool will help you, which allows you to remove 100% of the average erosion of the blade by abundance.
  2. Paraffin oil will help to clean and shine the handle.
  3. You can remove uneven edges and sharpen the blade qualitatively with stones of different densities
  4. If repair is required, then it is better to give it to a professional who will not leave a trace of repair.

This is just a short list for home use, for more professional work I advise you to study well the material on the restoration of wood, plastic and metal. Well, or the easiest option is to trust those who understand this better than you! Good luck

P.S. Razor solingen in the movie Skyfoll, video! =)

Danger razor Solingen

People who want to touch the art of “royal shaving” are constantly searching for information on razors, manufacturers and tools. More often than not, they come to the conclusion that Solingen's razor is the best. But is it really so? We will understand the question.

In those distant times when such razors were not yet called dangerous, there were only two places where such tools were made. These are Sheffield in the UK and Solingen in Germany.

At the same time, the second manufacturer produced the best products. Thus, Solingen's dangerous razor became the best at the beginning of the appearance of this subject as a whole.

I must say that manufacturers keep the brand, and today the name

The unique singing of the Solingen razor

All the blades of German masters from the city of Solingen became famous for their unique singing. This is a true indicator of stainless steel and perfect sharpening.

In the hands of skilled masters of the “royal shave” during the hygiene procedure, the razor makes a pleasant characteristic sound.

Until now, not a single city, not a single company producing dangerous razors can boast similar characteristics of their products. That is why experts believe that the Solingen razor is the best in the world!

To create such razors, the master must be very demanding on the raw materials, his tools and himself. The Germans have long been famous for their perseverance, pedantry and even some tediousness. These qualities are very practical when it comes to steel. Not a single razor comes out of the hands of the masters, which is not capable of cutting hair by weight!

Solingen Danger Razor: Choice of a novice and a professional

Stainless steel or high carbon steel?

First you need to understand that the blades on Solingen's dangerous razors, which you can buy in our online store, are different. Some are made of stainless steel, while others are made of high carbon. What is the difference?1. Actually, razors are not made from the stainless steel we are used to.

To give the steel anti-corrosion properties, various alloys are used. This is usually chrome. It is possible to determine that the razor is made of this material by the INOX marking.2. A stainless steel razor will also become stained with corrosion if left in a damp room and not taken care of.

The difference from high-carbon steel is that it will deteriorate more slowly.3. Sharpening a stainless steel razor is much more difficult. More efforts will have to be made, since chrome is difficult to process with abrasives.4. Editing Solingen stainless steel razors will be longer.

You will have to run the cutting edge over the belt more times to achieve perfect blade sharpness.5. High carbon steel retains sharpness longer.6. Owners of stainless steel razors often experience discomfort during shaving, even when the razor is sharpened perfectly.7.

Some people suffer from an allergic reaction to chromium.

Connoisseurs and connoisseurs value products made of high-carbon steel more. Despite its less practicality, we also recommend that you purchase Solingen razors from such steel. Modern high-carbon steel razors are marked Carbon or not.

Which pen to choose?

You can buy a Solingen razor with handles made of various materials. Today, a whole line of products made using precious wood is presented. Deer antler handles are also quite common. The first ones are somewhat simpler and do not differ in any fashionable design. But they are much cheaper. Such products will be the best choice for a beginner.

Deer antler handles are more sophisticated. In addition, they are durable and reliable. This means that you don’t have to repair the pen even after several decades. Therefore, such products are recommended for professionals.

Many newcomers believe that they can make a mistake in choosing a dangerous razor as the only way to shave for years to come.

If you doubt the appropriateness of such an acquisition, contact the master who will show you how safe, high-quality and convenient it is.

Many who have appreciated the quality of the “royal shave” at least once have decided to learn this art at all costs. Now you can buy the Solingen razor on our website and appreciate it.

Razor Solingen. Beware of fakes!

For several decades, Chinese companies have been "famous" for producing fakes at low prices, and these things are bought up with a bang. But such dangerous razors are made of low quality steel, they quickly fail, and it’s not at all a fact that they will shave you, not cut you. How to avoid such a fake?

First, you must understand that a real Solingen razor is not worth 100 rubles and not even 300. The price of Solingen razors starts at a few thousand. Secondly, each dangerous Solingen razor has an original engraving.

This is a true indicator of authenticity. On cheap replicas of such razors you will find a similar pattern or low quality engraving. This is a reason to beware.

However, all these measures do not provide a 100% guarantee that you will not come across a fake.

If you want to get the goods from the hands of the manufacturer, the best choice would be to contact the direct supplier of such products. Remember its best qualities: reliable steel, ergonomic handle, durability - all this is a Solingen razor, which you can buy in our online store. We are a direct supplier, so our prices are affordable and the quality is genuine.

Buy genuine quality Solingen Razor

Once, in order to buy a Solingen razor, you had to pack your bags and go to Germany in the city of the same name, look for craftsmen and pay them a lot of money for quality and custom work. Now the times have changed! You just have to make a few clicks, and in the shortest possible time the brand new Solingen razor will be in your hands.

We are one of the companies that has the right to sell Solingen products. In the catalog you will find several different models that are suitable for both beginners and experienced barbers.

Different blade widths, The best materials for pens, convenient storage tubes - all this is a dangerous Solingen razor, the price of which remains affordable from the very foundation of our online store!

Superior Solingen Danger Razor Durability

The fact is that a dangerous razor is durable. With proper handling, it can last several decades. All expenses will be reduced to the acquisition of abrasive paste. The dangerous Solingen razor, which you can buy in our online store, differs from all by even greater durability. There are many cases where old razors made in this city were passed down from generation to generation and continued to serve their masters faithfully.

Dangerous Solingen razors: buy an authentic masterpiece

Undoubtedly, truly high-quality dangerous razors that have served their masters for decades come out of the hands of real masters. But still, the human factor cannot be ruled out. It happens that the eye is blurred, the hands are tired or the tools malfunction, which led to a marriage that the master lost sight of. You can be sure that you are insured against such cases.

Each product that arrives at our company’s warehouses undergoes a thorough expert review, so you don’t buy a “pig in a poke” when you use our services. Thus, quality is guaranteed not only by the manufacturer, but also by our experts!

How to place an order for Solingen razor in britvaopasnaya.ru store

If you want to touch the subtle art of shaving, straightening, sharpening and buy Solingen's dangerous razor, then now you have such an opportunity! We sell dangerous Solingen razors at affordable prices with delivery in Russia.

To place an order, just call the specified phone number or leave a request on the website of our store of dangerous razors.

Our experts are always ready to hold a short consultation for you and talk about the technical characteristics of the goods on the virtual shelves of our online store, the features of various shavers, as well as answer all questions regarding the work of our company. It is time to plunge into the world of brutal shaving, sharp blades and genuine quality.

The history of the razor

We take the following topic from the July table of orders. Today it’s the turn to voice the topic of friend natoha this is what he says: The history of the razor. Cases and facts of shaving with sabers, axes in difficult times of Russia.

The history of shaving is almost as old as humanity: about 20,000 years ago, our ancestors began to remove facial hair - why, it is not known. Perhaps the ladies of the Stone Age decided that this way men look much better.

After pulling out the hair for millennia, which should have been a rather laborious and painful procedure, we switched to scraping hair with stones and shells with sharp edges.

In ritual ecstasy, men covered themselves with clay, which after some time was mercilessly torn off along with a walled mustache and beard.
In the Iron Age, social relations not only worsened, but, as excavations show, implements and, in particular, shaving devices were improved.

Then sharp metal objects first appeared. However, shaving was still quite a dangerous occupation, and the shaving device required significant improvements.

Rapid progress has begun: in 1100 BC, the predecessors of modern razors — razors with one blade and a handle — were already used in Europe. Approximately 330 g. BC, during the reign of Alexander the Great, the Greeks and Romans adopted the Egyptian method of shaving using bronze scrapers.

Warriors began to shave not only beards, but also hair on their heads so that enemies could not grab them. Since then, unshaven wild peoples began to be called "barbarians", from the Latin word "wahba" - a beard. The German verb “shave” (rasieren) also has Latin roots.

It comes from the verb "rasare", literally - to scratch or scrape.

The innovators in the field of invention of razors can rightfully be considered military men. It was they who at different times and historical eras creatively approached shaving.

In between the battles, the soldiers entertained themselves by putting gloss on their cheeks and chin, using what was under their arm — a saber, an ax, a knife. Later, entertainment grew into a habit, a tradition, was enshrined in the army charter.

A simple combat knife has evolved into a sharp, dangerous razor.

Rapid progress has begun: in 1100 BC, the predecessors of modern razors — razors with one blade and a handle — were already used in Europe. Approximately 330 g. BC, during the reign of Alexander the Great, the Greeks and Romans adopted the Egyptian method of shaving using bronze scrapers.

Warriors began to shave not only beards, but also hair on their heads so that enemies could not grab them. Since then, unshaven wild peoples began to be called "barbarians", from the Latin word "wahba" - a beard. The German verb “shave” (rasieren) also has Latin roots.

It comes from the verb "rasare", literally - to scratch or scrape.

Over the following centuries, the shape and material of the razor underwent some changes, but on the whole remained the same, although some people experienced difficulties in handling it.

The sailors were the first to find out that at sea it is quite difficult to drive a sharp razor across the face without consequences. They stopped doing this, and most of them grew beards. Anyone who could afford to shave at the barber.

Already the ancient Greeks opened shaving salons, which in the following centuries became institutions of great social importance. They met there to exchange news, chat, read a newspaper.

For ordinary people, the barber was the center of village or city life, and his visit replaced the noble clubs. Wealthy people often shaved with the help of a personal servant, or at least called the barber home.

Since the 18th century, the English city of Sheffield has been the stronghold of razor production.

The number of brands and manufacturers that existed at that time was so great that today it is difficult to restore the history of their development. Hundreds of small and large enterprises have supplied countless razors to the world market.

Razors from Solingen have become famous for their first-class in-depth sharpening. The rustling rustle they emit when shaving awarded them the additional name “singing razors”.

The golden age of the dangerous razor ended in 1895, after an American amateur inventor by the name of Kin g Camp Gillette (his name was really that) embodied his idea - to clamp a double-edged blade in a holder-holder. He called his invention “safety razor” (safety razor). Indeed, shaving has become much easier and safer.

A short-lived razor blade was born, which revolutionized the life of the male part of humanity.

The next stage in development occurred only half a century later. The British company Wilkinson Sword, founded in 1772 for the production of guns and cold steel, introduced the first stainless razor in 1956.

But she also had a competitor - an electric razor patented back in 1928 by Jacob Schick. Its first option was inconvenient to use, so it was not in demand for a long time.

Only in the 70s, after the American company Remington (Remington) turned the market, improving the technique, electric razors gained popularity and began to be sold out in large quantities.

Danger razor today

Of the many manufacturers of hazardous razors in Solingen, today there is almost one left - the company Dovo, founded in 1906. Gradually, Dovo acquired many other brands. Among others - “Bismarck” (Bismarck), a name that has been adorned with razors for 150 years and tells experts about the excellent quality of the blade.

The recession began in the late 40s. In the 50s, only 35 employees were employed in the production of razors. In 1987, only 7,000 razors were made. But after a while, Dovo saw the potential of a dangerous razor as a valuable gift and accessory for men who value style.

Since then, slowly but surely, things have gone uphill.

More and more men again began to discover the unsurpassed qualities of a good old razor. And they do not consist in quick everyday shaving, but in a special procedure - shaving with a knife.

It takes time, which is becoming more difficult in our hectic life.

Shaving with a razor turns into almost a meditative action, in which there is complete concentration on one specific movement.

A razor is primarily a blade. It should be made of the highest quality steel, at the same time strong and soft enough, and have a great design. The classic blade is made of carbon steel, and more recently, stainless steel.

Higher hardness is undesirable, since the blade must remain elastic, because when shaving, the edge of an extremely thinly sharpened blade bends - and this is normal.

Such steel has an amazing ability to "heal itself". A few hours or days after shaving, the blade recovers by itself.
But it is better to use one razor not two days in a row, but two or three alternately. In the XIX century, weekly sets were popular: for every day on a razor. However, the "self-healing" of the razor blade can be accelerated by the magnet's attractive force.

In a classic hazard razor, a handle made up of one or two parts is made of horn, wood, ivory, mother of pearl or tortoise shell. Therefore, knowledgeable people are not talking about a razor handle, but about a frame.

The handle is connected to the blade with a rivet, which is the axis of rotation of the razor and serves to fold it. There are no stops or springs. Two types of blades are known: solid and hollow. Solid blades are no longer produced, although the hardness of their edges was excellent, and, accordingly, they shaved remarkably.

If you look at the solid blade from the side of the edge, you can see that its sides (cheeks) go in a straight line from the back of the razor to the cutting edge (hard knife). On modern razors, the cutting edge of the blade is concave, and both sides (cheeks) of the blade are connected just above the cutting edge (in-depth sharpening).

This differs from the shape of the razor blade, which explains why the razor is always sharpened with a plane, and the back serves as the basis for maintaining the ideal cutting angle (approximately 12 degrees).

Shavers typically have in-depth sharpening, with options ranging from “simple” through “1/4 in-depth” and “1/2 in-depth” to “fully in-depth”, blade height from 2/8 to 6/8 inches. The optimal length is between 3/8 and 5/8 inches.

The basic rule: the deeper the sharpening and the wider the blade, the better it adapts to the contours of the face. When shaving, the blade oscillates slightly and produces a “rustling”. The more flexible and wider the blade, the stronger this sound. In South America, where hairdressers can still shave you with a dangerous razor, this rustling is of great importance.

The blades are made of the so-called “strip piece in the forging die”. The resulting workpiece during numerous operations is cleared of burrs, rolled and hardened. Each blade goes through about 15 machining steps on grinding wheels of different diameters corresponding to the desired sharpening.

In order to sharpen and grind the airl and back, then follows the finish of the sharpened side, polish the back and white finish (especially noble) of the sharpened side. Before the razor is mounted (the so-called assembly of both halves of the handle and blade, as well as the adjustment of the stroke), work is carried out to decorate the blade - etching or gilding.

In conclusion, each razor is manually corrected, tanned and checked.

The art of shaving

Most likely, every morning you get rid of the noble facial hair with one of the small plastic machines that become unusable by cutting three hairs. But what if you use a real dangerous razor to shave? Shaving with a razor is a science.

If you are ready to learn how to really shave, besides a razor, you need a brush, soap and a leather belt to sharpen the blade. You will need time, as well as several plasters for wounds (a joke).
But what a pleasure to get rid of stubble with a dangerous razor! These fifteen minutes taken from the working day are worth all the sessions of psychotherapy, yoga and meditation. They will bring you peace and tranquility.

Down with the chores, the bustle, the disagreement, the stress: stop at the door of the bathroom, I shave!

Theoretically shaving with a razor is very simple. In practice, of course, some skill is required, but an exaggerated fear of injuries is unnecessary.

After the face is well soaped with a shaving brush (best with a badger brush) with real shaving soap, whipped in foam, the action begins: hold the knife with three fingers in front of the handle, positioning the blade obliquely, at an angle of about 30 degrees to the skin. It is important that the skin is taut.

To do this, you can use another, free hand. The razor must first be led in the direction of hair growth, and then against. It is important to drive the razor evenly across the face. In the corners, dimples and above the upper lip, the razor can be held more steeply.

If the razor is driven too flat, it will tear out the bristles, and if the cutting angle is too right, there is a danger of cutting. In any case, the razor should be driven only at a certain angle to the blade, and never in the direction of the blade. Remember: the razor is sharp!

Razor Care

The razor should be regularly corrected on the belt. To do this, a cowhide belt is used (examples of soft yuft are especially good), which is fixed on a stand or hangs freely.

Editing is always carried out before shaving, and not immediately after it, so as not to strip off the burrs on the blade, which always form after shaving. Many grinding belts for this purpose have a hemp sleeve on the back. It serves for pre-processing of burrs before dressing on the skin.

If necessary, the leather belt is rubbed with a thin layer of grinding or polishing paste. Dressing on the belt is carried out at a flat angle to the back of the blade. The relatively wide, back of the razor has the function of maintaining a constant angle of inclination of the blade when editing.

When changing the direction of editing, the razor should always be turned over the back of the blade, and never turned over through the blade! Regular editing on the skin preserves the razor for many years.

After each use, the razor is thoroughly washed with clean water and dried, regardless of whether it has a stainless blade or not. If you want to put the razor for long storage, lightly grease the blade with oil. Store the razor in a dry and ventilated place.

In humid, unventilated rooms, any razor rusts! Because of the eternal rush, only a small number of wet shave lovers will want to shave with a razor every day. But once a week, maybe on a quiet Sunday morning, shaving will turn into an event for you.

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All About German Solingen Razors - How Much

Solingen is one of the cities of Germany, which has long been famous for metallurgical production. For more than 2000 years, German craftsmen were engaged in forging swords and knives for hunting - this fact is confirmed by archaeological finds. Here the traditions of metal processing were laid. Already in the 19th century, Solingen was known for its medical instruments.

The production of shaving tools was established at the beginning of the 20th century.

They were especially famous during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Thanks to the rustling rustle, Solingen's dangerous razors became famous as "singers." Also, their value was a special in-depth sharpening.

Solingen remained the name of the city, and not a popular brand that produces fearsomes, couplets and manicure accessories. Solingen received legal protection in 1838.

According to the regulation, all products under this name are made only within the German city. However, companies selling products have completely different names, for example: Dovo, Parker, etc., they are necessarily indicated on the engraving in small print.


Shavett is a separate type of razor with interchangeable blades, which resembles a blade apprehension in appearance. Its main difference is a thick blade, which is more difficult to set at the right angle.

In storage and maintenance, it is simpler: after use, it is enough to rinse the blade under running water or completely change it to another.

  • NTS Parker Rasierhobel Variant Adjustable,
  • Parker SRDW,
  • Dovo Shavette 201061,
  • Parker SRX Professional Barber Razor.

Before buying a fear, buy a shavette and learn how to use it, since it is safer.


  1. The need to constantly monitor the severity.
  2. Easy to cut yourself.
  3. The high cost of modern models.
  4. Additional accessories required: brush, foam, etc.

Dangerous razors are a classic in men's personal care. Let them require some skill, but provide an amazing result - smooth skin without irritation.

Shaving quality depends on the sharpness of the blade, so you can’t save on the tool, and Solingen is the best in its segment.

Watch the video: How to shave with a straight razor like a bo$$ tutorial (February 2020).

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