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The relationship of zinc and testosterone in the human body

To optimize testosterone levels, consume adequate calories for your activity level. Eat plenty of dark leafy greens, animal protein, including offal, garlic, and dietary supplements of zinc and magnesium such as ZMA. And one of the most effective means of maintaining a high level of testosterone is strength training.

Among young, strong, beautiful people who want to maintain their health for as long as possible, a high level of testosterone is associated with an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in the amount of fat and strengthening bones. This magical hormone improves cognitive abilities and provides a high level of sports performance. Do you remember the cherry on the cake? Yes, high testosterone levels are directly related to strong libido.

The world steals your testosterone

Unfortunately, the realities of the modern world are such that your natural level of testosterone is at risk. I will give as an example only a short list of factors that negatively affect the level of testosterone, which includes nutrition, lifestyle and the environment. Here is what you should know.

Low-calorie diets on which athletes sit when you need to lose weight can lower testosterone levels. But extremely low-calorie diets for weight loss are followed not only by athletes in preparation for the competition, but also by the most ordinary people in their daily lives.

Who has not heard of the dangers of environmental pollution? It is no secret that in industrial areas the amount of lead or copper is significantly increased. But even the ordinary smoking, not only active but also passive, has a bad effect on testosterone levels. The fact is that tobacco smoke contains cadmium - one of the most common environmental pollutants without taste and odor., It turned out, testosterone-lowering. In this regard, I can’t advise you to leave your megalopolises forever, but if you do not smoke, avoid at least being in the company of smokers.

Excessive alcohol consumption also contributes to lower testosterone levels. The body breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, which negatively affects the Leading cells in the testicles. So that, frequent or immoderate libations sooner or later lead to a decrease in testosterone production.

But not everything is so sad. Studies aimed at studying dietary testosterone enhancers have shown that small changes in diet can increase testosterone levels in less than 4 weeks. It is only necessary to increase the intake of certain vitamins, including K2, garlic, magnesium and zinc (ZMA) in the form of food additives or from natural sources - organic meat, sea mollusks, crustaceans and leafy greens.

No. 1. Garlic (Diallyl Sulfide)

Studies have shown that both short-term and regular intake of garlic can have proliferative and tonic effects on serum testosterone levels.. It is believed that one of the garlic compounds is responsible for this effect, namely diallyl sulfide.

In one rat study using a high protein diet, supplementation of garlic led to an increase in testosterone levels while lowering cortisol levels. It turned out that garlic increases the level of luteinizing hormone in plasma, which in turn forces the testicles to produce more testosterone.

Recommended Dose: 900 mg daily, preferably divided into several portions throughout the day.

No. 2. Magnesium

Numerous studies of men have shown that magnesium can have a positive effect on testosterone. Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is very common, because people rarely get it in adequate quantities from natural sources.

Magnesium boosts bioavailable testosterone levels. During aging or as a result of a low protein diet, the concentration of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) increases. Globulin binds testosterone, which as a result of this becomes inaccessible to the body. However, one study found that Testosterone is bound more by magnesium than SHBG, thereby increasing the concentration of free testosterone and enhancing its anabolic effect.

In another study, 30 men aged 18-22 years (leading an active or sedentary lifestyle) received 10 mg / kg of magnesium for 4 weeks. As a result, all participants had increased levels of free testosterone and the total amount of testosterone. But experiment participants who trained intensively showed a more significant increase in magnesium-bound testosterone.

If you want to accurately reproduce the dosage of this study, then this is 10 mg per kilogram of weight. For a person weighing 100 kg, this is about one gram of magnesium daily. I have to admit that it is too much and it is better to use more reasonable doses.

The recommended daily intake of Mg in order to increase testosterone production is about 420 mg for an adult male. Try to take 750 mg per day for several weeks and monitor your well-being.

And do not forget about the natural sources of magnesium: these are dark green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, Swiss leaf beets), fish (halibut, salmon, mackerel, tuna, pollock), nuts (cashews, peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flaxseed ), many legumes, avocados, bananas, raisins.

No. 3. Vitamin K

Substance menaquinone-4 (synonym Vitamin K2, the main form of vitamin storage in animals) stimulates testosterone production by activating protein kinasewhile participating in the synthesis of steroids in testicles. One of the many functions of vitamin K is to increase the level of activity of testosterone-synthesizing enzymes.

Approximate dosage: in order to double the amount that was used in one impressive rat study, you will need to take 24 mg of vitamin K per kilogram of weight, which is a lot. Do not experiment on yourself. Nevertheless, there is good reason to believe that much lower doses - 30-50 mg per day (which is still a lot) can also raise testosterone levels.

Perhaps not as effective, but much safer to maintain high levels of testosterone, include in your daily diet hard and soft cheeses, egg yolks, butter, offal (chicken and beef liver), caviar and fermented products (sauerkraut, soy cheese, miso, kimchi).

Number 4. Zinc

Low testosterone is usually associated with zinc deficiency., since androgen receptors often change their work against a background of zinc deficiency. As a wide variety of studies have shown, the addition zinc in food increases the level of luteinizing hormone, the pituitary hormone that stimulate the production of testosterone. Studies also show that zinc is a powerful inhibitor of aromatization, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Recommended dosage of Zn: 40 mg per day.

Natural sources of zinc: seafood (oysters, crab, lobster, shrimp), beef, pork, chicken, dairy products (Swiss cheese, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, natural yoghurts and milk), most legumes, oatmeal, nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts nuts and pine nuts), seeds (pumpkin, chia, flaxseed).


As you can see, it is quite possible to maintain or increase testosterone levels by eating some common foods and chemical compounds that make up many vitamin complexes.

To optimize testosterone levels, consume adequate calories for your activity level. Eat plenty of dark leafy greens, animal protein, including offal, garlic, and dietary supplements of zinc and magnesium such as ZMA. And one of the most effective means of maintaining a high level of testosterone is strength training. Published by econet.ru.

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The effect of zinc on testosterone levels: there is a connection!

Zinc is a chemical element that is involved in metabolic processes in the body. It is required most of all by the prostate gland, hair and nails, and liver. It has a direct effect on a number of other organs, and therefore on their functioning. Zinc levels will affect the functioning of the genitourinary and nervous, endocrine and excretory systems.

If a man uses various preparations with the content of such a component with a lack of zinc, it is noted that the level of testosterone rises significantly. The same effect, only in a longer time period, can be achieved by consuming zinc-containing foods. This is especially important in adulthood, when metabolic processes slow down.

Zinc is an element that stops the breakdown of testosterone and its transformation into a female sex hormone - estrogen.

It is important to understand that lack of testosterone is a danger that not only unpleasantly transforms a man’s body. It gradually overgrows with adipose tissue, obesity can be observed, moreover, according to the female type, the first to appear are breasts, fat on the hips and on the waist. The face gradually becomes puffy and puffy, the brain is disturbed, and then a turn of impotence may come. A lack of zinc in a man’s body can cause a gradual development of heart failure. This is already a dangerous condition that can cause premature death.

Zinc deficiency: causes

Zinc for testosterone is necessary - this is a proven fact. It is this chemical component that takes an active part in metabolic processes, and its lack may occur due to:

  1. In the presence of chronic diseases in the body,
  2. Gastrointestinal tract diseases and excretory system. In this case, zinc is poorly absorbed, which leads to a lack of it in the body, and then a decrease in the level of testosterone production,
  3. Circulatory system diseases
  4. Oncological diseases
  5. Wrong power system. A common reason for the lack of a component in the body is precisely an ill-conceived diet, when there are no products containing zinc in the diet,
  6. Inflammation with various etiologies.

Any reason should be carefully considered. Understand why in the body an insufficient amount of zinc can be with a doctor. He makes a history and, together with the patient, comes to certain conclusions.

How does a deficiency of minerals in the body affect testosterone?

Testosterone synthesis is mainly enhanced after zinc is ingestedand the remaining elements (magnesium and calcium) act as auxiliary components that contribute to the beneficial effects of the main natural testosterone booster.

In the absence of a sufficient amount of minerals, the general metabolism of proteins and the male hormone as a whole is hindered. The body's resistance to infections is equally reduced, so it has to spend more energy on neutralizing viruses than maintaining the reproductive function.

How important is zinc?

25 mg - this is the daily intake of zinc (Zn) in the body of a man who wants to have a good mood and strong sexual constitution.

At the same time, the element strengthens the immune system. (considered a natural immunomodulator) and is involved in the formation of genital organs in adolescence. Andrologists note: the intake of an important trace element must be constant, since the male body is not able to accumulate Zn in tissues.

The role of zinc and testosterone levels:

  1. the construction of a male hormone molecule,
  2. increased sperm motility,
  3. increase in duration of an erection.

Zinc also does not allow the male hormone to degenerate into the female hormone - estrogen. Acting as an inhibitor (inhibitory component) of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, Zn maintains a healthy hormonal background, even if there is a slight influence of negative factors (excess weight and alcohol dependence).

An increase in the dosage of zinc per day is rational in the presence of undesirable habits and conditions that worsen the absorption of zinc, such as smoking, thyroid disease, and cancer.


Zinc and testosterone are closely related. The chemical component is essential for a man to have normal testosterone production. Regardless of the reason for the lack of such a component, the deficit can be identified for a number of reasons:

  • Sexual dysfunction system. it is this question that most often leads the patient to the doctor. The problem is caused by low testosterone levels.
  • The fragility of nails, and on the arms and legs. They can flake, break, change color to unnatural.
  • The hair is thinning, they also become brittle, brittle, look inanimate.
  • Catarrhal diseases are constantly observed, from which a person departs slowly.
  • Kholit - seizures in the corners of the mouth. Over time, the skin may crack in the corners of the eyes. Even with prolonged treatment, the seizures appear again, which causes a lot of trouble and pain.
  • Memory worsens significantly - it is extremely difficult for a person to remember information, which indicates a decrease in brain function.
  • The body is covered with acne that does not go away for a long time, delivering a person a lot of unpleasant moments. Along with the wounds, you can find in yourself a lot of acne, acne, acne.
  • Violation of the mental state of a person. He becomes irritable, nervous, and sometimes depressed, self-absorbed and depressed.

The danger of this condition is that in the absence of treatment, the situation will only worsen. Symptoms will increase over time, and after others others may appear - diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc.

What effect does magnesium have?

The need to add drugs or products with this component to the diet is better known to the general population as a measure that helps to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but magnesium also helps to preserve testosterone already produced.

Strengthening the body magnesium allows you to better overcome stress, which lead to the production of cortisol and other testosterone antagonist enzymes.

The intensity of the production of androgens also depends on the psychological state of the man, so saturation of the body with magnesium allows you to awaken the natural desire for struggle (a positive emotional mood is preserved), which is characteristic of every representative of a strong half of humanity.

Additional effect of magnesium: Restoring heart rhythm and strengthening the heart muscle allows you to extend sexual contacts, stimulating a peak-like increase in androgen release.

To maintain testosterone within normal limits, you need to consume at least 400 mg of magnesium per day.

Diagnostic procedures

It is proved that zinc increases testosterone, and therefore it is important to conduct timely diagnostics when detecting a decrease in hormone.To get an exhaustive consultation and start timely treatment, it is important to consult a doctor. You should not postpone the visit, because the health and strength of a man depends on this.

For diagnostic procedures, it is enough to prescribe a blood test. in addition, the doctor will study the patient’s diet, assess the likelihood of causes of a deficiency. In addition, other tests may be required, including a check of the digestive system, as well as the heart.

Why is it necessary to consume calcium?

1,000 mg - a daily dose of calcium, which stimulates the formation of free testosterone, which enhances stamina and sexual performance of men.

The effect of calcium is extremely important for strengthening bone tissue, allowing a man to withstand physical exertion, after which the body naturally begins to produce more male hormone in a natural way.

Beneficial effects of calcium:

  • improved sperm composition,
  • Prevention of fatigue
  • increased muscle tone.

However, even if this condition is met, hormonal recovery does not occur if a man maintains a sedentary lifestyle. Calcium intake should be accompanied by an active lifestyle, or at least with minimal physical exertion.

How to increase zinc and testosterone levels?

The easiest and most proven way is to change your diet, which is important to include zinc-rich foods. We'll have to additionally review the men’s menu. If harmful products prevail in it, they will have to be abandoned. You will need a high-quality replacement of sweet, fried, salty, peppercorns, pickled and fatty for healthy and nutritious food.

Even if there are no complaints and testosterone is in order, a diet review is recommended for men aged 45. During this period, it is important to assess the quality of the products used and to extend the life and quality of the product, harmful products must be discarded. Among them are favorite sweets, pastries, excessively fatty foods.

Foods to Increase Zinc and Testosterone Levels

The most safe is that zinc, which enters the body with food. If it is not absorbed in sufficient quantities, you will have to turn to various drugs for help.

To increase zinc levels, you should eat these products on a regular basis:

  1. Bran and various types of cereals,
  2. Nuts and seeds. Pumpkin and flaxseeds, sesame and sunflower seeds become especially valuable. It is these products that are rich in zinc, which is lacking in the male body,
  3. Oysters and other seafood, which also bring a valuable substance to the body - zinc to increase testosterone,
  4. Eggs, quail and chicken,
  5. Ceps
  6. Chicken breast and beef, but not fat,
  7. Offal, especially chicken liver and hearts,
  8. Ginger.

This is only part of the products with sufficient zinc content. Do not forget about vegetables and herbs to maintain an adequate level of health and testosterone. In addition to zinc, all of these foods are rich in other minerals and vitamins. Among the particularly valuable omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the deposition of dangerous cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.

If you can’t naturally increase the level of zinc and testosterone in the blood naturally, you should seek the help of proven drugs. These are often multivitamin complexes, including “Zinc” and “Vitrum”, “Hepatzink” and “Complivit”, “Supradin”. Some of these complexes are multivitamin, contain not only zinc, but also other substances.


  1. Testosterone

Early research showed that zinc can increase testosterone. So, in one of the experiments, the addition of ZMA with zinc and magnesium gave a good increase in testosterone (34%) in young athletes. Magnesium is also beneficial for men's health, it promotes healthy sleep, helps reduce the harmful effects of stress, and prevents the onset of metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Unfortunately, subsequent studies have questioned the results of these experiments. Scientists have concluded that zinc supplementation does not increase testosterone levels, possibly except in cases where a man has a deficiency of this mineral in the body. An experiment on infertile men showed that zinc only increases testosterone in men whose levels of this hormone were below 480 ng / dl. For men with low testosterone, Zn should actually increase the hormone content slightly.

Zinc can also increase the level of DHT in some men. It can be both good and bad, depending on the hormonal background. See more about dihydrotestosterone in men in the article here.

  1. Brain Activity: Sleep and Learning

The combination of zinc and magnesium (plus melatonin), according to studies, is a powerful remedy for insomnia. For these purposes, it is recommended to take it 40 minutes before bedtime. To improve the quality and duration of sleep, 10 mg of zinc and 150 mg of magnesium are usually enough.

Zinc also affects other brain functions. Research has shown the importance of this mineral for learning, memory, and maintaining / regenerating neurons. Its disadvantage is associated with a violation of the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein during brain development. In addition, in children insufficient Zn levels cause decreased learning ability, apathy, lethargy, and mental retardation.

Zinc actually inhibits the aromatase enzyme, especially in people with Zn deficiency, and therefore, can lower estrogen levels (female hormones). It can also inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which can contribute to prostate health and hair growth (since increased dihydrotestosterone can potentially cause prostate enlargement and hair loss).

Zinc is one way to reduce the amount of female hormones in the body. With an excess of estrogen, Zn is really able to increase the level of testosterone in men.

Researchers have discovered that zinc is one of the most important minerals that regulate dopamine. It plays a large role in neurotransmission. Zinc is known for “interfering with the absorption” of dopamine, due to which it remains in the body (brain) for a longer time. Dopamine improves the sexual function of men and reduces the hormone prolactin (which causes breast enlargement). Dopamine deficiency has been linked to symptoms such as migraine and restless legs syndrome.

Zinc is a proven remedy for depression. Studies have shown that Zn levels are generally lower in patients with depression, and it has also been found that supplementation with zinc helps in its treatment (25 mg of Zn is sufficient in addition to antidepressant therapy, SSRIs). Recent animal studies have confirmed that zinc deficiency does cause depression.

  • zinc can significantly increase sperm volume,
  • it was proved that this trace element is lost during ejaculation, the study showed that when ejaculating, a man loses from 0.3 to 0.45 mg of zinc,
  • heavy exercise and infections can also reduce its amount in the body,
  • those who follow a vegetarian diet consume less zinc.

Magnesium Boosts Testosterone Bioavailability

With the natural aging process (or as a result of a diet with a low protein level), the concentration of sex hormone-binding globulin increases, making testosterone inaccessible to the body. But recent studies have shown that testosterone binds better with magnesium than with globulin. It turns out that with enough magnesium we have more free testosterone with all its anabolic and other beneficial effects.

In another study, 30 men 18-22 years old with a sedentary lifestyle and physically active received 10 mg of magnesium per kilogram of weight for a month. As a result, their levels of free and total testosterone increased. Scientists noted that in intensively trained testosterone growth from the same doses of magnesium was greater.

Norm of magnesium

If you notice signs of magnesium deficiency (see the video below) and want to repeat the last experiment exactly, then start taking 10 mg of magnesium per kilogram of your weight, that is, a 100 kg man needs a whole gram of magnesium. However, it is better to start with smaller doses: the recommended daily dose is about 420 mg per day, and if you suffer from low testosterone, then try to bring up to 750 mg per day for a couple of weeks and observe the reaction of the body.

Food Sources of Magnesium

The easiest way to find magnesium in food, more precisely, add an element to the diet.

  • Dark green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, leaf beets)
  • Fish (halibut, salmon, mackerel, tuna, pollock)
  • Nuts (cashews, peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts)
  • Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flaxseed)
  • Legumes (black beans, green soybeans (edamam), beans)
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Raisins
  • Mineral water

Magnesium in Mineral Waters

Do not forget about water enriched with minerals. When taking a course, you will certainly notice that you have become not only healthier, more energetic, but also calmer. This is facilitated by anti-stress Mg and the replacement of old bile with a new one.

Magnesium is extremely important for men: it has an active effect on the metabolism in the body, plays an important role in the distribution of calcium in the bones, is necessary for muscle contraction, including the heart and is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals, opens holes on the cell membrane, contributing to the processing of sugar in energy, not a disease.

Once in the intestine, it significantly increases the production of hormones, which, as regulators of metabolic processes, are responsible for the normal functioning of all systems and organs throughout a person’s life.

Can there be an excess of magnesium?

In the case of an excess of magnesium, a person has diarrhea, impaired renal function, a drop in blood pressure below normal, muscle weakness. However, an excess of magnesium is extremely rare, since excess of this mineral, if they appear, is excreted from the body.

When a man may need additional magnesium intake:

  • Reduced erection. Some experts believe that magnesium can have a similar effect with Maca's plant matter, which in turn is similar in effect to Viagra.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages more than seven times a week. Alcohol reduces the amount of magnesium available to cells by increasing the excretion of the mineral through the kidneys.
  • Regular consumption of carbonated drinks. Dark colored carbonated drinks contain phosphates that bind to magnesium and make it inaccessible to the body.
  • A large number of sweet foods. Cakes and pastries with a high content of refined sugar, not only do not contain nutrients, but also cause the excretion of magnesium.
  • Daily tea and coffee. Caffeine causes the kidneys to excrete magnesium. These drinks are also a diuretic, which exacerbates the loss of mineral.
  • Severe stress. Also, a serious operation or illness increases the man's need for magnesium to combat physiological and psychological stress.

In most cases, a proper and balanced diet completely covers the need for magnesium for a healthy body. It happens, however, that magnesium levels drop, and symptoms of deficiency appear. To maintain the necessary level of magnesium in any situation and not to worry about its deficiency, no matter what you do, you should drink mineral waters enriched with magnesium and zinc in the course.

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Potency regulation

The main hormone responsible for the male principle is testosterone. Its optimal concentration supports anabolic and androgenic properties: the formation of secondary sexual characteristics, the corresponding appearance, and sexual desire are determined. Additionally, the substance affects the carbohydrate, protein, fat metabolism, determines the percentage and strength of muscle tissue, the structure of the skeleton.

With age, androgen production decreases. In addition to aging, it causes obesity, malnutrition, lack of exercise, bad habits, constant stress.

The following symptoms begin to bother the man:

  • decreased libido
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • breast growth - gynecomastia,
  • decrease in muscle strength and volume,
  • an increase in body fat, especially on the abdomen and hips,
  • baldness, hair loss,
  • irritability, frequent change of mood.

To maintain male strength, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, maintain a normal weight, abandon addictions, observe a balanced diet.

Useful elements

To maintain normal life, the body needs vitamins and trace elements, without a certain amount of which biochemical processes change.

The substances that have an active part in the formation of sperm have been established, they control the level of testosterone and potency:

  1. magnesium - prevents the development of prostate cancer, increases potency. Indispensable for regulating the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. 300 mg should be consumed daily, an increase in dosage adversely affects the body,
  2. calcium - helps control hormone production, prevents early ejaculation,

The effect of calcium and magnesium on the reproductive system is proved by the fact that with a birth defect in the absorption of substances in boys, a slowdown in sexual development is noted.

  1. potassium - provides conduction of nerve impulses, supports the activity of the heart muscle, regulates blood pressure, increases endurance,
  2. zinc - its deficiency causes a decrease in testosterone, which leads to impotence even at a young age. The composition and quantity of sperm changes, sexual desire is reduced, and infertility may develop. In old age, the saturation of the element decreases due to malabsorption, therefore, additional consumption in the form of food additives is necessary,
  3. selenium - is an integral element of sperm,
  4. iron - is involved in the transfer of oxygen by red blood cells. Oxygen starvation disrupts normal spermatogenesis, possibly the appearance of defective sperm,
  5. phosphorus - is involved in the formation of lecithin, which stimulates the production of androgens,
  6. B vitamins - affect the muscle wall of blood vessels, control the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. An erection depends on the speed of filling the penis with blood, the ability of the veins to hold it for a long time. With a lack of vitamins, the nervous regulation of blood vessels is weakened, which leads to a decrease in potency.


The diet of a man who wants to maintain erectile function in the norm should include foods rich in useful trace elements:

  1. nuts. They contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, B vitamins. It is recommended to use fresh walnuts - when frying, important substances are lost,
  2. greens. It’s not in vain that parsley is considered a “male weed” - it contains substances that are similar in structure to androgens. As a result of its intake, testosterone levels increase and, consequently, potency improves.This property has celery, green onions and spinach,
  3. seafood - natural aphrodisiacs. Constant consumption leads to a steady increase in libido. Additionally, they have an antisclerotic effect, clean the vessel wall, eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction,
  4. beekeeping products, especially bee pollen, which affects sperm,
  5. fresh vegetables (tomato, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, radishes) - sources of organic elements that improve the synthesis of androgens,
  6. cumin, cinnamon, saffron, basil, sesame, cocoa - stimulate sexual activity.

You should take care of the health of the digestive tract, liver and kidneys. The problems of these systems, even with good nutrition, can lead to a lack of magnesium.

Negative impact

Obesity is negatively affected by potency. The use of alcohol, carbonated drinks, a large amount of carbohydrates, fatty, fried serves as a prerequisite for weight gain. For male power, the exclusion of bakery products, salt, sugar is required. Short-term increase in insulin, excessive saturation causes a rapid decline in the hormone of joy in the blood, leading to increased depression.

It is not recommended to neglect the allowable daily dosages of micronutrients - excessive consumption of them can cause serious intoxication.

Divalent metals - calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron - are bound to certain substances. For a better assimilation of each of them individually, one should not take them in high doses at the same time.

How to combine them?

The use of minerals in conjunction with other components is most effective for enhancing testosterone synthesis.

  • Calcium + Magnesium + Selenium. Three components contribute to the synthesis of male hormone and additionally saturate the body with energy due to the content of selenium. The combination eliminates acne, high cholesterol and focal hair loss.
  • Calcium + Vitamin D. The combination allows better absorption of calcium, which accelerates the synthesis of testosterone. This element also reduces weight, provoking the production of androgen antagonist - aromatase.
  • Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc. The most effective combination that allows you to quickly increase testosterone production, thereby increasing its level.
  • Zinc + Magnesium + 6-OXO. The last component is a new synthesized substance that allows you to suppress the enzyme aromatase. Actively used in sports supplements.

When choosing a combination of various components, it should be borne in mind that zinc is absorbed in a smaller amount if combined with calcium (Zn absorption decreases by 2 times). For this reason, separate rather than simultaneous reception of these components is recommended. Poor compatibility is present in magnesium with vitamins E and B1.

The best complex drugs for men

Having thoroughly studied the mechanism of the effect of minerals on the male body, the pharmaceutical industry began to offer a wide selection of medicines and additives with the optimal ratio of components.

Means of directional action:

    Duovit for men. Vitamin complex, including zinc, calcium, as well as retinol, iodine, manganese and vitamins of groups D and E.

It is recommended for a decrease in body tone and low sperm motility.

Admission: for three weeks, a man takes 1 tablet 2 times a day (a combination of red and blue pills). Contraindications: thrombophlebitis, gout, tuberculosis, ulcer. Alphabet for men. A drug similar in effect to Duovit, reinforced with L-carnitine and Siberian ginseng root.

3 tablets of different colors are used per day (for 20 days).

Limitations: hypertension, hypervitaminosis, excess thyroid function. Parity. Supplements from the company Evalar, in which a large share in the composition is allocated to zinc.

The standard course is a 14-day period during which 1 capsule is taken during meals, once a day.

Contraindications: individual intolerance. Zincteral. A specialized drug with a powerful effect, recommended for azoospermia - male infertility (1 tablet contains 124 mg of zinc sulfate) also to increase the level of male hormone.

Therapy lasts 28 days, regimen: three times 1 tablet.

Unacceptable with individual intolerance to zinc. Selzinc Plus. Light antioxidant preparation (1 tab. Contains zinc 8 mg).

Recommended for malnutrition and increased mental and physical stress.

Contraindications are similar for Zincteral. Calcemin Advance. It is not a testosterone booster in itself, however, the medication saturates the body with calcium and magnesium, which stimulate the synthesis of testosterone while taking funds with zinc.

Dosage: 2 tablets per day with meals, duration - from 1 to 2 months.

Limitations: urolithiasis, nephrolithiasis, vitamin D hypervitaminosis ZMA PRO. A nutritional supplement designed for athletes. It does not contain steroids, but only natural components - zinc, magnesium stearate and vitamin B6.

It has no contraindications.

Dosing schedule: 3 capsules one hour or half an hour before bedtime. It is used during the period of preservation of physical activity.

The vast majority of mineral-based drugs are sold without the need to provide a prescription.


Saturation of the body with magnesium, calcium and zinc is a safe way to increase testosterone levels, while the intake of artificially synthesized androgen into the body by the oral or injection method is considered a relatively crude hormonal correction method.

At the first sign of a decrease in androgen production it is rational to start therapy precisely with the use of these fundspushing an organism to independent restoration of a hormonal background.

Watch the video: Testosterone Production (February 2020).

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