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6 celebrities who are better off with a beard

A beard is an attribute that has gained immense popularity among men and only the lazy one did not try to give himself brutality with the help of facial hairs. The beard has even become the objects of desire for women.

The stars also began to use this instrument of sexuality. Men from Hollywood were especially involved in the trend of bearded men. To some it is to face, and some are too inappropriate.

Brad Pitt

This is one of those that happens in a million when a man shaves his beard and becomes younger. Brad recently got rid of facial hair and has become a real sex symbol.

Jim Carry

It was just comic that it was necessary to get away from this image, and he chose the image of an unsurpassed man. Without a beard, he is also not bad, however, with her he is no longer that funny Jim, but a serious, even brutal alpha male.

Robert Pattison

Hollywood smoothie after Twilight will become the sexiest man. I must say that his beard ruined him. The main thing is that he does not run it to the size of Hottabych.

Hugh Jackman

Chic man with a chic beard. She made him a real sex symbol. Now these beards are trending. This is not a mustache of Yakubovich, who have long lost their popularity. The bearded actor set the bearded trend.

Keanu Reeves

After the Matrix, Keanu released his beard and became a real bearded man. Sometimes he did not care for her and went to the paparazzi with uncut vegetation. However, now he has recovered and become an elegant man.


The rapper knows the value of his beard. It is truly luxurious in him - moderately magnificent, moderately long, moderately dark. The image of the rapper has become an ideal for many connoisseurs of the beard. And here is precisely the case when facial hair is really appropriate.

Keith Harington

The real John Snow should be with a beard and mustache, wearing a curly square and a fur coat. We are all accustomed to the brutal character of Keith from Game of Thrones, when suddenly at 29 Harington shaved off his mustache and beard.

News and photos of the actor in a new image blew up the Internet. For the most part, fans lamented why Volodka shaved his mustache.

It turned out that Kit did this not for the sake of kitsch, but for a new role in one of the computer games. But when the work was finished, the actor returned to his previous image. Agree, Harington without facial hair looks feminine, rustic. The beard and mustache give him brutality and turn him into an interesting man.

The most beautiful actors with facial hair

One of Hollywood's most sought after actors.Ryan Reynolds has been acting in films for a long time. And if earlier the fans saw him only as clean-shaven, in recent years he wears a neat beard that made him even more beautiful.

At Chris Hemsworth the perfect beard, which makes his look even more brutal and attractive. Like Tom hardy, with dense facial hair, the actor began to look more serious, which is very attractive to the beautiful half of humanity.

If there is something more attractive than a man with a great sense of humor, then this should be a cheerful man with a beard. Paul Rudd more than meets these criteria. Jake GyllenhaalFor a long time he was a smoothie, but he really raised his celebrity status to the next level when he grew a beard.

Zac Efron managed to get out of the image of a cute boy thanks to the dense facial hair. Now the actor looks like a real man, which could not remain without the attention of girls around the world.

They say that Keanu Reeves not getting old, and it's hard not to believe. He looks as good as in those days when his career was just starting. And what helps him look even better? Yes, of course, it is facial hair. In combination with a piercing gaze and his chiseled face, the beard makes the image of the actor amazing.

Chris Evans, Jared Leto, Idris Elba, Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chadwick Bowzman .... You can list for a long time what famous actors gave their image brutality thanks to a beautiful and well-groomed beard. It is already difficult to imagine these stars without facial hair.

We think it will also be interesting to know what they looked like. men in the 20th century. The most attractive men in black and white photographs.

Jamie Dornan

Known to many by the role of Christian Gray from "50 Shades of Gray." A film for a book for bored housewives and office plankton looking for sexual diversity has turned Jamie into number one star.

For many, it is associated with Bonvivan Gray, but Dornan is completely different. He is an exemplary family man, and also an opponent of all sorts of sadomaso pieces. In addition to hard bed scenes, Jamie had one more test during the filming of the film: he had to shave 4 times a day (according to the script, his character was shaved smoothly).

In life, Dornan prefers to walk with a beard and mustache. And rightly so, without this accessory he looks like a teenager, stubble gives him sexuality.

Jared Leto

If Jared does not act in films, and for the sake of the role, he is ready to get fat, shave his hair, dye his hair light green, then he prefers to wear long hair and a beard with a mustache. Summer believes that he is so similar to Jesus. Although in fact he says it as a joke, once again teasing fans with enthusiasm.

However, this image suits him. Without a beard and a mustache, Jared looks too feminine (it is not for nothing that the image of a transvestite in the Dalas Buyers' Club came up with this). Recently, Summer shaved off his beard and mustache by posting this video on Instagram. But after some time he again grew stubble. And everyone is very happy about this.

Danila Kozlovsky

Shaves most often for the sake of roles. At the moment when Danila shares a snapshot of her smoothly shaved chin in social networks, the fans are divided into two camps. Some believe that this is how Kozlovsky looks younger, others - that he loses his personality. Maybe that's why Danila does not shave when he is not busy in projects?

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