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Men's anime hairstyles

Guys give their appearance no less importance than girls. Young people also strive to attract the attention of the opposite sex, to remain modern, to show individuality. The cult of anime has given rise to the appearance of an appropriate style. Boys and girls from different countries are trying to copy the appearance of their favorite characters. Anime hairstyles for guys have become a popular phenomenon. Repeating the image of cartoon characters is not so difficult. Our article will help streamline the flow of information and learn how to create stylish styling in your head in the style of Japanese anime.

Style description

The appearance of anime style is not accidental. The popularity of animated paintings and games based on their motives has captured the whole world. The performances are realistic, which stimulates the desire to imitate heroes. The interest to adopt the character image appeared as cartoons gained popularity. Fans gradually transform into their idols, copying the manner of behavior, haircuts and styling, the clothing style of your favorite toons.

The image in the manner of anime is suitable not only for girls, but also for guys. The direction is bright, extravagance of images. Attention is drawn to the color, the prints used, the multi-layered clothing, the bold, courageous behavior of the characters.

Cosplay (complete transformation into a hero) is used less frequently. Most young people simply adopt the details of the drawn images. Really use ordinary clothes and shoes. Preference is given to things with a “twist”. Use juicy colors, unusual prints, characteristic accessories.

Skinny jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets of basic colors with a pattern or bright inserts are suitable for guys. Neighborhood is not forbidden in the wardrobe of a strict business suit with a tie, vest, shortened coat, sweatshirt, T-shirt with shorts, leather "jackets" with spikes.

Characteristics of haircuts and styling

Men's anime style haircuts suggest the presence of medium length hair. Suitable hair with the length of the strands from the chin. The haircut format is not decisive in this case. The option "under the pot", square or cascade. The latter format is most in demand.

Men's hairstyle, as from a picture of a Japanese comic book, suggests the presence of elongated bangs. The element is made specifically or isolated in the structure of the haircut. Stacking requires an even texture of strands. Guys with natural curls will have to first take care of straightening.

To create a hairstyle, hair is enough to dishevele. It is advisable to work the haircut with your fingers dipped in fixing gel or wax. This trick will allow you to split the strands. The clarity, sharpness of the lines is important. In some cases, the hair is raised up, sent back, making wide "strokes". It is recommended to lay strands with feathers.

Who is suitable for

The anime style adds femininity to a man’s appearance. This should be considered before creating an image. The option is ideal for slender young people with nice, subtle features. For square boys with a strong-willed large face, the anime style image will be a mockery.

Important! Variant of appearance must fit into the lifestyle, behavior. The image must be supported with the help of clothes. The anime style is ideal for romantic boys with a fine mental organization.

The hairstyle modeled on the heroes of popular cartoons is successful for owners of asymmetry, scars and other appearance defects. An elongated disheveled haircut will hide minor imperfections. The option will also give the child's face a more strong-willed, decorated look.

The cartoon image is more suitable for youths. Adult men with a similar appearance do not look serious. Given this feature, reincarnation in anime characters is a temporary phenomenon. For a mature “male” such infantilism can become a situational event.

General recommendations

To perform hairstyles in the manner of anime heroes, it is not necessary to specifically make a model haircut. Styling is really possible to draw from the available volume of strands. It is enough to use styling, disheveal the mass of hair with your fingers, highlighting the strands.

The hairstyle, like anime cartoon characters, is often complemented by creative coloring. It is not necessary to completely change the color to red, blue, green. Just select a few strands. It is permissible to use not permanent staining, but to do partial toning situationally. Moreover, not every dress code allows such liberties.

Anime hairstyle requires regular styling. Hair is ordered in the necessary manner, fixing the position with styling tools. Guys do not need to be afraid to use substances for fixation, use a hair dryer, iron and other "girlish" tricks.

Do it yourself

Make styling anime style is very easy. Hair just ruffle, separating the strands. Any guy who has not previously dealt with styling hair will cope with such a task. Do not forget that for the hairstyle you need the right base: length, hair structure. The presence of a haircut in cascade technique, supplemented by graduation, will facilitate the work.

For laying, you will have to take care of the presence of the necessary tools and materials:

  • hair dryer, ironing (as needed),
  • a comb with frequent teeth
  • fixation means.

Before performing styling, it is recommended that you take a closer look at your favorite characters. It is advisable to pre-study the video with a step-by-step execution of a similar hairstyle. It will be useful to carry out the reference of the alleged styling.

Different variations

Guys with short hair need not despair to create the right anime look. The styling option is excluded only for owners of a shaved head. Short locks are laid on the principle of a hedgehog. The hair is combed up using pitch or gel. Until the strands completely dry, the fingers pass through the hair. The strands are maximally divided, bred in different directions. It is recommended to blow the finished hairstyle slightly with hot air from the hair dryer. The result is fixed with varnish.

Medium-length hair is often laid on one side. To do this, comb the hair in one direction. The hair is pre-treated with gel or foam. The strands remain typically disheveled. Given the length of the hair, the styling method, the strands are tousled on an enlarged scale. The result looks hooligan.

The standard for styling long hair is slightly different. It all depends on the format of the haircut, the length present. The hair trimmed in cascade technique can be left loose. The strands should be slightly tattered, fixed. Necessarily the presence of a long ragged bangs, which comes down to the eyes. A hair of a uniform length is better to put in a tail or loop. Perhaps the presence of shaved temples.

Pros and cons

The styling in anime style is unusual, consistent with the general direction of fashion trends. The option is simple to do it yourself. Hairstyle softens the features, helps to hide minor imperfections.

Themed thematic, requires careful preparation of the image. The option adds femininity to the look, not suitable for every occasion. Hairstyle must organically match the owner’s inner world.

Star examples

It’s hard to find a hairstyle, just like an anime hero, among western stars. Celebrities do not imitate cult characters. Options similar in format, but not supported by the integrity of the image, were demonstrated by Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattinson.

Zac Efron and Jake Gyllenhaal

Anime hairstyles for guys are a great reason to stand out from the crowd. The option is stylish, unusual, practical, but not suitable for everyone. Hairstyle in the best way emphasizes the eccentricity of nature, creative vein, will make it possible to declare itself.

Among the youth men's haircuts, there is clearly a trend - anime style hairstyles.

Anime are Japanese cartoons that are distinguished by their specific character. In Japan itself, the anime craze has captured not only the children's audience, but also all adults from teenagers to the very old. So to think that anime is carried away only by teenagers is fundamentally wrong. Many Russian young people dream of becoming similar in appearance to their favorite characters and make men's anime hairstyles.

No. 10: Bald

It is best to start talking about hairstyles, turning to those who do not have hair. Bald characters are always good, although they are not as beautiful and cool as most of the anime guys. In general, bald, as a rule, remain on the sidelines and are considered as secondary characters, because, despite a certain charm, they are not as attractive as heroes with hair. In general, everything is like in real life. Nevertheless, we can recall quite a few bald characters that are pretty cool and epic.

We bet you are already thinking about Saitama from One Punch Man, but he is not the only bald guy worth mentioning. There is also Curilin from the Dragon Ball series, Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dot Pixis from Giants Invasion.

In general, bald heads reflect a strong character and indestructible will. This is somewhat contrary to the biblical story of Samson, who lost his supernatural power with his hair.

Features of anime hairstyles for boys

This type of men's hairstyles is copied from the characters of your favorite cartoons or games. Most often, boys need to grow medium length hair to create an anime look. If you are the owner of curly curls, then they will definitely have to be aligned. Almost any form requires elongated bangs. If the place of study allows and the parents do not mind, then you can dye some curls in bright colors (blue, purple, red). So that the hair does not lose shape and acquire the necessary volume, young people will have to get used to using foams and hair sprays.

10. Anime girls with short hair

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Rico Aida - an anime girl with brown eyes and hair, has a graceful character. She has very beautiful face proportions, thanks to this she has a very short haircut.

p, blockquote 3,0,0,0,0,0 ->

Mikasa Ackerman - Her gaze expresses deep feelings of hope for a brighter future. She is a very brave and courageous girl who overcomes all difficulties in her path.

p, blockquote 4,0,0,0,0,0 ->

Nana - an anime character with black hair who prefers to wear clothes in dark shades. Red lips stand out against such a background, making it more expressive.

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Hinata hino - an anime girl with brown hair that does not lend itself to styling. There is a feeling that she had recently woken up and had not yet had time to prettify herself.

p, blockquote 7,0,0,0,0 ->

Hinata Hyuga - here she is her young, and so cute that I want to caress like a kitten. She has a dark blue shade of hair, which emphasizes her large eyes.

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p, blockquote 9,0,0,0,0 ->

Hana Midorikawa - an anime girl with brown hair, but this is not entirely true. We are used to the fact that this color is always dark, but it turned out that no. And Khan is proof of this, because professionals also highlight a light brown shade of hair.

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Anime hairstyles for guys in the real world

Anime is the most popular animation among guys and girls in the world, young people copy hairstyles, clothing style and even behavior. The history of the development of these cartoons goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The demand for such cartoons can be explained by the fact that they are designed not for kids, but for young boys and girls.

The founder of the first anime was the Japanese - Osamu Tezuka. It was under his leadership that the first anime series began to appear. The large and expressive eyes of the characters struck on the spot fans of this art.

Now the name of anime is associated more with youth trends. It is common for young natures to want to be like someone else. But for some, the idol is Cristiano Ronaldo, and for some, characters from Japanese anime cartoons.

Many guys, fans of anime, are now so dependent on these cartoons that they no longer distinguish between reality and animation.

Japanese film developers have come up with virtual versions where the user is completely immersed in the anime world and can even find a life partner there, play a wedding, have children and so on.

No. 9: Afro

Afro will never be old-fashioned, especially in the anime. This hairstyle says a lot about the people who wear it. Characters such as Afro Samurai, One Piece Brooke and Mr. Satan from the Dragon Ball series are examples of cool anime guys with afro hairstyles. Everyone loves characters with afro. Let's face it, these hairstyles make the people who wear them look real badass.

This hairstyle gives its wearer a special charm. This really sets them apart from the rest of the characters. You can tell in advance that a character with an afro has a bunch of aces up his sleeve. Among other things, they are quite funny and they always manage to win our hearts.

Styling options

The whole point of anime hairstyles for guys is the right styling. If your hair is short, you can style it in a chaotic manner using a gel. It is important until the styling agent dries thoroughly to ruffle the hair in different directions. Next, the hairstyle is dried with hot air from a hair dryer and sprinkled with strong fixation varnish. This installation implies the presence of randomly protruding tips that look in different directions.

The “Hedgehog” styling is also used on short hair. The occipital area is combed and with the help of a hair gel, voluminous protruding strands resembling thorns are created. All hair in the parietal area and bangs need to be pulled out with an iron to achieve perfect smoothness. The final touch is nail polish fixation.

9. Anime girls with hair buns

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Mei chan - a baby doll with big black eyes, the main feature of such a hairstyle is a quick transformation to the surrounding climate.

p, blockquote 12,0,0,0,0 ->

Kagura - it may seem that she is listening to music from a mobile phone in her headphones. In fact, it is like an elastic band for hair, but only in the shape of shells.

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Sailor Moon - such funny balls on her head that look like frog eyes. If you cover her face with your hands, but this is just a joke.

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Huge bangs - the main trend of anime style hairstyles

If you want to be like that in order to character, yourself a long bang! Anime hairstyles, especially for women, are full of bangs. The Japanese love to draw characters with long acid-colored hair covering half a face, with this trick they give the heroes some flair of mystery, which makes them even more attractive for cosplay. The bangs can be perfectly laid out, smoothed out or imagining themselves inadvertently falling a strand of hair on the face - no matter what the bangs are, it will become the highlight of the whole image.

for now, we’ll look at exactly which anime hairstyles suit a certain type of girl’s face, and how to do it yourself with your own hair. To do this, you must draw your favorite hairstyle in the way you would like to interpret it for your appearance. Obviously, any lady wants to stand out, and on this basis, for the styling to be exclusive, you must bring something of your own to it.

Who will fit hairstyles from anime

As mentioned above, anime hairstyle is a youth style. For adults and business men, this style will not be appropriate. However, if you are not a variety performer and a similar style - this is your hobbyhorse to the stage image.

For owners of curvaceous forms or guys with pumped up muscles, the style is definitely not suitable either. At least, these options look funny and ridiculous. The image is ideal for a slender young man with delicate facial features, fair skin.

The anime style is not suitable for guys with too curly hair, rare and thin strands. For a school-age guy, you need to choose more sparing views in the direction of anime.

No. 8: Iroquois

Some people think that the Iroquois have long been out of fashion, but many still believe that they are pretty cool. It’s quite difficult these days to find Iroquois characters in the anime world, especially outside of the Dragon Ball franchise. Seriously, there are actually more Iroquois characters in this universe than you expected. Perhaps even more than in real life.

Among the most popular carriers of this hairstyle are Android 16, Uub, East Supreme Kai, Tapion from Dragon Ball and Gou Koga from Bleach. All these characters have a similar character: despite the fact that they were strong and ferocious warriors (with the possible exception of Kai, but his views deserve respect), they all have good hearts. They are definitely much more sensitive than they look, so their apparent aggressiveness can easily be interpreted as a fake pose.

The standard hairstyle of the hero from the anime is largely reminiscent of the emo stylist, who was extremely popular in the mid-zero years.

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Properly executed male anime hairstyles should copy the style of young people from anime. It is better to bring along a printout with the particular hairstyle you like, so that the hairdresser can better understand the order. The main sign of hairstyles in the style of anime is tousled curls, strands of different lengths, bangs, general negligence.

How to make an anime hairstyle for a guy?

Regardless of the fact that men's anime hairstyles in cartoons look laid-back and simple, in fact, the technique for their implementation is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Not every stylist can qualitatively make such a haircut, taking into account the individual characteristics of the structure of the face and its shape. After all, even an ideal hairstyle can spoil the overall image if it does not fit the guy at all.

Animeshniki do not limit themselves in the color scheme of hair. They are constantly experimenting, which can manifest itself in the most unusual color combinations.

8. Anime girls with a ponytail

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Winry rockbell - the most popular hairstyle for girls in real life. This is all because she does not require special skills and craftsmanship to quickly style naughty hair.

p, blockquote 17,0,0,0,0,0 ->

Mion Sonozaki - an anime girl with green hair that is in harmony with nature itself. After all, green color has a calming effect on the human psyche.

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Mizuho Kazami - glasses act as an accessory, giving it a smart look. And this healthy pebble on her neck suggests that she is a superstitious man.

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Characteristic hairstyles

For male anime haircuts characterized by the presence of medium hair. These can be strands below or just above the chin. There are many variations of their styling. For shorter strands, a “under the pot” haircut is suitable, for longer ones - a cascade or square.

The most common cascade. This format is chosen because it involves the separation of the strands from each other. This makes the image most similar, since in Japanese cartoons or comics, the mass of hair is usually drawn in large strands.

Many men's hairstyles in anime style have elongated bangs. In the process of creating a haircut, they can specially create it or highlight the existing one. Most often, the bangs are torn and can reach levels below the eyes.

Men's anime hairstyle looks like a very disheveled hair. The lines are made out with clear, sharp movements, stacking the strands as if with feathers.

You need to think about how to draw an anime hairstyle.

There are both male anime hairstyles and female. Many young people love to do hairstyles in anime style along with girls. In most cases, such hairstyles for guys are significantly less than for girls. But girls quite often make themselves male anime haircuts along with women.

For long hair: hairstyle a la Sailar Moon.

Have on hand, a comb, two elastic bands for hair, hair spray, a couple of hairpins.

Divide your hair in the middle. With rubber bands, strengthen the two tails (high). Twist any of the tails into small bagels, leaving at the same time a certain part of the hair hanging free. Lock the bagels with hairpins.

Hairstyle anime for girls ponytail.

It remains for us to apply a gradient to the bottom of the hairstyle. To do this, add a new layer just above the color layer and apply a Gradient Overlay with 60% Opacity to it. I painted the beads on the tails with purple and added shadows to them.

Work on the second hairstyle in anime style, we have finished. Group all and the layers that make up the second hairstyle and name it hairstyle 2.

Top anime hairstyles for guys

Of course, when choosing this style of hairstyle, you want to look cool and unusual.

One of the most popular types in the anime is a hairstyle called “Charming Negligence”. Characters of such a disheveled hairstyle generally do not strain with styling.

Most often, their image looks as if they had just torn their head off the pillow. But at the same time, the guys look very sexy.

“Tousled Hair” is the second type of anime hairstyle in popularity. Tousled hair adds an invincibility and uniqueness to the image.

“Long Bang” is one of the most popular anime hairstyles among guys. This style adds to the image of elegance and mystery. Often anime with bangs is performed like a hairstyle on its side.

“Ponytail” - a hairstyle designed for lovers of long hair. Long anime hairstyles are interesting and unusual, here you can show imagination, add accessories for brightness.

The Iroquois haircut is associated with rock or punks. However, it is found in the anime style.

“Dreadlocks” is a rather unusual kind of anime hairstyle. It is performed most often on long hair.

Ideal anime are considered hairstyles for medium hair. However, if there is a desire to make a hairstyle for short or long hair, then there are also options. Too short hairstyles in cartoon style are less common.

No. 7: Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are also a rather strange haircut, although they probably appear in the anime much more often among the hairstyles of anime guys than the Iroquois. Some of the most popular characters that dreadlocks wear are Don Kanongji and Kaname Tousen from Bleach, Jerso from Steel Alchemist, Kyosuke Takakura from Nana, and Yuuto Kidou from Inazuma Eleven.

Also, animeshniki often experiment with hair color. There are absolutely no color restrictions.

Since the Japanese themselves are predominantly dark-haired, many young people in the anime have coal-black hair. As a rule, such heroes are courageous and strict. Partially colored bangs in dark blue or emerald green are combined with black. However, it is not necessary to make such sacrifices and change your natural blond hair color, as in the anime there are many male characters with brown hair. The most passionate male characters in the anime wear locks of red and purple hues. Hair can be dyed in these hot tones, either completely or partially.

Who is it for?

Men's hairstyles in anime style are not suitable for everyone. For guys with round faces and a heavy chin, this solution will not be the best. Such a puppet image on a bulky body will look at least funny.

Ideally, an otaku man (a fan of Japanese cartoons) is a slender young man with delicate facial features and pale skin. To ideally understand the most suitable appearance for a cartoon image, it is enough to open fashionable Japanese magazines.

7. Anime girls with dreadlocks

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Ray Howemaru - an anime character with gray hair, they say that only confident people are ready to dye this color. For many, he is associated with gray hair, but Rei looks brilliant!

p, blockquote 22,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 23,0,0,0,0 ->

Izumi Curtis - she really likes dreadlocks, despite the fact that such a hairstyle is inherent in the Africans. Such a determined look cannot be ignored. It contains many experiences and sufferings.

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How to make an anime hairstyle for a guy

Anime-style hairstyles for guys are interesting and rather unusual. If at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in its design, then this is a big mistake.

Not every stylist can design a hairstyle with quality to suit the type of face and hair structure. In addition, many prefer to change the image: add bright colors, make the hair tone lighter or resort to coloring, combine incompatible colors. Animeshki constantly experiment and rarely remain in the same image for a long time.

An experienced stylist should make a hairstyle so that it can be easily styled in the future. Men's anime hairstyles can be styled independently. But for this it is necessary to stock up on patience and styling aids with strong fixation.

Anime style requires careful care. For example, styling should only be done on clean hair. And for washing your hair use only special shampoos.

One of the main rules of anime style is harmony in clothes and hairstyle. You need to know that business-style clothing cannot be combined with this way and vice versa.

The styling technique is quite complicated. Therefore, in order to learn how to do styling, you need to carefully study this unusual style. In order to learn how to quickly do a hairstyle, it will take some time. Having gained experience, styling will not seem as difficult as it was originally.

If you are doing an anime style haircut, then experienced stylists advise making a sketch. Drawing will help to understand the client and will become an assistant to you in achieving the desired result.

Modern fashion requires sacrifice! Anime style has been around for over 100 years. In young people, self-expression occurs precisely through style in hairstyle or clothing. It often happens that some types of style are quite aggressive. The main thing is that all this helps to find yourself in life!

Anime style hairstyle with long flowing hair

One of the popular anime style hairstyles is a hairstyle with long flowing hair. First, decide on the hair line, after that create a new layer sketch1.

Start creating this hairstyle with bangs, and after that draw long developing curls in the form of long curved lines. Give the hair a small volume, but do not overdo it, otherwise the hairstyle will look unnatural. Together with long hair, add small strands, as a result, the anime hairstyle will look more very interesting.

Create a new layer above the layer with the initial sketch and name it sketch2. As before, take the pen tool, set the mode to “Contour” and circle the hair with red and pink color to make the sketch more accurate. Then hide the layer with the initial sketch.

Anime is fun, and you have the opportunity to do as you want. In this case, do not allow any ridicule or excuse to stop you from what you want.

Dot the rest of the shadow areas under the layer with the first shadow, in this case, clipping masks will be added to them automatically. If you place the remaining layers with shadows above the first shadow, then do not forget to apply clipping masks to them. Here is what you should have in the investigation.

To complete the first hairstyle, we need to apply a gradient in order to create glare. Before adding a gradient, create a shape on the hair on a new layer, place it above the color layer, but below any shaded layer. This form is required to cover the entire hair area.

Now add a Gradient Overlay style to this layer. At the bottom of the layer panel, click on the FX icon and apply a gradient that will obscure the top and bottom of the hair. Set the opacity to 60% for the gradient.

Then add a new group above the color group, but below the lines. Name it dodge and for the whole group change the blending mode to Color Dodge. On the hairs on the left and right sides, add white shapes, and lower the opacity for them within 5 - 30%. lean on the image below. Make sure that this layer with the white shapes is set to Blending Mode to Normal. and the group in which this layer is located, the blending mode is set to Lighten the base.

And one more thing - do not lower the opacity of the group, it should be 100%, you need to change the opacity only for the layer with white shapes. The first hairstyle in anime style is ready!

No. 6: Bundles

You might think that hair buns are a female hairstyle, but in fact it dates back to the time of the samurai, and today it is becoming more and more popular. In addition, similar hairstyles for anime guys really go and it’s hard to imagine many of them with any other haircut. This is primarily about Haku from "Naruto" (perhaps he is not the best example of masculinity, but as a character is very colorful), Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu !! and Bacchus Groe from Fairy Tail.

In the anime world, this hairstyle is usually closely associated with the ancient Japanese warriors who wore it. In general, characters with hair buns are fighters who have steel will and truly samurai determination. Even if a little like girls.

However, it should be understood that these shades are by no means natural, and red should not turn into plum, chestnut or red.

If an otaku man (anime fan) is red-haired by nature, he can tint the natural color with a bright carrot or sunny orange toner. Often in the anime, there are blond characters. Moreover, both ashen and with a golden hue. Well, the most daring fans should pay attention to such pigments, popular among anime heroes like green, blue, purple, turquoise.

Anime hairstyles for men: photos

Most modern guys like to amaze others with their unusual images. However, before making an anime hairstyle for a guy, each stylist should pay attention to the features of his appearance. Hairstyle should hide flaws and show the dignity of a young man. Below we present photos of the most successful images.

You may notice that the standard hairstyle of the anime hero is very similar to the emo culture style, which was very popular in the 2000s.

In the end, I want to add that all hairstyles in the anime style require careful care and regular styling with strong fixation tools to create clear and sharp lines. Only in this case they will look bright and unusual. If a guy belongs to a creative person, then this way of manifesting his inner world will be more than justified. Among the girls who support the love of Japanese cartoons, bright young men will be especially successful!

6. Girls from anime with afro hairstyle

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Banba - How can you at least see something through such strands?

p, blockquote 26,0,0,0,0 ->

Atsuko Jackson - a chocolate damsel and even a blonde. For anime, this is a very rare combination, one might say exclusive.

p, blockquote 27,1,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 28,0,0,0,0 ->

Kafi - style from the 80s, this can be judged by the uniform, glasses and of course the afro hairstyle. After all, it was during this period of time that she was so popular.

p, blockquote 29,0,0,0,0 ->

No. 5: very long hair

Long-haired guys are not as common in the anime as some would like. But their appearance is always so spectacular that they immediately occupy first places in all ratings of anime heroes. Take, for example, Inuyasha, Ushio, Alucard from Hellsing, Hajil Redfox from Fairy Tail, and Kotaru Katsuru from Gintama. They look great, don't they?

In general, this hairstyle reflects the sheer power that is present in most of the characters mentioned. She is also symbolically connected with the primitive and wild power, which is also characteristic of these charming heroes (and villains).Inuyasha, as well as Ushio and Gadzhil, certainly have quite a lot in common, so you should not expect that long-haired characters will be reasonable civilized goodies.

Despite the fact that in the cartoon all the hairstyles may seem elementary in appearance, in fact, male anime hairstyles in the hairdresser's chair are quite complicated in execution.

Therefore, you should not trust an unfamiliar master, but it is better to find an experienced specialist. The main thing is the correct form of the bangs and work with the back of the head. Anime haircuts, by the way, are more suitable for young people with fair skin and sharp features. A specific model will be easier to choose from Japanese men's fashion magazines.

5. Anime girls with mohawk

p, blockquote 30,0,0,0,0 ->

Bandora - the hawk pilot must have a mohawk, thanks to him, the flight speed will simply be off the scale.

p, blockquote 31,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 32,0,0,0,0 ->

Belmara - Better not to anger this girl. She is ready to tear you to shreds if you do not please her with something.

p, blockquote 33,0,0,0,0 ->

How to do it yourself?

You do not need to be a professional hairdresser to make a male anime hairstyle. It can be easily formed from the initial volume of strands.

The hairstyle is created simply. First, ruffle the hair and process it with styling (either wax or gel for fixation). Dividing the locks with the fingers of the hands, the hair is fixed in the desired position, changing their length as necessary. For a haircut, it is important to consider the base: the length and structure of the hair.

Effectively and easily, you can create an anime hairstyle on hair, decorated using the cascade technique. The initially separated strands can be supplemented by graduation. An interesting fact, but in most cases when designing hair in the style of anime, the strands are a little sharper.

Basic styling kit:

  • hair dryer and ironing (if necessary),
  • fixing means
  • comb with frequent cloves.

Choosing the hairstyle of a favorite character, you must first carefully study it. Ideally, you can see the video with similar types of hairstyles and how to do them.

No. 4: Horse Tails

Horse tails are the other side of the coin for male characters with very long hair. Take, for example, Edward Elric from Steel Alchemist, Yuu Kandu from D. Gray Men, Kogu from Inuyashi, and Kenshin Himur from Ruroni Kenshin. All of them are damn strong and have excellent military instincts, but besides this, they are distinguished by civilization and prudence. You can see how this template is applied to different characters in different ways, which is especially noticeable in the case of Kenshin. Of all the hairstyles of anime boys, it is this one that best demonstrates the possibility of a character change.

The most characteristic example that can help illustrate this idea is the dramatic transformation of Murasakibara when he played against Seirin in Kuroko. In the last minutes of the match, he ties his long hair with a ponytail, and his character changes significantly from a person who is guided by his instincts (hunger, boredom) to someone who behaves like a real basketball player with a cold mind and military determination.

4. Anime girls with long hair

p, blockquote 34,0,0,0,0 ->

Mistress 9 - anime character with the longest hair. Yes, and so thick, I wonder how she cares for them?

p, blockquote 35,0,0,0,0 ->

C. C - an anime character with light green hair, this shade is often called light green. He gives a touch of tenderness and calm to her image.

p, blockquote 36,0,0,0,0 ->

Kanzaki Kaori - unsurpassed style of clothes and hairstyles. Most likely, the summer version, because it is at this time of the year that you can meet such fashionistas who like to dress like this.

p, blockquote 37,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 38,0,0,0,0 ->

Olivia Mira Armstrong - The owner of brown hair among anime girls. She is very strict and sometimes even rude with her enemies.

p, blockquote 39,0,0,0,0 ->

Saeko Busujima - an anime girl with purple hair has a wonderful sense of style. The white and green uniform goes well with her. A sharp sword shows her lightning reaction in battle.

p, blockquote 40,0,0,0,0 ->

Types of hair styling of different lengths

Anime styling is not possible unless you have a shaved head. She looks interesting on short, medium and long hair. Consider all the options based on drawings and photographs.

Owners of short hair should not hang their nose and deny themselves a haircut in the image of their favorite character. You can create it by styling your hair with a hedgehog. First, using a gel (or foam), the strands are combed up. Until they have dried, they pass through them with their fingers, dividing in different directions. To fix the resulting hairstyle, she is blown with warm air with a hairdryer and treated with varnish.

Medium length hair can be laid to one side. Moreover, you can either completely remove all the strands in one direction, or divide them into large and smaller parts. For both methods, before working on the hair, you need to walk with foam or gel to fix it. Strands in this case also make disheveled. Having thoroughly ruffled them, you can achieve a bit of a hooligan and wayward style.

Types of long hair styling are slightly different. The hairstyle depends on the required haircut format and on how long the available hair is. If she is already cut in cascade technique, then the hair can be left loose. The strands are slightly ruffled and fixed in this position. In almost all cases, there is a long ragged bangs. If the hair is not decorated using the cascade technique and the hair length is the same everywhere, they can be collected in a tail or loop. Hairstyles with long gathered hair and shaved temples look very interesting.

No. 3: Long Bangs

Anime guys with bangs are probably some of the most beautiful characters in Japanese animation. This hairstyle gives them incredible appeal, making them look both complex and mysterious. At first glance, an anime guy with bangs may even seem androgynous, but this is the price to pay in order to look damn attractive.

Among the most popular characters, we can find dazzling bangs, because we have Sanji from One Piece, Deidara from “Naruto”, Decim from Death Parade, Ginko from Mushishi and Frid Justin from Fairy Tail. These characters clearly illustrate the relationship between their hairstyle and their personalities, since most of them are very elegant, but at the same time complex and mysterious. Decim, in particular, can fit into both descriptions, which is why it is so popular among young spectators who are eager for mysterious and inaccessible characters.

3. Anime girls with long bangs

p, blockquote 41,0,0,1,0 ->

Toka Kirishima - purple eyes and purple hair give this anime girl a charming look. Her equanimous gaze can make any opponent be taken aback.

p, blockquote 42,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 43,0,0,0,0 ->

Olivia Mira Armstrong - The owner of the longest bangs among officers. Although, what is already there. Everything in this world is subject to her. Not even all generals are capable of this.

p, blockquote 44,0,0,0,0 ->

Advantages and disadvantages

Any hairstyle in the style of anime has its pros and cons. When choosing one or another option, you need to consider whether it is right for you.


  • styling allows you to meet fashionable youth trends, show yourself as a stylish, bright, unusual person,
  • it is quite simple to perform, helps to hide small imperfections in appearance, soften facial features.


  • the hairstyle requires appropriate themes, a carefully thought out image,
  • it is not suitable for all types of appearance, gives femininity and must accurately emphasize the character of the owner,
  • in order to preserve the anime hairstyle, it will take a lot of effort, moreover, haircuts with long bangs reaching into the eyes of some people can simply annoy.

No. 2: tousled hair

Blinding bangs can be amazing, but when it comes to heroic toughness, nothing works better than a large disheveled mop of hair that often challenges all the laws of physics. Characters with such hair are surrounded by a slightly mystical or even superhuman aura. They can even make us believe that there is some kind of divine power holding their hair in this form.

Among the most popular anime characters with "anti-gravity" hair, we can recall Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, Ryuk from Death Note, Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach, Vegetu from Dragon Ball Z, Gon Friks from Hunter x Hunter and Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-O! It is not surprising that they are such cool, memorable and beloved characters by the audience, because such unusual hairstyles add to them uniqueness and originality.

2. Anime girls with braided pigtails and curly curls

p, blockquote 45,0,0,0,0 ->

Yamana Akane - Her hair is like springs, twisted in a spiral. This gives a certain effect of weightlessness and airiness, as if it flies through the clouds.

p, blockquote 46,0,0,0,0 ->

Tokiva Kyoko - rounded glasses and green bows harmonize well with each other. You can see from her that she likes to take selfies. The only thing missing is a smile on her face.

p, blockquote 47,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 48,0,0,0,0 ->

Lizzie - anime girl with brown hair and green eyes. She is pretty and friendly. This red outfit with two small roses located on a pretty face is very suitable for her.

p, blockquote 49,0,0,0,0 ->

Celestia Ludenberg - an anime girl with red eyes and black hair. And look at her skin, it is bright white! With all this, she looks rather sad. Most likely she is thinking about something important.

p, blockquote 50,0,0,0,0 ->

Anime Ponytail Hairstyle

We proceed to the next hairstyle, here the hair will be collected in two tails. The effect of this hairstyle depends on the correct placement of the shadows. I will not paint some tricks, described in detail for the first hairstyle, based on this, rely on the steps of the previous hairstyle.

To begin, group all the created layers and groups for the first hairstyle into one group and name it hairstyle 1, and then hide it.

We will start by creating a hairline that you can take from the first hairstyle or draw a new one on a separate layer. Call him hairline. You have the opportunity to return to the beginning of the lesson and look at examples of drawing a hairline.

When you decide on it, create a new layer and name it sketch1. Sketch a hairstyle with ponytails on both sides of the head. In addition, I drew a fringe and loose hair hanging down to my shoulders.

The initial sketch for anime hairstyles is ready.

Now we will make the initial sketch more accurate. Add a new sketch2 layer. Select the Pen Tool (P). set the mode to Contour and circle the entire hairstyle in red and pink.

When you're done, remove the visibility of the sketch1 layer.

Then, above the sketch2 layer, create a new group of lines. Using a pen, circle the hairstyle with vector lines. When you're done, remove the visibility of the sketch2 layer. Here is what you should have:

Add a new color group below the lines group, but above the sketch2 layer. As the main color for the hairstyle, select red and use a pen to color the hair. In the area of ​​the tails, you will need to erase some shapes, since they are in the main vector lines.

It's time to add shaded areas. To do this, select a blacker than the main color, with a rich shade of red. Layers with shadows position just above the layer with the main color and add clipping masks to them, as for the first anime hairstyle.

In order to create the effect of curled hair, you need to add shadows in the upper and lower parts of the tails, especially in those places where two lines pass.

Also add shadows in the form of long narrow lines to make hair realistic. When drawing shadows, rely on dark vector lines.

As a final touch we need to add some glare. To get started, create a dodge group and place it above the color group.

For the dodge group, set the blending mode to Lighten the base, make sure that its opacity is 100%. In this group, on new layers, add highlights in the form of white lines, the blending mode for these layers should be set to Normal.

It remains for us to apply a gradient to the bottom of the hairstyle. To do this, add a new layer just above the color layer and apply a Gradient Overlay with 60% Opacity to it. I painted the beads on the tails with purple and added shadows to them.

Work on the second hairstyle in anime style, we have finished. Group all and the layers that make up the second hairstyle and name it hairstyle 2.

  1. Make a pile on the back of the head and use the gel to create protruding strands.
  2. Outside, your head should resemble a prickly hedgehog.
  3. Straighten the front strands with an iron and move on the face.
  4. Fix the result with varnish.

As you already realized, anime style hairstyles are not difficult to make, but they look unusual and quite advantageous. You only need a little dexterity and you will learn how to create exclusive masterpieces.

No. 1: Charming negligence

Finally, place number 1 on our list of anime guy hairstyles. In the first place, we have slightly sloppy and naughty, but at the same time aesthetically styled and voluminous hair. Characters with this type of hair look as if they just got out of bed, but they don't care because they already know that they look amazing.

Some of the most popular disheveled anime guys are Al Lowlight from Death Note, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and Hinata Shoe from Haikyuu. In general, the main characters are those who have carelessly lying hair, since such a cool and sexy look is inevitably associated with the goal of putting them in the very center of spectator attention. And why else, in fact, need anime guy hairstyles?

1. Anime girls with two ponytails

p, blockquote 51,0,0,0,0 ->

Saya - with pink hair, which indicates her femininity. A great sense of style, not every kopeck piece in the real world is able to appear in public with such an open neckline on a cloak.

p, blockquote 52,0,0,0,0 ->

Misa Amane - completely carefree and with an open soul. Ready to listen to you in difficult moments of life. Many people like to dress that way at a disco.

p, blockquote 53,0,0,0,0 ->

p, blockquote 54,0,0,0,0 -> p, blockquote 55,0,0,0,1 ->

Juno Hasan - anime character with pink hair and eyes. Personalizes the gentle and laid-back shyness of her character. She is calm, but at the same time she is ready to fight for her happiness!

Video about creating anime hairstyles

Not all information can be conveyed only in words, pictures and photographs. You can more clearly understand how this hairstyle looks and creates, you can watch the videos below.

Not only girls, but also guys take care of appearance. They strive to show their individuality, attract attention and stay modern. Copying hairstyles of anime characters has become commonplace around the world and helps young people to express themselves loudly.

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