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Alcohol and potency

Some men believe that the alcohol and potency necessary for the implementation of high-quality sexual intercourse and the satisfaction of a partner are completely compatible. In this matter, the frequency of drinking strong drinks and their dosage is of importance. Male potency can increase from small doses of alcohol when it comes to intoxication, but with regular use it will negatively affect erectile function and body function.

The effect of alcohol on a man’s body

Knowing the measure, you can avoid the negative effects of alcohol, but if you use it excessively, acute alcohol poisoning occurs, which is characterized by symptoms of intoxication (nausea, vomiting), loss of consciousness and respiratory failure. This condition sometimes ends in death. If you drink alcohol for a long time in dosages close to the maximum, but still not fatal, a state of chronic intoxication develops.

In addition to such serious consequences, alcohol changes the face of a man, increases his weight. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Alcoholic beverages are high in calories. A glass of vodka contains 115 kcal, a bottle of beer - 225 kcal.
  • The metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is disrupted, their splitting occurs after the neutralization of the alcohol entering the body, respectively, the energy stored in the nutrients is stored “in reserve”.
  • The feeling of satiety and measure is reduced - the man begins to eat more and at the same time does not feel full.

Excess adipose tissue secretes the hormone leptin, which destroys testosterone, which leads to impotence and frigidity. The effect of alcohol on potency can be characterized in accordance with the following statistics: a decrease in sexual function is observed in 40% of men who abuse alcohol.

Harm - which organs and systems have a “hit”?

The harm from alcohol is especially great if you do not control the amount of alcohol consumed. Most affected are the liver, heart, brain, kidneys and pancreas.

  1. The liver is damaged as much as possible. it is she who takes on the “first blow”. Under the action of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, alcohol turns into acetaldehyde, which causes lipid peroxidation in the membranes of hepatocytes and destroys them. The exchange of fatty acids is disrupted - they are formed too much. Dead cells are replaced by adipose tissue - steatohepatitis develops. Further, due to chronic inflammation and aldehyde irritation of liver fibroblasts, fibrosis and cirrhosis occur, which is accompanied by liver failure and inevitably leads to death.
  2. The action of ethanol and its products is toxic to cardiomyocytes - heart muscle cells. Prolonged drinking of alcoholic beverages can lead to the occurrence of alcoholic cardiomyopathy - a disease that manifests itself with symptoms of congestive heart failure (shortness of breath, increased palpitations, chest pains) and rhythm disturbances such as paroxysmal tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, etc. The latter is very dangerous, because . may be accompanied by loss of consciousness and sometimes heart failure. Abuse increases the risk of developing hypertension and heart attack.
  3. Ethanol freely penetrates the blood-brain barrier due to its ability to dissolve in water and fats. This property allows it to integrate into the membrane of neurons, change the structure of ion channels and directly affect the receptors of dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid. The first mediator, along with serotonin, is popularly called the “hormone of happiness”, therefore, the initial effect of drinking small doses, for example, vodka, is an increase in mood and physical activity. GABA is the main inhibitory mediator, therefore, in the second phase of intoxication there are signs of inhibition of the nervous system: drowsiness, lethargy, etc. The systematic intake of soft drinks leads to functional insufficiency of the above mediators. There are 2 types of alcohol dependence: dopamine and GABA type. In the first case, this condition is manifested by depression, in the second - tremor, aggression, inability to concentrate.
  4. In addition to the direct damaging effect on nephrons, ethanol contributes to an increase in blood pressure, which is the root cause of chronic kidney disease.
  5. Alcohol aggressively acts against the pancreas, because stimulates her to produce too many digestive enzymes. This can lead to the formation of pancreatic necrosis, a very dangerous surgical disease.

The effect of alcohol on potency in small doses

In small amounts, alcohol may slightly increase craving.helps a man feel more relaxed, and helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. As a rule, this method is used by unsure representatives of the stronger sex, who may have had a negative sexual experience. Over time, such men develop a habit, and before each sexual contact they use this method.

But few think about what exactly causes the extension of the act when drinking alcohol. In fact, it’s quite easy to predict the body’s reaction to alcohol - alcohol, having a certain effect on the nervous system, is somewhat dulls the sensitivity of the penis. Gradually, such a habit leads to exactly the opposite consequences - sexual desire decreases, and due to the decreased sensitivity of the penis, impotence develops over time.

In addition, decreased sensitivity can cause ejaculation problems. And, not to mention the fact that the habit of drinking alcohol before sex can lead not only to impotence, but also to alcoholism, and in some cases to prostatitis. By the way, it is noteworthy that this disease will require serious and lengthy treatment, and gives the best results alternative treatment of prostatitis in combination with medications prescribed by your doctor.

Malfunctions in the body

After analyzing exactly how alcohol affects the human body, we can say with great certainty that alcohol and potency are incompatible things in the sex life of a man.

In order to realize at what exact level problems arise with sexual intercourse in men who often consume alcohol, it is necessary to consider in detail which structures suffer from its influence. After entering the body, the main component of all alcoholic beverages - ethyl alcohol is absorbed into the blood and spreads throughout the body with blood flow. Moreover, it has the most negative effect on the nervous and reproductive systems.

Since alcohol is best absorbed in those areas of the body where there is a lot of adipose tissue, it is not surprising that it is primarily sex cells are affected. Under the influence of alcohol in the body, normal metabolic processes at the cellular level are disrupted, oxygen saturation of the blood is slowed, which leads to negative changes in the cells themselves. So, under the influence of alcoholic beverages, the cells of the body cease to fulfill their function in whole or in part.

Immediately after taking alcohol, it dilates blood vessels in the brain, thereby contributing to the excitation of some of its centers and departments. It is thanks to this mechanism that after alcohol there is a feeling of euphoria, increased sexual activity, self-confidence and swagger. However, due to the fact that the work of the brain is no longer controlled by the central nervous system, and the chaotic work of the brain is no longer able to provide normal sexual intercourse.

How does alcohol affect potency and conception in men?

Small doses work as psychostimulants, therefore, they contribute to the secretion of the anterior pituitary gonadotropins - hormones that trigger the release of testosterone by the sex glands. When the second stage of intoxication begins, the brain receives a signal to inhibition, which affects the pituitary gland - the concentration of testosterone in the blood serum begins to decrease, therefore, an erection may occur with a delay, or its strength is not enough to have sexual intercourse.

A man in hops experiences sex differently: sensations become not so bright, potency is weaker. Tactile receptors on the head of the penis are in a state of "stunning" and are not able to perceive all irritants. Therefore, an orgasm may or may not come at all, or it will keep itself waiting long and will be erased. Many men, therefore, try to prolong sex, but this can not be done too often, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to health in general and erections in particular.

Important: alcohol should not be taken before conception, and long before you decide to have a baby. The Institute of Marriage and Family says: a woman and a man are required to prepare for conception for at least 3 months. It is for this period that both should refrain from alcohol. Firstly, it is a mutagenic factor - in the spermogram, the percentage of abnormal spermatozoa increases. Fertilization with an atypical cell leads to the birth of a child with malformations. Secondly, sperm motility and their number are reduced - conception may not occur.

A man drinks alcohol every day: the consequences

If a man drinks alcohol every day, the likelihood of mental and physical dependence, i.e. alcoholism. Ethanol metabolism products damage cell membranes - multiple organ failure gradually develops. The balance between inhibitory and stimulating neurotransmitters is disturbed. Long-term abuse of pleasure drinks disrupts the normal course of higher nervous activity processes: the cerebral cortex gradually atrophies, millions of neurons die. As a result, memory impairment, up to the loss of its vast areas, a change in temperament and personality. Brain damage can be so severe that it can cause the development of organic mental disorders (e.g. schizophrenia).

Alcohol affects potency in men taking it daily with a whole range of factors:

  • the impulse from the hypothalamic-pituitary system to sexual activity is weakened,
  • the liver is unable to perform its detoxification function, and part of the testosterone, getting into the peripheral tissues, turns into female hormones, which leads to feminization,
  • peripheral vasospasm occurs - the microcirculation of all organs, including the pelvis, worsens
  • the general reactivity of the body decreases, which contributes to the occurrence of infections. The most commonly affected airways and urogenital tract. The prostate is considered the most susceptible to viral and bacterial agents, especially in men after 40, when there is a high risk of its hyperplasia, and the appearance of an obstruction to the outflow of urine - a potential source of inflammation.

Does alcohol in large quantities affect potency?

When a man drinks more than the recommended dose of alcohol (1-2 glasses per evening), he may have obvious difficulties not only with potency, but also with men's health in general. Gradually, the time required for full stimulation increases, problems arise with maintaining an erection.

With chronic alcoholism, sex drive disappears completelyat least this happens in most cases. Moreover, the quality of an erection decreases significantly, and in the future even the development of male infertility is possible. It is known that one of the most vulnerable organs for alcohol is the liver. When it is destroyed due to regular consumption of alcohol, a much smaller amount of sex hormones gets into the blood of a man, which provokes sexual weakness.

According to research, it is believed that 100 grams of vodka (40 grams of alcohol), drunk in one go, cause a slight degree of intoxication, in which a man is in high spirits. With a single use of 150 grams of vodka (60 grams of alcohol), sexual desire increases. In reality, if a fully healthy man drinks 300 or more grams of vodka at a time, then in such a situation he can no longer experience sexual desire.

As for the male drinkers regularly, they have persistent sexual weakness is noted. The first signs of this condition appear several years after the start of the systematic use of various alcoholic beverages. And, this is facilitated not only by the destructive effect of alcohol components on the nervous system of the body, but also on various endocrine glands that regulate hormonal levels.

What changes happen after a failure?

Refusal to drink will entail the following positive changes in the body:

  1. Thought processes will accelerate, memory will become better, and the higher center of endocrine control will again regulate the sex glands as expected.
  2. Receptors of the body will be more sensitive to irritants: tastes, smells, touches will seem brighter.
  3. The heart rate will be restored, blood pressure will normalize.
  4. Metabolism will return to normal, some weight loss is possible.
  5. The endocrine glands will no longer feel the toxic effect - there will be no fluctuations in the functioning of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands, which previously could be manifested by mood lability, tremors and other unpleasant symptoms.

Such changes are possible if you refrain from drinking within 21 days. If you abandon it completely, you will feel some advantages of a sober lifestyle.

Alcohol compatible potency tool - which one to choose?

Doctors have developed a permissible dose that will not harm the body - it is 14 g of 95% alcohol, which in terms of 40 ml of vodka, or 160 ml of wine. However, even such an amount, if combined with synthetic drugs, can harm the liver. Most tablets are metabolized in this organ, so it experiences a double load, neutralizing medicines and alcohol.

This can result in acute liver damage and a hospital bed. With drinks, you can only combine preparations based on plant components. These include: Vector of Solomon, Libido Drive, Eroktiv, Thor's Hammer, Peruvian Maca. Attention: funds from natural raw materials will work if the cause of the decrease in potency is not a somatic disease, and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, including not abusing alcoholic beverages.


And now a few reviews regarding the effect on the body of giving up alcohol, lifestyle modification and taking environmentally friendly drugs for men's health.

“For some time I drank excessively. I began to notice that there was a pulling pain in the right hypochondrium, decreased potency, became irritable. The doctor said that I had the first signs of hepatitis. I don’t drink from that day, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. For potency took Libido Drive. In a month - everything returned to normal, reproductive function, too. ”

“I drank a bottle of beer daily. After a while, he noticed that he had recovered very much. My wife did not go well: I did not want to have sex, but she did not like my appearance.At some point I decided to change this. He stopped drinking beer, went on a diet, went in for sports, and began to add Maca to protein shakes for potency. A month later, I felt much better. "

“After a year of regular abuse, I felt a malfunction in the heart, decreased physical stamina, and erections became unstable. I sounded the alarm. He quit drinking, rationalized nutrition, and refused to smoke. In general, he began to live a normal life, as he later found out and felt it. Six months later, everything returned to normal. I’m still working on potency, I started taking various folk tinctures. ”

Phased decrease in potency under the influence of alcohol

Initially, with regular consumption of alcohol, pollutions and erotic dreams disappearwhich in healthy men who do not live sexually occur periodically - about 1-2 times a month. The erection gradually weakens or disappears.

Usually a person who regularly consumes alcohol believes that a decrease in his male strength is associated with overwork and a bad mood. If it is under the influence of alcohol, then ejaculation does not occur for a long time or is completely absent. At the same time, the nature of sensations also changes - the orgasm either disappears completely, or pain appears at the moment of its onset. Instead of satisfaction and relaxation, the man feels weak.

Over time, alcohol develops. persistent impotence. Sometimes a man may feel a strong emotional attraction, desire for sexual intercourse, but such feelings quickly disappear. Over time, the alcoholic becomes not only physical, but also mental impotent.

Alcohol has a destructive effect on the brain, and the patient with alcoholism no longer wants anything, including sex. One of the strictly negative effects of alcohol on potency is that the male body produces defective germ cells, which can ultimately lead to health problems in the unborn baby.

The effect of alcohol: prostatitis

The negative effect of alcohol on the prostate gland can be divided into several types, which differ in the force of action on the body. For example, fusel oils, which are contained in homemade wine, reduce potency, hops in beer - slows down testicular function and provokes the initial signs of prostate disease, and various tonics, low-alcohol and energy drinks are considered the most real poison and exacerbate the situation with the disease, if it already exists, or provoke its appearance.

From the foregoing, it can be inferred that alcoholic beverages with prostatitis, consumed in large or unlimited quantities, can greatly reduce the sexual activity of men. But the main role here is played by the dosage. So, science has proven that moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages can greatly reduce the risk of pathology of the cardiovascular system, but a double dose - on the contrary, increases it many times over.

Many men with this disease think about the question of whether it is possible to drink beer at all with prostatitis. According to doctors, one glass of weak beer can cause blood flow to the pelvic organs, in particular, to the prostate gland, which will even accelerate recovery. And abuse of this drink, on the contrary, will provoke stagnation in the prostate gland and exacerbation of the inflammatory process and the disease as a whole. So, a moderate amount of beer and prostatitis are completely compatible things.

It is noteworthy that for a large amount of alcohol is harmful to the prostate gland. During the treatment period, the doctor must necessarily stipulate with the patient the incompatibility of medications and the use of alcoholic beverages.

In conclusion, it must be said that the processes described above are not directly dependent on each other, and it cannot be said that every drinking man will necessarily become ill, and a non-drinker will never know what impotence and prostatitis are. Nevertheless, this information should be taken into account by every man who cares about his health and plans to use his masculine power for a long time.

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