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All forms and types of beard in men

We know how difficult it is to find and grow the very form of facial hair that is perfect in style and emphasizes all the charms of your face. That is why, already in the past year, they decided to make a selection for you of the most popular and visually winning beards, which will definitely take the first places in the tops of 2020 and will definitely show off on men's faces!

Clean shaven

This is not a kind of beard, it is rather the best option for young people who prefer minimal hair care in the morning, like to sleep longer, instead of smearing with various oils and styling products. Beard care is a very serious matter, therefore, the very first, practical and fashionable look of a beard at all times is its complete absence.

Determine the type of person

Beard design depends on many factors. In order to choose the right style, in addition to fashion trends, pay attention to the shape of the face, the general parameters of the male figure. For example, any kind of beard in short men with fine features will cause a mixed reaction from others. Suvorov’s beard or “Garibaldi” will evoke associations with the gnome Gimli from the famous saga, and a small beard concentrates additional attention on the size of a man.

Stylists recommend the types of beards to be built in accordance with the shape of the face. If a man has an oval face, almost all varieties of a beard will suit him. If the face is diamond-shaped - the style of the beard should include an abundance of vegetation, for example, “wolverine”, or a beard - a screen. If the face has an oblong shape - the beard in men should be of medium length. A short beard will also be relevant.

When the shape of the face resembles a circle, male beards should visually lengthen the contours of the face. The “French fork” or French beard will look great. The so-called "goatee" is also appropriate.

The boatswain beard or the Scandinavian, Norwegian beards that became fashionable at the turn of the 20th century will look good on male faces, visually resembling a square. Men's beard haircuts, suggesting a rounded ending, will give the face the necessary roundness.

A beard style with rounded or square visualization will look elegant on triangular faces. A model haircut of the Garibaldi beard, named after the Italian revolutionary, the commander of the nineteenth century, is a good option for this type of person.

Stylish whiskers, a small stubble on the chin will help holders of heart-shaped or pear-shaped faces.

The standard scheme for determining the type of person may not be applicable to a particular person because of his physiological characteristics. The types of beard haircuts that a man wants to try should be selected individually, preferably with a professional beard hairdresser.

What is beard modeling

With the development of the beauty industry, hairdressers specializing in hairstyles for vegetation on the lower part of the head began to be called barbers. For the Russian language, the term "barber" is a double borrowing. He came to our speech from English, and the British used the Latin word for the name of the profession. In fact, a barber is just a beard. But by ear it is perceived more unusual than, say, a barber, hairdresser or barber.

Men's haircuts, modeling beards take time from half an hour to fifty minutes. Depending on the tool that the wizard uses, the complexity of the work may take longer. The most delicate operations are carried out with a dangerous razor. For minor adjustments to the beard shape, a trimmer is used. You can cut your mustache or trim your hair (for example, a plaid) with hairdressing scissors.

Beards in men require large enough care to add presentability to their owner, rather than inducing others to think about cave dwelling. If there is a desire to have a beautiful beard, but there is no experience in caring for it, it is better to turn to the services of professional hairdressers, at least for the first time. Then it will be possible to follow the state of facial hair on their own.

Any modeling involves the preliminary growth of hair, which is then cut or shaved, depending on the type of barbs in men. Short beards, beards with curly shaved edges (for example, a mustache with a goatee or a Mexican beard) require more frequent adjustments than the relatively long "boulanger" or Irish beards.

Not all types of beards and mustaches will suit a person, even if they correspond to his face shape. The hair color, its natural density should be taken into account. Owners of dark, thick hair can afford both short beards and medium-long beards. Long and lush beards are suitable if a man in his temperament and behavior matches the chosen image.

Blonde hair is less distinguished against the background of the European face, so the growth of wide, voluminous beards will not cause dissonance, even if their carrier is introvert and prone to melancholy.

To quickly grow hair, the skin should be moisturized and nourished with masks. During the growth of vegetation, it is worth looking at what beards are and choosing your version using a computer program. To do this, upload your photo and substitute different versions of beards to it.

After reaching the required length, discuss with the master the desired result and do the actual haircut and modeling.

After creating the image, the work does not end. Like any hairstyle, a beard requires care and care. Depending on the complexity of the design, in addition to the usual washing and combing, adjustments are required with a trimmer, razor, scissors. If the hair structure is loose, oils are used to strengthen the hair and give shine to the hair.

25 popular beard species

There are several dozen types of beards in men. Names are given in honor of famous people, animals, professions, whose representatives were seen wearing a certain type of beard. The combination of a beard, mustache, whiskers give rise to various variations of the same hairstyle. Youth and classic styles are presented in various design options for facial hair.

Often, the layman is unable to distinguish between similar hairstyles, it can only barbers or people who seriously delve into the topic. The most popular beard styles combine a mustache and, in fact, the beard itself. Consider the most interesting beard and mustache haircuts.

Three day stubble

A three-day stubble beard is a great way to create a manly, rude style without resorting to growing a thick “head of hair”. To achieve spectacular unshaven, it is necessary not to shave off facial hair for 3–6 days.

The length of the beard on the face can vary from 0.5 to 6 mm. The generally accepted standard is 2-4 mm.

Goatee (Spanish)

A wedge-shaped short beard, goatee with a rounded bezel on the chin, can give the male face a slight aristocracy and sophistication. It can be performed in a duet with sideburns or a graceful mustache.

Goatee beards are divided into three main types.

Classic version
  • bristles are present only on the chin,
  • pointed wedge-shaped beard,
  • mustache is missing.
Spanish Spaniard
  • the wedge-shaped form of the beard is replaced by a neatly shaved "island" in the center of the chin,
  • thin antennae smoothly connect with a beard, encircling the chin with a rounded contour.

Vandeikovsky styleThe wedge-shaped "island" on the chin does not connect with the elegant antennae.

Goatee is a universal beard that can beautify any male face.

Mustache Shaped Beard

  1. Stubble

    This is a peculiar kind of vegetation, representing an intermediate stage between a beard and a clean-shaven face. Bristles can be two to three days, or weekly. The main thing is to carefully adjust it with a trimmer and shave unnecessary vegetation from the cheeks. Otherwise, instead of a brutal man, others will see in front of them a victim of a weekly binge. For the same reasons, it is worth removing stubble from the neck.
  2. Classic beard
    It usually grows in a month and a half. Hair is neatly trimmed, designer alignment of the edges of the vegetation along the cheeks is not. The length of such vegetation depends on the tastes, preferences of the owner, as well as on the characteristics of his body. If the hair is thin and small, then a long beard will look dulled. If the beard bearer professes Islam, then he will not grow a beard to the waist for religious reasons, even if the structure of the hair allows. The classic beard is common in the culture of almost all peoples. The words "Russian", "Scandinavian", etc. in fact, they call one version of the beard in the national manner. A possible difference in length occurs, rather, due to the structure of the hair of carriers in different regions. Maintaining the beauty of the beard will take more time than serious skill at the barber. Care includes washing, combing and periodically cutting the hair to the desired length. Classics go well with a diamond-shaped or triangular face shape.
  3. French fork

    A variant of a classic beard is a “French fork”. The beard and mustache grow at the initial stage as well as in the previous version, however, the tip of the beard bifurcates, which resembles a double-toothed fork. In the Middle Ages and modern times, France held a leading position in broadcasting fashion for hairstyles, clothes and shoes.
  4. Duck tail

    The next classic is the duck tail. This is also a beard with a mustache, grown according to the classical principle. The tip is given the appearance of the tail of a duck. This hairstyle is popular with many media personalities. Ordinary inhabitants also strive to keep up with fashion trends.
  5. Round

    This is a beard-free version of the beard, easier to care for than the previous ones. The cheek area is shaved and the beard itself is trimmed with a trimmer. This type of vegetation is suitable for owners of persons resembling a circle or oval. It goes well with a business style in clothes, does not irritate a beardless management. A round beard is a great compromise between the desire to stand out and the need to adhere to office rules.


Back to the era of rock and roll will help smooth and well-trimmed whiskers. The style of Elvis Presley became the "progenitor" of this trendy image.

Tanks can be made in various variations.

  • narrow tanks, gradually expanding at the base,
  • wide tanks over 2 cm.

It is not necessary to supplement the image of Elvis with vegetation on the chin. Tanks on a man’s face and without a beard can look great.

Balbo Beard

The name of the beard comes from the name of the first bearer of this "decoration" - Italo Balbo. Among modern famous fans of the style we can distinguish Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.

A connecting line between these components is missing. Tanks in this version of the barb are not provided.


A voluminous and wide beady beard is the decoration of a brutal man. She makes the image primitive and unbridled.

Different types of beards can fall under the category of salted “jewelry”.

Beard StylesDescription
Lumberjack (Lumberjack)Well-groomed long, voluminous and thick beard. She hides the chin and face of the man as much as possible.
GaribaldiRectangular bushy beard smoothly turns into tanks. It can be combined with different variations of a magnificent mustache.
VerdiRound bushy beard with a luxurious mustache. It completely covers the lower jaw, hiding any imperfections.
Russian (classical)Russian beard is considered the largest and most voluminous of all types. It covers most of the face: capturing whiskers, smoothly connects to the mustache, goes under the chin and covers part of the neck.
Old DutchA wide square beard covers the entire chin and cheekbones with dense vegetation. Hair length can exceed 20 cm. Mustache for this style is not provided.

Skipper Beard (Chin strap)

Romantic skipper beard is also called "English or captain." In its form, it looks like an elegant horseshoe. The captain's beard is located on the chin, repeating the line of the cheekbones.

The hairline, in the form of a chin strap, not only emphasizes the contour of the face, but also visually tightens it.

Skipper strap can be made in a duet with or without small antennae.

Goatee (chin puff)

The goatee (goat or goat) beard with its shape looks like an inverted horseshoe. The chin puff is concentrated in the center of the chin, descending from the lower lip with a strip of thick hairs.

The chin puff beard can be of different lengths, and can be performed in unusual variations:

  1. Some men grow facial hair for a long time to braid a scythe.
  2. Sometimes they “mix” the style of a goatee with a Spanish woman.
  3. Many men complement the image with long or curved up mustaches.

Goatee is able to "stretch" the face vertically. Therefore, it is perfect for chubby men.


The beard received its name for its resemblance to the shape of a sea anchor. It is performed in two main versions:

  • with a flat or wavy mustache,
  • without antennae.

In one and the other case, the bulk of the hairline focuses on the chin. A thin path of hair can stretch from it to the lower lip and bend around the chin. Beard "Anchor" perfectly complement the image of romantic and mysterious men.

Kinds of beard without a mustache

  1. Dutch

    Lush vegetation on the face, combined with a smoothly shaved line above the lip and under the lower corners of the lips, gives an unusual look to its owner. The fashion for such a face design comes from a new time, from Dutch merchants. The length of the vegetation varies, but, as a rule, is not less than 10 - 15 centimeters. To give shine and smoothness to the hair, balms and oils are used. Wax, used mainly in the formation of a mustache line, is not needed here.
  2. Scottish or "screen"

    It looks like skipper, but the length of the hairline is usually much longer. The bearer of such a hairstyle is depicted on a five-dollar bill. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth national leader of the United States, introduced it into government circles. Now most often such a hairstyle in America is worn by representatives of the religious movement of the Amish. Important is the fundamental absence of a mustache, as a symbol of militarism, military aggression, completely unacceptable to the Amish. Hairdressers often call such an option to shave a screen, because it quite successfully disguises many of the appearance flaws.
  3. Island

    A tiny piece of hair remains under the lower lip. Everything else is shaved smoothly. In fact, it is an option for the lazy. The vegetation is small, the hairstyle does not require frequent and thorough trimming and combing. Such a beard turned out to be a good find when creating the image of the villain Sorge in The Fifth Element. The islet looks better on dark hair.
  4. Goatee

    The shape and size of the beard is similar to that of the representative of artiodactyls, from which it is difficult to wait for milk.Simple enough to model, it is successfully grown at home without the help of a hairdresser. To create an image, hair is shaved in the cheeks and above the upper lip, the hairline remains only in the chin area, and also, partially, under the lower lip. Looks good on square or slightly oblong faces, and for owners of pear-shaped or rounded faces it is better to choose a different image.
  5. Goatee

    Another type of beard, akin to Napoleonic Ivan Deykovskaya. The mustache version was the favorite beard of the musketeers who adopted such a fashion to shave from the Spanish giants. In the Middle Ages, the military and trade contacts of France and Spain were close, fashion trends in clothes and hairstyles wandered from one country to another. Unlike the goat, the shape of the beard is round, covering the chin area. Goatee without a mustache is often chosen by men whose lower face hair has a different growth direction or color. A small hairstyle hides these features of the body of a man.
  6. Insect

    When forming such a beard, designer imagination gives the ends of the beard the appearance of insect antennae. A specific image that is not suitable for all representatives of the stronger sex. The image must match the chosen hairstyle.
  7. Tanks

    A more compact version of the sails. The border for shaving runs along the line of the lips. The length of the tanks does not exceed one and a half centimeters. The composition is simple to create, care at home, but the image of the rock and roll king Elvis Presley, who wore such a beard, does not let the hairstyle go by the wayside.
  8. Walrus

    When considering hairstyles for the lower part of the face, one should not forget about the mustache. One interesting option is the walrus style. It is possible to call this hairstyle a beard in the full sense of the word with a big stretch, since it is the chin that remains open. The composition is a magnificent mustache, 1 - 2 centimeters passing over the border of the lip line. Walrus mustache owners should pay attention to their appearance after each meal, since drops of food can remain on their hair and instantly turn the image of a courageous man into a sloppy one.

How to choose the type of beard, with the help of a stylist, a computer program or relying on your own opinion - it is up to the beard carrier to decide. The process of growing vegetation, forming a hairstyle takes a long time, during which a man looks, at best, exotic. It is convenient to grow long hair while on vacation, away from the office dress code. After shaving an elegant composition on your face, you will have to regularly devote enough time to maintain the beard in its normal form. Usually more time is spent on this than just shaving. Be prepared for the fact that regular visits to the hairdresser will be required, it is possible to use cosmetics to give the hair the desired texture, shine.

The fear that when hair is growing on the lower part of the face, baldness sets in - there is little reason for it. The tendency to hair loss is determined at the genetic level, and little depends on the presence of vegetation. A correctly selected beard, beautifully designed, undergoing care will help create the image of a successful man who knows his own worth. Often the growth of beards is aimed at attracting the attention of women. The beautiful half of humanity carefully evaluates the quality and well-groomed hair, therefore only marginal personalities can attract untidy vegetation with traces of food. When choosing a complex hairstyle instead of a smooth shave, weigh the pros and cons.


The brutal Ducktail beard style combines light shabby and sophisticated neatness at the same time. It involves a smooth transition from short hairy vegetation on the upper jaw and cheeks to the maximum length under the chin.

Ducktail requires a dense hairline. If a man cannot boast of voluminous hair on his chin, this image will not suit him.

Hollywood Beard (Brett)

Brett's beard is a modern fashion trend, the roots of which go back to the cinema of the 30s. The actors who played in action movies of tough guys wore the Hollywood beard. Until now, movie stars (Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, and others) prefer such a “face decoration”.

In addition, the Hollywood beard has a number of advantages:

  1. Helps to hide the imperfections of the chin, aligning it.
  2. Brett gives the male face a brutal and strong-willed look.
  3. The beard makes it easy to adjust the appearance. If you shave your hair around the lower jaw, you can get a goatee.

Medium and long

This is almost a beard. On days 4-6, the hairs become less manageable and stiff, but all this is fixable: a trimmer and beard oil will also help you. It is not necessary to lay such a “beard”, the main thing is to even out the growing hairs under the same length every day. We shave our neck - you don’t trim the hair in the Adam's apple and above the lower third of the face, and leaving them, you provide yourself a sloppy look.

You can trim your cheeks and be sure to watch your neck

Classical beard and its varieties

Consider a classic or so-called Hollywood beard. Such a beard will take enough time and a lot of patience. After the “long stubble” stage, you need to go through a couple of weeks of “negligence” and when you realize that the hair has reached the desired length (usually 4-5 weeks), the beard can be leveled and given the very Hollywood shape. The best advice in this case is to contact a barbershop. There you will be taught how to align, how to care and lay facial hair on your face, they will give a shape suitable for your face and take into account all the nuances and wishes. Believe me, it’s not as difficult as it seems, and it's worth it.

Islet (Soul patch)

"Islet" is a stylish alternative to a goatee. Soul patch is located in the hole under the lower lip in the form of a triangle. This beard combines well with a slight unshaven or small mustache.

Soul patch helps create a gallant and charming look.

French fork

What is the difference? - you think. It’s only that the lower part of the beard that has already grown out of you is divided in two: this is what the French fork with two teeth looks like. Care and shaving are the same as for the Classic beard. And by the way, this is a very trendy beard look.

Brad Pitt


The beard of the famous pirate Jack Sparrow from the popular Hollywood movie is able to give a man the appearance of a real conqueror of the water element. A straight mustache in combination with a Spanish woman or goat's beard gives the owner a rebellious spirit.

The sparrow beard can be either short or long.

To give a special charm, the beard can be braided into one or more braids.

Duck tail

It's simple: instead of a flat, rounded beard or two cloves of a fork - one triangular tail like a duck. To understand the styling technology, imagine that you already have a beard of the “French Fork” type, only with morning styling you do not separate the hair in two, but on the contrary, reduce it into one.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Determination of the shape of the face of a man

Men's beards look beautiful and natural when harmoniously combined with the shape of the face. To do this, consider your type or shape of the face. Related article: How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face

    Triangular face. It is characteristic for him that the upper part is wider than the lower. Owners of this form dream to visually increase their chin. Vegetation completely balances the proportions. With this task, such types of beards as Russian (full), Balbo and others with a round and square shape will help to cope. In these cases, deficiencies are leveled by vegetation in the cheek area,

Ryan gosling

  • Round faces. Chubby men want to lengthen the shape visually. A good tool for this is a trapezoidal beard - massive vegetation from temple to temple, forming a solid line. A good option is a goatee beard combined with a mustache, and a wonderful solution is a goatee. She, complete with a mustache, is great for many. Chubby Taboo: King’s Beard,
  • Rectangular faces. For this type, it is not recommended to wear bristles that visually lengthen the face. A great option is a horseshoe-shaped look and smoothing corners, whiskers,
  • Square type. A distinctive feature for such people are sharp features. This form should be softened, if possible. The best solution is a moderate beard all around. Light bristles, skipper or stylish Hollywood beard will do. The length can be adjusted by selecting the best option,
  • Oval face. The owner of this type can easily pick up the look that he likes best. You can safely experiment, giving your vegetation a different shape. The perfect design will be picked up quickly,
  • Face shape - heart. The disadvantages of this type require the addition of masculinity to the image. A full and long beard copes with this task perfectly.
  • Rhomboid face. This type of face is usually found in men with wide cheekbones. Here it is necessary to try to soften facial features, focusing on the lower part. Dense vegetation is an amazing solution. Alternatively, the style of “wolverine” or “screen” is practiced.

    Ian somerhalder

    Ask a professional barber for help

    Beard types are well studied by salon masters, so in order not to waste time experimenting, the first time it is best to seek their help. To select the optimal solution, many salons, barbershops, use 3D software modeling of beards and mustaches. A photograph of a client will help you make the right choice, an image with various options will appear on the screen. The consultant’s help will not be superfluous, his knowledge will help to not be lost among the abundance of varieties of vegetation: chinstrap, skipper beard, Scotch, espaniola, rogie beard knot, Canadian, Spanish and others.

    The most popular and trendy beard species in 2019

    Classic beard. Classic, as you know, does not go out of fashion. What is needed for such a beard? Good facial hair and patience for growing four weeks. The master, in the hairdresser or beauty salon, will give the bristles a shape, taking into account the fashion trends and the specific nuances of the front of the head. A classic beard with a smoothly changing mustache, this is an exceptional accuracy of forms that experts can give.

    Classic beard

    Balbo Beard. The masters of austere chic know exactly how to complete the face framing attractively and beautifully, giving the vegetation the shape of the letter T. It will also require a magnificent mustache, but they will not connect with a beard. This is the famous Balbo beard.

    Balbo Beard

    Brett's Beard (Hollywood). It differs from the rest in that a neat bristle covers the lower part and chin. Such a beard is neatly trimmed and is quite short. Ideal for triangular and rectangular faces.

    Brett's Beard

    Spanish beard - goatee, whose third name is Van Dyke. The man's cheeks are perfectly shaved, his mustache and beard are harmoniously connected into one whole. This type of beard categorically does not suit chubby men, but for all other face shapes it can be an ideal option. This beard at different times was chosen by James Hetfield, guitarist of Metallica, actor Mel Gibson, football player David Beckham and many other famous men. Goatee can be made in the classic version, or in variations - round, without a mustache or with a gap between the mustache and beard.


    Skipper Beard - Chinstrap. It is also called captain or boatswain. A strip of bristles from the temples to the lower jaw resembles a belt. An elegant line noble emphasizes the contour of the face. Chinstrap can be combined with a mustache or work independently. The length can be different, the main distinguishing feature is the smoothly shaved lower part of the jaw.

    Garibaldi Beard. The name came to her from General Giuseppe Garibaldi. The wide vegetation with a round base is connected with a thick mustache of a beautiful shape and sideburns. The length can be quite large - up to twenty centimeters.


    Royal beard. It is distinguished by vegetation around the mouth. It looks chic and always stylish, royal, gallant. She is also called the Beard of Henry IV. The beard should not be too long, and the shape may be triangular or more round.

    Ducktail - a solid beard, which the masters cut from the top to the bottom. The name received from the similarities with the tail of a duck. The peak of popularity was reached in the sixties. Today is in fashion again, although it is rare. Her perfect decoration is the hussar mustache.

    "Box" - A wide beard, such as OldDutch, along with a mustache. For tall men, a great element to complement the brutal appearance.

    Island - a small piece of hair located under the lower lip. Minimalistic option.

    The popularity of the beard is gaining momentum every year. These and other options can be offered by specialists in a professional berber shop. Each of them adds an image of originality and individuality, charm and elegance.

    Here are some more beard options you might like:

    goatee variations

    It is also important to consider that a long beard is not suitable for a man of small stature. And remember: no one likes groomed men. If you want to wear a beard, look after it, use special tools and remove the leftover food in time. And then the image of brutal and sexual macho will become quite achievable.

    Round Beard or Beard of Henry IV

    Simple and tasteful. The second name of the haircut is in honor of the King of France, Henry IV of Bourbon (1589 - 1610), who just wore this form of a beard throughout his reign. The rounded beard in the usual way for us does not have a whisker and clear lines on the cheeks. Virtually no maintenance required: oil for shine and healthy hair and trim the “volume” trimmers every 3-4 days. Hair in such a natural form grows less noticeably, which will allow you to look neater longer. The only negative is suitable for mature men. It's hard to imagine a guy of 20 years with such a beard.

    John Travolta

    The Beard of the Musketeers or Victor Emanuel

    A small goatee in a duet with a narrow English mustache, slightly curled down, gives the male image extravagance and become.

    Its name was “hairstyle” due to the brave soldiers and the king of the Sardinian kingdom. The Musketeers and Victor Emmanuel II were admirers of this style.

    Goatee or Goatee

    A very small beard that originates under the lower lip and occupies the entire width of the chin. You can safely say that it has a rectangular shape, is easy to care for, like the Round beard, you should only monitor its shape, sideburns and smoothness of the cheeks and neck.

    Robert Pattison

    Van Dyke Beard or Musketeers

    Why the beard calls the musketeer, we think everyone understands. But who is Van Dyke? This is the famous Flemish artist (1599 - 1641), who painted many self-portraits at one time. It was in honor of the first bearer of this form of beard and mustache that the Van Dyke Beard got its name. A slight difference between the two lies in only one thing: Van Dyke's mustache looks down, and the musketeers curl with the help of upward fixation tools. It's all.

    The length and shape of the beard are the same in these species. Therefore, to become a musketeer, you have to forget about shaving for 2 weeks. And then make the shape of a beard as in the picture. At home, this is not difficult to do, but do not forget about a sense of proportion.In order not to look ridiculous after a haircut, it is better to give the original shape in a barbershop, and only after that - trim the mustache and beard at home.

    left to right: Jeremy Renner with Van Dyke's beard and Mel Gibson with the Musketeers

    Sea anchor

    Often you can meet both young guys and adult uncles. The beard runs along the entire chin and connects into a thin strip under the lower lip. Do you need a mustache - you decide. Cheeks, neck and temples must always be shaved. Look good on men with sharp cheekbones.

    Orlando Bloom

    Walrus (Walrus Mustache)

    The unique “Walrus” style implies the presence on the male face of a wide mustache, combed down or laid on different sides of the mouth. Volumetric vegetation should partially or completely cover the lips.

    The Walrus Mustache style is capable of giving the face seriousness and confidence. But he has one significant minus: hair will constantly interfere with food intake.


    Well, how can you forget about the most popular Balbo beard after the release of the movie "Iron Man"? Named after the 20th century Italian politician Italo Balbo, who wore this type of beard always in perfect condition. The most important thing in the design of this beard is symmetry and accuracy. Turned corners and thin joints require a lot of time for shaving.

    Robert Downey Jr.


    A top-end look for fashion-conscious men. It looks good both on guys and on men. Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (1813-1901) - Italian composer. He wore a round beard with neatly shaved cheeks and a voluminous mustache curled at the ends.

    The most important aspects: laying a mustache, which by standards extend beyond the corners of the mouth by no more than 1.5 centimeters, and grooming with a trimmer, oils and combs behind a beard, the length of which should not exceed 10 centimeters.

    Gives gallantry to any man

    Viking Eric Bandholz

    A thick and long beard, a thick and long mustache - this is Bandholz's style. All you need is just not to shave. Very, very, very long time not to shave. And only sometimes to cut a little beard and mustache so that they are cute and neat.

    The style is named after Eric Bandholz, who one day quit his job because management forbade him to grow a long beard. Today Eric is the owner of the world famous Beardbrand men's cosmetics company.

    Eric Bandholz

    To summarize

    How to understand that a beard will suit you? No way. It is worth trying to grow at least a goatee to look at yourself with facial hair. Then we look at ourselves only with a mustache, whiskers and thus understand exactly how we want to look and what really suits us.

    Also an integral part of wearing a beard is your haircut. Think carefully about your stylish look: you should look harmonious with the beard of your choice and the desired haircut. It is important to find a middle ground. For example, if you prefer simplicity and convenience, a combination of a Three Day Stubble or a Classic Beard and a Crop haircut is perfect for you. If you sincerely like to spend a lot of time with your hair, and throughout the day to monitor the appearance, enjoying your stylish look - Pompadour in combination with Verdi's beard is your choice.

    But do not rush with independent shaving and style selection. For this, there are specially trained people who, at first glance, will be able to offer you a huge number of styles and combinations that suit you individually. We are talking about the OldBoy barbershops in Ryazan - extensive work experience of masters, professional tools and high-quality products for men's hair care, as well as an individual style selection, which is included in the service of cutting or correction of beard and mustache. It is worth visiting the OldBoy barbershop once to experience the art of cutting and shaving, find your own style and plunge into the atmosphere of the wild west.

    Varieties of haircuts (photos and names)

    Quite a few varieties stand out.

    The following options are best known:

    1.Russian (full)

    Gives the appearance of the owner of power and brutality.

    Reference! The peculiarity of such a bristle is that it does not require much effort in maintaining shape.

    Edging can be done both in the cabin and at home. This is a short beard with antennae, covering the chin, the area near the mouth and the neck to the Adam's apple.

    2. In the style of Hollywood (Brett)

    This haircut was relevant back in the 30s of the 20th century, and now it has returned to fashion. A small beard with a mustache, covering the chin and the bottom of the jaw. Also suggests the presence of whiskers.

    3. In the style of "Balbo"

    One of the most relevant haircuts now. It somewhat resembles the already mentioned Russian, but there are no whiskers.

    It looks very neat even with sufficient massiveness, can be complemented by a mustache.

    4. Goatee

    Despite the not very pleasant name, such a beard looks quite stylish. No antennae, cheeks area as smooth as possible, and the beard remains only in the area of ​​the lower lip and chin and has a width identical to the mouth.

    5. Lumberjack style

    Reminds a Russian beard. The vegetation is massive and voluminous, but it looks neat and tidy.

    6. Anchor style

    It suggests the presence of antennae, which are separated in the center by a thinly shaved strip.

    7. Box

    A beard-shaped shovel that became popular back in the 60s. Hair can be of any length.

    8. Sail

    With this type of whiskers, they turn into antennae and make up a rather attractive overall picture. The chin is smoothly shaved.

    9. Garibaldi

    A rather thick and wide beard connecting with sideburns. Mustache is also very thick. It can be complemented by various types of mustache.

    10. Irish beard

    It is supplemented by mustache fu munchu, passing down to the cheeks, framing the top of the mouth and hanging down.

    11. French beard

    Also known as a French fork. It is full, begins with whiskers and closes the cheeks.

    12. Verdi's Beard

    It has a round shape. The cheeks are partially shaved, the antennae are magnificent.

    13. Round

    Simplified classics rounded down.

    14. Square

    With this type of hair, a characteristic square shape is given.

    15. Chinstrap (Chinstrap or skipper beard)

    Along the line of the chin is like a strap. It is a thin strip that moves along the line of the chin and cheeks.

    16. Islet

    Minimalistic beard, where a small circle of hairs is only in the middle under the mouth.

    17. Screen or Chin Curtain

    It starts near the temples and moves to the chin, completely opening it.

    18. Goatee or goatee

    It resembles a goatee, but has a round shape and covers the entire chin area.

    Often combined with massive elongated whiskers.

    Important! If a man himself cannot decide for himself the suitable beard style, then in almost any barbershop there is the possibility of computer modeling from a photograph that will help you choose the suitable option.

    Some types of beards can be created at home on their own, but there are also quite specific options that are best left to a professional.

    What types of beards are popular in our time is described in the video:

    Varieties of mustache

    Many of the men can have a mustache, and you can successfully complement them with the image. They can be combined with a beard, or be without it.

    The following types of mustache are distinguished:

    • English mustache. Narrowed elongated mustache, suggesting pointed ends and a shaved area above the corners of the mouth
    • Emperor's mustache. Dense vegetation, which is directed up and located above the upper lip.
    • Dali. Strongly curled up and elongated mustache, named after the famous artist. It is worth considering that they require constant careful styling.
    • Pyramidal mustache. Upward they are narrowed, downward - expanded. Looks like a pyramid, where the name comes from. In turn, they have several types.
    • Walrus. A fairly thick mustache that is along the entire width of the lips, and can cover not only the upper, but also the lower.
    • Horseshoe. A lush mustache resembling an inverted horseshoe. Reach the jaw line.
    • Fu Manchu. Somewhat reminiscent of a horseshoe, but the difference is in shaved areas above the corners of the lips.
    • Chevron. A solid and wide mustache, completely covering the upper lip.
    • Pencil. Thin narrowed mustache. They can have different shapes according to individual preferences.
    • The brush of the artist. We are talking about a wide mustache, framing the upper lip. They are often stacked, creating a round shape.
    • Handlebar. The antennae can have different lengths. The ends twist them up. For styling, a special tool is used.
    • Toothbrush. Medium-sized, fairly dense mustache, located directly under the nose. A similar type was worn by Adolf Hitler.
    • Shade. Similar to the "artist’s brush", but the difference is in sharp edges.

    How to choose the appropriate mustache shape is described in the video:

    No mustache

    If a man prefers not to wear a mustache, then he can choose one of the following haircut options:

    1. Beard Screen (Lincoln). It involves the connection of the temples and runs along the entire chin.
    2. Old Dutchman. It differs in square shape and in that the area above the mouth is as smooth as possible.
    3. Norwegian skipper. It resembles a goatee and has a wide cover in the lower part of the face.
    4. The "insect" model. By execution, it is similar to the jaws of a beetle.
    5. Goatee. It is located on the chin and lengthens slightly towards the end.
    6. Island. Not below the mouth.

    How to choose a beard shape by face type?

    It is extremely important that the beard matches the oval of the face, otherwise, even with perfect performance, it can ruin the whole image.

    The shape is determined taking into account such characteristics:

    • In the oval face, the length is slightly larger than the widest section, the cheekbones are clearly outlined.
    • In a rectangular, the largest measure is the length. The size of the forehead and chin is approximately identical.
    • A round face has identical measures of length and width. His lines are smooth, his chin is unclear.
    • The shape of the square has the same length and width, the forehead is angular, the chin is noticeably outlined.
    • The triangular face has a narrow forehead, the bottom is its widest part.
    • The diamond-shaped length is slightly larger than the width, the top and bottom of the face are narrow.
    • Inverted Triangle. With this type, the width of the oval will be slightly less than its length. The bottom of the face is narrow, but the forehead, on the contrary, is quite wide.

    Reference! To more accurately determine the shape, you can use the ruler.

    Now it is worth considering the features of the selection of a beard for the mentioned species.

    Face shape selection:

    1. Round face. This shape needs a little stretch. Beard fit neatly trimmed, directed towards the cheekbones. A goat or skipper uniform may also be suitable. A good choice is the geometric shape. But whiskers should not be used then.
    2. Oval face. The universal type, which goes to almost everything. Men with this type of face can safely conduct experiments with various forms of beard. However, the shade, density, growth of hairs is also taken into account.
    3. Square face. This type looks very courageous, and the task of the beard is to emphasize this. Full beard is appropriate. Also, the vegetation can be careless, focusing on the bottom of the face. Too long hairs are better not to do.
    4. Narrow elongated face. Here it is important not to stretch the oval even more. You can also pay attention to the full beard, but it is better to complement it with a mustache. Holders of a narrow oval are not recommended to use rounded lines.
    5. Diamond shape. The task is to visually reduce the wide cheekbones. To make the proportions more correct will help the full massive vegetation, as well as the mustache.
    6. Inverted Triangle. Owners of this type should be given the volume of a narrow jaw. Most often, massive beards are used for this, going from one temple to the second. The accent is hair located below the cheekbones. Whiskers are also acceptable. Even more correct proportions can be achieved by shaving the chin area.

    Although a successful beard can be chosen for almost every person, there are a number of men whom she generally does not fit.

    These include the following:

    • If the vegetation is tough, then the beard may look too rough and messy. An alternative then could be stubble.
    • If a fluff grows on your face, it is better not to grow a beard, because its appearance can be simply ridiculous.
    • We must remember that the vegetation needs care, it needs to be cut periodically and corrected. Those who are not ready for this, it is better to abandon such an idea.

    In the form of a barber, she tells how to choose a beard according to the shape of the face:

    A well-chosen beard can significantly improve the appearance of the representative of the stronger sex. But form and form are of great importance.

    In order not to make mistakes, it is better to consult a specialist who will give valuable recommendations not only regarding the type of vegetation, but also regarding proper care.

    Start of growing

    • stop shaving
    • after 15 days, carefully examine the changed face in the area of ​​the mustache and beard - in which areas the hairs grow better, what kind of shape looms,
    • identify the areas where the hairs grow better, and what shape they have - male bristles grow unevenly,
    • mentally visualize the design that you plan to finally see on your face,
    • if necessary, grow further to the length you need,
    • you can independently adjust the beard in order to give it the desired shape. This will help a mirror, cream or shaving gel, comb, scissors, hair clipper. But it’s better at this stage to trust a specialist, and in the future only to adjust and correct the form,
    • beauty salons and barbershops now widely offer the service of computer 3D-modeling of beards and mustaches. Your photo is uploaded to a special program, and together with the stylish haircut master you choose the perfect one for yourself. On the screen there is an opportunity to see in advance how your appearance will change with this or that type of bristle on your face. Soon, such a program will appear on our website. Come and check the top menu - maybe everything is ready :) A professional consultant will also give tips on how to cut a beautiful hair or how to shave a beard, how to grow a mustache, where to make a model beard haircut, show photos and names of different designs, what types of beard haircuts are, will help to understand all these complex names and varieties: chinstrap, skipper beard, tartan, espaniola, rogie beard knot, Canadian, Spanish.

    Common beard species

    What beards are in fashion now. Consider the world TOP:

    1. Classical Ideal vegetation in its standard sense of the word. To grow it, stock up on time and patience. First you just need to grow your hair (4-5 weeks) and only then try to give it the desired shape. It is best to cut a beard at a hairdresser or barbershop with a specialist. This master knows the principles of stylish beard haircuts in men. A classic beard is always in fashion.
    2. Balbo Beard. This attractive framing of the face with its own thick hair in the shape of the letter T. The mustache is also quite lush, but does not connect with the beard.
    3. Brett's beard, or Hollywood beard. The main distinguishing feature - the vegetation covers the chin and lower jaw, but does not connect with the whiskers. Photo of what Brett looks like
    4. Goatee Beard. She is also often called the Spanish beard.

      A solid goatee along the entire chin is called van dyke. Here's what Van Dyke Beard looks like and her photo
    5. Chinstrap (Chinstrap), or skipper (boatswain, captain) beard. Outwardly, it looks like a chin strap. This is a thin strip running along the line of the cheeks and chin. Also on the right and left, this line connects to the hair. This beard emphasizes the contour of the face.Below is a photo of a stylish beard for men - chinstrap
    6. Garibaldi's beard. Named after D. Garibaldi, a famous Italian general and political figure of the 19th century. How to do it - leave a wide beard, connected with whiskers, and with a thick beautiful mustache. The maximum length is 20 cm. It goes well with the handlebar mustache. If you decide to choose this type, you may need Minoxidil, because facial hair will need a lot.
    7. The beard of the king. This is a small beard around the mouth, adding to the man's elegance and light chic. Chubby does not go. Another name is the beard of King Henry IV.
    8. Ducktail This beard hairstyle consists of a beautiful massive beard with partially shaved cheeks, sharply tapering under the chin. This style is very rare, but it looks stylish and fashionable. Making a beard and mustache in this case requires a lot of patience and care. And they just look fantastic with this type of beard in men. Hussar mustaches. You will look like a Hollywood actor in all the photos. See Dactail Beard Model Haircut Example
    9. "Box" - a type of beard haircut, in which a wide, in the form of a shovel, vegetation, which will add a "weight category". A cool beard that looks great on powerful tall guys. Have you chosen this type? Then first read how to make a thick beard. The photo looks like a “box”.

    Rare beard species

    You can do beard styling, as a result of which unusual options appear:

    • a scythe on a beard in the Viking style requires a serious length of vegetation - at least 20 cm. The hair is simply braided into a simple pigtail. You can tie a knot according to the example of Roggy Beard with a knot (the character of the game Skyrim),
    • Afrokos. For this option, only 5 cm of hair is enough. In the classical sense, massive male growth with afro-pigs implies the presence of interweaving of bright colors - threads and ribbons.
    • dreadlocks on the beard. A beard braid can also be made in the form of dreadlocks. But leaving will be more difficult - the dreadlock cannot be dismissed, like a hairdo with pigtails, because this is an artificial tangling of hair.

    Types of beards for beardless men

    Every day, similar styles without a mustache in men are gaining popularity. Why do we need a mustache? They are able to give any guy masculinity and brutality, hide defects. But beards without a mustache require less care.

    Options for those who do not understand why a mustache is needed:

    • the old Dutchman (old dutch). Pretty lush vegetation with a completely shaved upper chin. The length can be infinite. Just make sure that the birds do not make a nest in it,
    • islet (fly). This is a kind of beard in men, in which a tiny area covered with hair is located under the lower lip in the middle,
    • beard without mustache Lincoln, or Scottish. This is a stylish haircut, which is a kind of skipper beard. There is no specific standard on how to cut it correctly, so here the owner can show a creative thought.

    If you want your facial hair to look decent and attractive, then they need careful care. The most correct way is to turn to a professional stylist who knows what haircuts and beards are, beautiful mustaches, beard and mustache styles and how to make a beard neat.

    But if you decide to take care of the shape, length and contour yourself, then first of all you need to buy a trimmer. Remember that no matter what your face frames - goatee, skipper beard, hipster beard, Mexican, Spanish beard, pigtail on the knot - this is part of your fashionable image, which means the key to success in building a successful career and making new contacts.

    Face shape triangle

    The narrow chin so characteristic of this type should be softened a little. A square or rounded beard, as well as a classic type, will visually expand the lower part of the face, thereby removing the obvious contrast of a narrow chin.

    Round face type

    The round face should be slightly roughened, highlighting the chin. At the time will come a trapezoid or beard from temple to temple. You can also add a neat, medium-sized mustache, which visually helps to lengthen the rounded shape of the face. In addition, a “goatee” is suitable.


    It would be nice to pick a beard for rounding a square shape. In this case, the whiskers and chin will be very helpful. Do not overdo it with the volume, because a too voluminous beard will make the face even wider.

    Rectangular face shape

    This face shape prefers a thicker beard on whiskers, cheeks and a mustache with a shaved chin. A rounded horseshoe beard or regular “tanks” will do. It is worth visually expanding the face.

    And so congratulations. Holders of the oval shape were most lucky. Almost any beard style is suitable for her. So do not turn on fantasy and experiment.

    Often complete, sometimes with shaving hair on the cheeks. With a full beard, only the upper cheeks and mustache are shaved.

    "Wide tanks"

    A style suitable for those who are in awe of long and thick whiskers. The chin always remains clean, and what to do with the mustache (shave or not shave?) Is up to you. It is important that the bottom edge of the tanks clearly follows the bottom line of the chin.


    Starting from the temples, it goes down, bordering the cheekbones to the corners of the mouth, and then bends upward, gradually turning into a mustache. The chin remains clean.

    Thin thin mustache soaring upwards, like that of the well-known artist Salvador Dali.

    All kinds of beards without a mustache

    Without a mustache, numerous forms and types of beards are in no less demand, as there are men who do not wear vegetation at all over their upper lips. The modern names for beards without a mustache are as follows:

    1. Chinstrap (Chinstrap beard) or skipper beard - resembles a belt along the line of the chin, namely a thin strip of vegetation moving along the line of the cheeks and chin.
    2. Island - a beard in the style of minimalism, in which a small circle of hairs is located only under the lower lip in the center.
    3. Screen or Chin Curtain - Vegetation originates from the temples, continues to the chin, covering it whole.
    4. Goatee - the mustache is absent, the cheeks are smoothly shaved, and the beard is left only in the region of the lower lip and chin, repeating the width of the man's mouth.
    5. Goatee or goatee - a beard, similar to a goatee, but with a round shape covering the entire area of ​​the chin. Such a beard is often combined with long and thick whiskers.

    Without a mustache, a beard is distinguished by rationality, a special style, and men choose this type of beard for good criteria and reasons. Most often we are talking about a different shade of hair of mustache and beard, as well as chaotic and random growth of mustache. In any case, abandoning a luxurious beard due to problems with a mustache is impractical.

    Fashion trends for beard haircuts

    Fashion trends of recent years dictate to men dense facial hair in the form of tanks, mustaches and beards. But the most relevant and at the peak of popularity are the following beard haircuts:

    1. Scandinavian viking beard - A long and thick beard, tanks and mustaches, which can be braided in braids and other hairstyles.
    2. Lincoln Beard - This beard is truly popular among high-ranking officials and politicians, it does not accept a mustache, but it consists with tanks.
    3. Wolverine Beard - wide and thick tanks and clear lines of the beard, which is usually given a triangular shape.
    4. Gray beard - The last peak of Hollywood fashion, a striking representative of which is the most handsome man actor George Clooney.
    5. Mexican beard - the vegetation in the mustache and beard area should be uniform, starting with a mustache. A beard circle surrounds the man's mouth, completely closing it.

    Also, this year's fashion approves of such beard types as goatee, Suvorov beard, screen, Garibaldi stubble and goatee. Fans of extravagance and outrageous can resort to the beards of famous movie characters, for example, the beard of Jack Sparrow or Tony Stark, the style of the Vikings and other colorful characters.

    How to choose a suitable beard and mustache shape?

    To choose the best beard option, a man should pay special attention to his face shape, appearance features and hair type. The shape of the beard and mustache should be determined by the shape of the face, namely:

    • for oval shape faces fit all kinds of beards
    • for diamond shape - a beard with dense vegetation, for example, Wolverine, a screen,
    • for elongated face - any type of beard of medium length with tanks and a horseshoe-shaped beard haircut,
    • for round shape - to lengthen the face, you can wear a goatee or goatee, as well as massive bristles from one temple to another,
    • for square face - the skipper and Hollywood beard is perfect,
    • for a triangular face - Lincoln or Balbo's beard can increase the area of ​​the chin.

    Clothing style and beard shape

    To choose a variety of beards and mustaches, a man needs not only the type and shape of his face, but also starting from secondary criteria. Namely:

    • life style and rhythm,
    • external data
    • professional features
    • style and image of clothes,
    • hair length, structure and color,
    • the availability of free time for hair care.

    For sports enthusiasts, Canadian-shaped beards and a small stubble are ideal. Classics in clothes today are often combined with sports shoes and a beard of medium length and density. Casual style also accepts the types of beards that are most often worn by young men today, for example, goatee, goatee or balbo beard. Fashionable Grunge style in clothes is ideally combined with dense vegetation and colorful long beards.


    Light or dark, long or short, thick or minimal, in any form, a beard will transform the face of a man. The correct choice of the form and type of beard will allow not only to give the appearance of solidity, age and experience, but also to correct any flaws and features of the male face and general image. In any barbershop, a specialist will advise on the choice of a beard, and how to cut it.


    Two-tone versions of the beard are quite common. This is caused, first of all, by tints of natural hair color: red shades can cast a light brown color, and dark beards - gray hair.

    Due to fashion trends, there are men who specifically paint the facial hair in different colors: green, red, blue, etc.

    The combination of two shades gives the man an extraordinary and unique look.

    Short and narrowed

    A short and narrowed beard is a simple and elegant "hairstyle" for the male face, which goes well with the goatee.

    To make a beard look stylish and original, several conditions must be met:

    • the tanks should be slightly noticeable to the middle of the cheek,
    • under the chin at the point of curvature, the vegetable "hair" must be narrowed,
    • the beard and mustache should be the same length.

    Chin stripe

    The formation of strips on the chin is an easy and quick process. It goes well with a short hair on the face.

    To create a neat beard in the form of a strip, you must:

    • grow stubble from whiskers to chin,
    • give it an even shape.

    Mustache periodically have to shave off. To improve the visual effect of the beard, a barely noticeable goatee can be left in place of the mustache.

    Vegetation a la Suvorov

    Beard "a la Suvorov" is the opposite of Lincoln's style. This type of beard completely eliminates the stubble on the chin.

    To form a beautiful “decoration” on the male face, it is necessary to lower the wide whiskers below the corners of the mouth. Over time, they grow together with antennae and become one ensemble. To complement the image of a correctly selected fashionable haircut.

    What to do bald guys: how to form a beard

    In recent years, men with a bald head and a thick voluminous beard are gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because a brutal image with massive vegetation has a number of advantages:

    1. The absence of hair on the head allows you to wear various hats that accentuate the graceful lines of the beard. For example, caps, hats.
    2. A duet of a “bare” head and a “dressed” chin creates serious and smart look.
    3. Bald head It does not require special caretherefore all efforts can be made to maintain the beauty of the beard.

    There are different beard styles that suit men with a bald head.. Among the main ones are:

    • Chin Strap
    • Hollywood Brett,
    • Russian beard.

    The main thing that men with a bald head should take into account is categorically It is not recommended to do Anchor and Goatee. Such beards will look beautiful only on representatives of the stronger sex with a shock of hair on the head.

    How to choose a beard shape by face type

    To choose the best beard option, a man can not ignore the shape of his face.

    Face shapeBeard Options
    OvalA universal type of face that fits almost any beard. When choosing a style, it is important to consider the thickness of the hair and the type of chin.
    Diamond-shapedTo visually reduce the cheekbones, you must give preference to a full beard with massive vegetation and a mustache.
    ElongatedFor this type of face, medium-length horseshoe-shaped beards are suitable.
    SquareTo emphasize the courageous face, it is appropriate to choose a Hollywood or skipper beard.
    TriangularFor a visual increase in the chin, a Lincoln beard, as well as forms with massive whiskers, are suitable.

    Watch this video, learn a lot of interesting facts about a man's beard.

    Despite the fact that a successful beard shape can be chosen for almost any male face, there are a number of cases when it is not suitable:

    1. Any beard requires some care. Those men who are not ready to periodically correct the form of vegetation, it is better to abandon this venture.
    2. Before you make a beard, you need to take care of the "density of vegetation" on the face. If a man has a rare beard in the form of a gun instead of bristles, it should not be grown.
    3. If the vegetation on the chin is too stiff, it is better to give preference to ordinary bristles. A beard under such conditions will look sloppy and rough.

    Short or small, thick or rare, in any form, the beard will transform the male face. Not only the appearance, but also the reputation of the owner of this “jewelry” will depend on the correct appearance and shape of the vegetation. Therefore, the choice of beard style must be done wisely.

    Watch the video: What is Beard? Explain Beard, Define Beard, Meaning of Beard (February 2020).

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