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How to choose leather men's gloves: types, sizes, quality

Leather gloves are a wonderful accessory that brings special charm and sophistication. Men's leather gloves or women's leather gloves they always give their owners a special sense of comfort and elegance. However, when choosing this accessory, it is extremely important to choose the right model and its size. The choice of model depends on preferences, the nature of its future owner. You can adhere to the well-known classics, and pick up the tone of a shoe or handbag, or you can follow the advice of stylists and make a special emphasis on gloves. Gloves are made from a variety of materials, vary by season.

To find out the size of the gloves, a regular centimeter tape will help. To do this, visually draw a line from the thumb and under the rest, after which this palm size is measured. The number obtained from the measurements determines the size of the gloves. If the girth of the palm is 15 cm - the size of the gloves is 6-6.5, the girth of the palm of 17.5 cm - size 7, the girth of the palm of 20 cm - size 7.5. A girth of the palm of 23 cm is equal to a size of 8, a girth of 25 cm is 8.5.

The size of men's gloves has slightly different meanings:

When choosing gloves for yourself, it is very important to try on a model, since each person has individual palm sizes. Right size women's leather gloves and men's leather gloves do not cause discomfort when worn, fingers should move freely. A balance must be struck between fit and freedom. It will help to determine if the size of the gloves is correctly selected for a kind of test: gloves are put on, and then they move with your fingers, palm, brush. In this case, possible wrinkles and folds will be immediately noticeable. Winter gloves often come with insulation, in this case it is recommended to choose a size slightly larger than without a lining. This will warm better and deliver more comfort than models without insulation.

Putting on leather gloves The first time, it is worth being careful and unhurried. Sudden movements can break the skin or deform the gloves themselves.

Putting on gloves, the sequence of actions is observed - first the cuff is lapel, this will allow the arm to penetrate more easily, then four fingers are pushed, and only when the fingers are fully in the glove, the thumb is pushed and the cuffs are returned to its original position. To avoid wrinkles on the skin, it is smoothed.

The right size is the main criteria when choosing a model. Gloves that sit tight will constrain movement, hamper blood circulation in the fingers. This will cause your fingers to freeze in the cold season. Loose-fitting gloves look ugly and are not comfortable to wear.

Leather gloves will complete the selected image, adding aesthetics and elegance. Correctly chosen size of gloves - will give comfort and warmth to your hands.

Determine the naturalness of leather gloves

First of all, on how to choose men's leather gloves, experts and manufacturers themselves share their tips. A man needs to be able to determine the naturalness of materials for sewing gloves, since the risks of acquiring high-quality leatherette instead of leather are great. It is actually practically impossible to determine real skin by smell or extremely tactile, unless the man is an expert in this field.

Previously, many used a life hack such as setting fire to the skin, believing that genuine leather would not burn. This is actually a big mistake that does not need to be repeated. It is enough to take the glove, apply it to your skin and hold for a couple of minutes. A genuine leather glove will surely heat up, taking heat from a man’s skin. But the artificial leatherette will remain cold no matter how much you try to warm it.

Varieties of skin

As it has already become clear, outdated life hacks regarding the definition of genuine leather are ineffective today. A modern man must understand what leather makes many items of clothing, including gloves. Today, manufacturers most often use several types of skin - goat, sheep, deer, pork, and from here the types of men's gloves are determined.

Production material

So, if you came to the store with the firm intention - to buy men's winter gloves - carefully read the label. This will help to make the only right choice. The first thing you should be interested in is the percentage of tissues.

For example, wool perfectly protects against cold, but wool fibers are short-lived, especially considering the intensity of use. But the skin is durable and at the same time known for its insulating qualities. Nylon, polyester - synthetic fibers are also no less popular, they are chosen by men who prefer an active lifestyle (skiing, running).

Advice! Modern manufacturers add Gore Tex synthetic fiber to the material, which is resistant to moisture.

Leather used for sewing men's gloves

1. Cow leather. If you are choosing a budget-friendly version of gloves, pay attention to the cowhide accessory. True, the quality of such a product is unlikely to please you, because the skin is too thick. Perhaps in regions with a harsh climate, this option is quite suitable.

2. Suede. The material is durable, even somewhat coarse, has a characteristic granular structure. Such a model is in demand in the northern regions.

3. Leather bakers. So called the skin of wild boars that live in South America, it is durable, elastic and soft. It is noteworthy that this skin can withstand a lot, even if the glove breaks at the seam, it is easy to sew it up.

4. Pork. Visually pig skin is no different from the skin of bakers, but here the performance is much inferior - there is no softness, wear resistance.

5. Sheep skin. The material is soft, elastic, wear-resistant. The skin of the sheep has a lining of wool, this gives the accessory additional frost resistance.

6. Lamb skin. In many ways resembles sheep skin, also has a wool lining. Lamb skin is softer, thinner, but such characteristics are not enough to produce an exquisite day accessory.

7. Goat skin. Products from it are solid and visually "harsh." Ordinary buyers who do not understand the features of different materials often confuse this skin with pashmina (premium material).

8. The skin of a lamb. The material of chrome tanning is elastic and thin. From it sew expensive gloves of high quality.

Important! A high-quality pair of gloves is not just protection against wind and frost, it is an elegant addition to the male image.

Stylists recommend having at least two pairs in the wardrobe - black and brown. The accessory of black color is used for everyday wear, but the brown ones are suitable for special situations. Black gloves are combined with an informal style (jeans, jacket, cropped coat). A brown accessory accentuates the elegance of the costume.

Other materials for sewing men's gloves

  • Alpaca. It has the best heat-insulating properties (7-8 times higher than cashmere). Inside the lining is an air chamber, it acts as an insulator.
  • Cashmere. By its heat-shielding properties it is slightly inferior to alpaca, but cashmere is chosen, first of all, because of its softness and attractive appearance. As a rule, cashmere is used as a lining in quality gloves.
  • Silk. It is generally accepted that silk is a material for women's gloves, but it is also used as a lining material.
  • Wool. The material is practical and one of the most inexpensive. Of course, in comparison with alpaca and cashmere, the coat is less warm and not so soft.

Like leather

According to many men and experts, the best leather is like, which is made from sheep and goat skin. To the touch it will be soft, supple, delicate and pleasant, most often such leather is used in the production of gloves by manufacturers in Italy and the UK. But in Russia, this skin is not so popular, since the reproduction of sheep and goats is quite insignificant.

Pig skin

Pig skin has excellent characteristics, despite the fact that it is denser and rougher than the previous version. The skin absorbs moisture, allows you to keep warm, while letting air through. But because of the ability to quickly absorb moisture, such material should be wetted as rarely as possible so that the gloves do not lose their strength, novelty and pristine shape. Yes, and domestic production gloves are enough, you can not spend fabulous amounts on imported accessories.

Men's Gloves Tips

  • First of all, you should personally like gloves. Their appearance should be elegant, beautiful and neat,
  • pay attention to the seams of the gloves (if any). Seams should be strong and dense, without gaps, eyelets, etc.,
  • buying leather gloves, check the quality of their color. To do this, swipe your leather glove with a damp white cloth. If she remains the same white - everything is in order, but if color stains remain on the napkin - it’s better to refuse to buy such gloves,
  • If you are one of those people who can freeze even on a warm spring day, take a closer look at men's gloves with clasps or elastic bands on your wrist. Tightly clasping your wrist, they will prevent the ingress of cold air and help save heat,
  • be sure to try on gloves in the store. They should sit tightly on the arm, but not be too narrow (otherwise blood circulation will be disturbed in the hands and they will freeze).

Good luck with your purchase, style and warmth!

We select gloves for the style of the wardrobe

A well-educated and elegant man always takes off his glove for a handshake (the exception is too low a temperature). You also need to remove the accessory when entering the room.

Gloves are a universal accessory, suitable in any way, they are worn with a business suit, with clothes in casual style.

Advice! Match gloves to a headdress or scarf.

The colors of the gloves should harmoniously resonate with the overall colors of the wardrobe. Stylists recommend buying an accessory darker than a coat or jacket (other outerwear) a few tones. However, young people can afford to buy gloves lighter than outerwear. The set looks original and unusual when the gloves are the same tone with the pants.

Gloves of black and brown colors are considered universal. They can be safely used with any clothes and in any situations. Black color is more traditional, official, and brown color will dilute the image, give it elegance and gloss. If you want to show individuality, originality, choose gloves of saturated green or blue colors, of course, provided that these colors are present in clothes.

Recommendations for choosing men's gloves

1. First of all, the accessory should like, look stylish and elegant.

2. Check the quality of the seams - they must be strong, without gaps, protruding threads and loops are not permissible.

3. It is also important to check the quality of dyeing gloves. It is enough to hold the surface with a damp cloth. If the napkin is colored, you should not buy such gloves.

4. If your hands freeze even when wearing gloves, choose a model with clasps around your wrists. A fastener or an elastic band prevents cold from getting inside the gloves.

5. The accessory must be chosen exactly to the size, otherwise they will hang on your hand or quickly part at the seams.

Important! If you wear smaller gloves, they squeeze blood vessels, disrupting blood circulation. Thus, hands freeze faster.

Fashion book

We have selected for you the most interesting and sophisticated models of men's gloves of different styles and types.

Deer skin

Of these options, deer skin is an ideal solution, since it corresponds to the characteristics of both sheep, and pork, and goat skin combined. The structure of the skin is soft, flexible and elastic, while thin, breathable, but retained heat. But deerskin gloves will cost much more than the previously mentioned models, and the best deerskin is made in Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, France and Finland.


Most people consider true gloves only those that have separate openings for each finger, but this is not entirely correct. There is another style of gloves called mitten, or a mittens that we all know from childhood. Yes, mitten is a kind of glove. Unlike classic gloves, mittens are usually worn to protect hands in very cold weather.

Types of Men's Gloves

In addition to different types of gloves, there is a classification by type. Consider separately winter, evening, day and driver’s men's gloves.

Gant Warm Men's Burgundy Gloves by Gant

Choose the right size gloves

For their further purchase, a man needs to measure the girth of the wrist in the widest place with a measuring tape. Measurement is necessary when the palm of your hand is bent so that in the future the gloves you buy are not cramped. Men's glove size standards are 23-25. When calculating the size, it is important to consider the country of the manufacturer, and in what units the measurement is carried out (centimeters or inches).

After measurement, the girth of the palm is compared with the size chart.

Varieties of models and lining

When choosing the type of leather gloves and the desired model, a man needs to pay attention to two parameters - size and sewing material. The size can be determined by the method described above, and with regard to quality, experts believe that the best models of leather gloves are made in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. A good accessory will be sewn from solid leather, but not from rags.

Next, when choosing, you need to view the following indicators:

Gloves should be painted over the entire thickness and uniform, it is also important that the product had a small number of solid seams. Quality gloves made of genuine leather can be stretched only in width, but not a millimeter in length. Modern manufacturers when sewing leather gloves offer three types of linings:

  • lack of lining or thin silk lining for spring and autumn,
  • knitted lining for demi-season models,
  • suede and fur lining for winter.

But synthetic-lined gloves are best avoided. An exception may be the material "tinsulat", which retains heat, being 100% hypoallergenic. High-quality gloves easily take the silhouette of a hand, do not constrain movements, and after removal they return to their original form.

Care and maintenance

In order for the gloves to retain their pristine shape and appearance as long as possible, it is important to properly care for and operate them. As soon as the sock season ends, the gloves are straightened, greased with castor or burdock oil, placed inside a cardboard and placed in a cardboard box for storage.

It is worth refusing to wash leather gloves, and when wet, dry naturally in a straightened state, otherwise the fabric will dry out and rumple. If the gloves molt and stain the skin of the hands, you need to rub regular talcum powder into them from the inside, and then shake the remains out.


All three types of leather for sewing gloves are in demand today - like, deer and pig skin.Pig skin is considered the most affordable, as it is widely distributed in many countries, including Russia. Deerskin is considered to be elite; gloves made of it will be expensive, but will last faithfully for several years. When choosing gloves, you need to rely on the size, quality and lining options, depending on the season of the year and your own preferences.

Winter men's gloves

Specially designed to withstand cold and damp. The winter version ranges from a sporty look to beautiful leather gloves that look good when paired with a business suit. By the way, gloves for the touch screen appeared relatively recently. So smartphone owners no longer have to freeze their hands.

Men's evening gloves

Made from velor, satin, silk, cotton, linen and leather. Ideally, they should be unlined to get the best fit on the arm. Such gloves are worn with a strict suit and nothing else.

Men's white evening gloves

Driving gloves

Originally designed for better grip on Formula 1 wooden racers, driver gloves have not lost their relevance to this day. Remember, the main criterion for choosing is only your convenience. Your new gloves and steering wheel should become friends, and better.

Men's black driving gloves

Men's gloves material

Before you buy a thing, look at its label. She is your key to an unmistakable choice of gloves. Pay attention to what percentage of tissues has composition.

For example, wool is well known for its insulating properties: it protects from the cold and absorbs moisture. But woolen gloves wear out quickly, so you should avoid the frequent interaction of wool with the environment. Leather gloves are a completely different matter, they will also effectively protect your hands from the cold and wind, and will last much longer.

And of course, gloves made of synthetic fibers of synthetic origin, such as nylon and polyester, are popular. They have a small level of quality, but are great for an active lifestyle: skiing or running. Many of them may contain Gore Tex®, a technical fiber well known for its impermeability.

When sewing gloves, several types of leather are used:

  1. Cow's skin and a low price tag are very compatible things. And all because this type of skin is poorly valued, because it is too thick for sewing day or evening gloves. But if you are looking for a budget option and a harsh winter has come in your city, then such gloves will be more convenient for you than ever.
  2. Suede leather - very strong and rough. It has a pronounced grain, which makes gloves made of it very popular among residents of the northern countries.

Men's suede gloves Leather bakers - the skin of small boars from South America. Very much appreciated for its rarity and positive qualities. It is incredibly strong, but at the same time flexible and soft. Even if you tear off the seam from your gloves, you will always be able to sew them up again - this skin will withstand everything, and even more.

Men's Brown Baker's Leather Gloves

  • Pork - less expensive and sophisticated option than the skin of bakers. It looks almost the same, but has neither strength nor softness.
  • Sheep skin - very elastic, soft to the touch and perfectly resists wear. Gloves from are not lined with wool, which makes them very frost-resistant.

    Men's sheep leather gloves Lamb skin - similar to sheep skin and comes with wool on the inside. Thinner and softer than the skin of a sheep, but this is still not enough to make elegant day gloves from it.

    Men's sheepskin gloves

  • Goat skin - from it are obtained inexpensive, hard and severe to the touch gloves. People often mistaken goat skin for premium material, as they confuse it with pashmina.
  • Lamb (Lamb of Nappa) - chrome tanned leather. Thin, very elastic. It is used only in high quality leather gloves.
  • A good pair of gloves does more than protect your hands from the cold. They also complement your outfit. It is important for men to have at least two pairs of gloves. The first pair is black and the second is brown. Black gloves are suitable for everyday wear, and brown for special occasions. Choose black if you prefer to wear jeans and a short coat, or jacket. If you are in a parade and you are wearing a strict suit with black boots, then brown is your color.

    As I said above, leather gloves will reliably protect your hands from adverse temperatures, but do not forget about the insulation.

    Men's unlined baker's leather gloves

    How to choose gloves size

    The size of the gloves is indicated in three different ways: girth in cm, size in French inches and letter designation. The table below shows the sizes of men's gloves.

    Girth of the arm (see)Size (inches)Letter designation

    When choosing, pay attention to the length of the palm (from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist) and its width (girth of the palm in the area of ​​the bones), as well as the length of the middle finger. Also, you can use the girth of the brush at the base.

    And of course, do not forget about the material. For example, lamb leather gloves are soft and stretch well, unlike goat skin, which in turn holds excellent shape. And pay attention to how your hands look in them!

    Leather gloves care

    When you wear gloves, do not pull on the cuff, but gently push between your fingers.

    When removing, carefully pull the glove on each finger until it is completely removed.

    Keep gloves horizontal. Gloves are made of soft materials and if, for example, you push them into your pockets and leave them there for the summer, then do not be surprised when you find many wrinkles on them. If you are walking, say, along the street and you need to free your hands, then straighten the gloves, laying them on top of each other, and gently stick them in your pocket. So they will retain their shape and will not take a wrinkled appearance.

    If your gloves are wet, put them on a towel and let dry naturally. Do not, under any circumstances, use a hairdryer on the radiator when drying. Also, be sure to avoid direct sunlight. If you were unable to dry the glove properly and stains appeared on it, moisten it with water and let it dry again.

    If your gloves are too wrinkled, you can try to smooth them. Place cotton wool under the iron to protect your skin from iron and be sure to check that the lowest temperature is set! But this method requires experience, so it is better to find a dry cleaner that specializes in skin.

    If your leather gloves are suddenly wrinkled or damaged by drying on the battery, wipe the gloves with a cloth dipped in castor oil. Try to use so much castor oil so that there are no streaks left, but there are no dry patches on the skin. If possible, lubricate with one coat and quickly, without stopping for a long time in the same area. Leather gloves will soon become elastic and shiny.

    How to choose leather gloves

    Leather accessories are a classic element of men's wardrobe. Brutality, elegance, style, position and status. Classics do not age and are relevant, as centuries ago. A variety of materials and styles allow you to wear gloves, both with strict clothes and with a formal wardrobe. This is the beauty. Most often calf or goat skin goes to gloves. The texture may vary, but the quality material is thin and soft.

    INTERESTING. The oldest gloves were found by archaeologists in one of the chambers of the tomb of Tutankhamun. The original plan was to protect the hands during archery and from dirt while eating. The first gloves protected only the palms, fingers remained open. The Slavs have known the accessory for a long time. The word “gloves” apparently came from the word “finger” - a finger, transformed into “gloves”.

    Despite the abundance of colors and finishes, the most popular are black and brown products. What to do, men prefer universal solutions :) It is much easier to have 2-3 pairs of gloves, and not bother with the choice. A coat, sheepskin coat or down jacket - a classic will suit everything. It is advisable to choose an accessory to match the clothes, but the differences are not fatal. By the way, the finished image involves a combination of gloves and shoes.

    There are downsides to leather things. Thin material is not able to hold heat. Unlined gloves are good in a little frost or for those who are constantly driving. For walking, it is better to choose models with a lining made of fur or fabric with insulation. It’s not very convenient to take items, but it’s warm and comfortable. If the item seems boring, buy an accessory with unusual seams, inserts or rivets.

    What gloves are made of

    Skin is great. It’s also stylish and cool :) But external gloss is not always needed. Sometimes the functionality outweighs the design. Our winter is not like wearing thin gloves of delicate skin. That hands did not fall off, it is necessary to think up something else. For example, gloves made of fur, wool or knitwear. What is it? Do you think only leather can make stylish accessories? You are mistaken!

    We advise you to look at gloves made of wool. If you buy a pair of blacks, a pair of gray and a couple, say, blue - then there will be no problems with the combination of wardrobe. Lovers of fashionable things, tracking the subtleties, can buy an accessory in yellow, burgundy or emerald color. Ideal for fashionable. You can complement your casual wardrobe with Nordic or fair-air patterns. The main thing is warm. The rest is solvable.

    You can try another option - knitted gloves. A good accessory for a lover of sports or semi-sports style. Knitted gloves will suit fans of military and casual street. There are no problems with the design and color. You can pick up for any wardrobe. Protection against frost is also on the level. There are single-layer accessories, easier. This is for warm weather. Well, in the cold we put on two-layer gloves.

    DO YOU KNOW ... that there are three types of mitts? Familiar with “cropped” fingers, models with snap-on mittens and pipes. The latter look like a sleeve stretched over the brush :) not separate spaces for fingers and palms. The history of the mitts is equal to the overall history of the gloves. They had functional significance in various military disciplines and professions.

    Fur gloves are good in severe frosts. To freeze with such an accessory is not realistic. Gloves are made from hides, hares, rabbits or sheepskin. For fashionistas there are products abruptly - chinchilla gloves. The price is prohibitive, but those who wish are not transferred. Although ordinary fur models are not weak. The accessory goes well with men's. That's just the mobility of the fingers leaves much to be desired.

    What kind of gloves are there

    With the usual options it’s clear. The difference in materials and design. But there are models that are fundamentally different from the usual. The point is not only in appearance, but also in properties. Let's start with a fairly familiar look - mittens. Fashion gurus often forget about functionality for the sake of beauty. Life rules the corners and puts everything in its place. A good thing is always in price.

    Fingers in one space are warmer than separately. Remember children's feelings. What we just did not do in the winter! But for adults, the practicality of mittens is lower. It is difficult to get a wallet, travel card, answer the call. On the other hand, the accessory is not bad. Suitable for trips out of town. And for those who want to stand out from the crowd, mittens will not hurt. By the way, you can choose models with a separate index finger.

    For those who cannot imagine themselves without a smartphone or tablet, we recommend special models for working with touch screens. It has long been no longer new, but not very common. In a foreign country, gadget lovers do not even have a question, “Which gloves are better?”. Externally, the accessory is no different from ordinary gloves. Sometimes there are rubberized options so that the device does not slip out. The touch of the fingers is transmitted, sewn into the fabric, special threads.

    And the last unusual option is driving gloves. What matters here is not protection from the cold, but the reliable fixation of the steering wheel in an unheated car. Someone chooses the option without fingers, others prefer ordinary-looking gloves. Although the circumcised is still a bit chilly. The driver’s accessory has perforations on the back. So gloves can not be confused with others. You can’t walk on the street for a long time, but you can walk to the ATM :)

    How to choose gloves size

    What do we usually do? By eye we estimate the correspondence of palms and gloves, and try to pull on the hand. In fact, there is a much easier way. It is enough to measure the circumference of the palm without taking into account the thumb. Divide the result by 2.71. What happened will be the desired size. Naturally in inches, as is now fashionable. There are also letter designations of the corresponding positions. Remember the size is not difficult.

    But it’s still worth trying. Where there is no error in size, especially with inexpensive accessories. Dress, try to squeeze and unclench your fingers. Turn your hands. Gloves should sit tight, but not restrain movement. And, especially, do not block the blood flow. But too loose models are not ice. Constantly moving out of the fingers. So to lose not for long.

    How to choose men's gloves

    And now about the nuances of choice. Let's start with the size. Rather, we continue on about the sizes :) If the seller claims that the sizes are the same, he either doesn’t understand anything, or heaps an illiquid pile. The skin of the gloves does not pull or shrink. Is that just a little developed in width. So you need to buy it yourself. Another point ... the length of the fingers can be distinguished by brand. Some manufacturers make shorter, others longer.

    • If the purchase is online, find out the possibility of a return.
    • Pay attention to the length of the accessory. Now the fashion for short models, but not everyone likes these things. Yes, and men's classics - gloves with a wrist grip.
    • Particular attention lining. No itching, tingling or other unpleasant sensations. Similarly with knitted and woolen patterns.
    • Do not be lazy to check the seams. Ideally, there are no skipped stitches, the line is straight, neat. Sticking out threads are not ice. It is better if the lining is sewn rather than glued.

    Brands and price are a little trickier. It’s impossible to say that this brand is the best. The only adequate advice is to buy gloves from companies specializing in such accessories. And the prices ... what to consider cheap? Each has its own budget, so we will not advise, but we give an approximate list of companies and the cost of leather gloves:

    • Italian "Merola" - prices start in the region of 4 thousand,
    • British "Dents" - premium models sew in England, more common models are released in eastern Europe. Starting price 3,5-4 thousand,
    • Swedish “Hestra” - the company specializes in the production of both consumer and sports products. Cheap models cost about 5 thousand rubles,
    • German "Roeckl" - high-quality accessories, cheaper than 6-7 thousand hardly see.

    Knitted gloves and knitwear also have leaders. Take a look at products from William Lockie, Johnstons of Elgin, the same Hestra and Drake’s. Things are not cheap, but the quality is excellent. Most lineups are made in wool or cashmere. Good gloves are for brands that produce various accessories or clothes. For example, Crombie, Barneys, or Fort Belvedere. You can find fairly cheap models.

    With a modest budget, do not get hung up on big-name brands. You have to spend more time, but it's worth it. The main thing is the quality of the material and performance.What is the difference, who is the manufacturer, if the gloves are comfortable and they serve for years? Sometimes an unknown company pleases with accessories more than products with big names.

    Glove History

    Men's gloves have a very long history. Even Homer, in his Odyssey, mentioned the use of gloves: Laertes wore them to avoid scratches from blackberry bushes in his garden. In the history of Herodotus, King Leotichid, who lived about 625-600 BC, is mentioned. e and received a bribe in the form of a glove full of silver coins. The list goes on and on, and the use of gloves by men has been widely documented since the dawn of mankind.

    One of the most important historical moments of using gloves was their use as an element of armor for soldiers and knights during the Middle Ages. Gauntlets were in the arsenal of every knight and were used for defensive purposes against sharp instruments such as swords. However, with the passing of the era of archaic weapons and the advent of firearms, metal gloves also left, remaining only as exhibits in museums.

    Members of the royal families wore gloves embroidered with precious stones and gems. But not only members of the royal families adorned their gloves. Nobles, popes, bishops and cardinals wore gloves called “Papal gloves” during the celebration of the mass. It is believed that liturgical gentlemen began to wear gloves in the first half of the eleventh century.

    By the middle of the thirteenth century, gloves had become fashionable among the beautiful half of humanity and had a very decorative look. Often made from silk or fine linen, sometimes reaching the length of the forearm.

    Elizabeth 1

    In the sixteenth century, gloves reached the pinnacle of popularity when Queen Elizabeth I began to appear in front of the guests in richly embroidered gloves, and then took them off in an effort to demonstrate their beautiful, well-groomed female hands.

    Another reason to wear gloves at that time was the ease of aromatizing them with perfumes in order to interrupt the smell of unwashed bodies. This was the norm in the sixteenth century, as the norm of daily showering or bathing became popular only in the last century.

    In the 1700s, when short sleeves became fashionable again, women began to wear long gloves again. In the late 1800s, men and women wore silk and velvet gloves with evening dresses, and suede gloves all day.

    Gloves have become an indispensable accessory for most men. In the cold season, we wear them to avoid frostbite; during sports, they help reduce friction and avoid corns. It is also worth mentioning that in such a gentlemanly sport as boxing, a gloved hand is a symbol of victory. In football, the Golden Glove Award is awarded annually to the best goalkeepers for defending their goal.

    Men's winter gloves

    Specially designed to withstand cold and humidity, these gloves are mainly sports-style gloves for athletes, youth cashmere and classic men's leather gloves that look good with a business wardrobe. The innovation that has come to us recently is the “touch finger”, where the finger of the glove is made using conductive material that allows its owner to use a smartphone or tablet without first having to remove the glove.

    Men's evening gloves

    Often made of velor, satin, silk, cotton, linen and other various materials. The best, in my opinion, evening gloves are made of nappa leather. Ideally, they do not have a lining, thereby obtaining a tough and elegant fit. It used to be difficult to dye your skin in pure white, today white gloves are no longer a luxury and you will not surprise anyone. They are worn at formal events with a tuxedo. Some men participating in organized meetings, for example, Masons, during official meetings, wear white gloves that indicate their status in the fraternity. Some carry them to the theater, to receptions or other celebrations. It is worth remembering that when you are at the reception with a buffet table, evening gloves should be removed, they should take food completely tactless.

    Men's casual gloves

    Often made of high-quality suede or leather, they are thin enough and are used to wear a business suit all day long. Most often they are worn in the autumn, when it is not cold enough for winter gloves, but there is still a slight chill. Other men also prefer to wear them when they have doubts about the cleanliness and the presence of germs, that is, those who travel by public transport, metro and other public places.

    Protective gloves

    In fact, they look like sports gloves, but they are still different. Protective gloves are designed specifically for those who work in harsh and adverse conditions. From fire gloves, military and police gloves to gaiters of welders and steelworkers and builders, as well as doctors and astronauts. Generally speaking, if you work in an area where there are dangerous conditions, then probably the glove saves you every day and keeps your hands safe and secure.

    Sheepskin gloves

    This material is used to make everyday gloves and travel enthusiasts. Sheepskin gloves have impeccable qualities and are resistant to cold weather. Most often they make a winter version of these gloves lined with sheep's wool. The fleece is so thick and dense that, alas, does not allow the use of these gloves as evening ones.

    That's what bakers look like

    Bakery Leather Gloves

    One of the best materials for gloves, the most excellent and rare material used for sewing men's gloves.

    The skin of bakers is a derivative of the same name bakers, which belongs to the baker's family and is vaguely reminiscent of a wild boar. The best bakers skin comes from Peru. Bakery leather has become popular for gloves due to its exceptional characteristics. It is incredibly strong, while being flexible and soft. Bakery leather gloves are very durable and wearable. With proper care, these gloves will last a very, very long time. With gloves made of peccary leather, it is worth remembering the following: the longer you wear them, the softer they become.

    Men's gloves

    Most gloves are lined today. But there was a time when most men's gloves were unlined. The purpose of using gloves was simple: to keep your hands clean and generally look elegant. Today, most men wear gloves only when it is cold outside, thus gloves must be lined. Often, men's gloves are bought to provide warmth or comfort, this is achieved by the presence of a lining. Let's look at the most common lining for men's gloves:

    Sheared alpacas


    Alpaca lining is the best lining because it insulates better than any other material. It is about 7-8 times warmer than cashmere, because the structure of alpaca wool has an air chamber that acts as an insulator. Alpaca is slightly thicker than cashmere. The thickness of high-quality alpaca wool is 19 - 22 microns. Alpaca is softer to the touch than cashmere. In addition, alpaca is an elastic and hypoallergenic material, which makes it ideal for people allergic to wool or cashmere.


    Only high-end gloves receive cashmere lining. Incredibly soft and luxurious, and usually an expensive option for lining men's gloves. Many colors produce cashmere, although most gloves will be lined in white or brown cashmere. Unlike alpaca lining, after wearing gloves with a cashmere lining, you can see the fluff on the arm. The cashmere lining is less wear resistant than alpaca. Despite all the above, men's gloves with a cashmere lining are incredibly soft and warm.

    One of the biggest advantages of silk-lined gloves is its temperature resistance. And, of course, its luxury to the touch. Silk linings are mainly used in the manufacture of women's gloves.


    The most common lining in men's gloves is a wool lining. Wool has two very main qualities: it is affordable and functional. Of course, it is not as soft as alpaca or cashmere, and does not have such insulating properties.

    The cheapest material for making gloves for men is fleece. It should be remembered that in gloves with a fleece lining, hands will be prone to excessive sweating.

    How to care for gloves

    1. How to wear gloves. When you wear gloves, do not pull on the cuff, gently push between your fingers
    2. How to take off gloves. Gently pull the glove on the tip of each finger until the entire hand is free.
    3. How to store gloves. Ideally, gloves should be neatly straightened, folded and stored horizontally because the material is soft. If you roll up your gloves or stuff them into your pocket and forget there, the soft material from which they are made will wrinkle and become wrinkled.
    4. Wet gloves. If your gloves are wet, put them on a towel and let them dry naturally. Do not, under any circumstances, use a hair dryer, battery, or direct sunlight.
    5. If the glove is badly wrinkled, you can use an iron (but only at the lowest temperature) and a piece of dry cotton cloth. Put the fabric on top of the glove and gently, effortlessly smooth the glove. If you are afraid to spoil the glove, contact a dry cleaner that specializes in leather.
    6. If the men's glove is made of good, high-quality leather, then be prepared for the fact that the lining will wear out much faster than leather.

    Even in the most bitter frosts, your hands will be warm if they have leather gloves on, because this “clothes” for hands are so warm!

    It is important for a woman to always remain beautiful, therefore in winter she chooses gloves for herself: both her hands are warm and they look very elegant.

    How to choose the perfect material

    Genuine leather is recognized as the best material for winter gloves, since most artificial materials at temperatures below -10 ° C acquire excessive stiffness, crack and subsequently quickly break.

    The quality of natural “clothing” for hands, which can be safely called a second skin, is affected by the type of leather raw materials and the method of dressing.

    What is the difference between products made from different leather materials and using different technologies?

    • Fur gloves and mittens made of goat, sheep or deer skin reliably protect hands even from the most severe frost. The seams at them, as a rule, are located outside. However, you should be aware of these leather products that they overwrite and quickly darken at your fingertips and at the folds.
    • Gloves made of strong leather - chevret (for obtaining such leather sheep and goat skins are made in a special way), a chevro, split, the upper layer of pig skin and cattle are called leather. They are not as warm as tanned, but more elegant (the fur lining is sewn in, and all seams are hidden) .
    • Winter gloves made of elastic huskies and elegant suede are even more elegant. They are produced, as a rule, on a woolen, fleece or knitted lining.
    • But faux leather gloves, even the most beautiful ones, should not be worn in winter. This material at cold temperatures quickly becomes cold and does not warm hands.

    To determine the "naturalness" of the skin is quite simple - you need to put a hand to it and wait a bit. If the material is natural, it will heat up, absorbing the warmth of the hand, while the artificial material will remain cold.

    In addition, it is worth paying attention to the open cut of the glove, in that part where you can see the back of the material. A hairy surface will testify to the naturalness of the skin.

    But to determine the authenticity of raw materials by smell does not work, because many manufacturers of artificial leather use natural fragrance that mimics genuine leather.

    If you want to buy real leather gloves of high quality, we recommend you this online store.

    When choosing gloves, you must consider the following nuances:

    Some more tips for choosing:

    • Do not buy leather gloves without trying on. It is necessary to make sure that the selected product fits your hand tightly, has a uniform color, neat seams (both external and internal) and smooth skin.
    • It is desirable that the gloves have a length sufficient to "hide" them under the sleeves of clothing .
    • The lining fur should not shed and be evenly trimmed.
    • When buying products from huskies (dressing from skins of kids and lambs), you should know that you can only wear them in dry weather. Under the influence of moisture, they can deform and lose their original shape.

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